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Legacy Vol.1 After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 29, 2020 8:00 am

Legacy Vol.1 After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 29, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers, to Masculine Journey After Hours! On this episode, the band of brothers continue their discussion from Masculine Journey about legacy.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.



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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network coming to an infringement barricade in the heart. Masculine journey after hours time to be more transparent and on the topic of setback in this invention, masculine journey starts here now welcome message earlier.

Our are talking about which we can record it between the shows is sometimes I think really so much there. That's how this podcast started that's coming on sleep study after hours started is because we said you know there's a lot of stuff that goes on after hours that we you know the machine gets primed for the regular show and then after hours.

We tend to go a lot deeper and in man. Would it be great if we could share that with our listeners. So now okay this podcast can have to go back to 47 minutes workers can have start typing you know the moment. Mike's go off yeah yeah between the yes it will be a no, I don't know if they come up with another bunker the whole night exactly executive legacy unit. We did talk a lot during the break between shows me that you don't know it, we would take about a seven minute minute break between shows and come back in on this is a lot we discussed during that time, and there's a lot that comes up that that God prompts in our heart you know that's really what becomes after hours shows what's God working on our heart on this topic right now right. Sometimes we get a little healing between the time we get a little vision vision of warfare and yeah yeah and we get to see how it's affecting others, and in all that come stuff so it's a it's just a blessing to be in this group. You, numbingly, got what seven guys in the studio tonight. In any given night will have anywhere between four and 10 probably and so that's just cool time. So the question that like I like to do. I guess I never prompt you guys were a bit. What's God working on your heart right now on this topic legacy. For me it's is raising some grandchildren and in continuing to love on my children, my son and my daughter, who on both Ekstrom's extremely proud of both of them.

They do amazing things in life and and it's not always easy for them. It mainly has to do with their father. Once I'm sure, but you know they're they're both overcoming that and allowing Jesus to speak into that and get some healing but now my son is a great father and a great husband and my daughter is a is a great mom and a great wife and and I want to continue to honor them and that but but you know now there's grandchildren and six grandchildren.

And so loving on them and one of them lives with me full time, and so trying to not be the same dad I was for you know my two children which I was a different dad for my daughter than I was for my son. I mean, then it's it's pretty obvious to them and it's obvious to me, and they point out regularly as we talked about in the show that I'm a different father, you know to my grandson and they both always go with you to kill me that you know well, you're right, I would've put I'm not that guy anymore and Carson's not you so shut up and said I still my site is not over so anyway so that's where I'm at right now is is trying to do that and having you guys around me is helpful with that because I what I want Carson to have time with each one of you guys. You know, separate, apart from me. I want that to be part of my legacy is that I arranged for him to have good mentors around him. I arranged for him to have people in his life that when I'm not around or even if I am around that they can speak goodness and love and mercy and justice into his life and give him a foundation.

That's much broader than the one that I could lay down by myself. One of the things it happens that Boot Camp is the new name and that's when the like. In one of the covenants of silence type areas where we try to find out what does God call call me. I think he called me loyal but something that has been very important move for a long long time and quite some years ago I was thinking about what what what I want on my tombstone and I thought he was there when I needed.

I couldn't think of anything that I would rather have said about me than that I could be depended upon when needed taken people to the airport taking people to the hospital for treatment.

We in there when somebody is having surgery. It really kill me that I can say down the garlic Jan I know how to pick my friends name all the way back to Durham you were there. Harold play to Kaiser probably listing right now knows that there was some talking going on there between the seat but again it's the willingness to drive two hours and I would have so you know to me thinking about legacy and I'm probably if things go the normal route of humankind. I'll probably leave in mind before the rest of you guys some oldest group, but you never know, but I think legacy is important because it can become a go but can drive the actions that you take. So let's, feel about legacy yeah I did notice you like to be when you said you never know if it's going to be. You are not right area like the first, you're absolutely right for me. I think about each of my kids in the world all raised by different dad. Yes, they were all me that I was at a different place. You know, and my boys get the biggest benefit because you know that's when God really stepped in between my girls when they were around and they were little and my boys when they were little gadgets real healing in my life really changed me in a lot of ways and I really do believe I'm a lot different father to Eli. Even that I was to Caleb. Even as a six years difference, but deftly the nearest to Rachel sitting in so as I think back of this legacy. Part of it is what what was I like in their lives. The best as I can see God how how do I need to love them now can overcome some of that you have. I had I leave the legacy I want to leave it. It was a loving man that he was there for me that he did care about me at the other day.

I know dad accepts me for who I am in the things that really are important in my heart.

How do I now go build that in my relationship with this child uniquely in this child uniquely. I think about no, I'm not the spring chicken them here anywhere from 64 years old and like you guys. I was a different dad but also different grandparent.

However, you know those scars are are still there from healing that I didn't get clear up to the slats Boot Camp is less Boot Camp.

You've heard me talk either on the shower on a Christian car guy about the agreement that I have that I was at this point and somehow or another you know I I can now see in one of my children where they have completely adopted that end and I can actually see the warfare of Satan speaking into that so I can see all of this is interesting that what they are perceiving is not even real, yet they too have bought into the agreement that I had made many many many years ago and carried with me into my 60s and so out now I have an opportunity to not only speak into that agreement, but even share my own story of how I saw that in my own father and howitzer simply was not true, and unfortunately God poured into me through you guys literally from this last Boot Camp on all sorts of different fronts praying for me speaking into that and and knowing me, you know, at that point is is loving me well so that I will be in a position to speak through that with the kids and I and I think all my goodness, I pitch that whole bunch of the that that you know I passed on to the you know a legacy.

I didn't want but but now I have opportunity. The gods give me the grace to see things that I can work on very specifically of agreements that I had made that I can see my kids and fallen into the same thing. I located some things and I realize it can't be. There is no silver bowl no right I can't you buy the perfect Christmas gift and also an organization that was wonderful right can't take him on the special trip that the fix is everything. Can I do those things.

In addition to those yes absolutely.

But it's the daily decisions. It's the in the moment.

It's when I don't feel like doing something. Decisions when I'm tired from working in you. I want to do something or Caleb wants to do something or said he wants to talk Rachel in stock, whatever that is that I take time to be present is I really really like to check out. You know I almost feel like I've earned it throughout the day. In its take me being intentional to engage that's that's not true why I've been can I not check out at the end of the day have I not earned it. All that I want to speak into what Robbie was saying a little bit and you know piggyback on what he was saying, but use his story as an example. Without his permission but if you're listening right now and you've read scriptures like the sins of father's will be visited on the third and fourth generations.

This is what were talking about. It's that exact that the agreement that I'm a disappointment to my father. It's not necessarily the sin of adultery, although it could be over the scent of alcoholism, although it could be. It's not those always, it's not those horrible socially unacceptable since K more than not, I would say it's this type of thing. It's a generational curse that I'm a disappointment or I'm I'm dangerous.

I hurt people.

And when you act out of that there is no way that Satan isn't going to take that and use it and and so if you're young. If you're almost 80. Like Harold, 79, but you wear them enough time thinking you're probably pretty proud of being almost 80 so even if you're 64.

If you're 55. If your 32 don't look at it go well. It's too much.

I can't overcome that I I can't undo all that you know the generational curses that I pronounced upon my kids knowingly or unknowingly, most of them I would say unknowingly but but there's probably some knowingly when you knowingly commit a sin over and over and over again and it affects your children yeah it it's probably going to be visited upon them as well. If you're struggling with pornography and you continue to do that. Don't be surprised when your child is also struggling with pornography are struggling with sexual addiction are struggling with adultery. When you let Satan in the house like that he's going to beat the crap out of you and your family because you've leading man in that way. But then there's these this other category of of the agreements that I made that I don't even know about, but I love I love the way Robbie handles that and has handled that in saying wait I'm 64 years old and that's an agreement have been living with my entire life as long as I can remember, but I'm not gonna let that be my legacy and I and it's not too late to begin to affect it in the next generation. There are things Jesus passed undo that I can't undo but being willing to go there with him is huge instead of just being defeatist and saying well it's just it's too much, too much water under the bridge and I think it's key that you obviously have to walk with him through Jeff to say okay got Jesus had. I stepped into that. How do I speak into that. How do I not be the voice of the enemy, and that right.

I mean how do I avoid certain things or how to engage in certain things are how I handle it today.

In this moment, many today in this minute's which it may change in 15 minutes is absolutely critical that you walk with people that are authentic. In other words, had I not been sitting there listening to Rodney talk about his agreement and and Sam overheard talking about in the warfare talk his agreement and in men that are willing to stand up there and say I struggle with pornography.

Just think where Jerry followed Junior would be right this minute and we just got into a boot camp and and and that had he allowed some authentic people around him right. He wouldn't have to be where he's at right now now now I talked it's it's a crying shame that the we need people around us that are sharing their real struggles like Paul would say, you know, this is this is my weakness in swarming to boast about my weakness, so that Christ would come in and be the hero and because you guys post about what you worship with which her struggles were you don't like over the last 12 years or how long it's been all my goodness the healing that's been available and because of that yes they did, it transfers over to so much what your legacy is and what your children get a chance to benefit from and your wife know it. In my case I can't tell you, you know how I see my agreements and whatever affecting her daily and again the struggles doing things I think is really cool and thought about the one of the legacies. I'm really excited that that's happened because of you guys because of the ministry is at least know my boys will never watch a movie the same way will never watch a TV show the same way because they'll both your legal action something I think a text that he gotta watch this at this part because there's a great clip on this on warfare.

You know son ship on whatever that's a legacy and I promise you there going to teach the kids that you know that the God story is through that and so that's one thing I'm excited about it you know is you as his help I probably got that with a little right of going back to something you said we live in a microwave world. We won't the quickfix the there's gotta be a nap for this new something but but will you know we as is the discipline of okay I've seen this agreement have seen this behavior. What I do different. You haven't come out of addictions and daily did the good news is that there is negative the past. So we also pestle good thinking and Dia. I did a whole series you guys into ministries to be. Lisa rolled her eyes when they would see at 1/4 because the study did acorn and it takes 10 years for an oak tree to produce a course so the fruit doesn't come quickly was the point and I wished I would've made a point much quicker that you have for this anyway that that's what I think about as you would a look at my wife will look at my kids hate this takes some input. This takes them pain and some struggle so as I look around the room.

Harold is the oldest as one is deafly in the best shape is covered a variety eight I like out of the rest of his good Yaqui I can go out tomorrow and I can say I'm a go, walk 30 miles which I would be able to do, but if I walked a mile a day for 30 days. That makes a big difference. You write. It's the same way with this legacy. It's what I do repeatedly over time and reinforced over time makes a difference. It's not give me the one big event, but also email when it comes to fitness it.

You know you tend to do what you love doing right at and so, from my standpoint to be with you guys on Tuesday night.

I absolutely love doing it at at at and so you you know that's the beauty of what God is. Have for us and I think is available for men everywhere. If if they begin to walk authentically God will begin to provide people and the like to do that with and then you're going to do it because you loved incidents like do I love boot camp. All my gosh what I not that anybody knows me knows I would not miss one short of the second coming for the third. I do think we need to caution a little bit about being authentic. It has to be in the in the realm of walking with Jesus as being authentic just to be a thing I know a lot of people to do that in a real pleasant yeah I nursing great comedians that have been pretty authentic. I actually it's not healing their soul is not helping very many others, but you being authentic in a grace based redemptive community is it's the only way to survive this life coming with Jesus. Obviously it's gotta be grace based Jesus gotta be the center of it and it's got to be an authentic community of people, redemptive community, where we understand the whole point of being in this community is to redeem each other to redeem our own brokenness and to allow Jesus to redeem it more and and to redeem each other and and is it hard yeah yeah it's hard we we we get on each other on a regular basis coming. There's not usually a month or two that doesn't go by that Robbie and I don't have a crossword with each other.

At some points always is my fault. Yeah I was trying to not scare the listener to Sam but anyway it's it's hard it's it's superhard, but let's face it, most people go to church. There's not any of that authentic community and if you lead a Christian University or you lead a mega church, you have a safe place.

I would I'm creating a place right now I'm in my homestead that I'm creating the ultimate goal there is to have a place where a pastor and his wife a ministry leader and his wife whatever can come there and hide out for whatever period of time and get loved on and get prayed over and get ministered to and it be a safe place. The problem is this. If I go to every church in the country and tell them that story when their pastor decides they want to go, what are they know all pastors broken secrets. Yeah, he's got secrets he's got something in the woodpile that we need to be worried about. Yes he does.

And if you figured that out yet, you're an idiot. Every human alive has problems and I really feel there I'm a little passionate about this. But honestly, I mean that's the problem is we we got pastors and leaders who are scared to be authentic because they're afraid of the cost of being authentic.

It will cost me my job cost me my kingdom. Sin will cost you your kingdom. That's why you gotta be part of a group you can trust because of fear of part of a group like this you know you not going get shot in the back with a narrow we do shoot you in the back really pull it out yeah into you know that's the I guess if I would say this word, you were just relieved accountability group. You guys all grown. That's not it accountabilities part of community but it's such a small part right now. I wouldn't even say it plays a role in Ogden to go on like oh man please don't think that you need to report to me what the world you looked at on the Internet and all income stuff mean I would hope that you would just feel like G if I am falling somewhere I can tell my buddies and they are going to pray for me and not judge me wherever that is right, but I think there's also when I look at accountability.

It's the way I would say it is speaking truth in love right it can have the love part with the other there sometimes are things we need to hear that we are blind to you. I'm not talking about I got a checklist that I read my Bible today. Did I drives did I do that today. Yeah, I know we we hold each other accountable. Yeah, and it's usually hard mean it is because we have to pick up the phone and go aren't Sam this the way you hurt me and I love you and I know you didn't mean to but man that hurt and Deming. Most of those phone calls come my way, but you thought you called me and I know you called Robbie and you have that exact conversation, and as a result of that, we became closer and things changed that right. And that's what needs to happen and that's the love of Christ. Christ didn't let things go, but he didn't ignore things because it was going hurt somebody's feelings. Now he didn't always shoot from the hip, either which I've been guilty of most of my life and so learning to do it in the love of Christ is as a generator, which is another area that well you usually say I was after hours is after I sure will. Back to legacy to what we just talked about apartheid legacy when our people around us see the changes happening because were part of redemptive community. It hopefully creates a hunger for them to either be a part of it or have their own yeah that they realize I can't do this alone right now is really surprised and I think there is. But in the whole coven thing the depressions up significantly in record highs. Your suicides are really up domestic violence is up right. It's the lack of community that we were built and made out of community and this is driven us into isolation right in and not good things come from that and send is the same thing Sam drives you to isolation, which is where Satan wants you and the only way to get out of that isolation is defined a group of people who are wanting to leave the same legacy that you're wanting to leave, and that is the kingdom kingdom of God where Jesus reigns and redemptive things happen. There's nobody since Jesus that has made it out of this thing without sinning and blowing it badly. I don't care who you are. The difference is those who blow it badly and have a group of people around them to say hey that's that's not the legacy you want to leave right mean the legacy you want to leave is one of overcoming difficulties not creating difficulties and part of what you're talking about with the head of University, the head of a mega church needs a safe place.

So the head of household right you know, if you don't have that safe place. You may not be able to leave the legacy that you want to leave and obviously the first part of that safe places and in the arms of Jesus. Right mean that's the first place we can go but outside of that, having at least one other person, you can kindly give that to because if I don't if I don't get rid of some of the stuff that builds up throughout the day.

I know how to be when I get home but I gotta find a way to get rid of those things I can be more of the person I want to be at home to leave more.

The legacy I want to leave and I think my dad's funeral. No just for me of really touching time of my care came always laid hands on me loved on me. One of the lowest points I can think of that you know in and here they were yet there were so many people in my congregation and so many members of my extended family like: look what Christ did.

They remember me when I was a lone wolf that we would ever see any friends around Robbie and and and liquid tries to stop and so there's an opportunity that that God has for you with a panic and it also lets them see the thing that's part of something I want you want to do that masking and register for the event of something great. Therefore, you can't tell you what it is but I know it's there masking will see you next week. This is the Truth Network

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