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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 7, 2021 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 7, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys are discussing loyalty and what drives us to be loyal. The clips are from the "The Andy Griffith Show," "Star Trek," and "Homeward Bound." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

This is Chris Hughes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network every man ways of life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request a band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome masculine journey or a week closer to boot camp. Yeah, you know, that happens every week.

We become a week closer boot camp and it's coming up in November 18 to the 21st and so you really need to go register here pretty soon. His thoughts are going to fill up and and you don't want to miss it. So please go register masculine and and I don't think we have any eaves this week, arriving to employees this week you're aware of is shaking his head no.

So that is a no Robbie is the E Meister I don't know. This week we give titles rather pretty liberally. But yeah, it's a leave Meister uncle Andy Andy Andy yesterday. What's our topic about today.

This is your topically tousled all our loyal listeners are topic is loyalty this week talking about the contrast between times that you been disloyal or loyal to something and and and what drives that.

That's good. It's it's a topic that is pretty relevant. You know it we see society at times moving away from my and some of the character stuff that's none of in the past and so that to revisit some of them talk about the importance of integrity and loyalty and faithfulness in all those kinds of things are good because you don't really hear a whole lot about it anymore. It's not really on the current TV shows very often we find and so I'm really looking forward to the show and see when it going tousled it about the first cut just a little bit about the first clip have been scolded and are not set clear so you go get the salad you will get the beans clip is from the Andy Griffith show in what is happened is that opiates of his friends have pushed Andy's car in front of far and Barney being the loyal all man go writing the ticket and the interchange is priceless, but it plays into what loyalty means in to an institution and to human beings that clip circuits that think that Braxton call just all right. I like take a class C what I do now has to happily not your only save myself. What he got to save yourself well you honest man on share right now we know one another on well I guess we've always got along pretty good.

I'll let you serve together as law officers fished and hunted together as friends), honest man can only do anything outside the law well know, always live inside the laws that write you this jail your love and your honest man and an honest share been parking my car in front of this jail for more than five years could possibly have parked in front of that by knowing the law is on and deliberately committed such a relation. Well I say there is mischief going on circumstantial all your good ladies playing into. Obviously if you're familiar with the show or not you should be the Barney's emotionalism but but Andy's making the case that you he's a loyal law-abiding citizen is sure if he did not operate outside the law and DB interchange beforehand is either Barney's illegal hall immunities that is already in. He was already justice and peace, but any case, it is speaks to the loyalty of obviously their friendship and knowing one another as they do and those kind of things in your I've had a lot of family stuff going on and is may be questions of people loyalty to things, but I think what is come out of it is is a big question in my own loyalty to things and you know because we all love to talk about our loyalty to the face of doubt. But when the chips are down, you find out who your sometimes and sometimes is not a pretty picture lease not in my house sometimes, but I know you're all saved and sanctified your whereabouts the like that, but that's is kinda where this topic. Merck is looking to mold himself in the things that I'm loyal to why and maybe not an obligation per se because how he shipped to an obligation in a minute, which may be lots of healthy but the things that need to be loyal to NMI and nearshore nursing and it's tough.

You and I think that people loyalty is a character trait right it's something that people have that I don't know of anyone that I've ever met. That's totally completely disloyal right.

They're all about the betrayal all the time other than the enemy.

Other than the will and 90. I've never met a person in that satnav. I've never met a person that has been loyal in every situation. Your whole entire life. It's it's a character trait meaning can be grown they can be nurtured and can be fostered. It can be that I moved into in and make a decision out maybe have not been as well in the past as I want to be but have the choice starting now to be more loyal in the future, and there is a company that we work with in a company is with an Indian is called character first Institute was really cool. They define 49 different character traits right in one of these tell you is you have some element of all those some of you really, really strong, and some of the need to grow and nurture. So that's that's when things in a voice kinda looked at us and okay maybe in these situations, like with my kids I try to always be loyal but that doesn't mean I'm loyal and every other situation I'm in right and trying to grow that have God help me grow that where I can become more loyal along the way, if that makes any sense and loyalty will look differently in different situations with your kids. Loyalty doesn't mean all I just, whatever you do, little now Jimmy or Sarah, whatever you know you just won't wonderful you do whatever you want to do no loyal to you means there is discipline there is accountability.

Also, there's all kinds of things to come along with that immaturity of loyalty not just the simple oh I just need to be loyal to me. No matter what I ever do know that's not loyalty. I would've thought you knew my kids names financement Jimmy or Sarah each other well have to work at rubbing is something I think my confront daily is a must to know Mike Whipple, next. Maybe that's the setup and I think it is so anyway the topic nicely commodification have an a good time with God and not restarted to ponder the word because I know of several of you have mentioned, you know that they heard that that they were loyal as some of the names that they got from the new name and then I noticed in walking with the know Harold and Sammy both heard that that when they were put in a situation of not being loyal. You could see it ripping there so I may like it was they were forced into situations where they felt like they were being disloyal and I won't go into that but I will tell you that I watched how it tore them up and I began to process that wow this loyalty is something deeper than then I would've thought that that this is the stuff to keep people awake at night if they betray up at something that's actually deep part of their who they are and so I picked this clip from Star Trek because it's an opportunity we have to hear from Mr. Spock and Capt. Kirk, but I I would offer that you listen closely to the situation. Spock's save the ship because you know he put it, was required that he get radiation poisoning in order to save the ship and so he's dying in Kurtz talking to her mom outside of his glass as he is dying and then later, Kirk risked everything to go get a miss organ here.

These conversations, but in the middle you hear a little transition which is the classic Star Trek music and you're going from a movie called the wrath of con, where Spock dies at the end to the next movie where they finally get Spock back through the miracle of movies and but Spock doesn't have his memory. They've taken know if you not familiar with the series.

The doctors had his essence and they put it back in this bottom so now he doesn't really know who he is but once again we see because of the loyalty that something that's in him in spite of the fact that he does have his memory. At this point, but just take a listen to how Kirk also responds danger, just like many means is one of our time. I think John is that I've done ship this so this is that you have been my friend, you came back for me the same for me. I'm with you. Do this because the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many I have been shall be your friend. Yes, danger you see you see this, remember the name is Jim and Spock remembers and goes on will be back right after the break to register looking for a way.

What if one weekend wasn't a cow and frustrated all basic training designed to give men permission be how God made warriors. John Eldridge is wild at heart. Experience four days purpose for time to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires.

He uniquely placed to hear masculine heart Coming up November 18 21st masculine and register today. By the same mask and I talked about ways he smiled at him and and click the donate button masculine and find the masculine to PO Box 550 92728 me you think a little help search but it you know as soon as I heard the song I didn't know this song but I hadn't thought loyalty what we can find on loyalty and installment the that you know really consistent friend that I don't know it. Some of the vocal listen to some of the verses are really good.

They go in deeper into that commitment or whatever, but had to play the course is familiar with anybody but that great so is thinking he's from North Carolina.

Yeah I heard it before.

Yeah, we got nothing going on here know where little bit we get Spock in the middle of ruining the wrath con for all of her listeners out there. He is in great great merge of two clips tells about well I you know, one of the really cool things I learned at boot camp that I brought home some way to apply what it was that I saw is that God is put inside of all of this for a glory something. Something that reflects him a minute so bright and beautiful. It just grabs your attention, and in my walk in this time I I've noticed that one of those trades that he puts in certain individuals above you know that which everybody has loyalty, but that certain people like to walk with him. You see the glory of God inside of them in the loyalty events that deeper than what we just saw forms from what Capt. Kirk said that you know I'll lose my soul if I didn't do this and and and that you could see where clearly insider Spock in the fact he didn't have any memory whatsoever.

He was still completely connected in something that's deeper than just just friendship or that are that kind of thing and it really is given me a chance to marvel and see God and other people eat being just watching them struggle through obviously difficult situations that I knew you know what they were up against with family members and whatever. And and and watching that how God knows that in so that the result of that is, not only do I get to see uncle people are but then the think wow God's all that plus the know how closer you think about what's the fruit of you know, being loyal, you know it when someone's loyal to me especially when I'm not sure if they're going to be right when they are gives me a lot of hope and just hoping mankind that you know hope that okay somebody is going to have my back right and so the opposite also works right when you experience betrayal you experience people that are loyal to you and gives the enemy a pretty good foothold and that's where he starts digging in it. There's always the assault after the assault and said that that that little thing that your loyal with may not be a big deal to you but it could be a world changer, at least in that moment that other person that wound is left behind.

Yeah, you know you're voiding a wind yeah if you're if you're not dealing with them. It still wound so it stays with you until you end up doing with it.

If you know every touch and deal with everything To deal with it but she just left with it and is key pilot on don't stop coming because enemies you know, really, really good. It being a prosecutor enemies really good at building a case yet he's not Bonnie is nonbinding know it's guilty, guilty, gazers are not guilty. Yeah, and here's more evidence of that here is more evidence, yet more evidence into those little things do tend to add up and then we begin to wonder why when people have a distrust of everyone there something in inherently in the human nature that if you wrote down your experience with 100 people wheezing with customers in 99 customers super customers, but the one they gave you a hard time you remember their name, their address or phone number. Everything is just something about the un-regenerated carnal nature that remembers the negative how absolute I still remember a client build home for an Indian I might say the name obviously that I remember them really well because I I would probably still to this day. If I walked in front of a minute and I know God's grace is great means get to work on the whole benchmark I would have to talk myself out of strangling this person. I really would because they were so hateful in it wasn't that they were upset about the house houses find it was personal attacks. Do I need to talk is my above you just a peon that kind of stuff and unite and at some point in my clothespins build your house. You might want to think about that statement, but now it's is you do remember those things you have lots of good clients of many many many good clients. After that, you do remember those negative impacts will that's one of the hardest things to take is one people turn something from okay Be factual Talk about this logically and start making personal attacks. Yeah, it's really just when you know everything is on a break down what you need.

You know when you're really feeling then you need a good dog to be around and or at least a good dog movie and we have some dog lovers in the room and I just, you know, the fact that we even were on this topic last week of the sage and you know we had a pointy your example then we bring back Spock this week.

Unlike the other point your examples like there's a lot of wisdom in 21 people I'm telling you there's a lot of wisdom in them.

I guess great.

So in this clip that I picked first place I went was, and we have naming from lassie Ellen Emmert from lasting a long time so I wonder what about find something from last year might only thing I learned is to me, never fell in the well that's last I will never happen because I wasn't I didn't watch that many episodes lassie, but it's always like loyalty is lassie to me and I live both dogs and Harold here were still kinda coming down off the high of the sage last week and so was like filling Harold and his dog are very very close and so this movie here called homeward bound.

The family is going to move.

They leave the go scope out whether to move to and they're going to come back and pick up the dogs.

All this, but the sage in this dog trio because there's ends up being basing animal for every kid in the family as the two boys and a girl and there's two dogs and a cat at So the oldest boy has the oldest dog the middle child was as a boy has the new dog, which is rambunctious and wild and try to find himself. And then there's the cat who's spent many years with the daughter and so the older dog says all we gotta go find the family. Is there something wrong here something sums Baz not happen so they take off across all this wilderness and the family comes back.

The pets aren't there. They only make the move in there in the new house.

In this clip is the end scene worded dogs and a cat finally make it on their adventure through all kinds of wild adventures and this is a wonderful movie. If you love animals would be great to go watch. We haven't seen it, but this is the end scene where they finally come home and the cat has pointed ears more than ever it's a cat's name is his belief was the thing he got his moment. I saw the years and is a copy reunited with his best friend. Strange new feeling came over me. I found out that sacrifice friendship and even love more than just a mushy stuff for the first time in my life was so shadow had that loyalty chance in this whole big adventure learned so he's like wow I really appreciate and now I want to be loyal to the boy that he was closest with because he was basically the chance of the dog it was, like the orphans like I don't. I really belonged in his family.

I don't have a family on my own on my own person I would be on my own.

Kenny came in to finally be a family member. At the end and not not only with is a became a family of animals. Three. Two dogs and cat those three on that adventure. They came together and it kinda showed him when he got there, the law that they had for him and that the that they came running up and over the hill at the end of the story.

It was just, oh there's way more to life than just me being in this for me yeah is is weird here Michael J Fox is voice for 59 there and then Sally fielded played a cat. I went and looked up who played the older dog that is shadow. Yeah, it was done amici an actor and I thought that's what was going to look it up it was and as it turns into his his career in in movies and so he was doing voiceover, but it was that's really good family movie. It's well done and I have some great actors and a great story and I just knew the animal lovers we have in here get different stories. We like to play with each other with bits and stoutly continues on that thing because again I mean most of uswith dogs always talk about loyalty, but know a lot of us have great cats as well and that's where Jim was here he be talking about that you have is the question I asked. I do the hard part for me is now my daughter is a cat that is just awesome. I like oh my gosh like my sunlight cast. I'm sure there's not some cats out there really should some some want.

It's a percentage I don't know if that's a single-digit percentage or high percentage is I've been around a cool cat the past. You are cool cats. I think that's me, loyalty right. I guess see the opposite of that would be betrayal would be one way you disallow obviously using the same word in putting this in front probably makes it even be part of it, but it's something that is at the other day you have to do is decide if I only have my word when I leave when I leave this place right when I leave this this earth with people really in a memory have memories about me is going to be about who I was. When the chips were down who I was when they needed me. That's what loyalty is really about its being there when you say you're going to be there. It's being there when people need you being there even when they haven't asked right loyalty is vital today to be really chemical, honestly think that you're too soon. This was the most loyal person I ever knew how cool that meat is to have something like that on there.

You know that they could say that about you because obviously you're in the image of Jesus who is the most loyal person was to talk about that in the next show to listen to masculine dirty podcast on the after hours and will talk to you next week. This is the Truth Network

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