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Preparing For Battle After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 11, 2020 8:00 am

Preparing For Battle After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 11, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers, to Masculine Journey After Hours! On this episode, the band of brothers continue their discussion from Masculine Journey about the Masculine Journey Boot Camp.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.



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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

This is the Truth Network coming to you in infringed barricade in the heart of a masculine journey after our time to go deeper and be more transparent on the topic of this week's broadcast. So sit back and visit venture.

Masculine journey after-hours starts here now looking messenger of the after-hours intro would benefit like we've all been in the trench barricade what life in the fields. I cannot get you lucky in your back out at work you know if you have been out of the house, you're not working from home anymore, but feels like that's what life's been. Is this an trench barricade and we got a great opportunity for you to break free from that. Go spend some time with God and to spend some time with other men who can't come up and how many days Robbie it is Boot Camp EV VV times 55 days five days you could be a boot camp with us Thursday evening you could come in through Sunday and get away from the that feeling stuck in that same place, whether it's physically my house run emotionally where you been in our last or some about meeting with God outside you know we were meant to get out there and this is a really cool venue for that very thing for a lot of reasons it we got the lot acreage. We can spread out and likely always talk about Sam, the real work that's going to happen. There is a constant fight with with you as an individual with with the things that that he's got on his agenda for you, but you gotta make time for his talk met in the regular show. If you just joining us from having listen to that. If not you can go back and listen to it. We talked a little bit about the big camper going to continue. Talk about boot camp coming up in NY should come right, not just because we say should come but we are saying you should count on Sam.

If that's enough then come if it's not I got onto their gut has some amazing things that he wants to do for you. There and I haven't set these guys up for this question is that like to do that but I do when I asked the guys you know what something you remember taking away from a boot camp that you've treasured right that you would save man I'm glad I've had that I never want to let that go. Because it was a difference maker to me. So not appointed any one of the first of it again you have an idea of what you'd like to share well I mean for me like I just barely get into the show's ending, but I like where you are at Sam when you first kind of setting us up for this is it something different for everyone and I listen to the show for a couple years and I might a lot of what you're saying I was like a kind understand that I don't really get it, but I know it's about men getting rescued in their hearts and how how we can get some healing in his dealing with yourself. It's not about some five-step plan saws like this. Sounds pretty good. It's very godly is Bible oriented stuff and I might want me to go see what this is because I know that all I one thing I really relate to is when I hear pastors and other people talk about how were we at his men in this world, how we been emasculated how things change into this world and there's a lot of good things about you women getting rights and be able to do things that's really really good for their souls is good for our country is good for us is humans to have this bit it seems to come. A lot of times at the expense of men. And when you look at the church and why. The why the church is falling and we talk about all kinds of things around that were the men that were the men at the men are supposed to love their wives as God loves the church and always all the stuff and you go through this and I had this feeling you won't let me go find out what this journey is about and I just remember going in being kind of wide-eyed and going what to expect exactly conceptual and then it was sent.

In some ways, you know, met some things that I thought as I was to the show but then it went so much farther and it's hard to describe in very specific words but really what I got out of that was oh there's there's a lot inside God's word that I need to go used to help me work through things because why am I the way I am on the on those bad things. Why do I have my anger issues.

Why do why not let things go.

Why do I not forgive.

Why can I just know what to think in you start to work through many things in the real surprise for me are the things that God ends up putting on my heart that I I did know were all my heart that oh, there's this is what you want it where you want to go and what you and talk. It was a surprise as it was because I thought, oh, the new name all gray only to get a new name. I still have a new name. You know like I thought I was going to get that.

I know I'm getting so many other things and other places so it's it's it's one of those things that you just come open when you are open or not matter because he's gonna open your and that was the big surprise. It was just one to discover that and it was like oh I needed now go do some work and keep the conversation going with God about what's next what I want to go and not the most patient are not. I don't concentrate enough so many times but it's just the continual cycle I just I don't want to let go try that now I just can't let go. Some for me and it's a journey of identity know that I really didn't anticipate Pictionary, you see all this lines in movies all the time about will. Who are you in on you, even Allison Wonderland good like to know, and of the you see the big caterpillar Samuel who are you and you're not the Robbie you know that you're supposed to be and you had the sense of who are you and I been common like Rodney had come to several boot camps not heard in their name didn't really know what my wound was in all these things kept happening but fascinatingly they all turned out to be really linked together and as it turned as it turned out. By understanding that my wound was a big part of my identity and that to get at the wound was an opportunity to switch Mike's where I don't have to crackle to get the wounds, which is not a Miami boot camp site come to the get this piece information but Darren, I believe, set it was that often statement replaces game and you can tell from the point of attack where your glory where your identity might be by isolating where is it that you keep getting attacked on your life, all at the same time I was struggling with that idea of where you been attacked Tory life Robbie for me. It was, I attempted suicide but I didn't know why it attempted suicide and I thought and I prayed and I thought and I prayed and now I got was a really bad headache and it was just horrible. And so then I go to the new name.

Talk and I had to go back actually to do Christian card I show I get an old red and I'm driving back to two on some Friday night to do my show Saturday morning God when you call me since faithful like no I mean don't I get a cooler name than faithful like I'm an old dog is with the top of that fateful really got me that can't be it discovery some cool and is like hobby work with me here, but it's you know who's the guy that never cheated on a girlfriend ever quit a job you know turn most of you as a friend is like it. Your arm cut off. I mean, this is just this is who you are your faithful it's a good thing Robbie. Think about it and I've so immediately I went okay.

Well if I'm faithful. So where have I been attacked and why is it that I wanted to commit suicide and then all of a sudden here came the work in the story right just popped up my 16th birthday. Walking to my girlfriends house my best friend was the point guard on the basketball team. Cannot the same time maybe for me.

Tell a story before but it was the point that like my best friend and my girlfriend betrayed me on the same night went out together. You know like left me standing the door my birthday 16th and I went home at night and took a whole bottle of Solomon exit, thinking that would kill me, but all it did was scare me so bad I couldn't sleep.

My like you know ties the next morning, going to school you know that I was with my where about a predicate, but the trauma of all that it thinking you're really going to die and left his horrible wound and actually had buried so deep they did not realize how ingrained it was into my identity was betrayal and then all of a sudden my whole life just lined up being being being being being being being all that material that patrolled after all. No wonder I get it this thing that God is what he put he thinks of me has been attacked.

All my life and and and I'm just met with 10 years ago. Now this point times in her loose and to walk in that identity as God fleshes at out over a long immediate there's no way of explaining the value that that has intrinsically to me to understanding him away from them about you. While there are so many things in and I could tell, you know those stories about getting a new name and a couple of different new names. Once we give you yeah those are not new and is a very old, very they get so is so no bullet this thing that I think boot camps gave me more than anything was an understanding for spiritual warfare, not just in my own life. I mean I was a pastor for the better part of 20 years in and I you know what seminary and all those things but we can talk about spiritual warfare, I mean you know Jesus came off the cross he was resurrected.

Satan was dead and and that was about it to me as kind of the way I live my life and people talked about spiritual warfare were kinda creepy to me quite frankly me. It was like really only need the neurologist move on and because I think a lot of times when they did, they were so far out in left field with something that's probably not even biblical, or it was the total opposite that Satan didn't even really exist anymore type of thing and so I really didn't have a healthy concept of spiritual warfare and so getting that an understanding that hearing you know about that in and hearing it in a very biblical way and as Robbie said earlier in in the segment that we are to fight learning how learning when to fight, when to not fight helping others see it.

II think that's you know Robbie and you guys have told me several times that, my special sauces is being able to spot other people's warfare may be better than my own, which died, like to spot my home in a little better more often but I do feel like that boot camp has giving me a lot of training in that regard understanding it seen it. A lot of times it's past tense. You know that's what that was about type of thing in but that's why we get so pumped up about it though because we know were going into a fight word were not taken the fight, we can or will okay you can run and you're still going to end up fighting at some point in time and so were just choosing the battlefield and N-word were choosing it and trying to educate others on that and and show what it looks like that's the thing is, boot camps are extremely practical. It's not a bunch of speeches and teaching and five steps to better communication principles or things like that. Nothing wrong with those things.

But that's I would boot camp is it's very very practical and you spend a lot of time just between you and God, which is always good and it's very very scriptural. It's not just what we think right. It's what the gospel portrays and taking the stories from the gospel and seeing it differently evincing the way got admit intended the full gospel to be an eye guy was in the church going out the didn't talk about spiritual warfare, while Jesus talks about right mean, obviously the exist in on so I didn't grow up getting the full gospel, and silver boot camp for me. Part of getting the rest of the gospel in a different way that never seen before. But that's not my story. After that minute and that you so to me when I came first started, these red while the heart I knew that some resonated within me the part about you know just be a nice passive man. But that wasn't working. That's what church, sure the culture and tried to, you know, frame us as man in this like running for Fed Varick very emasculated. So when I first started coming. It was it was also out of a broken relationship with my wife. I wanted to see that restored more than anything about first three boot camp.

I think all I heard was a beauty. Talk but is God continue to work on me. I begin to realize the centrality of the heart issue mean that's really what we're talking about and that's why it's not principles and lift and ideas on becoming this or that or that the other it was about the centrality of the heart, you get your heart issues worked out all his other stuff coming in the fixed and I think the first thing in his like Robbie did identity that I was missing in unit the new name.

It was hard for me to hear. For a while I didn't hear anything first two or three boot camps in her warrior. I thought that was interesting, but it had didn't have the context that it needed to have at the time and in a really, really, it always struggle with not be in a strong man and not you know, I mean computers are not out, you know, doing mainly career or whatever but it wasn't so much that is that I didn't do well.

I had anger issues. I didn't know how to live my life properly, but again it was about just trying to fix that.

It was hard issues, but I really didn't have an identity that I could, you know point the finger not bald close with God had really gotten tight with God, but it was again over what I knew at the time and really absence of the heart. It was more performance-based. So anyway I think is probably 1/4 or fifth boot camp. I really got into this listing. The new name and you know, God said you know of the session. What is it God, and he was like go look up your given so I go give up the look at my given name.

I probably had heard. This is a kid but I'd forgotten it, but that the definition of Andrew the strengths that's exactly what I needed to.

And like Robby says you get attacked.

I was always attacked and my strength as a man, and he refrained that and gave me that identity is a man what I think is cool. After that, because I felt like that was like the best thing because it really given it gave me a place to start from within a block to in closer with God, with encouragement of these guys. John Eldridge and his team, and I realized that the really the holy Grail to me is really live in out as a sign and that heart that messages come to become part of me.

I feel like in the fact that it I was performance-based always felt like I'd do something to earn God's favor and I'm not sure why that is but it is and that's where a lot of men live in what I think is really cool about it is this that you know I ended up being in a job that traveled a lot, which means I have a lot of alone time and I have really cool adventures.

I was able to do it and I just started inviting got long.

I think he invited me first. It was really cool how that just that son ship father father son ship just really bonded more during that time, and it's just if this is just what I feel like Google is the greatest gain from boot camp started go on for some, and it is great. Thank you. And so Harold, you're going to join us of the table and said love to hear what tell your thoughts are on this particular question will I was reluctant attend the to my first boot camp above made no secret of that with you guys. I went please my wife I didn't need it and wanted but on I was part of another group. So I went.

One of the things that I think is most striking is the honesty we have a difficult time in our world today. Finding people who are really going to be honest and upfront with you is what you can find with this group you go to boot camp may not like everything at first. Or you may but what you're going to find is the honesty that really is going to strike you because I've been a part of the group now for well and when I was leaving home this evening to come to this meeting my wife made the comment. I wish I had a group like you to because it's special. Trust me on that. Think this'll is a thought about it have gotten so much energy is good for second. Think of that I've gotten so much out of the boot camp tonight to talk about identity I could talk about healing which is huge. I could talk about breakthrough. Just lots of different things. I think for me to sum it up very specifically, it would be understanding to a little bit just a little bit how much God really does love me because I don't think I felt that for a long time. He always felt like I was going to the judging guide judging every step that I made smacking my wrist and I don't don't scrap. You guys can smack me known as it was a fear-based relationship that's that's I grew up in a relationship with God became a Christian as can the doctrine of my church in fire and brimstone kind of thing God was not relational nature.

He was judgmental in nature and in learning over time. Just how much God loves me as flawed as I am and how much he pursues me and how much he wants the relationship with me. It makes all the other things possible for me is I don't believe that if if God didn't show me that you at times, always and we need to shut up and let me talk you know those types of things in the in a gentle, loving way. Without those none of the other stuff happens you know that it started with a little breakthrough in the wound is a big wound is a big breakthrough that only downplay it. That was God's first introduction to it to loving me while that I saw and treatment known for a long time. I didn't see the really just understanding. In spite of my sin, in spite of all those things how much he really loves me and that makes everything that's the difference that's a difference maker for me. What's really obvious to me right now is that I need a different Mike.

It's what's really obvious to me right now is the fact that the man who had nothing to say lived that life Sam main live the life of I have nothing to say in your hosting the masculine turning radio show your speaking at boot camp cheerleading men to a deeper relationship in Christ, one that they never dreamed was even possible. And that's what boot camps did for you, among other things, and that to me is a pretty spectacular thing and cutesy you know you speak out of what you know you know it's easy to talk about what God's done in your life when it feels so incredibly real you know and am very grateful for him breaking through in her that the sister that was very verbally abusive. You have nothing to say shut up motormouth don't want to listen to you. You know I am living under that agreement for years and God that was part of the one God had to break the hardest and I still fight it from time to time. You know it's a psycho know I got shut up now and I picked that it it it was just his loving pursuit you not in infamy. God's humor is amazing and I know he probably deals a meal different than many other people I know he deals with reality, with humor at times, and with Darren that is humor for me is always so exquisite is to say some stuff that I guess it just floors me and I told the story a meter before but I remember one time to an officer again just beat myself up about something finding myself into this situation with pornography again. And this is years ago how my back, and God come on you know this that I no better know what it does to my heart. Now what does to me as a father. What it does to me as a husband where it takes me emotionally how my back here, you know I don't deserve grace and then I know where this and that kind of the point and I started laughing. I was discussing the leg that's the whole point. We don't deserve grace, but you offer it, you know, in that laugh made the difference direct to okay God help me find what's causing this helpmeet it hoping to go deeper. I thought it had beaten before but now I'm back here again you had had I had. I find my way out of it and I think that what Harold was saying you know if you could be in here and I wish you would be in here with this group to have dear brothers to take the battlefield with realize you're going in a really worthwhile something worth dying for battle for the hearts of men with people that you love that you done life with that you walk for that you know you could trust, but people that you can really share life with. Be yourself. Even your broken stuff and have the joy that you hear and Sam are that you and I are here in and year that you hear and Darren that joy of the Lord is our strength and end, and when you hear what you're hearing it's it's available like and and and so yeah we got it. We gotta take on that fear. All they would really like me or whatever the situation is that you used as a reason for not coming but the truth is it it it is available and God wants you on the team and we watch on the team but you gotta take the next step so that the question would be what's keeping you from coming on the show before this. We talked about virginity provide safe environment safe as we can possibly do with the covert stuff right so you can take that off the plate. Maybe it's a work situation, you can get away but really just I met one day you Thursday night. You know, coming Thursday night and then with stuff Thursday night and Friday this wonderful work. What takes you from coming in and you said you know we don't want to put pressure on people. Well, I'm okay with that pressure and people. She is who I am probably a little dangerous that if this were the last year of your life. Maybe would you want some breaks or are there some things that you would like to get healed.

Are there some ways that you would like to have some breakthrough between now and whatever the end is so that you can live well in these final days and bless others beyond their wildest beliefs and yours are just have to keep going go to masculine register for the campus, five days we have room for you. God wants you there we went to their some amazing things can happen. I can't tell you what they are is if you listen all of our stories God's treated us all individually right collectively it would sound the same individual and how we got there and that's what is going to do for you. He's gonna love you well come after your heart.

He's going to get you to some breakthrough somewhere that your heart desperately needs to masculine

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