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Fear Of The Lord After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 8, 2020 8:00 am

Fear Of The Lord After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 8, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers, to Masculine Journey After Hours! On this episode, the band of brothers continue their discussion from Masculine Journey about fear of the Lord. The clip used for this episode comes from the film "Bruce Almighty."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.



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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast ready from the Christian faith, and layout. Our foundational truths of God's word through Trojan Truth Network Ponderosa starting in just a few seconds. Enjoyed sharing. But most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network coming to an infringement barricade in the heart of a letter masculine journey after hours time to go deeper and be more transparent and on the topic of so sit back and visit venture. Masculine journey after hours starts here now welcome the masking journey after hours talking today about the fear the Lord and so if you just come to us from the previous broadcaster podcasting you know that's what we can talk about. And if you don't, that's for talking. Thank you for clarifying. Sam yeah I guess I thought I'd throw that in their estate is profound, and I took the state have a school broadcast yeah you don't go wrong that much anyway. Nowhere talk about the fear the Lord and in trying to make some sense of what that really means you and he were talking off the air.

You know how things are kind of vacillated throughout history, you know with the church's concept of God and Charlotte about that was a starting thing about it, not in modern day it's been you know when I grew up. It was a lot. It was a wrathful God that you had to fear and that you came to him in repentance because who wants to go to hell you know that was your sole motivation you to get out a hit get out for free or what that now I think we we went overboard with that message and it did lead people right late led them to repentance. But then I struggle with a relationship with God because how can you relate to a God that you constantly fear you there's there's not much depth in that relationship. If that's all you have. But then, on the other side and that we become, and rightfully so.

Preached you know the love of God and the grace of God God that we can have a deep, abiding, intimate relationship with, but then we kind of gone overboard where there's no other side of God that says you know sin is bad for you. You need to not do this and you know, if you continue to do it and don't accept me and find my way then you will go to hell. And so it would have to have a balanced approach and that goes all the way back to we were talking about the early church preached the love of God but also the holiness of God. But then you get to the dark ages, and when Martin Luther comes on the scene. They really need to add a new revelation of the love of God it because they've been preaching a different gospel for a long time.

Yeah, and it's the problem is people get stuck in this vein, in churches societies get stuck in this vein of how they preach about God right and I I've rarely been in a church where I felt like mother not preaching from Scripture, you know it it it and if you don't attend the church for a while. You don't know if they come full circle with it and you find a lot of churches can stay in that one little or too little roads that they have right and they don't really get into the rest of the gospel well in.

I think this is been probably the case for about any religion Christianity is. This way others I'm sure I'd not been in them, but what tends to happen that I think is we hear somebody say something we all for what that person saying whether it's right or wrong. We believe that we want to follow when they got charisma.

They've got something that entices us to listen to them so that all he or she has what it takes and they're saying the right stuff and for Christianity it's me you have to go find out for yourself. You need a relationship with the Lord yourself. You need to go read the Bible yourself.

You need to have that conversation with God in prayer and listening to him and let him lead you and it doesn't come in on a snap or seven step program or something in a weekend where he is going do it.

That's where the boot camps or something of a lifestyle for me now because that's what I can.

I got out of it wasn't to their show and then going to do campuses. This is a way to think and get another holistic view of God and how he works in and through different people instead of just going oh that's what somebody said and just take it and run with it know you need to go deeper and find out for yourself.

Islam is reading Scripture was a prescription for me. You know, intelligence is little you need to read Scripture to go read it and not read it with the hopes of relationship. It's pretty boring and dry right but when I read it, wanting to learn more about a loving father, a father that I have reverence in all four then the stories really excite me as a grant for major area evident. It takes a relationship.

I think when I think about boot camp and people tell us and in the surveys or things actors the most powerful thing about boot camp. First and foremost is always quiet time with God. Right when I've been given some direction. I've been given some a this is how you can go do this. This is what you don't do kind of thing that's always number one and not always be number one and that usually followed by testimonies of what God's done in our lives because God's the hero of the story and God's come through. And yes, there's been conviction involved. Yeah, I thought it was me, Sam, Eaton Ewert, third is on the list.

Our fourth or fifth. I wasn't sure I was there at the Knights first and second is always that is. God is the hero that story and he'll come in and yes there is the conviction and yes there's a story of where what he said hurt that hurt. Help me heal wounds that hurt when after the lies of the enemy that hurt when after the things that I thought was a true thing about me. Absent unit that may be true, but this is more true because you let the enemy and assail a lot of things. Those recalled agreements, but man, we let those things start to rule us and until we let God come in in well if you're if you're not in God's work. Sam says is you don't know what his promises are in his promises usually come with conditions enough to do this and all you know do this, you know, like when the first promises in and the 10 Commandments now to honor your father and your mother and long life will come up you are, and that's the gym version here, but you know I think for me growing up in a Catholic Church. There was a lot of what I would call pomp and circumstance, and basically I was told growing up. You can't read the bobbin Bible because you would understand what was in it anyways never bothered until much later in life discover there's a lot of things in there that they never, never talked about.

And there's things that they talked about it there and so for me the only real role model I had for God was my own father. Now my father you know it.

If you really wanted to learn about my father. You come to boot camp. I tell my story there but for the most part, for those who you know my had an abusive father or might you know not have the perfect role model is so easy to take that image in place and on God, no, I thought God was just sitting up there, ready for me to screw up and whatever I did was never good enough. And so for me it was like well okay well if I'm neo-never going to be good enough. Why even try and only exam I will just cash my ships now sit on I want you know because there is no hope for me anyways. I would think Jim own and to go to the clip here is I think when we live without a even a respect of God is kind of on the Bruce Almighty and sneezing and I haven't seen that movie, Bruce is not a big fan of God at the beginning that and it changes over time is relationship development where we pick up this scene is is meeting got for the first time that he's he's been blaspheming God or really running them down, making fun of them and so he goes only two men a warehouse that warehouse has a filing cabinet filing cabinet. You will hear it on here, but it's a part of the movie bit the filing cabinet and just extends way out because it's all of his sin.

And you know they they banter back and forth about you know what God who he really is in God gives Bruce a little bit more understanding of who he really is. Instead of Bruce's misconception affiliative and Lori pick this up Bruce's learning that this person is meeting with thinks he's God at this point he doesn't realize why God but he realizes that her time is let's go and listen to it will come back talk about this last since it was disturbing that God is God has taken my bird so God is a mean kid with a magnifying glass might be 90s by their downtime not not blaspheming but that last one made me laugh. I am the one who created the heavens and the earth now and Omega race God see that your final answer is well nice to meet you, God, thank you for the Grand Canyon and lips, by the way you set been doing a lot of complaining about me. Bruce I frankly am tired of commuting seriously back to the wild animal delivered to my will and it is one of the sites is great for five and that was against the girl she was the son we have budgeted off into the things you can do it better. So there's a chance to leave this building now. I don't know what Hollywood's intent was with this movie, you know, because we first start watching it first came out I was kinda in that realm and can watch movies that have anything blasphemous last night at all right as I started watching election. I really shut this off and the more that I watched it and more of watch it since.

And the more I really like the way the story plays out. As you begin with a guy that has no respect for God and humans as you suck right now and we want to say here you know. But when we are really truthful have not been times in our life when we've not had the forthrightness. I guess it in a silly word but I made it up to be forthright to say what is an honest to God and honest again at night when you look back and in Scripture. Moses had that honest relationship with God. Abraham had that honest relationship with God. David in the Psalms. I was mentioned earlier mean he was.

There were times when the light where are you where are you I need your help.

You know, so in and in and it in the way he was, saying God do not come through you suck me and I don't want to speak for the Bible, but I mean that if you really read between the lines it's going the same right in instead of motion we go through right and so when you have this thing and what I love about this movie is Bruce is given God's powers and learns that he can't get you can handle it right and then by the end he has this healthy respect and a deep relationship with God in a bit. Even in the clip you heard some conviction you want to fight century thought I this gets a girl and she is huge tobacco.

They right we could probably learn something and being given those powers now and probably use them for you is good that we can do is learn from that movie and not actually experience, but we got at that same conversation, we are talking about with Joe, you know where were you when I created the heavens and the earth and you know just what we want to put our place.

Put ourselves in the place of God. A lot of times and and and lose that all that just healthy respect for them that we actually should have. Sometimes when we become arrogant and prideful and think that we can do things without him and when he doesn't do what we expecting the dues and the like okay what's up what where you home while you hold metal me at today's vernaculars about it's not fair right. Everything's gotta be fair in outcome right in sight will is never going to be equal outcomes trophy for everyone right so it's so weekly we sit there and yell put this on God like wars my trophy right where it where Y get my yellow say-so in here.

Where do I get everything that I want and it's not about what we want, but that's where we sit. We love to sit there and say whoa is me I deserved something the commercials today.

How many commercials you hear without the word deserved. In it we deserve everything and what I discovered is made out of the head of the game with a hat on you. Is it vital that you deserve a break to another addressing again this whole thing. You tell me about a society that has lasted when they've lost their fear and respect for God. I haven't found one.

There's no one, not one society has lasted when they have stepped away from God and they blessed the idea of his love is grace they've lost his fear. Respect for him.

Is Darren actually would like for you to come appear to second and talk about the Scripture is I don't remember what it was. It's the Scripture that you talked about when it was had to do with Moses right Abraham everything will save you brother life to live here with the automatic win when Abraham gives his wife away to Abimelech and and you know in a foreign land. Abimelech comes back and says why did you do that in Abraham and in Genesis 2011 is where it's at and he says because I thought this place has no fear of the Lord.

And so you will kill me. And so Abraham's fear for other people because they didn't have a reverence for God caused him to make really bad decisions and luckily that guy had as much or more of a fear for right and wrong reverence for God in ethics, then Abraham did any calls them out on it in and says you know why did you visit this badness on me know this evil on me and but again we do that all the time.

If we find ourselves in a position where, and that's I love the patent clip that we played during the show because patents as you know, I hope these guys never lose the fear of me.

I don't care if they lose the fear the Germans. I want to lose that, but I wonder lose. Fear me will I can appreciate the fact that my son feared me for a while that my grandson fears me to a certain extent, who lives with me, but I'd much rather them. Fear God than fear me. I feel comfortable that if they feared God in a very healthy way I wouldn't have to worry about whether they fear me to think when we go back and look at that Darren unless they have a remodeled healthy relationship that's based on fear and grace. It's hard for them to really get that concept to God. And so maybe that is the healthy place they need to be right in order for them to really see with that you can have both sides of that equation is what we hear from guys is one side was missing right and some guys have a really loving guy that never held God that it really loving dad never held them accountable and that's not good for their life that had the data. It's all about accountability and no grace that that's not there negatives on the blank right but it's when we have the full picture. Then we can really understand God. Well, yeah. I mean, that's kind of my story is and I've said it before that and I had a phenomenal father but my father didn't teach me about God. He didn't take me a church. He didn't teach me to pray he didn't teach me to study Scripture had a phenomenal father that he was more gracious than any man I ever knew in church. He was more ethical. Quite frankly, than most of the men I knew in church and so he had. He had a healthy fear for God. He really did. It was just so private because of some wounds that he had that that he wasn't going to step out in confidence and share that with his son or his daughters. And so there are times when you know Jim Brekke just talked about the only example he had of God was his father who was a very angry man will my dad was an angry man. He was very gracious very merciful very kind conversational man and yet I struggle to this day to feel that way about the heavenly father.

Although I wished I would feel much better about the heavenly father that I have than the earthly father that I have because of some of the shortcomings. I'm not even blaming that all my dad.

Note that those are some of the father wounds that I have but we do need to in our society today, and especially in Christianity, we do need to have a much more healthy respect all reverence for God. We have gotten loose in in one aspect of it. If you want to say that and I'm guilty mean I'm I'm not point a finger at anybody. I'm guilty of that. I've you know Solomon basically teaches that it's not healthy to be a people of extremes, you know, one extreme or the other that someplace in the middle.

You don't want the pendulum swinging too far to either side.

And so that's what we're talking about earlier that the pendulum between fear of the Lord, meaning afraid of God versus the grace of the Lord, meaning all will God's just a furry teddy bear and he's that he's the giant vending machine in the sky you know I put in my prayer coin and I get no that's the thing we talked about was some Christian movies that were not that fond of the rest.

It appears that you always get whatever you pray for.

In the end that's ever happened to me. Yeah I mean I haven't figured out how to pray that prayer yet yeah I don't remember in Scripture. Too often, even you kind of fall short.

There were the dangerous place in our society and only keep evolving. Moving more towards that link back to the whole point of is not in a society that sustained itself when it's lost sight of God, that you know we talked about the book unbroken before the show and if you haven't read that book. It's amazing by Laura Hildebrand its phenomenal book it's brutal in seconds, but it's about you know that World War II and in Louis Zaffirini think it is caught by the Japanese. And at that time the Japanese was a godless culture.

For the most part they didn't have a had a God he was just a false God. As I was brought up yeah he he was, but the things that they were able to do without a fear in anything look and pick any culture that's been known for its how terrible it can be, it's because there wasn't a fear of God there.

There was in a relationship with God that there wasn't a God there to to go learn about and when that happens, what Scripture says is men do that which is right in their own eyes.

Yes, because there are no bigger eyes there.

There is no more authoritative eye to look at the world you know Julie Goldberg wrote a song years ago Bette Midler and Nancy Griffith made it famous God is watching us from a distance right then they were trying to say. Look for from a distance.

This world is just blue and green and and were all very small people here and we all should be getting along and so forth and so from God's perspective it's very different than from our perspective, living here and I see people who look like enemies to me and yet when I don't take into account God's perspective, then I will do whatever I think is right in my eyes. I don't care what politics says I don't care what the law says if God is not the arbiter of truth and justice and mercy and grace and all of those things then. Where else do I go, I just I've been the smartest guy in the room always and so I choose me because you might not have my best interest at heart, but I do. I think I do. Anyway yeah and Andy you know you're talking earlier about the Bruce Almighty thing I know I can't trust myself. THAT'S one thing I do know about myself is that there is no way I could trust myself with those powers is I would not I would be self-serving well and just like were saying there so we do what's right in our own eye. What sets what's right in our own eyes. Often the wounds that we have which is so bad that if we don't go deal with them what's right in our own eyes is such a's scattered view of the world and it's so wrong for God is with us that were to make some horrible decisions and really hurt not just ourselves but other people and it it's so important to go deal with those wounds because a lot of them. I guess we've all discovered I didn't even know I had. But I think it's not only that, if there is no God in the society you notes so many people are rely on the government to be there, God, if you will, to protect them to cover them. But it all depends on which party is in power now is any chance her own agenda because her only man to do what's right in their own eyes.

Yes, and I honestly don't trust either party because it is men right. The only thing you can fall back on his God and God's word in your talk about that woundedness I'm looking at life.

What I think is clearly but I'm looking through a very warped lens right.

I can't see but through this filter that I have in place.

It's could be a filter fear woundedness lots of other things and only God is one that can remove that so I can have that clarity of thought that clarity of perspective that I can see that other person as a loved one versus an enemy.

And God wants that for you a no and that's where were using the barrier because we won't let them in. Back to that point he did. He went after all these things with God's power and made a mess of things right and for some idea right and we do the same thing. What we know we don't have God's power. We have a certain power we have the image were in the image of God. So we do try to control things we do try to become God of our world right and that's where we follow mess up. Yeah, you know how may people would not be in credit card debt like they are. If that is what they thought they deserve exactly) and I want it now. I'm in disco name just relationships of been blown apart because of not been willing to wait and try to have controller than my own my own God, for lack of better term oil we love control the control word is very very vital our society and with so many people so how would you guys recommend that if someone's out there saying I really still don't know what it means to have a fear of God. How how would you go say this is what you dig into this is what you go do so. This real quick. I was in it. Coffee shop this weekend and I got this magazine that basically it was about a father and a son in their relationship and the site and it was really relating to God, though in that son. All he heard the first was obedience to God. Obedience to God. Obedience to God. When he finally got it and got things back in order, as he realized he had to have the love of God first in the obedience comes early and then we talk about obedience. I think this will link to fear. It's obedient to it. You know, if I don't obey that I fear God because I didn't obey right so it to me it's just a linkage of we get things upside down. We we hear, obey, and we feel like that's the first thing that we do. I think getting a healthy vision of God and loving him.

Obedience becomes much easier.

After that, in my opinion. So how do you go get that healthy view of God, Scripture.

Obviously, I think a lot of it is a lot of the officials really talk about the love of God. The book the three chapters of first, second and third John John John John is out of love, so that the healthy view of not being there. The answers go spend time with this Catherine asking the questions he afraid ask at what you think of me again. Listen for conviction, not condemnation combination condemnation from then American and let them get a word in edge wise. That's right.

Listen listen time to let him love on you, and let him speak some truth in your life and then you can say okay I'm in a walk with you because I trust you and I love you makes it a lot easier. Obey when I trust my love and somebody masking register for the upcoming boot camp 11 through 15th of November.

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