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Chaos Can't After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 5, 2020 8:00 am

Chaos Can't After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 5, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion with Allen Arnold and his book "Chaos Can't," continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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Christmas gift why not the one she can have a couple of chicken maybe it's not the get for your family but it is the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide nourishment for family and they can sell mosaics at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asian 1% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family of Jesus family this Christmas and give them a six explanation or see chickens and other animals camping. This is Mike Swick on podcast show stories of hopelessness turn in the home shows an Truth Network podcast is starting to just enjoy Sharon but most of all, thank you for listening shoes and truth podcast. This is good Truth Network masculine journey after hours time the more transparent, so sit back and masculine journey starts here. Exciting day we got Alan Arnold on with those from wild at heart actually set it right this time it's wild heart ministries is a huge part of our life and changes in her life. Quite honestly that stuff that Alan and John and my whole team is put together with Morgan Barton boy just this keep on naming Craig back in the day just the amazing things that they shared with their hearts and written talked about the boot camps on just impacted all this time and we talked about before the show. Sam, what difference would all of it made right handy if you know to have this message walk with God in the way that we have it served as a is the fruit of this ministry. I can imagine 20/20 without it handing like Rodney uniquely for 2020 but it took me a while to get the you know just typical winglike change like that with not beer but I have in past downturn cry.

I would fall on God just so much much more ability and who I am really afraid what while going after teaching.

She began able to understand he has what it takes Dobson with father. Whatever good whatever you need now looking back we just have you here talk about your book chaos can't. I think anybody would agree that it at work. Chaotic would be for 2020. But it runs so much deeper when you think about it the way that you lay it out in the book chaos really kind is the enemy right you know clearly but the way that came about that.

Well, the way that I think primary weapon so eye-opening to me when I finally get. Betty Godwin wildlife sure changes that would be chaos.

From that perspective rather than my day and I whacked out many things are going crazy and I thought you you know, more chaotic, but would you go now actually pay out for me to my debate be out differently than it would be kept you out each of you out there out then start going bigger later and I can either understand that, and have a strategy for or I like walking into a tornado. I can walk into the tornado.

It be blown away.

I really would rather not have that happen really rather be somebody that is actually an agent of change for good, good, just that eight of payout getting by nothing but I knew you'd written I read in some the notes that you chaos started well before man entered into the picture and chaos was new to us in the Garden of Eden. But it was not the father he dealt with it before with our enemy, correct absolutely. And like I grew up you don't start thinking well must of been kind of out and of an outpouring of the ball like that that entered the world, death entered the world and I get payout part of that.

But you look at it you get what the garden was already an agent that was growing payout added to the confusing question and through misrepresentation of God and through evil intent, though chaotic, was already there. That shows great and so did you go back and I will.

Early in the workday up you like one.

We can talk about that a little boy in a different context and effective, but for now dollars. They what that birthday where God every empty boy murky dark that so went to war, the creation you will wear to Begin. Are you at the beginning and the beginning, and it's already there and the guys that went through other truck on my search on my exploration and you start to get into the creation angelic being which we talked about the book of Revelation there talked about the culinary day and other Old Testament book, but one of the things we created being angelic being that God created or time our time on earth. The world they didn't come they want internal being they were created. They didn't come from nowhere and got great and went talk about the firm and Ezekiel 28 blameless in your way from the day you were created, until wickedness was found in you and you go, but angelic beings were created blameless, but in this one being who was one of the higher ranking angel. There was wickedness been found in him and Isaiah 14 we read that that is part I will raise my throne above the stars of God and that we created angelic being nurturing and if the and what you're wanting the story to be about not not the creator created being. I believe give birth to chaos. That moment, and how to how to play off of their well he talked 1/3 of the other created it don't be into rebelling against their creator. One out of three bees are being begot bake the fate know didn't get their creator and you think probably very wise plan is a created being.

Think you can figure creator out but that was what they went with that and that was when chaos erupted in heaven and a war in heaven broke out course they were defeated and they were tossed out of her kicked out of heaven. But hey there after Lucifer elected in the heart. What are overtaking God why is that important like that you know that's certainly a really big fat lady biblical but very practical. We go workday up garden, and I believe it is good. Note the pride that the fingerprint payout are the thing that the enemy meaning John is out to kill Roy, our dreams are about family are believed to be with God, and you go will write that being super now that is what white boy picked up at the third of the angels to rebel against the creator's weapon of going to get out of the Jews against God's weapon of choice today and in 2020. Betty, in a way that I everything the Bible like where getting up the whole world thing like to just lose heart.

20, you have no margin give up to shut down and that we fingerprint on that the wonder of my thinking without questions are but unique way the enemy is very adept at using chaotic try to dictate whether other angels or whether it is really good at that. You got a created being really good.

You think that always moved again, the creator and creation.

And now the God who love God really you know that is weapon every time and see how shut down but you know we look at God guide and Genesis 1 very first lesson got to the all of Scripture is one and what is he showing showing that when the spirit of God, the contact with chaotic spirit of God.

Doesn't shy away. He doesn't shut down. He doesn't wait it out. He doesn't become full of chaotic spell. What he does as he goes, okay here chaos and yet it look, you know, pretty empty boy and my responses going to be not the bleak but they have chaotically and I'm going to bring beauty like the order from the chaos and I believe that God shows us that it is 12 second verse of the whole Bible look at the thing now you today is my son and my daughter can actually do the thing in your world in your realm of authority you going to be avoided like the end you assured beauty and life in order.

Don't become more chaotic. Don't take the bait. Don't shut down the sideline whited out but actively transform what this order in order what you note instruction in polite what if the 20 that But I believe it would God go not just the not like a in our own heart.

One that got departed. Now we get to go into the chaos of God and actually make the world a less chaotic play by transforming it like God did this one thing now is really cool is if you look inside the Hebrew of those verses become down you see that the spirit of God is hovering over the map of the waters and that ma'am is a picture of Christ and so we see once again obviously had map you that the spirit of God hovers over Mary's stomach and again you see the beginning of the end of the real conflict as you bring in. You know, Act III is at work for. Those are familiar larger story that that's what's going on, but then come down to verse nine in Genesis where it says that he gathered the waters together that word there is, and it's actually the root of the word hope okay Winchester, and which you'll see in the book of Ruth. But the idea is that just as Alan just said that to be gathered together. You see as the end the chaos right is doing everything he can even Emma, sounds to break off communication.

He's doing everything we possibly can to break that.

But but bicarb abide by being gathered together even as as we are by band of brothers or the boot camp you think about it, Sam, Randy, when we were at the boot camp here a couple weeks ago and nobody wore a mask.

Nobody talked about coded I mean we were being gathered together, I and you your definitely knowing we did get gathered together and there was the presence of God dealing God.

The creativity of God and you know that that is what he does bring order out of chaos. No we could default so I will let chaos be like out how got stepped up the spirit of God stepped up and took action. Where is you can be very passive and I guess that the way to cope with something that's not what I do very much for your heart really really cool thing I can talk about because it excites me because I'm astonished I really am astonished that on Isaiah 40 when it says those who wait on the Lord right go look it up in April you find out those who, or gathered together with the Lord will rise up like wings on the know will rise up on Eagles wings covered Porky pig would save what is saying is exactly like the picture of with like those that are gathered together with God. Those are the guys that are going to rise up with wings on.

We don't look at the Hebrew. It's absolutely brilliant is like it's got signature. Alan will thank you, Ellen.

One of the things that they usually tries to get you to believe is that you're all alone right that's is one of his biggest plays as you're on your own. You know that God's really inviting you in the midst of all these things that that seem like great distractions, chaos all these things.

It's really an invitation for God to walk with him and and I think the line over and over throughout the acre where men and women and it works really well. You're all alone. All you striking part of God. You know that the game thinker long as we could about God or quote Scripture that we have no relation and we cannot let a head knowledge and we can begin arm with about a lot of fruit but we feel isolated and alone we are. That we are target and God never met Brad be that way feel that way. I do like that I think would think more chaotic that lie become more believable for people I really you know all well like today I got baked and I and I came home weary and so I just legally and we start looking for will be that hold and though we have that extra beer. John B. Our men turned to pornography our men turned to get out distraction just give them relief.

Maybe they work out like Jim and think that's going to do it but at the end of the day. We don't need relief from the chaos we need hold God, then we can actually transport but your point earlier we get taken out. We think well.crazy will get back to doing our podcast. Think about it would get back to our gathering come down all of the equipment of a guy sitting on the back debugging going manager wait to get back in the game of building your and the coaches like actually part of the wiping get your get yourself into the gate like we don't need you waiting on till things turn you into the game you be a game changer and I think that we can become over comers of the chaos around that. But not waiting for the chaos that is not okay, 20, 21 is better.

Okay ultimately where the one God we can be part of making it better.

But we do that actively with God and we don't do that if you go isolated or alone, you know that the shutdown the fruit is going to come down the road you know like the fruit of your journey with God is, is this great but chaos can't write what I want to step back a step before that in asking the question, as you entered into this Kelly Kenneth Rose it to you it you know and some question she had for you in the situation. How you do it with chaos.

You took that to God. What did your journey with God look like from Howdy take into that chaos and how did he help you with your healing well yeah that was the real journey and basically showed me what like myself and his men. I don't know guy, but you know I have a walk in your shoes that I don't know what you go out, but my guess each of you at a point we had to get yourself before you step fully into life with God and most men do and I and he brought me there and I would like chaos, kicking my butt. It is taking me out. I'm losing heart. I'm not enjoying my creativity. I'm not enjoying my family like I did everything I want to like I just had plastic injection into my body.

As far as Pope disappearing in energy going down so that started me into the journey and on the journey. It was God thing you want the how I do understand how I you want to understand how I move again and that was like a rescue because I like.I can have you approach a how your inviting me to whatever it is I I am in my way is not working and that really began a lot of time in Scripture a lot of time in prayer and conversation with God, and a lot of time looking at my own part in my own motive because I'm a guy you would think I chaotic in my life by 20 3040 when I would get chaotic.

I would actually going to control and I was pretty good at that and in the workload, I got rewarded for that paper well figured out luck a day off but the thing is, I would. I would doing so would a really great caught my own part, getting more and more that was good be security just thank God I like. I know I'm not going to handle this well continues, but I at least have an just knowledge and that the guy please show me how you and whatever that story or whatever that narrative it. I wanted that and that was the beginning of the turnaround for me you'd written down now and then you with this invitation with God you discover things about yourself as you just talking about that there's there's great things that you learn how much you can truly handle when God is there with you exactly exactly and I lay out positively now, and in such a beautiful way now. If there's a situation we have two teenagers and a 20-year-old, but for a long season. We have three teenagers at home and get out there. Great but there's a lot of and and beyond with one of the world. I realize I I would be the dad who can actually enter the room. Recall not out shall not out control them not not be out just the kind you make everything right the extent the part feelings and relationship and though part of the beauty of this for me and while I can actually be a peacemaker and a very strong man. I'm 6 foot four time a big guy have allowed Boyd but I don't want to bring controlled my my family is much as I want to bring peace and joy and so that's one thing I've learned through this process. If I chaos like I did. You know what got into chaotic didn't want to do this. He ended up with the most magnificent creation, bright light of the date of creation followed ocean mall build gray and hummingbird and you know that often and ultimately man and woman like God didn't panic in the face of chaos didn't tighten control over everything he actually overcame chaos with beauty of my open order and you know that's what I want to be a father. That's what would be the husband is the leader in my community ministry like I want to be a kind of man leaves a footprint of beauty and peace and order and I'm telling you guys in this world today like everybody's margin that is such a rare rare commodity to find the person you living that way and I want but I sure am about that now and I'm not easy but it is doable and I love it and that's what I wanted to shout the rootstock bowl like let's step into this because now more than ever the world is hungry for a few good men who can walk with God and change the app get around absolutely yes you step off and you see the seer it's going to lead to killing your heart killing your soul killing those things about you that make you feel alive and when you step into and love and you walk with God through it. That's where you find that life on the other side when it's not can be easy, but oh my gosh will be worth it in the things it'll come the fruit down the road. Only God knows but how cool is that to be a part of that with him right exactly and that you know why I would say maybe order the book. I really try to help people. The waterway, you can change the world around you, and I rip up the door, I would one of my favorite baby and I have that training all the masters will they call it you know where the older Zorro stage is training young Zorro fought bravely but died quickly and though I kinda rip off bad day if you want to know what look like in your world. Here are 11 level training and short chapters couple of pages per level but what look like be true in this world would look like you hold the vine way what is what is your weapon, apply you're going to change the world by hoping that with day you have yet great conflict that cannot be caught off guard, but I like God chaotic primary weapon. I think God you and me and all was God's light is absolutely Alan, thank you so much for being with us just about 30 seconds (about five working to get your book was was Berkeley find your book back and ID thank you so much and please go out and get the book there so much that we haven't covered that. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it. No more what's going on and I can't believe how much it's touched on the things God's Artie been working on this year my life. Alan, thank you so much for being with us. The masculine download the previous podcast or any other podcast will talk to you next week.

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