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Who's At War After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 17, 2021 8:00 am

Who's At War After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 17, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on who's at war continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Ben-Hur."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Woodrow Kroll here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train a second call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a Every gift counts and now every gift is double training hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network infringed the heart masculine journey after our time to go to be more transparent. Another topic covered. So sit back and masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey after hours and are continuing our boot camp topic shows that were doing leading up to boot camp is coming up in just a couple weeks. It's about 11 days out. I think from from today. And so if they wanted to go to the boot camp running.

What would they do well if I was trying to sign up for boot camp. I go to masculine journey.OR start sign up there and get online and sign up and then it's April 29 through May 2, which Don trying to get that out right to screw it up so much.

It's like real slow down and say the right date. It's Thursday evening through Sunday noon. If you would listen to the past podcast for the radio show you where long negative anywhere along the way. That August, we that of candidates exactly exactly what it is. April 29 through May 2 coming up in just a couple weeks and it's definitely a life changer. It was for me trying to find my way in this past you know I I did know what to do is trying to how the Akamai going to live out the Christian life. Now that I've been saved and actually realize that there's more to being a Christian than just saying I believe in God and it's like you find yourself on not worthy of this I'm not good enough at that on poor over here.

I need to do more.

I just get all kinds of things. If you like it, get under the weight of everything in sight that heard this show and I'm like okay I hear these guys are talk about there's freedom restoration, healing the heart and all I just want to understand what's going on with the help get a little deeper and that's where the first boot camp was now just kind of a take a bunch of stuff in, but for me it was okay. This isn't just about oh, go listen to some people talk for little bit and you're going to be better something. It was know this is a way that you need to ghostwriter dress yourself continually and try to work with God on these things and really try to get some restoration some healing from things that have been in your past and everybody's got different stories, but through other people stories you find ways to get healing for yourself.

I get for me my first boot camp. Actually the topic were talking about today was a huge eye-opener.

Talk about spiritual warfare, and I was raised in a church that never really talked about it. I never did you know once I had no concept of it and so you don't get you here. You know, there's the devil out there right, meaning you know that that's in Scripture, but they didn't really teach what that really meant in a practical daily application you know and want bogeyman after you yet. You know, for me, what it leads to an and John talks about it in at the boot camp and were there was unit leads to this feeling of well if it's just you and I gotten things are screwed up it's probably all me right or it's you know God you're not pulling your weight, you know, for whatever is right here in the states, and that right and that's where the enemy is and use our earthly fathers and we tend to project. However, earthly fathers treated us on to God right you know I can. My first personal father was always looking for the failure and whatever I did, so it became the point where nothing was ever good enough and I kind of felt that way with God. You know that in Christianity is about to choose dues and don'ts, and I'm going to fail anyway. So why should I try and for me the camp was all about our relationship with God. How you build that relationship with that relationship with what a healthy relationship with God looks like. And so you can know and encourage them to come out to the camp and warfare is just one piece of that for me. The warfare is the enemy beating you down where you're going to shine in OD. God created us for a reason and only got what he created us for, but wherever that's that chances are that's where the enemies beat you up at and so as you continue through life.

Yeah, you can run in the trials and tribulations mean the Bible tells us that, but where God wants you to shine.

That's where you can feel the most resistance.

You know I try always go back to the swell about like Robbie's analogies are easy to remember.

So we talk about the lockable that something that hey I know you relate back to whack a mole so Satan sees God's glory. Rising up in you, what you gonna do is going to wipe you down as you pop now that whole and its ways. That's what he's there to do this. We've got to figure out. Oh, I'm being attacked and resist that and he's very very proactive EE trays take out well before that talked about things. Lastly, growing up I was extreme pacifists and but I've always loved more. My I've been enthralled by the history of warfare. I became a really world-class release to US Champion that wargames and yet I don't want to hurt anybody and one of things this talk good for me was sort of focused on what the battles are that are worth fighting and that we are to be in battle and if you're walking around like I did you know were not in world war where cruising along your kind of strolling through no man's land and you're gonna take a bullet in there's something about when you realize the context of the world that we live in. In John talks a lot about you know it's a love story. It's a great love story between us and God that it's cast in the midst of war right the enemy was defeated. He was cast down these is not that he still active in life and we don't act like he's active in life. It's so easy to get taken out. You know you gotta realize that he's out there trying to trip you up. While I think that the that the best like the devil has as he doesn't exist. And we as Christians you know where we don't take that in over first become Christians people and talk about how you know Lucifer was turned down with 1/3 of the angels and those of the demons now traveling the earth and I know that sounds like hobgoblin this be 1/2 hollowing show for the most part it's true there is that you know that a lot of stuff that is self-inflicted if you will write based on agreements that we've made in the past, but there is a real enemy out there and he will take you out if you let him and the other side of that coin is okay. Satan has way more power than what everybody thinks he is because he's not I'm not.

He's not omniscient he's not everywhere is all-knowing, ET goes about seeking whom he may devour. But he is he is limited in his power. He is a created being, and he can't read your mind right but you can read your reactions. All these, and he's been reading reaction for a law for generations, or any is knowing your whole story longer than you have studied you better than you ever studied right and so he knows exactly what works on exactly that's what we talked earlier about. It's very personal with him.

That's what he so good about. He figures out how to get you to fight the wrong battle in my case he had me find everybody else on Highway. He had me throwing my tennis racket all across the court in anger out you just know that the Oya throat along but he chose to find ways to get me to fight myself as opposed to fighting him like I should've been doing and he's a master at it. We we don't realize unless we really have somebody tell us about it and teaches that there's this whole other universe. That's right past the end of our knows with characters in it that we can't see but there there there radio and there's a war going on and we're a part of it without realizing. In most cases yeah that's back to agenda, said when he can convince you that he doesn't exist are that easy to get more power he something other than what he really is.

He's winning. The shame is. I can only go off my personal experience. When I came to Christ and there's a great celebration in the church, but there was no teaching behind it and say all this is what you really and for now yeah right and so what happens is you have this great hi and then all of a sudden life smacks in the face again. The enemy else's game any distinct even deeper. How big of a mess up. I am but Sam nobody's gonna come to Christ if you tell them up front. Hey by the way, there's a bunch of visitors in every enemy out there when you come to Christ your target now which are still target anyway you, not me. It's kinda one of those things that you have any right, you probably more of a target at that point because you could convince others to come to come to Christ, but he doesn't leave you alone so you listen to the show now and you're not a Christian's life easy online's not easy for any of us in in in the enemy hates us because were God's creation.

Even if we don't believe they were his creation right and that's the best part of at least now I get to finish well yeah you can do something about it right, you can stand up and say your you know your manager invite one of the things that this is leading to another story, but we are spiritual beings and physical bodies and in this country were not most paint walls.

People say on very spiritual.

That's no surprise that one of the things that has amazed me. Counseling is how many people say you have never talked to anybody about this and you're going to think I'm crazy, but what the essay they're talking about a demonic attack or something in the spiritual realm that they were totally unprepared for and I encountered demons in a very literal sense and its not as uncommon as you think.

But you asked, not out of 10 people. Although your crazy factor people out there right now. They must be crazy. That's that is, the world were living. It is a spiritual one.

The physical is just me.

It's like the governor on an engine that keeps you from going crazy. But it's not that were not this body. Thank God were not this body were all suffering right now.

Well it's also safer to not believe that you have an enemy that is not somebody out there is working against you. As you know becomes more comforting that oh okay well if I just do the right things. I make make the right decisions and everything will be okay and not realize know there's somebody out there signature. Yeah, you know, I'd rather know there's a sharpshooter out there I guess is you hear writing a narrative was taken out.

It doesn't really matter. The after-hours shows a place we can go deeper into some of that night. I was sure story that on the surface seems like a really's silly story. I do a lot of streaming TV. I don't have cable anymore and I mean that I have a lot of different apps and I have apps that will free you know on me. You know is I'm trying to watch something special exporting of incident drives me crazy and you think that you know my anger is because the apps freezing what my anger when it really gets down to it is I've read and I've put in place. This this type of switcher I put in the this type of new Sergey six. It's like a heater, something that's so much faster and I've done all these steps that should prevent it and it doesn't.

And the reason I get so angry is because the enemy tells me yeah you really are stupid. You're dying to get your need it. You other people get this much easier than you in anger is really not at the thing freezing a little bit you know you want to see the puncher you want to see the throw or whatever if it's more the anger of the warfare that's going on underneath it right. It's those things that you know you should be smarter than this.

You should be able to do this you know all these kinds of things and that's where that the battle is five is what I can find as I get in a really crappy mood and the dog will even start running change in these different words and he's gone and the my son is kind of like having shakes his head it out so you thought a little and freeze in a minute you not like that's that's it's not the point. He didn't get the dog knows you're a fierce warrior yeah yeah Doug smarter than I am mindlessly but that's where the warfare hits on those little daily choices because once you agree to that guy should be smarter than this. Why can I figured out boom. Then the whole things different double shift is different.

I know stepped in. This new identity of a video though you live in for a while. Chances are, Sam. It's not on urine and just tell you from an IT perspective is ours, not on your better if it if it isn't my break at agreement is ours, not on urine but that's what those little things look like in warfare in right in its it's all these little pieces of evidence of the enemy will give you to try to get you to believe something deeper and deeper and deeper. Here's another example this here's another example of this is another example of this right as long as you just gobbling them up.

You just enough poison and it's gonna come out, not only at your own heart that everybody else's heart around expectations or the big problem for me as well. I spent almost 44 years as a computer programmer, systems analyst, and when I get on the website just have fits, smashing my fist against the desktop with the way they've done it, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and I dry my poor wife just crazy with my antics. It my unrealistic expectations that she refers to where I wanted to work the way I think it should work.

Not the way the idiot programmed. It isn't just you.

Okay not normally the warfare is like I'm an idiot that I gather and like never I jump on their allotted answer 90 and we got several here on the team lets you resemble that remark raise her hand so I know we want to get to the Ben Hur clip.

It's it's basically the movie this trailer and it's a movie set in the time of Jesus crucifixion everything where basically the Roman occupation is the larger war. The larger battle going on that brings these two men that are Jewish into a fight with one another because one decides I want to go with the flow to go Roman and becomes a big war hero and things of that nature and battles in the arena on the chariot races and Ben Hur is the one who's basically battling for righteousness in Jewish land with his family and all these bad things happen to his family think is betrayed by this guy.

We thought he was basically a brother to. That's how close he thought of any gets betrayed any gets sent to Aries growing in the galley down the in the decks and the kind of work through that in his life because he's a good person and he finds that he great gains favor scout similar to Joseph story little bit and he kinda comes along and people want to help them days working for people want to build them up and then that's where where this trailer goes through and at the very end. He gets a chance at battling the X brother that he had that he saying okay now rent battle in the arena of the chariot races and a chance to actually get his revenge is what is your name is, must respect interest.

Please tell me one's name by my own brother. All punishment, there is I will so pleased here you have an example where he stand up and fight the evil that's where you first recognize what evil look like and unfortunately what turned out to be was basically someone that was so close to my friend Eddie called brother and it betrays all family and basically put them all in chains and under Roman occupation in that's one of those things were a really understand what is worth fighting for and then stand up and fight for so after hours agreements with some things that you battle against on a daily basis. You have to protect your heart so that you can rise up and fight you if you believe you living in that place of agreement we go back to the open range clipping on just a shopkeeper understood freighter.

I don't qualify for one reason or another. So if you don't protect it at that level you can't rise up effectively and fight in the bigger fight well if I quickly die quickly. They fight rivaling bravely dragging a clinic to get whatever you whatever I've butchered that up. So what are the things that you guys have to guard your own heart against to be good enough to not be good not to be to be in a place we can fight well for me it's being taken advantage of, you know I'm always here grown up and I was a the nerdy little kid yelled IT out got stuck on the front line of the football team because I was heavier than everybody else.

They know gonna run that fast and so if you know I had no basically so-called friends would stab me in the back. You know the date acts one way when it was just me and them and they backed another way when they're around other people and so he became you know getting used get okay.

I want to hang out with Jim because XYZ right and that continues on a two-year-old. My don't let you know I was getting used. You know, in my first marriage and I let that go on for years about Tony ready to go out and divorce your wife, but what I'm saying is for me it's something I constantly struggle with it out. Even today, I struggle with it. No making an effort to help somebody out and them being ungrateful in the process and then the Dow comes rushing back on just getting used again and I'm letting them do it. I'm letting them pick on me, so to speak and so I struggle with asthma. My personal struggles. I resist entering into the battle. I let the enemy take me out before everything get in so if it's with my kids or my spouse is just a matter of theirs that agreement that I made it says I'm always this way, and there always that way that always and never could pop up so often in my life were at site liar.

You know the foregone conclusion and when something happens I go from mild and meek, you know, not one enter just going overblown and just jump in and go with both feet right of the fire and I explode. So that's where I've been working really hard at being able to recognize it earlier understand it's what okay so this were going to go off on one of explode on this how to light. Basically be able to change my attitude and view towards us on the things helps me the most is understand that there is larger battle and is not this is this is somebody accusing you and are you going to believe what the accuser says I going to believe what God says. One of things it's been issue in my life is I'm I'm either hundred percent 0% and choosing the hundred percent is always a wise choice in my life, but what an earlier conversation reminded me of my favorite most contemporary Christian musicians and Bible teachers is Michael card and he has what he calls bullet theology and basically he won't argue with you about anything. If the outcome isn't so important that he's willing to take a bullet for so will I take a bullet if somebody says you know you admit Jesus Christ is not God. He died for your sin, or I'll shoot you pull the trigger, but we and we find over so many things that are so inconsequential, red and blue.

God doesn't care what the politics are here he cares about the outcomes.

But what he really cares about is the relationship with each one of us as individuals and overall unique and he will meet you at your point of need and he will walk you through it. If you're seeking. If you're not, you're on your own. And that's not a good place to be. The battle is one if you are following him and the battle is lost if you're not if we could focus on that instead of who became mayor of Louisville. Those things just aren't important and we can fight the right battles of will focus on what is you can be.

It is built is residing there.

Vernacular will almost burst it out in laughter. Realizing that you and the contrast here. The biggest on the smallest and yet when you said hundred percent or zero almost laughed because my wife is always talking about all or nothing thinking I would ask you to do as we head off. Even from this show is to together and ask God to say God I hope, help me understand these agreements that I've made where's the enemy been tripping me up.

Where's my woundedness played into this. Help me to see how he's taken me out because if not, you can end up fighting the wrong battles with the wrong people and really does cause a lot of damage know he wanted to fight evil and evil is not the person across the street from you, typically is not the person across the dinner table from you. It's that the person that hates you the most are enemy masking to register for the boot camp now this is the Truth Network

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