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Surviving COVID Christmas

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 19, 2020 12:30 pm

Surviving COVID Christmas

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 19, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This year has brought on many challenges. One said challenge is dealing with the pandemic this Christmas season. The clips come from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," and "Miracle on 34th Street."

The Christmas season continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Merry Christmas!



















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Jesus speaks of narrow gauge. Masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find my feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your brothers will serve as the guys we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now masculine journey.

We are Christmas.

The last show before Christmas.

Robbie leaves to have, you know, 660s Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve successes of Eve.

Three of those three things six and half to six more days until Christmas. Only five shopping days technically I would be if you could go shopping. That's true where you're at it with today's topic. It does because, you know, typically on Christmas we will try to do in some years a surviving Christmas kind of thing in one year we did surviving the dysfunctional family Christmas is welcome from a dysfunctional family may not be intermediate ring but a few rings out your enhancement dysfunction. I'm sure there's probably most of it an immediate ring for most of the family. All the families I've ever met have had it, even if they didn't, they were lying. They intuited that when arriving. I had both lost her mom. We have different moms lost our brothers that his father and my brother. The second brothers yet? You did surviving loss of Christmas and so this year the topic and came up surviving the covert Christmas because were all experience in a different type of Christmas and never had before. Would anybody disagree that this is a different season than what we seen in our lifetime and Harold not may not be the case. You know, I don't think I should ended in a demonic software to talk about Sgt. Jim, yes, no, but it is such a different year, and depending on where you live. There's different rules are in place right you can only have so many people you going be out for certain hours right. Maybe you can go shopping where your listening you know that maybe that's not an option. You know you can have family get together get together is and so becomes Hyde Park.

It that's right will play surviving a covert Christmas because it's coming at its trying to steal your Christmas joy in this year. I don't know about you guys with joy has been very challenge this year because Kentucky I know everybody has expectations right of what is commitment is been interesting to me. I in my neighborhood. I have never seen so many decorations on me that there bigger and better than never and even my neighbor that usually is little bit Greentree and he's come on strong got beer in his yard and well, you haven't shot right now I but I think people are looking for it in different ways because they realize that some of the stuff is not, be what has been this year is different, but my wife and I really possibly experiencing our best year ever and it really is more a matter of expectations or lack thereof, that we accept what God's giving us and it's been a fruitful year.

It's been a exciting one Thanksgiving was wonderful because the family that is not dysfunctional or less dysfunctional got together while the dysfunctional ones stayed with each other and wore their masks with two, two sisters, so that we had people of like mind together for Thanksgiving instead of the usual flight and I think that will happen for Christmas and it's good it's going to be a challenge. I think you know me for some people it may be more business as usual for others it won't, but I do know that it's it's not you, to be the same as it normally has been and what I was thinking about covert and thinking about what Christmas movie can we play of something trying to steal Christmas. Obviously, the Grinch comes in and so what this is is you have the Grinch hatching a plan to steal Christmas in on his mind. He's been wronged by the who's given seen the movie really mean it's like a whale exactly is wrong wronged in his mind by the his and anyway so he's going to go steal their Christmas and so is hatching a plan to do that. Who's living who will go figure. Right down the street have to be in relation to integrating ablation. So let's go ahead and listen to all things, what Christmas will bring all of the Grinch calls that he got an idea and all 490 Grinch got a wonderful old fool idea.

I will quiet snow filled the old fool's rule deeming sweet teams without When he came to this house kind but if Santa could do it, he got stuck only once for a moment and he stuck his head out the fireplace stopping by.

The first thing about that seemed longer than two minutes and I really do like about the whole movie they're going to United number that was asserted two minutes in and that it's it's a piece together of the Grinch you are planning to steal Christmas and the first thing he does, he steals the stockings and he steals the Christmas tree in the refrigerator and all the presents and everything in and he believes that if he steals all their stuff. He's going to take away their Christmas from them or not you have an end. As I think about this whole covert thing depending again on where you live. If we were to follow in North Carolina. The protocol enough were around anyone other than immediate family member. We always have to have a mask on right you can have more than 10 people and I'm deeply concerned about Santa because usually he comes after 10 yeah is it is very hot yeah yeah it's easy when you're out late. I love you you you can be out after 10 and so you may get it in whatever time you have a somebody early and so again constriction that it it's could steal some joy in that for some people.

They won't go see family and I have some distant family that won't get together with anyone because they're afraid that they're gonna thing it in the paper to stealing in it a different season. Well, it's possibly too late, but I think Sam has to get a test before he can fly through negative thought or ask. I going from house to house three around okay and I'll be carrying plenty of disinfectant get stuck in the mom stuck.traveling and had plans to travel that everybody so canceled, so I got rearrange and go some other time that's that's having a lot of people I know that they've had that happen. I've had certain family members pull out of the equation you handed every lichen cam out And out and be part of it. You know that obviously concerns of you and can I travel what's it what's rules and the different states right now your negative annoying. I know what to look like in the states getting there. Once I get there, you have some states it there rule is that when you come into the state you got a quarantine for 14 days before you can go anywhere that was California's doing that last I knew, and so is New York.

Still, I don't follow what they do that again in every areas different. I and so you may not even be feasible for you to go do what you wanted chaos may not be able to but it sure seems like it's trying it now back to Allen's book yeah is been a very chaotic year II guess what were the questions I would ask you guises. What are you going to do this year. If you can't do your normal plans. What are you gonna do to not let the Christmas joy be stolen from now honestly from paying one of the things that you want to switch going to green okay I like this. If I'm not careful, just what's going on between covert and election steals my joy almost every day I that that there so much going on there that if if you pin your hopes stuck know it's really really scary and it's interesting to me that you have all this wonderful quiet time at get myself in a great position and no within an hour or two of what I see going on in the world.

Now it's it's tough to hang onto it and so will Mina do is do my best to not take my word for the year and and and try to get intimate with God and in try to feel like I'm close in his presence. I would have to say that were not doing also hot out, but you know it, which is interesting because when you do get around your immediate family, which I'm very fortunate because my kids are all of the mind at work and I get together and working to do what we do for Christmas. But when your life's been sucked out of you by other things you do tend to be a little Grinch and so it's a thrill difficult thing from my perspective just just keep my hopes depend on where it's supposed to be knowing that God truly got it, but in our yeah is not the easiest thing in the world you get so many people doing different things saying different things all kinds of stuff that can distract you again if if you been distracted during this year. I think it's can be ramped up for Christmas if you've gone through it like Jim is a Saturday, no were trusting God, I've been content. I've things going okay you know know nothing rebate. I think you're going to probably yell come through the Christmas season just find that it's you have to pick a side and go with it and typically go away.

Thank you is all you and we come back remove one of the words used. Robbie was the world where talk about that world aspect of it and not put your faith there. We do have a special bumping coming in from Jim Saugus is just a course where talk more about it But then we come back to your sales. If it feels like every day is fine.

You might want to come listen to the masculine journey and find out why we use clips like the to illustrate the story, God is telling in the lives of truth is God designed you to find which flights do we pay will grab your gear and come in every Saturday. This assumes mask and turn them with my son Eli talk about ways he helps his's information website there on how to do that to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find the masculine mail to PO Box 552 728 coming home, coming in will. This is a tremendous honor.

Jim would never say that, but it did. This is a tremendous argument. Jim put together.

He wrote it obviously to parity of grandma got run over by a reindeer, but that we were initially going to play the whole thing, but in in part of the whole thing just like the regular movie is told it the regular song that movie and Thinking the regular song grandma doesn't make it right and so we were little worried that people who had lost somebody due to covert or new somebody that had died do that would would be impacted and we did want to negatively do that. It is a wonderful song. It's really well done. Jimmy did an amazing job and have you can go listen to it. There and Andy go ahead and call me the name that you call me now well okay you can't type well I could talk while were trying to get Andy to like it was written out of that from a humor standpoint, but there's some really serious things that and part of what we will look at is what are we taking seriously now and is it worldly or is it godly and I really wanted to. I want people listen to it if we prepared to be hurt, insulted, offended. That's the word I was looking for but it shouldn't because it really is looking at this from a it's not like grandma was going to get out of it alive anyway and that is very sad if you've had that experience but for me, at least I've had a much sadder experience dealing with the other side of covert, a friend of mine and I know an elder church were talking the other day that we have seen, he's seen two people he knew the guy from COBIT. One of them. I shared with a man he used to be an elder in our church and he really he if he died from COBIT he did.

He was positive and he was elderly and sick. But what really want things that was said as he died of a broken heart, because his wife was at the hospital and they had been together 60 years and he could not go see her and when he contracted he had no will to live.

But what we came down to with this, as we have seen more suicides than we've seen covert deaths and Friday at our church. We had three funerals to open more young people killing themselves. There is the buzz kill AI which I just want to mention that what you heard was just a course the whole song is a currently or you can hear the verses that that he penned which you know I got admit they're wonderfully mixed by an outstanding producer popped up but anyway now that the it's going to be worth taking a listen to if if you know you can go with a comedy it's it's fun when you talk about being offended in the worst thing happens until grandma dies me that it's like there's anything offensive is like an original, it just like in the original and I think it Porky pig productions would be a great agreement and that I have corrected you know you can do that of the great back to something you said before the break, Robbie was you know about the world you know and when you really think about it, the world has taken Christmas from God for so many years right in an argument be little Santa Claus or Hank has not when I'm gone. After bit the direction the focus the attention is taken completely away from what is a Christian holiday that celebrated the birth of Christ, obviously didn't happen at that time you don't believe it was a different time here, but that's when we celebrated right answer. The focus of the world's long been taken off of that and I think a lot of it. You know the answer comes of folkies focusing our attention back on him.

That's where the lie the answer lies for a Centauri. Go ahead and go to a clip from miracle on 34th St. and I have Santa Claus, but also has God and it's only listens and then will come back and talk about is the issue and the people of the United States. Single words, God we prove that God exists in the just as invisible and just as is so very cost the state issued its currency physical existence and nonexistence. The state of New York is in when you listen to clip for me anyway.

It's all about perspective you if you watch that movie. There's several different versions of it. This would happen. Use a dollar bill, another one uses letters from the post office, but it's all kinda same thing reason I like this version is really dealt with that in God we trust portion of it, but it's perspective. When we when we think about things a certain way we change how we feel about it. I am a lot of what getting through this Christmas is going to be is changing our focus right that okay maybe you can't go visiting if Sally really wanted to go visit her. She's not taking visitors now okay what can you go do what can you do differently what can you put in its place. My boys and I were talking about it as were together this weekend about maybe this year will be something different working as long as the weather allows randomly firing outside have little fire pit languages candidate Christmas fire pit and make a different type of meal and labor have and celebrate a little differently, and just try to do something that's completely abnormal for us so that we can have a say okay were going to enter into this with a fine attitude.

Even though we can't go do some of the stuff we'd like to go to Rodney what about you, what you gonna do. You can't go to Illinois well again. That would be actually abnormal. That would be changing something doing something different because I haven't been back there in a while and haven't been there for Christmas and even longer. So for me, skews me it's more of don't change her focus. My focus has been on God and that's where it is supposed to be and for me it's don't let COBIT interfere, don't let all the other other people that are doing whatever, saying, whatever changing the rules and laws of what we can even do day-to-day. Now don't let that interfere keep that out.

Keep your focus. I know I probably setting out you turn on the radiator. It was in the worldly things of news and things that nature. It's going to get to you quickly, preferring to keep most of that out. I get enough of it because if you I'm still going to work so I get around everybody and thereby talk about whatever they heard or saw. I get secondhand stuff. And unlike that's enough and I don't need all that. So I stay away from the inundation of the news and the feeds and all that kind of information. I'm on zero social media. I stay away from any of that stuff.

So today I do have is for me is CNBC updates for unanswered stuff, which gets enough of the political and at bedside. Three lines your that's good I go on in your 10 other favorite podcasts of the podcasts are very very very good and they're very good to listen to when you're listening to Christian rock action is barred very little secular stuff and it's just great.

It does, but that you rewrite the podcasts are are bright part of my heart in the game and not tuning out and specially at this time. He it.

It has the opportunity and one thing I wanted to make clear when we're not saying you should go out and not be safe. And in this covert environment mean we have hand sanitizer.

They all have the where the facemask we do the things that were supposed to do but you don't have to let it rob you of your joy. And that's the point in human system. My mascot when you were told my math is going to be a different I had a different Thanksgiving first, hence Bennett will mom and my daughter together and actually being well my daughter, my wife, but Christmas my mom still doesn't feel comfortable with that which is difficult because when you've done that, you've done it every year for so many people in that place and I really don't know what Christmas can be hit look like, to be honest with you, that you not thinking about this year is think about co-vid and you think this year some sometimes we need when you really sit back and look at what covert has done. I feel like it's in some way away of really humbling humanity, we always have all the answers, and this is one of the first things it really is things by surprise and in that humility feel like it really isn't one of those things where regardless how it came about God I think is wanting to get our attention and to the point, you know, I think we we have taken to your point, you were talking about we put it on Santa Claus or the celebration or even the family can become more of an important part of the celebration than Christ himself, and I hope that we all truly do that.

I don't want to be relit. You can be religious and be in trying to be holy talk about. We forgot about things, but I really I really think the focus mean God this is what's going on this year. This is been a crazy year you gotten me through it. I'm thankful that you have but I'm a really trust you during this season and truly celebrate the chief interest unit of this earth for our salvation. While those almost a lioness peanut that was know that was awesome and in thinking that is where the focus leaves me with so much more.

We want to talk about in the after-hours method clip from the crossing never seen that movie, which I have anything most of us have here. It's getting great clip coming up and we may revisit from the Grinch to see how his story ended know if you haven't seen that movie, I don't know why the masculine, listen to Jim's new song it's also listen to masculine It will be on the front page. Rob is going to have it. Therefore, you will see you next week and will with four to talk. This is the Truth Network

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