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July 4, 2020 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 4, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! The discussion this week is on the topic of judging. The guys explain their thoughts and share their stories on the subject. The clips this week comes from the show "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in," the film "Mean Girls," and another clip about a dad judging his daughter. The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show

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This is the Truth Network of every man is a really mature one who doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome masculine journey.

I am very glad that you're with us today we have an exciting show. I don't know what it's about yet to be exciting to discover and unravel this week.

We do know it's about a bit before you get to that Robbie, we are 12 thieves away from something important this time of days so if you could refresh memory by one or 12. Mechanically he would make fun of me for last week. It actually not even Mariah even is actually 4 July and saying very good but more importantly but very important.

It is boot camp E VV VV VV like all my goodness.

We can be more excited because here we are. We've all been quarantined and we get a chance to actually go be with God and other people in that setting that where he does amazing things and I'm just really really excited me to do and just officially Mariah to be number one camp about patient she's listening.

Just in case she's also where I actually probably going to be doing the boot camp at a new location. This time were going to be doing up in Danville now located in Providence, North Carolina, which it's a suburb of Danville. If you call Providence, a suburb yeah there's seven houses that tell us little bit about Park Springs at the camp were familiar with you. Yeah Park Springs is a great camp camp that we've been to in the past.

The camp we were scheduled to be at canceled, last minute on Monday and we feel really blessed that God allowed us to go back to the Park Springs were we've had some great adventures in the past. It's a phenomenal camp really a cool venue.

A guys guy venue really and I'm excited about it. It's really really cool history that we would tell you today but then you would when you got a calm had come to Nevada, but I'm telling it's got some cool guys guy history involving a famous athlete from yeah I couldn't.

I could even tell you it's a world champion boxer it just slightly younger than Harold or world champion boxer used to train at this camp.

It was originally built as a training camp for him. And so it's it looks in some ways, like it did 80 years ago 90 years ago, how, what did it didn't look.

Originally, the same way does now. Harold is over 100 actually yeah yeah it was a long time ago but it's really cool story but moving on to today's topic, but before we do that go to masking and register register for the boot camp. You still have time slots are filling quickly.

We don't have many slots available, but there are still few out there so please reach out to us you have any questions at all were to practice social distancing, work, and I have a safe environment, but also have a fun time together's men's really Robbie is really the only one that kind of spits on your slobber from the stage so he will be wearing a mask yeah he is and has been sealed yet least I will will having behind the Plexiglas drummer shield yeah so not as much protect him.

So we are in the process of judging Robbie what I was which leads us right into the topic. We are on one of our requests that the would appear to be a one-week show that turns into a multi-week show so topical thing and see how run four weeks of living in the same kind of genre. We started with guilt which Robbie brought to us, not the brightest guilt topic again as she fits and then we went from there to shame. Talk about the difference in guilt and shame and then went from shame to blame and try to figure out the nuances and the differences there. Now we move into what we would call judging what's the difference between judging and blaming and sorting out really try to talk about a couple different layers they want to talk about it, not just from the way we look at it as a society in an American culture.

This topic of judging I can use three words, don't judge me.

You know exactly what I'm talking about people we've all felt it at one point or another in a marriage and friendship. Somewhere along the way at work fill in the blank right but also biblically it doesn't mess really parallel with what the Bible says judging really talk about what that is and why they're different in kind to go from there first were going to get to a clip from a an old show. Now this is a clip that you brought to us and in its from what what what's it from the shows called laughing. That's what I thought. And so you're talking about. It will, there's not much to set up other than this basically is clips are a takeoff of a song that will limit have at the bump so they can go together, but this is laughing with Sammy Davis Junior doing the skid and I think it's kind of speaks for itself when you're ill-equipped to go and play that one is that they're very similar but will that went into get a feel to this topic of judging presiding behind the late Mr. Walt is if I hadn't see he would be with his wife to reduce the charge following 230 days suspended for me to leave anytime you will go ahead and play clip one another one in two weeks: clip wanted to, but that we get a little bit of a different feel for judging. There is America's favorite John the right Hon. Samuel Davis Junior, Samuel, David presiding do your thing verbally wrap and I think I got you because you forgot about. One important visual somebody so you doing so Robbie, what was it about those. He said I just gotta bring those of the radio while I don't know why but the Lord put in my head.

I got the topic from Robbie and Hezekiah what we'll be doing the told me time to think about it for another day or two and then Isaac what about judgment what can we do in the first thing that came into my head was here comes the judge might and I had to be like. I haven't heard this since I was a little kid I know is that Mike off my list and the laughing and it just kinda came in and I had the beat I knew where that come from sized to Google search and what our action with YouTube and said the search is oh down the song, laughing close on Mike just came right back to know is just one of those things that I just like I felt like I know this from somewhere.

So then I just once I listen to like oh okay I see why you kind of lead me down here to put these in there because one there funny and I like okay guy give Robbie a laugh track diamond on that quite a lot of all serious ones, and the size I know I know exactly like okay though, the one where that we heard first note to me is more of a picture of how we judge the judge righteous up until it affects me boy when it affects me in some against me in my August we change my mind almost say oh that's okay you can get off right because now it affects me as good. Some good hurt me you are were fickle and were just all over the place in our judgment and were not like God is giving you the dame.

My wife comes home and she's like said something jokingly about something, but I took it a serious. I immediately judge her motive. I judge what she was saying and I because like you can't do that. That was my first reaction.

She's like just kidding you doing anything on Mike. Why did I just jump on that judgment right there right off the bat as to what I thought she was meeting I had motive and everything all wrapped up immediately. You know in that and is like you just like your word in a word, prejudice are biases of other things just jump on things so quickly and I'm like man a better better back off and wash Windows okay II didn't realize Geon trying apologize, but may judging is just natural for letting go well and usually doesn't to back down from that but you know beat. I would judge her highest DJ from the amount Myers-Briggs and it's like I was always big on the judgment side, so I've known this for so long and it's hard to shake. It is you and I think that one of the things you are saying goes back to simply set on the radio a few times and often we want mercy and grace for herself, but justice and judgment for others is where we kinda live in.

And that's the society that were in a very judging society and in it goes very much at motives I want to kinda peel back a little bit and talk about guilt and guilt is something that we talked about a few weeks back and help me kinda set up some of this you know you have guilt which can be good, right got on the ultimate motivator and God uses it right but it can also be used by the enemy right to become condemnation right right and so it comes back to my feeling conviction from God or filling condemnation from the enemy and sometimes so hard to tell, but they both complained that whole guilt thing and then we move from Madden to shame right and so shame is when were really trying to put guilt on someone else. Yeah, either. Either were wearing it, or will putting it on somebody else. When I assign the motives are all right try to shame you will you know Sam you could use you know you could lose a few pounds and I try to shame you in that way or or it may be that you know the shame was no. I was sexually melt molested as a child and so I carry that shame and I can't let go of it because that shame actually serves a purpose for me it it allows me a good excuse to go ahead and continue some bad behavior, and so shame could be either one of those things.

But it's still shame and but you know me moving the blame, which is something as is often geared toward someone else and were blaming somebody right.

My guilt is your fault exactly and so that's where we talked about it and go back a list of the shows are going to visit dad spent moving into judging infamy.

Part of that judging is the next step from blame and I can blame somebody on an event type level you and you said something to me that frustrated me right and I can do that.

But when I start saying and he always does this, and he never does that. I start to sign some judgment to come back and talk about the power those two words, the power of judgment and then what does that mean when we come back to first go to masking register for the Only 12 more days away. You can't miss it. It's going to be awesome. It's a great facility. It's up in the West Virginia conference at my pillow and change overproduction to make mass for hospitals, but they still have plenty of products are right now. Truth listeners can buy one get one free on most products, pillows, Giza bedsheets towels even neck pillows.

If you get two of those you'll be neck and neck go to the radio listeners page and use the promo code card. I call 800-943-7096 four Mike Lindell's book and get free shipping plus a $25 gift card for your next purchase. Use the promo code car dear and can with the masculine journey radio show I want to ask you to consider coming to boot camp meet our band of brothers meet the masculine journey radio team, but more importantly meet God.

There hear the message experience. The message that is change hundred change their marriages change the way they walk with God taking you guys cease-fire first promo here. Coming July 17 through the 19th. Register hi this is Sam masking journey down here with my son. Talk about ways to help support only, is information on website there on how to do that you go to and click the donate button. You can go to and find the to mail something to PO Box 550 272-8550 will see so much log really was ready.

Thank you for that joke around and have some fun with each other but I get back to this topic. Judging on the real simple basis will play this clip that I found I just put in YouTube and said judging others in is one thing that popped up some.

I put it together. It's just a short little clip of this but a father and a daughter. She's probably I'm guessing 76 or seven in the park playing and they've been playing a little bit. She's been playing he's been encouraging her and they decide to take a break and then to have a snack break gives her choice between two different apples and want you to listen to how it plays out how quickly we moved to judgment even on somebody that we love dearly. I guess I can go back to beginning and so let's go back and start out again. Okay our tenants in place we can do that rapid. I do it right this time. Okay now we can start it okay judge me all you I don't care.

I got out of work about maybe we go job hunting see what we have here 21 that wasn't nice of you to pick up his tendency taking both out. So unlike those long set up for that. But if you watch the video what's really pretty cool about you got this dad are planning to have a great time gives her two apples think and choose one and she grabbed them both in right away takes a bite out of both and he gets lost in this land of judgment. I don't know where she got it. Next up would been probably her mother. Now I'm just cousin or whatever right to go somewhere blaming someone else of the labor judgment take your mother-in-law or mother-in-law. Yeah, it's good to get away.

That's right yet you know in a place not just for a few seconds and also knew what the little girl was really trying to do is get the best Apple to give to her dad and that's how quickly we can slip into judging and when we start assigning motives to other people's behavior. That's when you really start to step into judging and that's where those words were talked about before winter break that always never really come in in IE when you think about most fights, and I guess I can only speak for the fights I've been when I've been in an argument with a good friend, spouse know anything like that. A coworker when you start to use the definitive terms always and never it's the fuel for the fire to escalate that the argument back is consistently tells you, you always act like that you go I don't always act like anything right and so from there it just starts to amplify things yeah the other. Yesterday, I'm building a house right now.

My wife and I are in several of the things in I'm overwhelmed, quite frankly, and she went out, did some running and she called me and I was in the midst of doing busy things men things things to build a house you know me I have time for these important things, silly things that she was calling me about and in she called me and said these rugs are on sale and their 70% off and how big of a rug do I need to get for the guest bedroom. My office and not literally.

I immediately went to every time she leaves the house she's gone someplace either the habitat restore or coals or someplace where everything is 70% off which means nothing is 70% off in my book, but and I immediately went there totally lost my patience with her and was like honey I don't know I mean you have to get the computer program element have to look at the floor plan and have to. I don't even know where you want to put the bed. I don't know where you want to put the nightstand. I don't know where this furniture is gone.

I can't tell you how big the rug is how much is it anyway you know and I mean literally she's like click and so you know I immediately texted her back and I said I am so sorry I am such a jerk and began to understand but it illustrates that point that she's super excited you know about getting in the house.

I am to. I told her you have anything you want.

You do anything what you pay in any color I don't care. You know, just tell me once hospital walls and it will be there but at the same time because I'm frustrated because it's not convenient for me to stop and play for a minute or two. I went immediately to judging.

Does she not know how hard I'm working. Does she not know how hard it is to try to manage this whole thing and that she wants to know about a stupid rug. You know, and I mean I was there man just so fast and in it what it was either you know why does she not get what I'm doing or why does she always have to go find something on sale and now I have to choose immediately because it's also I will be tomorrow.

You know, and I hate being put in that situation. Anyway, yesterday or the day before, is that was not a great day for us and but we talked through it we work through it and I know God immediately said here jerk wants to call apologize, so that she didn't have to. But then she said yet you're a jerk and I'm glad you apologized but here's her new rug. You still spending hundred percent of the day, but yes he did say 70 so moving a little bit you will talk a little bit more about this. Judging and slip in to the biblical definition of it, but I think what we we slip into very quickly and we don't realize it is we assign motives people's actions and can be as simple as the other day about three weeks ago.

Eli got a package in the mail and II Texans that he got a package he can come get it right away.

That's a weird sentence up usually somebody wants and then when he did come the next day they came over to my house is time for him to come stay with me for weekend he got it in my cage. Get your packages like yeah don't worry about it. My thoughts weird and I could start you not also like to go.

Should I be concerned and then something. Thankfully God I think said no Father's Day is coming up okay or Megan worry about it and it ended up being something he got me for Father's Day, but I could see very easily with the 16-year-old that sometimes is very communicating and sometimes not communicating at all. It'd be easy to start to say it make a sound, assessments, assumptions, was@C was a coffee with like some stuff I can't repeat on the evidence. A great gray coffee anyway.

Robbie, let's talk to you now about the biblical definition of judging suits is not what we see it in American Western civilization right it's not this in the past judgment on you. That's all I got to talk about we start judging in the Bible right while we were covering this topic and I was praying about actually you know that what were the shaman, the blame thing that we were doing last week and God's norm, asking him to give me some insight and he said go take a look at the word judge and study it the way that he knew I would. And so as I looked into that word.

It was clearly you know in the Old Testament the original Hebrew form of the word had everything to do with finding goodness and finding what's best, and even better. In other words, looking for Jesus or looking for the kingdom to come. And so when those people were put in a position to judge what they were to do was to find the best or the closest to God. That which was right in of the right fit. That would look godly in the situation, and a course in a being the person on amateurs line right up and I went oh my goodness this that I have known for years. There's people that look for the bad and the situation and that's condemnation in my view. But what I'm learning now is that judgment what God originally like working to be appointed judges is you're looking for Jesus or the best closest larger story solution to whatever that may be. Which doesn't necessarily assign blame or shame or guilt and all that and then I thought well but condemnation still that that word clearly means you are signing in a blame.

You are assigning motives you're doing all the stuff of condemnation and obviously Satan is really really good at that word but it's kinda cool for me to think about before I go doing stuff like that and we got really cool clip from mean girls of the young lady that goes in against her competitor and begins to look for the bad things and Abraham Lincoln was quoted in Pollyanna beautifully is saying if you look for the bad and people you're surely find but the office is very true Sam that when you go about looking for Jesus and other people that's literally looking for their glory right there yeah yeah Robbie, would you what one thing real quick when you're talking about judging from a biblical standpoint there and I appreciate her yeah right there.

The you're really talking about a biblical discernment right right having good discernment in a situation you've been appointed to be a judging and instantly how beautiful example to me as he got a presidential election or any election, and it always seems like there is no perfect choice here, but what I'm trying to do is find the better or closest to God. Of the choices that I currently have the choice is to have and you're looking for. You know what is the best absolutely reminds her back you the story of Solomon with the two ladies fighting over the baby right and they come in, and he uses some great discernment on that whole topic you know and says over to skin to cut the baby in half. I believe is what how the story goes, give each of you have until the real mother steps up, he finds the one that is real and and that's that's what judging means is defined discernment to find the right choice in the situation were talking about in judgment. The way our society uses the is really placing condemnation on somebody else and that's what you got. Avoid because that's the divider to divider between individual dividers between groups its dividers between churches right.

It's when we put those motives on somebody else that everybody ends up losing it. We just need to stop and listen to one another not put motives and try to find the truth and use judging in the discerning way to find out love in the midst of it.

See you next Monday for after

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