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Memories and Agreements Replaced by Truth

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 3, 2020 12:30 pm

Memories and Agreements Replaced by Truth

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 3, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week focuses on how we remember the old agreements that the enemy tells us is true, but forget the good agreements that Jesus tells us. The clips used this week comes from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," and "LOTR The Two Towers." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Hans Schild from the fishing will podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds.

Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network the heart of every man plays a great adventure but life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey. We're glad that you're with beacon. I know that there are some of you out there that think that we don't have a plan for a topic is Kelly coming here and we at all that would be hard to do that with the clips. What we do actually try prepare for these ahead of time and last week we were sitting around after the showing syndicate.

We really don't have a topic this next week and a couple different topics came out so that covers us next couple weeks, and the more he thought about it. It actually came one topic open up to you what was your idea. You had for a topic that we kicked around about doing for this week S a week after we finished up talk about celebration. We were just talking about how that'll give us something. Then we forget it and we don't always Journal well we don't remember those things and then you know we got to talking about.

Well the positive things God doesn't like the deliverance from or the just healing that he gives of the restoration or the time you despair and close intimacy with him. You know those things mean a lot. They mean a lot and human relationship. Why would lay our relationship with God. So as I got to thinking about it while we were talking is like you to think about the examples in the Old Testament whenever they crossed over the Jordan River. They made an alter a monument whenever Joshua Mina went to the tech I think was malleable that he made a an alter a monument and then in the New Testament will even in the Old Testament still they they spent 40 years wandering around in the desert, will they had the feast of Tabernacles to help them remember that what were they came from and obviously the New Testament you've got union Jesus to do this in remembrance of me. So I just thought it would be cool to, you know, because a lot of times we struggle with, you know, remembering bad things.

What about the positive things Jesus, God's constantly telling us to remember these things in a negative of sin are things that have affected us negatively, but also the positive things because that's what our new relationship and him is built on the community and then you had an idea for a topic as well to ensure that yeah we were talking I was thinking about we talk about agreements a lot and most of the time. We say that in a negative negative terms, I guess, and there's no there's also positive agreements and we cannot steer debt toward what God says about you and making those agreements but replacing the old agreements with the new agreements and helps counter the idea is great, great idea on both sides and in. We thought about it, we can walk away and seductively gives us the next couple weeks topic and as I started processing it called these guys in and talk to some of them about it and sedate you.

They would try to come down to the same situation with both of these what we choose to remember are the old agreements with things that the enemy has told us it's true about us right and what we fail to hold onto and replace with his good agreements that Jesus gives us right and so in that needs to be our new go to memory instead of the old memories of what the enemy's been Thomas our life in there and there is a scriptural reference to this right in the New Testament yeah lot coming at Luke 11 is one immediately came to mind to me when you call me and we start talking about it was in Jesus talks about when you clean the house of evil. You clean evil spirits out of the house, kick it out that that evil spirit roams around for a while and says will you know what I don't find any good place to live here. I'm going back to my house and if you go look at Luke 11. That's what the Spirit says he thinks your houses is out. He thinks your heart is his house and so he decides he's coming back and if he comes back and he finds that heart empty that place empty. He goes and finds seven friends that are even more evil than him, and come back and Jesus says that the latter state is much worse for the man than the first date and so that the principal is when when Jesus comes and helps us break an agreement that we felt like was very real about ourselves and you said you know, we remember the old agreements we remember the negative agreements that the lies about ourselves and the reason those are so easy to hold onto his because they feel so true for such a long time.

They feel like they're part of us to the point where when Jesus comes in and usually gives us a truth in preparation to break that agreement that truth feels like a lie. You know it's an oxymoron. That when when Jesus comes and says you know your a fervent man of prayer. You're a righteous man, it may feel like now that that's not true of me and I pushed off I expect something that's not true. Space yeah sorry about that was cracking up over there but yet you do accept something that's not true in the place where Jesus is told you anything about the enemy's lies. There's usually a little bit of truth to them.

That's what you buy into it. But then a whole lot of light behind it and and and so when it came to start.

We talk about this topic of agreements a lot, but I think that sometimes unless you been around it. It's hard to really understand what that means and and Robby you want to put your click first before you talk about to an agreement to talk about the agreement for first always pretty women the same. You know, if you listen the clippings from the movie the Grinch and you may have heard him he he's actually made an agreement here that it's better to be alone and be in a commitment that you'll hear right off the bat, but then is gonna start talking to himself and is good to hear that is in any canal and lately you know I had trimmed my finger. You might be aware that of people that listen last week or don't know me love it and you know as my wife was running me to the emergency room. You know I kept saying it over and over your immediate your knitting out consider is a lot riding on this little finger that I thought you and I was absolutely necessary in my life is Repeating it. But the thing I want you to hear as you listen to the clip is when you hear this your immediate do you hear I'm an idiot or you're an idiot and a course Grinch gets to hear it both ways this place. I got all like what school are saying you heard that you know when you done some sort of stupid human tricks like I recently did, and certainly paid the price in an interesting way. I've had a week for infections it in and out sports after you know bad things that you state would really like me to Biot end of the fact that I'm in it, but it's fascinating to me that God is been working on me with different words every morning as I got attendance and begin to pray and we worked on healing last week but as the infection had set in, and really some things got kinda scary last couple days. This morning he sent me want to look up sick and see what the word sick means what it looks like in Hebron you know me that's that's how I look, while fascinatingly very fascinatingly and I and this is really going to help me break this agreement that when you look at the word sick.

It's actually the same way you spell mankind. Yeah so you might be aware that the first man's name was Adam and that that has to do with the letters that make up that which is in now. I finna in a dilated and MM well if you take the men which means Jesus out of the word Adamo out of automatic she take the Jesus out you get the word sick which is a Dosh which a lot of times in the Bible.

This is significant.

A lot of times in the Bible when they refer to mankind. There are saying a Dosh which is the same word as sick will, of course, we will of course we write, you take Jesus out of the equation. At any given moment in your life and your sick and and so the neat thing is you just add water and stir. MM is water so by the way, saving water real living water heater said living water and stir and and and and and it's really a beautiful thing that like oh my goodness it has everything to do with health but also has to do with laminating and so you can you might remember Jesus said this quite apart from me you can do nothing right and so it it's really kind of a cool thing for me as I'm working through what God is teaching me on this whole immunity thing that I can really see that all my goodness with him on. I am far from an idiot and I think you took the line and branches part two literal. I wanted to start with this particular agreement because as we went around the room before the before the show and there's 10 of us here tonight are nine of us here tonight. Every one of the said this is something we hear when we make a mistake in one way or another.

Right. Whether it's around other people. Whether it's by herself. The enemy has a universal agreement. He gets is to try to buy into as it were an idiot. That's what I hear when I make a financial mistake I make decision that is in good units.

The first thing that comes at me and I'm sure that if you're out there listening you can know that feeling, and Robby said it right honey times listen next time you hear it. Are you hearing. I'm an idiot or you're an idiot now, she most the time you hearing your knitting.

It right and so that's coming from outside of you that somebody influencing you trying to get you to buy in that I think it was a good idea that Robby didn't hold onto the thing with both hands. Know that. Was this a little bit of truth right in the statement.

That's what makes it feel true, but it's a whole rest of the comes after that's not true.

I mean yeah I like. I feel sorry for Robby because I know he was he's very artistic, and he was, you know, probably sculpting the bushes with one hand and and you know the feeling, and Internet run in any Clippers overgrown with any other.

And you know is his artistic nature just got in the way and you know I hate it for him. I'd really it. You know who any since the Texan said we were like the enemy because it's a constant thing. It's a not on hunting season. Robby is the only guy I know that goes through his entire no healthcare deductible by the month of January and every year but when we come back where they continue to talk about this topic of agreements but also moving past that into positive agreements and how God's come after our hearts and some the old agreements we made and give us new agreements to hold onto and then how do we plan on holding onto them. That's the case when it becomes left. Atkins is urinating or this or that you can say no, God told me I am to mask now Robby Gilmore here your mattress get a little thin on top. Check out the new mattress topper from my pillow.

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Remember that promo code car guy Carson came on Dan Keene's grandson on the masculine January Mike's boot camp strangers like mine. One of the things that I realized this week was that I need to take time to listen to God. I felt like the Lord spoke to me and he said Mike how you listen. If you're always busy so this weekend what I've done is I've taken some time just to go on walks and to be loaded.

Join us young guys at the next boot camp coming November 12-15 masculine journey ready. is the oldest gal in the masculine journey radio team. I love what this logo said at the last boot camp. God is for all of us no matter what age we are never too old doesn't mean is what's in your heart as you know is I do is manual go up there and have a corrupt, always boys age part is only in your mind. Join us old guys at the next boot camp. Register, November 12 through the 15th. Thank you daily for the bump in the road okay is that why did you pick the boat to discover the story behind it that our pastor preached a sermon Marie future been a friend of God and almost went with that.

The coals I spent years of my life in addiction and you spent years in in 12 step program and neither one of these that I came to say was I'm dating an alcoholic and there's a connotation behind that is true, but if you carefully take on a persona when he started talking about being a friend. Revelation came to me that if I say I'm Robby's friend that's one thing but when Robby says Danny's my friend, God is saying. I'm saying you're my friend and that was kind of an agreement that was broken in my life that I was no longer. I was a friend of God I was and which is going for the Mesilla number child. I'm his son in a struggle with that sometimes goes just tradition. I guess the enemy wants you to live in that old agreement. Yes, he wants you to believe that's the truest thing about you, rather than God comes in and says no, there is there something much more true and always has been about the imminent. So how do you hold onto that every day out what type of monument do you have in your life you said okay I'm gonna live that as this to be truth because enemies not give up his thinking, in trying to get you to buy into that old agreement so we needed to hold onto it.

I have the sole friend of God, playlist a play that frequently account of a monument to that kind of occasion and just little different stuff that I like mementos carry in your pocket or something like that just reminds me pull you change out and got a coin or something in there and get a friend of God Those things that you hold personal God can remind you of what the truth really is not going to play another clip here pretty quick.

As the enemy will use truth that you will come at you with truth right now. Try to get you to buy into. That's the deepest truth about you and in this clip. It's a little creepy if it's from Lord of the rings you have a character and it's really the same person. If you have never seen the movie. It's a two in the two towers at the same person. It's Gollum and Siegel right and Gollum is the evil version of this person that lives out the evil persona and Spiegel is the one that was innocent long ago. It starts getting his heart back but the enemy doesn't leaving there and so the enemy comes adding with what he thinks is his own voice attacking. So in this clip if you're watching visually see the same person, arguing back and forth want to hear the interchange because what he tells him everything that the enemy says in this clip, the majority of it has some truth to it.

That doesn't mean it's the deepest truth and that's what you get a hold onto the deepest truth of life not listless in a short clip of it in Spiegel's past.

He committed something we did murder somebody with enemies doing at all costs is trying to say no.

I see this person getting her heart back. He has with him and Frodo is treating him. His heart well in loving him while he starting to have some life in the EC Christ through another person rightly starting to get hoping then we doesn't leaving there. That's the thing about our enemy. He's relentless and he's not gonna leave us there. He's going to keep reminding us of those old things even though they have some truth to them to try to suck us back in the old way of thinking is you won't live out of you live out of the way. You believe that you are right.

If I believe in this way that's hung going to relive in on in it. It's at the heart level that the enemy attacks and so Andy I would ask you what, what's in agreement. The gods kinda come after you to break it and replaced with a positive agreement. A product that may not touch on you know that just has a little bit more history to it is yes heard me talk a lot about just you know the feeling of having God is my father. A lot of people can talk about heavenly father and have Jesus a lot, you know for a lot of their Christian experience. But a lot of people I heard testimony to God over the weekend.

That said, no, we really don't see God is that father and United. I didn't really consciously understand it is much as then let God is you know, instead of being an orphan, which we feel like we have there some things in my past that made me feel that way. I really got in touch with God as my father but continued on, that some of the most deep, deep foundation staff and I've really is praise God that I came to that point that it enables so much more than that. So is telling guys something a little bit more current. Was this weekend I went up to pray at the prayer March and the return probably heard that. I think God did a tremendous amount in the heavenly. His people were there praying in but you know, even I felt God called me up there. I still felt like a little intimidated and I stayed in contact with them was praying, but there was just this feeling of you know what, you never have been known for a prayer warrior you know you not to pray a lot but I mean it's not when these let these people look like they're serious about this stuff and all and it was like it is probably the enemy on the was the enemy, but you know God brought something in my heart said. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man valid much now.

I took some heat for taking saying that because it sounds a little arrogant, but God that as a scripture for the Bible but all of us.

You know about those who choose to be that way and I was there and I was willing I was a willing vessel in this something that he did a currently that really meant a lot to me and really saw me through to defend feel my role to be up there praying to get this God called you to another state on the weekend that you probably had nothing else she could be doing you and up there with no agenda other than to spend time with him in and in prayer and he surprisingly called you that right. Maybe not all nine people are here. You're the only one he had been any thought.

He took heat because it was an arrogant statement. He didn't take heat because of that, he took it because he didn't believe it will email me and we were trying to say look.

When God says you have fervently prayed as a righteous man, you're only arguing with him if you don't believe it. So I love what Voltaire and and you said about it earlier than I wanted wanting to miss it was that you were timeout monuments and in the word of God itself is he's stored up in your heart rate he's able to flip it in your mind at times like that is a phenomenal monument like you and you know that that is true that you want.

I want it festered. Now that's true. Okay.*Bone true and and the fact that that got flipped in your mind gave you something that obviously he he wanted and that relationship and I think just from Sandy what are you going to do to hold onto that show the enemy is not gonna leave it there for him to say some nice things anywhere in the network and to get you to believe that the end of the day have to hold onto absolutely, when I wake up tomorrow will first thing you know well, I've choose to do other things are praying at this is an anything religious I have to do a certain thing is not performance-based but it does encourage me that I am a man of prayer. We can all sit here and compare ourselves there buddy else all day that does nobody any good. And that's not what God calls us to do it. It inspires my heart to pray more and I guess it's just gonna keep that continuous focus only when I go to boot camp and it's time to pray for the fellows in my gonna listen to that are or choose the board I got in Washington. Okay, so give me monument you are giving them online is the Washington Monument will call it okay yeah I as I know the reason given hard times.

I love you as my brother is going to come try to steal it. You know it and write it down yeah absolutely get something this something that the enemy easily slid back in the way I feel really bad today if you like him can beat up it's here that is how we started this and how we got on that topic.

We were both talking about writing stuff down yeah Lisa that's true. Journaling is important and it says make the vision claim. Write it down. I think it is in Proverbs hearing where the user agreement.

You mean my monument will not compare to and has the Washington Monument exactly well mean the agreement that the long-standing agreement that I struggle with with on a regular basis is I don't get what I want other people get what they want, either by force or by blessing doesn't really matter to me how they get it, but that I don't get what I want. I have to settle for what's left type of thing in. I know that's not true.

I mean, God has help me break that agreement over time.

But I still wrestled with it. At other times and so the monuments for me are literally you know I'd I do keep a journal. I have gone back to that journal over times in and looked at the things that I prayed for that God gave me.

You know I'm in a mean a gigantic monument.

Right now I'm I'm building a house scared to death.

You know to to do this thing. I'm happy to work on other people's houses remodel their house. All that stuff but taken on that the whole thing of of building my own house and in doing all of that and all of the land development and everything else that goes with it just seems overwhelming at times and getting closer and closer and closer to being finished with that and so I think for quite some time in my life every day when I wake up in that house, it will be. Did you get what you wanted. Yes yes I did thank you and so I you know when I look at you know some of the relationships that I have.

It's did you get what you wanted. Yeah, yeah. I believe I have and in some of those things. So I don't have the pictures hanging on the wall right now, or other things because I'm everything I have. It's in storage. But when we get into the house.

You know there's a few things that I've got stowed away that I will put on the wall and I'll hang a few things in my barn and and stuff like that. That will remind me of where God has brought me thinking. We talked about a universal agreement that there is a universal truth we all share the world. New creations in Christ and it says is we get ready to wrap up this particular segment before good after hours. What something that they can hold onto as a new creation in Christ right for me.

I guess I would say you don't have to live today like you lived yesterday right yesterday is coming on. I am a new creation. Today I can't control the decisions made yesterday I came control the decisions made. An hour ago like a control is from this point forward and know that there's always a fresh start.

There's always a new start in your learning to be that new creation.

You don't wake up with all the answers right, you learn them along the way.

Can I make mistakes but hold on to the truth against that lie yeah I may do idiotic things, sometimes within the day. I'm a new creation in Christ. And that's the truest thing about the night.

It's gotta learn to walk in will see you next week will talk to you next week in love you all the way. This is the Truth Network

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