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Legacy Vol. 2

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 5, 2020 12:30 pm

Legacy Vol. 2

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 5, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! We continue the discussion from last week on legacy. The question is, are you living the legacy that you want to leave? The clip used this week comes from the television show "Everybody Loves Raymond." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word chosen Truth Network podcasts starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network of every man, ways of grieving with your life as it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads with a masculine journey is filled with many twist and turn this so how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. We're very glad to have you been doing to talk about this topic of legacy we think it may be a two weeks it are too weak to show but it could be of the project pillar you know that we think it's going to be. Does that easy, quick topic never turns out that with you like the pillars that we started really well, or Parthenon, that building is not coming on Tanya we had. I like 13 or 14 a lot on it back and look at the archives. You can go listen to the podcast have been hours of masculine journey and the many pillars masculine journey that RG can find a man we found was everyone. Two weeks tops before lined out.

Initially the phallic series and we're excited we have a four week series like three months later about the pillars as far as we know our legacy will be completing this show we hope they were to barely get through today and if not, will will talk about your next regards, leading that he was desperate this week will take a little bit of a different turn on the topic of not legacy. Do we want to leave will get back to that. But what legacy was left us thereof. You want to get your story here a minute the first and get to a clip file name you not in this particular TV show.

You would never think that there can be anything of substance but when you go back and you can watch a show there's lots of times with is really nice little nuggets of substance because it's about life and art imitates life.

I think that's what they say right and so there's a little bit pieces of life here and so this is from everybody loves Raymond and in the scene you got. The boys are supposed to be going to therapy and they told wives are going to therapy. This group counseling for the three of them to get that better relationship instead living under the horse betting track and living betting and so they been making up stories of what they're not telling wisely get back about what happened in therapy and supposedly listen to this. You know they think they're just making up a story. But let's see what really transpires back and talk about how it ties into legacy right. Okay, let's see. The lesson I told wives is that withholding of effectual chips and how it impacted Leona's conferences whenever I did something I always felt that God was disappointed in that the management neglected like The second 20 why was I like that you two are a couple of monkeys verbal abuse to talk about no since last week. You know, when you choose problems were on that abuse stuff personally is what they call the tribes of analysis you got, you will withdraw from you because of what it was like that with you that's very very good, like what you I'm kind of a lousy job so so I just want to grandpa Joe and his dad was the worst. My grandpa's sound very scary. My guy just tell me horrible stories about how his father used to hit him when he was he didn't me every day that it was like it was like that for everybody that's just the way it was so damn you, and never really I couldn't. I don't know. I was always weakening him like I didn't like that of laughter. There's some elements of legacy left. There is the rub. It's tremendous when you think about grandpa Joe and in and even the common saying that now I'm kind of a lousy dad because he was it's all you know, pointing to this stuff comes down if it if you've never really watched everybody loves Raymond you probably not really watch TV at some point its income on it since indications like every channel and not everybody loves Robert the only one I care for because he is a big dumb cop and I identify with that.

No merit. Anybody gets you in the show. Frank is the dad and he's very quiet as far as sharing anything of substance with people. He's easy, quick to make a quick comment like a quick cut down is not really share himself, and this is one of the few episodes remember where he really just shares part of himself and that makes all the difference to the boys understanding of who he is, is that to share my story is without knowing what grandpa Joe was like an grandpa Sally. Whatever the names were, they wouldn't have any idea what the dad had to overcome to not be like that and that he had started a legacy that wasn't perfect by any stretch of imagination is more perfect than what he'd been given back trying to leave some just a little bit better and when he got so that's rub that's not how we really started to think about this topic. You actually prayed about this topic and you show that about that, actually, I was thing about the topic and as I was praying that morning, as is often the case, you might guess, I want to study the word and sought in Hebrew and it was fascinating to me that the word ending again biblically is not legacy big, but biblically it's inheritance which is huge throughout the Bible talks about cost and and when you looked at that word. It started out with a letter which means faithful in the second letter, meaning life and and and an expression of that and I thought well is not interesting act in a indigent Jesus, hit me with this question is probably what was the favorite thing of all the things that your father left you. What impacted you mulch what was your favorite and I started think well about pretty nice. There's a few that you know and then I really remembered his faith in me. You know when I first looked at the letter. I thought it would be his faith. And yes, he had a faith. It was precious and it was wonderful but actually the faith that he had in his kids was even more important to me personally the faith that he had me to make make me as executor and things along those lines, and by but I really really let just kick me strike straight. My heart like wow, he really did have faith in me and the stories you know, that started to pop up in my mind because it all has to do with stories of what your father left you in over the stories where he helped you get this where he promoted you in that and and those things were huge and story is is that the real thing. If you've been to family funeral, especially somebody close to you know that you can't help out without walking out of there without Sharon stories in.

That's primarily what it ends up being a member of my dad passed away, my brothers and I stayed out rather late one night and I know my mom was pretty mad because if you know the next day we stayed out in the whole time. We just talked about that we shared stories about dad laughed and cried, enjoyed the time you together and to me that is a part of the grieving process, but also part of the honoring and I wouldn't trade that I don't care that is tied to next and imams can about the bio but I don't think either me or my brothers would've treated that that time to share their stories and I learned things about my dad that I didn't even know because I was 10 years younger than my oldest brother incident that the data raised him was physically the same person but much different person raised me in on so hearing some of the stories was pretty amazing. Just know how far data, not only had a small glimpse and in my lifetime. So part of the question that I have for the guys here that's that's at the table with us today is what's been left to you and that legacy. What is been handed down from a grandparent from parents, from uncle, you know, whatever that may look like it when you and my dad was blue-collar time is anything at all wrong with it.

He worked with Alabama natural gas installing pipelines and stuff, and regardless what the weather was like burning hot region co-he was in it and he told me over and over as I was growing up soon get yourself an education so you don't have to work out here like I do. I didn't have a clue how I was going to go to college was our family couldn't afford that and how, but I did and it was this thing that could possibly happen for me because I got matched up with career that God had given me the skills to do that. I love doing computer programming for me was like breathing and but it was my dad that got me in the position to be able to do that.

He couldn't do it for me and that was his expression.

Get yourself in so I did and that was the thing that I remember that my dad left for me. It was wonderful and Gerald.

We got a lot of quotes we may or may not used today on the show, but this is one from Shannon Adler which have no idea who she has time to look up.

I disliked upper quote which I like. This is carve your name on on hearts not on tombstones legacy is etched in the minds of others in the stories they share about you when you think about that.

I think of the stuff that my mom left me when she passed away and I got share of her stuff and that means things to me, but the stories that really mean everything. It's way she answered the phone when I called its way she always told me that she loved me when when we hung out in the things that was always there. It was consistent about how she genuinely seem interested whatever was telling her I don't know that I went to bed, but she generally had a way of doing that, you know. And just that those things are the ones that are to me as her legacy and the things that I want. Learn more how to emulate my life is been more that to my kids and my friends and the people around me because of the way it made me feel. I never doubted for once I was her beloved Dinesh love my brothers and sisters every bit as much but when I was talking to her I was her focal point and I was her beloved child and that's something that I want to try to pass on to my legacy citing to learn from her and say okay I need to sing a little differently than I have to go to mask to register for the upcoming boot camp November 12-15. You can do that you listen to past podcast.

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You might want to come listen to the masculine journey and find out why we clips like these to illustrate the story, God is telling in the lives of his gun designed which flights to grab your gear and, every Saturday is Sam.

If you believe all of us daily devotional website that Sanders to tell them deathly don't have better website and have a good name for it.

What is it the daily daily Bible for all that you write five years ago, but maybe that's in the future to come and I want to legacy as soon as I said daily devotional by what blogs are all looking like well usually you legacy is that we are talking about the topic of legacy and in what's been left that bumping was from a song called I thank you, revolted, and that was actually a song he made for Pastor appreciation day back in Indiana no reason know that my mom and my sister went to the church and in the family well and that he wrote that to Eldon's pastor and just want to thank him for all the lies that he attached and having known Eldon and Maddie. What an amazing man.

You know no doubt that he had touched a lot of people that went on to the big song in Christian music and is still a lot of things we said about that legacy that we leave by the people we touch, as were talking today is people it's touched our hearts right to left a legacy with us. Jim and I go back to that well. My legacy really began well before my grandfather but that's where I thought at first because I have his name on the third and the first thing that I thought was my love for the military as my grandfather fought for one is first antiaircraft Battalion that the United States ever had and he was in company 87 great war.

Yes, the great war and that part is that's part of what triggered ends with Alice of the letter later this week and my father was a World War II nest and my mother probably did more fighting in World War II than my father did. So I always have that as a legacy when I try to get in the military. The first, was too blonde went to the said Lola Mabel, scholarship, ROTC scholarship, but colorblind. So I said sorry you can't stay when I can stay but you can't go on our nickel and the valves first time I tried I tried again in my 30s and at that point else to fat and I really wasn't but there chart was given to my life stuff but the last time I tried.

If I've been Catholic.

I could've gotten in because they would waive the age, but the last time I was too old because of Protestant. So that decades they would waive your age. If you're Catholic as a chaplain because they deeded chaplains desperately and Catholics can go either way. For some reason, Catholics don't like to be blessed by Protestants who don't know what they're doing anyway. Right now Garrett was to say something so bad a guy and 1/4 how to but that was my first thought.

But then I got to thinking deeper in my grandmother would tell me about pastors been deep down name great-great-grandfather was a Baptist pastor. My grandfather and father were both Terry and deacons and elders certainly will find out what some thought it was a while ago and the greatest legacy they gave me was my name in Christ, love my name I gave it my son. My son paid me a great complement and my father's well and that he said that if he had a son. He was given start over Junior which is my father because he lived with him a while and recognize the great man that he was both my grandfather and father were man that I would be proud to be connected with, and both spiritually and in every other respect. They were men of integrity was a legacy thank you Jim for most of that if you get our offerings and give each other right now we come to you here in a second one of the things that I struggled with the Ebola dream and clip is. My dad was in a lot of ways, like the dads on that show didn't really share his feelings at all. You know he would share disappointment pretty well. You know I mean and he would share character related things pretty well. You know me, taught me some good things about you and you never hit a woman everything the first punch. You know these things that you live by the codes you live by writing lots of good things, but he never really shared him in on so I really think back, it's hard for me to know what I got for my dad is a realtor knowing and knowing well enough to get a whole lot from them because he was always busy with his stuff and I think I probably got more of what I didn't want to be as a dad knowing that my dad was a good man. I love him that he passed away many years ago, but he wasn't always a good father, and I think that I learned a lot from his legacy of maybe what not to do. You know I don't mean that as a dig at him, but more just a realization of the still get something from people. If you open your eyes and you open your heart to yet have to agree with you on yellow father that is much like Raymond's dad where does a share feelings doesn't share a lot of emotion. I would say I can't ever remember a conversation we tried to teach me anything other than maybe how to fix car change, tire change oil stuff like that critical stuff very important Christian card I get I get but it's it's one of those things were. You know, I didn't have that in the father so you know you did I want often to school. I knew some things about being a man. You know that I thought I knew. And then it hasn't things in our thought really important like I really should know how to do all the things my dad knows how to do, but he wasn't really interested in sitting down and taking the time to do that with me and there were times when he did kind of have that and I member I took engine apart yellow two-stroke and then I rode my bike clear across town to go back over to the reworked and is going to work on animals like man I really don't want to bother. I don't want to be a bother. So I just never did put that engine back together and he never asked Nelson a come on let's go do this now so there is that kind of thing but legacy, no heat, he took me is all kinds of places and did some things and basically showed his heart to me one time when I came home and I was.

I say very inebriated and I was thankful I got the car parked. I got home and take my contacts out and thinking oh my gosh it was clear over there and I turn and I left a trail from mere all over the wall over towards the toilet and he came in and cleaned it up. Didn't say a word was just as gracious as you could be about the whole situation never said a thing my mom actually has egos always is something you ate is like mom, are you you delirious here. You just recognize you try to get me say something but then at the legacy from my mom's side from her sister and my grandmother who's the only grandparent that lives might my mom's mom and I got spent a lot of time.

You know with her and she was just as gracious a woman as you want to get so on that side all the love and the love in Christ because they were all Christians might dad was not and my father's side. He had a half-brother who whose family grew up Christian no there there in church all time so you you see things where there's legacies and things being broken and things being overcome in Christ is in the middle of it all. So when I was reading yelled some Scripture this week across on 15 is out is just so cool worst. David asked the Lord, O Lord, who may abide in your heart who may dwell on your holy hill and then God starts to answer answer mount room all but like he who walks with integrity works righteousness and speaks the truth in his heart is on with more stuff like that your thinking while legacy will that's probably what God start new claim that some legacy for us in cycle. Where are we in that walk like Jim was just saying the whole in Christ portion of his legacy that was left to him that he's going to continue to leave is the most important thing we can do it I just think it's so incredible and I like some of the quotes that you had no work along the line. Some of the more one hear from you.

Yeah, that one the greatest legacy. One can pass on to one's children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one's life. Rather, a legacy of character and faith. Yes I in just just think about that and I look around this room and talked with the men in this room is like their all.

Even legacies, some of them have legacies left to him some are starting a new one summer breaking old legacies to start a new will likely hurt in the Raymond clip, and is just as beautiful. It's going to take intentionality and yet right because you gonna leave something. My dad was a good man. He did a lot of good things he provided the best of his ability those types of things that he could allow so much more in on I and I want to leave more Iraqis were going to leave something as we leave work and there's going to be stories.

It's whether you want to tell the stories or not is going to be that the thing that I envision some of the stories of that my kids would want to tell them kinda embarrassed that they probably want to tell him you know hopefully that also Bill tells him overcome stories later on. Yeah, that's what dad used to be. And that's not the way that he was for the last several years and I think that's whole thing is legacy starts now. Yes, there's a passage you get overcome or maybe dig into her move more into a more and more of what you been doing starts today and it starts with intentionality and doing it over and over and over again that comes partiers the whole story rest of the story about Harvey say the masking to register for the upcoming boot camp stay and listen to the podcast you can download it from that website for iTunes iHeartRadio specifies lots of different places to go listen to the podcast coming up next masking journey after hours and then continue to talk about that first to register for the November 12-15 and don't forget about the daily this is the Truth Network

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