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August 1, 2020 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 1, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! The guys open the discussion this week on the topic of fear, and explore their thoughts and share their stories on the subject. The clips this week comes from the films "Charlotte's Web," and "Apollo 13." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcasts to defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundational truths of God's word for chosen Truth Network Ponderosa starting in just a few seconds. Enjoyed sharing. But most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man plays a great adventure but life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads of the masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call the masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey were very glad to have you as we can is one of first around a shout out her friend Darren, who can't be with us this week and thank you for this.

The topic and then bailing on, he said there that was free of how I casually forgot it was his wife's birthday uses is just scared to Shona I think that's what we we we wish you a happy birthday and that's were there needs to be in so we are to be continuing to take on the topic that he brought up this week as we talked about the rally.

What what is a topic going talk about this week for okay.

When he asked her out about the no fear yet it's something that we all deal with. You can say you don't deal with the beer line Be upfront. You may have conquered it, you still have to deal with it right. As you know, something conquered conquered pieces of okay. I mean, you conquered some of your story. What you learn a little bit about later. Maybe yeah I think you conquered it okay thank you ma'am yeah yeah I have to call Tammy and I have a break you fearful about really sure but yeah we know there's there's pieces of this that we overcome. But the problem is it's hard to completely overcome it because the enemy knows that it works so well, that's a problem. It works well for men because men aren't supposed to be afraid right was postmeal to stand up to anything and face anything and deal with anything in and that's just a lie to you. God equips us to do that but we need to lean on him in the midst of the within me wants us to feel we can do it all on her own here has ears to hear exactly why that it has to do with the corn #yeah and this is from the clip you know what the title of the movie don't like don't turn off your right it's Charlotte's Web. That's not like Barbie, the rockfish I'm saying Charlotte's Web, but this is what I seen actually made in this clip makes me want to see it because it feels like there's more comedy in this clip and all we know about it because none of us have any of you seen it meant to okay know none of us seen it.

I'm afraid we've not seen it, but it's a live-action version apparently. And so what we get in this clip as you have two birds to skip two crows setting up like in a cornfield and there's a scarecrow down there and they're like, hey, wait a minute Morgan here that the topic of what they talk about and they decide to get brave and let's see what happens to their fear shocks all every court saying it can't be. He's wearing the same hat telling you he is following us hate that guy.

I have talked to Katzen Darnall right now right right all right this is crazy his two of us right. Trust me this to us is only one of him no man he scares me really.I just think about that going is that how fear is.

It doesn't have to make sense. That's the thing.

Scarecrow works because it makes the birds afraid right and we can look at that we can laugh but are we really that we honestly share a story.

We first wanted to share a story. Hope you guys will jump into based on how you been right now I'm not so sure you guys will jump in my class like this last week with some storms come up in North Carolina and it was just one of those afternoon storms comes in row violently and it's gone and I'm thinking okay not a big deal when I start getting some texts from people in my neighborhood saying you got a couple trees split in half and think in my yard. There are no small trees in my yard, you know. And so it but fortunately I went to worried about at the time because it is kept saying then hit your house that's good that's that's a blessing I get there many things to 30+ maples in my yard that literally have split in half, you know, and I was grateful that they had hit the house. But what hit me right away was fear because I was not in a financial place that I was expecting something that big to come up. I didn't have reserves set aside expense money on some things I probably shouldn't spend it on thinking at any come up it good right and so this fear kicks in. Of all my gosh, what am I going to do because obviously I can't leave these trees just laying around in the yard, you know, after what today was going to think now it wasn't about that. I just know it when you be safe thing and so I struggled with that quite a bit is being fear fearful of. Okay, how my going to get the finances right and so maybe back that story will bit later in God, community, and can you help me and some things but really, you know, I had to face what was making me afraid. What is I really afraid of. I was afraid that the neighbors are looking because at trees in my yard. I could care less now that were down is more the fear of being exposed. I gassed of not having my finances in a place where I could weather that right now in this season today. I may not of been the truth three months ago six months ago may not be the truth three months or six months from today, but it really felt like the truth today right and there is a lot of fear around that and thinking oh my gosh might have to call my brother asked for money.

I know you give it to me is a great guy.

I don't want to call my brother 57 and ask for money right you know and fortunately my dog that worked out that whole fear part was the worst part of the equation right that the uncertainty that unknown and I am being involved in is your friend that was impressive. I think to everybody sitting here was we immediately got a text guys pray for me.

I got a situation you know to split trees in the middle of the yard and it's comical to think that wow you have those resources of people immediately responding but in order to do that.

You gotta be vulnerable and save the auctions in the ditch.

Somehow at at and so I'm sure that my mind actually it was, helpful, and of course Dino Dan immediately respond. I'm a chainsaw be right over there with you not going to yeah. Randy said he had a chainsaw minute air air by responding that was the deposit being in the in the community and I think that there is some level of like looking at those trees in you feeling o'clock impose my way through this series. Whatever traits I had no clue I would not be the guy I'd be the guy with the little he states all over there. Try to cut 30 footers 30 footers yeah they were pretty big trees some real guys can gather there got about three hours when they were in Carhart I was I was there. It would've there been a time in the past where you wouldn't mind that call and let money know yeah honestly and probably not that long ago you probably within the last few years I would've felt as comfortable, you know, I may have told a person I would not assume a big group text. I could in unit everybody I don't want to do here. I'm way out of my comfort zone and that fear thing is something that can trip us up quite a bit as we talk about this topic of fear. What kinda comes your mind on the onset you with something that you feel like dancing and he let's talk about this part of the topic or just member from the scarecrow, one airbase, it's abort abort abort what we just talking about earlier is the fear fight almost every guy when you're young is asking the girl out and how often we work, whether it's picking up the phone and slammed it back down or walking down the hallway and walk up to abort abort turn scares me. She scares me know when she's pretty. I'm really scared. I don't like me she knows she knows that you know whatever it is there's always something. This is scary about approaching the opposite sex and even when you're married approaching her for a lot of things yeah I got I talked about the finances.

I got to talk about the trip.

I gotta take for work and there's so many negative different things that come up. It's like how many times someone of the opposite sex, even if it's not your wife or someone in the office because it's like this weird feeling or something that's there. The vibe there's things that are just there with opposite sex that you just normal with that makes you feel weird and you're scared of what could happen now as far as do I say the right thing do I not say the right thing might llama going to come across. I just ask a question denied I can say this because I'm married within the group there, but she says these four words we need to talk, you know what happens physically to your body now back yeah there's lots of things the Parker that I like my fingers when a wrinkle left it outside member. I was there and that's part of your fearful what's coming next and sit on the room yeah but know that there's this whole topic of fear and the enemy is behind that working to try to talk a little bit later about the Scriptures and say fear the Lord and that's not not not the fear were talking about here were talking about the unhealthy fear, one that often begins with anxiousness and rubbing what you tell us a little bit about what you find out were talking before the show about that the word anxious. Now this really cool in Hebrew. When you look up the word translated anxious in the Old Testament. It has to do with projecting the end of the story based on faith and why so we begin to think okay trees are down in the yard work. I need this money or we begin to think that girls can look at me like I'm some kind of bozo experience that before you probably wear yellow plants deserve to have no choice.

Harold had no choice will talk about the mammograms later written, but no doubt the you know that that's what anxious you know, if we begin to project what that is versus you know I love you know what it says in first John perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishments.

I'm not in a project the punishment because no love is perfected. I mean, you know, were perfected through love, which gives us this idea that God's not going to be punishing so we have a lot you know if there's a boot camp, is well with 12 counter here for 15 November 12 through the 15th. That's great news is good can come out the bad is this not quite sure where yet.

Mary is down one or two places to go to masculine to get more information now. Our friends at my pillow and change overproduction to make mass for hospitals, but they still had plenty of products are right now. Truth listeners can buy one get one free on most products, pillows, Giza bedsheets towels even neck pillows. If you get two of those you'll be neck and neck go to the radio listeners page and use the promo code card. I call 800-943-7096 four Mike Lindell's book and get free shipping plus a $25 gift card for your next purchase. Use the promo code car This assumes masculine journey. I'm here with my son Eli talked about ways he help us when we, is information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button to masculine and find the masculine working to mail something to PO Box 550, North Carolina 2728 sales feels like everything is fine. We can listen to the masculine journey and find out why we use clips like these to illustrate story, God is telling in the lives of his gun designed to which flights do we pay will grab your gear and come in every Saturday so I can Zach Williams like you. Actually, I've only listen to the first little bit of a new member of that song to us, but the course of this is what we display.

But it is pretty powerful. The first lease the beginning of fear is a liar. There's a lot to know now when you get back to something and then her opponent follow up with you. Second, with the enemy has a plan is a strategy and sons can talk about a strategy that I tend to fall into right. It begins with this anxiousness right I projecting outcome and that you read that today to listen in Hebrew because it really helps me understand it better is the problem is in projecting the outcome and not trusting in what God can do in the midst of it. I see the situation okay gonna cost me money, get a figure what I meant. Do now and Amanda do right inside project this outcome and that anxiousness is a steppingstone to fear that I projected the outcome now have something to be afraid of punishment right whatever that may look like right you fill in what punishment means that situation.

Embarrassment could be a punishment. There's lots of different things and so now you have this and then for me.

My net next reaction as I try to wrestle control. I don't want that outcome.

So now I want to try to control the situation and it doesn't leave a whole lot of room for God right in. The enemy knows that works for me. So he tries to do that so I keep thinking of the Scripture is Philippians 460 not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition petition with Thanksgiving present your requests to God. But don't be anxious because if it's a foothold as Paul talks about in it in Ephesians.

Don't give the enemy a foothold. I think anxiousness for us is a foothold. I know it is for me and when I give that foothold the next foothold is fear and in the next foothold can be anger, it can be hiding it can be lots of different steps depending on what works for you right what's been your go to in the midst of it for me it's usually anger. What about you guys. Where do you go when you feel this fear under the band and I get angry. Yeah, I mean hiding is you know been a go to for me for years. I mean I you know the story that I used to be terribly afraid of the dark right after I came to Christ and and and not hear noise or something and I'm like Tammy you need to get out there and check that out.

6 foot five, 240 pounds, not in a layman that you Tammy, that is 5 feet tall but wiry and it was like this for years. It was just totally in embarrassment.

I meant this was but I was terrified.

I mean there's they're scared. And then there's laying in the bed shaking you know, until one night she had to be out of town. We did was really creepy house sold by workforce is big trees and thunderstorm and I'm all by myself but I just come to Christ and somebody said when you got fearful to give that to God and Sauron laying in bed trying to have a conversation with Jesus like okay how exactly do I give this to you because I do not want this in MES.

I feel like such a wimp out that I cannot even move. I'm so scared and forcefully I having conversational intimacy with Jesus.

Even the enemy. He says to me Robbie. What's the worst thing that can happen.

Interestingly, projecting his outcome versus what Satan when so I I told them here's the projection on Mama my shoe using psychology for funding analysis to deal right and he says to me changing the outcome. Robbie, what would be so bad about that, and I was like whoa. Hadn't thought of threatening me with Jesus like you really are in control.

Aren't you releasing all this stuff and actually was able to to sleep at night, but actually over the years really did give me a lot of victory over fear of of that nature, but really cool that six months later I was diagnosed with killer cell lymphoma which really they were saying you die Dr. for anyway. My sister told me, and by the time I thought you know it. Yeah, I don't want this to happen for my family, but you threaten me with Jesus and I had a piece through understanding my own mortality.

As a result of the allowing through faith to take Jesus's outcome versus the one that I was protecting.

It's funny to me that I'm sitting across the table from 65 250 on the run had him 56 maybe hundred and 75 or 80 and my reaction is I want to fight so it's just really funny to me the difference in how we approach things like that. But I guess since little guy syndrome. You know the Napoleonic thing and I would say that is afraid of you remember Harold just to show you how far God gave me. You know I did that Christian Carter absent when the guy actually was up on the roof of my house and never actually went out there with a shotgun.

The police like you need to come now. My husband has a shotgun and the Guyana roofing shooting and you know, for one brief, shining moment was Camelot. I thought that was like a real man currently held by now. I know it's good wagon skipper withdrawn skipper before second draft. If you don't know that you have your back is one of the things that I've been thinking about guys talking about fear.

And you know approaching the girl for the date or whatever. I think the fear is already there.

The fear is in the case of the girl is being brought to light that you're really not up to enough being rejected. That's that's our big fear of being what we what we think inside not good enough. I'm not big enough.

You know me in the short guy one tall enough, etc. if you actually try to get the date and you get rejected. That just proves your fear was right. Start with, so I think the fear is there before the action takes place. You deftly have the enemy. It's been whispering to you based on your wounds that based on other things that have happened.

He's been trying to tell you for years you don't have what it takes to come through in the situation. That situation and I think we're about four minutes left in this particular part of the show and then were going to the after hours will continue on the topic that you want to talk about.

I think you want things that we need to learn to do is turn it as you said, Jesus said to you, what are you really afraid of back is asking to be the key to finding out what's the lithe enemies been telling you what wound is even pressing against where is he trying to take you whether you really afraid of, and you can take what he's trying to do and leave that in the healing right because he can invite God into it's a God why my friend that where where is that coming from I and let him do that but I want to get to this clip from Apollo 13 can sometimes were afraid of something and we don't see God's hand in the midst of it and so this is clip and then come back and talk about it and will pick up more in the after hours podcast. This is Apollo 13 and asking Jim Lovell the, the head of the Apollo mission. If he's ever been afraid before the matter a lot of our time and space, 24 days already been any other man has to regulate every hour was scared.

All I've had an engine flameout times and aircraft was kind of curious as to whether it was going to light up again. Things that make that they seem to work out very specific instance in an airplane emergency when you can recall here when I die I remember this one time. I'm a banshee igniting combat conditions of the snow running lights on the carrier Shangri-La we received Japan and might my radar had jammed and my homing signal was gone because somebody in Japan was actually using the same frequency was was leading me away from where was supposed to be and I'm looking down at that big black ocean so I flip on my map like and suddenly everything charts out right in the cockpit. All my instruments are gone. I like to gone. I can even tell know what my help. I know I'm running out of fuel.

So I'm thinking about ditching. I look down there in the darkness green trail like a long laid out right beneath me and it was the algae was at phosphorescent stuff gets turned up in the wake of the big ship which is leading the home. My cockpit lights hadn't shorted out. There's no way I'd ever been able to see you. You never know what events are going to transpire to get you split word is to think about as we know God's working women midst of fear. We forget that the only dens one is to believe it's true that may be true in this situation, but it doesn't filter in one I'm currently in right into what is really critical for me and it may not sound like a big deal to you guys the whole deal with the three Saturday but some of the truth that he reminded me of Liz. I did have a community that love me, that I know if I was at hey guys, I really do need to hear the chainsaws they decide when and what time right same question. I guess when and what time you that they take that same multiple what about the most articulate. Sometimes Bulova when what time will be there. I do have a brother that loves me dearly that if I needed to borrow money he would let me do that.

There are people there, you know really where the fruit becomes as me, continuing to dig into God guy. What God was, why was I so fearful there. What was that thing I was can be embarrassed about her. The wound that was pressing on the issue that made it feel so intense is when you dig there. That's when the fruit comes in. That's when God can guide you home and that's when the cockpit cockpit lights go out and now I can see what's really going on around me. You know and that's what I hope that will learn to do as we can step into the sphere is say okay I got it figure out a way to get through it again.

I know you're bigger than all that and so how can I Internet this with you, and you have hit on something for me when talking to Sam about when I queued up for kung fu panda live in the present.

No, not the past, not the future we can control those things happen. Other just live in what we are right now if we can rest in that rest in God and can let him lead interested we can control things much better. Thank you for this to the messenger and after hours can talk about this get into a couple good clips, one from the good the bad and the ugly of it was allergies it well. Other 20 you so you want to deftly go listen to that of another podcast become pretty excited about called the joyride to be looking for it to mask now this is the Truth Network

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