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Love Cast Out Fear

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 22, 2020 12:30 pm

Love Cast Out Fear

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 22, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! The topic this week is all about how walking with Jesus and love can negate fear. The clip used this week comes from the film "Shrek" The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man craves a great adventure but life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call the masculine journey. The masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome masculine journey. Very glad to have you with this is the guy you have every reason to be fearful of our topic today. You know, we would stop talking about this topic appear. It would be dialoguing throughout like the last hour and 1/2 you know him and I don't know.

Quite honestly, were regularly contest yet, but I note in the land somewhere outside of fear because we promise this week we went past. In God's can help us honor that promise.

I believe yeah and with the remaining topic to go with it. Love, love, exactly, you know it. We did have that that clip I think was last week of the week before we been unfair for so long I can't remember when the cuts were that I think it was last week that Darren had from that that the school timeline.

There was nothing there was fear right and so you know moving towards one direction or towards the other and certainly expand more this week on the topic of love and how that really does help us get to the point where fear becomes less and less of a reality in our life. I don't know that wherever he can escape fear why were still breathing on this earth. There's always going to be opportunities for that but I think that it becomes less and less.

The more we learn how to love and walk with Jesus second invitation to initiation and as you love more than you fear less you get on that continuum you know and love and lust that I love that you know the way things happen is this experience topic and does anybody here Darren is seeking that all you dismantled and so here we are. And like Buehler Kuhn and Darren, can you hear Darren Darren hello hello apparently he's out in a sick dogs out that I don't know what it was that was what it was like everything you have friends like to give each other hard time is dogs doing well in will be back next week and scrubby children. Have you back. It's been a few weeks since you been with us and it's great to be back, especially on this topic which is really just cleared always been one of my favorite verses in and when I spent a lot of time out because you know just understanding it seems beyond understanding and but no doubt there seems to be such an invitation here to to to be locked and be accepted rather than be fearful that you know there's all these passages in the Bible that say you know lotto come to me and say you prophesied my name and you did honesty now, but away from the evil so I never know your IQ is living the evil you know was as good a look that up in Heber well played, so probably what is a verse that were talking about, you know that that were thrown out there. We so there's a verse know what is at first to have and you got it first on force. Really, it's 18 but 17. Also, goes with the concept used to read it there.

I'm wondering how mammy, rated in the amplified because I like the that version and then Marie gave me the mic so I'm reading it. If I can find it here so it talking about us in a relationship with God in this union and fellowship with him. Love is completed and perfect with us so that we may have confidence in the day of judgment with assurance and boldness to face him because he is so are we in this world there is no fear in love dread does not exist. Perfect, complete, full-grown love drives out fear, because fear involves involves the expectation of divine punishment that one who is afraid of God's judgment is not perfected in love is not grown into a sufficient understanding of God's love cases as you read through that and obviously it's talking big portion about judgment right and so to be afraid of judgment know the walking, loving relationship with God is what cures that Michael what about today's everyday fears is still true that love drives out fear. I mean if I your experience that we do children know all the time kids get scared grandkids get scared and all I can see the expression on my daughter's face right this minute when she discovered that she tested positive for coven now here we were, and she was terrified and I am to be the only person nothing God called me right that moment to should love my daughter well and interest to share with her that you know God was gonna make a mistake. It was 90 loops you gave coven to Robbie and you gave comfort to your mother and you gave COBIT. Now it that this canopy at loops and I got Scott all this and it's all can be okay and I watched her notice is 31-year-old dollars, excuse me Tess. I'm sorry she's now I got some to anyway. You know I watched her go from that place of just terror to know it did. The sense of at least some security event that the non-loved regardless of the outcome of of the circumstances and all my word. I mean, I feel like that was a present from God. She turned out to be okay and were all okay but it was a present from God to be able to be there with her at that moment and experience that together I would and chosen it if somebody said here and you want to be the one. But now looking back on it like that will be a memory. I will never forget you and so love when God brings it that love through you and help others pass fear. We can help you move faster and try to get a clipping from Shrek's we get a laugh track in that it in the so what you really think about is a donkey acting toward Shrek and love energy going at Shrek spheres. So we pick up the scene.

Donkey is building a wall and Shrek in Shrek swamp and check size and donkey says our swamp in Winchester that interchange plays out. But think about is donkey acting in love toward Shrek and is he working on Shrek spheres.

Donkey what are you doing I would think of all people, you would recognize a well when you see one well yeah well supposed to go around my slump not through. It is around you see that your happiness is my hand so your half yes my half.

I helped rescue the princess. I did have to work. I did have to believe Mohammed had to go right back off know you back all this is my swamp. Jack and you will you you know you always need to be made to appreciate me away. Yeah you so bad you came back because that's what friends do you you write donkey.

I forget onion black feelings away you would like. Maybe me I was laying these creature the two of you talking talking about you.

She was talk about somebody yes wasn't talking about me talking no way I'd seen you listen to me right Don K know okay look I'm sorry I am sorry. I guess I'm just stupid. You give me friends a far right right friends.

Okay, so how does donkey come after Shrek and love and I'm asking you guys answer I think is telling that he didn't need to isolate himself from the rest of the world this because he thinks he's ugly over that there parts of him that people can love absolutely. I found it Interesting that he was loving on them by building a wall between them, which is now sounds counterintuitive, but that's exactly what Unger was doing what Shrek was doing and that was his response to okay I'll show you what it feels like and got this at this with some frequency, at least to me as I can be stubborn donkey if you think about Shrek story, the rabid mom I think the thing that I find fascinating is that the underlying thing that out. Donkey feels his friendship is like this is my friend and no matter what you're my friend and and you sense that throughout the clip that right now. Your behavior is really upsetting to me but at the end of the day you're my friend and friends forgive each other so he's giving the invitation a Shrek that we can rebuild this relationship even though he's obviously reflecting back to him what his friends at least taking that risk.

Despite that rejection is gone after his heart, regardless with love. When you when you look back at what's happened in the movie right and again this is a kids movie of a donkey and an ogre and all these other things but he knows Shrek story. He knows where Shrek is been wounded. He knows that that Shrek's been isolated. The whole time and he refuses to let them live their right to the point where he can invade his swamp and build a wall right through the middle of it to drive the conversation right on the force this to come up right and so he may not have used words that you would equate to loving words, but there is not malice in what he was doing and he was speaking love trying to pull him out of the fear that he was living in the fear that all those things that people been saying about me are true. The fear that I'll always be alone. I always only be an ogre.

All these agreements and even living under donkey is coming after those and say no, those are the deepest truth about here's the love that I have for you. We can back and learn more about this love, and how Jesus is really the answer to all this, but first go to mask register for the upcoming boot camp coming up November 12 50 right here with another) from my pillow. It's the new mattress topper. My pillow mattress topper and get some of the best sleep of your life comes with a 10 year warranty and a cover that's washable and drywall.

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When you do might give you to stay under my pillow as free as my promo code truth or call 800-944-5396.

I this is my son. We talked about ways to help us when we smiled at him and is information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button they can get a masculine and find masculine working to mail something to PO Box 550 92728 sales feels like everything is fine. We can listen to the masculine journey and find out why we use clips like the to illustrate the story, God is telling in the lives of truth is God designed you which fights to weeping.

Grab your gear and come in every Saturday and so you to Christian song yeah Steven Curtis Chapman all about love. It's more of a secular version but it still comes down.

The point it's all about love. It's about God's love and being able to show that one another. We just left donkey in his own way, showing love now was that perfect love, but I think what donkey was doing Shrek did not look in the mirror.

Donkey sold in the portrait showing what he could be, not what he thinks is what he really is not what he thinks is you not allow the fact he caught them onion boy's life a part that Robbie was it was this what you would call perfect love. Now this is my opportunity to share what I did get the shirt to a sick so you remember when you were doing the fear the Lord and they said that they couldn't remember what I told that it was cool so I don't want anybody to miss out on what it was that I was sharing with them is that word in Jenkins had better bear sheet is what is that the very beginning of the Torah and it what it means is in the beginning. And so when Solomon used that to say that in the beginning, use easy using a phrase to the Jews is is highly like pay attention. This is the genesis of fact. And so when you understand that it was in fact God that created all this and God has his whole plan and you when you begin to get that you're going to have wisdom. Now the word that John uses here in this passive voice is perfect love drives out fear is translated copy which is the Greek form, but fortunately for us, we have the Septuagint which gives us an idea of how to use Greek versus Hebrew, and so this gives us the Hebrew version of the word agape, which is 1/2 which from my perspective and Jim can give you here is that this is the way I would describe that word, which is the father expressed in the kingdom expressed which lets the sun is going to. That's Jesus again. You want an expression of the father will you get Jesus okay but it's not just the father expressed it is what what donkey does here right he showing track that he has this glory, that would be really helpful to the kingdom. Were he to walk into what he should be. You know how God sees him and someone we love people like we see their glory and we begin to call that out in them that's perfect love because that's love. That's going to build the kingdom and and it's a really, really fun thing when you begin to see that and be able to use it when you got so upset that you're free to so all you that made fun of Darren and I because you can remember it go express at this and say what Robbie said was really good to say. Is it really cold. I do understand more each time we go through the preview, I mean honestly, it's such a great topic you just hard for me to grab some of it but you know that that is really really the next short verse after what he read the really long version of amplifier is we love because he first loved us and we can be donkey and show love.

If we recognize the love with which were loved and if we don't, really looking for is selfish love in all the wrong places, like a country so we know when you're talking about was that perfectly uniting Gordon look in the donkey's heart know for sure, but what came out. If you look at first Corinthians 13 and talk about love.

It's love is kind, generous, they probably didn't get into that, but love tells the truth and he told the truth and he probably had to use some of those tactics rough words with strict beginning to listen, think, to to be forceful and it passively saying some of the weight.

Some of that in the other way may have not got the same made the same impact of the wood.

I don't know the God with a total tracking here.

I rock. Looks like your head you may have because he knows that Shrek may have had to hear that right exactly we talked about being a boot camp and going and you know when we hear from God. We all hear a consistent biblical message but will hear in a unique way. When you go back and you look to the way Jesus healed it and heal the blind, the same way twice right in Scripture treated it several different ways.

God deals with us all the way. We need to be dealt with and when I listen to the way donkey dealt with Shrek. That's what he needed to hear and how he needed to hear so that little glimpse of time I would call that perfect love in that scenario, and God did come pretty close to saying that about Peter three Jesus is a Little Rock think about time that the that's true that God's computer in his spoke truth to you write about some conviction that not condemnation the conviction I would say it's something I want to hear the most, but it's deftly done in loving you feel in love writes it may not be the words you hear it's the motive behind it right. The desire behind the doesn't so question out there waiting for you guys here right wing has someone or God, you, and through love drives out fear for me. I was raised in a church that was fire and brimstone.

We talked a lot about that.

I understood the fear of God in a very limited way that I had it because he was going to smite me us miter nominee he was going to knock me down. You know the quote to Bruce Almighty railing. I had no doubt the judgment day was not it.

I was looking forward to back is that's that's my view of God will fast-forward and and going to more of the gospel walking in this message. Walking in healing and restoration walking through conviction and love of God I don't fear God. That way I respect God I the all I have for God is tremendous, but I'm not afraid of God, right, you know, because I know God loves me and he knows God's heart towards me is better than my heart towards me.

He's better with my heart than I'll ever be, is because he knows you and is going to give you his very best use that all the time in prayer. God uses for our good glory and that says most of what were looking for here. If we trust God, we expect the outcome of everything in our lives. Good, bad or indifferent, semantically, that be the it is he's going to use whatever the situation is for us and that's where the trust and love and we been using trust synonymously and synonymously and now Robbie Skinner correctly on that now not go after him because they know I've witnessed it in his life that you know when Andy started to join the ministry now will all come to meetings but I'm not giving them a right.

I am not ever get enough that it in and not only has he been on the radio phone summary now is these hosted the Christian cargo radio show on over hundred radio station. The mean is that this is like baby public speaking and rainy days these at and so can you speak to how perfect love Ravenna and that's what I was going to talk about if I had the opportunity, but I really don't.

I don't like you because I may not have came a long way and I and I still am very self-aware that I'm not the eloquent speaker in that Thing, but what got told the guys you know we talked about it. We talked about what happens in the boot camps in in in the talks it's it's it's not my comfort zone and there's a time where I would've avoided that with all cost like Robbie said that's kind of the my start was, but I think I've mentioned it before about the thing, came to mask enduring outfit don't got a job that would cause me to do public speaking, public speaking, supposed to be one of the most feared things out there to do most people don't like it.

It's not a common thing and I got a bunch of professionals around me and then it's kind of intimidating when Ambien said God is put stuff in my heart and I love them and I want to share what he's done with me and the fears that I've overcome not just speaking on the radio, not just boot camps but other things clear of taking on family issues where I would just hide before just various things in my life where you know I feel it somewhat arrogant to sit there and say all I a perfect love for God.

Therefore, I don't fear. I want to sit here and say that but I think that is there some truth that he wouldn't put that in there unless it was possible and I think there's a lot of fears that I've addressed and and taken on not avoided for. I think this thing is the fear is he just doesn't want us have disabling fear. He knows were gonna fear he just doesn't want to prevent us from extending his kingdom in bringing loved other people that I love use the Superman clip. I should've used it for tonight's show where Superman is learning how to fly in his father's trying to instruct many go so you need to keep pushing the envelope to see how strong you become.

You've got to test your powers well know God is constantly throwing those tests out there in so many different ways so that we can see what he's done.

It isn't something that you've done and you know that is something that completely dead because you know absolutely at telling that all the time 16 years ago I went to do the Christian cargo I show I was absolutely terrified of you and see my and sweat and I was sitting there like still.

Where are you you are and what what is what is it I'm doing here all alone and I got a show I was terrified her with new no close right may not act. This bill is addressed, but he'd only disagree with you a little bit okay good I like that you have to be willing interesting and natural right you have to believe when he tells you that the lies you been hearing that you been writing to be the deepest truth about it isn't the deepness. And so there's work you have to do in that equation that he is definitely the catalyst and he's deftly the healer, and he's definitely The one that gets it done, but you have to be willing to enter into that scary place agreeing that there is something I was talking with friends about the other day.

It's a partnership and the thing that to say all you've heard people say it's all God, not exactly. I mean if if it was all about God. He does be myself up there. He created a score that partnership is right and so the answer to this fear is to walk with God in the midst of it right to got I'm afraid here.

I need you to help me I need you to help me get through this and then let him lead, or he may Ask you to take steps and you do want to take go there with him because he has your best interest in mind. Until you can work out the way that you think it's gonna work out to work out the way God knows it needs to work out for you, for your heart and for the long run. And that's how we move past that fears walking confidence with him.

See you next week. This is the Truth Network

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