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Masculine Journey Bootcamp 2019

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 18, 2020 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey Bootcamp 2019

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 18, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! Due to technical issues, the guys cannot bring you a live episode of boot camp 2020. This is a recorded episode of the Masculine Journey from last year's Boot camp.

The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.



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This is the Truth Network every man is usually Jesus many twists and turns out we keep from losing hard trying to find a wife, your band of brothers will serve as the guys called to not just guess and say it's pretty close.

We don't have our normal bar music so the cell phone so we were alive today live life from boot camp which was exciting. What is excited to have were hoping our listeners are listening and were hoping that were broadcasting hey we have had an amazing time. It's been amazing. We've gone through so much stuff over the last couple days so much more to go all the stuff we talked about on the radio in depth which was pretty awesome. For those of you just heard the Christian card I shout in kingdom for six and encouraging prayer.

I want to thank you all for your prayers.

Yes my father passed away and his funeral is tomorrow 3 o'clock at Oak Ridge and Oak Ridge at central Baptist Church so we would like to see any listener who would like to come I would love to see you personally for that celebration of my dad's life is made for an interesting boot camp for me but it was kinda cool for me really Samet got came from my heart and gave me something like this to be able to do while I was processing the loss. My father absolutely gave the opportunity to have your daughter come last night from below arrives really critical to have her here and reminisce about some cool things at Randall, who is our cook here and also the caretaker for the camp. He had the eight Mike, my dad celebrated his 86th birthday to boot camp and he still had the 86 from Mike when he baked my cake that year and Brian sent me a picture my dad and so is chemical.

It's actually very cool because you last night, Sam. You gave a talk on fatherhood that you know much at me in tears, but I guess you know I think is more had to do with, not me.

You know I thought a lot about your dad over this past boot camp and it's it's been hard to actually be in a cabin, you know, because it seemed like he and I were in the same bathroom schedule I would see him as I would like out.

He got his B, Bobby B. Sam walk on through there but it is nice always have them in the cabin to talk to and things and he was there and so it's been kindhearted to be here and I have been here with us now, we got some new folks in front of us that would better talk to you again. We have Jackson is from the North Carolina boys Academy and Jackson County boot camps have you been to the small third one third as awesome and so what's what's different about this boot camp for you than the last couple of I think this will in the more in-depth with how important the father role in our lives is especially at a young age how we like stay of the mother for sure. It's on that as we grow up, died in our lives. I file the more yes talked about that felt my heart notice bursting out more and more towards the exit sign that's really tender and softhearted for me and answer are quite vital.

You know I am onto Asian and nine in the concept last night to talk about not concept reality of God being father something that sticks out of your head around. If you know and really step into it which is really pretty cool. The third boot camp whether some amazing guys had a great time getting to play softball yesterday. I was its high flow of air solves something okay so it's been a fun time now. You had some good quiet times. It's good anything that's been sharing with you there is a swan first forgot what it was but I know it's Matthew 1625.

I think it was about the one I first heard this I was just like amazed by his So I just felt like the Holy Spirit sent me with this Leica how I find my life through him and because I felt like I've been putting my life in the somebody different growing areas in it that are really found life actually was, and now they could see that far from my life.

The I know who I am in Christ wants great perspective know that we look for life in all these places that don't provide it for very long and we do have a source that we can come to in heaven forever. You know that's really cool to God's will open your eyes, so that that's that was William Wallace's speech one set whoever wants to lose his life will save and it's amazing how that gospel plays out in the masking journey. This that verse was really particularly illuminating for me. More so this time than any camp and I've heard it all know how many times she that's that's really cool and a couple big camps department vendor couple I ask about your glory was the most best part for me so I think that from this go around. You know coming in haven't been here before and just really looking forward to coming. I really look forward to the covenant silences if you don't know what that is. After each of our sessions. They put up some questions and we just go off for an hour to be with God in nature wherever you can find quiet, you just reflect on those questions, he take this questions to him and you know like I spent half the camp last time to start off and mad at God during those times, but noticed time of his open my heart so much to him.

He just revealed so much to me in this week in just a page upon page. It just borne out a million. That one agreement that you made about your brothers, particularly it rich to me. You want to share with a listers. What happened without yes. So, having found out that you know my biological father had never met him in the father that I've known for my whole life. At 13 years old. Rosalie my dad made an agreement with myself as a 13-year-old has been a 13-year-old.

You can't really rationalize things that will that first whatever reason because my brother was just my half-brother that he wouldn't see me as his real brother and that he wouldn't love me like a real brother and you have enemies you play with you and is in a play with your mind. And that's when the the best things I've taken from these past two boot camps is to break those agreements. No enemies get a pray on those and twisted in your mind and you have to break those agreements with yourself that you are good enough you know you are worthy God loves you and you don't have to yell you don't have to be this and selling actually shared that with your brother. So what happened when asked to share that with my brother. Now he, of course, there is a lot of emotion like tears, but he he said to me you know it doesn't matter that you are my brother no matter what happens. And you know we just met.

We've been closer ever since then. I mean it's really you.

He's the best person in my life and the closest book person closest to on the faces of earth and I'm so thankful for him and she's done nothing but fostered a really wonderful relationship we had awesome and you felt loud enough for Bill so Spencer and I this is this is one of my favorite guys is this your third boot camp whether all my favorite though. Actually, the suspense is your third camp. So what's different about this camp for you than some of the others like I've actually back at the Academy time 18 in the Academy 13 to 17 pretty much just alternate and I can leave and I would lose everything in this past week. I really did like struggling and talking a lot of the coaches and the staff there and just yesterday during the first covering the silence. I heard the were determined and I put those two and two together and like I need to be the Lord's famous Tommy to be determined to finish the course to finish this program is if I leave, I just go back into drives to go back into I lose all my school so I just lose everything relationship with family, God, and that may be part of the name is giving to the great to be determined.

That's pretty awesome is your close you know that much more to go to 7 1/2 months left. Yeah, that seems a 19-year-old that's it. That's a long time. It seems like forever but for us it would be about a blank you know you as for me more than the so what are you looking forward to the camp that you got.

You still have a day and 1/2 with just to see what else I can get from the Lord and to see with the talk see what else I can actually apply to my life and not just sit here and listen to it scrupulously gave her gun experiencing things to it is fun.

It is fun yet so it's it's been a really great key habits been interesting to see the rubber they change you know every every camp, even though you go through the same talks with different people doing a lot of times but even when you're doing a different talk from before God brings out new things in your life and it's been really cool to see. It's hard to explain you living on the since 2009 to 10 years of him and so on 1819 20. Whatever Ali I different really different for me because I actually you know that with all that was going on with my father's illness and all that was just over the last month or so. I kept meaning to get to my talks I met Meeting to prepare for all this but I just had one thing in all hospitalizations, all these things come at me and try to spend as much quality time with my dad as possible because any time a short I can get it done so I figured out no problem.

I have all my notes from my previous campsite done these talks. Many many times I have everything I need no problem. So I get down here as I prepare Wednesday morning and pull up my computer which really hadn't really looked at for whatever month and all the notes have been corrupted so I have no notes and at first I thought it was a taxi.

Sam same exam will say that I will but II realized that now it was God wanting to take be deep in the boat. In another words in order to get it right. I had to go back deep and yet he took me places that really he knew and it really took my mind to focus on while where we go on with this talk and I had to do it fresh because my notes were gone and and there was and that was it was a journey for me it was just beyond amazing Russell story when she finished with your talks until the rest of the store. Know your notes should back up all there's no doubt I went to print my last you know when I finished the work for your talk about 9 o'clock this notes about six 630 and I go to planet and there's all my notes back on the computer and I'm like okay now yeah it's it's been deathly weird weird camp that would Jackson how are you today good. So first we can't advocate first variance okay so house at 740. It's amazing I say it's really bringing me closer to God personally, I feel way more connected than I did when I got here and now that were about to leave I feel a lot closer and I feel a lot more comfortable with myself so is anything like you expected it to become an Intuit and was one thing that surprised you about it. I really didn't really like think would have liked so much. Sessions and covenant not in the activities staff that I freshens like that's a lot that now every time like I'm really trying to use it and that talks are really helping and I feel like God showing me and telling me things to favorite talk. I think the one this morning was pretty good so is it really stuck out to me this morning the work for one of the beauty when the warfare one were in a war and that there's no miss my notes Google and crazy is that the seven now is so awesome and you and not to mention he took a big hit when he was playing soft folding is going to get an English. I will have a fight he got right back up.

You know but what if that verse about a Christian man may go down because he went down the lane on I had a shot right down the third base line and puffed the ripening go out of the game. Not only was I thinking brushed it off. That's a hot corner that was Wayne that hit that ball. By the way, I saw the whole thing. Thank you compliments that is cool very cool probably Sam, it's really cool talks with to do. I know you will Bill be a part of him with us today work on a mission with Diane, but I am more Boot Camp on I'm actually going to do my best to try to we have the Kurt Goodhart talk which we've only ever done. Once in the history and mastering during and after that things, went south to heaven here.

So it is my it is my hope to make the journey tomorrow morning to hear that you know that was one of my hugest misunderstandings with my walk with Christ. Up until 10 years ago when I started discovering it, which is the name your whole ministry is Goodhart ministry so was a big deal yeah yeah God help me with that starting in 2005 and was obviously a big revelation to me and soon it will welcome looking masking journey. We are glad to have you on the show.

Thank you.

I'm glad the thank you so sure first boot camp.

It is yeah it is. I heard about them for a long time from you as you first invite right yeah well I went to church yet I cannot. So first boot camp will has been for.

It's been really good.

This is the first event like this that I've been to really since I got recovered about a year and 1/2 ago you have to years ago and there's so many things that guy gave me peace about things in my past that guy gave me peace about. He showed me what my identity was, but I never had to really come to reckoning with them.

I never had to deal with them and so this whole week is been really up-and-down. You know I'm here with the boys Academy under space to be watching these guys but I've gotten so much out of this just by being here yesterday.

It's it's hard God will still come after no matter what responsibilities you have, you know he we talk about as we prepare for the talk some things that there's time to just force us in the midst of the unity we think were on task and being busy and we got this and this is likely not get something here for us. We Get to Sit through You Know and and I Think It's Critical Relate to Seeing What God Has for You Is That All These Other Guys Have Studied This Stuff and They Get an Angle on It That You Never Thought of and You Get a Look at Something a Diamond in the Cave Nico While I Looked at That Verse. It Doesn't Resolve That They Were Getting Close to That. I Never Realize That That's How That Connected the Dots and Some Beautiful Stuff Is Good so We Got More Talks Coming up. I Know You Guys Are Thrilled about Sitting Here Listening, but the Free Time Activity in This Really Cool Talks Come in a Fit and the Listening Prayer with Listening Prayer. Which of the Fun Adventure Nine.

It's a Risky Thing. Admit Which Will Have Had a Chance to Experience It. The Court Have You As Share a Little Bit about What Happened There.

So, Listening Prayer Exercise I Had Never Attempted Any Thing like This in My Entire Life.

At the Last Boot Camp and Again I Can Check out How Much I Did Not Want to Be Here, Basically Just Sit in a Room and You You Everybody Preys on Something and There's No Specific Thing You Just Pray on Something That Keeps Your God Puts on You and You Just Say What You Feeling and It Was a It Was a Big Moment in My Breakthrough at the Last Boot Camp Is Kenny Who Is the Piece like the Head of the.

The Boys Group Hadn't Spoken to Him Talk to Him Didn't Introduce Myself to Him and Then Spencer, Who Spoke Earlier in Mesa Cory over and over Again. They Kept Saying I Keep Getting Coy.

I Keep Getting Cory and in Kenny. He He Said Yeah He's like I Keep Getting Cory and I Keep Getting This Image of Jesus. Just Touching Him and Saying That He Is Flawless and Robbie Was in the Room. Rodney Was in the Room. Spencer Was in the Room and I Mean It Broke Me down like on the Spot. I Mean I Was Crying More Than I've Cried and Very Long Time. It Was a Huge Breakthrough Moment for Me and Asked When I First Heard God Because I Kept Getting Cindy with and I Are at the End and Happen to Be Robbie's Sister Who Needed Prayers of the Time in Sexually on Her Wing Right Now and I Had No Idea That I Hadn't Spoken Anybody at Was Connected to What We Are What We Can Talk about It Now. It Was It Was That It's a Risky Thing When You Do Start Asking God You Don't Know Where This Goal.

Yeah, That's the Evening You Walk in Trust with God You Number Your Center of the Group You Say Okay Words Who Got Has the Savior but Boy I Hope so Far, We've Got It.

You Know How Many Times in God's Always There. It's Coming Tonight and so Speaking of That, You Know, We Have Dylan and One of Those Listening Prayer Is the One We Were at the Boys Academy. That's What Everybody Heard Was Doing in My Right. Remember That All I Remember That Where Likes and Their Praying and It Was Swear in the Back Room Is in the Staff Room and I Was like I Wasn't a Christian Then and I Was Really Have My Doubts about Christianity and I Was like before the Entire Thing Happened Almost like I Really See How This Could Be Real.

And Also If Not, and Is Probably Just a Coincidence Falls like I Was like God. If You're Real, I'd Can You Please Show Me House. I Can Please Spike, Let Me Just Be One of the First Names: out and like Right after I Got Finished Praying That It Was like One or Two People Is like I'm Hearing the Name Dylan and I Was like How and I Just Really Amazed Me. And I Think That's One of the That's One of the Biggest Things That Helped Me Grow in My Faith Was Seen That and It's One of the Main Things That Led Me to Become a Christian Term If the Stats for My Life.

It's Amazing Know This Is Your Second Preferred Monitored the Record in the Vineyard before. So What's Different about This Boot Camp for, Especially since You Having Gone to That Last Summer on His Food Camps Different to Me Just Because I'm Learning That Personalize the Talks More Than 1/2 in throughout the past Few cottages for looking at them as principles like yeah this is you know this is how it runs everything like that but I can apply this to my life just because of how things go on because I know for me this time of learning to personalize some things with another psych that father. The father things in the and making negotiations are like agreements with yourself and I'm looking back to see what agreements have made about myself because throughout my childhood, my father wasn't there and there were a lot of problems surrounding him and he died when I was like younger so I'm learning to look back and see what negotiations I made with myself in to see if it's some of this negotiations are you know when I'm experiencing today is problems absolute because those who that foothold who talked about and it's a great exercise. Legato will take you back into those, one at a time and said okay let's go to breakfast together and that's a great place for me to be right now on will be some of it won't be as fun going through but it at the backside of that's can be just an amazing place for me to be in NL drawings much closer to God and to be really cool for Plus you know you race in your field of faith just raises all of ours. I mean, we see stuff like this recording we dislike oh my goodness. God Shona and all these different this like yeah and didn't realize why that for me and you do your dance and have in a minute thank you for Robbie.

It's just overwhelming some time to listen to what God's doing and and get a C just we don't often get to see what he does now we know he's working in just to hear it. It's is constantly amazing just the way continues to do only in our lives but the lives of people he lets was be in touch with all man I am personally very excited about our next guest because this is like.

I'm hoping he comes every Boot Camp from now on. Just because if you pick him on your softball team you will not lose one man three is unbelievable that Daniel Mel we are so grateful for you guys been able to be here with us and and in no again see that bright light out in the audience were you can see that God's in a light in your eyes really and you can over Dow fakers and now your at the rescue mission tousled about your journey will know I spent the last eight years, 10 years, mostly for myself working on strata. Several nightclubs and bars down Florida County just fueled my fleshly desires saying when I hit up point my life where you know I I I didn't know what I was becoming. And who I was. I just realized that something had to give something in a changing I knew is the lack of God's presence in my life so I hopped on a bus at 330 in the morning after shifting came appearing checking out fakers and it's just been a blessing to let God really heal me a lot of time of reflection and self-awareness of where I fell short and all that unfulfilling nights in height. I've lived the nicest. This is real or unreal. Almost speak so you came into Boot Camp like you had know you want, like a lot of people work you know ahead of time to be gone in a few weeks.

Also, they just came in.

You guys get the lander headed towards working again was a pretty nice I mean I've never done anything like this but on Wednesday when one of the guys in town at the mission asked is a hate tomorrow you want to leave this camp in a place you don't know the people you have no idea about monster right jumped on it right away is absolutely man definitely will in this place is been great man again. A lot of the Morse you know self-awareness and unity. Can I think it's been a good way for me to see the different angles of Satan tries to come at you in different perceptions. You may have in situations that really and I've really brought a lot of late to things like that and great to play softball. Yeah, we had not. We punish them that we walloped. It was like 20 what 24 to 6 and maybe was to be a nice long time. Very nice. Like 29 six it was but I'm telling you just got your point again and I actually got it. I found my swing. I watch bagger Vance learn how to and I wait for the swing to come to me brothers like the guy on the end of the date set gets his ring like lasting benchwarmers received our oh I forgot your in the letter. Very so you know it those games you know you when it was near each other playing softball. I just think it's really a big part of the Boot Camp

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