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June 13, 2020 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 13, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! We've all felt guilt at some point in our lives. The guys open the discussion this week on the topic of guilt, and explore their thoughts and share their stories on the subject. The clip this week comes from the film "Paint Your Wagon." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

Check out Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast as the band of brothers continue their discussion on guilt.


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This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man is a really mature one doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. What a lineup we have today on the mass as we actually have everybody on the mic today is assembled in this group and Scott group because we got Sam and Andy on the phone so you know, keep in social distancing, especially for Mandy.

Guilt might have somebody with a shower and then we got statement guilty. We got Rodney. We got a pair of jams we don't just have Jim Graham but we got Jim or Ricky with us in studio. How fun is that we have Darren, the king of guilt is probably that you might find is the grand Duke of King. So now my Humira and I don't know but if you play chess you know and apparently the grand it's not okay in meanwhile you know all of us. Inquiring minds want to know Rodney you picked this topic and I didn't guided when it came that way again. To me it was not me thinking about it was just weird because last week when we left Sam goes over. Do you guys gotta come up with a topic for you next week sometime that we left, we had a week off really weird morning Snyder and talk about becoming a king in the sky and I got all know we'll have to come up with a topic and think about things like that.

We just have her morning with questions like, will bit of a week off so that by the way, it was fantastic show Morgan yes and Brian is where this is just absently go back with the podcast after hours podcast stuff and I could have who's been in that walking and that was just very intimate so the next day I was sitting outside doing some work in the I wonder what topic does guys going to come up with was how my mind was putting a collect although come over something and before I got the thought completely out of my head. I heard guilt might already use that really what you want that which wants to talk about and I might yes he wanted you to feel guilty about those guys I find a topic I think you're right.

I don't want to admit it, so it is kind of like okay will if that's what you talk about the gotta be something behind this. So then we started talking Scripture references and things came along and there is a song my mind would you get the bomb that I thought all boy born I was really were sent song had something to do with this topic and tied in 24 hours later is like. So think about that, as it ties in and he kinda gave it to me like more about how it ties in and stuff as I thought that's great radio there, you know, is how he said, not the payoff is that you bring that in the break soundstage. Working to find out what about the song. I might sell the good-natured of the death so he was like well it's interesting topic and in my first question I asked God was like, what is or anyplace and I'm struggling with that. You know, in three or four came to my mind before I could hardly think at and as I was thinking about those in my own guilt that I still I know the doctrinal issues of how to deal with guilt, I understand a lot of that stuff obviously. Maybe not obviously cannot do.

But undoubtedly there are still some issues there for me and so as I was thinking about how I personally deal with guilt, I find myself in one of several categories which can hear from really one of my favorite movies which is pink and red and so here we have a very interesting group of guilty or not guilty folks that are at the table when they literally had a table as you got been around sinners, the star of the deal here and then you'll notice that Dan doesn't feel any guilt while Ben is an alcoholic euro gift he doesn't have an at and and and very much a womanizer and and very much a thief.

If you watch the movie and so this family comes into town and what they don't know is that Dan is actually married to this woman with his partner played by Clint Eastwood right and they are both married to her which there. By the way, since the wife and Clint Eastwood are guilty or they feel guilty.

So they're hiding all the stuff they thrown the whiskey out of the house. They moved all the ashtrays like my family used to be when the grandparents came in the throat.

All the wineglasses were all put up so nobody would ever know that there there there is no guilt involved in all that was going on so you have these people are feeling guilty but not do anything about.

You got the people that are not feeling guilty, which is been Rumson and then the people sign that the Christians that have come in the town may have a son by the name Horton band is gone off and taken him to the house of ill repute and to smoking cigars and drinking whiskeys in the end he's trying to make sure the parents don't find anything about that so obviously Ben knew there was something up and then you got the Christian couple who they themselves don't alert aware of any guilt that they have in their life, but they're pretty quick to point out everybody else's. And so, as you listen to this. I know you may think I don't find myself anywhere in this group, but when I listen to myself I find myself in every single position.

Sometimes I'm judging other people because are clearly guilty.

Sometimes I'm feeling guilty about things that I shouldn't feel guilty about and other times I'm not feeling any guilt that I absolutely should feel guilt, so here's your whole choice. I remember you was no tunnels was an excellent annual lesson. I remember thinking man's food, shut the door with for this. We thank the Lord.

Amen. The Wikipedia 12 are you hello Grace, pretty good that is good is Horton this afternoon and Horton gold-mining was the finding of some of the most natural born goal line is that I ever met, and brought them up. Not to be afraid to try. While at boy tries everything to find Hank in Pennsylvania and no, sir. We did not make applejack with variables for Mr. Rumson you think everything that comes out of the earth, should be used to make liquor whenever possible. Yes, you should think about Mr. Rumson. I have read the Bible is discouraging the back drinking. Notice your fuel my appetite for families. What good is all around his family yesterday thinking of settling down great is don't listen to him is always joking. Elizabeth was now. I played you if you want a drink Trip house. Elizabeth, you can order a man of his own house. That's right, it's his house. Mrs. Rumson is Mary JM she's married to both of us were partners. I have never said they know the Lord and the guests arrive like beyond what is respectability in this house would still be happily married. Triple units on is not one bit was little of Mr. Rumson take life like a boy to save my life. Horton bottle get into your pocket. How long have you been drinking hard liquor will since his afternoon. I know you don't approve pop and believe me you had a good cigar and a shot of whiskey you're missing the second and third best things in life, would you take and then display next. Now you can see that 20 and that little bit in that little thing to to really wrap your head around and so as I was trying to wrap my head around where where is my issue. The biggest is it that I won't admit that I'm a been Rumson at some level, or that I am feeling guilty about some I shouldn't feel guilty about or am I blaming others, and in being legalistic because when you think about it. Everybody had a chance to live on. Been who clearly was the. Mostly, he was lost, as you could possibly be right and so those people. They were quick to judge Ben, but they were quick to figure out you know there's a reason I didn't get drunk all the time right isn't his wife was more concerned about her outward appearance and so you get all the picture but I'm not pointing any fingers except here back at me. So as I began to process that I saw my own guilt I and so will get to that story little bit later but let me try Jim or Ricky Cecilia. He's fresh on the scene here is, is there something in your life that you can relate to.

Based on AI.

I would have see that the source of most my guilt comes from selfishness. It's you know you you pour out you pour out your poor eyebrows or family for other work, and then you start getting to that pity party portion worse is okay where's my turn. Once my turn and was to be my break.

When one is my ship going to come in and you get into this pity party and you realize you know after in there for a while. How selfish you're really being in that were all here for God's glory and honor own and I that's probably where I struggle the most in a it's that portion of you know, trusting that God's got his best for me when I think I know what's best for me and so practically does he come from for your rescue their house that was that feeling. I am extremely blessed now will you we just purchased a new home.

It's it's incredible.

It's nicer home than I think I was ever going down. And God reminds me that he is there that he he comes to my rescue and just when I think that no the end is here and there.

There is not to be anymore.

And God is there he he blesses me with family.

He blesses me with friends now to ship that Artie did come in, but it's kinda reminding you and of personal way on certain levels that really you think that's kind of extravagant right and that's when the guilt comes in is okay well I been whining about this for so long you know AAA now it's here.

You know I don't deserve this because I been whining for so long since Sam, I know that John Lynch you know has this picture of sin and that we think it separates us from God, but from your perspective. Can you kind of things there. Well you know John Lynch incredible job to go listen to any item on YouTube. It's not a football player that you and I talked about you know we feel like this is between keeps us away from God and the others that are does a great job of having a word picture of making the file got standing with the flipping of the thing I got back together since his feeling guilty for him find a lot of things that we also did have a great time that they can very soon. July 16 through the 1980 friends at my pillow and change overproduction to make mass for hospitals, but they still had plenty of products are right now.

Truth listeners can buy one get one free on most products, pillows, Giza bedsheets towels even neck pillows. If you get two of those you'll be neck and neck go to the radio listeners page and use the promo code card. I call 800-943-7096 four Mike Lindell's book and get free shipping plus a $25 gift card for your next purchase. Use the promo code car dear and can with the masculine journey radio show I want to ask you to consider coming to boot camp meet our band of brothers meet the masculine journey radio team, but more importantly meet God there.

Here the message experience. The message that is change hundreds of man's life change. Their marriages change the way they walk with God taking you guys cease fire first promo here. Coming July 17 through the 19th. Register hi this is Sam a mask and turn them here with my son Eli talked about ways you can help support the ministry only, is information on website there on how to do that you go to and click the donate button. We can go to and find the working to mail something in malic to PO Box 550, Kernersville, NC 27285 and well that's always been bouncing them. I couldn't get it out then. I'm thinking I doesn't aiming to do this guilt is everything you do it because the only way you're going to get rid of it truly be cleansed and feel good about yourself where you're at where you're going through God and he's the one is going to be there for you and Lord, I need you, you know so bad and then just Mike said my one defense that's it know I'm guilty of every other thing except for turning down your gift of Jesus Christ. To me, and best only thing I'm done right my life so rambling on that pitching big Jim Jim Brent that sora led me to come in that is my guilt. I will feel like I spend time with God like out. I know I need and I know what is done for me, but and I was picking on Robbie before the show, talking about what I feel guilty about this I blamed it on Robbie will get to the blaming others for problems in the future event, but I look at his prayer life and what he's been through and sort like Mr. Brekke here costs have really been blessed don't deserve it. The pod to 15 minutes with Jesus in the morning at the better-than-average day and while I do. I'm still trying to figure out the praying at all times now and I really think that's the Holy Spirit because I know I'm not doing but it's the take the wheel. I've all throughout my life I've known of God and believed in, but that was Plan B. That was the backup and I still treat them that way sometimes and that's my biggest source of guilt, Sandy. You've been quiet in their so that you money guilt to live with long-term brilliant. Let God work in talk a lot about the life changing a bit of news interrupter to get you to look at think differently and everything I struggle with a long-term letter, anger, frustration. Things that obviously this keep doing in on acute but those things also agreed on when you know that you got unite God called you to something greater and then not being able to really fulfill that because you know you got all the stuff going on in your aftermarket greater pro-life a really really you know felt horrible and I took a lot of responsibilities she you know, let me know what my part was in it.

And even though it was hard to hear. It caused me to really go deeper with God and really look at him of the guilt that I felt but also begin to realize that much guilt I projected on her, made her feel guilty or my My daughter so you know. Through the years to skip start sticking with it Constantly feeling guilty but wanting to be free from that cost, but will he not wanting to unite fail fail God mean again. I had a Savior, but I didn't have the peace to the Savior to bring it was because of that Gilbert got everything in my heart. Over time, I still struggle with thing. Now it's more so not let some of the Standley banker tempting and you feel guilty when you are tempted, order, or sometimes all but I think it's also okay what that something greater.

God created us to be king. We talked about that last week we have a spear of influence. Carol Mr. and you'll never be able to live that out and live it the you know designed you to. If you're carrying a lot of guilt as wanting to keep there, and so my heart is to really fulfill what he the purpose of the implant.

The estimate to help other people and speak a message that I have learned and help them out of the situations they are. Go help the less fortunate.

Whatever might be. But as for doing that now. Now the guilt becomes well, you're not doing those things want you doing that thing you get caught up in the smaller story about the larger story mostly, even though again I became a long way in the feeling of guilt I feel like there are still those things those I be little flock that the thing to keep you off is clamped for my life. You know, that just keeps me from feeling everything you want guilt. If they get this stapler in the kingdom of God for sure you have subscription force to help along whelming yet. The Scripture is full of the topic of guilt and hundreds of verses but we just want to make sure that our listeners are hearing and that each other that were hearing that guilt is a very serious thing that I mean it's it's a gift from God. Number one God takes it very seriously, even in the Old Testament there is something called a guilt offering right there's a sin offering. There's a guilt offering and an Leviticus as the guilt offering is most holy and so there's a there is this precedent set very early on in Scripture that we have guilt, but that we need to get rid of guilt as well. And so there's the Old Testament. Leviticus no system Levitical sacrifices in your told how to get rid of that guilt and obviously in the New Testament we find at the Jesus is both the Lamb that takes the sin away, but he's also the high priest who does the offering. He's also our King.

He's also our husband. His father is our father. All of those things, but so there's a ton of Scripture and we don't have time to get into all of them but a couple of the places that keeping in mind that that Levitical system that we are talking about is referenced in Hebrews and so in Hebrews you got Hebrews chapter 10 basically the entire chapter, but the first four verses talk about guilt in the last few verses, verse 19 through 22. Talk about guilt and both of them don't reference guilt so much as freedom from a guilty conscience if you're in Christ you're already free from the guilt. There's the doctrine K. I'm not really talking about doctrine here, I'm talking about the practical life of living free of guilt because of the doctrine and so in in Hebrews 19 or Hebrews 10 verse 22.

Literally God talks about having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience. So it's the conscience that God wants free. He wants it free from guilt. 12. There a lot of practical ways to do that will talk more about that in a minute. In the after our show, but it's not just about guilt were trying to get free from were trying to get free from the havoc it wreaks on our conscience and we don't realize that Jesus sacrifice was enough nights are getting back to the question I asked which is God. Where am I struggling here and very quickly point out two or three for they just pop right up like it out like Daisy's issue so the one that really got me.

Those people know me well know I was in the church of Scientology. But not only was I in the church of Scientology one point time I was in the sea organization of the Church of Scientology, which is the ruling body of that church and yes, it's a called and yes, it's very what they're doing is entrapping people with Satan's help. But when you join the sea organization which was you know all about make me feel like I was kind of a big deal because I could join the sea organization have to sign a contract and since in Scientology believe in past lives and future lives you sign a contract literally.

It's written for eternity.

Just serve the church of Scientology for eternity. And so, having actually signed that contract it would be hard for me to even describe anybody. How many times Satan has brought that contract back up to me and attempted to get me to feel that guilty conscience me.

I understand the doctrine and all that you know what all that other stuff is just I struggle with it in a course I get because if you're in Scientology at some point in your life, especially if you're in the sea organization you're gonna get a call about once a week from somebody trying to get you back in and so I get this quite frequently and this was, I was talking to Jesus about this very thing this morning because again the show brought it up like here's an opportunity to deal with something Rob and Jesus says to me yeah you you still feel this obligation to the contract that you signed. He said only if you ever thought about this Robbie but you are truly serving the church of Scientology like you never have a man that is is those people call you every time they call you, you attempt to share with them.

Life where they're headed in a trip to death and and and so in your own way.

You know you yeah you signed a contract for eternity, but in your own way you're serving like you've never been able to serve before and I thought wow that's absolutely cracked mean Jesus was really this very compassionate to me and as I was thinking about you know the way he he helped you with Eli Sam that he's not just about helping you out doctrinally or making you free, but he is working on you can't buy you a little of it on Eric or you know I what I struggle, guilt, why you know how I handled myself before I really found you know that freedom through dealing with greater restoration freedom through God's work in my life I've been a Christian for a long time but I what you'll and I was that a Christian cannot walking around a name and not really living in the practice and insular things that I feel guilty about a lot still is how I was before I really started to walk in the message of healing and restoration of an inviting God to do that my life and it comes back primarily to Mike. You have hurt them over the years, you know emotionally where the desk and got the map that lasted like, and we really got in late dad knew my heart so we are done this over the after hours is coming when you get a chance to hear about Terrence in and regularize the sin we got on the same comments about the cliffs got to go this to the podcast and messenger the radio about OIG while you're there, register for the upcoming coming document July 16 through the 19th. How fun we want to see their after-hours member

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