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Live From Boot Camp Fall 2021

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 23, 2021 7:00 pm

Live From Boot Camp Fall 2021

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 23, 2021 7:00 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys are live form Fall Boot Camp 2021. The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcasts to defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcasts starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man plays a major life as it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Would you mind sharing a couple of things. Maybe going you'll have to I like put people's buccal sample to spot out yeah I mean I think.

I guess like the thing that was the most the most's I guess just like our last hour that we had had right before the last session.

Like I I was thinking only I'm never I'm not going to get IRI. What I wasn't completely thinking I was going to get my name and when I get when I got my name and it was and I was thinking like oh wow like and then and then we can like I was going between two names so I will so I got a lover was like a lover of people and I and I was starting to realize and think about the fact that sometimes I'm not everybody's cup of tea. But that's just because sometimes you know I've always thought that I care too much, but it's not bad to care too much. It's not bad to love people we care about them. There's been in their stories. And sometimes you know it may seem like I'm being intrusive.

But that's just that's just who I am and that was something that I I started to realize I started to started feel that I start feeling a little bit like listener. But then I realized that people love people like me they are listening is a big big part for me as well. Often that's awesome to hear that Rob I think I'm gonna put my headset down and let you continue to show you're doing a great job and that's one of the awesome things that we hear about the shows that this weekend is how others come and they hear from God in a new way that they've never thought that they could hear and they realize that the got is actually been speaking in their lives for very long time. Again, we just haven't really been taught to listen that that being steel even in our prayers we pray to God that we don't really talk. It's awesome to hear that some now.

We got Josh, the brother in law who's gonna get shot with their software. He goes back home. Yes sir look forward to it welcomed you happy to hear your brother love have a good time for all grow. Now you said not problems from Ohio. You are from Kentucky Kentucky in the Panhandle there. So how about yourself and what if you gotten this week and how his father, touched your heart and spoken the bus I think big thing for me was the agreements they just kind of things that you accept over time and it's things that you not heard on the show looked into like in John Eldridge's books and but really that come in the silence show me a few agreements I'd made that I'd didn't realize need to break one for me was having a hard time hearing from God, and I think it was because I'd convinced myself that I wasn't going to, but just as last session. I mean, I realize he's been speaking the whole time.

That's just my doubt getting in the way so how is your heart like heavy question there. Yeah Barnett like out there and we rattled its full meaning down so full, so, so this will go a little deeper that you will will I think that I've you know it is hard to articulate but I feel like if if going into my heart was like going down a staircase as kind of something new a new experience for me being here that you know I can send the quiet and kind of go into those steps and say you know Jesus what he will show me and that's been really cool. I hope that answers your question is good for any examples of kindness in the things he shown new or if not that's okay not put around spot. Well, you know, hearing from God was the big thing for me, but you know also just just old wounds in the way that they've come and play and like for for me. The new name I received was loyal which was difficult because you know my past side I would say is probably weapon attack. The most and it's called I worked in. That's actually one of the things we talked about is how the enemy will attack the place where God has identified use as your gifting slips right really awesome that you called. That's also you guys get a free lunch for your travel good so I can get ready to move on here got another gentleman here, Jason. While he's getting ready. Sorry this is that David say this is what they do because they sleep you name so that they would welcome how much self like how how are we doing today. I will do a pretty good deftly better than I was the first at what temperature did know what to expect. Got invited here about two weeks ago and I was kind of weird spot in my life.

Family wise with some issues going on with my child and you know it, honestly, no what to say God works in mysterious ways, and so I walked into a church one Sunday in three weeks later I am So you are drafting will get like a like number 47. So what are some things that you gleaned from the weekend. You know, I've just been really just asking God where you know where he wants me to go looking for the answers to what I have going on in my life right now and then you know yesterday I set out in the woods was was asking and then you know today I sat on the back my truck and Danny exit walkable males beaten the crap out of fishing reel back my truck trying to get the closing, we call that field modification of so at at. It didn't matter how hard I hit onto it and we walked up to me your colic and I was like yeah, mimicking talking showing you what I was trying to do and you walk away. I was in there being onto it and then God let me know that you know he's not beaten into me for the answers right now I just need to, sit back and be graceful with that and so I sat back and was like starts Molinos graceful with the fish real when it closed at Ineta beyond any more so that was that was critical experience almost a great lesson learned most definitely let's wait works in our lives whenever we get into the actuation we think we have to have the answer.

Right now the reality is we don't get until he gives it to us and the process is part of the process we learned a lot easier a lot better when we go through that long our lives a lot like that vision real. You have had one backlash only. More than once and sometimes straightened and sort all this out is, like undoing a backlash real so if you work if you had someone that a friend or brother.

What have you. How would you recommend what would you tell them about the book. How would you present that they were to come out now talk to woman and I would let them know absolutely they're ebony down their minds about it or feeling feelings of how to push away from that they really push into it that you know as we talk about enemy attacks at stuff and and I had a lot of attacks in between the time I was invited even before it did all way up to the day of. So if there really a note of the person on the really doing any type of backlash is stated or any type of you feelings that they should go.

This deftly dig into and push into it and go regardless of the situation is to get everything out of it that absolutely doesn't want them to have that and that's another part of that to write it. All of us get something different, even those of us who are here with the ministry were being spoken to as much as you guys come in such a blessing to us to be a part of what you guys are getting and receiving, but it's blessing us as well.

Absolutely we will continue on here down the road. Next we have Jason. Jason is from Atlanta. This is been a an interesting look at what else are not Atlanta, Georgia okay will say Gordon from Jordan. Always and always put Atlanta Georgia Muslim is beautiful down there. Nine zeolites but I live in northern Georgia so more mountain area was that numb mom and home when I hear one of the rare campers. It's actually camping at the camp enjoyment actually I am doing thing I did enjoy this morning I woke up my arm that sleep soundly and on top of that I'm doing good.

Probably something spiritual history. Modular revenue is a hotel room with no Cablevision so yeah I'll go both of you guys are sleeping outside in cold weather.

I will send my mom a lot not oppose display. Yeah, I mean, I've always loved going camping in the winter, made trips were God led me to go by myself.

You know places where most people wouldn't go for the snow were 5 miles deep in a national forest by myself in six or 0° weather and rough and it for four days and just out there by myself getting to know him better get to know myself better on Jason I know you fairly well you you're here with me now your little different than than you thought would be tells about the ways God, come after you. This week for me.

I feel like he's always he's not he's he's always give me this you know he's a taxi and he's like now come after me and I give you that little bit more of a hunger for him to turn and to get closer to him.

He's always after his but he also wants us chasing him and you know that that fire he puts in us and we have to keep inflamed. We had explained that fire because if we don't all go out is easy to get put out and what is the fire is inflaming well out to be honest, it's, it's been something I've been I've been lacking in the past I've gotten a lot more fellowship with men that are light of like faith and see in and seeing a lot more than just a cup you know me and Wayne are my uncle and things that has been a really good thing for me that to be around more people and and just to see how God is working in their lives and be able to share in here were they got all that other stuff. Well, welcome to North Carolina yeah this beautiful part of my heart is in Georgia code granddaughter lives in sugar he'll and she says really sugar he'll I think have been there once or twice and give some of these talks we gotten into your kind of Artie just because I know you your Artie used to hearing him in the ways that some these guys are just learning. Rob came up, realizing that God speaks to us in this way, you been doing this for a while, you been doing the listening and whatnot.

What would you say, briefly, to those who are listening and learning that learning voices this will the first time I ever heard God speak to me put it this way always I was in a place where I was really hungry to hear his voice because I'd never heard it and I didn't realize that I could and so I was doing everything I could to get quiet. I spent hours and hours and hours alone just to hear it. If you know, we open the Bible, we can see his words in there and he speaking in that but I'm were talking about literally hearing the voice of God and the first time I heard his voice. It it, took me back you know it was a kind of a big deal for me. You know, but it's not that big a deal. And that's that's what I had to get oversight is not that big a deal. We don't want because he's always speaking. He always is talking to swear his children, we should be able to hear his voice. At any given moment. Sometimes it it is harder. You know sometimes where were not perfect but if we take the time to get quiet enough and and again it comes to this.

Know that you that he speaking to you know every say it's not a big deal. What I hear there is we make it harder than it have to make it harder than what it is. Yet we rise there's a foundation that Christ laid for us and he's he's made a way you know he said if you see me you seen the father in you. If you're here and him you're here in the father and so we taken. We put all a lot of stuff on top of that foundation and we start pollen up all the stuff that we think it is or what he said we think you say into us and what I found is we whatever we come up with first day on top of what he's given what you've heard usually take that and crumple it up and just throw it away and I say okay now God what you mean is I've Artie got out what I think you mean what you are and what you're really saying to me and it's it's that you know you'll speak to you and he wants and he doesn't want to sit to take and run with it. He doesn't want to run with that. He wants us to take that in and to meditate on asking him to reveal more because as you know, like onions and got layers in a week. He's got layers to what he means gotten say one thing and it can mean so much. Not just in that one. One specific word yeah I like what you said there whenever we hear from him to take and meditate on it. That's awesome Wayne had to tell you, I admire your heart when it comes to listen to God. I really do your your special guy.

I wish I could say is been easy like it in one of the talks they Jim was talking about how you whenever you step out and listening to a lot of people around you will question you sometimes ask you to do something different thing and we at we got someone here with this is definitely hearing the voice of God has his own ministry as well. Some of you may know him from wrestling back in the day I Nikita cuticle off welcome great to be here in the masculine jury is also that I have you with us. So yeah I will let you run a list because you're used to doing this, well I tell you what I'm enjoying is like all the guys you mean Ohio, Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgia, Russia, on the guys come from all over the award. The free lunch for this Reddick in Russia via Minnesota disorder but no it's it's been a it is for me because I do. I am busy like many of us, and I was just thinking three words of popped in my head was rest reflection and learning and so this is been rewarding for me regarding those three words is the ability because I was out every weekend. It whether if it's not autograph signings. It's it's conferences. It's your host Michael camp Lex Luger at me, I'm always doing something my dad used to say Sonny don't let any grass growing your feet, it's exactly right. That is no time like the press identify yelp and S1 will highlight for me just just real quick for you guys to get some of you guys want to interview here in yesterday and in some quiet time. You know I just I just I was laid out in the sun.

Notice it was beautiful Carolina blue sky sun was shining little on the chilly side size I'll lay out and just soak in the sun. Couple things came from that I was soaking in the SU and and I was soaking in the SO and there was warmth that came from that there was peace and there was just beauty and that is that was taken in my surrounding and then the wind would kick up this kind of ministry. We had a bonfire the night before was called with the wind kicked up right with the wind would kick up in the trees were blown above me but it was like just peaceful and still work.

I could see it and here it but I will. But it was still where I was laid out so wasn't it wasn't blowing it ready for me. So was pretty pretty us in. Then there was a bird flying in the Lord reminded me revivals at January 2020. My home church, the refuge that that this would be a decade that I wouldn't rapport, but I would sore and so the Lord reminded me of that yesterday that one last thing the woodpecker many I get back in an x-ray stop of the deck, but the Lord of Lord that is kind of a mandate for me work, but make sure that the work and what you do is a labor for the Lord to labor for me and some laboring in love for the Lord. So that's just a quick take away from Michael, one of my quiet times yesterday and I like the analogy can get from that with the peace there while you're laying down right whenever your in him when you're resting in him, things are peaceful, no matter how much the winds are blowing around in the mentor help how the storm right Jesus slept in the store. We need to learn how to sleep when he sleep and easily got it into one of the quick Billy illustration of that wind blowing around its many have compared it to the Holy Spirit right you can see the wind, the effect it has on the trees and even and even feel it not. I was wasn't feel but I was seeing them and asking a reflection of the Holy Spirit you know if if you're paying attention. You can see what the Holy Spirit and may not always feel it right but you can experience it's just an honor to be here privileged and we thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing with us and sharing your take on it yet.

I could get anywhere you think we have time for another time for a few more hair got another gentleman up Orlando not to be confused with making another sound alike yet again coldly tells me Mickey Mouse man will in the United States Navy had on their singular and all we can set about eliminating yes and thank you for your service right after veterans day here. It was it was fun being in the night. Yes, it was so pictorial ownership.

Yeah, I was an aircraft carrier. Okay so you got to cross over the equator for the first time and had to go through your yes I had a little too well day, and a lot of friends tell me the stories in our walk with God and in this journey there were only one thing we talk about is the battle to be fought in the battle to be one all these things because going with bringing up his sons house even speaking to you about that battle is easy going after my heart, he's been teaching me that I would gladly have to fight these desperately seeking my heart and understand and what it was your take on band the gladiator was.

It was a telling defendant. The gospel Orlando. You have got a unique journey. Didn't hear you tell us how you got here will always listen to Robbie. I like his last and he had done kingdom pursuit. He was asking always asking questions and stuff and answered the right questions against silly get to get a free right here you get a free ride.

You are the winner. Yes sir, I was also what you think about that way. Well, we have the gladiator patient weekly watch.

Actually several clips from one of things for those who are first-time listeners use clips to speak to us in and show us how God can talk to us in the many variables in different ways in life gladiator being one of those you speak about being a defender of the gospel see that it's much deeper. I see it's also been a defender of the week and taking the gospel to places where others might not have listened to you speak a lot, even regarding your dreams and some of the things he shown you their definitely got a heart that's that's another great piece about this as we get to meet these amazing men to have these huge hearts for that they they love God.

They love others.

We got about a minute. I guess we have time for one more think that you would've you gotten this week while were switching over here. What kind of touched on your heart. Will the new name which was the talk had been doing was God's really come after my heart, only added we have Steve with us. Stephen sorry little short here, but thanks for listening to all of you listen to the mask journey.

We really had an amazing time here this weekend. This is the Truth Network

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