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Surviving COVID Christmas After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 19, 2020 8:00 am

Surviving COVID Christmas After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 19, 2020 8:00 am

Merry Christmas fellow adventurers! The guys dig deeper on the topic of surviving COVID during the Christmas season. The clips used come from "The Crossing," and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.



The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

Christmas gift why not the one she can have a couple of chicken maybe it's not the get for your family but it is the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide food and nourishment for family and they can sell those exit the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asian 1% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family of Jesus family this Christmas and give them six explanation see chickens and camping in the Christian faith, and layout. Our foundational truths of God's word chosen Truth Network podcasts starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy the sheriff and most of all, thank you for listening for for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network masculine time to be more transparent masculine start walking the mountain journey after hours and are talking about surviving a covert Christmas if you didn't listen to her as part of the first episode of this we were talking on the radio show about what were going to do to try to keep the joy from being stolen because really that's what's happened a lot of people over 2020 covert been a big piece of that is the joys been stolen from him and you know typically for most people, not everyone, but for most people. Christmas is the one shining time when you get joy back throughout the year. I know that's not everyone's story but I think it's most people story that you have a lease hope know things come with that and this year that's kind of at risk if we can't do the things that we would normally do. If were going to go by the other things is been laid in front of her.

She can gather with large parties are no office parties going on really and for most companies is now anything like that. You can't take 20 people at the Mary can't go with a big family out the can do those things you can't for North Carolina can be out past at night until January sometime in others that there's a curfew going on and saw things that come with it and can start away down and rob that joy and so what we've been talking about is what are we gonna do not let that happen and some of the severity shared that Danny, we haven't had an opportunity for you Sherry I would love to hear what your plan is to keep the joy of Christmas. Well, we have usually have large family gatherings and but I was left not happen for several different reasons both sets of our prayers have health issues. We've kinda had to be cautious with the code 19 for lots during my father-in-law has a heart condition that they are beginning the process Christmas the procedures but will we begin to talk about how can we do things differently to you obviously enjoy Christmas and I think my son and his wife are coming up Christmas Eve and were going to probably like the fire pit to stake out the honestly what the ideas may go outside and have a stake what you doing those things because yeah there is an environment you have to navigate and yet there is the misinformation and all that, stuff that that comes with all this and my wife is a schoolteacher so she has been bombarded with information and I have seen the fear in her eyes, but I've also watched her overcome a lot that you just get up in the morning. Sometimes she suffered from anxiety for years and I really be just getting up in the morning and saying okay. We have to get dressed and go to work because there in the classroom to the classroom there remote they're not remote they're going come back 75%, 25, 33%. Whatever it is Esso that steals joy, but but she has discovered the joy of teaching again because she's creative in any so I think will have a joyous Christmas just simply because were grateful for the year that we have had despite all of this year we did buy a house, moved to Kenyan all the other stuff and we had some family and some neat stuff going out. Think you don't ask you a question so I know you can't. As we talked about on the first show you not you mail the ghost spend Christmas with your mom and things you traditionally done but didn't give you an opportunity potentially to start a new tradition with your daughter. You know lease for this year to do something different. Maybe that is really don't know what it's gonna look like yet with me and her mom and and everything going on there but yeah that one. I guess the tradition will definitely start with his. I wasn't really hip. I'm sorry I was like okay for can't be together that list talk on the phone but my mom had an idea of the light shall come and give a suggestion, look through the way and I'm not sure will do that but it'll probably be something with FaceTime or something you know that. Why not do Christmas with Zuma, then the rest of the year was the right that you know I really respect you and the fact that you you always either Eve Eve always talked about these create Christmas traditions and yet you've got something unique for this year and I need to be more intentional actually look for an opportunity to do something different to make it unique because I'm telling him we will never forget 20/20, and we might as well remember the Christmas with yeah and you know and there's no promise a 2021 will be different. Writer Christmas.

We hope that it will be but we don't know what that's gonna look like I can. Ellen and him and I don't. I just think that something fresh can help yeah they can hear doing something different or project a minute could be whatever that looks like for you that would be well encourage others say what can I go to differently in the circumstances that I'm in right right keeping you know with the width of the law of the land, so to speak Dragon hands and keeping everybody safe but it is keep you from doing baby pic of an art project you without you tired of doing something different on the designs you like to write a song like that Jimmy could write a song I'd like to do all kinds of things you just pushed one of my buttons keeping safe.

What does that mean the Army were not safe any of us could have anything happen to us at any time there's this there's this perception that were being safe.

But where were my it on my Facebook which I need to go on and say thank you for my happy birthday spot stay 70 days. Again, I'll go on Facebook very often but it was a something I heard that I sort of requoted and love the thought that's the most dangerous place you'll ever be safe is in the middle of God's will is now safer. The disciples by our standards, particularly Jesus didn't really have a safe life if that's what you're pursuing you're really chasing death in your trying to be safe understand I don't go jabber fork at my desk to see if it felt, and there is transferred to a note not doing things that are risky, but that was anyway you know, I can let you pushed my buttons when I noticed that this weight yeah you're right I think it definition safe. I guess what I was just trying to say is you need to go out and not put others at risk in and and that's really how I look at this guide I don't want to contract over the last handling dues and give it to something here about that, it's can affect and that's what I do it as much for people's perception of being safe is to help schools that are really like massacre helping us that much, but other people do. That's okay deal with that. Yes I'm wearing my mass now as we speak on my wrist died while I got it I go ahead and throw out because it hit me while we were talking earlier Carolyn and I in my noses. Love to go on cruises and on Sunday I got reminders that were set back in August and were supposed to fly out and had good cruise yesterday morning and Carolyn said okay let's we had while we are moving we had found a DVD of the trip we took like seven years ago and so we watch that as a substitute for our trip and that was a lot of fun.

And then it hit me to lie that God took care of us on that because if I had that cruise. I would've lost a fair chunk of money because I never buy the silly insurance and they got canceled for me and not only did I not get all my money back.

I got the 25% bonus that we made may get you in March. We may not, but that'll keep pushing forward till I tire till we finally cruise, but God is going to take care of everybody out there, whatever their circumstance if they are relying on him and this is been a blessed year for us pointed out in the first show think last week and it doesn't have to be a disaster cattle so you through the even those that have lost people.

There will be something that comes out of that that will be for your good, for his glory. And I wonder how many kids you have the name Zoom as we move into the future years of the down the road. Zoom are you here today to use their team sincere and sincere with us and social web.

So Harold, we are working our way towards you on what you can do to keep the Christmas joy live in your home visitor Christmas miracle different field.

I don't know we haven't talked about it but is it any different year for you that's always different, but this is more different, but the needed the Grinch nor Scrooge can really steal my Christmas because really I look at Christmas. And where is the majority people save the baby in the manger essay crossed on cross the baby in the manger was necessary thing with the real purpose was across and I'm not trying to steal anybody's joy from the manger saying but is just not major thing for me and so Christmas is not to be all that much different for me because it's never been about the gifts and so forth from AMA not alike given gifts but I don't care whether I get a piece of paper or pencil to write on it or what is just this one was to give me something wonderful if not I'm good with them not being trying to be uglier Scrooge era. Whatever our downer but it's just the major thing for me about Christmas is the affected my Savior came and lived a very ordinary life. It amazes me that that he did that he had a birth that was different because he did not have an earthly father.

So this very unique in that regard, but look how he lived his life. Most of his time on earth. We know nothing about. But that was his purpose/3 years as we think it was three. How much Everett was because it gets debated back and forth but those last years and he was here and in the final time when he met his purpose, which was the only reason he came so Christmas is wonderful and thinking out and even speaking across to the PA ear clip. The crossing anyone to go ahead and set that up a bit and then will come back and talk about why you chose a sure it's from Christmas Eve when Washington crossed the Delaware and he's article conversed with his main general gates and kinda told them what the plan was to attack the Hessians to really get all the things they needed food ammo clothing all the stuff in these basically says you know there really gonna be partying up. Let's take advantage of this and so this clip is really the rebuttal I gates about talking about all the risk. Washington saw an opportunity where is gates all a writ of excessive risk and and and really he saw the feet so so for people like me they didn't know what the Hessians are the higher junk German soldiers that the British had and that they were really professional labor like what I call mercenaries basically to come in and they were, you know well that will provided for and really they were they were professional soldiers in here you got guys yet.

Farmers and staff are getting ready to attack them. Washington makes this point I think it's in this clip he makes the point that basically this is that this is your opportunity because it's a surprise attack and are going to be off the guard and engages really taken a different position. Really when you think about it this is really the clip that we set up. I will talk a little bit later about you know where I see it, but it really just goes into covert can be either a on opportunity or something that we fear rediscover taking on or whatever in dealing with Christmas, but Christmas tidings courses I chose to do this from Christmas Eve and a time of what would normally be celebration. Sorry, I guess I had a look at the right figure there again that we got his Excellency Gen. Washington commander-in-chief FS, the Congress, having come to the realization that Philip okay let's go for 1/3 time and see if we get that three times a charm is. That's what they said.

I waited for you to broach this what you think would not wish to.

Then you have objections. Many would you specify deadly testing. I just wanted to attack one needs an army. You do not have an army.

Secondly, in order to attack needs soldiers your men are not soldiers.

Your troops always go in one direction to attack request the other direction to Naomi's time and distance are not your men will not find it for then why should they need only sit tight and go home. Next, there is no way to cross the river and keep sleight-of-hand from Hesiod. They have spies everywhere. The crossing will take hours and long before you reach the other shore Hessians will have their artillery on your bus was big denim lips of yours make damn good targets. Even a Yankee gun. I couldn't miss them and finally, you will not defeat Hesiod's.

They on European soldiers the most disciplined, most rigorously trained the best soldiers on and you know that security audit that superiority will be their undoing on 1970s, their training has not prepared them for an attack of this nature will be roused from their beds and we will not give them time to achieve the formations with which they are comfortable for your sanity general. I fear that you will no longer fit. I am sick to death of your looking down the long nose of yours and equally sick of the pretense of military competence that you and your colonial cronies display.

You are no soldiers and use damned Lolita, you can't face defeat and so you seek annihilation, have you finished seven. This revolution is over so we surrender the way the pros and cons and reason prevents Caesar, I am an unreasonable man as well as a more soldier to her right. My men are not soldiers they are lads 16, 17, 18, they run away.

They fear the Hessians as they fear this is true they have put their trust in. They could have deserted thousands these lads, they remain with me and not you general gates. I command this army and I tumbling fiction. Your farmer should decide to lead to hell.

They will hear a lot of negativity. They're just everything that can go. Seems like a lot of what we are hearing about covert witness almost sometimes it's like you know people give near prep not prognostications of when things are in a bit on Porky pig the same mother and I think that's the most easy for you to say is that that unites just again this is this is not a virus and and then were talking about a war here, but it's there is a mentality of what will you believe, we believe that God is going to save through her.

We got always take the negative know I don't get into the political stuff, but when you talk about the that Jim was talking about you getting the difference of you know, are you harming people more by the ship everything down or letting them make the decisions of what date was whether they feel comfortable with. You know, social distancing, whatever you have that route because there are life goes on and I think God wants us may want to think somebody pointed out recently.

God it really if you look through the Bible. He appreciates love. He appreciates all the all the fruits of the spirit, all those things but one thing that when you look back the tickling Old Testament really in the New Testament that he's always recalling people out to be courageous and to put their trust in him.

Whenever you get a world event like were going through now it's going to take a certain amount of courage to get a start and what does that have to do with Christmas. I think it has to do with courage to do whatever he's leading you into to however you celebrate however you would come into you know interaction with your family to where you can get joy out of it and you're not just allowing that joy to be stolen as a listen I clip. I was thinking about you and that that aspect of it being like and let what other people say I can let what that the the edicts in from the state are, or whatever affect me in a negative way I can. I'm not talking about obedience right I can be obedient to something right. That's a choice. If I choose to be obedient to not single out and not be obedient what I'm saying is don't let it rob your joy right you know because we could debate both sides of the equation.

You know whether this should be that way. That way in when I know when will we all are facing is a potential for joy to be stolen at this Christmas time and when I hear that Washington clip is. He says I'm a an unreasonable man. We need to be unreasonable man. Right now for families in need be unreasonable man for our own hearts so no I'm not gonna let whatever the situation is still this from me this season. This focus on God, and renew my focus on God, do something that's going to take my focus to where it needs to be. We love in this ministry, pointing out that we are in a world war.

Gates was a good general and where he excelled was on defense but you don't win wars defensively. Washington was ready to risk everything basically to win a victory that change the outcome of the war and that's what we need to do as Christians, and it isn't fighting against people it's fighting against our true enemy and and honestly during this season I have had far more opportunity to talk to people that are fearful and point out you know beer is showing you have a lack of faith in God covering you during this time, we have the opportunity really go on the offensive.

As Christians in with the enemy plans to rob as and often work it only works if we allow it to work right. That's a whole thing and we get back to Betty. The Grinch is only go back to this clip because he thinks his plan worked right.

He really does. He stole Christmas. He stole all the presents. He stole other stuff so the trees and we pick up this clip he's literally trying to push it all into the dump and he's laughing he's mocking Sano now allow me to really hear it now and then something happens. He doesn't expect it will come back and talk about you in the Grinch discount rising over the snow started in no and it's not, but the sound and sound us.

Mary every who told the small without any Christmas from coming King. However, the Grinch with his Grinch feet ice cold and the snow student presently passing shall and he puzzled and puzzled to this person that was going to Christmas. He told Christmas.

You know you pointed out initially. Sounds like Sean Connery and Jim Carrey during the Grinch. As Sean Connery been part of that sounds like actually William Shatner is listed to pick out there. The idea that other do that is you think it's everywhere. Jim Carrey's impressions exist in the Grinch was with it as you listen to that clip for me anyway. It's it it's not about the presence of Jim as you said earlier in the show with the tea. It's about the presence in the presence with God. God dwelling with this Emmanuelle God with us. That's that's the answer to the joy yeah I want to get this in before. I wasn't sure how much time we have. But I love this. I love this quote you guys surprisingly said it before, but about the incarnation, the son of God became the Son of Man, so this sends a man could become the sons of God and and really that's that's really why he came. We you know you guys have heard me talk all year really last couple years. Just about the censorship of God and really why Jesus came again. I know were Tomoko would hear and stuff but really it is about getting that focus back on Jesus why he came was really, truly to reconcile this with the father. I think that along with the focus on Jesus step into a new adventure. Let this be an opportunity to do something different. If you had something stolen from you okay and in your heart and your mind. It feels like he had it stolen replace it with something new. The enemy can't defeat that ablation ablation yeah what a great movie to something I don't know but Robbie, you have something to say.

Lisa I will not hurt on the M podcast from the heart this week where they said you know whenever God showed you know you end up on the fast not getting something he always put provides a feast and so while you look at the fast start asking in prayer wears deceased. You know that's kind of a 70 something tube" within our minds. Following pages leaving go out and enjoy your Christmas, it's 56 leaves away. It's almost there to go listen to the podcast if you didn't listen. The first next week. The special thing really talking about a word of the year that's coming up to release to you, and that's a guys, but be prepared with a better word for the year next week on the show. It's been a joy being with you. We hope you have a great holiday season. If you'd like to reach out to she can do it from a website you can get from Twitter Facebook also to different places messenger. This is the Truth Network

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