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Anger Management

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 17, 2020 12:30 pm

Anger Management

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 17, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! Whether you're the type to embrace anger or the type to avoid it, this episode has got you covered. The clips come from the movies "Anger Management," and "Inside Out." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it shared the most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Network podcasts. This is good Truth Network the heart of every man craves a great adventure but life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on request with your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. Glad you're with us is we can and I think this week we have a topic I know there's a lot of times the enemy doesn't like the topics we cover and say hopefully every week. He doesn't like the topics we cover, but it's been very apparent to me that this week he really doesn't like the topic is we sent out an email or text last week about working talking about the topic of anger and how some men can run to it. Almost like a welcome friend you used to see them all the time and others avoided at all costs, and in either one of those polarized positions are healthy but since then, is to have real anger, no anger, perceived anger, all these angry things coming at us Been comical almost over the last few days we've actually been laughing a lot before the show is laughing at this whole thing of how quickly that can turn in any I made you angry just right for the show, Absalom Thorson are just discussing stuff before the show and I'll explain something that I think Sam should get any looking right through me like you got x-ray vision and not making any comments on Mike, I know your time now as she hung it explain my right laughed about it. Sometimes I can be fun can be really damaging to go ahead and get to a clip because I think it sets up somewhat when I talk about today and in any if you had tousled about the spiritual anger management and Dave is this guy that's been on a plane and had anger issues, and you know what I don't get you these days and get you some serious trouble and so he got a go to see a counselor for anger management and they been through a few sessions and he's, talking to them about what the next steps are and kind of the counselor, I think it's Dr. Riddell's, telling what he who is Jack Jack.

Probably not the guy you would want to defame guys so anyway he's he's basically telling what the next steps are encountered telling what his perceived problems are, or how he sees his anger problem is 20 hours of killing myself 20 hours in my class would be pointless for you and I think I'm going to recommend of the courts we double your time to explain something day.

There are two kinds of angry people explosive and implosive explosive is the kind of individuals that you see screaming at the cashier for not taking coupons implosive is the cashier who remains quiet day after day and finally shoot everyone in the store.

The cashier on the guy hiding in the frozen food section down the 911. You don't find yourself in either one of those equations and like Adam Sandler. You think you're the one dial 911 in the frozen foods. I promise if you talk to people around you probably fall one side of that equation or the other whether you realize it or not is sometimes your phone probably both sides are some things you rush to enter into another thing to completely avoid all those begin to ask the question why why do I act that way so fast you guys. I know I've known you on the menu all to get angry at some point another.

You quite yet Danny but I know it's common I can sit on your face if you happen at some point.

What causes anger with some of the things it can really get you going. If you really just honest with yourself and if you do like we talk about lift the hood up and look underneath. It's okay, God, help me see what's causing anger.

Let's let's begin with the ones that really do get angry. Not the one to shy away from it but once again angry what some of the things it can cause a Mandel guy I get to go first and I was one of those people that was always anger for years that we've pretty much decided that that's the major reason why I had to have five bypasses donate 10 years ago that the stress I kept myself unders. What messed up my body so dealing with anger in the wrong way can get you in a world of trouble, both physically and spiritually. Another thing I found out about my anger was that you go into a downward spiral. If you don't get rid of it and deal with it in the next little thing that comes along becomes a big thing in those big things just keep getting bigger and bigger and that's why your man all the time with no relief. Not a good place to be advised against it based on personal experience Lord's been good to me because in spite of all that I'm still here, so Woodward before the shower talk a little bit about it. You said that you know you realize that it was times of need and get your way. And, oh yeah and the Internet really amounted to what and what God help you see well in most cases it was selfishness on my part. I wanted my way when I wanted. And if I can have it the way I wanted and I don't want it and I don't want to be around so selfishness I think was one of the major things that drove me to be angry you're in front of me going slower than I want to go and I can get around you so I get mad. That is one of the root causes you know that that's an selfishness for me it's can apply the same thing but I can't control, and I can't have control over my situation. It makes me mad.

A lot of times because I want to know what the outcome or influence the outcome. Anyway got for me and I was a car salesman for long time 40 years at an new member, Marty may fly like nobody calls me well the thing that would just fry my bacon and it was just like instantaneous like it would go from like, no sizzle to just complete fire and 20 seconds was if somebody didn't trust me and NBI car salesman, you would run across that quite often you don't say my bacon stayed pretty good but fortunately really. Fortunately, as I got into the boot camp some understanding that wow I've got a certain way that God looks at me and when I discovered my new name was faithful see people work thinking that I was completely somebody that I wasn't and if and if you walk into the middle of what I what my actual identity is in a year if you can find yourself in on the other side angry, which fortunately for me, God is been unpacking that there's parts of that that are actually quite wonderful when there's parts of that actually require some digging into and trying to find that that particular aspect of my life is been attacked my whole life. And since that's where the wounds lie.

Guess what, that's where you light up my bacon absolutely unit attack somebody's character in the ceiling, hinged most the time because that's an assault on who they are and thing of the day and in that's a hot button as well.

Yeah, I think lifetimes. As Christians we get we fall under this impression that anger is bad, you know, and it doesn't say in Scripture anywhere that anger is bad. It says don't send in your anger in your anger do not sin right because it angers an emotion that God gave us and ended there are things in this world to be angry about absolutely things that happen to kids are things that happen to innocent people, absolutely.

There's things to be angry about it. The only way we can really get there is to ask God to help us see the truth in the situations is if I'm limited to my own view all man, be angry all the time and I will sit and think about this topic since last week and just today I probably couldn't count on all your guises hands. How may times of an angry over something that didn't last very long. As angry about traffic angry about this writing about that or this frustrated me and you can say frustrated instead angers you on the use of more politically correct term within the date still anger you know it you have this.

This had me on edge, whatever you want to say if still anger and date of the day and just ask yourself what's really doing that. What's really causing I didn't get my way that that's a part of her right woundedness as you talked about can be a part of it in you what some thoughts from you yet. I think a lot of it is you don't get what you want. Don't wait you don't somebody's getting in the way of of what that is in and it could be, not somebody but some things just trying to get something done work or whatever I was thinking back about the past of where I used to have a lot of anger.

Then I got saved and got really committed to God and then I tried to do the whole you know had have anger but don't say in sledges means push it down. Then I thought about after something bad things happen in my life than the kind of thing.

Let my life a blown up. Then I realized it I look back at it, I really started I was still love God and all that but still really struggling with anger. I remember in a few names at work than previous place I work like think they call me Angry Birds or United given his mother were to call you for now Tasmanian devil or something like that or whatever task or whatever but you know and I really felt bad and I felt like I got a new start with this job I have, but really all this but it came back. There's nothing wrong really like you said with anger, but a lot of it is it it can't be this selfish anger of this may not get my way.

The anger and I see like you said is getting angry about what God gets angrier.

You know the injustices of the world that there's plenty of the people are blinded by the enemy that you know keeps them doing stupid things. You know, we get mad and being stupid with her stupid because her blinded a lot of times from minutes straight up in the Bible that way but you know this kind of thing when you say it's been angry but don't say you not heard it somebody say one time, yeah units is also done with the finger venting around his you know I never got a been up like three days before you know just turned it to get over it, but at least I didn't know let the sun go down around so yeah it's hard you know if you asked somebody you would all share examples of being angry, you know, there's lots of things out there that we can say causes to be angry when the Eagle songs is called whole in the world talks about your anger. They say that love angers this love disappointed right and that's a way you can do what you think about people to get into romantic arguments. It's just disappointment. A lot of times that something that is an expectation thereby missed expectation. There's lots of things underneath it and again they were not all bad and we come back on, it can pack some that's okay. How do you distinguish between the two, but also find what's really causing my anger. What if I'm one of those people that just refused and ran in the powder keg waiting to go off at some point right. How do I know what's causing that in what could be causing that masculine to register for the upcoming boot camp November 12-15 Baskin Robbie Gilmore here your mattress get a little thin on top. Check out the new mattress topper from my pillow.

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It's washable and dry bullets made in the USA back by Mike Lindell 60 day warranty and best news ever go to my save 30% use promo code, car guy, call 800-943-7096. Remember that promo code car guy is running from masculine journey radio at the last boot camp. I actually had a chance to respond to the worker talk now. Here's what Sebastian learned about the true reality of spiritual warfare.

The true reality of spiritual warfare that there really is an enemy. It's not just me and God. But in reality it's me when I get up in the morning when I go to work on my drive, my daily life is something for you at the next boot camp.

Register now masculine coming November 12 to the 15th. Hiram Carson came on Dan Keene's grandson on the masculine journey radio might they can be strangers like mine. One of the things that I realize this week was that I need to take time to listen to God. I felt like the Lord spoke to me and he said Mike how you listen. If you're always busy so this weekend what I've done is I've taken some time just to go on walks and to be loaded soon dies at the next boot camp coming November 12-15 masculine journey never hear on the masculine journey where you I'm angry when I picked up on by thought of that movement, which was really a really old movie that Robbie will live yeah it's almost as old as it it's it's there, but it that the movie was more about their talk about in that it's a mad mad world's crazy.

It's a crazy world that you and I think when we look around the world that you can say that it is crazy but also very angry know you live in a very angry time again whether it's politics, social injustice, you know, whatever you want to say tonight texting with my sister some yesterday she just angry and overcoat you know and there's nothing you can really do about it, just anger. I'm so tired of it and she's in the medical field like I do all these things that be careful that she's just tired of dealing with it. You know I think that's where we find ourselves as an opportunity to be angry over lots of things right and it's okay to be angry and hundreds of biblical principle angry. I mean, Jesus was angry Paul was angry you know coming James and John were the sons of thunder right so they obviously got angry ever now and now you know they were called that because of the way they handled their anger, which may or may not have been no holy or sinful, but that this emotion is attributed to God through Scripture all lots and so it's a godly emotion. Anger is a godly emotion you can say that now.

Now you can talk about well yeah but I don't always use it in a godly sort of way. I know I've never been angry III never get angry. I tend to make other people that lay a lot now. I have never told a lie either. Well, then you want to add something here I was thinking about those growing up was a skinny kid in the school stretchjust a little surprisingly a lot and I would you have explosive anger. My fight to the point that actually injured to friends and a cousin almost cut cousins them off. It was just explosive anger so but and then have but then I became lie and he said overcame when will you shouldn't get that way to begin to suppress it and you caused a lot of problems in the head. Have some like anger management, so to speak. One of my best friends was just like you.

He was the skinny kid he was making a set he was so fun to me. Both of us were skinny kids but he was so much fun but Johnny was the most gifted and talented physically guy that I'd ever now numbing heat. You know he's the guy that could do that handstands on the skateboard ride the unicycle 10 miles to school, and in all that kind of stuff but he was picked on a lot and so was I. For me, and you know it's especially as we got to be a little bit indoor teen years and we were still kind of scrawny and some guys were picking on Johnny when Dana said don't do that. Don't do that.

I'm telling you don't do that and they kept doing it and eventually Johnny put you up in the hospital because you know he had a baseball bat in the back of his truck and I mean I tried to warn them, and sometimes that comes out and you know that scares us, so that he try not to be angry and that leads us into what keeps people from trying to go there now, I'm not going to go there.

Megan get angry and some of that there is someone I knew is as a good friend that in their pastor when anger occurred in their household growing up as a kid.

It meant that there was any physical abuse, and so there was a vow made an agreement made there that anger equal bad. Yes, I'm never going to let myself get there. You know that that were never that usually doesn't apply right I'm always gonna stay calm. Will that comes at a cost and as Harold said that they could be of the bypass surgery at some point it could be a coronary could be lots of things it could be the eruption of all this emotion at some point night and so that that's a reason why it's what some of the reasons why guys that the people might refuse to try to even go there, Mr. Roger, Sandra and I really honestly as I became a Christian late life in my late 30s and I went to church and I looked around at all the quote unquote godly man and they all look like Mr. Rogers. I mean that you know they're happy all the time that anger was not to be part of the equation whatsoever. And so I just kind of thought will know that's a picture of of what that looks like and when I came my first boot camp and it held up two pictures one of William Wallace and the other with Mr. Rogers and they were like. Which of these guys is Jesus. And like oh my goodness.

And I realized the reason why my heart would get angry at times is because Jesus's heart gets angry sometimes and it gave me an immense amount of freedom that actually see in and walk into a place where where does my heart need to be angry and then how would that be expressed in a way that Christ would express it and that freak some people out. I realize, but the Lord is a warrior and a warrior in his name and and and of warriors usually bake pretty angry in the looking you know that that's a good thing if you need that you know like Jack Nicholson said that while you want me on that one has to deal you have that you have when in their childhood. Dave attempted to rise up with the justice you know just fighting injustice and and was beaten down, either emotionally, physically, somewhere along the way, and of equated that two of that's going to cause pain so don't want to go there you have a good friend of the show that's not with us tonight, but he shared on the show many times it was. He was raised in a household where he was told. Anger is a weakness in any shouldn't let yourself get angry because that's us going to show weakness and I'm sure there's some truth in that bit taken to every situation, it doesn't apply and he would share that with you as well. He has on the show many times and I think that that's other reasons why people just don't want to go well and and it's a lie that is a lie. Anger is a weakness. No anger is a godly emotion.

It is an emotion that God gave you for a purpose. Now I know what the purpose is the purpose is to fight a great battle just like me and Robbie talked about because God needs you on that wall. Sometimes he needs you standing between injustice and justice.

He needs you standing between righteousness and unrighteousness numbing look if if children being sold into sexual slavery does not anger you as a man or a woman there something wrong with your heart and you need to spend some time praying about that, that should make you furious and there are lots of things I mean when your children are mistreated. Try not to get angry and mean. Try not to get angry now.

I mean does it mean like, I could tell you about all the times where that's gone badly and and again that's what you meant is Satan takes that emotion because it's probably the easiest one for him to mess with right because it is about control and we lose control which we got a clip that can illustrates that to if we want to play in a few minutes, but but that's when we are the closest to losing control, but the man who can harness the anger like Jesus did when he was angry, set down intentionally made a cord or whipped out of the records or more and went into the temple angrily cleared the temple kicking people out but yet was kind to the animals who were helpless and so when you can be Jesus you can be angry and it's it's funny how we'll talk about where cartoons often will go right at a topic that the adult shows will necessarily and there was a movie a few years back called the inside out.

It was about all your different emotions and so this is one of the promos from Disney weather Wednesday the advertised about the most. I saw this when I think more than any other one and they know that anger is an issue they wouldn't use this as their promise. Let's go and listen to Mark. Ever wonder why you feel the way you do know your emotions when things go wrong. Anger is that this is anger. He will make sure no anger control what you really need to watch out for out-of-control motions with his size inside out. Rated PG that didn't cause me to go see the movie I will watch it at some point, but I did it relate to that topic because it it's not about anger it's about out-of-control anger and I think that's when you hear the word anger. That's why people don't like to say it just a little peeved Everett by MB.

It's still angry at the end of the day it's still the same thing. It's just, is it a controlled justified anger when I get recently when I'm when I try to evaluate my anger more so that I kind of do arithmetic, retrospection, and like a lot of times if I blow up sale my daughter something for for maybe a reason that was instigated. Or maybe it wasn't that I was like okay yeah probably should have done in our field is the conviction and say no it was not there times when I have to. Statistics stand strong weathers to her or you know somebody work or whatever and I communicate what I want to know what the right and proper way. But it is within anger in and to evaluate that.

It feels good when you know that that there was that proper response abuse and anger that did not harm you not to speak the truth in love.

Finding ways of doing that we really have to depend on God to do that domain for trying to do it on our civil probably mess it up so soon.I mean it's the whole world is angry right now coming political ads anger me beyond imagination.

I can't stand any of them look mean I just can't. I can't just they they make me mad. I find myself talking to the TV on both sides.

There their bid on matter, whether Republican or Democrat. The Darrell stupid number one and in every single one of them is blaming somebody else for the problem in all vote for the first person who takes responsibility for something you know me that's that's basically where I'm at now is just take responsibility. I'll vote for you but nobody's going to the dentist try to blame somebody else.

Well, that's what we do with anger. A lot of times is we get mad and then we will event and then we blame somebody else for our action. Instead of doing what Andy was saying being introspective and going wait, why am I angry is angry the right thing to do and how should I express that which may love my brother Andy because he teaches me things like that all the time and don't just on your own for God, help me to see the truth in it because I give myself all sorts of reasons on why I should be angry right like unjustified to death that it's that introspective walk with him and forgotten what is really causing that. Talk about some of the stories we come back after the show with the after hours to go to mass to listen to that if it's not on the radio course after this and next week to bring a new topic. Not sure what it is we got a couple of little Bruins will let you know next week. In the meantime camp. This is the Truth Network

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