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Becoming A King

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 6, 2020 12:30 pm

Becoming A King

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 6, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys welcome Morgan Snyder to the show. Morgan is the author of the Book titled Becoming A King. The band of brothers speak with Morgan about his book and how it applies to our lives. The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

Check out Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast as the band of brothers continue their discussion about Becoming A King.


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This is the Truth Network of every man plays a really mature life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many quests and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to the masculine journey we are so glad that you're with us today.

We have a special guest with us. Sometimes our guest are special and then we have a special guest with us today, and that's Morgan Schneider, who just got finished writing a book called becoming a king and we got a whole host of guys in the studio.

A lot of us have questions and but we just want to share with our listeners how excited we are that a Morgan has this book, becoming a king out in print.

I've Artie bought several copies of it and send it to guys all over the country and read it once and almost finished with the audible version Morgan and then Vlad Bryant and I love the fact that you're actually reading the, the book that you're the one reading it, so I hate that by an audible and it's not you know the author but that's just my Otto's fat yeah but your heart story short story that I really mean I doubt yeah so when you start out the book you actually some say very unapologetically what the mission of the book is and that that is power and that that men want power and that it's okay and so I would love for you to just talk about that for a minute and preparation. I actually Google earlier and get court and said what going on and of the top 10 story about were story of myth and all just fascinating all sorts of different expression and barren light that the laptop we happened to be in a very poignant moment of masculine power and out in a very catastrophic way, but it the same time the most current expression, nothing new under the spine that we read history, we find that story repeating itself again and again and again so important is to try to unpack.

What's going on. What is the dilemma and what is the opportunity and what I want Jack in that power at the center of our store. The center of what gone wrong in the center of what we need to recover and restore. I think those of the work out you if we want to find life bent by and make it laugh so I think we talk about power. Dallas Willard suggested that the primary work of God is finding people finding that and women in whom we can entrust this power in the story of most met is being entrusted with power and it pretty hard themselves and those under their care so challenging is that during the booking Scriptures. We weren't handed to be entrusted with how it was literally first invitation by the heart of God right that let the father son and Holy Spirit, make humankind in our image and filled male and female, they glide the Trinity created and the first thing he said to give the keys to the king. He says will do exercise my heart my nature over all of creation will be cocreator you will reign over the fish of the of the be the first of the sky over all thing. I entrusted to your care.

What I want Jack to begin the conversation of powers met for good.

We were meant to be entrusted with power Stuart and what gone wrong with it is really bad.

It's really debilitating book in the world and in our: the question must be what we do with the laptop and not to lose the original by, but not to reject power or power, but what is it look like for power to be restored and a man and a woman and delete made healthy others live under our care. This is funny that you started there and you talked about today's headlines the stack is the second statement that I had written down just in my notes and prep for this was basically says the statement that you know all we have to do is look at today's headlines and and that's evidence enough that we need kings we need good kings in the world but the reason I wanted to talk about that and I loved ask Brian to chime in here is that you talk about the importance of becoming a son and Brian were talking before the show and you said that's where you're at right now. Yes I know Morgan obviously have been to the intensive of spent a lot of time with you at a great week and there've spent a lot of time in the video series. Prior to that, and then even after so I'm deep in this message and yeah and I'm reading through this book in her first chapter I think I'm in my been second chapter in the coming assignment that the quote is the journey of son ship is not a one-time event but an ongoing process is Jesus modeled of maturing and oneness so you know what I want to suggest is that this is a this is an ongoing thing and for me personally. That's where I'm at today.

You know I'm I'm get I'm in the slow and steady. You know it home for kids, a wife in the story that came to mind for me was now my wife and daughter were in our bed. They had a long day they were done they said they were going to bed. They were watching a movie in bed. They had had dinner yet so you know you told us stories regarding fighting for your daughter's heart your wife's heart and that's that's in the moment mean I was just asking what can I do now, so what I did was about her breakfast.

Breakfast breakfast dinner in bed, which can then breakfast but that's okay yeah and it was you know it was a very simple thing, but they loved it.

And you know my wife looked at me and I'll never forget the look in her eyes and she said straight to my daughter she said that. So you need to go find when you grow up so he knows just a good moment of it wasn't about me. It was more about the generations to come. Yeah, you know, and what kind of person was I going to become my going to be snack at work where I'm to become a sign and fight for my wife and daughter back now connect the dots that moment in your choice right to left your family by offering strength by operating affection and intimate daily care of bringing a meal for that that instead of the typical we find ourselves were just checked out frustrated. We spent our stuff all day and we have a chance to watch a movie get a little relief. You know, get a little space get a Nextel connect that action to the idea of becoming a spine in increasing measure over time with the connection for you but for me personally.

That was my story. Most of the time. You know I would go to work and I would be fully spent. The point of that's all I wanted to do. I couldn't engage in in obviously a mess this up more than not, so I come home a lot of times and I a mess it up. But knowing that moment I had a choice and the choice was, you know I'm to do the things that I can do to fight for their heart so and I would say have come a long way and that and just the fact that I made that choice and prayed in that moment and ask God what should I do, yeah, that was huge for me when I reflect back on. I would suggest that most of what we experience when we experience masculinity in the world in the new in our home in our schools and our business with our church. It is uninitiated King.

It mostly always in then body in man's role in men's responsibility that have not gone to the prospect of becoming wholehearted king through the gateway of becoming fun and so the fact that you have to start with is that the right outboard actions rebuild delete 100% of time to look at the action and what you see when you think most men of being behind the defense of the high right like on the finance that were my yard work like Brad and think whatever it is on the hot the report card is behind or that what ever it is up to me life is up to me, even if it's my ministry or my church bike up to me and so does condition so often reveal the reality of father and as a root caught in that actual hopeful because we see things as not as they are. We are, and when we are living out of practical belief system of the orphan way. We will always be a victim. We will feel behind. We will live it and it might.

And that's not what Jesus modeled models. A life of strikethrough dependency and was available to fund when we risk believing that God is the true father ways that we have learned and we have to unlearn and learn as he truly is.

When we come home for sponsorship, increasing measure changes are less and how we see everything. It changes our emotional experience of reality scarcity turns into abundant beer trip into courage. Over time, so Brian what you just described was beautiful you shifted from spending yourself but were probably trying to chase that thing up orphan spirit.

A spirit of slavery. I'm on my own deductively. I have to make it happen even if they can look noble but is out of being orphan and instead, the new places of honest on offering out a spirit of friendship.

I have more than enough. I am provided for.

I can bring strength of those I love rather than bringing my question that the answer might need for validation.

I am validated and I'm able to bring strength the way to go. That's the path that's not feel injured. Yeah, this is yeah I'm I'm 65 years only one like you guys in his 30s and sounds really jealous when the stuff came out and I like man I mean do you know that is so funny. As I listen to stuff like their talk about your way behind at 31 at 65 on my way way way behind and admit that you did this podcast on in a given your daughter a promise ring and my daughters like third email of like I'm way behind.

I can't do that because my daughters like 30 minutes and I thought you know why the way that you described that ring was that you could say I promise that I'm always good when I thought about what they would do for my daughter's heart and all my goodness I gave it to her last Christmas with her mother helping me pick it out. There is no way I can ever explain to you what that did for my family, because it just wasn't that impossible to try to get up to the point where things were right, but we got to go to bring yeah really good for up to a break in the meantime, you can go to masculine and register for the boot camp that we got coming up. Our friends at my pillow and change overproduction to make mass for hospitals, but they still have plenty of products are right now.

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Use the promo code car dear and can with the masculine journey radio show I want to ask you to consider coming to boot camp meet our band of brothers meet the masculine journey radio team, but more importantly meet God there.

Here the message experience. The message that is changing hundreds of lives change their marriages change the way they walk with God taking you guys cease-fire first thing I'm trying to promo here. Coming July 17 through the 19th.

Register by the same Alaskans are now here is my son. Talk about ways to help support only, is information on website there on how to do that you go to and click the donate button. You can go to and find the to mail something else to PO Box 552 72 today and will so excited about the new book that he is written becoming a king and we got Brian 1/4 in the in the house with us who's been out to Colorado and spend quality time with Morgan and the the group on the intensive that Morgan started a few years ago I Robbie said he was jealous when you first announced the intensive Morgan I registered now was way past 40 and way to go but I'm sure that laughingly you know you sent me an email saying sorry dude, you're too old, but your mind. I was one I did identify with that.

I mean I so much identified with that and I remember Craig McConnell talking about that one time at at a boot camp where he just said he only felt like he was behind in his finances. He was behind in this behind and that in all of these different things and and so there's so much more to cover. Now in chapter 3, I want to take you to their because I both love and hate in this quote that you put in there by Mike Mason and you know I love it because it's true.

I hate it because it demands hard work and I hate it even more because I'm in the construction business and I build things and and sometimes I have to demo stuff in order to build something.

But seldom do I have to demo what I put my blood sweat and tears my money and finances into and as I read that I went I've built up a lot of stuff that God wants to tear down and and he wants me to be active in that process of excavation and tearing it down so that he can build it back up.

I would love for you to talk about that for a second or two yeah Claude heart failure might make that the heart of man like Dentsply populated city that not think empty bill in it that there without something else being torn down and it's really sobering. But we have to remember that the lens in which we approach that kind of idea is one of father's standard view of reality of father that genera it has our best tension in my teeth doesn't do it simply to be cruel but when were orphan. We misinterpret that kind of work. I remember there being a young man just being so angry about that. You're right, somebody gave me a picture of an excavation fight Mrs. acute commercial skyscraper in my ear steady in the layer. The war of digging and excavate there's huge Working bulldozers at the bottom and they just look like and I'm looking at the death of it and I spent the father think this whispers what I'm doing. If you want to participate with me. These are not the building.even these are the excavate and I thought it. I kicked the screen but you are somebody I remember when I had enough pain were my internal life didn't match my actor also.

Externally, I would kill people. What is that all man but I will look like internally beer there is that behind and I didn't want that life. I want that gifted with in my soul and so I and I entered a mentor that you know I start asking the question with the pitfalls when we find light, how do we make you laugh with the most important thing and I remember early in the day, a mentor said start with looking at that in their 50 in their 60 and ask where they get taken out what went wrong and you guys it was so painful because these were good that no one out the train wreck their marriage. No one back set out the cause of abuse and harm to other people and I was so sobered particularly looking for men getting taken out by working women and what I was haunted by a started out just like me. If I am not keenly aware of my trajectory. My load it.

My intent my season and what God is after I could quickly and easily find my path where I landed up and think like this and it wasn't judgment.

It was sobriety. It was going.

I know what I want, so there's gotta be a different way and that's when God really challenge me of the narrow road disclosed steady over that that the date and the constant production of you can get the life you want, but you can have a cheek you can have it easy and you can have a quick there's nothing new under the spine and left not with the Scriptures, they felt I thought again excavation and now I've come to embrace it and actually even the light to the point of planting eight little pine tree in my yard this past spring. So practice I would've wanted to look for the shortest way to do is figure and I tripped this time make it efficient and God that I want you to day. I want you to prepare the soil and what you disband out here every day with a hose and water slowly as it needs to be done because what I'm doing for these trees on doing for you. You need the and cooperate with me. Brian was that was set bring out the new well, reading along the book as well about your internal world versus your external world and for me it was in my external world was good as well and then like Morgan says that the lights on the dashboard start coming out the known for me it was some mean a lot of things in my family that it just gone wrong, you know, and I had to look somewhere else and you know a lot of things came up during that time and thing I can think the other in the room here.

Sam for you help me get through those times so if I would have Sam in my life there be a lot of trouble. So I would venture to say that every person in this room would say if we didn't have Sam in our life we would be in a lot of trouble and probably each other, we could probably you know, just fill in the blank and sit next to you there. There you go. It is amazing to me that you bring that up on this. I mean I remember the first time I met you, Morgan. I won't tell the story right now, but it was about 11 years ago, we might save it for the after our show. It's more of after-hours content, but I was in a really bad place in and you begin to talk about some of these principles of of preparing the soil and becoming good soil and I am like it because I wanted the shortcut. II had I had been a pastor for the better part of 20 years. The first time I ever heard you speak and I thought you know there's there's I wanted the shortcut. I've been trying that you know that the five tips in the seven techniques to, you know, getting to know God better and and all of those different things and and I was teaching them. Quite frankly, and yet it wasn't working, so there was the external.

Oh he's a pastor he's a leader. All of those things, but the internal was no still struggling with addiction to pornography on and often struggling with the marriage that was about to be dissolved in an different things and that was you know about for years before I met you but during that period of time. It was as God came along and began to say okay so you know what's not working, what's not working for you and you talk about this pandemic in the book of this anger and addiction in vicarious living. It's just it's just under the surface of almost every man and my goodness, all you have to do is turn on the news right now or open the newspaper or turn on the Internet and you see that we are living in that explosion of of the anger of the addiction of the vicarious living in, and all of those different things and the fact that were were never going to live beyond our identity that you talk about and so when I heard you talk about the 10 years that you took to become good soil in your 30s office like oh no, I don't have 10 years and I mean I hated it and and I love the outcome of it and so I just want to say thank you and and and and validate you and and not not for me but I know God validate you but thank you for being willing to submit and humble yourself. At that point and sit at the feet of some mentors and so talk about that for a minute what what is it like to say you know what I don't have to have all the answers right now I'm gonna seek out men or even women in my life I that I love the story you tell about when you decided you were behind and you wanted to learn how to bow hunt yeah and and how godfathers you through those things helps you become a son in a different way. Yeah, amended teacher, among other things, that the tremendous guy hi guy, one mentor at Apple have you reached your bottom because God is there. Patient he waits the wanted posters that felt he will wait until we hit bottom and he will only patient with our stumbling and I remember one mentor freight that we really have two choices. Humility or humiliation but in this instant. There is not 1/3 way and I had lengthy humiliation and plenty of loss and that way finally I yelled it right. I want more life and I don't and got if you are you. I'll give it a try.

It began out of intense longing for life and the dilemma of paying manifesting as anxiety and fear in the disconnected dissident and Michael left early. I asked God the God I want my want light and not finding it and what I found were so many guys either. The world blew up for work a fixed deed and misery. Dale Wright 60 accesses its own entity. The worst thing is when our fault on our caricature and Bigley actually works for us and so thirsty and we come to a crossroad and we can't become the kind of person which they were going to replace her! The unspoken subcontinent!

Which were trained to have his men in a fallen world only after organ replacement? Start asking the question, what is the most important thing and so I found myself asking was going back.

I asked God and this is really the headwaters is becoming a king. I asked God what is the path of life with Julie, the silent I think with the go to radio well this is going to be the end of the show was going to come back in a few minutes with the after show the after our show.

So if you're listening right now and you want to come back and join us on the podcast go to masculine get the podcast on iTunes on spot.

If I own several different outlets. Your favorite one.

In the meantime, go to masculine or new radio and or and register for the Boot Camp got coming up July 17 or 16th, July 16 through the 20th and the wording to come back with more for Morgan Snyder in just a few minutes

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