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January 23, 2021 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 23, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! The topic this week is about when you've had enough. There can come a time in a relationship with someone where you've had enough, and it's time to step away. The clips come from "The Lord of the Rings," and "The Breakup." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth.

Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man plays a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads, the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey.

The masculine journey starts here.

No luck of the last to speak. Luckily, masculine journey, you thought I would practice that by now. I welcome masking journey were very glad that you're with us today to be doing a a follow-up of sorts to last week show.

So if you did listen last week show and wanted to tell you I would tell you can enjoy this week show anyway. Last week we were talking about loving in spite and in what you think you might be hearing is not necessarily what you're hearing right when not talking about loving spitefully right that's a way you could interpret that we were talking about as you love people, in spite of the things I do.

Sometimes it's called relationship and I we talked about in our children, for those of of us that have older children. They don't always do what we want them to do what we think they should do what we think is best for them to do. It doesn't change the fact that we love them and so the whole show last week was the whole part of learning to love people, in spite of those things and then after the show arriving we got together you ask a very good question Tonight's topic in today's topic. Now the question was at what point do you say that's enough and I don't mean that you stop loving the person from the standpoint of just loving them. I mean is, at what point in time to break off the relationship or do you put some type of barrier there in order to protect your own heart or in order to give them room to repent tough love his or her that kind of thing and you know where you draw that line and how do you know where to draw the line and what is that line even look like so I didn't bring up the topic as I had a lot of answers waiting but you got a great clips after I did. Click here to second the thing is, I think with relationships. It's a moving line. It's not something that you can sit here and say you A+ B equals C run.

Let me just put this disclaimer out there the beginning if you say I heard Robbie tell me I need to break up the mall.

I didn't say that it I were just trying to try to figure out you know where to find God in that trying to figure out boundaries part of it because I one of the fears of doing a show. Literally, some is going to all. Now I have permission, you know, to in this relationship and whatever that might be not for me to get permission from OCC permission anyway and so I get to that in the show them you had play the clip. This is from a movie title to probably the breakup surrounding us have the disclaimer door right away. Use a clip from a breakup, Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. I never seen the movie. I've seen a lot of clips from the movie, but in what she saying here from the clips I've seen anyway. I can see her point and where can come back and talk about it that it had a very rocky love relationship boyfriend girlfriend and that they live in the same location the same house and so it's it's been a really difficult time. Up to this point it kinda tried separation different rooms different parts of the house that kind of thing. I get the feeling you live in a big city so it's not easy to go get a place on your own.

That type of situation and then went to listen to their dialogue and then kinda come back and talk about it more would pick it up. She sitting in in the bedroom and and he comes in to talk to her and this is where the conversation goes, that's not it. Like to talk about Gandalf yeah I ignore the need to double-click on the . This is the right one ice don't know how we got here.

Our entire relationship gone above and beyond for you and I mean I collect pictures on the floor laid you close out for you like you are a four-year-old I support you I support you in your work. If we have a dinner or anything.

I think the plant I take care of everything just don't feel like you appreciate you appreciate me for you to just show me that you can just say that to me. Like that you might've said some things that you meant to imply that I'm not a mind reader matter you are who you are right now to shut leave the room just I don't want to be near you right now pretty uplifting clip to start rubbing the laugh track. You will have a clown horn and I didn't become horny young I was with them was was the last portion of the track was what you hear. There is deftly two people in one way or another that feel like they're giving to the relationship and easy as a third-party person to sit and kinda watch us play out and say well one's deftly giving and the other ones making excuses by the what you really hearing from her heart as her to saying I've had enough. You know, I've had enough.

I can't do this anymore and I think that there comes a point that we have to realize when is that point whether it's in a you know, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever that scenario were friends or work relationship or whatever you may may be, you know, because at that. That feeling of being unappreciated.

That feeling of the feeling abused and come in many different forms is not totally just in a husband-wife scenario that type of thing you can come in friendships and and lots of different ways, I've seen that movie, and for no I'm going to call it but alert they don't get back together. That's what's called a brick hard to watch a spoiler alert. That's the word of yeah all my gosh it's so hard because for whatever reason, you know, they won't really listen to and they don't really acknowledge the other person's feelings and and give that an opportunity and so you know it really breaks my heart to want to have watch that movie to go wow wow how do I not fall into this trap because him and this particular one, you know, I don't know that it was enough.

You note that they really did you know because it wasn't us a sense of abuse relate well. There were some abuse and gathering verbal abuse shatters definitely some weirdness, but for the most part you could see that wow that that that was a relationship that possibly had a chance if one person could swallow their pride enough to go okay what you know what's really going on here so that one leads me back to my big problem is when when is that an you know, I guess it was Rodney that was saying that being in a garb jam that you got a bay that thing in prayer. Yeah, I mean, you did a good any relationship you have to bathe in prayer and now it's II hate to say he didn't think that any relationship can't be restored. Many things from another terminal right now. It's sometimes you just gotta take a break from each other, you know, either yell my father used to tell me you have something nice to say, probably since anything at all well and I think that applies. It comes a point in time when you just digging the deeper hole and you have to bathe it.

Prayer in Wheaton and hear what God imitated. Yeah, I know a lot of times we we wait till the after hours. A portion of the show to get out little but more vulnerable.

One time in my life the way this this played out as I grew up with an older sister that talked about on the show that was not very nice to me in lots of ways, but it wasn't just me that she wasn't nice to shed a way of being very dividing and the whole family in one time my dad had a physical issue going on. She try to convince my mom and had an affair on aim now to stuff like that. There was always these types of things around her that there was a lot of carnage and I and it was pretty pervasive in our life up until the time my dad passed away and then when he passed away and she came to me and was being very kind before the showing and the funeral and is want to know what was going on in my life, knowing cockamamie dad's death will have a positive impact only to find out later that as I heard her talking to people she didn't want to be embarrassed by not knowing what was going on in her siblings life and so she was just getting the information so she could act like she was engaged in her that she was part of the family and and why we brought the funeral she came back and took all the stuff the people had brought and took her to her house type thing in. She pulled away from the rest of the family right but I also gotta say I didn't feel the calling to pursue her because the story of her life and initiate mental issues and another other underlying things. It wasn't just she was a bad person but everybody that came in contact with hers. Life was tore up right and so I really not for her. It wasn't good but I think for all the rest of the family and ended up being a very good thing because there wasn't this thing that was causing division all the time on things. It won't really issues and I know at one point and I share this that she had had talked her her daughter into letting her adopt her granddaughter so she could give her insurance and then one shade after the granddaughter she kicked her own daughter out of the house saying it's my baby now in a recent break in unceasingly in a situation like that and she's and since passed away in you and God would call for me to pray for her, in which I would do reluctantly but I would be very transparent.

I had a hard time there was a lot of animosity, but the more I prayed for. The more my heart cleared right.

But I do really believe even though it may not of been the best thing for her was the best thing for other people and I think that's over talk about my fear about last week show is that you have somebody listening that is in a very abusive relationship of some sort and listen to the show and say I just gotta stick it out. Well, maybe doing maybe you don't.

But only God can give you that answer, which is what were going to keep coming back to his ego walk with him and a and know when to say this enough is indeed enough, and that's over, talking about earlier that before show is that you got to give you an answer in Allegheny, it may come to the wisdom of a friend may come through God. Reading God's word and me. You may be sitting in the sermon at church but God's going to give you an answer now, it might be a situation on a television sale says hey you know you'll know it's 100 on his favorite podcasts right but when it comes around, you know it's from God thing is one of the key things you gotta be willing to hear either answer if you're only willing to hear one's answer, then you're not really willing to hear from you if you're still praying for somebody get run over by bus.

Get a masculine journey that RG listen last week's podcast listen to any other podcast we might've done you can also contact us through the website sales. If it feels like every day is fine.

You might want to come listen to the masculine journey and find out why we use clips like to illustrate the story, God is telling in the lives of the truth is God designed you which fights to repay grab your gear and come in every Saturday. By the same mask and turn them with my son Eli talk about ways to help his ministry smiled at him and is information on website there on how to do that you go to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find masculine mail it to PO Box 552 728. Gotta ringtone for you is a waste of what happened during the break was at any real really your toes really is one of the four Beatles a little help.

I was one of four was right when I was right one.

Ringo apparently did I ever heard that song. I think actually several people recorded it. I am sure several people felt that I actually like that you have got a huge Beatles fan but I like that so is that enough and it was a night and he said I can't take anymore yeah hello Russell song if you listen to it it's it's about relational breakup and stuff that I think that there's times that it's okay so you had enough and scripturally. I'm not one of the Scripture at the right not to answer a couple of math or not ask you for one that think about that. The time in the temple when Jesus cast out all the money changers and that's a time when he to set I've had enough. This is going to happen anymore. He he did it with the Sadducees and Pharisees. Oh, you hypocrites, you, not a weapon cannot be the best choice probably think that any you had a verse as well. Well, yeah, those from Ecclesiastes, you know there's Ecclesiastes 3 is the place where you have one extreme to the other. So go away. Time to get a time to lose. Time to keep and a time to cast away the time to keep the castaways if that's the individual in your life as a time to keep you continually pursue after that person's heart. There's times when you pursued and after that somebody's heart wreck your heart so it's time to cast away time to live in a time day absolutely yeah I think when things healthy about the first of the year, hereby has these these resolutions, you know that they they will do for us have word of the year rate that we that we focus on, but I think it's also yes right now been focusing on it some more than last year a lot more than last year, which is some is a lot more than last year. Technically, but I think it's also a good time just evaluate something and say we know what time what things need to change my life. A good prayerful time to evaluate things and if there are relationships that are out there that are really hurting you and lots of wasted to take that to God and for God, what time am I in I had an example when I was my first girl I really liked really and the last year from this area expect that this keep it between. Give your name, but I want to say Sally will go with Sally's okay Sally and you know this going after Sally's heart, and with a bit ever is probably more infatuation was led not me. When you first bill you don't really know the difference in you know she really seemed interested to begin with and then she did me wrong, not just totally ignored her and her feelings within a few months later she came back and made all these statements of call this a different did it at that. Went three times of all in a meeting all in and the third at night was probably 2 to 3 years later she called me up and I just moved on and I actually got serious with God at the time to so that helps out and it was so nice to be able to not chase that again be able to cite now. I appreciate any good to hear from you, but I don't think we should do that see each other anymore. So you know that was a place where finally my heart was, you know I had guarded my heart and I didn't jump back in and just respond. I had become.

I've taken control of my emotions and my heart so had I known it was a story will use the theme Lucy football. I think it will be messing with the name Luther got all that recently passed decided that, thanks for bringing me down. You look at the opposite side of that coin to you.

You know you look at the prodigal son right. The father chase after the prodigal son. Sometimes people just need to go away for a while. Did you reject the prodigal son when he came back no and we have keep that in mind too that you know sometimes people come back very pensive. They did their sorry that they damage the relationship may understand that you know the sun came back and said I am willing to work for you. You know and not beer son that was showing repentance. The father I think that you know there's often times when relationships go one way or the other and they can be restored later date and time absolutely see that with Paul and Barnabas scripts so I could now the prodigal son received the newspaper that is periodically that energy is 100 and went back to work. If you start rubbing since you're talking you can play is very much along the lines of what Andy was saying so I was praying about this because I think about the topic for nothing on it is a place where I struggle a lot. I really do. Anyway, I landed in for in kinder through prayer on Proverbs 423 which is the guard your heart you know which they talked about constantly at ransom heart that this is a critical Scripture which is kind of neat. When you really look at that word guard I could give you all the Hebrew bulimics give you the short version is that man you're really you have your mind set on what's above you looking for light and you're not letting anything dark in okay will. Very cool. From my perspective, I never noticed it.

That is so clear after Proverbs 423424 2526 which gives you practical ways gays usually periodically chart so the very next line if you if you look at a number give you the RSV Robbie standard version is stay away from liars and and her people would converse in a speech which means crooked, which means periodically so as I was thinking about that I can help but think about this clip from the movie Lord of the rings he may have heard it earlier getting density you might guess it is Gandalf and it but don't miss out warm tongue here because you can see the King fed and issues here have come from allowing this warm tongue who was speaking lies want to buy into me make agreements, you know, they are very very very divisive in a relationship, and your heart can get attached to lies that she's gonna be different this time, or whatever that may be an part of guarding your heart and in and just the wisdom of Solomon is look at.

Wow, how much can I count on what this person is telling me so here we go for King Kevin will make sure that welcome you all grown just in which this country choose these with my you give your full cost of bending this is really what was it about that clip in this topic really had you intrigued is kinda neat that you can you not only have the person that he should've taken out of his life right if they hadn't taken a warm tongue out of his life. But then you have Gandalf you actually have to come in and give him some release from those agreements that he's made and you know it gets back to a really difficult question that we have pondered since returning that this show is why is it that we feel like we haven't done enough and at the same time we feel like maybe Jesus hasn't done enough and in Jesus even asked that question. One time Robbie did not do enough and manner pride is all in the middle of all of these connectors that are kinda getting us to this point which Rodney email you completely took Luther will that's where the was doing Littles thinking of like you just did Sam a bit ago some on some of the obvious place where God said enough, the place I didn't expect to go was second Samuel 24 and where David actually numbers the people Mike in our world with thinking all that's what's the big deal, but to God was such a prideful issue for him to go do something that he was not told that there is not supposed to go do Joab is even saying David don't do this don't have me go do this and he told me to do it anyway, there's not a lot of reasoning as to why he was said he wanted numbered. There is nothing really given for a reason to really go do it other than pride really sticking out there that's what you're saying obvious pride thing is just so huge for us and then what was going on in the middle of this whole story is that these government end up with basically an angel with stressed-out hand. This is in 2416 of second Samuel, when angel with stressed-out hand toward Jerusalem to destroy it.

The Lord relented from all calamity and said to the angel who destroyed the people. It is enough. Now relax your hand angel of the Lord was standing at the threshold for Aaron and this is like God said enough relented and repented at that point said, motioning, and I think that that whole pride factor gets in the midst of it in the only way to get around that is to say, okay got I got a let you leave and I get a let you lead and tell me when enough is enough and help me feel comfortable when I've done enough right to make me feel like I'm not the answer to that problem. You are right, it's a good masking download any of our podcast. This is the Truth Network

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