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Love Cast Out Fear After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 22, 2020 8:00 am

Love Cast Out Fear After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 22, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers, to Masculine Journey After Hours! On this episode, the band of brothers continue their discussion from Masculine Journey about love casting out fear. The clip used for this episode comes from the film "Intolerable Cruelty."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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Hello this is Matt slick from the Matt slick life podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds and enjoyed sharing. But most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network coming to an infringement barricade the heart of a letter masculine journey after hours time to go deeper and be more transparent on the topic of this week's webcast. So sit back and masculine journey after hours starts here will go Tabasco dearly after our surprise at the show give up. You know it is not also the music played Leroy Collier women are welcome after hours. We are moving out of fear is where we just left the radio show.

If you didn't listen. The radio show.

You get a masculine you can pick it up on spot.

If I iHeartRadio cash left now on Amazon I'm coming soon on Pandora so you know just about everywhere you can get podcast almost eating it are are podcasting documents that show you are moving from fear and into love, which is really the answer that love is the answer and so is Jesus love now is Jesus answer that's show think Celeste last dearly.

After exiting Jesus to leave this topic of moving out of fear and love story time to time we go deeper. That's what we say on the promo right is the commander going deeper into the topics of let's go deeper let's get real. What's he fears the gods love her other people's love have help you overcome stricter anyone you giving I'm sure I'll start so did Alma.

Robby brought up something before the program started out on agreements.

We tend to make and you know the courses many years I have I've played around playing guitar figure for the most part and was doing to boot camp.

I was getting convicted about the agreements I was making that agreement was. Nobody wants to hear me play and of course I have a good friend who won't leave me alone. They constantly wants to hear me sitting right next to me and in the process, you know, he encourage me to share with the rest of the team the last boot camp playing you know that's there's fear there is rejection and stuff and I just found out this evening that I inspired Robby, who's now playing on a regular basis which which is exciting, I was so courageous I thought you and I guess because I made all those agreements to and and probably for very similar reasons.

The people that we cared about, didn't like it and they would tell us and then we would highlight something that was in our own artistic expression expression to some extent of know-how replay music so when I saw Jim get out there and Jim played wonderfully and saying wonderfully.

I'm like, man. I wonder if I've made that agreement and that I follow baby.

Have I ever and and I got out my guitar, which is a 12 string Yamaha is I've told these guys. I took classical guitar lessons when I was a kid my parents wanted us to be the Van Trapp family singers you know and my brother played the drums.

My sister played the organ and it was all going to be in our rim of the hills were to be alive at the Salvador music all Peter, Paul and Rob yes so however it'd been years and years and years and I and even though I picked it up.

Everyone swap this on my kids asked me to play something or whatever I decide I had not taken seriously. For years I realize your success agreement and some like God will you go with me on this is the summer you want me to go. Is this an adventure that and so as I began to pick up my guitar. The very first thing that I played was the introduction to classical gas, which is very difficult piece to play. Some people say one of the most and I went. I always wanted to learn how to play that amount could get about 1/3 of the way through God. Would you take me there. Can I break the agreement I'll never learn to play classical gas. The whole thing and he said let's go and so over the last for five weeks. I've been planning plan and plan.

My fingers are very sore at this moment but it's really really cool and hate if you'll come to the boot camp coming up November 15 as it limits itself to the 12 through the 15th.

Thank you.

I am with a letter he was always okay so is my I'm trying to break his agreement completely to actually play classical gas from the stage of this boot camp so it is a challenge and thrown it down here for admitted that he needed organ hold to do it. I know to be guess I asked classic. I feel safe. That was a classic.

I'm working on the 13 string House and Senate.

I think about guitars but I don't 12 string has to be harder than six sitting twice now. Not looking forward to hear that you I think if we would sit back and say if we've conquered a fear wasn't love always involved to some degree. I think it would have to yeah I think about making the statement you know with with my wife is early married I would never get up and do an announcement because no one's gonna ever hear me speak in public, because I had the sphere of my childhood means agreements and other things in through her love and persistence through her love through God's love into breaking agreements that fear is getting significantly better. I can say that it never arises, but it doesn't last long, and it doesn't get a foothold right it'll kinda come and go, and then he throws it out there like a little nursing from the bite out of it with any nine-member forcefully. Most the time the love it's been in my life that help me overcome those things which helps me get through that momentary potential setback, which is why my one sister, George Clooney clipped it. Jim sent from the standpoint, especially the end of the clip where he starts talking about fighting for that spark that you know is true love is US intervention that will set out. This will really help that I was discovering something new and I found out it's been used multiple times. It is a archives, but when I heard it and I was just looking for clips.

It blew me out of the water, because it spoke to me about how we could pursue what we want to. All day long we can get good at it, we can be as he was a shark and accomplish our goals.

But if we don't have love those goals are worth something that is that if a member from the show.

He's like a they come in the takeover companies and then shut them down as he actually paid my baby.

I movie I hadn't seen until long out member but he's a lawyer that's very successful and it has to do with divorce primarily but I think Megan and Ron George Allen, his balance and ugly lawyer more than once.

Yeah okay with that thought is to say that what's going on as he spoke at this conference many times on all the ways that you can get the most money out of the clients when there is a bitter divorce and even suicide divorces on my goodness.

And so this time he is fallen in love and he's realizing you know what the power what something that he really realize should have been his ally all along this morning.

I stand for you very different miles, Nancy than the one that addressed you last year on the disposition of marital assets following murder/suicide. I wish to talk to you today. Not about technical matters of law wish to talk to you by something more important was to talk to you from the heart because today first time in my life, I stand before you make it vulnerable and in love. Love we matrimonial lawyers avoid money frightened of this emotion, which is the sense the seed will today. Miles Massey is here to tell you that love need causes fear of love.

This good love is good and I am of course aware that these remarks received here with citizens cynicism cloak that advertises our indifference and hides all human feeling. I need to tell you that cynicism which we think protects us. In fact, destroys, destroys love destroys our clients and ultimately destroys ourselves colleagues when our clients come to us confused and angry and hurting their flame of love is guttering and threatens to die. We seek to extinguish that claim so that we can sift through the smoldering wreckage for our paltry reward or do we ban this precious flame. This most precious flame until loving roaring life we counsel fear, or trust.

We seek to destroy or build do we meet our clients problems with cynicism choices.

Of course my part.

I made love and there's no going.

What a great clip and obviously speaks a lot society today right we have a very cynical society.

You know I'm not getting on any side of the equation changes look objectively by the cynical fear driven society and this is, ma'am, that's actually exactly where I was going.

We have fear driving out love in our society now and it's mostly has a why I love what George says there is that there's no going back and what you've experienced the love I don't know how you go back, but we need to share that because are so many unloving folks out there. One of the school keep rambling one at one of the most interesting things I've heard about love. This was that because one of the seminars we went to was that loving someone who loves you and Jesus said this in some better words that loving someone who loves you really love this reward that we haven't truly loved until we've love someone, that's unlovable and that's what God did with us. That was really good gin thing. I love you to send isolation and cut you off because it was good. I was quite good thinking. And that's true you know that we live in a society where love is kind of set to the side's love feels risky right in order to love. I gotta be vulnerable and can I really be vulnerable if people are out there with the intent to hurt me in one way or another, emotionally, physically, whatever right and so we set aside that lovingly we choose to slide down that scale towards fear right now only way we move away from the fear is to move towards the love Cynicism is a post it just is and and it's interestingly and again getting back to neighbor if it's similar to mocking and gameplaying which is dangerous territory, like temperature as outnumbering the birds well according to what is that about markers so that monitors markets like meet the mockers dealership was in Marksville I get the idea of blocking. But anyway now I think that when it comes to love. There is a mocking gameplaying that is phenomenally dangerous for my heart and I'm not just anybody else's. In the end and and and so you looking for the pure real deal.

Again Jesus is the answer, but there's so many different ways. I've hidden my view of him and the fear builds up walls walls keep us from true relationships that mean you know they say great fences make great neighbors, but those are usually not really what I know quite noise but you know the fear helps you build the walls and the walls isolate the relationships in the course you know once you get hurt either Jay Leno accident or design, the walls get higher and it gets deeper and the cynicism is just simply my way to stick my hand out and say no, probably not today. I'm not listening can hurt me today.

It definitely is a defense mechanism mechanism I can say that. So back to the question that asked earlier stories about love driving out fear. Andy I'm a threat to you that we did touch on this a little bit in the show right there some things that you've had some I will Nestl attach word fear to the things that you weren't the most comfortable with the house. God come after that have other people come after that your life it's helping you deal with it.

So you do here you have the enemy continue have been many enemies cohorts. A lot of times tell you what you're not usually if the enemy you know you can type people have contributed to that, but there was just talking about fears and more somebody else come come after my heart. I think I've shared with this on the radio about this that downturn 2008, some to wear around their not real confident about my position at work. This begins to tell my wife there farming and know your aunt. Not only did I listen to that lab that I paired it out.

You know her with what what does that do the heart right but I remember her at that time and I didn't really expect it. But she said you know you've always done well what you do and that I get an opportunity go after position. Knowing I will. She said you don't know God can position in such a way that you could come out of this better than what's even had what I ended up doing was getting a position another place much better, much better work-family balance much better.

More money. Everything good was about and I didn't feel that about myself.

I didn't feel like I was qualified or really had it what it took.

Take had what it took to to take that position or get something like that. Boy was she right and you know it really did a lot for us a lot for me and my confidence in is one of those things where she stepped in and love and made those statements and I and I was a better man for the end I think about where God uses people at boot camp to know that I had a boot camp where it was probably my second boot camp and I was doing the wound talk we talk about and we had a lot of technical difficulties, and I was very uncomfortable with my presentation on in II left out of that and literally is when out in the woods and broke down balling crying because I just felt like I completely let the men down and let God. And unfortunately I went back to the house and it was at that. You can't down in Asheboro can't carry you know and manages the loving support of everybody around help pull me out of the lies that I was trying to buy into you know that if it wasn't anything logically that they could say to me, it was the love that they showed me in that the words that they chose to give me help break that agreement and break that fear and get me to place or I would've been check out the rest of the weekend nine man maybe not been able to do any other talks.

From that point on.

Is it really had that grant me in on that fear that you now see all that the fear was that everything that I'd always feared was right, it was true in and just having that loving group of of Ravi and Darren at that time my wife and and Sheila another people. Jim speaking to my heart you know it was amazing. And a lot of them probably didn't know they were doing at the time, but it was tremendous for me right and that love does break through the fear. I remember being surprised that she felt that way about your talk because I thought it was great. My wasn't really responding here. Fear was more of a that was wonderful and I find fascinating is it. Spent a good amount of time before the shower trying to determine what this meant that there is no big business to do with punishment. We are trying to determine what all that meant that when we switched gears to talk about what it looked like in our lives that all of a sudden all these memories come flooding in of.

Oh that the remember this when that happened to me this happened to me, that happened to me and so is your listening but so there's a story and and and and maybe somebody that you need to. Thank you. Know that that stepped in that moment and and really played donkey for you if you don't have that reference here to listen to, you know that came after your heart even though it may have been, you know, in a strong waste and yet you know you you're better than this. This is this is something that you can do. I wasn't anything that was in fact Jim and I were pushing the bike back and forth earlier, not responding years.

I got the answer to my greatest fear when I got a text from my wife in the middle of the show just it's not her. She was actually the one who rescued me and my biggest fear growing up.

My earliest desire and fear was of the beauty I had a girl live in the first grade. I will get married when I got older and that happened very frequently, and most of time I was too fearful to even let my feelings be known and when I did I was shot down and then when I went off to college at 17.

I met Carolyn and fell in love and God put her there.

Out of bed and very self-destructive that had that intervention so it was God loving on me through her and rough rough time at places that I had still struggled with beauty. After that, but that event in 1972 and I better gave me the excess and that's my other biggest fear of rejection, and I had felt that constantly and she accepted me and then later when I told Gary Doss and Mary the first woman that took me seriously and she said all jokes on you because I take everybody's dislike and that was that's how God brought us together. That was 47 years ago next week is thinking about the kitchen. The things that I've had fear of in the past. Remember going through season in the housing industry.

Were we have downturn in that it's a very cyclical business and see negative years of feasting years of famine and and it's very much a part of the job and I've been doing it 35 years and been through three downturns in on it, but that of the last downturn I went through two downturns ago, I was with the company that I was in a leadership position and I let go of a lot of good people you know and I really was fearful of those conversations, I was that I didn't want to have those conversations in England be part of it and in God. Fortunately stepped in and and I think it actually meant and Heidi someone you just pray before you have those meetings. I like really that's a novel idea if I had eyes meeting and I would start cranking out just pray.

God, I don't have the words for these people. You do help me that articulate something here.

Help me to listen. Help me to be what they need me to be in this conversation that I desperately don't want to have you not and I can't think of one of those it didn't go as well as it couldn't of gone. I mean it just went great in comparison to what I could've done.

No one was angry at me.

No one is cussing at me. There is no one you know. They understood and I equate at all to Henderson, God being in the midst of those conversations.

There's been times I've had have conversations about with family members about things that happened to me as a kid and I didn't really want to have those conversations but I can feel God calling me to have them and I remember his words telling me many many times in the midst of that you own obedience. I am in the reaction is maybe I need them mad.

Maybe I need them at a place where they can now turn to me, that's all night on you that's on me and I think about the they job people themselves in on what grace God had for them because believe me, knowing you, Sam. If I was to get fired near my God what you are there in the fiery summary did not when you know what I'm saying is this is some people are going to just be, and I and I think about that situation that God knew exactly what to do and Darren would have grace that he actually does degree would probably be absolutely tremendous and I don't mean well, God puts us in the place to have those things we need to do, but I think that in the fear and the key is seen okay got. I don't know what I mean. I'm even know I'm fearful of right but I can't do a thing about eating that only you can do something with you and been able to give that fear to and I couldn't tell you what any of those outcomes are going to be with the people that have a conversation with but I knew if I went in there on my own with my own control my own power.

It probably was not it Alaina and I had this I got I got got a have you believe this thing is I honestly have no clue what to do here. It's hard enough being in a disciplinary situation.

We got somebody go, but you can adjust fight in mind.

And then there at some level right mean you like it when you positionally you let people go, that really are doing top-notch work. Just a work form to do all my gosh, what a tough place and I think that's perfect example of you know that that that was the love and compassion of God. Going toward this people have to think that you are not jittery or anything because of that you you knew that your heart was good towards them God's heart was good towards them. And yes you did want to be to reject and bind it with something that you had to share.

But you can do it right properly locate the wood you haven't, he would have you to do it. I can't tell you the number of people I can think of actually one of them.

During that time that I didn't say hey can we pray together and were digesting it in right then and started working in their hearts. And that's where we do say Jesus is the answer love is the answer to conquer this fear visits may be allowed as an individual for God's love through an individual should think that way right or directly from the father himself, that we gotta turn to him in the midst of that fence I got. I give this to you and I need you to help me get through this and that's what we do to get through it and masking register for the upcoming boot camp November 12-15.

We want you there God went to their will see you there. This is the Truth Network

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