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Judging After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 4, 2020 8:00 am

Judging After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 4, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers, to Masculine Journey After Hours! On this episode, the band of brothers continue their discussion from Masculine Journey about judging. The clip used for this episode comes from the film "The Shack."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.



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This is the Truth Network French and very masculine time be more transparent on the topic covered. So sit back and enjoy this invention masculine starts here messenger the after hours.

He almost got after after hours. We were talking right with the liquid bump and start playing again and so we were Commissioner and some of our own stories on judging but that we are to continue the topic of judging and where we left off Robbie were talking about the biblical concept of judging versus what society looks at it as you can recast out a little bit brighter if you go on and one my favorite things to do. By the way is just go take a word you know you can go to blue letter Bible is a wonderful app and you just put that word in there and you go find that your final usually find most great words in the book of Genesis and then when you look at that word, you can go to concordance and see you know all sorts of definitions of the word.

And if you really want to have fun you go see how it's spelled in Hebrew and go begin to put together how that word is actually now been constructed to give you some ideas because the Hebrew language is made up of pictures and so you get some pictures if you go look up the word judgment and the pictures are number one. A shim which you know is the beginning of the word shalom is the beginning of the word Shabbat you which means peace or means the day off and admitted it literally is a tooth and so the ideas are to be chewing on something so you need to be ruminating on this. You know like I would like to.

She put you at Scott D like you're gonna be chewing so you know, so we need to be chewing on something and then the second letter is a pay which will, in Hebrew means to be facing and be present and to be present with God is actually the most awesome thing like wind. When Adam and Eve were there is a pay a lot involved in that whole scene where Adam and Eve were in the garden so you're at present with God and your chewing on something I want you chewing on the word.

The letter tough, which means goodness so what were doing his work in God's word in the presence of the situation you're sitting in the judge's seat just like Sammy Davis Junior at an event. Here you are and your chewing on the situation, trying to find the good, the better the best, not looking for what's bad or evil, or those kind of things is like wow and so you know, not long after I got in this ministry. One of the beautiful things that that that that these guys taught me, Sam and Aaron both was to look for somebody's glory, and then try to call that out in them on. This is the judgment of a biblical fashion like all my goodness and and and when they began to give me this idea. I began to look for the glory of my wife and my children what makes them come alive, those kind of things and looking for God, then all the sudden that gives this life to the word not not condemnation or death that probably more natural look, you loss. Is literally what his wishes. They have good leaders worry that I go thinking that was that was very good beer and now Paul has some words about judging correct you were talk about it a little bit during between the shows. First Corinthians 512, Paul says he says it's no business of mine to judge those outside the church, but that we in the kingdom have every responsibility to judge those inside the kingdom inside the church and you said that makes my skin crawl absolutely had a belly. My stomach turn my yeah and all that because why will because it it feels like the hurt that I've experienced being judged quote unquote the way we look at it not biblically like Robbie just talked about, but the way we see in society right by others when the church judge you because you weren't you you know you want the most spiritual guy you didn't lead the prayer you didn't need to teach the class reunion come to church every Sunday.

I mean, you went to that Indianapolis Colts football game on the soundwave incident and something or you know that I was divorced right right and now the sudden you know I have to be cast aside right right in and enters whole lot of those things. It just feels very bad. So in other words, a lot of people have been hurt by churches in the name of judging or using good judgment. So in his so as to say, will you know you should you should really have better judgment and what they really mean to say is your judgment really stinks so you need to get better at that and and but Paul is not saying that he Sam look if you're sitting around judging the world we call that in our society holier than thou. Don't wait, you know, and a saint. There's no point in that it it does absolutely no good, but to look into the kingdom. And if you see your brother sending and in the context of first Corinthians 5. There was a bunch of sin going on and it was obvious to all involved. And so he Sam look to go after this guy's heart. Again, it's in view of redemption. It's not to say nanny nanny here. You know you're doing bad things you're having sex with people you not supposed to have sex with what yeah that's something that somebody needs to say something about right, but not in a shameful conduct condemnation sort I don't get to condemn anybody. I don't care how bad their behavior is God is the ultimate judge of whether someone shall be condemned or not, but it is my responsibility to share with them that there is a God and that that God does have the responsibility of judging and that it definitely appears that there involved in some stuff that's worthy of being condemned and so but that's always in view of redemption. It's like Robbie said, looking at the guys heart, looking at his glory and going dude, this is not in your glory. This is not in your wheelhouse. This is not helping you or the kingdom, and going after that man's heart in a good way even though he may be doing some horrible sin yeah were called to do that as Christians, were not called to judge the world, were not called to judge a group, a movement, whatever. And today that's happening widely we all seemingly sit on the sidelines and judge this group because they don't believe what I believe on that or you know I feel judged by that group because I don't believe what they believe on this in and the the enemies having a field day with an ethically important part about following Paul's example and you know to to judge somebody in a Christian manner. You have absolutely absolute have to walk with God through it. If you do it on your own power you're gonna blow it, you're going to hurt them. You cannot do it wrong because only God knows what their heart needs to hear. And if you don't do that you can have the best intentions, but you could just really really drive somebody away. If you're not careful and that something you gotta walk very cautiously, at least in my opinion with God and God. How do you want me to handle their heart in the situation. Yes, I feel like I need to step up and say something you're putting that in me, but what do I need to do you asses next three or four steps and I got don't just turn it off in a direction because you think you got marching orders: Tonya's noggin and well probably for you or for them know you you know you I was sitting here thinking you know we always hear that the Holy Spirit doesn't condemn.

He convicts all right and were created in the image of God right so were supposed to be an agent of conviction, but not condiment condemnation easy for me to say go ahead and judge me.

Let but really that is really never had thought about it that way and know we know we need to be aligned with God and we need to treat people's heart right and that kind of thing that we do end up in condemning people to try to get them and control them into the bit better action where it's not been a work night and it will know it's it's if you've had a teenage kid, the harder you push against them and try to control them more than a rebel more times and not in different directions at this is that that doesn't work well United it's walking with God with how to handle the situation. Had I step into it. How to I speak to this person do I speak to now do I do it later.

It's all those key questions you gotta ask, yes, were called to do it and we need to be willing to do it. We just have to do it his way. Sam, I got a big not swelling up on the back of my head where you slap me when you said about using the word always and never I'm really really bad at that and my sweetheart get so aggravated with me for doing that and I realize how wrong it is trying to get better at it even about the loading of the dishwasher. I'm working real hard on that but have been terrible about this. Judging matter specially a few years ago on the highway.

The guy doing the stuff was not just an idiot he was doing it intentionally just to follow-up my trip and the so thankfully the Holy Spirit is at make get out of that mode still come to see the dumb moves but is don't react to them the same way because of his help but yeah we can become really really bad to judge other people look for the negative. Another thing my sweetheart reminds me with all my years of computer programming looking for the negative was what we had to do me the positive is easy.

The really good programmers confound the negatives the things that are unexpected, but you need to prepare for and so I became very conditioned to look for the what's wrong in any situation and I'm having to try to work my way out of that because working with people that don't work as well as it does. Working with computers and he has reminded me many times, I am not a computer. I looked around the room you say that Harold outgrown the room and almost every one of us knowing what we do for a living or have done have been paid to solve problems. In other words, find the negative fix it and move on and on and and I think that's been a big part of the enemies play as you were rewarded for it becomes part of who we think identity is the minute we can't just turn it off when we need to turn it off as a good use for it. It's just not.

It's like taking a hammer and everything becomes a nail in half and some things don't need to be hammered yeah they need to be handled differently.

Any judgment is something that feels very righteous so it feels like we almost earned it. To have judgment. UNICEF this first clip with that from the shack yet, so the shack is about McKinsey he he's had a bad childhood father was overbearing and then he they were on vacation him. He lost his daughter to a the deviant who abused his daughter and then and then murdered her in the shack and God causing back to the shack is an invitation to restoring and healing and this is his. There's a whole process that he they go through their he's got you know Jesus, the Holy Spirit come to him in different ways, but this is a particular angel and she's walking them through how judgmental he's become and how what how it's distorted his view of God don't believe that God is going to see his child. No I don't think God loves his children very well, if that's what you believe, St., you can judge me five judging have something to go fast when I'm trying today you are the change quite surprised to spend your whole life changing everyone and everything actions and motivations know them.

The color summons came close to body language now accounts their well practiced expert McKenzie said was the judge, at least in favor to blame from the pain-and-suffering right about the selfish, greedy nose, there's murderers, drug dealers and terrorists and a man who beat their wives and fathers is to alleviate suffering. That's changed and basically about which it is him and plaintiff prays on.

I would now twisted him into a monster has broken is gallantly meant God called on motion, the outcome is absolutely God is blind becomes the enemy's whole motivation very begins with dividing the individuals it brings in this judging spirit right. It feels very right. It feels like you've almost earned it right you know something wrong is happened to me. I should have a say so in what happens to that person in on and hopefully get time for the rest of the cliff, but it continues to point out you know the enemy continues to move that to the point were blaming God. That's always the goal. Now some of us may never get there.

And some of us have already gotten there. And some of us are still working through it all on different issues because gods cannot constantly disrupting dismantling healing and restoring and so you know were in the process of that that is the enemies goal now in a I can remember, her words as she was talking it was a practice professional or something along those lines, you know that we all become very professional at judging others, and we do it so much we don't even know it.

And that's a problem absolutely no I just ask yourself what you do it in for each one of its commuter financing sees my stand on the corner with assignments. They will work for food.

Some will feel empathy. Others will feel anger, others will fill this up at every level you judging some degree right, whatever that is. It's amazing what your eyes open to it, how much you do it and having gadgets help you work through breaking that cycle and start with the people close to you right. That's when you have the greatest impact on if you notice most of the situations and she talked about her interpersonal relationships, father, son, husband, wife, father, daughter, that type of thing so moving on on some of this only go ahead and get to this next part of the clip here in the second was everything from that clip that anyone else want to come and talk about the kind it brought to mind whether you like the movie or the book, the shack there's there's a lot of good in it. That's what I really want to remind people of the it's just like any other movie clip you may not agree with everything in it but there is so much good in, but I think that the most important things there for me. Is it super easy for me to judge someone's behavior.

When I do not know their story so you know he's a molester he's a he's a murderer he's a thief he's a he's a bomb he he talks down to his kids. He talks down to his wife. It's easy for me to make all of those pronunciations upon a person when I do not know his story or her story, but if that same person ends up in your counseling office and you and you sit down with them and say what color is the sky in your world. What does normal look like for you and you hear their story. You quickly, if you have any compassion in your heart at all.

You quickly go from judging them on their failures to trying to bring redemption into their woundedness.

I don't know a single person that's ever hurt somebody that wasn't wounded and didn't hurt them out of their woundedness. Now I know lots of people who have been wounded who then did not hurt people and that's where we end up judging will I got hurt. You know what I was a kid, but I know I was sexually abused as a child I've not sexually abused any children. KM not just I'm being totally honest and so it's pretty easy for me to sit in judgment of a child abuser.

If I want to and say that but once you know somebody story. I've never met a child abuser who wasn't abused as a child. One thing you said in there Darren I think is key.

We go back to Paul and he's talking about the church judging one another. It's not the church as we know it today holistically were talking about intimate community of people that did life together. That's the definition of church that you're beginning not where I go on Sunday and I'm not can I not saying anything about where you go on Sunday.

That's not my point. It's just we don't do church the way the church as outlined in the Bible. In a lot of cases. Some people do and thankfully they do and we find that type of church and our band of brothers is where we find that community and in that community. You know one another story.

You know their heart you know what they're made out of you know what they their glory.

Robbie, you talk about you seen glimpses of it. You know how to call it out. You know how to handle their heart and so we go back to the Scripture makes a lot more sense when you have it in that context.

So in that context. I've actually been accused of not being real high on the local church. Okay, I've been accused of what you guys don't put enough emphasis on the local church body.

That's not true.

It's not my job to put emphasis on the local church body. That's not what Jesus called me to do. He called me to set men free and but that being said, yes, the community that I have the depth of relationship. This redemptive relationship redemptive community that I have. It's with you guys and I don't go to church with a single one of y'all, I don't think any of us go to church together and so and that's that that's a sad part.

Now I'm not sitting in judgment on the local church on but I'm saying I didn't find that in the local church and I was a pastor of three of them. I found it afterwards in a redemptive community like this.

I'm not down on the local church. I love the church but if you can't find that redemptive community where people are looking for your glory and judging you rightly and say in man.

Robbie, your faithful. This is what you're called to be because your faithful Sam.

You know this is what you're called to be an and speaking into that and if you can't build close enough relationships in your local church because you're so busy trying to program the fourth grade.

You know, educational system, then so be it. I'm not going to apologize for that is just it hasn't been my experience and unfortunately that's what we hear from hundreds of men and there a lot of people that that do end up finding it there but I think you'll find that most of the churches even know it. That's why the push small groups and a lot of the churches they get bigger. If that once they outgrow intimacy right they realize the need for the small group because that's where lifestyle and that becomes the community inside the larger community. I really feel and actually is any friend BJ pointed out that the word's been stolen because it is such a tremendous value you know is tremendous value in your own family and in your friends to switch from trying to find what's wrong to where do I see God show up when this guy walks in the room.

No, that what I saw.

My wife almost acted like the second or third boot camp was like wow my wife really loves to hold babies and what's in that and as I began to see all the caregiving aspects my wife. I can see. Wow that is really her glory, and so as I began to fight for that in her life and and and and and said honey you want to go tried doing that it church whatever and I could see just her heart come alive and I can see all sorts of things a minute. It followed with my children, but also with with these guys that I walk with all the time at and so when you see Darren and his name is dangerous. Okay, what's his name right but it brings life to all of us right to speak to step out in in in in be able to risk some behavior with God. Like all man. This can be exciting. This is to be a bit dangerous, but that's kind of the world that we live in an and you know some of the beauty of of walking with hero Sam is now here's a man that everyone of us in the room knows that he's been attacked his entire life that he had nothing of value to say and are you kidding me.

If there's anybody in the room has something of value to say your your you know there is a NY cop.

I can't even begin to share the things that he is spoken into my life radically changed the radically change the amount of sin that that that I have to respect full delay scans exactly it.

I completely lost my thought I had a thought there that was brewing really complement him and him more often. May you have a shouting yeah I don't know anything.

Your your comment made me think of the enemy knows our story. He knows we been attacked yes right and so he likes to use this as his voice and when we allow ourselves to switch into judging it becomes condemnation, not to judging the Paul talks about right. The judging that's don't judge me that judging right that we all feel that condemnation right that we feel know we talked about it in and we were talking about, well, you know, our listeners really get it if we talk about judging the way that you know that Robbie's been showing us that biblically, God is taking us down this pattern that judging is not this horrible thing right it's it's actually spouse to be a positive. But Satan stolen it.

He's co-opted it and he's turned it into a very negative thing and it as we were praying before the show. It hit me know. I don't know if I can define judging but I know when it's happening. I know when it's being done to me. I know when people are sitting in condemnation of me that's a spiritual sense God gives you that the Holy Spirit gives you that so that you can go whoa whoa I'm not I'm not accepting any judgment here God in your in your authority. Jesus, I I abandon that judgment.

I'm leaving it at you know your feet at the throne you do with it what you want.

I'm not even going to judge that person who just judged me. I'm gonna forgive them on the lay it down there so you might not know what judging is but I promise you know when it's happening to it in the enemy will take the people closest to you and get them to fall into this trap and that's when they say those words they feel so true.

That's the hard part. We've all unfortunate and that to each other as well. Right.

And that's where we have to walk in this together and say wait a minute I can step back and know what is the deepest truth here. That person loves me. That person loves God, and they have a good heart and let's begin with that foundation again and forget all this combination of forget all the judging go back to the biblical truth of God said and try to lift each other up in love to go to masking and register for the upcoming boot camp coming up in 12 days. Be there

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