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Loyalty After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 7, 2021 8:00 am

Loyalty After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 7, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion about loyalty continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clip used is from "The Andy Griffith Show."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match lick live podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network coming to you in French and American in the heart of a masculine journey after our time to go to be more transparent and on the topic of this week, so sit back and visit venture. Masculine journey after-hours starts here out welcome masculine journey after-hours and we are talking about a topic. What is the deity you introduce that unity reintroduces me to talk about on the show, but if you didn't listen to the regular show. Please go back and listen to and I were talking about the topic of film loyalty. But if your loyal listeners with the radio shared in the pocket.

Yeah, just kill them right into please always guilt or shame or anything I say I was a good topic and save now how my loyalty just something that didn't gonna burst out of some stuff up and going through and you define an animal heart, and you define in what gives loyalty and and what that means to be a loyal person and why so yeah I'm in. Sometimes it's situational and talk about before situational loyalty right but it's it's growing that that that ability to be loyal over time and it is we move closer and closer to Jesus we be should become more and more like him and that transit transition right the transformation that happened and so you know Robby made the point before the show that Jesus is pretty well human good and talk a little bit about that you know when the best examples a lot you can think of. From my perspective, you know, we were talk about what's everything loyal and faithful, which is an interesting topic, to me people that are loyal are loyalty in spite of what Claude had. You might be in if you take the case of Judas Iscariot. Jesus commonly loved on Judas right to the very end, asking him in which he became a lick and kiss, but he he claim he cleansed his feet. In other words, here he is knowing completely that this person is not gonna work out yet he continues to love them, and he has that loyalty that you know I think you made a great point on Harold that it really has more to do with who Jesus was, that in fact has everything to do with you who Jesus was not. Judas was like to be a devotee of the Poppa approach. I am what I am only loyal to me before him loyal or I can't be loyal to anybody else. If I'm not loyal to me and a statement that I have made that my sweetheart kind of objected to because I don't think she understood it in the sense that I was making. It is, I can be friends with anybody, but we can be friends on my terms. I'm not giving up what I believe and what I stand for to be friends if we can be friends and keep my integrity and will be friends otherwise go somewhere else and found Franco saying him appointment you write is your name Rodney. We were talking during a break in between shows that being loyal and disagreeing.

Don't then they're not the opposite right I can disagree and still be loyal right absolutely the things I think like you see today society is one of the big breakdowns we have is just because two people disagree doesn't mean they have to go fight in college. Other names and email start tearing down walls and doing all kinds of other things to basically disgrace and shame likely to set a minute ago, you can disagree and just go a lot. This is the reason for my opinion. Okay I appreciate that I can see why you think that NYU came to that conclusion. I just happen to come to a different conclusion. They consider to be held appreciate the reason for your agreeing or disagreeing with whatever you want to do and yelled.

I mean COBIT and getting shots and neo-political who you're voting for myself mean okay you voted for somebody else. Okay I still be friends with you. You know can't I yeah and that's a challenge. Yeah, I think that for me personally, might my best friend from from college godfather of my two boys and and just a great guy, where the opposite ends politically, kindly, learned over this last election, primarily, that's probably topic Lyons approached with each other.

It won't ruin our friendship, but were just not going to agree because he's pretty locked in his ways, and I'm pretty locked in my waste time opening the listening you only hear other people's perspectives. But I kinda believe what I believe at this point on some of these things, you know, I would have to say if I needed anything at all. I could climb. I know he would be there and so there's there's a huge difference in and disagreeing on things and being loyal and easy to set. I think that the yellow times we put those as being the same thing.

Well if you don't believe what I believe then you can't be my friend and yeah and that's not right, and likely talk about ends and that's what I've got now very close personal relationship that's kind of gotten into that for the most part cycle.

If you don't agree with me you don't support what I say and what I do and you just not a team player when on the team are not in this together and it's like ice is very hard to take because it's like, wouldn't the most loyal thing to do would be to be truthful.

Truth you need to come out first and cite well sometimes it's hard to take. You don't like it, but really for not being truthful and honest with somebody you're not there friending you not loyal agree. You have a clip on this loyalty topic right now you have to be an integral and does it doesn't been inspired by Danny is a handy fanatic. I thought I was being.

We are now. Maybe not, myself.

Okay so this clip Danny actually had.

We were working on the clips to get any gaming here than I thought it was gonna be this one that I found that I love is clip-on and talking about how and this is on the previous show, but Barney was, you know, loyal to the law, but that he was actually more loyal to his friend when it gets everything. With that done, but on this one, we've got we got Barney and Opie and Andy and Floyd have been fishing in their standing there in this car flies by and this girl speeding and they chase her down and stay in the key per week to have a court date and during that week she got a manipulates things in her favor to win the case and Amy's, disappointed in the loyalty of his friends.

Question this witness. First, if it's all right.

Is that all right with you I would you tell Gordon your own words what happened yesterday. Well, you may like it when patient did you see a convertible on the road.

Yeah was the defendant driving fast was going on last well you know the cars going by your standard. Still, it's awful hard to tell how fast you know you are going will the time we got the car going when we was in full pursuit in you is looking at speedometer thing for sure, I know that in there for the occasion. Just make your free Google days where smart injustice and you made a mockery of this cohort during three people against me that I would assume it would never leave my side all I can understand Johnny autographed baseball during the little boys and I am little disappointing flowing and I'm really disappointed. My identity is lost enough to know better.

Congratulations man by today's work unit. Obviously the trail there was an exact leading example of loyalty, but Sam and the team pointed out that you know you do see certain amount of loyalty to Amy back to me. Could he was disappointed in what it happened to them how I spent friends and sold them out, but you know he didn't throw him under the bus fully.

He was disappointed, but again, it's what we were running just talk about him. He disappointed some I disagree with somebody, yet still be loyal and you know if there's ever an example of somebody being loyal. It would be easy and not part of the cliff.

He spoke his heart.

Yeah but he never once attacked the care 90 never once contacted unity their integrity stuff.] It is spoke how he felt and even in the midst of that he was loyal to them right in on. I think it goes a lot to say it's easy to be loyal to those that are loyal to you and how loyal are you to the ones aren't loyalty. In you none of God's calling you to do it needed to do it you get that thing sometimes of boundaries of people were running over you and stuff like that but heaven and a heart to to be loyal when people are not you know you see the example of Jesus saying you know, even though you may betray me. I will never betray you. The statement from Paul and New Testament. But you know there's just there's an opportunity to get disgusted with it and then you know try to get back in somebody your site or this is what I think I choose. I tend to do and a lot of people do things like will forget it. I can't be hurt by disloyalty.

If I don't engage though I disconnect and pull back within there's there's really no relationship left of that if you do that every time so it's tough, but sometimes you just have to stick it in God. Where can I be loyal to this person that's not been faithful or loyal to me. Yeah, I really enjoyed the way he created throughout that reference of news Paul of the New Testament. You really narrow that right now I'm posing right next week. I like the same topic and I'm sorry to be a channel in verse their bets okay.

I didn't know the quote the Bible and say they hear about blowing up on me so did little research.

As you might imagine, no and you might be surprised I am that you won't find the word loyal in the King James version of the Bible and it's not in there, not in the new or old testament so you know I was looking for the Hebrew, you know what loyal and loyalty are loyal is neither one of them so loyal with Cisco. The NIV uses the word faithful sometimes is translated as loyal and NIV version, but you know and they were talk about King David literally being loyal to salt, which is in, inter alia, you know. Example of loyalty are what we would biblically think of is faithful. So then I went to look at the word faithful which obviously and very familiar with, but I saw some I never saw before and it manager struck me like a bank of brick that the root of the word faithful. His mom I'm just tell you Hebrew for mom's mom out you now for Mama and Alice ma'am and and so you like oh my gosh look at that it's right there, and it's a feminine it's a feminine noun okay because when you think about it and immediately I thought G once you have adult children want your wife okay because mandate I can't tell you the things that I've seen my wife endure to say that she has remained loyal would be an understatement. You know like you have a face only a mother could love all that has the ability loyalty. I mean it. You have a behavior that only a mother would let you know, those are things that that actually that feminine in the heart of God I and I know for some this might be hurtful because your mom was not faithful, but what what God intended for you, and that original connection when you were born, was this person that would completely love you completely be loyal to you, be everything to you with expecting nothing in return and you know it's it's a beautiful connection that we were supposed to have mothers and hopefully you did but God is in the restoration thing and it's and it's clear to me when I went to the behavior of certain people that wow there still acting out the fact that they did not have that connection with their mother. They never had it in so they still need their their their self-worth. A big teacher. While the part that we get self-worth from our mom where we get we have what it takes for my dad right in and so you see people that are struggling merits really insightful things know from my standpoint that wow when I think about the word, and when I saw that it said mom just like it may like oleanders and him and I get to you verbally speak my own mother who was listed every shot you know you couldn't of been more faithful are more loyal than that my mom really was beautiful thing you did you share talked about on love the story told us is that something for not to see how shared back in another lifetime back in my drinking and drugging days I can remember an interchange between me and my dad and he was basically telling me that if I got locked up and all my foolishness which would add great potential to happen, don't call in because he would look immediately he was going let me live out what I had charged me and I remember making the area statement little more about I got friends that will take care of me. I'm thinking about this loyal crowd. I was hanging out with her would probably steal something to help you look for it, but and so fast forward to 1994 in treatment and the guys that are trying to help us change our life's stillness don't count only friend they're not coming. They're not sending you and you will be surprise how scattered they are because dad ironically used to call my thick and thin friends even if they get the melting out and get up and panned out to be true with goals prior to all these people.

I was told you were my dear friend I'd never heard from him again or if I run into them. It was almost like I had the plague or something like that in ages. And so you misunderstood. Loyalty is what I'm getting at, but you know just despicable but it's Alma my father mother today who have been loyal through thick and thin. So that's pretty neat thinking any man is out there you thinking while you of course they were like that. He knows and then the other life right. It was in the lifestyle they lived in my story that God can you brought to me during our first show actually know the church you know and shared a little bit about it but when we were in in Indiana were in a church and we are in an amazing small group of some people use it as a couples group. Another couple single people nervous, primarily couples group and we were close to me and we walked together through a lot of life things you know. Looking back, we really didn't talk about things woundedness and things that the death that we needed to.

We just supported each other never move down here from Indiana and intercourse in the years a going away party and in all that and I'm not judging them under talking for my feelings right there.

As I talk will come see you know it's not that far related love the Carolinas I could on one finger I know fingers I could tell you that the amount of people that really reached out to us two months after we moved there. Couple things right after we moved that within two or three months. The communication stopped. Not one person is ever come down here in tempted to CS that it is God replace that group of you guys and integrate things in our lives and not judging in the that other things going on, but sometimes that disloyalty is is not from where you expected. Right from the church family or from the family family and honestly, sometimes I think we expect more from our family, family, and we do the church family. You know that it can happen there as well and I am in it and made me not want to connect for a long time unit is is it just left this taste of I don't know if I can trust the relationships because my filter was way off and answer the enemy gets a foothold in and really wants to drive that wedge and insert it.

We're talking off fair bit admitted you listening out there. You could probably name on your your hand much quicker. The time she poured disloyalty you the times that they were loyal to you and the passion around it would be pretty significant as well. Yet I think that's were talking earlier you can remember that this loyal times to you more the command of the loyal times to you as well as all I've been disloyal versus being loyal but that's were you just talk mother Danny is just bring me back to a time when my son was struggling eat. Thank thank the Lord that he didn't get as far off since you got in your life. You know the name Danny.

I appreciate you have is outdated that you know he he's told me he'd easier eat.

I love listening Danny because Ben had a time in his life where he struggled, he knelt, he just yelled doing small drugs. This natty wasn't it. He wasn't concentrating in school. He didn't have his wife together and I can remember no thinking or what am I going to do about all this. Like I better take control and I've got to just straighten him out knives had to do this and that and there was a part of me is like okay am thinking the here and like I think I just kind of yet being loyal to him and who he was to CS years he was screwing up his life. But, like your dad yelled like well if that's what you're going to go do you have to be responsible for that you have to go out live in that and yeah if you ended up in jail, from Atoka to call me there, but you know is this trying to love them through that and be is father first and his friend second and to see him now just graduate recently and yeah just work work himself through that needs integrate community of believers, and he's now there always doing a Bible study and their integrate groups at a great group of friends now just a little while ago. Those like get me the heck out of Charlotte give me back home when sick is yet a set of friends here but he made the wise choice of now I need to be loyal to God first and walk in the my godly friends because his friends here aren't godly and it's like who influences his right.

We've talked about that a lot in just little things worked in a light man he really is walking in the loyalty to God and who he is in Jesus first and staying with his friends down there in Charlotte need laws to be done is like Minuteman I really wanted when you graduate. I really want to stay in Charlotte two years later after you say no I didn't want it on. It also is just great to have that community of brothers and sisters in Christ that give you that strength to move on a go forward. Thank you.

I think it as an exercise at least I would say would be good for me to do, but I would say it's probably good for all of us to do some pull-ups and pleasant you yeah probably in will talk that have a fear that they know I can do either one.

The would be good to to get Saddam to God to help me remember the times people have been loyal in my life right you maybe it's not one that's even been a lifelong relationship, but I promise you there's been seasons right wing chips are really down and you really need somebody got a put somebody in your life to help you get past it in front of the shows friends been on the show at the times they are in and I think part of the show starting to show starting ministry and things like that. There was a season that oh my gosh if he wasn't there. I don't know what I would've done going through my divorce. You going through all the things around my divorce and I can't.

I can't tell you times that he heard me yet as angry as you can ever hear anybody or as low as you can hear anybody you know and he was always there to listen in matter what time I called. It didn't matter what it was. It didn't matter what else he had going on.

You know in and without that source, yes I needed God, but I had God through Darren and lots of times because I was at a disconnect place emotionally with God during some of that you and I look back, I'm so grateful that he stood in that gap is to help McCain to get through and into talk me off the ledge of her talk me out of how I was feeling her help me have perspective and interest to setbacks okay guide this like we do in the fathering exercising only talk about it at the Caymans and those that father by God talk right but to go insane to get blissful loyalty exercise help. Remember all the time that you've really brought people in my life to be loyal have a pastor friend of mine who gotta say Jim alive.

He actually introduced me to John Eldridge wild at heart stuff. He says that if people are putting your life for a reason, a season or lifetime.

Sometimes all three. And that has been a good gauge for me is that you will not everybody's lifelong friends, but they are in a in a season and new. I think a lot of Jim Daly who is in Asheboro and you will loyal friend. He is been when I had a situation we reiterated a civil place and I needed some work done and I've cut my finger so I couldn't do much else, then I called them and asking what he do it and before I could find out when he was, he said I'll be over there in 20 minutes and he was there and did what I will and meaning the end that he is a and evolve dig in and all that stuff so a friend with a shovel is a true friend think and what you use to double for yet say that again I like that what you said about a friend with a friend of the shovel known afferent that reason, season people in your life or reason, a season or lifetime and Tom's polymath.

That's the kind of experience that had a friendly, help me go through things when I was separate separated and he had been there, done that and experience didn't really help me walk through that and he's a guy that I can call at any time in and know that I'm the same way for him will go sometimes months without talking to each other not got so many so many friends and and you guys in my life that provide that date that loyalty. Whether you're consistently seeing each other or not and that is something great to fall back on the on the point I want to make to his unit we really get into the loyalty, the loyalty goes to God first in their so many things calling for our attention in trying to get it and break.

Jesus talked about EQ brought this store to divide and if you love anything more than him. You know that that loyalty. That was the wrong, loyalty did you get a really focusing on him and I think that is the foundation of our loyalties would learn how to be loyal through our relationship with him thinking another thing. Another great exercise would be to remind me of all the times been loyal to me right times that you know I thought that no one was there for me that you had my back is all the time. We don't see it remind me and help mystery there for me now. Loyalty is key and in he's the key holder on all of our loyal this is the Truth Network

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