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Pose-to-Authentic After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 27, 2021 8:00 am

Pose-to-Authentic After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 27, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on going from poser to authentic continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Remember the Titans," "The Adjustment Bureau," and "Liar Liar."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around with all your friends. Thanks for listing and thanks for choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network coming to an infringement barricade the heart masculine journey after hours time to go to be more transparent on the topic of this so sit back and visit venture. Masculine journey after-hours starts here welcome to masculine journey after-hours. This is a beast posing for family of the same class.

Robby again so we're continuing our discussion in after-hours about posing and moving from posing to authenticity more of what it takes to really start living out of a true self instead of a false self, but since this isn't really my topic, shut up and let Jim take off with. I guess I should poses Robby but there's no chance I could give you an infinitive have been I get a better there's an is in the room are professionally lethal, which you got that pipe game like that time but were dark about posing. I think I missed it on the earlier associate as a bonus, and I don't know that. Are you a North Carolina native day with Ira Bono hello this is your child and this is my pose. I am a reasonably intelligent guy I used to have a lot of trivia, but now anybody with an iPhone. Smart phones is SI qualm the dairy and it means to be rather than to see that's where we want to get to because the poses quite well defined by reversing that student seem rather than to be. That's my short version because we want to get into the meat of stuff. And since you said you pick on everybody's disposed like Katie Monsanto okay right well known at another Al-Anon a purpose and more Latin. One of maybe so I think I got the next clip so whenever we were talking about this, like, you know, throw out some Barney Fife. I mean he's an excellent poser you but one of the things that always liked in the remember the Titans was the poses that the players had whenever they make judgments of first families get ready to take him to football camp and this is what you hear the exchange easier. The player kind of directing what what's going to be in the coach kind of calling on that and there's just all kinds opposing going on in this.

I think there's two or three different ones, but again it's people trying to live out of the false self of over importance of who you think you are or just not really live in the true you and so here we go with the clip have Gary Berry tear down American economy as to when any of us to play for you. You reserve The open positions for having players at the offense have special teams. We need an ear on defense were already set depending on mopping fishing and was Jerry Jerry Sajak, which would make you name on Jerry tell the jokes being sings a song and get the girl you wish from tiny that's my mother's mom to mom and daddy if you want to play on this football team has that day, and whose team is is this your team. What is this your daddy's which Jackson offers a sanitized because you know that the multiple levels of posing human. It's obvious about the player he's got is just an saying this is way it's going to be in the coach even that puts on pose himself basically saying okay you want you want to put on see is the better man who's the bigger man whose who's the daddy you know so there's a pose there and then United really notice it, but this is that this is a pose that I chose at times as you would think that being lifted up for himself a little bit right meters, fades in and goes on to the best he says nothing that's, where I I've played that poses well aware I'm deciding I'm not taken on anybody. I'm just, you know, I'm just kind of in a no confrontation, God is going to get the approval or whatever so in a great clip to me guys, any thoughts yeah I like the hiding part talk about that that that's ruin my many of my life.

Maybe my days with my wife, my family or anybody else but just just going in that hiding when I got things to say.

I really know can contribute, but I love the high limits confrontation involved in think it's going to hurt somebody now and then I can take it well. This can lead to more confrontation like this back out just let all to settle in a just, it's not really being authentic at all. It is another way to poses one that people can't find is easy you were talking about positives in her laugh and the eventual married guys in the state by day you think about where word of guys plus the pose the most from the girls I hear A.D.A. you think about the day where you find the group that it that the greatest poses and it's going to be a high school hallway or you know on the corollary you know football field football field and I look at me I'm a guy Maulana Baggett chance I could do better in the quarterback.

What is it I just don't want to play it shaky and I laugh because you know it takes forever seems to learn that women love anybody else sees right through the poses, now they may be, you know, they may find acute outlook. You know what they're doing but you want to eat you want to get in trouble be outspent before we jump inauthenticity on disaster me guys, you know, I think posing comes naturally for sadly but when it does come naturally and we are not limited to one or two as I think I that many hats or members. A kid growing up I can't get hats for different stuff and I wanted to do everything. So I just kept stacking those hats on and I was like coonskin cap or ball Or whatever varmints All the roles that you want to play what we do. Sometimes we have these different poses, we do so when I want to ask you is how you have you identified a pose that you dealt with and you'll feel like you walk into or and and/or is there something that you still struggle with that you you go to hiding organ opposing without really realizing because usually that way for solo anybody Buehler Mueller Miller I go into the hiding thing a lot and I realize that's about it at work or church or rarities didn't even a home is that rather than tell how really feel or don't really need to do that or take no more than I should end in get frustrated because I got too much to do and site rather than confront the thing you need proper wages, let it blow up in an is not pretty sometimes so, because there's a there's a little demon that lives inside the doors opening.

Not pretty, but that's kind of the that's kinda what I see and I do love my children is because we are a a blended family so I have a stepson and daughter and because they have other parents and Wells will play the hero.

Everyone messed up so I can be the hero when in reality sometimes you just have to let folks take the knocks it takes extra year for me personally it is it's probably that I have it all together and I can II can solve any problem balancing you get to that point, especially with family and friends where you must feel like you have to be the rock of a group now okay yeah so everybody else is going around like chickens with their head cut off. I have no clue what I'm doing but working pretend I do anyway. If any of these was laughing at me because you see me do that is Not thinking about how I do not it's Danny while Benny was talking, I thought of this is actually part of who were called be will get to that later. But I want to be a rescuer and I think I am and I was thinking back last millennium when I was in a particular job that required me to go out drinking with buddies but I wasn't drinking anymore side be the designated driver and one of our more sloppy drunks was hit know a girl in a family wandered off and I was just sitting watching everybody and then a guy came up to the table and I could tell she was uncomfortable so I went charged in my white horse to rescuer add that God got the impression I'm a very large fellow when I was young then he went off and I sat down and she said all your with that guy right is our together. They said he was trying to convince me he was a spy. Well, there's really not bigger lies. You are in the building of the home is old Molly James Bond what she said was he really did, you would believe it, but he is a professional Boy Scout has a laugh she laughed. I went back to the table but I've always wanted to be a rescuer. My wife sees that it may and it's got me some of the biggest problems I been in my life that that becomes a pose when you don't do it biblically. Yeah, I mean that's the thing is is I haven't thought about it that way, you know, we talk about how were wounded in our glory of so would it takes us out from being God's glory being shown through us but I didn't think about it is that you know that pose can you are or what what your want to get away from in the pose or whatever you can be lowered into that in in a good way.

Meaning well kind of.

But still hiding our our poses are the hardest by the ones that really are part of our nature and whether it's our godly nature and human made it so that's me, that's but it's not the point. And I like to hide an awful lot as we just said earlier, but for me it's really just and that hide it's really more of a don't let anybody really know what you're thinking, feeling, or really know where you're at, because if they really knew me that that can happen, you know you're not. They're not gonna like me is not to be good to know the real me so really it's it's anything I can do to throw you off the scent kind of thing. Anything I can do to just get you does okay I'm close like your talk about religion. There's some truth in their You want to get some truth out of the that's that's what that is what I think but I'm I can tell you the rest of the story. As Paul Harvey would say you nominate him and I'll hold something back to keep it down and just not that all my cards be shown and I've just fight like crazy and you guys with them.

Then I've been with no other and I you know I still like I just don't know squat about, and this is is kind of funny I get almost every family come around the campus or to gear up again and start to talk less on these topics little more I'd say more continuously. Is it always comes up with a joke about a bit now.

We can get serious about what we think and where we are in our poses and wounds and that some of the things and all I can every time it has come back up. I just kept looking at me again and Mike okay what what layer can I take off this year and go back to Shrek in the onion right psych Canadians get rid of another layer. Please, please, Lord, let me get rid of another layer which is a great segue to, which clipper on the pose too often it is okay.

I thought we might be ready for that yet. I have no clue anything about this movie except I read it when I read the clip found the clip in a place that it was standalone. This is a politician and I think the only people that might give politicians a run for their money imposing our actors, which I guess would make Reagan the best poser ever.not sure he was much like but anyway this is Matt Damon. He's a young politician there's going to be a reference to him pulling his pants down in there and he was miles ahead and election and then they exposed that he had done some stupid when these younger any drop in the polls and end up losing election and this is his sort of speech. After that happened, it wasn't whether or not you got knocked down. It's what you do when you get back saying this is one of those phrases that had some traction with the focus group Using in 1998. I did a cover story for GQ title as young as Congressman ever since then every story. Try to explain how I got here so fast in the were the people Using was authentic. This is anything my time. This tie was selected for me by a group of specialists in tennis line New Jersey who chose it over 56 other ties be tested. In fact, our data suggested I have to stick to either a time that is read time I yellow tie made it look as if I was taking my situation lightly and I may in fact pull my pants down again at any moment a silver time meant that I forgot my roots my shoes and shiny shoes we associate with high-priced lawyers and bankers you want to get a working man's ability to scuff up your shoes a little bit, but you can't scuff them up so much the alienate the lawyers and the bankers as you need them to pay for the specialist back in tennis line. Now this is we've had several clips of having your pose exposed, but you thought you would cut out some of the pregnant pause between him being the politician laid off the crowd to getting to where he says none of this is real and when we can get to that point. That's what I want to show this clip. Then we got half the battle won when you want to be authentic when you want to have integrity. You're never going to get it totally right, manufacture, pursuit cuts can help you with that is not can help your pose and exposure. Yes, right.

McKenna goes back to what Ronnie's was talking about earlier about whenever you got in this community and you really got around guys that were willing. They found some truth, they discarded some pose and they finally began to speak out.

We talked about how you know being real and telling people your story. Good, bad and ugly and insistent thought. Confess your faults one another, that you may be healed with a web best way to drop a pose in the best way to go at the enemy to say you can't make down this way all this time is all this stuff that you hidden in the past that you didn't want people love the good, the bad stuff stuff the people would cut it would cause you shame because you do.

We dislike by somebody else. When you throw that out there. Most most of the time that I've seen. I've never seen anybody say oh my gosh.

He is such a poor monger. He is such a bad person know you see people embrace them because I feel it's real and it's refreshing it brings deliverance within the community. That's what you fill out in the boot campus. That's what help me to become. I feel like a more authentic man was just to hear the crap that then you guys live that has thrived on a I can't be as bad as what a mess he's made but there's a lot of truth to that. It is hidden. I think part of the camp which you realizes that you know every man is been wounded.

Every man is hiding from something and if you get that with you figure that out. You can almost go through and figure out what they're hiding from either pose, you know.

Maybe. Maybe they were told that you know they should shut up growing out and then they become, you know your voice on the radio. You know, any income must go through in pick you know the poses is going on and know what's going on in their lives. You know, I think for me it once again it's a layer writing pullback.

A later time because the enemy is spent two years and years building these brick walls and as we get together in the boot camp and I encourage you guys to come out registered masculine go out there get registered and yell, go ahead and share some stories and you'll hear some stories so you'll discover that all guys, here we are. We all have a past. We all have our own poses. We've done with over the years and you get to hear Jim's and there plenty actually one of the most common comments from guys that come to the boot camp that I've heard is you guys were real. We went up there telling them what they do and here's the 12 step program can save your life merges.

Let him walk with Jesus after telling him how screwed up we work on anything is not only that when she starts getting rid of those layers you know they they think it is psychotic like wearing coats in the middle of summer. You know you start peeling them off when the time you start feeling better. He jumped but you start feeling better about who you are in you and you realize that God created you for purpose and only he can tell us who you are now in. You don't have to fit in because God created you and me is just like a tool in the tool drawer now. Not all the tools of the same. Each was created for separate purpose and once you realize that you can be authentic.

You and Danny look like he has something to say. Well, although I was thinking about was the greatest gift God ever gave me was being able to sit down with some guys and ironically a 12 step program but and sharing in your thinking always call it terminal uniqueness.

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, but we share with another human being, and they share back you go my God I can't believe they did that because most of the time we look at each other. We take a snapshot of where they are what drive in. Got altogether always had it all together.

They were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but out of the script one and so would you end up doing it. I just thought about how says we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. So when I know your story and you know my story, all of a sudden there's a little more authenticity shown there because you are well and Razzi made it through that yeah you undercut, you overcome the enemy, but you really overcome your phone itself. I think of how your high got one and the same. You try goes sometimes.

We have found the enemy need visa. I never would've been able to share my story.

If I had around others sharing her story. Succumbing to boot camp and actually hearing how people share their story how authentic they are and you talk to it mealtime you talk to let other different times and you start to learn more more about how they really are now. What they were. The transitions they had to make not just a transition.

Transitions reserve many of all those different layers at each layer comes off as another transition right so just getting all that going in learning about that and getting at the band of brothers is huge. It is just absolutely wonderful. I don't particularly like onions but that is an excellent analogy and the more I did grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth and I had all the advantages and I'll start to whine about something and then the person I'm talking to tell me their stories man made, but that can be an even harder place to come from and Jesus went after the religious leaders when it were people that were sinners and they were sinners. He embrace them and he wanted to embrace everybody but those that thought they knew it all, like some of us posers do really were the ones he went after, and I'm glad you came after me and for you young folks, I will encourage you that growing old isn't all that bad because the layers of the onion fall off over time. You have to have ripped off there's just not that much to pose about anymore. Yet only give a good clip to show the excessive way that you can actually become authentic know I pulled you over.

Why don't we just take it from here goes too closely. I ran a stop sign on the Chevy.

I spent some more. I failed to yield the class want to change lanes and is that all unpaid parking tickets are just some guidance. That's probably a little bit over the top of what you actually want to go it may never everybody needs to be authentic and talk about you know who they are in the reality of who they are, but there's doesn't mean you have to share everything with everybody there is a time and a place so that land you in jail yet. It's a hilarious movie liar liar and you got a lawyer again our top 10 is for sure, but he cannot tell a lie for 24 hours and what that does in one's life is life changing and truly thank you for clearing that up.

Jim I didn't do that. That clip properly.

But anyway, we are excited about this topic. We want to share with you at the next boot camp that boot camp is April 29 through May 2. It's a different location you'll find that on the website.

Masculine but were really excited about the different venue going back to a place we've had the chance for quite a few years and were really looking forward to you being there. Please join us. Thank you. This is the Truth Network

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