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What God Hates After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 24, 2020 8:00 am

What God Hates After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 24, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on What God Hates continues right here on The Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clip comes from the Frost/Nixon interview.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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This is Hans Schild from the finishing well podcast finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money.

Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting just seconds. Enjoy sharing most of all, thank you for listening and choosing podcast. This is the Truth Network coming to you in entrenched barricade in the heart. Masculine journey after hours time to go deeper and be more transparent on the topic covered on this week's broadcast. So sit back and on this adventure masculine journey after hours starts here now welcome the masking journey after hours. We're talking week about the Proverbs 616 through 19 minutes passive, or talks about the six things the Lord hates seven that he finds detestable and so in the beginning, we've got to just a couple of them you go figure. It took like 12 weeks to get the pillars it out with. I was giving a two or three week Al Qaeda sessions of Rustico longer than a show on the six things God hates in the 70 finds detestable you know it is a big surprise working in more than one show on it, but we talk primarily in the first part of this episode on the regular broadcast about the haughty eyes in the lying tongue. That's where he spent most of the time.

And so it took kind of refreshing rally feeling kind of setting up what is haughty eyes, you know, it's a way that we could interpret that if if we worry God was speaking saying I don't have haughty eyes. What would he be meaning well it's to take pride on Harold actually put it that you take pride past the point of being inside and that began this begins to where you can see it on the outside it. It certainly is being puffed up, but you know what it feels like you That's what I see. You know what haughty eyes feel like because you had it done to you like that guy thinks he's better than me like that guy looks.

You know what makes him think that he's now you know what it feels like to have an haughty eyes back in him losing it mostly clips are like that that we that's true that's true, it's a haughty eyes, in the course of lying tongue and groove all know what that feels like, and if were honest with yourself and probably all done that at some point or another. Some better than us fixed at some point you in the bad part is that it sometimes works and unfortunately takes years were to Canada play itself out that you guys some questions around, you know, this is the area were supposed to go deeper so you first start into these six things that God hates what kind of haughty eyes, lying tongue, heart devises wicked schemes and shed innocent blood. What are some things that kinda come to your mind that God said okay this is an area we need to work on this is this is something that I need you to address and scan thrown it out there and I talked about in the first episode about some things in a special this week at Andaman heavenly temper. My thoughts is a way that I would express some things could potentially lead to some of these not intentionally but it doesn't matter whether it's intentional or not, because I'm still practicing some of that if I'm careful and not giving full truth in any set quite well in the first episode about assigning motive when you sign motive to something you're jumping into that that realm and on. So I think that's Mary the people need to be careful what's it's kind of a Romans 14 thing you are at least consenting to ally, even if it's not a lie.

You know me if I say will I know why Sam said that and you know, the logical question of a smart and godly man would be, will Sam told you why he did it in order.

Sam told you why. He said will know no I don't even have to, but I know why he did it well. How do you know did Sam tell you or did God tell you because those are your only real sources of truth and with regard to what Sam's motives are at that moment.

And so if I take that into the logical conclusion of what I know why they did that, I know why they said that and the reason I'm so adamant about. That is because I used to be really bad about that until a good friend of mine went really. Do you know why they did that.

Do you know why they said that I went will yeah I and I and he goes well how how did you not how'd you find that out.

What I mean anybody could see that really anybody could see that. I mean, you know, he just kept pushing my buttons until he finally said you are an arrogant jerk and I went to go look that word up. I'm not sure I know what it means. I think it's bad, and literally enemy I was a baby Christian at the time but and he was my best friend and so I appreciated them doing that but he basically said look you are an arrogant jerk who is judging other people's motives and you have no right to if they didn't tell you that you don't know that if God didn't tell you that you don't know that you can guess it but again when you go into that next realm of guessing or assigning motors, you're either gossiping or your consenting to ally, even if it's the truth, even if it's the truth. And that's the Romans 14 part of it you know so you consent to a sin something you think is a sin when you consent to something that might be a lie. You don't know for sure it's truth or lie and you've in essence told a lie in its same thing. Jesus says when you look on a woman in lust after her.

You've committed adultery when you said Rocco are full. You've committed murder in your heart and you asked me about that in the in the first knowingness in the radio show not in the after hours about this whole shedding innocent blood. Will there you go.

If you've ever called somebody a fool. You're guilty of shedding innocent blood.

According to Jesus numbing you can argue with me all you want but you real argument is what Jesus is. He's the one that says if you treat your brother that way. You've done the same thing as murder your brother. So what about this whole heart devises wicked schemes. What fits for really good reason this account justify right you do it if it's for good reason it isn't. Doesn't the ends justify the means.

Allen the classic example that we actually have set up here for us is Richard next which, if you were to watch the Robert Frost Richard Nixon interviews services a piece of history that is so revealing and semi-different ways but here is a man who got caught up in need of the ways he was gonna make world peace and it was going to be a Richard Nixon at the main idea I Like us shared my show. The last week don't do the Heisman like it's my football and taken across my goal line and I've got the stiff arm off against the Democrats or whoever else is in my waiting to make this thing happen and so Nixon was good to make it happen. Regardless of that.

However, you can see through this interview that he did have some integrity didn't resign. It had all sorts of ramifications. But here's a guy who's gone all the way down the Proverbs 616 ruffled. In other words, he's gotten involved in the lives he's he's he's gotten involved in the scheme from this from the standpoint of at least tried to cover it up to some extent you don't know what all is involved in that, but you asked earlier in a what is we've been studying this and that this house is change your so noisy.

Listen to this clip you can see a man that has been involved in something that is come crashing down on and it happened in my own life is happened on this ministry, but is also happen when I lost my dealership at the end of the thing you'll hear Richard Nixon say very clearly it's a burden on the half to carry for the rest know and and what will Frank Caliendo, you have nothing to worry about.

But the point is that as I as I listened to that I felt very very sorry for them, but I thought wait a minute. If he's in Christ he's not carrying that burden if he would give the ball back to Jesus. Jesus used what Pres. Nixon did to a great extent to set up Dragon to do all sorts of things that led to the piece that Rick but really Richard Nixon was hoping for. It did set the stage but it wasn't Jesus's mall. The whole time and what he did was very instrumental in the end code is off to them, but instead he still got somewhat of the Hardy eyes saying all this, it still your private says this is a burden on many carry well. As I looked at my own situation of losing the dealership which we are involved with the office manager misappropriated funds and there are all sorts of things that Ghana got covered up and swept under the carpet that I was very much aware of and I got involved in all that evil schemes and lying because that you know we needed to save these employees jobs that we needed to save the business you know I was I was right there and I can so relate to this clip as I listen to it and I wondered listener is you listen to it. If you've ever been involved in something that imploded that got way more involved than you ever thought it was going to be a just gone on a downward's sprouts and and you fell right down the shrimp and at the end of the road. Can you give it back and say you know what Jesus you can use this to carry the ball forward because the kingdom is calming and I miss that. Now we come down the key point, let me assert my own way about how I feel about the American people that forces me to rationalize now give you a carefully compared crop space. I didn't expect this question.

Frankly, though, so I met again that I can tell you this. I think I said it all in one of those moments that you're not thinking. Sometimes you say the things that are really in your heart when your making an advance you say things that in order to the audience by a lot of difficult meetings those last days right resign and the most difficult and the only one where I broke into tears. The first time I cried since Eisenhower died I met with all my key supporters just the half are before Gordon television then something you haven't got much more to say half the people around the table were cry less errands just shaking sobbing. I get just can't stand seeing somebody else crop that ended it for me and I just I must say I cracked up. Started cry push my chair back and I buried it and I said I'm sorry I just hope I have left you to let you down. Well, when I said I just hope I haven't let you down, etc. I had I let down my friends I let down the country.

I let down our system of government dreams of all those young people with RA getting the government to think it's all to corrupt the rest I let the American people got and I have to carry that burden with me the rest of my life so that it is simply beautiful that the Holy Spirit came in and gave Sir David Frost that question it just a moment. Nixon was formable it. The question caught him clearly by accident you hear is silencing the question, maybe he had thrown his clipboard in the sides and Nixon would know that so that Nixon would know that the question wasn't a red question. I wasn't prepared question so that he would be able to give an authentic answer and he did that because the Holy Spirit was giving Richard Nixon an opportunity to express an apology to the American people from the heart, which he did and then that moment. I hope we all have that chance to say worse because I been caught I'm I'm right there have been revisited that place on a few occasions but at that point. Can you like Richard go to the Valley of humiliation and admit that you went down this road. However, unlike Richard Nixon, can you then give that to Jesus, let him take the ball from the little ballcarrier and carry it on to the finish line and join with him on going to the next step because he does not want us to sit and revel in that in that failure is your eye guiding lexical interview of for the snippet and I was alive.

I remember when he resigned in I was younger that I remember it and I can remember where I was when it happened.

Those in a car writing with my folks when it came across radio that he had resigned when I listen to that. I hear a man that is trying to be very genuine and very honest. You know we we talked about on the show where in one of the best things that can happen is your pose can be broken in a deal with him and his pose was broken but is he starting to get some perspective. I think the enemy wants to keep them and that bondage of your always going to carry this burden because what I here's the agreement right now.

It may not be an arrogant standpoint as much as he's believing a lie that says this is all you're ever going to be known for right this is going be the sum total of your political, you know, whatever it is you know the your legacy legacy. I can think of tradition, but have legacy and you know again I I was a young man young boy when it happened and I still remember it very vividly and and I've watched the Nixon Frost interviews from a historical standpoint I like boring history and but yeah where Robbie was talking about the dealership. I feel very much the same way with regard to this ministry that there was a time when you know we had some real struggles as to what direction we were in a go how we were going to get there. Quite frankly, we had some people come into the ministry that were selling this discord that I mean I'm just going to be as brutally honest as I can and instead of handling that as godly and biblically as I should have.

I you know made some decisions and and chose some directions at that point in time that were unproductive to say the least and probably sinful and hurtful to the ministry and hurtful to other people who were a part of this community that we have in wheat we did have, you know that at least one person who was selling tremendous discord in in this group and and I believe that God did detest that. And I also believe that God detested the way that I handled that perhaps the way that others handled that in the midst of that now the beauty of that is this that God can take ashes and turn it into beauty. He can take dry bones and turn that into an army.

And so he's done that he has redeemed that he has saved that in this ministry has continued to go and not just the ministry that people here on a podcast or whatever, but our community is stronger for it now, and that's all God and so God can redeem every bit of this, he hates it. He detests it. It doesn't say that he necessarily hates her, detest the person he hates what it does mean he sees these six things leading to the seventh which is creating dissension among the ranks of a community of people sowing discord in the community horribly sinful practice. Why well just watch the news. I mean that's all you gotta do you have to watch the news. Really, if your own social media. If you're on the Internet at all. You know how dissension is being sown in the American community. The world community the church community.

The it doesn't matter what community you can see it, it's, it's, you know, we talked about before. I might not know what I may not know how to define judging others, but I know when I'm being judged. I know what it feels like to be judged right I don't may not know how to define this but I know what it feels like, and it feels like today fills a carry political edits on right now that we honestly regardless of which side of the equation you want to beyond us what any of them.

Yeah, my sons are different generations in the obviously right and so we politically have some different opinions as an older man who he and younger men. One of things we but we all agree on is we ate 88 the political ads. Is there any matter future candidate or not your candidate. You just don't want to hear it because it's division it's dividing the community is not uniting anything in on that's what's so hard about this time I think it's what so taxing the people we just can't wait for the second was the first Tuesday in November writers for the first one to get here so I can just be done and then we can start recouping after that, you know it's it's so taxing One piece of the equation we been dealing with and start getting on the social discord the covert situation. I mean all these things you know and and yes or there's truth and there's things we need to know, but it quickly falls and sometimes to some of these things only found this place were judging others or were making motives.

No assigning motives to actions I just being honest. I fight it when I go in the grocery store and I go in the grocery store and I wear a mask, not because I'm trying to protect me. I'm trying to be kind to the to the person who's doing a eight dollar an hour job at the register, who because she's a single mom and she's got to have that job and she's trying to feed to kids at home. I don't want to give her covet. And I gotta tell you I don't care what your thoughts are on a mask. You can be kind, you know, and so I and I see people in the grocery store not wear a mask in and I and I have to go. Okay, they probably just forgot their mask know they there like me and they drove often from home and they forgot their mass today as I've done that to and so I've been on both sides of that equation, but I have to find it. You know, and I'm not gonna get in somebody's face and all your try to kill people, you know, things like that. That's not true it's not true but just trying to be kind. Right now, and to be caring towards other people's hearts other people's bodies know it's a it's a process that I find literally assaulting me almost with any interaction with humanity right now is just remember, don't judge the kind on that way every time I drive I mean honestly, when I leave anywhere. I was goes Saturday Robbie asked me to be part of the radio shows I came over here on my way home I was oh my gosh. I was so frustrated by the time I got home his eyesight so many motives of people my whole way over. They were all idiots. You know they did not use a turn signal related to where they were deterred just like I was so frustrated by towing a hillbilly person was worked up to the whole equation is me right it's because I was doing some of this stuff, youare the hot gases judging other people.

I know it. It was is paramount, hard, hard in the midst of it. Danny and Robbie, I noticed that you guys you know they said were going to share things you Push the microphone back and forth like neither one of you want to talk was what was going on. We both wanted to talk. I don't know which it was his lectins meant to yet we decide who was going go first and I nearly lost. Okay stained by the time of ministry leader where we are ministry was going to be part of a an event in another ministry in the church was going to put in. They had a meeting in one of the members of that committee was also on our committee and he brought some information that were seeds of discord. Something was said and it sounded very derogatory toward our ministry gas well I champion that inserted seeds of discord everywhere because I couldn't take it I thought you and some eyes attacking our gas and so we created a letter and signed it and presented it to the pastor and which was a very bad idea. And Anna normally is a big gap but anyway he broke his heart. And we have a meeting both, both committees and got a behind closed doors into discord and ended damage that could have been major luckily was averted by God, and it brought us all closer together.

But when I look back on that. I think you know about it hook line and sinker and what I should have done was go to the pastor and go to Colby hey, I understood that this conversation was had in that meeting. Is that true just it just a kind conversation just a not a full-blown bulrush into you guys are holy, and I'm being holy to not know your holiness.

Gotta think so but anyway I guess is what that brought to mind is bought it all away down the Proverbs 6 just in my own mind thinking someone was looking down home. My ministry in my guys in an induced in it imploded its steps to this place where it feels like oh well what I'm doing is justified in my reactions justified.

There is wasn't necessarily provoked you in sunlight is now justified supper to go deal with the oh yeah, I'm always justified Santa Monica.

I just remember when I first saw the email come across things that God hates him like a way guys get your personal here knows I make this about me and what it cannot what he is doing pleading with the ILS I, Cassie found out, but you look at this and I'm we have many different examples mind. Examples from home. What'll I do that most is probably the person with the most my life so I'm always no assigning motives suing all this must be in. She must be up to this again and all the past things in the past stuff in the past things in the past often just constantly knows always come again here it comes, I can I can sit there and all here she goes out going down this path and I'm assigning stuff before shivered as a boy when it hits. I'm ready right.

That's where my heart just just kills me right because I'm Liber certain realize might will that's the things that are really bringing you down depressing you putting you in a place where you don't want to be so in leading our peer group this past week word reading a book called maturity by Sinclair Ferguson and it's really good book so far.

We just barely into an as is chapter 2 and I'm like just leaving that down I might. So what I want to challenge nobody when they walk away this week is out of all these things we talked about that could be basically helping you to backsliding your Christian walk. Think of just fine. One of them as we can all find any find one go this week and basically I'm I do scientific thinking stuff with works also like basically make hypothesis if I do this than I ought to be feeling this way are change this way or something shall be different but the situation in a month. What am I going to do rather than just sit there and say you know I'm not to do anything but change into action so mine is been medially was okay as I okay will I'm going to forgive her for now because in my mind. She's done something wrong, but she's done it or not. So my I got II do have to forgive that and immediately it wasn't and I can can we do that if I do this if I forgive her this week. Then I will be in this better place by the end of the week I'll be able to have better conversations I'll have a better mood and tone towards her and the next thing you know guys like forgive yourself, oh my gosh I really need to live in that a lot to forgiving just myself here so forgiveness is my theme for about the next three weeks. I'm just going to be limited.

That's a good place for you to be focused on for this next week I want us to focus on this passage to say God I need you to bring up into my heart done these things shown haughty eyes, and let me know what I'm doing it.

Let me know what I tend to be towards a lying tongue whether I know it or not all these six things you hate so I don't become one of those things you find detestable right my actions, not me as a person of my actions find detestable good masking to register for the upcoming VP of November 12-15. This is the Truth Network

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