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What Makes You Listen After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 18, 2021 8:00 am

What Makes You Listen After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 18, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on what makes you listen continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clip is from the film "Top Gun."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around with all your friends. Thanks for listing and thanks for choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network coming to an infringement where in the heart of a letter masculine journey after hours time, so sit back and masculine start welcome to messenger the after hours and week. We are following up on our topic from last week which was on hearing and listening and an understanding of the differences between those in Robby, this is your topic came in this week to your show but having your top and so it's what's the topic for this week. The topic is what makes us listen I like. I think it's an amazing question how what is it that gets your attention in order to listen and we talked in the first show before hours that laughter occurs of love and respect or love and fear and and so how does that play into things and then, but I also love what you had mentioned about emotional deposits in our bank account, so to speak. When you get overdrafted in our ears should start to shut down my older sister constantly in a state of overdraft. When I was younger, as I think about it.

Yeah it it is you and I been doing a lot of training learn things I talk with guys about it we know is in client relationships right looking for the opportunities to make deposits is going to be withdraws along the way special in your building. How somethings not to go right but it's that way with any relationship phenomena equated to most the guys drive pickup trucks like you and I know you get the body because every time you want to borrow the truck that's only time you hear from the phone rings, you can almost check it off the third and asked to borrow the truck for some reason I and so how do you feel about that relationship versus the one that you talk your friend every day or every few days and you just talk about life. It's a much different feeling right. And in those relationships are more likely to listen to the one you feel better about the relationship with bank is a bank accounts not overgrown, that which gets to you. Love, to some extent and that brotherly love kind of thing or sisterly love, however, that works that if you're in relationship with somebody that have a tendency to listen and you know how critical is it is to be the church that we do develop that skill is not you. Do you have a clip ties into this topic in a way little bit you selected a classic Top Gun classic line at you pick it out the dogfight seen with the Russians and meetings on the tail of the of the pilot but Maverick here.

You know he's had some back.

He's had some fights in the past that haven't went well and losses wingman is copilot yes and I just really talk more about you know what it means to me the clip but it's it's really just a dogfight it to me at the parallel with, you know the fight the spiritual warfare that we go through and in how you listen through that.

It 60 miles in closing in fast start syndicate THREE and four supersonic three seconds.

What about Willard Simpson was a broken weekend lodging aircraft gets along 10 minutes. Single rental minutes get out of there was abuse know, but it was good at it like reminding me a good interest. Maybe that Robby said his word were in a jovial mood is I didn't think that was electric as a but what you know what it said a lot to me is is I was.

My mom went to, you know, listening to God. What makes me listen to God and you know I just think about the battles are fought in the past or the battles I really didn't, but I was the no snow good enough. I'm tapped out too hard. You know and just you know now, it's like the one with no disrespect to God. But it's like talk to me goose you know it's it's re-engaging when those times when typically in the past I would've run and and I was thinking about what how does that time he was love and respect, and those times I probably didn't have the love and respect for God. I felt it was you know I've told you guys was living, was an orphan spirit, but we seem is your father what you have for your father. You have love and respect will then you know that whenever you get the pants whenever you get a dogfight that you can go to him and get those United those words.

Whatever it was that you said the maverick to get him to reengage.

It was powerful and made it made things happen and I personally experience that there are times when I just I typically would've tapped out that I don't Out and I know what they said besides Aflac I think he said you have what it takes because you know when you think back to that relationship that he had with Manfred Wright he he clearly felt like maverick But yet he did and had complete faith in him, even to the point they risked his life. You know, honestly as his copilot is his weapons officer. Good point. You are almost maybe pilot Willie would you know I think that it's only times or somebody in your life. I mean yes it's wonderful when God chimes in, but often it's you guys that insane look, you have what it takes get in there if it's somebody that I don't love and respect your mail and I have what it takes for you. You can do it and mean it when it comes from you guys are work somebody us spiritual brother, whatever. Who knows me knows my story and I say that that believe it.

You saying you don't mean disrespect to God calling goose that you not answer this before and and John Eldridge brought the that the terminology on a wild goose chase in the people in Ireland called the Holy Spirit the wild goose and sewing on a wide goose chase you're following the Holy Spirit, and so to same talk to me go sit here really saying Holy Spirit.

I have had really good recovery. I give you credit that was excellent and then Aflac you have anything you and add to this been Aflac, a member I think that if I could play goose work some rule begins that I have to hasn't been any houses asking to get Rodney to get you woke up this morning with a laudable plate with the death of my mother and you go with those of the stuff and yeah, through needy out loud you guys in and you know you guys pouring back into me that I would add that is also been known as somewhere in the court. The soul that day goes, I will sing it, I promise. The data that we and all the show but that is his way maker miracle worker. That is who you are is what it is talking to God when I'm reminded of the look of the Scripture Jesus that I am the way the truth and the life. And when I'm reminded of who is on my side because I forget in the battle.

I forget and I withdrawal but when I'm reminded that he's for me and not against me and he called me these things and he brought me to such a time as this. Then I'm reminded that you have what it takes and I hear it's of a brother to hear through the wife and you do have what it takes so good. Thank you so you guys most likely to listen to buffer may depends on the topic. If it's a biblical topic I'm going to listen to the person that knows Bible. If I start talking about stuff that I can't substantiate out of the Bible. I'm grown their own trip.

I'm not taken. If it's some nonbiblical subject then it better be logical. I had nearly 44 years working in computer programming and systems analysis. I'm big on logic.

So if somebody starts talking about stuff this just totally absurd ultra one. After the arrow go for this. What are your best friends. I know because he's my best friend my best friends.

Of course all these guys are but so maybe it's not usually on the show conceived wannabe public speaker, but you listen and is rarely is he completely logical and you wouldn't calm a biblical scholar but I've never seen you not listen to the man and you know I'm talking about. I think I did okay who is a mate was born every Thursday morning. Well, I'm just being polite. Seriously, this yeah and I respect the man I wish this morning but sometimes he's a total flake are you talking about Tom or gator. Okay, let's look at this is great this is real is real talk here this is real after hours. I'm just saying that maybe I was where I was going was David, but he Tom yeah but nonetheless let's just go back to who I was thinking about. I should've said that I didn't even think about the wildcard that I might've played that I did nonetheless write in my right though you listen to gator Oya and if he said some, and so just between the two. I would say Tom probably knows Bible better than in getting there just to talk amino but of the two you would listen to gator any day of the week when depending on the subject. I can be a hard case if you had noticed, I have known you sure cadences of the yeses I made Esau and it seems like I don't care it's because I literally do not care. I need to build a hard case kill me small sick I think part of the topic of Gaither whichever person if you don't know Gaither which you don't obviously is he doesn't really say a whole lot you know, and I think that's part of it. When you handsomely. The doesn't say a whole.

You know not talking all the time. You consistently has input on something you're more apt to listen to them that if they did, they just talk all the time because I do have some friends that talk. It seems nonstop right and it's hard to know when to engage and when not to engage because I can't stay engage that long, and setting part of it is this how they carry themselves as a part of that if they're quiet, but when they speak they have a lot to say I'm deafening on a listen in my my case I guess I concave or longer.

I guess in the brain are at and so for years and years and years and years.

When you look up the word faithful when you look up the words reliable when you look up the words generous in other words, this guy meets all those criteria and and heaven time and time and time and time again in your life and and you end up with this love and respect from from my standpoint, those qualities trump most anything out like this is this is where he's coming from and so he completely has my ear. Then yeah I know I'm out.

We got off the track a little bit with Tom, but you got admit there's times that you would listen to Tom. I enjoy when he starts talking himself that he knows right.

That was an interesting study it was. As you can tell were not scripted. This portion of the apparatus to and are you listening so move for me. I'm more apt to listen to somebody that I know listens to me. If I get the impression that there just listening to have the next response and to check out. You know not really going to do that with their investing in that listening relationship. I'm a lot more apt if are working towards resolution and for me resolution you being a manually like to try to fix things and for me when I have a conversation that's working towards resolution. Most the time I'm pretty engaged haven for just talking about the problem and there's no real resolution in it on my gag and the reason for this you know in my head it if it's illogical. It doesn't make sense is no logic to it. At that point this out on the wall at the corporate office where you work and I know it's not original to the air, but is people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care and and I've always loved that because you if I know someone cares about the topic in media more apt to listen to things I want to add to that, too, with aside from just dealing with life and all that. What makes me listen.

I think this goes totally probably often. Of course this similar what Danny was saying this hearing other people's story is that it is getting a bunch information, annual story, you know what makes me listen in church you know we all got have the Scripture we got have the document we have that when that pastor starts given a story about something that he's experienced my ears perk up. I have no interest in listening to pastor the doesn't share personal experience from the Bible yet yes I want a biblical reference, but it's the application and in and so I've always been drawn to pastors. It will speak from, you know how they've overcome or how they struggled or how you God's help them through a thing because it makes me have hope. I can read the Scripture you know this is awesome I can read it to me.

Obviously they cannot be interpreted but really it's the application portion that's key right so little bit separate question. What makes you not listen other than me talking. Apparently stupidity right ignorance and sometimes this willful ignorance into that.

That's one for me and I struggle with this because I know that I wish I could listen that when I detect somebody's posing or I detect that the reason that their speaking is so that they can be the center of attention right that that that this the reason for this conversation right this minute doesn't have to do with you know anything of value that it essentially then then I really struggle I really struggle, especially with people that I and I see that there posing in the reason for that posing a claim against to make them look good and I'm not you know when I lose respect, it's it, then it's just a real struggle for me buying is an unfortunately in my line of work. If you endear a talkshow host, you just picture this do-nothing be completely honest and transparent, like you know when you put a microphone in front of somebody and I'll quite often.

This is their opportunity to look good and and and when I see them take it off and and I'm trying to answer my question. But here's the question I asked you and they take off on their little you know whatever that may be at and I'm left in the in the dirt somewhere and I keep going back to the question and that's it is very difficult because you know I sense the listeners are going off with me like you guys went because the EU disturbed when I heard this this persons you know on their agenda rather than on God's agenda and it's really hard.

And so it's a it's a challenge where it really I want to go back to it and he said that you know I'm like talk to me goose by me.

If you can picture this year on the radio here. The hose did you like talk to me goose where we going here because this is a good you know this isn't this isn't good and I hope to be in my name or were in a disk. The wild is not Aflac that Aflac actually says you know stuff that's quite helpful at times.

I mean always wondering if help me try to be a better listener honestly is his work in building houses, virtually every slab will get a crack in it and the concrete. It's a big concern for people you know but you get the same question from from people all the time. Did you see the crack in my slab that unless you know the question under the question you really don't know how to answer it. So you have to probe and you have to listen and you have to ask and what about that concerns you might thing the house is going to fall down. Okay, now I know how to approach it. I think it was improperly put in okay now I know how to approach it right and sometimes asking more questions help should be a better listener because he can get more information really go at where their concern really is.

Sam did you see the crack in my slot at the answer inter alia senior significant masculine journey after after you know that I will follow that up and that would be only fullwidth guys working old stuff is what I do tech support and I've had to learn to listen to what they're saying goes, people will believe it or not give you bad information, but it is there is the aspect of the garden. Another department that he just is determined that he's the smartest guy on the planet and that's the way he approaches every conversation and most of the guys in our department don't even want to deal with, but he knows the equipment but he will shoot you know that he knows equipment.

He knows more than you so Dobbs is hard to listen. You see the crack slab the card out of his house and go file that is where I can emphasize man you know exactly was going on. I think probably sometimes I don't do enough of the active listening early asking questions. I will say though that my probably that I if my improvements come from anything. It has become for me, asking God questions and then therefore always people questions. I still have a tendency to to you know the same. I know what they are going to say what's in the heart or whatever and I know that's a can be a bad thing in on something I need to work on them. You know I don't I don't know. It's just you. It's something you use to over time. Of the way to pick particular way to communicate and you. It really does take listening to God to get guidance on how handle this conversation is a saying that nature abhors a vacuum and I think the corollary to that is that most people abhor silence and if you just remain silent. You'll get more information of people. Most people can't stand to look at you not say something if you give a really weird stair like a DDD. He gets mad when I don't say anything. I just stare at him like I don't understand.

You can also get the reaction of the people that you think part of the question becomes how can I be a better listener. How can I engage you to use Robby's word and the goose is word right and can engage in this. How do I stay emotionally and in a good place especially in a situation when feels very attacking. I have a hard time listening and someone's been very volatile with me and I don't have a whole I desire to listen to him at that point. When Nick gone down and then I'll come back and talk to him but sometimes it put that aside and in try to work through it, even in their volatility and avoid not trying to fix it you know is y'all leave talk on the radio you hear it many times about not about the nail it's the it's the scene where the girls got a nail in her head and the guys trying to give her guidance on you know how you should just get that thing out of there in her problems would be better and you know he's just trying to fix and she liked. Don't try to fix me in a lot of times that's where we go to is trying to fix it is me and lets you talk to matter where we are fixers and I think sometimes as men we don't want to hear the fix either. We just want to be heard.

I can promise you that we always want to be heard all absolutely right that that's without question is validation that comes from that yeah yeah and maybe I don't want to resolution.

Right now I just want a friend listen to and being able to walk a line and knowing when is that the situation where I need to give advice when I need to say you have what it takes when I need tampering. Those kinds of things that comes from the mistake you make a possibility exactly they come from the goose writers and I say this is what you is I don't mean that disrespectfully I mean every respect.

Lisa masculine register for the upcoming boot camp some amazing things to tell you this boot camp and I know you have the ears to listen all you do is listen right now go register masculine will talk to you next week and please remember it's November 18-21. Right before Thanksgiving, not a better time to go to boot camp this year. This year, November 18-21 masking journey working. This is the Truth Network

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