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Fear Of The Lord

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 8, 2020 12:30 pm

Fear Of The Lord

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 8, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This weeks topic comes along as a result of last weeks show on fear. The guys are talking about fear of the Lord, and how that fear of God has been shaped and changed over the years. The clip used this week comes from the film "Patton." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around with all your friends. Thanks for listing and thanks for choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network heart of every man plays a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads, but the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call the masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey. We are very glad to have you with us is weekend and I can't really say thing bad about there this week is easier and I'm betting that you are thinking it.

What's the difference click on Rob Elrod is not yeah that's usually how we work you around a group size and you really get to know you know that's how they really were common and this was going to be a better show but because Robby's not here. It's all his fault as well and I think with this topic is actually my last week. Last week we had linear topics and that's what I gave you a hard time about because you are with your wife or it's where you should be yes in on her birthday but it was fear this topic of fear and it really kind of morphed into zoo and through the show being afraid of mankind being afraid of the human element right and then I got into the topic a little bit.

We didn't have time to really spend on it of what's contrasting that to the fear the Lord and his Bible to say very clearly in several places to have a fear of the Lord.

But what does that necessarily mean yeah and and in a word where I came where I was coming from. On last week show which I was not a part of, except planning it to every jot and tittle which you guys yeah evidently did not follow my outline, there is little time.

However, in my thoughts were that you know Satan's biggest tool is our fear coming when Peter talks about you know the enemy is roaring like a lion seeking to devour. What does he use as his teeth. What does he used to devour people well. In that context, Peter says that spirits clearly fear and so he says cast your fear on the Lord so well what if I'm scared of God coming. It makes it hard to catch my fear on God if I'm scared of him and I grew up you you and I, both grew up in in a little bit of the same background where I mean God was kind of the sheriff God is a medium meeting was that he was sitting up there on his horse.

He had a couple of cult 45s on both sides and and I was right there on the fence but I didn't know which side I was going to fall on and I didn't know you know I was just pretty sure was always going to be wrong and God was going to shoot me down or mean a crack that whip her or whatever and that is an aspect of God's nature to rebuke his children. Thankfully, because I've needed a lot of rebuke, but that's not the totality of who God is, so to talk about what's a healthy fear or reverence of God. I think it's a great place to go for me. If you asked me this is a kid a teenager. Even early in my early 20s, fear the Lord.

II knew that aspect.

My my church taught that pretty clearly right in and we sang songs of God's love, but we didn't really hear preaching on God's love. We didn't really hear any of that. What we heard was was true. Scripture and I believe that fully we just hear the total part of it.

Did you have a healthy respect for the elves being yes yes yes absolutely no a lot of the teaching that I grew up with was, like what you guys are talking about it's like you not going to get away with nothing because there is at all civilian and you get scores like a bug for years when I was a teenager I was.

I would try to read and pray you know at night before I went to bed. While usually fall asleep. I was praying, so that's not really good. You know me, I would wake up fairly well condemned in my own mind anyway, so try to read well.

If I read most of Scripture that when I was a teenager I would again fall asleep so I thought well you know what can I read that would keep me awake. So where did I end up.

I end up in Revelation. So I start reading Revelation you know to try to stay awake and to have some devotional time when I'm tired and should be in bed asleep at but then I would always end up in the passages you know where it talks about that the amoral are going to burn in hell.

And so I'm like oh it's me that's maybe mean you know in and thankfully I did that did develop into a fear or a healthy respect of God. Reverence that's really the word that were looking at is reverence all in and it did create that and thankfully some people came along to help me understand that that's not the only part of God so that I could go.

Okay, it's me, God wanted to be me. Can you help me with that think you think about our ministry and what we tend to focus on.

I can remember many times we talked about the fear that because I think most people have grown up with an accurate fear of God and so you know we focus more on the healing and restoration stuff are gradually impacted our lives, but again we want to be just a one sided. You want to talk about the totality of what the Scripture says Dragon Rob ensured something really incredibly cool with me that it was automatic.

Yeah, I cannot only explore the Hebrew letters that he is. Enough said Smith. I don't know something as small as you said something really cool and I am not poking fun at him. It was that I do that a lot but I'm not right now. You can find it yourself it was really incredibly cool. It's only about a like that's awesome and I can't remember anything.

It was really cool. He came down to reverence and awe. You know, and he went to the Hebrew letters and the like. This is really cool Robby about the time that I thought there's no way forget that yeah is that I've been trying for two days. Remember what he said about it and you don't have his number I mean you got on vacation and I thought well you know the indication is that this is a really important topic because it's absent, and so much of our society today when we look at what's going on in this country right now.

It's evident that there is no fear of God in this place on the part of a lot of people and I think if there were a healthy respect all and fear of God, which is different society in the Mike and to me.

The expression OMG I don't even want to say it, other than the letters just makes me sick to hear people use that expression over things that are so common and so trivial and like OMG that's the best part ever ate.

That's not God. I think if he was the one that gave you the pie. Okay I get it but I'm I'm with you Harold like to try the life that God by the I do get to clip and because I want to set this up a little bit. This is Robby's clippings really good Cliffords from the movie Patton and will listen to just what he talks about this topic of fear and then equate that to a healthy fear of God. When the light is out for a ride maggots in a minute look like so do they don't act like so why should you be expected financial 15 minutes were going to start turning these boys fanatics ranges lose their fear. The Germans God they never lose it. Fear me as I thought about that Robby played that last week I really thought about being a father of sons and I have two girls and two boys in fortune and make my girls first and then had my boys come through later and I really when I my stuff together for both of them, but by time I got to the boys.

I understood this concept will bit more that is much as I want them to know me as dad in some way that love them always want to keep him just a little bit afraid of me and that may sound counterintuitive that you want them to go.

Oh my gosh I don't want dad didn't know about this kind of things I'm not gonna do it in this healthy respect. This healthy fear of and I always used to wrestle with my boys and you guys laugh at me when my boys around because of both bigger than me now only beat this not out of me another punch me and poked me in all that I have fun with them, but always told him since they were real little, and I taught you everything you know that I've never taught you everything I know now since I don't typically listen to the show that I can realize that went away a long time thought of everything out of well log, alert, and I still believe I got a little something old and even more out of shape older and more out of shape. I still take a nap if I had to get what you have that fear. Anyway, I when you think a God, you know you want a transition over time that you know my whole concept of God is. It's been about this loving father is was missing for so long, but I think I'm not careful miss the healthy fear of God in honor and I think there's a lot of Christians that may struggle with that that you know it's hard to not balancing.

Yeah, you have to have and I think we could be guilty. I mean we we honestly could be guilty of focusing too much on one aspect of God's personality and if I'm guilty of it. I'd I'd rather be guilty of focusing too much on on his grace and and on his love as a father and his father's heart and all of that but I hope that our listeners do know that you as a father gather there is some righteous indignation at times, as a father. You know my son came up the other day to help me and my grandson wire our house that were building rebuild the house and so he came up to just help us pull wire and all that stuff and so he and my grandson are talking in their cut not been and something came up and and he he thought back to a time in the in the late 90s or early 2000's, and in Derek my son said to my grandson. Yeah, you just better be glad you didn't know the 2003 through 2006 Darren Paul Darren and I was like what are you talking about, he goes all you were a scary dude back then, dad. You are a scary dude because my grandson was saying none. I'm scared about Paul.

Now, you know, to a certain extent and in Derek was like now. Now you you got it so easy compared to and I was like, really. Was it that badly goes out dad that you were rough and so yeah I don't I don't want to be that guy and I want God to be that God but he has the right to be. You know if if he chooses and he would be doing it in his sovereignty and his knowledge and an evening in his wanting the best for me if he were then, so I want our listeners to hear that God is still God, and he can still choose any way he wants to choose that is that is within his own righteousness he can't violate his own righteousness, but within that he can be a lot of things that I consider scary and he has been in these needed to be in time will only prove that out when you look back you say well I really needed God to be that way with me here. Or maybe not be right where I needed, even as he was there and I didn't realize it back will talk more about that talk about this whole concept of right now going to break want to consider going to masculine registering for the upcoming boot camp in the month of November 10 11 through the 15th, 11th or 15th that week Thursday through Sunday will have the dates we come back November 11 through fifth through 15th to register now. Would love to see you there.

Got to get some incredible thing I this is my son Eli talk about ways to help support his only, is information on website there on how to do that you go to and click the donate button. You can go to masculine and find masculine mail PO Box 552 728 sales if it feels like everything is fine. We can listen to the masculine journey and find out why we use clips like these to illustrate story, God is telling in the lives of truth is God designed you which flights do we pick to grab your gear and come every Saturday is all you really not a whole lot, I saw your if your face listeners could just face. I can hear your voice anytime as it was going to break we just talk a little bit. I think the time is a ministry, we focus on God's grace, healing, restoration a because it's been a game changer for us right in our lives. That's what brings us all together.

That's all we do the boot camps. That's why God doesn't.

The boot camps is he shows that side of him right yeah usually in a huge way. In his way. Then, and I think the reason that he does and the reason so prominent for us is society out there knows what it means to have a father. This absent knows what it means to have a father that's checked out the father that's abusive. That's not the fear that were talking about the fear Scriptures talking I'm not scary God, not a scary guy, not an absent God not know what's got going to beat me down with today. Yeah it has gotten a bad mood. You know I get bipolar schizophrenic God, you know that what it is it these two extremes of them and we act like that he can't have both of those attributes or characteristics and I think the fear we just I think there's a definition fear that we we think of what we do fear that we experience more actually afraid of something.

I don't think that's what he intends to it to be mean, if you're trying to get to that New Testament God do we call Abba father. Force it now not terrorize fear it will you guys mentioned earlier, but were never going to be able to approach a God and and say and sit on Papa's lap and say, Abba father. If were totally freaked out in fear over right right and that's been a huge part of me that's been very close to your heart over the last few years, but I want to ask you a question when you've been at big camps before or you were listening to the radio show before and were there times when God or something that somebody said from the stage was very convicting.

Of course, yes you and tell us about all those times now. Logically, a lot of them mean everything is given in grace and the boot camps. Obviously not a lot of condemnation but yet conviction were I realize that you were walking away and it could even be in that you didn't want really experiencing God's love in the way that you should.

There's a conviction that comes with that.

That says you can draw close to this got you can trust him more as you didn't feel like you could look for before boot camp and that was my point is that you know even though we talk about grace and we talk about God as as father and as a wonderful father all the time even a wonderful father will convict you of sin, righteousness, and judgment at times, or other things mine did. I had I had a phenomenal father who was the epitome of grace and mercy. But let me tell you he got my attention.

At times, and I was never afraid of my father literally never was afraid of him, but I had a deep respect for him and that's what were talking about you know if if if you're afraid people who are afraid Jim do really ugly things and bad things. I mean as a police officer. You probably saw a lot of bad behavior when people were afraid the counselor you probably well all the bullies for the most part, are terrified, so they are putting their basically wearing the mask of I'm tough and I can take us all and I when you were talking earlier and I wouldn't get to get up to the house for the microphone all of you grew up speaking earlier grew up in churches where the fear was pushed. I did not I was reasonably liberal, Presbyterian and growing up we thought there was something that happened and it's amazing that I made it to the show because I hate but in my hat I I also had a wonderful father said that before, but I was scared of God. Even though I didn't hear that when I was young because I read the Bible and say things wow what make him mad but I had such a great example in my father. I knew I was unconditionally loved and I knew I wasn't getting get away with stuff and it became my biggest motivation what that I quit doing bad things. I just didn't want to get caught because my biggest motivation was not to disappoint my father and I have carried that through God. Now what we talked about fear.

I think GRA or something similar.

That's the word Michael beat it up like Robby Wood but that that goes everywhere from extreme terror to a place where you are walking alongside in a respectful attitude in Hebrew. It's gotta be context and that's kind of the nice thing about Hebrew because God is all of the above and walking beside him with that healthy respect is major yeah when one of them. The one of the ones on the wrong side of the Red Sea and I think they they had different healthy respect for God's will, even saying that you know we we talk about God is this wonderful father figure and yet, if he appeared in a physical manifestation here in the studio right now.

I have no doubt in my mind that every single one of us would both welcome that and in reverence, and all the a little fearful right I mean not. Is he gonna zap me tearful, but all my blown out of the one who am I to be in the presence of of this that sort of reverence that sort of all and and I I think you know that is in our soul we we know that's reality. You know, we know that's that. We are that much less than that's a word that society is really cooperative that the law also lost.

You know, you scored two points by using basketball sin no it's not. It's an awesome point. Folsom is is and is that healthy respect, fear of God. That's where I want to use the word if I'm not talking to microphone talk too much Health but one of the most difficult times in my life. My father was a big guy to a was 64 is a Navy boxer is a dentist.

So if after he punched in the mouth, but I always had a healthy respect/fear of any sort of physical confrontation with my father. It was just never even something that I can wrap my mind around in one of the biggest blows I took when he was in the 70s was. I went to hug them and I realized how frail he was. But I still had that same level of respect and all of my father.

Yeah, the slots mental training God as father for me is one that I think what makes me fearful is knowing he knows everything and he knows the thoughts that I really have sometimes knows the thoughts of what I was thinking about the driver in front of me on the way over here. It was going at least 15 or 20 miles under the speed limit. Not happy about that right. You know, I don't think I was happy about it while yeah I think he was co-op he is my copilot I help you know this. He knows all those things right and I think you know it when in history's kinda showed me and we talk about his conviction. Yes he speaks truth, but it's in such a loving way this thing yes because it's true.

But it doesn't hurt. It doesn't like wound me yet hurt. Yes, you might hurt one doesn't want me that without yet perfect, etc. but it's a wonderful way of describing that yeah it it is it is painful when somebody you love and care for somebody you respect my wife says Darren you hurt me will that hurts. She's not trying to wound my heart. She's trying to speak truth to me and and God is very much like that in an EE can do it with such grace and in love and care that I can't. When you hurt me. I'm going to tell you you hurt me, but I'm probably going to try to get a job and at the same time you hurt me. Therefore I hope this hurt you in our type of thing and I unfortunately and I think I'm too much like that at times and wished I could be more like my father, thinking James that he heard hurt us. Yes, you heard a sitting here with a really stick with the King James part that yeah I think that God has always come at me in a way that's God's truth and the truth can hurt is your decision but he's never done it in a way that I'm afraid to approach him in those years that I was afraid to ask him what he thought of me is afraid he think what I thought. I am hearing what other people told me about yeah when I actually asking. It was not that you know something totally different.

I was loving and is gracious in it was truth that I didn't have the eyes at the sea and on. So there's that aspect to God to that the enemy in the world want you to be afraid of him.

And that's not something to be fearful of God about it's the all in the respect in the awesomeness of him and what he can do and others that Scripture think it's an is it in Job. Jimmy could probably tell me Darren where he talks about in a can you make it rain now and joke yeah and I'm at site where were you when I set the foundation for the right yeah I mean just look at the Ergos and then say, well look at the mountain range in Colorado. Here he noticed on the Blue Ridge Pkwy. in a and you can't help but to see feel this reverence majesty. Yeah, exactly. And that's really what were talking about. That's why I love the Rockies so much as when I go there. The overall over Wyoming thought is God is so big And I am so small and I love that he's that big that he can take care of me like for you to join us for the after hours broadcast will be doing if you listen to us on the radio. You can go pick that up that iHeartRadio add to modify Apple iTunes recur just about any place you can get a podcasting hopefully soon on Pandora that we come up for the next month or so you can pick it up there to listen. The after-hours ridiculous topic. The purser moreover stories are from some the other guys in the room and find out how their concept of the fear of God is changed over time. The first way you waiting masking register for the upcoming boot camp and the 11th 15 November. Register now. I promise you spots will fill quickly see this is the Truth Network

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