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Fear After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 1, 2020 8:00 am

Fear After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 1, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers, to Masculine Journey After Hours! On this episode, the band of brothers continue their discussion from Masculine Journey about fear. The clip used for this episode comes from the film "The Kid."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around with all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth.

Podcast network. This is the Truth Network coming to an infringement barricade in the heart of a letter masculine journey after hours time to be more transparent on the topic of so sit back and masculine journey starts here now.

Sam is the reason that word deeply wrenched in this bunker have anything to do with fear. You know you have the discussion of how we wanted that intro to be. It was precode lots of things going on change barricade may sound okay now cold water all over again.

And I think that's honestly ties right in her topic were talking about this topic of fear that we would talk met on the last shown. Over and this shows some guys end up in a church barricade. When fear comes about. That would be me. I entrench myself well in that last first season. Doesn't Andy does and then what happens typically after that it's not good you finally get tired of whether it's hiding or you know a lot of times that I was thinking back here. A lot of times I didn't really see fear for what it was to bring that up earlier this just, you know, I think it came comes in other forms, and maybe we really do know, and rate realize that you know the thought of somebody really knowing who we are are are insufficiently's or whatever they're going to file know anyway. We think were hiding something. But yeah I just I think for a long time. I just I can I can think of a multitude of things that I was fearful about it and it's not like I still don't deal with a lot of that you know we were.

We talked about wives and not being able to you know take on something that needs to be said, because you seem it's not going back. Good in the past. So then whatever you do finally address it. It doesn't come out good and you have an explosion in it and it's it ends up hurting both sides. There is a piece. It only comes in thing I thought about this sort of mental picture that I can't get rid of Tom shower. She gave me that you know when you live in, and I have a tendency when I'm scared a lot about the situation, and tell everything the Americans. This would be really embarrassing. What a sentence, like going out in the ocean without any trunks on because you know when the tide comes out yearning to be exposed. Email all I can say is that just keeps happening to me. I just keep getting my the tide goes out in their arms, and the water is cold and reminds me of a dream. Nice to have and probably still is, there's a lot you guys know my story of you know public speaking doesn't come easy to make them come a long way and that. But I still have the goat face that fear you know but a dream that I used to have and I hadn't thought about it because I don't dream a lot. Maybe sometimes I get some too much pizza late at night, but that you know my friends all played and not man's always want to learn but not bad enough to put the effort into actually learned and so I had this dream of me being up on stage with a guitar. My hand and not knowing how to play at all and I'm significant and I don't know where that came from and thought about it in a while. But you know that's probably a lot of fear that's tied to interfere people or fear being the object of people looking at your whatever so you know there's just a lot of those things that come from our experience in life that we feel like that. We have to run or hide from something or oppose or not be authentic because of what's happened to us in our past experience and we just we like I said earlier, we imagine the negative outcome and we end up carrying it with. I think we can boil it down to the simplest form it. It really does go back to something we talk about a boot camp that it's the fear of not being able to come through and I'm really needed, whatever that looks like it just plug-in whatever it is, and I promise you you know is what we talked about the previous show turning into the fear into one of my really afraid of. It's going to come down to some level of I'm not afraid.

I have what it takes to come through in this situation, and it's always worse when you're trying to come through for someone else and it's bad enough when is just yourself and when you just mentioned maybe about a dream take me back to all my gosh yes back in college I always had this dream and it was like I'm lost on a days.

What day is it oh my gosh, I've got something do what it's a paper homework. It was something really important and like always. The day after, always in the dream is all that was due yesterday. I'm late and it would hit me and I might add that one to wake up many years like where the heck am I I'm lost right now you check to that time.

What's going on with my mobile my assignments always had that bad anxiety of just did and it wasn't disappointing. The others in those lives that was just me and boy it's a lot worse when you have your kids, your wife everybody else involved that you like tried also make happy.

For the record you just described must my colleagues to reality.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a dream, dazed and confused and try to figure out if I had something to do.

That was pretty much most of the time I was in school but yet it the enemy knows it right. It's as old as time. He knows what works in a gas can look different for Harold and it looks like for Robbie different for Rodney that is mere unity, but it's going to be the same story and what can I press against to get you anxious to get you into fear. Now you can react and then the real problems break when you react yet how often and when you've reacted in fear has it ended up well on no maybe a random one that did work. That's what he can hold onto it. It's like maybe work this time to that not entering in well. Things didn't completely blow up so maybe let me try that again for me to stay out. Yeah, maybe I learned from last time I'll do a better hide better this time is like this pass boot camp in the womb coming to me during the camp you asked me to speak during the camp what the reoccurring theme out of everything the Happening to me that the words he came into my head as I needed to deal with every little thing that popped up with whether to agreement or whatever was enter in. These are opportunities for you to overcome fear, shame, guilt, quality improvement, talk about sex.

This is what you do, you don't turn away you turn towards.

That's what I like about J remedy always talk about when you turn away from something as it turned toward something turn away from your sin, you turn toward Jesus. That's the important part is what are you turning toward and make that move and moving in that direction and not just standing there yelling you turn toward your fear. When you enter into the fear. Yes, that's not going to go well right wing is going say that that's not going to go out no matter what you do there, right in most cases only gunplay clip from the movie the kid we use it in a boot camp but it's it. I want you to hear what's happening here.

You have a young boy who's got in trouble at school and his mom has come pick them up. All he knows is he sees his dad driving up they don't have the base trip. Best relationship. Anyway you there's a lot of lot going on from the background.

He always loses things in the put stuff together loses a screw here loses the boat there in that kind of plays into the clip, but really the power. This clip is not what happens in the father's reaction as to what the older version of the boy says to himself.

Later you get Bruce Willis's character speaking to himself as a little kid so he has the advantage of time perspective realization, context, context, and so on.

The listen I couldn't come back and talk about a kid on horseback that hopefully the right is is is you will see the movie is very powerful so you can hear that there's a lot of violence there from the father towards us little eight-year-old boy think at this point, the point when we react in fear when we react in fear is a basis were coming from. There's carnage it happens to those around us write this little boys wounds that in the story when you want to move. It's a great movie about the masculine journey. Quite honestly about redemption and restoration and lots of other things in Disney had no clue what they were doing, but the movie still very powerful and that is you have this father reacting out of fear that wounds this this young boy for most of his life and causes him to wound others causes him to have his own fear set that's different, right into the enemy just multiplies that that that fruit that's been planted that seed.

Now it's harvesting more more more more intensive stepping away from that fear and turning into God is vital in the midst of that unite. I know I talk to guys little bit about my can only speak for me in my married situation when I was married to my wife. I loved her. She loved me. We knew that there were issues or issues or both of us got hurt pretty significantly in the enemy Plan.

The trust card you can't trust that other person in God, but even to and I can only speak for me. God would even tell me some things I would try to hold onto it, but my fear I would turn more into my fear that I would turn into God. And honestly I think it the other day that that is a big contributor to cost me my marriage was had I been able to turn more into God in the midst of it right in and she would've needed to do the same thing to me and it takes both but I know only for my part, I didn't do what I needed to do. Looking back with perspective and in time even say wow God fear really played a bigger part of that whole time I'm out. You need to look at how that impact my kids have an impact extended family have them pack friends that impact our community. You know now you see the carnage and the ripple effects from reacting out of fear because what about you what some times where you've reacted out of fear. If you fill up and share what sometimes the guide can kindest tell you hey look, this is where this kind of fell apart so it worked out, redeemed so for me it was broken relationship like you going through a separation.

I got very fearful of my life thought life is all a part and you know that I was a family man.

I didn't want to see this and so I got that desperate miss what happens while you guys whenever they realize that they've sat on the sideline for too long and was all that I did. I was chair issues tube.

I think it was like I got desperate and she sensed that fear and that that scared because it put pressure on her and I drove her away and then I did it, to my daughters. Well I didn't do any of the thing you because this divorce or anything like that but I was so desperate to see her that I would call her. It would kind of weird her out, and Stefan immuno through that process. God is done so so much and I don't know that I the whole time is he's been healing all this and through time looming. This is like nine years but not all that time it wasn't.

He was dealing with fear. But I can really tell you that there is so much more of a conference the stability that comes from him. Over time, wet as you deal with amount. I have the same steps it you know we all deal with fear comes back in but he gave me victory. He gave me breakthrough that does that mean that I won't act a fool and get fearful again tomorrow. No, not at all, but all I can do's testified to his goodness and how he led me through that and saw help me to see because I didn't see it at the time I didn't really realize what I was doing a lot of times you don't fearful that Robbie only back to the verse you talked about in the last show first time in his perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. Our only hope of defeating fears to turn into the pure love by you and to see there's a green carpet that can take his home.

You know you can clearly see that in the fascinating thing is you can make a really big mess by you know is you with talk about it. I remember the phone call from Darren that he was not going to the radio showing and at that time I was really fearful about my income Justice Department was garnish my wages and there was a lot of reasons for me to be fearful of the lack of income that would have come from the radio show plus other things, it pumped into pattern immediately.

I decided to take control by anger like you are to be consistent your agreement and I'm sure that you know the complete alpha Robbie you know took over that conversation honestly know what Darren described as I was screaming and yelling.

I don't remember. You know I don't I don't actually remember the conversation, but I can sure see the carnage you know and in and it even played into your situation with Heidi and Anna and the carnage that was all around.

That moment of fear and it spun and a lot of a lot of however, to some extent there's a green carpet.

Despite how many times we blown it. You know there's there's still this like if you just stay right here if it really is.

God is really really cool and this is going to be amazing and I think about the amazing time. Please have since that as a result of just trusting. I think the only thing that we could do at that point. Honestly as we each in our own time turned into him pave the way for reconciliation.

Pave the way for that. It would not of been possible had we stayed in her fears had we stayed in our what felt to be true right because that's a problem with fear. It feels true in the enemy doesn't base any of his stuff on full online is typically it's always an element of truth and he plays against that truth. You know, when you don't have enough money to go around. Something has to give.

Right numbing there's there's truth in that. And because you know it's true you know. Or if I speak up ma'am I get smacked down again that's happened before and you play the old card.

Iran is you talked about.

He plays a pass card right makes us feel like that's what's the truth of the present and the thing is we have the truth with us. We just need to turn to him and it's and it's so much easier said than done things interesting. The difference in what we can be fearful of because about 18 years ago I was in hospital for catheterization a flat line twice.

The next morning I had quintuple bypass surgery. I had no fear, but about 10 years ago my sweetheart was in the hospital. She had pneumonia, pleurisy, and a staff infection. I can't remember now the name of that really bad staff.

That's Marcella Nike, one of the young nurses made a mistake in reading the lab work came in and said that she had Marsha, so all weekend long. I'm sitting in the hospital room with my wife and I made mistake when I got home in the evening getting on the Internet to look up about Mercer infection in the lungs distance, but I couldn't tell her that. But I sat there and thinking I'm a loser scared to death, and it turned out so funny because over the weekend.

Her doctor was off duty and so somebody else was doing it.

He came in on Monday walked in the room and he grabbed the gown and Stefan and midstride said white. What's this for us. It will they said she has Mercer.

He sat down real quick and flip some papers and looked. He sits in Mercer. What happened was, the report said methicillin sensitive and the nurse misinterpreted thinking okay so it was so funny that although nurse came in late that afternoon and she was so sheepish and embarrassed and apologize and that the union thing and I really messed with her and I shouldn't of done it but up with this real stern look on my face and she was a little tiny woman. I said well I got some very important to say to you, and know she just went white as a sheet. She looked at me and I said are you willing to be forgiven and it took her a moment or two and it was almost like you could see the wheels turning behind her eyes. You know, and she looked at me and she said oh yes so I gave her a hug and I said your forgiven, but that was a scary time for me and it told me where my fear really lies not so much on myself but on the other people for whom I feel responsible and there's there's fear also how that impact your life you moving forward. Oya was see. I don't know what life is like.

As an adult without her room. We got married three days after I graduated college, so Alice might like 13. Their building Stonehenge yeah I know Socrates you're Prof. I'm not as old as dirt.

But I'm gaining on it and say the let's talk about the Scriptures pretty clear about not being anxious to not have fear as far as worldly fair rate when asking how you things that you've worried about if you keeping it would be interesting to keep a log book of these are my worries and go back and look how you actually come true. Most of what we worry about.

Don't ever manifest older so many of them is just normal life is made I died can't picture a time when there wasn't fear of something coming you get that random moment to get women I'm not worried about anything. Something wrong you know that that's not normally that tends to be what it is that's not how were meant to live in, so we don't we have little time left on the podcast that he wanted distinguish a little bit between that and the fear of the Lord Scripture does it. Clearly you talk about the fear of the Lord ran and Robbie when you looked it up as I always assumed this reverence, this recess there. It's like you're on your face and I like that Angel showed up in this like don't be frightened of that that kind of absolute sphere and the cool thing for me on that subject is if you look in Isaiah 11 it gives you the seven spirits of the Lord, that you could take over to Revelation.

When you see the torches there seven spirits. What are the spirits well. The sixth one is the fear of the Lord and the seventh one is a delight in the fear of the Lord.

In other words, my dad is so big and so bad that you guys outlaw Josie Wales got nothing on God. Okay, you know, I'm Sam.

It's like, that's that place where you don't have to worry because you know the green carpets common for you to make it. You know on the way home so there's a delight. Mr. Lord but that sure the Lord and interestingly, if you take the seven spirits of first comes wisdom which is the beginning of wisdom is the fear the Lord and so interestingly it from my perspective.

Three of the seven lights that they're talking about speak back to this understanding of who's on first. So what second yesterday and tomorrow is in heaven right this fear the Lord.

Okay, so help us understand we really what set me, what does it mean to be fearful of the Lord and occasionally we talk on several topics in several shows is a loving God, which is true. Scripture also says the fury right in the media. Contrast that with fear of man fear man, you look in somebody's face you see fear in psycho I'm scared me right but when you look at the Lord, and you say the fear the Lord. To me it's the joy of the Lord is what you get when you start to fear God is you don't have you not afraid anymore death didn't even bother you anymore.

I Robbie just went through in his description you enter into things and that's what my whole experience. What came to be at the last boot camp was every time I turn to the weather is an agreement or by whom it was Rodney enter in, and that whole thing of going with him and being a part of him and his experience letting him leave because a lot of things I like Matthew 1028 do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul but rather fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

You can keep that in mind, site has the proper aspect of fear that maybe we just need to do a show on fear the Lord make his thinking and do it justice and some reboot. We can have a little mini series on fear and so maybe that's what we'll talk about next week is fear the Lord because I was there to say I struggle with cattle that now when I was growing up in a fire and brimstone church know God's judgment. Of course, is afraid of a known his love is healing his restoration. I struggle to understand the fear mechanic and so I think we need to come back and visit next week on the fear the Lord this week. Don't be afraid of me and don't be afraid of the things in here turn to God for God only walked to the sphere.

What am I really afraid of and help step into the truth that he's trying to get it that he loves you is there and he'll take you through will guide you home and guide you home this week go to mask pickup pass podcast new podcast coming out and register for the upcoming the Soon. This is the Truth Network

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