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Memories and Agreements Replaced by Truth After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 3, 2020 8:00 am

Memories and Agreements Replaced by Truth After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 3, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers, to Masculine Journey After Hours! On this episode, the band of brothers continue their discussion on the topic of remembering bad agreements and forgetting the good ones.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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Hi this Roy Jones with man talk radio podcast are missing is to break down the walls of race and denomination your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network coming to you French and American in the heart of masculine journey after our time to go to be more transparent on the topic of this invention, masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey after hours. Talk about a couple different topics that came up in her after hours after hours. Last week we we get together after the show and ensure some stuff about life and talk about what's of the topic for next week if we don't have one in the Indian and Danny had what appeared to be separate topics in Andy's was no building monuments to God to remember things positively and if that doesn't make a lot of cinching the back most of her show and more context on it and then so we try to remember things because what we can remember the negative thing and then Danny had an idea about it we talk about breaking these agreements that we made with the enemy and the these things we've believed to be the deepest truth about herself but don't we need to replace those with agreements from Jesus is the truth that Jesus is given us and so we can emerges together and created one topic about and really going back and looking our life that you and Robbie. We we talked about before the show forking on the last show that every time Jesus's commandment and broken agreement for us is given us an additional positive agreement has me know absolutely he's given me a truth yeah that that you can hang onto and in my opinion, if you asked him. He will also help you out and really enjoy the monument, which gets one of my stores later and so that's what we been kinda talking about and so go ahead and go to clip and and all started off in the throat to the room for the question you have shared my story many times and so I won't go through the whole depth of it, but I grew up with the older sister 14 years older than me. By time I came along and remembers Sherry had kids you know Sheriff measures 28 years old me.

Sorry 28 years older than me, mother, sister is 14 years older than me so when I came along and remember she was inter-30's, you know, and know what I remember her saying to me the majority the time is shut up. She calmly motormouth and continually remind me that nothing important to say that no one want to hear anyway so I grew up with that and I believe it to be very true thing about me. I shut it down and didn't believe that it was anything that affected me as I went to boot camp.

So we started talking about these agreements and went out and God came after that agreement, and for me I don't get things the first time I wished I could sit there and say you know God tells me something on when I just remember forever, and partly because I don't write it alien to you know like we talked about in the last show that the first time that God kinda came after that other through another person and shared some of my story men's event here locally and when the guys came up and he knew a lot of different languages and he said you realize your name Samuel means God hears rights.

You may think you have nothing important to say what God tells you through your name God hears. He hears you, so you get the most important audience. After right so he hears everything we had to say little bit more about my story real quickly. I wasn't born Samuel my name is Neil Maine when I was born my parents didn't expect a boy when I came along because I'm a girl and a boy's name tacked about nano few days after they got me home solution with a naming Samuel Scully say in my whole life I grew up being called Sam but had the real name of Neil and then when I got to be in my 40s wife to do what you just change your name altogether changed to Samuel go back to what that what your parents wanted it to be. I called my mom. She said you had loved her to have you do that that would be awesome. We never could afford to do that you grew up in a family didn't have a lot of money, and so I went to that process and this is all before the healing all before any of this happen then so you moved out of North Carolina and God comes after that way and you know in it when when Mark told me that at that that event, John Marco told me that at that event was really amazing for my heart that I didn't hold onto it and then years later I was dating a lady in her and her daughter for my birthday made me a plaque that hangs in my office assistance of Samuel in Hebrew website it says God hears every time I walk in my office. I see that and it reminds me in. That's the monument for me that helps me hold onto the truth that I'll go ahead and get my clip because this is a way that I live my life this way, it felt like regardless people were doing it. I thought the world was telling me this all the time. This is from Austin Powers and it's Dr. evil and his son Scott and Scott's want to have input on things to see how Dr. evil treats his heart.

I did look all that great a number two. Would you please stop when a problem comes a non-you might fit found educational I know why all you think I'm just would you like to have a separate mind.

This is like a child talking all on the diminish even before you start the preemptive just know I have a whole bag of fish with your name on it that there are other people left the studio to be what I watch those movies.

And yes, I have to admit I watch those movies is a will there obviously isn't any redeeming value in Austin Powers I couldn't. It amazed me that those clips made me laugh so hard. And the reason that it is because it felt like such truth in my life you the whole world had a baggage with my name on it. You know this is to say except that I perish. Neil Neil, that's really your name you is that my heart you have agreed band of brothers that remind me that I have something in my heart I can remember that and laugh a lot more now I can defend it at the gate because once he gets past the gate and gets in my head gets into my heart. Then it starts to feel like truth again. You know and then I can find myself back in a really bad place of not believing that I have value, not believing that I have something important to offer so that that that's my story is a bit longer than what I intended, but that that so when I listen to that clip. Yes, it makes me laugh, but it's also a wonderful reminder of that's not the way I have to live my life anymore everywhere that you should she sit six and one of the my life just weird and I was in the church of Scientology when I was younger and you know actually went into the sea organization of the Church of Scientology in order to join us.

The organizational Church of Scientology had the sign an agreement that is an eternal agreement because I believe in past lives and so the sea organization was the operating body of Church of Scientology and so you can imagine that a Satan loves. I mean, not really a Christian you sign an agreement for eternity that you know you're really weird I mean all sorts of you know because you don't need a lot of Scientologist just hang around everyone and so this was a pretty effective tool that Satan had his far as reminding me of a number of things that he wanted to get at in my experience, and so you know like is offered in a week and go to Jesus, knowing that I think that there's something in here and so I spent some time and I'll probably two or three days of note for five hours a day asking Jesus to take me into this show maybe agreements I've made.

Show me how to break them and in and establish freedom because I feel locked in this contract, even though the contract not true, and I understand I'm a new creation, then I understand all the stuff but it doesn't necessarily work until you literally work through it.

And then there's forgiveness issues and there's all sorts of things that are down inside of this mass for lack of better word, and so I literally had to make the agreement that I was not in this contract for eternity. How to break it and and replace it with you know Christ is in me and I'm not where I'm not weird and so because Jesus hasn't met in NY by talk before that whenever I work with Christ and something like this in the Holy Spirit in their showing me I'm literally asking for a memorial of some kind.

Can you give me something that I can kind of hold onto. We could get a clip from weird science so what he gave me will make no sense to anybody but me, but when he gave me was my emailed her back so it fits your processor in Scientology you would use a device called an emailer which would be when you're actually talking to somebody in auditing he would be watching this meter to see how the processing was going and it was really something that was given to me only after I reach a certain level in Scientology was pretty significant thing and it was really a cool thing and there was lots of truth that was involved in the emailer but when I married Tammy, she through all this stuff out like this is of the devil.

All my books all my stuff. One day it was this doggone and part of what was known as might meter at and so what Jesus do I know this sounds weird but it's me, Jesus gave me my emailed her back and and is a memorial for this to tell me that there were a lot of things in that experience that were actually true that I was experiencing him in lots of ways through this process and and so I do have a list of all these things that he's given me and I cannot in my daily prayer and in a certain part and I go over those in every single morning if you can see the smile on my face as I see that he meter because it's just it's just one of those things it says okay Robbie.

At this point time he lived 65 years on this and so you been through a lot of interesting things Jesus has it all there to be made new again. What made new again. The way that all those things were actually meant to be even absurd Church of Scientology experience. Yes, we did what about you Jim one Jim G well, first I want to assure Robbie that he is still weird but I appreciate weird normal people are boring. He's not board the word associated with Robbie that really the one good Jesus than I even given it much thought that the one that hit me sit at the table is that I'll never accomplish things like my father did not shared information about my dad before he was incredible. He excelled at everything he did and it is been a constant battle for Macy life of realizing God made you know God gave this to me without still really want to say that what I'm doing is what I was created for what he did was what he was created for.

But I'll still never accomplish this this this this is my father did and I won't and I'll use that to beat myself up with the enemy will sometimes it's me. Sometimes it's him that that would be the big one in my life.

So how do you do you break through that and hold on to the truth that God did create you to be exactly who you are, well, my father told me that and he said he was proud of me because I just started seminary when man actually I was getting towards the end of it, but the last three years that the plea lived. I was there and he told me how proud he was and he was very quiet about his faith but he ate even berries accomplish things like speaking in tongues that I have it. That probably never will and that's okay but others thought that it was a board like I don't understand you, Jim. Well that is very important that I had today. In particular, it's amazing how my words have not come right back thing that that's working but it's a really was also when I went to boot camp.

My biggest struggle was with the wound father wound and this is the third revelation of the wound. I received for my father, it's because I can't and never will hold up to being like my father in heaven.

Either of them, but you know that we can't, we are given the righteousness of Christ. So we've got that. But I still want to be able accomplish it on my own and that's just one to let go of thinking to now. The other two other June be make it easier for listeners different voice different story. Jim, what about you what's an agreement that Jesus is come after and replaced with the truth and then the second part of it is how you hold onto that or how do you will while so the access switch microphones are that one's want to cut outlets in that angle get the agreements I made are many far and wide. I can't tell you how many agreements I've made but you know Jim G and I were talking at dinner before we came in. I'm reminded of that agreement. I had made as I was no growing up and you know for me my father was. I was always a problem you know I was never wanted around.

I was always the annoyance and it left me with the impression that nobody wants to be around numerous they want something from me right now and so God came after me with that. When I got married about five years ago.

I thought she was crazy. I thought she had lost her mind. We we purposely set up our wedding over Memorial Day weekend we invited 200 people we knew at least half of them weren't going to come to to distance and we announced it that we are supposed announce at one sitting up, getting outs twice at the church. But I'm thinking myself.

You know you did it was funny because people who wanted to bless us. The lady who made our cake and I wanted to make serving for 500 and we like are you nuts you know they're not to be close that many people you're willing to do with all that cake and so we we conceded and said okay if you really want to take it out were not paying for it. She was blessed as of the time and in our wedding day came and I walked out onto the stage with the pastor and my best man in lo and behold the church was packed and I'm thinking myself with these all must be here for my wife right, but I was in shock. How many people drove hundreds of miles my friends ex coworkers that you know Keene to see my wedding and long story short day. I was kind of almost a running joke of the reception we invited everybody. The reception they were cutting the cake squares and half and sticking them in little Dixie Says cakes execute, but for the monument you know and I never really thought about setting up a monument, but often I'm reminded that as I actually took the video of the wedding and put it out on YouTube so I can watch it whenever I wanted to think and you appreciate that we were glad to have you around don't see often enough that it is glad to have you here, Harold. You try that Mike and see if it works at that angle will see how that works I will give it a try. There goes much instantly Jim's voice that will that's normal. Well I guess my agreements go all the way back to when I was a youngster I was short and crooked teeth. I envied the church mouse because he was richer than me and I thought that my chances of romance were limited, and then God that hated the boardinghouse where I worked when I was in school at Auburn tricked me into a blind date with her sister and I was blown away when we got to the dorm to pick her up because that walks this beautiful woman is 510, a blind date turns out like this and the within six weeks found in lesson six weeks. I found out that she really liked me as well. In six weeks.

We are engaged to be married even though I couldn't because the church mouse wouldn't give me any money. I couldn't bow her ring, but we were engaged. She is my monument every day after 56 years marriage back in June.

I see her. She makes me feel like I'm not sure which I still am.

She makes me feel like I don't have crooked teeth.

She told me she didn't realize I had crooked teeth still got those but I am a fantastic person not the reject that I thought I was when I was young thinking, yeah, I thought your guess I should remind you every day, but you said it much more positively. It should by doing a good way and that the event is an amazing story. India would ask about your clip. If you could come up here yeah clip that you really wanted to play tonight and I wanted at first. Time to set up the clip it's it's a montage of clips going to talk about why you wanted to play this okay sure, so the clip is from remembering the Titans.

I just found out that all the guys today. Let's go ahead and flip the mic if it's only like Harold Mike Susie from now on that's that's Harold. I always so anyway it's it's remembering the Titans. It is a compilation and basically you know the first part of it is this Coach Boone takes the team to Gettysburg to kind of flashback are having problems with racial reconciliation, I guess. And you know, what were dealing with today and it was a remembrance of what happened on the purpose of Gettysburg and then it takes shows a couple teammates that ended up bonding over time.

Why got a black guy and that this really is a a a replacement of something really bad memory of something that with a couple of instances something really good came out of this place is Berg is waiting for the Vatican, 50,000 men died right here is fight the same fight was still fighting amongst ourselves today is Greenfield writing painted red probably would blood young boys smoke hot lead by so many go.

My brother Allison my age destroy my family. This lesson we don't come together right now is okay. You will respect each other and maybe maybe latest game like this blind to see the family resemblance is not really moving many times when you sent me the clip it said only Ken's loud hiccuping his can tell you to something. Family weekend was that I really sure about that. These agreements, though in unity. Talk about what's going on in society to me, comes after us on the level of agreements about her so agreements about others fragments about God knows it when he can attack us at that level and he gets us to buy in anything other than the truth. Even little snippets of truth rather than the deeper truth right right.

He knows he's going to win absolutely right and so that the challenge becomes of how do we hold on and find the deeper truth like there is a statement if we don't learn from history will were destined to repeat it. And I think were were there.

There were some lessons learned there. There was a memorial of something positive that came out of that buddy love that movie. That is a true story and but it is it it can be anything but individual level where we learn something individually about something better about ourselves or it can be, you know, there is a group or community that doesn't get long but there's a lot to be learned from monuments to monuments with a Gettysburg battlefield.

The monument also is remember the Titans.

It's in the name of the movie. Remember those guys at learn to get along together and love each other despite their differences. Yeah it is.

We don't often talk about social issues. One, because we don't feel qualified to what I can talk about with confidences. The enemy hates us all universally right and this is something that he really wants to come and attack is our individual perceptions of ourselves are perceptions of God and deftly are perceptions of others.

So over the weekend. Sam had me check out episode of cobra Kai because he was looking at the clip that in the next thing I know you don't forget the back story is about karate kid in Daniel Sahn and his buddy Johnny that they fought but the overriding thing is I didn't watch that as I was trying to overcome my infection. Based on my finger was that all my goodness. Everybody in that has a good heart. You can see their good heart but the struggle is all the all the old records that are playing in their mind of the old things that happened when they were in high school. Whatever when they're both really good people you know Johnny and Daniel are really good people if they would only listen to what you really get to know each other yet. It's really good thing about their ill tapes are based upon partial truths right it's only find out the rest of the truth, they start to become closer together and it happens in the show that it doesn't stay there. Just like life enemy comes after wants to divide it and that's what he's doing to you as a person is what he's doing to you in your marriage and relationships in your friendships and in our community. We need to do is anchor ourselves to Jesus in Sadie's house.

I hold on you and find the truth that is in you go to mass ninja register for the upcoming boot camp November 12-15 and level all the this is the Truth Network

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