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What God Hates

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 24, 2020 12:30 pm

What God Hates

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 24, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! Coming out of Proverbs 6:16-19, the band of brothers take an in depth look at the 6 things God hates, and 7 things that he detest. The clips come from "Madagascar" and "Braveheart."The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the matchless life podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network and the heart of every man raise agreement.

Life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turn this so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Luckily, masculine journey. We are very glad you're doing something little different this week were going to be in the Scripture. Wow a Christian is getting the Scripture. That's probably pretty normal and a lot of them, not as much with ours now and make it happen, but we always talk about God and Jesus and you know all the Sunday school topic Scripture we do we do and so where to begin with the Scripture that I wanted to talk a little bit about how it came about. I went to church couple weeks ago yeah I didn't pass early Saturdays as himself. Knowing that I have my buddy Mike set up anyway.

90 Mike are good friends and and that he needed a sermon on the six things the Lord hates, and the seven that are detestable to him from Proverbs 616 through 19 and it really read through this. I can understand that when he went through it really help me understand just in the beginning that whole first part. It always been confusing to me.

The six things the Lord hates, and the seven that are detestable to him. And then there seven things listed lectionary 13 my math six that he hates and seven should be 13 things but there's a seven of them want to help me understand was that there are six that he really does hate that that seventh one is kind of that the combination I think I said that word right combination of all those rolled up into the last thing that's what's detestable to him and so is weeks working begin at the end and look and see what's detestable to God and then go back and unpack. What are the things that he hates it leads up to that thing that he finds detestable is in Proverbs 6 verse 19 is a person who stirs up conflict in the community right doesn't sound that harsh stirred up a little conflict will travel little problems but diversion divisiveness in the in the community got finds that detestable.

That's a big statement whenever there is no hit or miss. There it's not it's past eight.

It's up to ask Eric Tapscott escalator yet since a few scale object lesson first.

Yeah let's talk about the six things in the American kind unpack and as you start to beginning of verse again.

It's their six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to him.

Haughty eyes to find out that is allowing time, hands that shed innocent blood heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush to evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community. So all those other things will stir up conflict in the community right and so that help you understand that's what you do. The first clip is actually one of yours and so do not going to also live out before we plan so it's actually King Julian from Madagascar are but show now so he's going through and doing impressions of some of his friends about how they feel about him. You'll get an idea as it goes along of what they're trying what he's doing. This is an example of how you yes you will come back and unpack his impression of Maurice. All I am sort dominant borrowing I already stop that fun bar dating because I'm jealous of Julian.

Did I mention I was borrowing you didn't like talking to your Majesty, you're so good thoughts. I am glad your girls. Goodbye. Here is an impressive have someone who met getting movies these amazing creatures by the Angels. I assume all all, right your student here carried away with my food, honest impressions, but it does beautified to Andy was fun.

It will over the top you get the idea. So if you had to describe in your words, what haughty eyes mean how would you say that what that means a proud look, I guess you can say it to the people that look down on we all have a tendency to do that somebody below us that that's not as sophisticated as that's not keying liking Julian's doing here the somebody that you feel superior to, and you're looking down upon the pretty common what were dealing with allotted society you in the perception of what's going on these days know really how would you determine the thing would you say the same way. Would you say differently a question about about how I actually did quite a study once between the difference between pride and haughty and haughty is actually step up to where they they almost have lost sight because of how puffed up they are with that idea being that pride puffs up and and and so you get to this point that unfortunately like Herod that you can get eaten by worms. You know it's common enough you start to think that your God and talk about Herod. Remind yourself about the guilt that I care because of been that way in the past I thought I was best broken computer programmer that will that could walk one of the things that I thought of as Robby was talking about it is that the you can be proud. But when you're haughty you show it you can be proud without showing it.

If you're good if you should okay yeah yeah yeah is intimidated ends up being that is the culmination of talk about that. I think is beautiful and what the pastor was teaching is that you don't think immediately.

Like wow this haughty in this is is going to end up in this culmination of a destroyed community. It does when you start having somebody that believes that there above other people. For whatever reason, right when that happens that's going to destroy the community it and when they vocalize it is you're saying Harold it's even that much worse and people just believe it to be true. That's one thing but when they vocalize it like King Julian did here you really realize that's how they feel that's going to cause division is because unit now. It's deftly not cause unity. That's it.

100 years ago when I was a baby preacher. This is actually the first sermon that I remember preaching that it wasn't the first sermon. It's the it's the first one that I remember right, and the reason I did is because it was a very moving sermon for a few people that heard it, they left the church. Shortly thereafter, and I was thankful actually that they left not not everybody was but I was because they were these people. They were the ones stirring up division in the church constantly picking apart the other brethren and half the time it was, you know what, so some preacher you know 14 counties over said and they would write him up in some brotherhood publication in and out brother Darren said on Sunday Bible bottle blonde, then they would refute it theologically and all that stuff in it which is causing a tremendous dissension in our ranks as a small church of me 100 hundred 50 people in the little community up in northeastern Ohio in I was up again.

I was I was young and I just thought man and they never have they never heard this, that this is not a good thing that this is a bad thing and I just kinda did the literally breached.

The verses were looking at on the progression that it starts out with the haughty eyes. It starts out with the arrogance and then it moves to the next and it moves to the next moves to the next and so literally almost each one of these in Proverbs 616 forward. Almost every one of them is kind of a step up from the last one in escalator a logical conclusion. If you do this. This is what's going to happen next. And if you do those to this is what's going to happen next. And you know if you said to a brother in a church you know that your you're creating your telling lies. Your your spinning out lies against your other brethren, they would go they would logically say, no, no I'm not.

I'm not lying. I mean really said that.

But what ends up happening in almost all the situations as we begin to assign motives as well. While he said this because he's liberal or because he's a conservative or because he's a legalist or because blah blah blah. And so we start assigning motives to somebody that we don't know because were not God. We don't know what their motives are. I'm guilty of it. I've done it done it and I think that's what we want all of her listeners to hear is every guy sitting around this table has pretty much done all of these at one time or another in and it is one of those stupid human tricks that you can live to tell about, but there needs to be some repentance involved in, and often times that repentance is hard and often times the revelation of the needed repentance is very painful when God finally comes to you and go sated even practice in Proverbs 6 and and begins to reveal that to us.

It it hurts.

It hurts us. It hurts others that have been around us, and we've got a clipped little can illustrate that a little bit and then in the Nixon cross clip it talking reminded me of the time I get asked years ago back in Indiana to be on a board and not been asked to be on board at the church known as the Uganda and the grounds committee in the building and grounds committee and I like to build houses you have left the card at maybe I can help and I went to the first meeting and the first probably 55 minutes of about 90 minute meeting was gossip about everything going on in the church met that while this is got to get better the next time I came back the next time is like that I can go more than about three and I to town like I don't want to be on this committee because this is not what I signed up for. If you need help on something help with the project will do whatever but I don't want to be a part of this now because it just didn't feel right, right now that's being on one side that we come back with her about times even on the other side of but also you have the step up and how they build that in the meantime, go to masking to register for the upcoming boot camp November 12-15 in that's masculine boot camp November 12-15. We know you want to be there. We want to their God into their right knee here with another) from my pillow. It's the mattress topper get my fill a mattress topper and get some of the best sleep of your life comes with a 10 year warranty and a cover that's washable and drywall. It's made in the USA and back with Mike Lyndale 60 day moneyback guarantee. Go to save 30% use promo code truth or call 800-944-5396. When you do might give you to stay under my pillow as free as my promo code truth or call 800-944-5396 is running from masking journey radio at the last boot camp. I actually had a chance to respond to the worker talk now. Here's what Sebastian learned about the true reality of spiritual warfare.

The true reality of spiritual warfare that there really is an enemy.

It's not just me and God. But in reality it's me when I get up in the morning when I go to work on my drive, my daily life is something for you at the next boot camp and register now masculine coming November 12 through the 15th time Carson came on Dan Keene's grandson on the masculine journey radio mites. They can be strangers like mine. One of the things that I realized this week was that I need to take time to listen to God.

I felt like the Lord spoke to me and he said Mike how you listen. If you're always busy so this weekend what I've done is I've taken some time just to go on walks and to be loaded. Join us young guys at the next boot camp coming November 12 to the 15th masculine journey and I cut it out to quick liar. We were talking and you guys your opinion on something messed up about the music but we can for those who knew the song.

It was three dog night in May was about to say you know it was okay because it was one of the amount 6 L to seven so if you don't know or talk never to help Proverbs 6 we know integrity. There is 616 through 19. The six things we got hates the seven that he finds detestable and sweet.

We cover that first part of haughty eyes, which is more than just judgment all but that really is kind of where we can see it begin begins with this judgmental attitude is prideful arrogance attitude that were better than someone else fill in the blank.

The driver in front of me is an idiot because I don't have these returns. I know whatever my life my life and nothing on the turns out you're a liar.

I know I love Darren said and most of my lies are really good like Satan you now they've got a grain of truth in them that it's really scary with what he said and when I began to really evaluate that. Like wow I think about the stories I tell her things. There's truth in their but then you add that part that is the why yeah and that's in you may not know it's a lie. At the time you make an assumption right you sign value sign motive. We talked about it I realized I done this a few weeks back I guess it's been a few months back I was covering for some money on a jobsite and they had me fill in in the situation wasn't expecting it didn't go well. It was with a client meeting and it went really really long they only take I cannot have two hours took five hours in. So the whole time that I'm there and it was nice people.

I really liked him.

It wasn't that it was just I would not plan that much of my day you once I got out of there.

I was really frustrated with the situation and I happen to see another friend of mine.

Later in the day and I shared it with him in turn shared it with somebody else in turn shared it with somebody else and then pretty soon.

My impression of this person's motives, which are just I was just mad, you know, talking about something and later when I thought about I thought know that probably wasn't the issue took on its own life a little bit right and then other people start to make assumptions based upon my assumption based upon this, and none of it could be built on any truth denier liar. Yeah this weekend I been covering for some massively cover some else's job when on vacation and what I do you not everybody has stuff it in building houses. You know that you're working on is not innocently documented as it's in your head and you know it.

And so when you step in. You can expect some of that will be stepping there certain things you don't expect to find things and in a maybe a little different way and so I stepped into some situations this weekend and expect that this whole passage is been on my mind all week and it's changed my communication completely because all I can say is I don't know why were here in the situation with what I'm, you know, what was the only thing on Monday and I don't know why the truth is where the situation is figured out as I start doing anything else is going to lead to haughty eyes and potentially lying tongue with her even though I don't mean it to be. It comes to roost and it's gets brutally likely likely to drop rock. Yeah, we're likely to drop rock play like that. Just a second. That is a great set up for that clip rally was your clinical medicine appeared in the second but I want to ask a question first. Think about Lupe that clip, not Nestl because that clip when we play that clip. At first I can `is that I don't confuse people that will you tell some of the case only gotten Braveheart. One of them needed scenes from my experiences near the beginnings of this point in time William is lost his father-in-law's gone off to be educated and now is coming back to town for the first time, sees his childhood friend, you know. Hey mesh, which they used to throw rocks together which Amos is clearly forgotten, but he didn't read see his old friend and immediately you know he will keep he thought he was going to show him how much more of a man he had become.

While this guy was off me and feminized inference Iraq test of mom you and call it the taste of souls anything English will let us clean with witness switching with students test of a soldier is not is on see if the medicine bottle, that through close you look at what will it do it you like to see him trust me like what you believe that she should a member of the box should you call this one haughty English title.

What was it about that that made you can think of this past well you you know it is when you see an old friend and for whatever reason you know you have this desire to see where you are in the pecking order of things and certainly in front of the whole village, you know, Amos is going to show that he's clearly the bigger man than the then young William however William immediately. It's beautiful. He says you in eight need anyone to compete when he saw the opportunity to get something that was a teachable moment which was what is inside of a soldier is not in his arm. It's in his head right. He takes the small rock you don't see this I should set it up better because what happens is Amos roses great huge rock over to the side of William. He takes a little bit Iraq making Amos right mad which you know about knocks them out as he sleeps, silly, and then he recalls a child an incident where you know William could hit things with the rocket and Amos couldn't and so he got it he got a little teat taught on note using your head over using your arm and that sometimes what happens and unfortunately there's times that it doesn't interest goes on. Now as I look to this lesson thing on ask you guys did anyway and on as I looked through it there. There's a lot of them in here I can go Yep Yep Yep right haughty eyes. I if I'm honest with myself I know I've done that aligned time gap in that one skipped an action for minute and a heart that devises wicked schemes yeah I had a quick dress and evil you there follow false witness who pours out lies not intentionally but yes I've done that, and I probably done it intentionally back in the past and a person who stirs up conflict and community will affect on the other things I've done that, the one that's hard for me, hands that shed innocent blood today and if you can just pass the same. I got enough and there. So, hands that shed innocent blood coming. Obviously there's there's the easy ones right abortion you know here in America. I may not have shed innocent blood, but I may have voted for people that put judges in that make it legal or voted for politicians that that say it's okay in and again that you know that may not be a dividing line for you. But it is for me, mean it is like I can't vote for somebody who is for abortion. I just can't. So that's easy though. And that's the easy one right. I personally have never shed innocent blood that I know of K and I may run somebody off the road and they might've died behind me and the police never called me. I don't know probably heralds done that I I you know he's been around longer, so that you know just a possibility is more with him. So no, but I may very well have hurt someone's heart in such a way to cause them to turn their back on Christ and what would be worse than shedding innocent blood. Then to shed the soul you know if I hurt someone in such a way that they would turn their back on Christ and their soul would be eternally damned because they chose well. If the God Darren's trying to get me to know believe is the same one that he believes and he's able to act like that, then I'm you know I may have done that very easily may have done that probably have done it more than than once inside, I pray that that's not the case.

I pray that if that has happened that God would enter into that person's life and put someone else there that is a more Christlike figure than I was at that time when I was in their life and I and I know I've been in people's lives.

When I was, not a Christlike figure at all and so that to me is is the way that I apply that I mean there's the easy stuff.

Yeah, you shall not kill. You shall not commit murder, but what would be worse took to murder Christian or to cause someone soul to never enter into Christ. I think the latter would be worse. That's a tough lien. I was think about this particular part of it. I thought about what about times that I'm uncertain note of the situation and I don't speak up right that acted not speaking up. You know you you you get this indication that maybe there's an abusive husband. Right now, like, well, you know, I'm not sure I don't otherwise speak up on that is not part of it.

You know God's Lane. This feeling in your heart you don't do something with it at some point, you can say how much am I responsible for as well and then we just barely touch on this topic will talk a lot more about it in the after hours and play great clip from David Frost and Richard Nixon. That was headed to it's good it's a great clip wouldn't talk about it were also ensures more of our personal stories and come back and talk more about this passage next week. In the meantime, we likely to consider coming to the camp and you get a masculine to register now and it's coming up November 12-15 to be a great time.

If you are just missing being around people that the one reason to come as people or you have a great time. More importantly, God's going to be there and gasket something great in store for you.

I promise you I don't know what it is that I do know he has because he always does will see you next week. This is the Truth Network

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