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Legacy Vol. 2 After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 5, 2020 8:00 am

Legacy Vol. 2 After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 5, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers, to Masculine Journey After Hours! On this episode, the band of brothers continue their discussion from Masculine Journey about legacy. The clip used this week comes from the film "Hacksaw Ridge."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth. Podcast network.

This is the Truth Network coming to an infringement where in the heart of masculine journey after hours time the more transparent, so sit back and masculine start some different stuff but you I listened to her intro but you know don't always hear the words I would escort to the referred a bunker, not a barricade were in a barricade entrenched interests barricade which keeps all of the moles out when the trencher barricade okay Molex I got nothing yet are never been an entrance barricade until now and so anyway we been talking about legacy leave and talk about the topic last couple weeks and we started in the show right before this talking about the legacy left us know Robbie that Kenny came to you if you could reset it up through through some prayer you know which things often come you through prayer.

Regularly guys a Dupree try that sometime. I came to this morning on that actually set the backup nuclear Qubec so I was asking God where we're going today musical is just think about legacy biblically and and as I thought about that. I was like well, let's see if I can find in the Bible is not there and I said okay so I can figure out what the word is biblically and came to me that it would be. I went and looked it up legacy by the way my dictionary and it says an inheritance. I went ding ding ding ding lot of inheritance in the Bible so I looked up that word in Hebrew and again it's it's it's a faith in life that's expressed. If I could use the three letters and just expressed to him that way.

So I thought, wow, how cool is that because it really spoke to me about my dad because his faith in so many different ways brought life to me and it was the expression of his life and and clearly Jesus you know is set that legacy upon us. Life itself in faith know through faith you can have life, but I haven't really looked at the aspect of of my dad having faith in me, but you can clearly see that Jesus's baptism. Now excuse me at the at the Mount of Transfiguration where God calls down and says this is my beloved son to know Peter, James and John that he's adds beyond what says the baptism listen to him and what that saying is dad is telling the boys.

Jesus has what it takes and so was think about a clip that expressed, how I felt about my dad and I thought about week.

I think we all of the movie hacks are rich and and Desmond Doss, who you may know, was a conscious and I can't say that were an essential Seo easy for you to say it was one of those and his dad was Protestant and he got a list of the actual show friends there from Jim so instead was actually struggled with alcohol and an abuse in so many ways. You know the relationship between him and his son was difficult and when he found out that Desmond headed listed.

He lost it on and it was a really bitter scene. And so to see this turnaround in other words, he went from a place of really being angry with her son, etc. etc. to limit when it really counted.

This is a man steps into the gap for his son and he doesn't do it without some cost to himself because he goes in to get a letter from the general which are here and here and get pushed away then you hear quickly transitioned a ghostly courtroom and he said something to hand them a letter get out of Dodge.

But that doesn't go down that way. And so we actually goes into a conflict and so you see, I think the legacy that he gave his son was not just faith but the bravery of the father. Listen to how he was himself decorated and then think about the sun and and in the legacy that he got from his dad. But at this point and again. Not that I hate that you can't see this at some all audio but if you could see the look in Desmond Doss's eyes when he saw his father in uniform walked into that courtroom on his behalf.

It was like to return for Robbie United melts my heart I wish to speak to Maj. Gen. Musgrove can decline possible. If you would kindly chill him Cpl. Thomas DOS would appreciate a brief word in a very important meeting. I fought with him in France at Villa would he was my Place it's Christmas vital UK is very okay now you can take this 10% will get one of them stated Sarah say is that you don't understand.

My son is the defendant understands information on the sentiments expressed or loadable effects of the church seem incontestable so that that's a great warrior. It is a need to show you this respect. You are no longer a member of the military you unable to attend this hearing.

I'm sorry to actually do it works. You fight for you, contribute lose so much that was due to you and then you're done with uniforms forgotten, you have no voice. You release I was Villa would twice decorated ICs. I take it you are the bright side, I am Sir Thomas DOS them is a former military man, you know, there are laws here is her. I know the law and my son is protected by those laws are framed in our Constitution not believe in them, as he does know I went and fought to protect them.

He said is what I thought I was doing because it wasn't for that.

Then I have no idea what the hell I was doing this or thank you Cpl. this may have the letter just so that we would cut out later because the that letter makes all the difference. Where you know he's found not guilty and able to go serve his country and in and do things their phenomenally heroic if you know the story of saving all these people and then being the first conscientious objector ever to receive the Congressional medal of honor.

True story. But don't miss the legacy coming. Don't miss that that wasn't in a vacuum they had in to know the story in a clearly Desmond Doss didn't play the victim of his father either.

In other words, he could play that card in his life, but instead he took what was good and and and truly made a from our legacy for this whole country know absolutely none of our parents and grandparents are without flaw obviously mean they have things but it's it's the things that they let leftists that the make the impact and we talked on and on the show before and was thinking about things. My dad didn't really leave me but he did. He left me a lot. He left me with the desire to do things a little differently. You know, where he found other things to do other than being at my ballgames and scouting events and things like that. I chose always be at those things and doesn't make me a better dad than him, and make me a different dad than him, and I'm sure I still had my own flaws. My kids are in a hopefully look passes until good stories about me but you know it's those things that you know we take away from that we make can we create into good things.

One of the things Rodney said in this really triggered for me, paraphrasing what he said that basically the important legacy is a spiritual one, with an internal one and everything else is temporal. Temporal is this not coming. It may be important in that moment, and for me that was the military I still love that life never had it, but the what I tell story. This is what about leaving it but my father and grandfather.

A lot of my family left me that spiritual legacy that didn't take pillows in my 40s but it took and the not terribly long ago my oldest sister was talking about how proud she was of her daughters because they were politically active as she was, and it made me very sad.

I'm reasonably apolitical, but I diametrically opposed to where she is. With that, so that made it even sadder. But what I was thinking was, if that's all I left my children.

All I could sales proud of for that means nothing in the long term, and all of my children have chosen to follow Jesus, some better than others, but where all that way and if I did nothing else as a father. That's my proudest yeah I think you're right that unite the I think 888. It can't come with an iron fist. I mean how many people you know that grew up in a Christian household growth in the pastor's home. A lot of times it turned completely away from the faith right because they weren't given the other parts of the legacy that were important. They didn't get to see my mom didn't become a Christian until really late life I was Artie a teenager. The groundwork of love is already there and so when she got Christ on top of that man. She can really speak things in my heart because there is this whole foundational level.

Artie there I answered that the rest of the legacies are also very important. And when things I hope to talk about next week is identical get to this week that you know there's financial legacy. You know what I leave property things to him.

There is relational legacy in a spiritual legacy one thing that you have to quote from Billy Graham earlier and you talk about some people rejected over Franklin was a wild man for years, but as the proverb says raise up your children in the way should they should go and when they are older, they will not depart from it and that is an emphasis on steak in there because you don't know and there a lot of people out there that are love God have brought up their children a loving home that have children that are ever ejected. It is true, but it's not overly know you.

There's always hope. And I know that fortunately I'll outlive a lot of my stupid case hello that I got a couple more to check out the list, but I outlived most of them you known and really were able to come back now anyway. Have not heard from you on this topic.

A legacy so let's hear from you this week so I'll try to stay in the vein that were talking about just the spiritual legacy. Probably more so when it is several things I want to add on my mind. One of them was just the simple fact that we don't think about legacy. A lot of times, until somebody dies and a lot of times we don't think on a daily basis what somebody has the impact they have and 11, I was blessed with being able to do this on ship talk at boot camp this time and was able to go deeper into the men that have spoken into my life and fathered me in the absence of my father being gone and some of the other things and just the impact it had and how important that is for some to me that the legacy but I don't think about that a lot, but I recently had any aunt that passed away last week week and I didn't have a lot of connection with her. She's lived in another state or whatever, but my dad got sick. She really helped out and she she was of you know she was a picture of Jesus to me during that time she came in when nobody else is really an advocate for my father and really did a lot and it meant so much to me and then I had another friend that was actually groomsmen my wedding. Shockingly, he passed away last Tuesday and 56 years old had a heart attack and he's gone and he was healthy and kept up with them on Facebook what he might have an influence in my life obviously for him to be a groomsmen wittingly as my first really get serious with God and we didn't know each other from Adam that started new and ministry together and really made an impact on my life but I guess my thought is we do need to think more about what time impact people do on a day-to-day basis in our life and in the legacy that they leave them and thank them for coming. I think he truly free 20 guys in the what you're sowing into my life and the legacy that the you're leaving you know when it comes to our families and staff you think about when Jesus told him to go and preach the gospel. He said going to Jerusalem, Judea and the uttermost part of the world that same concept were given a sphere of influence to have a legacy on usually is our immediate family are our spouses and our children, and then you know maybe it's in our extended family and our friends and then it's the whole world, but that legacy should impact all of those things.

So is something that would have been on my heart it went to the things from last week when we talk about this topic was when you shared the story. I think it might've been Darren. That was it was a story of that the pastor had the funeral on the night. I think I said about him, and then the kids came up afterwards that I was shown an NIE can't be absent of your own home in a in that and we may get all that the topic this week. Danny, what about use. We talk about this legacy of what's been left to you what comes to mind for you while something about my dad and me still live in.

He's a this Father's Day is matter-of-fact I wrote them a letter and gave it to him and that is not one of these highly emotional God like me.

I don't know where I got that from the but Rigoletto might be my hero and he always has been, because he's the D symbol of strength that I grew up with your dad's in the house. Everything's okay and I can remember the legacy of that it in one of the stories I put in there for him was we should go to North Myrtle Beach every year and we would ride those they probably outlaw them by mail those canvas rafts that you blow up and rub the role that you write them forever and they would take us out further and we could touch the bottom but knowing that dad had control of it made it okay.

I would allow Thierry over my head by myself freezing but knowing he was there in the security of that and as my son got older. When he moved out he had an altercation at his house and he come to our house and I will never forget it could maybe think of dad because he said when this was going on. You always told me to protect Mulhouse and all I want to do is come back to yours legacy of security to dust the father figures that's the thing that is tried to be emasculated on your Hollywood is tried emasculated, but the demand is the strength of the house and the security and that's a legacy that you, God the father you know if I love the Psalm by Cory Ashbury when the fathers in the house or new in my father's house.

So that's is kind of my thoughts.

What about you, too many to to mention, but just in what Danny just brought up by Sheila and I started watching a TV show. It's on Amazon prime called world's toughest race and not something that I would typically watch I don't watch like the amazing race and meaning of those different things and survivor and that cannot crap on TV very often, but for whatever reason I chose to watch this show.

It's hosted by bear grills and in icon think there's a cool dude. I like his heart as well as there is anything else but anyway it's not about bear at all. It's about these amazing stories of these teams of people he came from all over the world and they're going to do this world's toughest race.

600 miles through the forest in the ocean and rivers and everything else in Fiji and one of the teams was from the United States and was it was a team that was cobbled together kind of at the last minute because the father was going to. He was a world-renowned adventure racer buddies getting older he's in his 60s now, and he just developed Alzheimer's and he was going to race with his team that he's always raced with called the stray dogs and the stray dogs were going to race together and the son and he had an elite team that was going to race together and the sun put a stop to that and said you know what, I can't race with this elite team, but I would like to race with my father in. I don't I don't know that he'll ever race again and I want this race to be a race that he and I do together but I know that his Alzheimer's is going to be a huge thing in this race and so he pulled together. Three other world-class racers to do nothing but support his father through the 600 mile race and he told the story of when other kids were worshiping their athletic heroes. When I was a kid I was worshiping my father.

I thought my father was the coolest guy around because he did these world-renowned adventure races and I used to go out in the dark and walk with him and run with him when I was a little kid and I would be scared to death in the forest. However, as long as I had my dad's hand with me.

I knew he wasn't scared of the forest and scared of the dark and so I guess there was nothing that I had to be scared of.

So the legacy that his father left for him was, not just adventure racing that the real legacy that pops out is that he knows how to care for other people that he knows how to love on other people because the stories that kept coming out throughout the race was I was in a race years ago with Mark and I was ready to give up, but he's the guy that came to me when I was at my breaking point and said now now you can do this. You know you're almost there. You're almost passed the hardest point and that was this guys nature.

He was the super encouraging dude. And so it was, it was just a blast to watch that and see father's legacy passed down to his son as Sheila and I watched it.

Sheila goes man. He is exactly his father's image. He is definitely the image of his father and so I guess the legacy that I want to live is is in the in the legacy that I want to leave is both one of my heavenly father, I want to leave that for my kids and my grandkids, but I also will leave the. The legacy of my own father because my own father was a phenomenal guy and that's in I compare myself to Jesus and Tim Kuhn. Those are the two people you know mean yeah I look up to Robbie and I look up to Sam, and I look up to Andy and Jim and I and all of you guys for different things and there are times when you guys do something that to me is superhuman hero faith stuff and then there are times when you know I just say was that a Tim Kuhn move and if it was in pretty good.

Was that a Jesus move if it was pretty good, and if it wasn't you know those are kind of my criteria in life.

Now that I'm finally getting old enough to to be responsible with that but I think it's a powerful thing to think about it does only come usually after people are gone. Unfortunately, it does it, and I think that you can look at that and consider if that's weight is people that's left before me.

That's with Kennedy for me I and so if I were to make any difference. I need to continually be intentional now not scripted. I don't mean that. Not in a something checklist but intentional my behavior and it really will get down to the three areas that I thought about. I'm sure there's probably a lot more of it.

It's you know what is my financial for lack of a better term, the physical things. Whether that's may not have any monetary value, but the physical things I leave my kids and the people behind my friends and things lots at hereditary diseases yeah those times I have another color coming and try to not have the tell her that if that second you know would be relational and what you believe what how to dad treat the illness, where my friends and things like that and then the final would be enough. The least important and most important spiritual. What impacted I have on people in that room right do my kids want to know more about God because of the way I treated them. I hope the answer will be just one of the things that, when Darren said Spartan. You know my father had this legacy in my father's name was Bob Gilmore at and so there was a thing in our house or in our extended family, whatever that if you went Bob Gilmore and somebody made it wasn't to be confused with happy doing that though it was very clear that when my father decided that something was gonna beat you know if you're in the store didn't matter when he went Bob Gilmore on somebody in I was just, you know, it was just a saying that carried a lot of weight and I did and it was his legacy but it was really really cool for me at his funeral to stand up and explain why my father went Bob Gilmore on people that this was his warrior and and it was his strength in his power and if you mess with his kids or if you mess with some and it was really neat because my sisters and never did all he saw his temper is something that was in negative and never realize that it was actually coming from a really really good heart and a really really good place and actually is, you know, because I'm a verbal processor and I was speaking that day. I could argue I can really value my dad in ways that I had not before that, even to go on Bob Gilmore go Bob Gilmore on somebody to me.

To this day. It has a sense of the warrior that my father was a member you talk about that. It is for you known it was pretty cool of the I think the we could keep on this topic for a while and I don't know that we'd ever fully get it right because I don't think that something that were going to be able to do.

I do believe it's gonna be comes out a few simple truths we talked about a lot to the last few shows that whatever you're doing and continue dues going to leave a legacy is at the legacy you want to leave right that's really the question in my leaving the legacy that I want to leave in these arenas, or any others that God brings to mind my treating other people the way Jesus said with love as honestly love overcomes almost all of plaintiff, I can treat them with love. When he, the last commandment love one another right. If I can just go out and do that well maybe people be drawn to him and maybe people say is an okay guy, leave more of a legacy literally accomplish if I don't do that it will be what I want and won't be what you want for you either join us next week when I talk about maybe legacy. I don't really talk about so this will pray about it will collect next week the first of the masculine register for the upcoming boot camp November 12-15 can take a past podcast and not quite yet the daily devotional but maybe is only a daily devotional next week. This is the Truth Network

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