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Boot Camp Follow-Up After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 21, 2020 8:00 am

Boot Camp Follow-Up After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 21, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The Fall Boot Camp follow-up continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips comes from the films "The Legend of Bagger Vance," and "Coneheads."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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Welcome to ours and maybe, and we hope you listen to our previous shows before the interview with God and in every view with God part drew so if you just listen to the broadcaster you know that this week's topic is been you know simply how is that interview with God that we had before the boot camp out God come after those things and so along those lines. All I can say is we left our hero Andy/Drew E what is called Christian Carter theater but do not thought about what you said later when you said that I went all pasty Jesus. Anyway, you are sharing about the gifts that God had given you, and it was a beautiful picture.

I just so let me back up said it a little bit on the radio show, but so God is, that had me on the journey mean masculine journey.

I feel like you know there's it's a process and I feel like I had my womb dealt with a lot I'm sure there's more out there, but the major one I think was that Wilson got my new name. That identity really meant a lot to me but in the last couple years I just feel like I've really experienced the adoption of the father and to the point where my my idea him has changed. He's no longer the Old Testament God that you know me he he he brings justice he brings truth, but he's it.

It says in the Gospels. It says in John 14. If you see me you seen the father sweep we've disconnected Jesus and Jesus is good cop God is bad cop, and that's not the case.

He's just there is motorcycle messing with my car business.

I believe I am. But anyway, I just have had a burden not a burden. This defense of seeking God and looking at to him as my father and I didn't realize the wound that I had was an orphan spirit came from my dad leaving the state.

When I was around 13 very impressionable time. 13.

Dad 20 some men all that time really I really didn't have them consistently in my life. The rest of my life. I mean I had a great relationship with them. But anyway, there was that orphan feeling of not having but before my dad left the state. He knew my heart would need something and he took me on a road trip all around North Carolina and South Carolina and we hit grandfather Mountain and then we went to Brevard to the waterfalls and then we went to Wilmington to the battleship North Carolina and all is made an impression on me and I always remembered those but I didn't realize until start really digging into this recently that that was that he had done a lot from apartment will fast-forward to two or three years ago, probably four years ago I got hired in the company did a lot more travel always like to travel and adventure, and I felt like I was just saying take me on these, you know. Or maybe, maybe, I thought I was taking him godless do this. I've heard that you go on these road trips and I consciously did it and really focused on God during these times, and I felt like he was speaking to me different times and tomorrow is more of just a presence but last year about June I went to Yosemite national Park in California. Love that place been there two or three times and when I was there when I just had that focus misspells his presence. The whole time and I was really cool gifts that he gave me and again I know I'm not seeking these gifts I'm seeking his presence. But God loves to give gifts and I wouldn't even look.

Think about this, but this comes from Eldridge and then stuff coming elders told about three and a heart he always he starts in everything he saw heart Mikal Patty if you could see God in land or whatever if you if you care if he's it. Please get receiving that is a gift I can receive what I received. So one of the first things I'd seen this documentary on this pollen explosion that happens in a pine trees all at the same time a southern documentary I take this high coupling to Yosemite.

I get to a certain point, and the Valley is clear now that all the sudden this pollen release that is it just found out about it and it was like it was there for me and it's only a temporary thing doesn't discontinue all or whatever was right in the spot had a perfect view of it while God, that's awesome. I walked down I go get back from that hike and I'm going across the meadow and I'm walking under this tree and this bird is going nuts so and I don't know from getting close to his master, whatever, but he just keeps hovering over me and I are put all this on video and use it in my talk EC guys can corroborated, but it was really cool and you probably don't get the full impact of what it was that the experience was from the video, but when I was in. It was like me and leave me alone due to me it's all over and in the final thing is I took a drive up on top to look down in the valley, and in when I got up there. I'm driving this like Dodge Challenger. You know this is June I start I got in this hailstorm that look like a snowstorm and it was I love storms I love that you know that feeling of being in something that's there's a little bit of risk there, but it's not enough for me to kill myself.

You know, and it was just really cool and I felt like those three gifts paralleled the three gifts. My dad gave me and just this one of the testified, I know it sounds weird but I mean God is weird, you know, I think Morgan says that right from the high heat so is an make in the correlation to give such father named hey, I was right there with you which he was asked. Thanks to Rodney Robbie Rodney for redundancy and your turn. So take us back to you know I remember on the podcast yet.

You said it so well like you guys sprung this on me like an hour before I spoke that we did even better this time getting get yeah I had no idea when I simultaneously don't like to have things that you practice yeah I showed for the radio show there like did you send in the clip.

I said no it is and equip. I have no idea what the topic is talking about and I couldn't get the text know that I get text about people laugh that image and I don't have any image in the texturing at all and things like that so you know it's it is what it is your smart phone needs input IQ changed something. Yeah I stepped on crushed but so yes, what the father had for me going in will specifically contentment and he'd also been working on me with forgiveness and specifically forgiveness for my wife and our relationship and forgiveness, and me in our relationship and trying to express that and be content in that and trusting in him and so you know there's a lot of things are going on working up a meeting into the boot camp and then at boot camp, I was asked prior to boot camp to respond to two different talks which I was able to draw just as I go to guy.

What we have, the respondent is it I was basically clueless.

I do know what is.

Talk about that again.

It brought that whole forgiveness, contentment's piece of it and was able to continue that story through the two responses and then I didn't know this until you know where it camp and it was Artie started and then gems like taking Elsa respond to his talk, so I met respondent three and just God gave me so much to talk about and portray of my personal story in those three talks that dealt with yes, there's a lot of forgiveness that you have to be doing in your life you know you need to step that up and the fact that you need to be content in all this not get all worried and jacked up about how you feel and what's going on but just just trust me it takes me back to the story from my childhood where you know in a moment that you know could be very very scary and wild and frightful. That was like they all are members complete contentment and happiness and joy in that moment because my trust was not in may take us back to that moment. What was, my dad was call me around town and behind the pickup truck because it would just know there's a bunch of packs know when this is back in the 70s and yeah just as Judas knows and he's drive around town. He pulled me behind the truck and I'm flying around corners and their snow yell kicking up in my face from the tires back tires and all kinds of things to hit curbs, trees, polls, not to mention of the cars you know driving around so I'm only this all I get is complete joy and he's like yeah that's where remind me you are my beloved son in whom I am well pleased, and you have what it takes. Look what you did this when you're five and you just love that you are entering into that Eurodollar danger and you had no apprehension at all as I complete trust and faith.

My father and he's like I'm assuming your mom wasn't in the truck.

Now if mom never even knew about our next number that part of it being there, but I got a feeling she'd been fine with it. She's usually pretty good about those things, even mind too much special and I did a lot of stupid human tricks so we go into camp and he prepares many stalks and he just keep showing me how when you trust in me. You enter in.

You take the battle to enemy and you go fight appropriately and try to set of Gino mats were that the two talks that and that jumping out at me the most was Andy son ship and Jim's beauty to rescue the ones I responded to got my thoughts in the right place with the ones that kinda surprised me and brought more out than normally have before with those doing that and the son ship on his is always been so important because again when I really deeply think about all who am I I am a child of God. And when I think about it just melts my heart is just like oh my gosh, thank you Lord, you can like I can't think of how to be thankful enough for that. And then deleted to rescue was something that I think it was just kinda meant to be, because it wasn't brought on the until you know the date for the talk, and I'm like okay will what you have for me and was able to weave a bunch of things together my own life which I shared most of it and that in the responses and to come out on that in the backside in the middle of a run issue in warfare, which need to be content and I was every time something small that happened I just been very good at being elderly, reminded by God that all be content, whether it's been at work. Whether was I brought my fishing pole. I was very known as I would just be content don't get all ticked off about this now. No big deal there little small things and what happened is like be content whatever warfare is happening.

The content and it it has been good for my heart the election the same time you know there's covert ranting back up and now I received state something about over. Have a clear mask in her own home like this is getting really really crazy you know it's like be content be content. It's okay and that is a great place to be with God, which is where Belshazzar now Moses go with Mr. Mrs. Conan yeah is easier like keeping unique now everything has become erratic a talk to you content. Why would I not be. I would like to enter my Scarface family functions, I would incinerate your carcass in the tradition of Obadiah the abuse and put it in a clean, dry place to find an Internet attorney dipping to mankind's team at the my most precious one I would I would draw the shades, and I would live in the dark. I would never get out of my slide back knocking myself, my fluids would coagulate my cone would travel and I would die miserable and lonely stench would be great need anything yet. I know good night.

I the ability and contentment is what it's all about raising so Sam I you know you been hanging on the phone no penny for your Conan head whatever claim for your thoughts here. My thoughts were running responded to three product got a lot out of my thought are you Sam like his podcast anybody target looking like God. You know well as we know each other. The breakthroughs that people are getting hits.

It's is really remarkable. I have to say honestly that I have never prepared for boot camp like a pair prepared for this one.

I nor had I ever been felt like being thwarted like I was in this particular because you know is I told everybody I wanted to break this agreement that I couldn't play in public my guitar and I wanted to take that guitar from out from underneath the bed. Been there for 30 years and and and now we break the agreement that I couldn't play in public, but I literally wanted to play the song classical gas which I had wanted to play. You know, as a young guitar student, you know, in the 669, when it originally came out and tried several times and failed and made several agreements that I'll never be able to play this so not only did I want to break the one agreement I wanted to break another agreement and some of the sorting that went on very early was all your 65 years old and you have arthritis in your hands and so Mike, oh my gosh it hurts to play. I'm trying to think of the of the stuff I'd I drink every day now did to make that better is Eric Tillich right so I just make to Mike Taylor.

Charlie just grosses that when I watch me drink it because I just put a spin of the stuff in the water industry and how it's not just used to the taste, but so that really helped me with my arthritis and and then you know the next major thing that happened was I was going to trim my bushes and I managed to mangle my little finger on my left hand which she want somebody play classical gas on YouTube you will note that there little fingers all over the place and that seemed like it was going to be the end of the story, but that's really when the story coming out fun. I meant was like no, the Holy Spirit said you know I was could be like Pluto on the couch all but you can make this the worst night of your life right now. I mean once I listened to make this the best time because I'm a show you how to do that it can be done. It can be done with three fingers at an know that was that, while the next thing you know I got infection in my leg.

I got diverticulitis. In other words, everything seemed like physically was going heart and what Darren had gone through last fall and then and just make it more interesting. I was going to really tune up my guitar and put on some new in a nylon string so it just sound like classical gas like Mason Williams and stumpy awesome except when I put the strings on it broke the upper bridge. That's called the knot on my guitar and so I lost one of my 12 strings. I've lost a finger lots destroying and I'm working on these talks and that the one talk that I had was an adventure live and we talked about specifically that the way that you can trying to let your position was where your calling may be in those callings are all over the place are between desire and validation and risk.

Well, we had the risk of one because not to try to play this on a lemon string guitar with nine fingers certainly could feel God's pleasure. Because he was with me was right there with me and at an end and really really I desired to play that song so that I will. I made several recordings of it.

I would listen to it all.

My way home I would practiced in our sometimes four hours just play in my wife.

It heard the song over and it wasn't like I played 20 different song.

Okay, if you can imagine for four hours playing one song my wife says three know I hear that song my sleep and I was like on some sort shows no I love it.

There's something very it's in a minor key in their something that's good for your soul when you when you play with things it it'd been this desire grew and it grew, but the risk grew along with it, but I could feel the validation and away we go. So you get to camp and it it didn't stop. I may not even close to meeting the day before I was to play the song I go to tune the a string which is the second to last spring and the tuner breaks I can't play the song without a minute major. One of the strings. This this is it when I could do without. Like the other string and then I thought women.

I got the tuner from the string that broke with the help of many people. It would help me get this thing tuned and away we would go and so you know it was kind enough to be time to do this in all his preparation gone into it and you know 3540 minutes before the talk I get into an altercation with another member. The team and the way that it works for me personally, as if I get tight right which is disses on me. Okay like it's it's me that gets tight and if I'm the one is tight and I can't play because I'm tight and I felt like a caged in a lame really did like I can't go on there and do this Chris. I literally can't play unlimited because I can't go on their I've been on it was just like I trust you know so hard and so I'd literally blow up and leave the camp right all my brothers dropped the ball totally on them and you know I'm I'm about you I get back to Reidsville, actually. About this time and I get this text from Sam call me and it was a you know it was in the text where I sent since he was mad.

I got a sense like he was coming after my heart, so I was like a salmon and it didn't take a whole lot to get it to him take a lot to know the gravity earlier really would like to come back and agree to come back like I'm on my way so I turned around and came back with me and they had put off the talk that night that you can play the next morning while my head is all over the place and I am not in a good place and in Satan. He had a foothold thing and he was he was lacking on the budget and now here I am, I'm tight.

I can't play if I'm tight and I went home to do this because the talk was something I felt like I could do whatever is tight or wasn't tight but play the guitar that when you happen, it just couldn't you know and and so you know I'm trying to figure out why and how I can get my head straight. What I can do and I'm praying and praying, praying, God come for me, come from the company and I'll sit up everyone's well I commanding a robbery okay. No, I was drinking my tumor Te Deum everything I do think you can imagine this scene are you crying and dad and my God I just want to do this but I have no idea how to do it and all the sudden he reminds me of this clip, I mean very specifically and you might notice that bagger has something about your grip on your club has a lot to do with your grip on your life and so let's listen to this. Will talk about will be one to different club damaging. I can't do this any nicer dissolution grip of the smidge. No man's grip on his club just like I know you don't what I'm Thomas again came the can't be one on the play you don't understand I don't need understand soul in this entire earth and got a birdie care, you don't understand you alone can miss him long enough time to go home down the choice to stop. Stop. Start walking with Rebecca where you always been convinced and still reassume and remember too long ago condos have a decimal medical component shadows June Nike yes you can plan on right here which been here all along you come into this world. Nasty time to self and use my so I cut that off because were hitmen for landing, but that clip if you listen to it enough to do enough boot camp tickets in your soul and may be obeyed a point in life where you don't know how you can take the next step which kinda know you got to and you get in and you know you got it, loosen your grip power that works out and that there are several things he says in there like I don't know how to do it and there is a person's world that doesn't have a burden.

They don't understand right and that's exactly where I was. I had a burden but I didn't understand really the lies that I was living under that was keeping me from able to do what it is that I trained and trained and trained and trained and trying to do and so there are lots and you can step stop or you can start you know but that that that the magic of the thing is what my buddy Amy will tell you is I'm right there, which and so yes I played it and yes I got to be the talk and yes I Break all those agreements and so much more that sometime another time will be able to hear my actual rendition of class. Amazing boot camp in and thank you for all the preparation God did, but there's a lot of guys that put so much into this know it's even hard to explain. Minute bearing all the effort of all the people that put their work in the yeah a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff and Jim Brekke in Rodney two of them they just made everything, work this time that we failed. This is the Truth Network

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