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Interview With God Part Drew After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 7, 2020 8:00 am

Interview With God Part Drew After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 7, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The Interview with God Part Drew continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips comes from the films "The Legend of Bagger Vance," "Braveheart," and the show "The Office."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.



This is Hans Schild from the finishing well plug finishing well.

We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting just seconds.

Enjoy Sharon but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing podcast. This is the Truth Network coming to you in entrenched barricade in the heart. Masculine journey after hours time to go deeper and be more transparent and on the topic covered on this week's broadcast. So sit back and on this adventure masculine journey after hours. Start here now.

Welcome to masking journey after hours and are talking about the upcoming boot camp and what how we would answer Jesus's question, what would you want from me you want to get well and with those types of things that comes from both Matthew and Luke is yes actually John chapter 50 llama is one of the attitudes possible for the gospel sister the gospel is calling an interview with God part Drew and we didn't get to that in the regular show show makes more sense in my right knee but not into you when we left the regular show your Thomas about the bag of any man's cookie were to play here. The second we will set a backup for DL do it again since Sam ran out of time out.

He didn't get out of bounds and so the time the timer out on the clock in the lab expected time clock management so well if you give me some reprieve because I set it up improperly told wrong names, but it's from bagger Vance and Gina is World War I veteran who comes back all his friends in his squad or whatever were killed and he has like this you know survivors were more sure and you can get overly stuck in life's relationship with this beautiful girl has went by the wayside. He's a drunk. He doesn't have any motivation whom he stuck and we have this Mr. Mysterio mystical character is in think I think he same mystical character that comes in, give them some guidance as he's plan in this really important tournament and will just go with the clip and then talk about on the other side made a choice to stop stop stop walking back to where you always been standing still risking and remember too long ago just a moment ago, not shadows.

Yes, you can plan on right here which been here all along you come into this.

What expect. So on that clip. I missed the assignment. I focused a lot of my stuff on stuff of experience in boot camp and not so much the forward as I probably should have. But I feel like they still give you a flavor of what we can ask what you can expect from boot camp because part of the stuff I didn't really go after and say what I didn't consciously list after my talk about on the show.

I didn't consciously necessarily say Jesus, what would you do for me. I knew I was messed up. I needed some help. So in this one you know this to me is just I'd lost a lot of orientation in my life. I needed some help. I knew that, and I was kind of stuck because I walk with God. But just because you walk with God.

Sometimes you don't get things you things don't really get down in your spirit and you really understand. Danny was talking about on the earlier show and that he's learning now what he's taught all his life and ask some of what I've added I've taught things I've known things but sometimes I don't really become a part of you. Next, what we get a lot out of boot camp you go deeper than what you normally would and then you get along with God and that makes things you know that that puts it all together for you.

It's taken it, you know, as we talk on the show to hear about elsewhere is taken from a place where it's in your head down in your heart you know it it's something you know to be true. You don't know it because you personally experienced it right you know it because you been told that you seen it before, you may experience little flavors of it, but now it's time to go in for the full course meal and really there again. They also had another clip identity brought us an interest from a totally different perspective. It was guidance from TV show the office as I think this is her first office clip is now is so I never watch the office until this past year, my daughter and other people bent on the stunning start watching is like some Courtney Courtney comedy but there was nursing staff is over top stuff, but was watching it one night just watching reruns in the this came on.

I felt like it was art imitates life because I've felt like this guy. My name happens to be handy so will just in the clip you have a guy that's donning some anger issues and, how he is not real happy with that. He's trying to do whatever he can to change things to make it not like he's turned over new leaf or whatever so I can really identify with. Well, you got it you got it you gotta give him a little bit more now as far as the Drew right by right so he heat his name is Andrew which I didn't pick that up telegraph so he's trying to change his name, and in order to change his identity. I not be the angry person. So as he walks in. Everybody thinks he's Amy like we thank you, Randy, and that's why it's you know interview with God part Drew had a clip that I think is like for five months earlier in the show he got mad punch the wall right right and he had to leave and go to anger management right rains we pick up. He's coming back to the office for the first time right good morning Pam. Drew Drew now apology not accepted because it wasn't even necessary in the case several weeks ago. Andy Bernard had an incident, but after five weeks in anger management. I'm back and get a new attitude and new name and a bunch of new techniques for dealing with the grumpy's and Jim Drew, Drew, I can control what you doing can only control what I write kind of vulnerability. Not here so that really happened almost exactly like me and including the name of their times.

There was a time you know I started getting in the masking turning message and coming to boot camps.

Whenever memo I separated and shortly after that I was wanting to change.

I got opportunity go back to the company of work to before I went back there and I thought okay man this is great on a minute come go back up, march up the company ladder and you know get my validation. That way, that's what I was looking for and it was like constantly being challenged with anger issues within the office place so I kinda got a reputation and had got some names that I didn't think it was all in good fun, but I was aiming think I got angry birds taint Tasmanian devils couples that are things that really what I started thinking whenever I would have an outburst or whatever. I didn't feel good about it.

Obviously, and there were times I just wanted to be name a new start. I could totally verify with this dude really and I wanted to take on the name Drew. That's my give give a name so anyway there's that angry. She really didn't go and say Jesus someone I knew had a bunch of stuff to work on thought intake specifics and I didn't and I don't remember him saying okay. We need to work on this anger issue this way, but how I feel like I got a lot of victory and that was so I got this anger issue so I'm progressing through the content you learn something new every boot camp will on the new name everybody wants to hear their name anybody wants to hear from God. And sometimes that's a challenge because if you're not used to lit hearing that it can be a challenge.

So I was praying one time is like the third boot camp at I've had some different names but nothing just thing the really make my identity and so I was out in the woods and God said, look up your real name. Your given name so I looked up Andrew and I always felt like I didn't have strength to hold back. This anger and so it it said strength not always felt like I was not a very strong man. I was weak in what I could provide for others or how I interacted with others.

I just didn't see myself as a strong man when I saw that it really made a difference in my life. I mean I really felt like I had an identity where I had been attacked were I thought I was weak.

God said I was strong and so you know over Rodney mentioned it last week. You really I felt like I got started. At that point I got content I got up but you know okay if God says this about me. I don't care what everybody says about and learn.

I just after that I just had a lot more peace in just interacting with people I don't know how to how to say it, it just that identity was the foundation for a lot of the other things that I experienced in my healing and growth through going to boot camps thank you for sharing I do when I asked question real quick and I had two weeks to study the topic. What are you asking Jesus for this.

I'm still living off the new name. Well, you have to think about it I will I will and I will because it is. It's something that to going with anticipation right to give us something. Either way, but dealing with anticipating heart. A lot of times it does tie.

We talked about a lot of times it ties into the talk you're doing lot done the same. On the last three times in love and friendship to me. God is become so real in the last year and 1/2 and that in that idea that message of mean it's really the foundation of the Bible.

He's constantly calling us out where our children. We don't walk like children. A lot of times, so there's things like when I'm doing the talk that I gone back in deeper have to go back deeper in my child. Is there anything else there.

God commit somebody else and usually I get some form of healing and anatomy.

I can tell you from last time there was some new stuff. Even though I done the talk to other times there's always something ready and something was a real minute anger management going to kickboxing I don't I take naked boxes around their office to try that and maybe that way your real man. Harold meant that we got a lot of anger management going on in this room working in and that goes with the territory. Sometimes we did it that that show madman actually was real popular product is not about people that will I guess it's my turn to share a little bit right so I was thinking about it and initially I was thinking well I don't know what I want to share the radii really got a laundry list of things gather. You could really work.

But what I feel comfortable sharing in that I actually picked this clip trying to initially depose to be quite honest, because it was a good no answer.

I could given sound somewhat deep voice on the post.

The guy would let me stay there and play the clip and then there's truth in the clip. What I want God to give me an boot camp into bring to me in boot camp. That's from Braveheart.

It's about 1/42 scene to listen to it and come back and talk about it really is what my heart wants it once to be free from the things that hold me captive.

I am to it to go a little deeper than that. You know why why God after all these boot camps in all this breakthrough in all these trues in these agreement you help me break this anger still feel like one of my best friends when it shouldn't you be quite honest and it's it's my first response with my kids anymore not insert things are some lots of healing there, but only has put me in a car mean something where you gotta take these fat fingers and try to put too little parts together. If you get really angry really question in a Wise that my default wiring ways it feel that way. I know it's not true but why is that true about me after all this time is lost still a struggle. If I'm not really really careful how after since 2000. Whatever was to 18 years ago into my first boot camp something like that in less the still a struggle. If I'm not careful how my still here in and I don't know which one he's going to choose to work on may choose to work on something completely different. I think part of my not wanting to get a clip more descriptive was that was partially wanting to pose a little bit not have to go deep and talk about some of the things, but I also think that the part of it was I went to my second boot camp with a checklist of things got I'm going to talk about right and I didn't hear anything from them till the very last day until I let down and said, okay, God, whatever you want talk about is when I hear your voice and all he said was I'm here to serve on like a baby. That's all I needed to know you. Nine so I don't want to go in with this okay I didn't answer some questions. It's good to be my agenda, but also to be open and so got.

I know my heart needs freedom because her something that still in my past, something still there that needs to be broken through to I can get a greater depth of freedom next week and on the week after the week after. And so that's really what my hearts crying for. I don't really care what it is. I just want something that's going to lead me closer to that path of freedom he's been having me work on spiritual warfare that talked about and can last show in and he sees keep me focused on the movie Groundhog Day you know and am I think the whole reason is I think if I had a new name. It should be so silly Phil Connors. You know, because I realize that I'm more like him and I want to be.

I try to make life work for me. You know it.

Yes, I guess some things to God the blame so quick to grab it back or to say, well, I really would have a go my way in a certain way and I think should go this way you know that in and maybe some of the stuff that I still struggle with in Scripture were for some of the stuff that I struggle with. I just talked about is because I still try to control way too much. You know in that movie when he quit focusing on making life better for him and truly focused on making it better for all those around him. His life got better and I think that's something that guides For me that again I don't know that that's going to make it to the stage, but I know that that's a part where I'm focusing and that will help me lead to some freedom.

You know, we use the clip the butterfly surface well at home movie is just outstanding and it's it's a story about negative family arms and legs but the more I watched it as I'm working on this particular talk, the more I realize that the real star of this particular show is not it.

It's the ringmaster that the head of the circus who was going about trying spot peoples glory their special sauce and then call it out.

You know in in whatever that way that he may do that and you know what I think about you and Darren and mark them in different people as we have been in boot camps and stuff that have called out those things in me, and more than that taught me what that was to actually look for God's glory. You know his image and other people like what a gift that is in it and it really is. Second Corinthians chapter 1 just lived out in writing from your eyes that that really encompasses so much.

The Bible collects all the things written imprints basically says the God of all comfort comforts us that we might comfort others with the comfort we are comforted which nose, tongue twister, it's a Dr. Seuss fish yeah I like but Danny was struggle with alcohol and God called him to help other people because he was comforting, others with what he would been comfortable with and and you know I think about how many things Sam you with comfort struggles that you went through that were an enormous breakthroughs for me in last in anger. You know that these things and oh yeah, Groundhog Day is alive and well at this in. Are we here again Gabi and I like that seem like we're just here last week and but the beauty of it is from my standpoint, it's still going deeper into relationship with him and and as I go deeper into the relationship with him even though I'm may not be getting whatever healing that I would be hoping for. I am getting closer to God than I was a week ago at an end. That alone has a tremendous sense. We talked about in the previous show wasn't the show that you just as concept tonight you brought out as we talked before the show and then on the show about self-control and part of the issues I try to control anger on my own.

Yes, healing is fixed a lot of anger for me healing is fixed a lot of things and I don't struggle there but I still struggle in anger right just it's a different way that it's more things than people right there and then they used to be. It wasn't pretty. Before, but in others there's been a lot of healing and a lot of progress on a lot of things and grateful for, but I think it's still in. I need to continue to turn and rely on him for both of those top rank, is it anything I tried on my own Ziskin fall at some point it's good for season but is not last forever, by Henry Ansell Utah Manuel as far as you know from what I can tell right now. You really need to call a timeout, shaking his head at me at the mind I think were good. I read this at my grandmother's funeral and so will I think is called life leaving. If you ever heard his goal of my life is but a weaving between the Lord and me.

I may not choose the colors.

He knows what they should be where he can view the pattern upon the upper side while I can see it only on this.

The underside sometimes he weave his sorrow seems strange to me but I will trust his judgment and work on faithfully to see who feels the shuttle he knows just what is best, so shall Sasha weave in earnest and leave with him the wrist. At last, when life is ended with him. I shall abide in my view the pattern upon the upper side and I shall know the reason for pain with joy entwined was woven in the fabric of life that God designed think men so drew that anyone had to say it that drew know what I think I'm like you on the on the anger. There is a settled, as it comes in and I know I feel like I don't get mad at people as much mature I was thinking about that is be angry and sin not, you know you know when I yell it. My hands not being able to perform something or whatever because of my column all thumbs or whatever, or whatever. I driving is obviously one and I probably don't look at dad is much as like okay Lisa nobodies being hurt by you know but I think it still is. It is something in your heart that you need to address because if it's in the area will likely come out eventually.

So I think that's again it's it's a continuing process of really dealing with those things you you think about it now. It was people that he got mad, but when Moses struck the rock. The second time because he was ticked off.

You know it came out and actually what ended up being a sin for him and I think we do need to be conscious of that. I think the thing though the boot camp that is if you get you have so many things to to grow in that you become much more settled then you ever were before. In it, and I know this is what I know. I thought a lot of times in my Christian life. Why am I not settled. Why am I not confident why is everything up and down like a stock ticker you know and it just the feeling of having more of a confidence and trust. Again, I will II don't I want to give specifics. I don't want to be, but this is really this is life to me.

I mean I just do not feel like I'm so up, up and down so out of control like what you are saying Rob and just gives me a confidence because I know I'm a son first. I have an identity and he's working on my wounds. And you know he's taken me some and I think his guys we struggle most of us struggle with were destination oriented right right you know and I can remove say this, but life is kind like the game of golf. Even though I was disagreeing with you as it is telling us a point of the wildlife back off but still eat it like a golf you have to be content with just being there and enjoying that last shot of the next shot is if you try to be perfect. You never can enjoy the game is probably hate it so much is because I knew I knew I could never overcome it by answers in seconds and check it off, you know, because that's that's okay to be frustrated I can be frustrated. I hope you know but I think the more that we learn to just enjoy the journey to enjoy the walk to enjoy what God's doing. Along the way and some that goes way think some of the frustration comes with I'm not there yet and realizing were never going to get their way around the side of heaven right by the side of restoration where you get closer each day, each time as we allowed ourselves to walk with God and so there's a couple assignments for you this week I'd like for you to go do YouTube and get it from just every browser in any of her exam heard of YouTube, you're probably not listen. This broadcast able to figure out how to get you to go to YouTube Jason Gray, who I am. Watch that and let God speak your heart through that, because I promise to you labeled yourself other people have labeled you. You felt that label and realize that label does not come from God and how he seizure and no go watch butterfly circuits.

It's a 20 minute video.

It's not a Christian-based Pro production, but manners a Christian message in it, that's just amazing. It's about 20 minutes. You can find it on YouTube you mentor watching a couple different parts but I'm telling you those two things will lift up your heart and bring you closer to God. I promise anything else. She has a dead yeah the butterfly circus can speak so much and what Danny's palms right because when you look at pics life. You make no sense of what that looks like from underside from the top side what God saw what the ringmaster saw the glory of the image of God and other people. If I can't see them myself.

I can surely see it in my band of brothers which is what were therefore masking register the boot camp were less than a week away. We'd love to see you there.

Would love to see what God does for you there. Would love the disfellowshipped with you to please go register for finances are an issue. Send us an email will try to figure out something to help you. We just love to get you there, will talk to you next week. This is the Truth Network

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