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Memories of Fall Boot Camp After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 27, 2021 12:35 pm

Memories of Fall Boot Camp After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 27, 2021 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The guys continue sharing memories and experiences from the Fall Boot Camp, right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "It's Not About the Nail," and "Island of the Misfit Toys."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Hello this is will Hardy with RAM talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcasts network. This is good Truth Network coming to you from an entrenched barricade in the heart of a letter masculine journey after our time to go to be more transparent. Another topic covered. So sit back and on this venture. Masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to management journey after hours will post Thanksgiving.

After our shows first winter after Thanksgiving.

For what it's worth though it were actually a post-camp after hours, which is a big deal as well, sort of a poster child sounds a bit like we all have a little turkey leg we have, we we have your boot camp is amazing, but for the next few days you up to we can print tired or trip in a good trip. I don't have that we were very thankful for a great boot camp not work, but we've been talking about and playing her favorite cooking camp and we can ask questions about around the conference last time and if you don't know to boot camp is you probably have been listening to so you can go back and listen to some pashas get any of your podcasts outlets they have any podcasting Grand Prix. Much of mass concerning seeking pick it up there obviously pick this one up that one of them. So the fecklessness of the will chose, and they can't coming up next is coming up March 31 through April 3, 2022, so I know you probably don't have plans now so men you know, men crack me up you I love the big cans of men's big cans of you have, but invariably will be setting it one number and it almost doubles with in the last week hours every time. As much of the boat far enough ahead time triples. It does it does marketing your calendar now. I still know what I'm doing, you know, we have all okay here the week before. If you put it in your calendar you know right now that's coming up his back to our favorite clips from this last boot camp in an ongoing accident and this is from Rodney's talk actually and usually click before on the show but it always makes me laugh and it brings some really things in the forefront of my mind I need to be reminded of pretty constantly and sort of pick this up and that's it. It's husband and wife and she's beginning to talk about just all this pressure and stress that she's feeling and then he will tries to step in and help her with that you listen to and come back think it's helpful because you can see it when you got clipped to actually know that there's a big male sticking out of her for a physical nail and so you know it's pretty obvious you know what what the situation is because there's a male letterhead yeah you pick it up and in this pressure and sometimes it feels like it's on me and I can just feel it like literally file in its relentless. I don't know if it's ever stop. You do have nail head.

Are you sure because if we got that out there trying to fix it. No, I'm not trying to fix it.

I'm just pointing out maybe the nail is because you always do.

See, I don't think that is what you need to think what you need is to get the mail. Okay fine I will listen fine like all sweaters are snagged on sounds really hard on you would just pray so that they try to kiss and so they had heads and she hits the nail started off again. Get your thoughts on this because you are laughing through that whole clip so obviously there is something it was striking a chord with you all watch that video.

Several showed it to people just always so funny to me because it's so typical.

Women want you to listen. We want to fix the problem.

We could careless listening part, have you shown it to your bride.

Oh yeah, oh yes you pray for me. She tolerates a lot of money for me, this clip is always so good to remind me that I'm never going to fully understand a woman's heart because I'm not a woman number four engine in my heart as a man right but I'm trying to another is not a race. Another species or whatever it is you know whatever that is it of the other. Jan yeah okay that's pleasing God and what I was like okay good though.

I can't figure this thing out and I realize what I love about this part in talking Rodney did a great job of talking through this is you know, we're both men and women made in God's image right equally made in his image, but were dismayed differently in his image.

Yeah. And so, what women bear in his image again is a generality is tenderness, thoughtfulness. You know all these things men don't tend to be in how they tended it more often.

We got very less often right you and men have their strengths and insert reminds me of a couple things. It reminds you that it's okay that I'm not going to figure this all out to walk with God through it is he's only when it's can help me understand as I said not get there on my own and so he he understands both men and women quite well partisans you know that's reflection of God and I get appreciate that as much as it can frustrate me sometimes just want to solve it. Well this is it with you just do this, it's Don Bloomberg on the 20 movie but now it's it's more to it than I can remember the specific conversation between Michelle and myself, and she looked at me. I do not want you to fix it. I just want you to listen and I'm thinking what good is that just perplexed yeah I want one of those little chess timers was time to listen to you like that, but it is I get it I understand it, people, and be listen to no one to be salted and I understand that in my life. Sometimes I just want to be listen to not necessarily solve the just get something off my chest right but that's more so in the relational nature of their heart that that's that's vital to now, start with, all generalizations are wrong, including this one, but man have that as a rule have that tendency to want to fix things. That's what makes this funny and women are looking for a connection emotionally when I think God was very know God did it on purpose, but think about if you were able to fix your life and get her the way you think you she supposed to be. Then go on to the next project. I'm never going to figure out my life. We've been together for long time closing in on the big 50. What's that like Harold, it really is a matter of you out there every day is a new challenge in that's good. It's not a problem but yeah having that feeling as opposed to fixing can go a long way in keeping things happy John Eldridge writes you know about how he designs women and men differently so they can round off the rough edges, but you think after 50 years of convening rough edges left you give me like a river stone that point again. What I find more than beautiful is we have the opportunity to take what we learn through the Scriptures and for John Eldridge and all that stuff and and when you have to do the talk you finally learn the material. Like you've seen the talk out of Army times or spend a lot of boot camps but we get an opportunity to really focus will we do it in the thing I learned about the talk that Rodney did, which is called beauty talk.

As we talked about the rescue.

The beauty all the time. This is the thing that just resonates in my heart when I think about that as he says you are to be tender with her brokenness.

In this case the nail right but you're supposed to be fierce torture enemies and and that what a cool thing to understand is a husband is like when and I often unfortunately the kids are the enemy right I like last night to remember what my kids was struggling over when we're gonna go to the Christmas tree in this big huge thing broke out what my wife's expectation was The Robbie to the rescue right because I'm supposed to be fierce torture enemies and tender towards her brokenness and so what a cool thing from my standpoint, is to see is not exactly what Jesus is, is not how he loves the church is he's you know fierce towards my enemies, and tender towards all the shenanigans we decided big Shenanigans is a Hebrew word Keith in case you wondered I chose becomes like even in your story the Robbie you get a couple beauties. There is what I was saying is understanding this message, you are not currently dating anyone or anything like that but it helps me understand my relationship with my daughters better now that they want to be listen to anyone I can keep that in the right context.

I can really help their hearts a lot despite being there to listen and letting them sound and even a mother modern ex-mother-in-law's the case might be an aunt yeah you know it's it's really neat to see that and think again we didn't show the clip but now the John Valjean from the movie Les Miserables that I think for you and anything that limits something yeah glad but miserable and but anyway in others there is this scene in the what's his name decent website camping name the place and that because there three or four different Les Miserables's main legionnaire the Lamb the right him right. He goes from this conflict. Who's accepted this label right which we talked about in the post that we accept this label is made this agreement that this assembly is to becoming this new creation. Now and then once he's got his whole heart back he's able to speak in two what's her name yeah for inventing.

You have canteens flunkies where were she obviously yeah that's me again.

If you are a beautiful example of a guy who steps up and protects her like crazy and then she kinda comes on time but yet, instead, eat, eat.

He offers a genuine strength to her and is tender towards her brokenness. Yeah, I will say the clips that we can pursue much better movie. We think the best parts, that's for sure.

Danny, you have a clip right, you can actually kick this off into the next season season. Yes, clip is from Rudolph the red nose reindeer and it's where they arrive at the misfit toys and you see some interesting characters in boot camp you see significant characters and so usually in the mirror, usually in the mirror. Yes. Either that or will go downhill quickly going no job all child want to play with Charlie in the box here wears here in all will will will get permission from you can use in Psalms 133 it talks about the brother and will begin in unity for the anointing falls and is always interesting how God puts people together that are you normally would hang out with you and the different personalities, but to see the camaraderie is the dis-conversation happened that conversation. We were even talking about YouTube. You will travel together and they were just different day and night.

This is interesting. Army army from the that's a very good this practice in between on Christmas so Robbie you had a question for the group. Did you know you and asking that I know it's been burning the just and I can't wait to get to it. I know I'm sure that right away way was your favorite memory and pick one little bias right but I think that mine was definitely leans while and not so much for coming this year's we talked about this year's was one of the wildest fires we've never had but honestly the best parts of that fire are always the men who stick around after everyone leaves. There is almost inevitably, always two or three guys stick around who God wants to speak into their lives and a few men stay back and we given these conversations and it opens them up even more to hear from God the wrist just amazes me how God does that all through the week with all of us and other men you talk about how some men gathered around the darning part of the boot camp and start talking with one another ministering one another and got just always does he always aligns the right people at the right time to heal someone that we don't even realize were there to give you if you would. The first night when you see Ray coming in and then you can start described more accurately the island of misfit toys.

You have every walk of life. You know coming in every financial group is represented this all the demographics are pretty well represented in one way or another and yet God has a a a plan for that particular group.

You know it's always the exact right people are there at the exact right and yeah I even pours into the camp as a rise packing up and leaving them watching guys again.

You are even a part of the ministry taken pictures together and trading information, contact information, so it's really fun. What getting the ocean sitting notable know what your favorite part of my with Linda listening prayer is simply because it it stretch me in a way that I didn't believe good to watch. The year was almost like guys you they were to say anything or have any part of it, engage, and then realize that God is listening and he is speaking in just the interchange. It had a narrow group that was just then to hear the story from the group how different it was. But yet it was the same Robbie, do you mind explaining what listening prayer is that we don't do it every boot camp we good ones that feels like with like. That's Thomaston. It feels really awkward and very risky when he said to do it but you. We broke up and teams of about seven with each group having one or two members of the team there and then we say okay guys, there's no preaching allowed reset some guidelines and say work start out with.

This can ask God for a name and if you hear a name that's I can say is I hear Bill or I hear Jerry or whatever name you hear and we wait till we get confirmation on who God wants to speak into generally is the way it does come and eat the stories that came out of this and then after what we've got some confirmation on who God wants to speak to.

Then we all just simply listen for what God wants to speak to that person and you know that's the setup. But oh my goodness where God takes that we've never not done it and not gotten blown away. You know sometimes we risk it. But I think we do it when Ruth Flickr called to do it returned trying to listen the others parts it boot camp that is pretty structured needed in every boot camp and then there's a free-flowing element will retake again. What else do you want what's unique for this cancer you want and just as we randomly split up wheat wheat. He repaired often teams and that part wasn't random. When we know you are things a discount off around the room.

I did not hear certain right of the left in the middle, whatever, and he counted off 1 to 4 and we split into groups and so you know, God knew who was going and each group and they all were in the right group. As we heard back in Iraq completely different and the experiences God what was consistent about it was God touched hearts and move people closer to ethical school to was that sometimes you get some resistance to this because it's takes us out of our comfort zone. How much more does it take somebody other comfort zones never done before, but what I saw in our group.

You know some people spoke out a little bit more but it seemed like everybody was receptive and understood the idea and like okay I got this talk and so many of them did hear from God dammit Darren you know their own personal time in an covenant of silence, but then during the listen, prayers well on our group. Really cool. Such a diverse group again. We had one the guys from the rescue mission was there, and he'd been homeless. And then there was a guy that was in our group that felt called to the homeless and that was the guy that we ended up feeling like God wanted to speak to that is, as we started to speak into him obviously he was since that was his calling in the homeless ministry, then obviously the guy from the rescue mission began to receive that which caused actually another guy that was from the same churches ever got in the next thing I knew God was speaking into everybody in the group. In some really cool ways and clearly everybody came away from the experience.

Seeing that God was you could orchestrated that in a million years that the way all those answers came and you can see really where what God had for this group in our group you need. It was doing today.

Let's listen for name annexing over here nearby's name that's coming out and I think that you know you probably echoed the statement that God had something to say to everybody he didn't think you got it was the interesting because what little became someone said they saw me in a bubble bath. I thought where we going with this program. Prayer concentration.

I had a time.

I just had a hard time getting that image out of my mind and still praying over the this oddly feels a little like dj vu with the live radio show us so any given microphone from you is your favorite part about you.

I'm asking Robbie's question for Robbie becoming his back to the clamp and the whole idea of this island of misfit toys a mean guy doesn't see any of this is being miss Ms. fit in. You know, in his perspective, it's the white man sees upon the other man's heart that with that said, you know, we do come from a dirt diverse background. We have a lot of unique brokenness in us and it talks about. We talked many times about Isaiah 61 were talked about. He came to set the captives free to heal the brokenhearted and a lot of times they say that's got to be somebody, not me. That's somebody that really had it rough or whatever. We all we mean that's what you hear the boot camps in the talks. Everyone of us have our story brokenness. It's on the stage everybody and in the audience as their own brokenness and that's the way God doesn't. That's how we help fix each other's talk about our brokenness to one another and I think it was all that that buildup of pressure from the stage a bit more.

And more than that. Is everybody staring individually like when you were talking about how guys were bonding and taking pictures together.

Nobody told him to do that they did it because I chose to them I wanted to and that's where hearts were jubilant about you I was sorry to pass the Micah Danny because that was my choice to soliciting prayer, but there was one highlight for me is watching. This was a man the wedding there for the whole boot camp just came for Saturday and thing after that date. There were like four maybe five things white was part of that group to and every time something was said it look like you'd been punched as a got dumped he was jumping and it wasn't even a punch to the gut. It was like a shark bit that God would really be talking to him and he was amazed. It was really touched. I am pretty sure it will come back to boot camp, but beloved brother and it was the where the words were even the nameless, weird and it worked out that they were very specific for his situation was real joy to see for me Robbie, what about you what your favorite memory from the well on a very personal notes and on my own cover silence time I was was funny because Annie take part of this, I went went out there and I was like God was like I want to show you some and so I thought he wanted me to get up and walk and show me some so I go through that covenant don't see it the next time I come and he says I want to show you some men there is a deck of watermelon plan in this the rocks that are there any applicants.

It's a really gravel thing in this summary must this bit of watermelon see this watermelon did not know it wasn't supposed to grow where it was planted and so my feet is this watermelon showing me clearly there could be fruit if you grow you plan you have in you can come up with evidence that it three times already but it's right, the dates in March 31 through April 3, 2020 2022. What have you there. Go to the red breadsticks website. Now if you'd like and will talk with you next week. Enjoy the rest your weekend and spend some time to celebrate time with God. This week, this is the Truth Network

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