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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 26, 2021 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 26, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys discuss condemnation. The clips are from "The Andy Griffith Show," and "Hacksaw Ridge." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man is a great image or life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads, the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call the masculine journey. The masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey we're very glad to. We thank you for joining.

We are going to be talking about a topic that we just realized that in the last week that we talk about this. We've never really done a show on and so were actually doing a show on it. It's good what is that show same boats.

It's the difference between condemnation, which will probably say wrong at least three times during Nisha will be counting making and conviction are and how to know the difference in unit who uses those as far as spiritually known.

God uses line the enemy uses the other end. How to know the difference and how to avoid being the voice of the enemy. Just lots of things around that topic that you know it kind of touched on those never really spent a full half hour and then anything with the after hours. A full hour on the topic and so we can do that today, but first Andy how are you I'm good good good 20 doing 20 weeks from now. See that Thanksgiving will probably be 30 it's actually the weekend before thing Ali Al Katie said 20 weeks at 21 weeks right. I got Shelby the captivity boot camp. That's right.

So go masculine register for the upcoming boot camp November 18 through the 21st. What a perfect time to get away right before you going to Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving means a lot of different things to a lot of different people in an certain stages in my life. It meant a lot of stress and says nothing better than to get away ahead of a lot of stress than going to boot camp and letting God in packs and staff anything that's not stressful.

What a great way to kick off boot camp display kickoff Thanksgiving by going and learning a lot of things to be thankful for exact. That's right.

My mind is going is that you'll have a lot of things to be. Thank God for after week walking with Enya. Apparently I have been very abnormal Thanksgiving because I'm always looking forward to having a lot of food with loved ones is that we're it's a whole lot one is. I think sometimes that is the, the, where the part that can add to stress or and take away from stress, depending on how that that goes is in love with loved ones are some condemnation in exactly what you there's always in every family tree there. There's, you know, cousin Eddie Wright, United sometimes it's it's one ring out. Sometimes the media family being enough rings out on the family tree site. United sometimes you arcade definite little icon it does in the end, that's what we talked about.

Thank you Wayne so you can start off with the clip in this clip is from Intergraph is shown at a even if you not from North Carolina which we are in North Carolina now were not all from North Carolina. You gotta love the Andy Griffith show and I grew up watching it as a kid in Indiana and I just love that there is always a great lesson to and in this one and he tries both condemnation and conviction without being open as I get right so what is happened before this, is there been a charity drive at school and OP given a grand total of three cents which is then the teacher told Andy about Annie was embarrassed and he's gonna confront OP you know about even being such a big spender, so let's listen to his words and and how it plays out for Charlie moneybags… Underprivileged children strive plot line of the all I know. And when you called your name you gave a large generous amount three they got you down and Jean talk about this now now now look here, you give a little amount like three cents to a worthy cause like the underprivileged children's Drive. Just another day. Whether somewhere like over 100 needy boys in this county alone.

There are one and I as per square mile show is nursing when it's not really high volume ratio ratio ratio 20 now I think ratio is not only need son didn't shoot. Didn't you ever give anybody anything just pleasure you sent me didn't want anything in return for now that what you get chair meant something for the joy of giving.

I would have to say that that would have to of the top five S. five top 10 funniest little segments from any TV show.

Absolutely that's that's my two favorite Andy Griffith right there.

It just makes you laugh, it's so hilarious you don't see it. What surprised me when I heard the crib I'd seen it years before I hadn't seen in a while and I saw it was always remained remembered and he has never really been condemning. He was the patient dad you know anyone perfect and he was kind of that that dad you throw out there is a boy, I'd like to be like him. There's always a lesson every every week in an and openness when buying at this time was beginning now. I wasn't yet in your right hand.

He didn't normally have that be have the external pressure of others in the community of what they felt like we do sometimes with we we do things that we would normally do.

If we have that external pressure, but he was deaf like I'm bringing some condemnation on yeah when you end up trying to please others for whatever reason, it seems like old man I wanted to try to shame them or do something along those lines and that's where you start going, even with your own kids. It's so easy to do that is loved and that OP was derailing everything he tried to do the innocence yeah is wonderful to match right to cents back at half and just think about that when you're really innocent and you're coming from your heart you much less likely to be condemned are condemn others in gendered units and nothing important other than I wish Harold were here because he remembers like I do with three cents was a lot of money. That's true, it provides bread that heralded the car and a couple other things well and my day you can get three pieces of bubblegum there again, go ahead and go to another clip we got time to get it in before get a break his own set up this topic.

Condemnation. This is from the movie hacksaw originate and what's happened prior to this.

The dad had been in for one, I think it was right and it was not a good thing enough for him that he lost all his friends and you are some that in the clip and it really turned alcohol and and had a lot of issues when he came back along before PTSD was diagnosed he would've been a person had something like that. And so the next war comes up in his oldest son joins and aunt Desmond, the undersigned had seized the interaction with him and his dad and knows it's not something his dad really approved of.

But then Desmond also ends up joining right and we pick up the scene.

Is there at a graveyard in his dad's looking over the graves of his friends that had died in World War I and this is the interchange between him and his son Desmond to come see you.

He thinks we will not, as friends. I grew up with trouble with NJ still listed with my friends of their covered in dirt and grass by worms I don't have to visit my sensor that he had signed up already can do is everybody else is everybody else. Everybody else jumps in just things quit without thinking like a fool. We were soldiers you live. They live because they can do that. Gotta sit and think and pray about everything. Look at you right now you will be able to live with yourself if you go I'll be a little myself.

I don't, I will be medic that's coming my way to start there you go thinking it all now to figure this wars is going to fit in with you your IDs.

I don't ask lonely heart of the impossible in whatever lease you have your crazy head. Now they will never play out.

It don't work that way.

And if I send miracles chance you survive the giving of thanks to God and be part of that minute was actually clip that you suggested that into your clip now that I clip the digested young part of it is a dad.

You can almost hear cam trying to protect my son, but there's a lot more going on the right yet is a main his experience was that it didn't boarding work out well for him and he obviously didn't want that on his kids.

But there's there was a heroic part of the war there was a something Desmond Saul about actually trying to save a life instead to take life and you know really that condemnation projected on if he would've listened to that he potentially could have been taken out of what God and tenant intended them for and not really came in and save these 80 guys that he did later on in the war. Yeah, definitely, and generations were impacted by him, listening and following that the call placed on his heart right it's a bit.

How was the dad condemning him and that Cliff and anyone can speak to that.

You know how. Where was using condemnation or what really in his tone that condemnation came in and the words that he was using. It's interesting how condemnation actually hangs with her longtime is one of Asian you know it's condemnation, an earlier had a instance where and just today at and I said to myself you tired of being a loser and of not actually been really good everything there that everything that most of what I've put my mind to have been really good so so now I'm having to go back and address that. But you even going back to what you mentioned with what he did in that movie and what how did those words actually possibly play into driving him to go without thinking and just go in and rush and do what he was called absolutely one of the things that I'm reading between the lines, but his dad was in the essay almost certainly the same unit as his three friends that was done through World War I and he did not he was not able to save them and he came back with survivor guilt they could do nothing to protect his friends. So the condemnation he was failing. Think using a macro to talk about how the enemy uses condemnation in our lives to try to drive us away from God and what he does with that lower at the break would love for you to get a masculine register for the upcoming boot camp November 18 through the 21st, the weekend before Thanksgiving, November 18-21. What if one weekend wasn't a cow and Cottonwood orchestrated basic training designed to give men permission be how God made warriors on John Eldridge's wild at heart. Experience four days purpose for time to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires. He uniquely placed in your masculine heart Coming up November 18 through the 21st masculine and register today.

By the same mask in your name here with my son Eli talk about ways to help his, is information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find the masculine email something to PO Box 550, North Carolina 2728 a little bump in from the group train and that song is about the danger of words being careful what you say right and if you hear certain things you need to be able to let them go. And in that part of that is saying if you know that they're hurting your heart, you need to treat them like firewood.

Let them burn.

Now that's not totally true, but it we were talking about condemnation, which were talking about today and conviction that is true you only hear those words of condemnation we get it we need to let that burn. We need to let it go away and not buy into it and soon we left we said we can start talking about the enemy. That's his tool that's one of his top tools is condemnation. So what does he try to accomplish with the guys what you know what, what's he trying to get at.

Why does he use that tool with and why disease is so effective all speak for Rob because he always sites talk about the lockable yeah so basically know it, your glory, straining up and that's like there for Desmond. No, he's I can only imagine how bright his spirit was and how easy it was for Satan to spot the glory inside a Desmond of God coming out what he was going to want to do in his heart for saving people want to be you rescuing people and you can just see the light cabinet condemn you and you you're not the one for this case. You're a loser you can go do this, you can't fight in a fight like this. This is not your war.

This is not you you're not built for this which he wasn't.

But he had a completely different thought in his mind of what war was like wars about saving like you're saying rather than being about killing and it's like wow wanted different purview that he had and that's exactly what Satan must do is come in and shut that down get you in a completely 180 frame of mind from where your destiny really is. If you go back and you watch the movie accelerated, which is based on a true story. Watch how many times the enemy comes at him. It's not just the dad.

You know it's it's drill sergeants is that the lieutenants in the kernels and the people around him right. The essay that in the back of yeah yeah yeah I butchered a wealth of beautiful things in that movie to me was when everybody was after him, including the government to shut it down and keep them out. His father was the one that came to his rescue to let them know that he had the right to do what he was trying to do and when that rescue came even the presiding Gen. over the court was like you condemning him feel in the final sentence is a sending model that courtroom was still condemning it constantly. They would not let up. Yeah insights definitely after units squashing down the glorious God right so what's it. What else is he trying to do with condemnation. What's on condemnation dies at its core. I think a lot of people with identity. A lot of people you know it's like year.

This people will name you and then we also here in our minds. You're such an idiot.

You're a loser you know and really that's the attack in the empty your image bear that your identity God create major unique created you carefully and wonderfully made, he made you that way and enemy is Tackett anatomy did it ever since the garden and he continues to do it.

And there's something about Ryan didn't identity that so core to what it takes us out from about all of life really if you don't feel good about yourself and who you are and not just this self-esteem thing that who you are, God, you will struggle with accomplishing things of finding your place in this world may not did it for many years and in the whole message of identity set me free. Yeah, I think that if you would say the word loser and not pointed at Wayne and probably will.

Since you said they had pointed out that I will talk after I got a bite to defend himself and we will have a microphone yeah I was actually quite funny but our biggest condemnation often comes from within minutes the enemy but we know ourselves too well other people don't tend to do so, at least in my life. Self condemnation has been the worst. And that's the one that's believable because it's coming from somebody you trust. You trust yourself no more that I trust most of the people you even though I don't I would really go as far as a I trust myself with my own thoughts of who I am where I am at and stuff like that. But there is something worse like you've lived with yourself your whole life and what keeps popping up all the time is of those bad nasty things.

That's what for some reason it seems like when I have memories of the past. That's what seems to rise at first is all the bad things you did the bad things you thought the bad things that went on your life and you just it's just hard to drum up the good thoughts and the cheerful thoughts. Seems like a lot of people in the you you talk about identity which is poured out, let's do that this going on now that I got in mind that Mr. R. Okay, you're stuck with loser. I'm sorry I had pointing at it with all your finger. It's it's getting worse just to me it's it's a Dick at character assassination is what happens with that. You know it it's after your character. One thing that I would challenge it. You and Jim, I agree. I think it's it's self talk, but I would ask God to see God that I probably didn't originate that thought my head. Where did he get originated as a promise she heard it from someone somewhere right in the enemies this planet, yet he saying cases. This is really true about you to this really true about you. This is really true about you in all this time to get EMS up and easily slip back into an old routine, or whatever. It's just more evidence for him that Hammer knew it with the same label and also going towards what does father say about it is he call you. What is he saying is easy and and what's the truest thing, like if you take ownership of that line of that condemnation comes in will then you're really calling out when you think about it, so that's why so important that we do spend time and is one of the things we talked about in the boot camp we allow the men to go in and really seek out what does God say you only send them out for the covenant of silence when these are talked about is this whole topic of condemnation versus conviction is God does not do condemnation and this is not Wayne but one of the guy while I was too late to do clips, but one that hit me is in the shack. Now that doesn't actually is what I thousand, yeah, but basically it's the younger kid.

The kid that's the thing with the younger kid is going through the we don't have a dog you know I've never got married Bob Loblaw of the truck and he says I am a loser and that's how we normally will say it within ourselves but that's not really coming from us right it's coming from the enemy we likely to it and that's yeah two thirds the battle is realizing that it may accept as truth right with about four minutes left in this this the show and so want to go ahead and get to the next clip is going to talk about conviction and in this clip you have Andy and Opie again were going back to them, and Andy has sold at Canon the somebody any kind embellished the story about the Canon and Opie saw him do that and so he found a cufflink and decided to go tell a story to a shop owner. It was George Washington's button. There is cufflink right and sold it to a man so Andy finds out about it.

He's of course upset he's back into wanting to correct Opie and let's see how that plays out the matter is that I got an idea about the idea Jerry got about that cufflink being a button up Gen. Washington's uniform and the idea God is that is just barely possible that the idea Jerry got to come from you about not come on tell me the truth I don't you lying to me on top.

Everything else you know what you've done you just broken the golden rule and thrown it right out the window and she is what you call it, then why should I not smart.

That's just landline and she will will will all now know what I did was to build up the product so would be easier for me to say what will now now now what what idea. This is what we call a little innocent horse trade now know you see it's different with you with with with grown folks while we walked about the golden I think you're right, Opie not tell you what you take him skates back to Jerry and I got little fence men and to do them out all right you what was it about that clip that really spoke to me about that. That's conviction. What's the difference that was on condemnation and solicited.

It was Andy and he was bringing the condemnation he and and and Opie was bringing back some conviction. He drew out from his dad.

He was just trying to compare the with the two of them were doing in and he was just saying look I just did what you did, but he drew it out by questions to where that asking the questions, and can kinda comparing the two made it evident to Andy that yeah I messed up just as bad. So if you and Jimmy made the point earlier that what happens when people ask you questions.

Once what's the outcome. It can happen.

There was questions you will allow conviction to come out of as long as their past appropriate way that with telling you you're doing wrong. Sam what your reaction you get defensive about a list of the times and yet you actually said it differently when wearing the preshow that you said when a mass questions gives both me and God. Time to work on right in and that's an important part in the one thing also say that conviction it speaking truth to it. Speaking truth in love. That's the whole goal is to speak in love to somebody and as we go to the after hours hoping you're able to listen to them asking to download that you can get any podcasting place that hasn't run all the different podcast locations and get there very continue to talk about this and how not to be the mouthpiece of the enemy. Also pleased to register for the boot camp coming up November 18-21.

It's a masculine will talk to you next week. This is the Truth Network

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