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Disciplined by the World After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 19, 2021 8:00 am

Disciplined by the World After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 19, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on the messages the world is sending, continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "The Vintage Church," and "The West Wing."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Hi Michael versus Breanna Michael Paul and I liked on Mormonism to be brighter than we were told it would be doing is for discussions about our journeys more into Jesus. This is Truth Network the heart and vascular journey Broward time to go deeper and be more transparent, topic covered, so sit back and masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to mass community after hours and your talking this week on follow-up to last week show unique you tells about last week show little bit be a little bit but I got a little bit yeah I got a little lengthy last night was last time we just talked about, you know, just discipleship and discipleship from the heart really got down to really who you are listening to, and are you are you trying to be discipled in a way of just trying to obtain something and try to do something instead of just you know being in a relationship with Jesus and let him lead and doing what he said come follow me in discipleship comes walking so close to your whatever it is, Rabbi. Thank you that you get there just of whatever they stepped in all of the intimacy the closeness that you were talking about is are you walking that closeness with Jesus and the follow-up list this this week is there's another voice out there is other voices out there clamoring at you. Not just Jesus voice. You know it's it's the voice of the world enemy tenant throws at you and one of the things that the enemy likes to do is steal your percept perception perception of who Jesus really is. Sandy definitely does to a clip from vintage 21 church in Raleigh that they did several years ago now on.

Jesus came to the previous show we put quite a lot of commercials on the commercials are, you know, it's what were taught through almost in this day and age, whether we know it or not, and that's the voice or listen to in this statement. Commercials this is a commercial for how we perceive in the way we live life that's kind of how we perceive Jesus is obviously not what we see in the Bible if they think come from the story the greatest story ever told is if you is a video that's the video part and it's just an overlay of voices on Jesus and his disciples yeah and it's the way the world wants you look at rising exact and how he writes that you think he can flow time for me to tally like you've done round value and outshine how the Timesheet will find he came and choose not the way when you pick a finger with James when he hit single thing that you drink too much, when you play too much and he fell asleep and changed Emily sweet and to close the names you smoking a cigarette behind that baby finger and playing Debbie WJ.

I don't mind saying my friend you know I just can't eat because she is finished.

Come with me, and I think once I know that seems like it's a little far out there but when you really listen to it. It's what what the world tries to tell you about Jesus about God, about the Bible right that it's as judgmental that there is no relationship there that there is no feelings there. It's all just about yes and management checks and balances, and no mercy, no understanding, no, no relationship really much relationship in there there's a lot of judging and so understanding how to step away from letting the world disciple you used to get you get to get a clear picture of Jesus. And that's not right.

And that's it is as opposite as you can get Jesus absolutely if you go watch something on YouTube go to the two roads by John Lynch and when he gets to the section on there were talks about looking at your sin with Jesus.

That's more like Jesus. And so you go you can go to the homework and that it's pretty awesome video. It's like 15 minutes or so and that rock my world changed a lot of things that I saw but in order to step away from the world we get a step toward something that's worthwhile to step towards that person is so good. It is this and I think that that's what we need to look at doing, you know, stepping away from the world because a lot of what we talked about in the previous show is this this whole I deserve fill in the blank right in and that's what you hear. That's what you see.

That's everything that's going on in society and has been it's just escalated and I think that the trap and that was that speaks to your flesh that speaks to finding life outside of God and that that is the trap we all live in. Ever since, ever since the day we were born. That's what the enemy is been trying to do and it's refreshing to get a different perspective on that of voice. It actually tells you don't do everything your flesh wants go help somebody else and see how you feel then and you know the Scripture talks about that. Who knows who will seek to save their life will lose it knows who lose our life for the benefit of the gospel and and Jesus they'll actually save their life and to me, I never really understood that, but to me that whole saving your life is basically doing it the world's what you're trying to get life out of whatever appeals to your flesh or to you know what everybody else is doing.

Instead of getting life from God. Yeah, I think that a lot of times people are looking to they want to be the judge and jury. You know along with it and in I have those feelings right when I feel like I've been wronged.

I deftly have those feelings but it's wanting to be able to step away from that's okay that you're the judge right I need you to guide me through how to deal with you and mentioned in the previous show about the check engine light, so to speak. Like how I know I'm listing to the world, rather than listening to God and we talked about it, but All the time. If you're listening for the voice of God and you feel condemnation in any way shape or form. I mean it's like that check engine lights flashing or you know you checked your dipstick in your fork workflow. I mean that you you literally. There's not enough oil of the spirit, or you would know that there is a big huge difference between repentance.

You know or you know being convicted by the Holy Spirit versus condemnation or feeling contempt for your behavior or are those kind of things, but one of the beautiful things. This is you think about repentance, knowing that God really wants it is to turn to him and help him like you said like John Lynch put his arm around you and save Caleb's work work through this. This, but he's he's right there with you and he's not on the other side of your sin and and that's the big huge message yeah it is you. I think that there so many times it might gauge you talk about and engage when my temples are pounding and I can feel my blood pressure up. It's probably a good thing to say got so upset about what am I so angry about what my so this about really.

I need perspective right larger story smaller story.

I am so far down in the weeds and the smaller story right now that I can't really see what's going on. Maybe the person ahead of me is having the worst day of their life. There on the way the hospital I don't know what's going on in their life that I've announced judgment on right at best. There are an idiot. At best, right.

It could be a lot of the words interchangeably. The best 30 how to cite this by Robbie's talk about me earlier. I was behind a complete bar as I got I did I get yeah, but we do the people I judge horses are usually those that nicely joint judging others that are beneath them concept of power by wife and I love cruising and have been since last January. Thanks to going are you guys taking you like going on cruise going on. Know that I say I am so innocent and good terminology for going going on Chris we like getting on big boats with very expensive with people that can afford it, even though we can't usually manage because we love it, but on there.

We encounter the greatest servants you're ever going to say and 99% of our from smaller countries.

Usually poor countries and they have every copy that they might be posing but they have every thing that you see in them is this is a person who loves to serve others, and then you see root Americans and sometimes other nationalities that you do this right and I will often they are because are strangers and I get away with it challenge well this this person. If you're Christian or not, aren't they doing the best thing we were indulging here on the ship having a good time indulging ourselves and they are serving us and I will often tell the staff well what can I do for you because you can't you get out.

It's almost scared that anybody would want to serve them, but there's love their that's part of desire to be on the cruises and sometimes I'm embarrassed.

Yes, one of folks working there. I don't think you could work. Can a tall, it would be a problem because I get tiny little Rubber you have a clip that'll give us some things to probably discuss the challenging clip and actually spotted about three weeks ago. It's been challenging me for three weeks of of how I should respond to this interchange and what I should think and you know sensors a talkshow host and that I felt like certainly related. It's from them. TV show the West Wing and this person is depressed playing the present United States is fairly urgent. I guess it's a good way to put it. And he challenges this talkshow host specific specifically challenges her on the Bible. What you can't see from the clip that I think is important when you're hearing is first of all, he's very bothered that she is sitting. Everybody else in the room is standing, and since she is sitting he feels totally disrespected and she looks like she's the arrogant one as you begin to see this the way that this is portrayed and he's at the point in this clip he is he Senate election where he is apparently trying to explain to his staff members. How he is going to beat his opponent and so at the end when he says that's how I'll beat them he's making reference to the opponent that he's in the middle of of a contest with but play the clip and I think everybody be challenged, the president of the United States. I'm sorry your doctor getting Jacob trying to get me Dr. Jacobson, MD, PhD, PhD theology now social work PhD in English literature. I'm asking because on your show people calling for advice and go by the name Dr. Jacobs on you showing I didn't know if maybe your listeners were confused by that and assumed you had advanced training in psychology, theology, or healthcare. I don't believe they are confused. I like your show.

I like how you call sexuality and abomination. I don't think sexuality is an abomination.

Mr. Pres., Bible.18 2010 chapter and verse of the question here. I'm interested in selling my youngest daughter into slavery is sanctioned 21 seven.

What would a good price for Herbie thinking about that and I asked another my Chief of Staff Leo McGarry insist on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35 to clearly says he should be put to death.

Am I morally obligated to killing myself for is it okay to call the police. Here is one is really important because we got a lot of sports fans in this town touching the skin of a dead pig makes one unclean Leviticus 11 seven if they promise. Wear gloves to the Washington Redskins still play football at Notre Dame and West Point.

Can I burn my mother in a small family gathering for wearing garments made from two different threats. Think about those questions would you one last thing, you may be mistaken this for your monthly meeting ignorant type club in this building. The president stands nobody since Toby is time so as you listen that clip. I'm sure your love the Bible as I do love the Lord, as you do that you can't help but be challenged in a lot of ways, but it is the more I processed the clip we use a clip from the movie good Will hunting all the time and when were you doing opposer talk and we used on the show several times where a guy in a Harvard bar insults in a wills friend and and here's this big challenge again very similar to this interchange of knowledge and the idea that Paul teaches is that knowledge puffs up in love builds up and so I'm I love that you played the pasty Jesus clip at the beginning because were talking about a leader here and and when you think about it you know what kind of leader would Jesus be and can you ever see him in that role that you just heard of that is actually that come off as arrogant to you and then what would you say is a Christian to the world is there screaming at this it you that your part of the ignorant club right that that this this woman has her PhD but she's she still ignorant right and the Bible is irrelevant because you know all this outdated material. So call this what he is attempting to illustrate so as you find yourself in that position and you're sitting there. What would Jesus say what would you say in response to this interchange. If you find yourself in that position, or more importantly, how do you really feel about those things right because that your check in your own engine light like do I feel the Bible's outdated do I feel like I really don't know.

You know, do I feel ignorant life to. I feel lesser than these people that hold the stuff over me. You know where were you find yourself in this great place, I really enjoyed it for the last three weeks you know is challenging myself with this in actually got some help from God.

Eventually Sam because God came to my rescue and said Robin look at this first and eat any specifically took me Isaiah 610 which talked about speak to them and make their hearts fat so that they will have ears and they won't hear an ill advised that they won't see so they won't turn and be healed and and and it speaks again to the to the point that if where so full of ourselves that we don't need God that we think we know the Bible should say more thought it what it should say right or if we think you know that in in any way shape or form that we don't need God because we've got this thing under control.

Whether that's going on the road. Sam off floor or you know when that next customer calls and says something you know that this catches you off guard and I was just all these places it really gets at the heart of the fact that man should be a disciple of Jesus really means to lean on them a lot. It does, you know, you ask a question and there you know how would you respond and I might miss a thing was Italian three weeks and I've had time to process it, but I think it depends on the interchange at year-end. You know if you're in interchange with like you. You played in that clip. There is no real response diseases looking for fodder.

You know that the Terry Downs more right. But if it's a conversation in insulin brings up the whole selling your daughter into slavery in Red Bank you had a great point, the term for slavery is not the way we interpret it today right. That meant more like an indentured servant. I think you're saying right and culturally. It's a completely different time and and you're not in a position to feed your daughter and so what exactly is it that you do in this in this culture and it's pretty easy for us to figure all that out, but know God used the Bible to instruct these people in a specific time in specific ways based on his purposes, which number one. I don't understand the culture and and number two I certainly am not completely clear on what all God's requirements were for people to be able to have his son right.

This is what the Jesus function was going to be was to be the line of Christ and the holiness that would be required in order for God to tabernacle with them is is something that we on in that anymore so it's it's a challenge you can really tell that was an older clip for couple reasons. No one the name of the Washington football team has changed in the last year selling and actually haven't played football in a long time there out there every Sunday, but it is ever that I'm sorry, Dennis and Phyllis Riggins and is on the people were there yet not for what is is our Virginia and Maryland audience thinks I am the they learn how to's how to healthiest Washington football teams and it may not. So anyhow do you answer those questions you like, it's tough right because the world is trying to scream at us that the Bible's outdated right but it's time was to and you have to experience your Jimmy can jump in but it it's timeless how can you be outdated and is you know that there are things I try to be God at all. What exactly was in his mind. I know that I can trust his word from whenever I believe what's been given to me. I know that he know, for example, me. He has certain things way a family should operate.

Look in those things that have been to stand the test of time, but you know we we are try the enemy tries to trip us up and use the Bible or me to get it to Jesus.

He tried to quote the Bible to Jesus in his temptation and to get them to go down a path and and we live. The world will try to do that with us as well.

We do need to know truth. We do need to know context and I believe the closer we walk with him will be able to give those answers there some answers on trust standing for God and say what his mind is I can repeat what he says in a particular instance but I'm not be the one that actually speaks for him and explains what was actually in his mind you doing here is there something that seems to be a problem is not a problem Bible problem with our understanding. It's our ignorance. Things like you just mention those commands were given to the specific people in a specific so you have to take things in the right context and try understand him that way and think it's also a journey with God and are shared on here long time ago that that there is a season is going through the Bible. I just finished some reading I was doing and in my Kierkegaard when you want to go through now is a Genesis like why am print and Genesis like a bunch of times right you.

I don't want to go back to Genesis at all to Genesis 103 accident failure rate it as hard as I wanted you to learn which book was way I learned a story Robbie on the said yeah yeah you know you as it was accident.

It was excellent.

Thank you Robbie. It was accident since I'm reading through their and I get this part that I'd skimmed over in the past and says that the Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart and I was angry.

Oh my gosh. I was so angry, you know, it was more reflecting on my own EMI can be bad enough like the Pharaoh that you're going to harden my heart rate that's really what I was articulating but that's why I was so angry and so as I got while you harden somebody's heart and he unite I stuck with. I did read for a while as Matt right and I just I would come back to God, why did you hardness. Why did you harden his heart. At some point, I just realized that God knew the end of the story for the Pharaoh. And if he knew that they were. He was never going to change right the way he could get his people free from him is to go ahead and and expedite things right because he knows what's going to happen.

Beginning in the middle, and end right and so it became a point where God let me have peace in the midst of me allowing him to be God in me, not fully understanding beginning to a point where he was gracious and gracious enough to say look at it this way right and I was able to move past the point that I didn't understand that in the didn't make sense to me and actually help me guide me back to what the real issue is is more worried about my own heart and needed to walk closer with him in the midst of it into gifts and I did, I forgot what it was such a compelling story there thinking I have Exodus not Genesis that currently it's Exodus, not Genesis and interestingly is the same word that God gave me. In Isaiah 610 where where he said to make their hearts fat that word fat again, and this is a fascinating word that harden and fat are the same word in Hebrew, which also happens to be the word that when it says honor your father and mother that word honor). It's the same ordinance harden Pharaoh's heart and is the same thing as the fat heart. But the idea is of value of richness and its interestingly, the exact opposite of poor and and it speaks right to the heart of I think you know whether you're talking about. It doesn't get any better than this because of old Milwaukee or have it your way that the idea is that you need to be self made and the idea is one thing that I want to leave us with is Jesus commanded his one thing when he left. Love one another. Love your father, mother, father, I love one another. If we love one another more likely called to maybe the world would be more apt to follow Jesus and not have to follow the world frightening the people in the world would say look for something more here that I want more life more healing.

More of everything that's really true here, but it takes a stepping out and letting them in the midst of where they are to the love somebody this week and help them follow Jesus.

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