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Chaos Can't

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 5, 2020 12:30 pm

Chaos Can't

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 5, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! A bit of a change of pace this week. The guys welcomes Allen Arnold, member of the Wild at Heart team to the show to discuss his book, "Chaos Can't." The clips come from the television show "Get Smart."

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How do we keep from losing hard trying to find a wife feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. I excited that you're with us this week and I do realize I say that every week, but I did add a working credibly to it that you were getting ready for Christmas Eve EBV anonymous. I know you when I'm surrounding the practice of helping you the kind of stuff when I get there. I'm really excited about today show because we have something we don't normally have.

We have a guest on the show right we do that on occasion, but on very rare occasion and so very glad to have Alan Arnold with us from the wild at heart team and he's really talking with us about his new book, chaos can't Alan welcome a really good look at court that we did.

It's what it's time for this book to come out. I know was what you intended.

I listen to your podcast with the John Ransom heart is really good podcast I will ask at what was your your motivator. If you don't mind, I know you talked about Kelly if you would mind sure about here in a minute if you'd be okay with that in and kind.

Her encouragement for the book on how it came about that you want a good podcast I I recommend that because I'm sure it will go over different stuff than what we talk. It's all the parts that it's okay wow, that took like it was prophetic that I do not like every week. Anyway yeah I Alan tell us about that story well yeah you know are why many died. The greater good in our day-to-day walk at all and Kelly my wife that absolutely that and made the comment to me to go where the world got quite a bit earlier that it had been with the outbreak go to bed a lot down. Everybody home social unrest, political campaigns were heating up, and at that time only you know Alan would think her chaotic I've noted you become more chaotic that it only back down when when things are calm, you do really well and your find in your study, but would think that a little barbaric chaotic. You become more chaotic and actually make things worse because of that and that was the first time that I had to look at myself in the mirror. That way, but I wow like right I you you think you're crazy out there.

So I minute now be a little more chaotic and I didn't like what I thought that with the gator are kind of that spark that led to the booklet.

The journey what's going on okay on why does that affect the bike and how can we be. That was awesome when I was listening to that on the podcast I started thinking about you and for me personally it was almost a tale of two different people. I could be calm and collected at work. This chaos was going on but I sure couldn't do it at home in on so you time by your story with Kelly in the command how me times as I demonstrated my kids that you and I have a hard time holding it together. When personal chaos is going on.

It seems like it so much more at risk so much more risk there when it's such a personal place literally right like it work.

We got really good time at it out either.

Not what were thinking are rolling with that are gritting our teeth and going through it, but we get all that we let down were weary. We are far more comfortable and just kind of letting our guard down and often times people we love the boat. The worst problem because all that chaos building up all day build over like we we already have very little. I think in our world right now that we don't have much bumper we don't have much margin, and if we hold it together at work that often build outdoor gift are why it doesn't have to be that could be most situations, but yes, you could look around the room, you would see people shaking their heads as you add in a covert was one thing and the riots were. Another thing now the selection thing.

I mean, you want to just destroy your heart and a list of Rush Limbaugh from our you know or or or the regular news I come home. My mother-in-law has it on. I'm forced to listen NBC for 20 and by the time you get done with that, you know. Just try to think straight for minute it's it's it's it's it's also my friend on even before 2020. Coming to Austin originate in 2020.

Right now, and I minute originated long long before that even right about that right like what you guys why I do the paddle and be but I wanted to know the origin of chaos that I really started this journey with God where I had take me into what's really going on and you but I love it though, brought any though we're all in this world. If you look at John 1633 and I told you the thing, so that you may have P in this world you will have trouble.

But the work chaos there. But take heart I have overcome the world. And as I read that while that no counterintuitive because the weight you begin. I've told you the thing you may have P you got thing one day something really call me are really that old me and in the world you will have trouble. They are reality it was happening. Then it was happening from the time of the garden of Eden when the serpent came into the garden. There was trouble and there's been trouble and chaos ever spent. Though I love it that the Orient that the situation that Morgan wake up to do every day you will have trouble. But again, he felt that the will have P trouble and I love that we get that birth but take heart I have overcome the world. In other words just overcome the moment or the demon possessed person or this particular storm or this particular riot with the middle thing I've overcome the world of overcome everything of creation through the day and tomorrow and forward so when we remember that it gives the orientation of the price you're going to have chaos but you can be with the one overcome it, you can actually overcome the and that's why you know that that's not a lot but it overcome what comes against you in the shaken world like the world is taken, but we can actually be chaos free in a world of chaos. If we understand God's approach in 1966 they were overcoming chaos and they know you might remember my soul smart and sometimes even tried overcome that I that's right first learned about chaos and writer will listen to a maximum support is sounds like a chaos organization is back in action sheet right seems to be the testament that she is top security option. We make a cone of silence who signs us, right questions, activate the cone of silence cone of silence, you know what chaos national patient.

Although, I think, in 1957 but age of 57 is in Hong Kong when we in the cone assignment just talk softly sex says for informatics will smart medicament that he really thought that constantly but now I love you know your first book that I was the story of with which have these beautiful, I guess you'd call them allegories, but this one starts out with the last snow globe, which itself was you know you have a gift for bringing a story to help things come to life and I and our listeners would enjoy a little bit of the last snow globe, not word for word, but at least to get you kind of that that word that I love comes out at the end of the story, absolutely. Well, I do believe story are the heart whether that burbled her our modern day story we tell each other in time, and though I didn't get the book with your or five-page allegory story, but I call it the Don island and about a small island in the Mediterranean and most folks don't even realize that there's a family on that island small island to create and there really different or not. Like the normal one and that the matter how much you ship them. What I remain all and it was filled with the unique living water and anything light like that with the color, the color we would know but then color the world of the need for yet and though the story basically goes into this family. Creativity and making the above but on the island now. There was a lot of beer and though the people around the island. Working with the air about an it was something that people just felt like they didn't have much hope though they would die they would shut themselves, their they would try to track to be consumed with the beat that they would be scared about going to the beat that that would appear on the island and ultimately of that peer group.

The water that within the cave where they could snow globe down and tell the whole story goes into without revealing that his family here on the island right after the break. Sorry about that.

I love you. The rest of that masking you can download any of the past podcast. You can look at any upcoming events and having will be having a boot camp this spring. We don't have a date yet. This is due.

Ill be there masking sales feels like everything is fine you. I want to come listen to the masculine journey and find out why we use clips like the to illustrate the story, God is telling in the lives of his gun designed you to find which flights do we grab your gear and come in every Saturday I this assumes masking journey.

I'm here with my son Eli talked about ways he held his smile that is information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find the masculine email something to PO Box 550 927-2830. That is the theme song from get smart and he was driving noble GT just say I would not know that I'm having a hard and obviously the Christian card.

Alan sorry we had to cut off the story we did major time great right there but we deftly want to hear what's happening. Family. You kinda set a backup. We have the island of this snow globes in the fear that's really consume the people correct and really worried going up the book on we all live in a world that peer and we all be on the island are there chaos around and one family was struggling to make the bed and though the story goes on when we choose either to focus on the people of the island or we choose to be astonishing by what God and that it was a great opening day. Things are always, and though we can either choose a path in our world of fear of the chaos and over the craving at and we can be fearful and anxious to be honest and if we do that keeping our eyes on what God and were actually back to Mark. Let like we are either chaos or agent and the choices are.

We can either be reactive and prized by The bike day and unfortunately will not happen. We become chaotic ourselves that we become agents of chaos, whether we need to or not, or the how God's pursuit. Why in the midst of chaos and we can look at like God that he wrote what he wrote and most people don't even know they have joy.

The book I wanted to start with that story today has got wake up to what is a better way. We don't have to be shaken. We don't have to be reactive, but we will be weak just wake up and fall into our day, unaware absolutely nuts and he gets back to that old adage whenever you feed grounds right so I see that that astonishment to talk about that's going to grab it. If I see the fear that's going to consuming in some focus on what exactly yeah I it's amazing. One of the things that you talked about is how inner dialogue. You know, self dialogue opens up the door to chaos can be sure someone on that because I think a lot of people do it and don't even realize it will get out the way we talk to ourselves often based on the wall art language that John had an agreement that were making love would make me Throughout our life. Believe why, about who we are about what's going on with you know people. I think by going the way you talk yourself is actually a way of letting Thing that we say a light you know I always am alone or all of me are much can one person.

There's never enough time, never enough money black bear always get the broad type thingy we say and we started break to get it will naming the way reality but not reality the why we start to believe and we start to believe that why we opened the door wider and wider and I used it example through example in the book, funny story that wasn't funny at the moment but I recently gone through the car wash near my house and most of you guys probably have been the one that like a Star Wars laser light show. You know you're in there car wash the cars going through your neutral and watching the foam of the light that water that is like a very cool thing right but I forgot to roll my window clinically. It was like that you have showered old boarding everywhere water all. My drug and it would not. But all but what I learned that I was right. What I learned what I've been like my if I roll the windows. I don't have to let the chaos down there again it be in my heart and my mind but if I'm not guarded but have bought like I did mention and after going yeah that is true. I always get the rocket dealer will manage the world chaotic around the.

Of course I'm going to be chaotic, you wouldn't be careful like rolling the window down and everything out and one chaos died about. Then we become more chaotic and you know you can't really have left something you're becoming more and so you want.

Let chaotic but your letting payout by you, you're actually becoming the thing you want to get rid your becoming chaotic. You're becoming an agent, one of the first got hold of the book is but the first recognize what's really going on in this world you have don't be prized by don't be caught off guard and second, don't let it. You don't have to let the external payout in Proverbs 423 pretty clear regard are far above all else. You know where to watch what we let guarded from the external chaos around that external light around you to be trying to get their great thing when we understand the reality of prized like a were not letting it in those like that theory. First, that is changing how we live. There's a lot more beyond that, about how we can change the chaos around that, but it starts with something that Pohlad don't believe the lie, you have to become more chaotic with things around your or fearful are you down, we can actually be chaos. The world you're exactly right. It starts with not making those agreements is that something our listeners would be familiar with the that you talked about is you make that agreement and you give the enemy a foothold which gives them access and getting someone of a free reign that the press on those fears that you talked about and really start putting pressure on people you know, I don't think I really like my question would be what is your goal. Response when something pushes your buttons, whether that screaming kids in the minivan or whether that blow up at the office or whether that the expected bill in the mail. Whatever it is, what is your response when chaotic. It and most people that you forget are they shut down or they try to wait it out.

You either get agitated or they just got down and cut down their heart and check out for they are going to wait it out and when they waited out, you know, the lower the bar on all of their hopes and dreams and expectations for what could be and find it just that on the potluck. All of those things are not great response. All of those thing will play in the hand of the enemy because there there reactive their captive there reactive and are not the right way Will never go away.

You will never be free permit with those responses and so I think it's important for everyone looking to go yet. How do I respond personally when It and do I feel like I'm doing really good job or filling out the very people I love are in my own art week at night are I have to have an extra you know on beer to do it and I just think the job or whatever else the United binge on Netflix. Instead of facing what's going on, whatever it is you're not happy with how you're feeling okay. The answer is that what is wait till 2020 wanted to change it at night, but I think 2021 probably be more chaotic than 2020 and and were waiting for year with the hopes that it will be less chaotic. That got a very good strategy that the path of strategy better thing is to change who we are in our approach and hope something changes externally. That's a great point. You know I want to ask about something that the term spun up. I think for some people the may look at that and make their own conclusion that I can look very different to different people that could be a controlling type personality and we control every other aspect of my life. I can't control this or Ranger. It could be lots of different reactions within that spun up couldn't wait it out you a great way every response we may agree approach you in our life.

I believe it either, but they are, and so here they did not love or hate, hate, that would be here and like you're saying that your baby very different they can be very Great. They can look like a guy that just glided over and checked out but all the you get down here selective trust that God beer going to happen here, break the idea for their children and family situations going on with her job so you know, the question is what boded all right great check.

Look at motive about your bond is based.

Locate what they you're probably going to get jobs thing called store beer bay Going to take you out every single time you might be able to hold five minute or five hours, five day, but eventually you are responding beer bay you have reactionary mode is the end of our first show I want to stick around and do the after hours Will be here in just a few minutes with talking more about some of that in an realizing that you're not alone in this, that you get somebody on your side of the logistic family on the after hours with this. In the meantime, the masculine look for any of our contact information if you'd like to reach out maybe said something on the air you like to know more about things like to know more about Alan and his ministry and will give information on that in the after hours, but you can also get a website or if you wanted to switch up to us and say hey if you see this movie be thought about this clip. What about this topic.

We'll talk to you next week. This is the Truth Network

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