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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 2, 2021 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 2, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! Community is the topic this week. The guys also discuss the benefits and challenges that come from being in a community. The clips are from "The Andy Griffith Show," and "How to Train Your Dragon." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Joanne McNair with the podcast storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds enjoying it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network there is one word Jesus makes masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns out we keep from losing hard trying to find one feels more like a losing battle. Something worth dying for, grab your gear, West Brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here. Welcome masculine glad you're with us this weekend. I'm excited about this topic and and you need you want to tell us little about the topic. It's yours same. Start the program with lies well communities have to go through some of those right is my topic for this week, but honestly it's all over. Topic is if you go back in the listener shows it's the most common thing we talk about.

I don't care what the topic is a given week, it seemed to come off on up almost every week we talk about this topic and the topic is community and we talk a lot about our community and so I started thinking about you all know that we really done a topic in a while on just the topic of community because there are some really beneficial things about community and there's some very challenging things about community and and I'm sure you guys would echo some of that and definitely I think we what we talked about why does it come up so much and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I think all of us have that in our hearts we had some shallow relationships week that's in good relationships, but we don't.

I don't think all speak for everybody I know. I didn't have a group that I could really be honest with them and share the good the bad and the ugly, the history of the wounds of the past. Trust be able to trust that to somebody else not done that on certain individuals and stuff but I think there's an aspect of having a group instead of just an individual to talk to because you get more perspective from a group and I realize you're so much nicer than me because I set you up with a way to really slam either of the challenges of community went right back at me and chose not to see her much nicer guy. Not that anyone in this room did Nardi know that that is or the listers everybody sees my halo right wing is hidden under your hat, and the challenges of community community since the day we have a clip and this is your click first of several clips today that we might get to work and get the sum of but anyway they want you to little bit about your clip well it has to come with a precursor. This has absolutely nothing to do with the current vaccine labeling in our community, or in our in our world so but it does talk about a vaccination, a tetanus shot is a clip from Andy Griffith show in the County nurses trying to get everybody vaccinated in Andy is engaging the world. Local farmers a Ralph Hollister trying to persuade him to get on board and thus that's the clip that shot, I see now all I just let her give you that shot Tyson up your chance for immortality were was at me famous like Columbus, George Washington, some of the see this thing is famous for doing great as what you will be to after your day will happen.

Probably one day you will get caught by Rusty Saul or by cheer something like that and not having the shot will you will be a cinch to go.

That's where the great deep clumsy seed by serve as a lesson to the others not to neglect the shots with only got got. I'm just see them, neighbors and kinfolks yours right now. Debbie said that Satan did you hear what happened to Ralph ASAP and went just like moaning and groaning and suffering, else I will let Engel happen to me. I'm going down at that County nurses get me that good shot right now and you know you be the biggest thing. Neighbors ever seen.

Yes, they'll be talks and eulogies.

While the folks are violent by their last respects. Looking down if I need to broke up I might sing a song song just for you Unisom you want to do would be to either this know that what was it about the clip that really spoke to you. What was it didn't say we go uses well the premise behind it and what I saw was that part of a community, something's going on the community in an Ralph was, look to the farming community as Andy and the nurse had discussed previously that if we can get him to go aboard rest would follow and what is a vaccination or whatever but but it the heart behind it I think is that no matter where you think you are in the community. Either statue wisely as a janitor the president you know you matter in the community and your decisions matter because so often we look at it from an aspect of all of the wounds that we talk about that were insignificant, but it doesn't matter who you are and somebody's paying attention, positively or negatively, that what your life is because God intended for your life to matter. Otherwise you wouldn't exist .9 I think about friends in the way they kind of Lee's word manipulative. That's a negative connotation, but the way they help someone get to conclusion right you know and good friends are able to do that sit down with you and and kinda help you navigate your way into seeing some truths you didn't have the opportunity to see because were kinda blinded by one thing or another in on. I like that about that clip. The nanny was able to use humor and a little bit of fear Ralph to say okay there's probably some bigger going on here, and manipulation and really thought about how good you later and he was to write was. It was a good heart and spirit.

You know, and I think that's the difference it was not for his self gain. It was for the betterment of the person he or he or Barney out with some manipulation how he did. I sell listener training that we just can't. I just really hope somebody owns the rights to that clinic.

So it doesn't end up on the infomercial supporting something and not something either way, it's it is so it was a great clip no way to see how community can kinda rally around and do that. So what about challenges in community guys. What are some of the challenges with community center else wants to go grab a mic. Why not it's it's hard to have peer pressure.

It's hard to go out and try to be yourself and the community that is somewhat different than you. It's hard you get to go out on a limb for me.

You know, I grew up being a jock sells like all you gotta be jocular certain expectations that you want to do the job thing and be in a certain group in a certain crowd. One of things absolutely loved about being in high school was all the friends that I had that were not a part of that community is they were kind of the kids at work. They were they were there a few other my friends that liked them to and you can kinda tell who treated him well who didn't but I tried you know Lee stickup form. I didn't do a good a job as I could've all the times are a few of them yelled at our site. There's always something a cow that is kind never felt was worth sticking up for but there were in such nice guys never just they're just great to hang out with get a different perspective on life. Then plan sports, yelling, being a part of the in crowd not kind stupid stuff so I always I learned a lot from just cannot hang around with somebody's guys and talk to them at school and hung out the field outside of school few times you know that most my life now just in plan sports and it just you just can't get sucked into certain things with that community and it can be a very bad drawing you because you get pigeonholed in into one thing. And you're like no I'm more than different than that it's hard to break out. Yeah you can you can be labeled right as being part of a meeting that challenge and allow yourself to be labeled and absent her chat with Danny and thoughts are that you have done a back said sorry. I think probably the whole thing is you know whenever you have a group board more than two you have more diversity and difference of opinions and then you get stuff like you know, the host doesn't want to use your clip you know something like that difference of opinion, but no, seriously, was this the kind of before the show but kind of a word there will have lost everything. That's a funny thing, but there's there's times in our community that we don't see things to the same way and their times that we have difference of opinion. You have to work through it. That's called maturity and that's what you should expect from a community is to mature. If you're in the community in your static and not really growing you're not really you know iron sharpening iron your you're just stuck, you're not really benefiting from that community. The communities you know serving you, but you're really not serving it for that challenge and be insist you're coming from different perspectives in turn become the common ground right that happens. What else do we have is challenges goes well, I don't speak for else, but I'm into major communities and honestly if I ever had to choose one of the other and be tough but your your positions are different, maybe not that tough of getting so sick of this community. These guys elbow said this before break, but I knew Sam would take the set up and slam in Albany and live in this group.

I don't feel like the least of these, but I know that not look to theirs that their expectations are. We make decisions together.

Now Sam and Robbie saved his Ordinate may be the final decision, but I always feel like I'm her mandala and always built up with this group tonight when you first said one of the problems with it. I don't have much problem.

Other than some of my personal stuff right here and my church community.

Love that one to but there very few people that I really have a peer relationship with either being obedient to the what I have above or trying to help somebody else that you have your sling… If you have time. Think you can't coming up so you have time to register soon go to masculine it's November 18 to the 21st will see you there. It's good to be a great event. Please register what if one weekend wasn't go and frustrated all basic training designed to give men permission me how God made warriors and on average is wild at heart. Experience four days purpose for time to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires uniquely placed to hear masculine heart Coming up November 18 21st masculine and register today. This is my son Eli talk about ways he smiled at him and and click the donate button to masculine and find the masculine PO Box 550 that was your bump way to fix it didn't sound like a community clip does so it came from up on the spur. Remember the Titans to be transparent. That was one of the clips I got cut, and rightfully so.

But if you'd like to go watch. Remember the Titans and watch for the locker room scene. It's this company stuff in it. But you know they play that song in that and it's really about to communities the black community like community where they merge the high schools whether come together as a football team and nurse them. Still some dissenters only outside, but that clip is where they really first start come together as a as a unit and it's really cool to see. And I always hear that song. That's where my mind goes something to remember the Titans yeah what what you submitted was a really good clip. It's is not one really is no actually know what that's talking to my mind to it while I saw it was a catchy means that I thought I would. It's like a guide to a woman or whatever there talking back and forth but you know I just think of it as those guys are thing in the community and actually that the movie remember the Titans is based on the true story have nothing Virginia in school at their it's a great story about community. At the end of the day in even the beginning and the end of the movie is all about community absolutely right. And so it is one to watch and just look at the power of community and diversity points brought together for good writing and how much you can help people's hearts so Robbie back to some of the challenges with community and these guys, I kinda tiptoed around a little bit.

Rodney had some really good points in the Indian Jim Hansen good points and I have one more slot. I think one of the biggest problems with community as finding your place, offer my perspective.

I you know any place that you have this possibility for great reward in a like if you risk all that you can arrest to be completely vulnerable in a community and completely throw it out there expecting to be loved.

The level that you're hoping to you're liable to an probably are going to be stomped on. At some point in time, and it is in all be completely honest. I've had some of the highest in my life in this community, and I've certainly had some of the some of the lowest moments that I can ever remember. As a result of the trap that I think is that we want the community to be gone because it's so good that you expect it to fulfill that need to have for that big hole you have in your heart and so when and I'll give you a perfect example, and maybe I shouldn't but I will to boot camps ago you know I put a lot of effort into like the whole summer hours can learn how to play classical gas and I was going to do this talk and a lot of things went sideways, a lot of things went sideways in that particular camp and I delayed myself out there completely looking for some validation within the community and got absolutely exempt, which completely took me out. However, it was a beautiful thing for God to say okay where you really looking for Robbie.

You know and and and you are there so many things about it that is this about you and I know that that there all those traps are right there because as you begin to feel this is where my hope is this is my hope is in this community. My hope is in my my joy is in this community will guess what you doing right and it's it's like idol worship to understand that I have been there and been slammed yet. I think I think it is. It's very similar to the relationship and the fact that you love and you you know you you put yourself at risk when you love and you can get connection.

But when that person or that community doesn't respond as you think that what it can be one of the most hurtful things are is is your expecting a certain result in areas that look in the validation and all that, you know, I think God again. He knows will have these differences and that kind of thing. And that's part of. Again, this is the benefits come out of it but it's that benefit is so closely tied to the potential disaster that you you couldn't bring upon one another. It's a it's up natural part of the same thing in a relationship. The thing that you know where she can't know you, you won't listen to her and you lot finally learned to listen to it was a bad thing that turned into be something good to where you could really understand that person better accurately yet here I am good well have been troubled by Jim of the it plays into what you, Robbie with comedian effect is what we call you kinda morph yourself into something you're not really to make sure you fit in, that makes sense is that you know you kinda don't put yourself out there because of the fear of rejection the fear of having so you gotta change we call it posing around here.

I think it intends to do that sometime especially men talk about their trucks in there and all that stuff and you yes or that me and Fayette that's got a challenge to the year to that own self be true. Despite what may be the popular opinion or you what I heard with him about marriage reminded me of the song is almost everything does else I can Simon and Garfunkel, rock, and island rock feels no pain and island never cries well all the time and if you're a rocker and island are also to have been joy, no camaraderie, no friendship and there guys out there that are going it alone and I weep for them and they may not weep, they might be perfectly think they're perfectly content, but there's no opportunity for growth. You don't have a community picture living and loving in and being vulnerable with thinking to the thing I would add to the challenges of community as we have an enemy and we have wounds and the enemy knows our wounds and he knows how to push on mind affect Robbie's English and ravage effect in gyms and so forth and you have other players in the story, good and bad you have other players and in its messy you know you you talked about. It's hurtful it can be really body. It is some of the lowest lows in the highest highs, but it's also life preserver is through that God throws out to you to help you get through those things in any it said something about feeling the comedian effect and in writing this clip to your talk about. Kinda you have kindness that will yeah you got a guy and hick up who is a son of the warrior leading Viking so he supposed be this big man whose post. Gotta step up and take his father's shoe someday and he feels that pressure that's what he wants to be externally but internally he has nothing he wants to do without that life in that world.

So in this scene.

Hick up. He's he and the mother kids are fighting in the arena against dragons to show off their skills that they have to build a fight dragons and basically what's happening here is pickup goes any screws up messes up his dad has to step in use here at the end the clip he beats down the Dragon, then he has to take pickup off and go and have this talk with them and it's basically telling these kind of little bit disappointed in them. The whole community is basically ostracizing and there's one more thing you need. Sorry dad okay but tonight Gary not like the last few times that I mean I really actually you guys are busy and I had a very clear shot went down just operating point. Let's get a search party out there just still every time use disaster. You don't see that I have bigger problems is almost here, and I have an entire village defeat between you and me, the village could do is little less feeding a joke pickup why you followed this simplest all I can't stop myself, I see a Dragon and I have to just can't let you know it's you I am dad many things, but Dragon is not one night make sure he gets there I have is domestically quite the performing I've never seen any that badly help. Thank you. Thank you. I was trying never was and when he does it's always with his disappointed scowling someone skimped on the neatness sandwich. Excuse me, barmaid. I'm afraid you're probably the wrong offspring boy with beefy arms extra guts and glory on the side talking Facebook you're thinking about this all wrong.

It's not so much what you look like it's what's inside that he can't stand. Thank you for something that the point is still trying so hard to be something you and not just one of you want to you and telling jokes friended me the least. He spoke truth in love yeah he was trying to say the right things and pick up actually understands way saying he's telling what just be yourself right and it's one of the things that we find very hard to do in this community of any community you get into his how can you really be yourselves, and that's where in this community of ours) minute coming due this maximum journey. It's starts with vulnerability starts with okay I'm going to be vulnerable so therefore the next person.

See all will.

He was vulnerable. Maybe I can be a little bit and you can get drawn into that and it sucks you in and draws you in and makes you want to follow in that. And actually okay. I would like to share because I see the wonderful healing in the life that you get the lead. You know, not having that fear of others, and that's a great place to be. Yeah it's it's definitely unite when we first talked about the show. We talked about it I will do the first part of the break will be on the challenges of community and the second part of the on the benefits of work on the challenge itself. If you want to hear me and we did touch on some benefits you are you all that hear more benefit so that you can have the mask journey after hours podcasts. A written record here in a few minutes and listen to it and pick up the benefits you because I'm telling you you can't get through life without it.

I know that you felt like you had community in the past, and maybe you had better I promise you. Sometimes it's been a smaller version of what community really can be inserted talk more about that in the after hours and share some of our stories.

Why were breaking where your degree to download the after-hours good mask register for the boot camp November 18-21.

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