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Becoming a King After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 6, 2020 8:00 am

Becoming a King After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 6, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers, to Masculine Journey After Hours! On this episode, the band of brothers continue their discussion from Masculine Journey with author Morgan Snyder about his book, Becoming A King. The clip used in this episode comes from the film "Gladiator."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.



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This is the Truth Network coming to an infringing marriage is the heart and vascular injury after hours time be more transparent on the topic of and venture masculine journey after hours. Start here. Welcome to the masculine journey after hours. So glad that you're with us the download of the podcast and or listening we got a great show set with Morgan Schneider, author of becoming a king. A friend of the ministry of ours in in in that if he hadn't done what he had done years ago with John Eldridge and others there wouldn't be a masculine journey radio show and there there would not be masculine journey boot camps in different things that we've done over the last 11 years together as a band of brothers and so were thrilled to have Morgan on we were talking in the show earlier about this whole idea of the fact that there has to be an excavation and that you have to give yourself over to this holy, as in the holy HO L why holy excavation process to allow God to begin to excavate things and want to start out with a clip that were going to jump into in this clip comes from the movie gladiator and it's not one that we played on here a lot. I don't know if we've ever use this clip actually but that to set it up. It's, this is hearing from his father that he's not going to be the Emperor and and there's a whole reason why listen to the clip and the Morgan talk to Morgan a little bit about it and and maybe some other stuff regarding this holy excavation that happens in our life. You prescribed so much trust to the Senate once more room to be a republic again next to me once listing the 14 first question justice is achieved. As I read the list. I know I have not. In the event you result in us courage On the Battlefield.

Many Forms of Courage and Devotion to My Firm, but Not of My Virtues on Your List, so Here's a Man Who Just Got Some Really Bad News. He Got That That Kind of Disruption in His Life That God Often Gives Us As the, the Diggers Begin in Our Life.

If Were Willing to Submit to the Digging That Goes on so We Got Morgan Schneider on to Talk about That More and I Would Love to Hear Your Thoughts on That Clip and and Other Things. Masculine Journey, Really, How One Actually Comes before I Do It so Well. You Guys Know Every Great Story Borrowed Power from the Gospel. The Story of All Story Strikes Me in That Era, Longing for Something Has Question I Answered and below That Asserting These Are My Virtues. This Is What I Do Have, You Can Always Scrambling with the Question, Am I Not Lovable.

You and Don Have What a Baby Can't You Choose Me Just Needing Vicki Rainey and Therefore Is Automatically the Power That the Central Question. When Can You Entrust a Man with Power and That Is the Question We Must Ask Ourselves Because That Question Will Lead a on a Treasure Trail That Lead Back to the Spencer `True North Back to the Center on Storyline of What God Is Really up That God Is Orchestrating Everything out a Path of Restoration Where We Become Initiated Wholehearted That That's What God Is up and before That so Powerful That We Have Marcus Raley Know That the Leader of Wrong You Have Mac, but the General Legion and Maximus Is Simply a Man out Either Man Become the Kind of Person That Can Be Entrusted without Any at This Point You're Buying Is the Steward Felix Please Get Marcus Raley.

Note That Technically the Ground Should Go to Comment.

But in Truth in Order to Restore the Republic Right the Kingdom to Restore the Kingdom in Freedom, in Light in the Fullness of What It Was Intended to Be, It Needs to Be under Good Care under Authority That Will Rule On Behalf Of Otter and Felt Maximus Is It Is Brought in to 2.the Emperor Marcus Raley That I Need You to Be Congregate. I Need You to Be the Emperor of Rome and Will You Take on the Market When You Are Handed the Keys Looking like This to Your Life Where You Want More Where You Want to Build Where You Want to Exert Power.

You Long to Make a Name for Yourself to Get Something Going in Maximus As the Market for Raley at the with All My Heart. I Don't Want That Kind of Power in the Most Stunning Line and Not Being Marcus Raley Turns with a Tear in His Black Eye That That Estimate Why It Must Be You Because You Become the Kind of Man That Can Be Entrusted with Power and It Will Not Bring Harm to Yourself and Those under Your Care, You've Been through a Process of Great Suffering You Through That, to a Greater Light That the Kind of Man I Want to Be, and What I Want to Suggest That That's with Available to All of If We Would Read Every Risk Believing in a Path That Is Truly Life the Narrow If You Choose, but for Those That You We Can Have Life That It Was Meant to Be before the after Our Show We Were Talking with Morgan Brian, You Talked about Asking Him to Talk about the Book and Those of Us Who've Kinda Watched You Mature in the Kingdom and I Don't Mean to Say That in a Condescending Way at All, but We've Watched Your Life over the Last 11 or 12 Years Morgan Many of Us in This Room Have and the I Will Just I'll Tell a Quick Story.

The First Time I Met You Was at an Advanced Boot Camp and I Think March 2009 Sam and I Teamed up and Made Our First Dangerous Heart Boot Camp and Goodhart Boot Camp in November 2009, so We Were Babies and Rookies and Didn't Have a Clue What We Were Doing and All of the Guys in This Room Are a Result of You Doing a Little Thing on Sunday about How to Do a Boot Camp and I Hope You Don't Remember This but after You Had Finished Doing That, I Had Listened to You All Weekend and in the Thought Hit Me. I Was about in My Mind, 14 or 15 Years Older Than You Had Been Pastoring Churches for the Better Part of 20 Years. By That Time, and Here's This Young Guy Morgan Schneider Who Is up on Stage and Doing a Wonderful Job in Communicating Wonderful Truths and I Was Mad I Was Upset about It and I Was an Arrogant Drive Still an Arrogant Jerk. I'm Just You Know God's Excavating Some of That and so in My Arrogant Jerk Goodness.

I Was Sitting There Just Kinda Seething with That.

Like What Is This Young Guy Got to Tell Me What What's He Got to Say That's Worth Me Listening to, and the Holy Spirit Began to Work on That in and I Begin to to Allow That to Happen and Prayed about It and As the Weekend Went on, More and More and More the Things That You Said Hit Me with Greater and Greater Impact in a Wonderful Way and so the First Meeting You and I Ever Had.

I Actually Apologized to You. You Didn't Know Me from Adam.

But I I Said You Know Morgan I Owe You an Apology and You Went for What Coming You Knew You Didn't Know Me and I Said Well Because I Been Sitting Here Is an Arrogant Jerk Them Think and What Does This Young Guy Have, to Teach Me and I Just Want You to Know That I Was Judgmental and I Was Wrong and I Appreciate Your Humility and Your Willingness to Get up and Thank You so Much and I Hope and Pray That Nobody Else's Sitting Here like Me Who's an Older Guy Thinking What's This Young Guy Got to Say and That Was Literally the First Time You Ever Heard My Voice and Again I Hope You Forgotten That. But Robbie and I've Talked about This This Whole Idea of at Our Age. You Know It May Seem like This Book, Becoming a King Is Maybe Were Too Far Gone.

You Know Robbie Is Definitely a Tooth Are Gone I Got Tenure Still to Catch up. But This Whole Idea That You You Talk in the Book about Becoming a Generalist and a and I I Want to Get to That at Some Point, but I Want to Also Talk about the Whole Process of Writing the Book Because As As Brian Said You've Been Cultivating This Material for It. It Feels like 10 or 11 Years Us Is Probably Much Longer to You so so Talk about That a Little Bit. Sure A Lot Of What You Just Shared. Thank You for That Confession. Now Not a Generalist about to Go There and Then on the Right Process but There's A Lot in There but I Think I Could Try in Responding to the Right Product That with That First Story to Be Told Because One of the Things I Learned in the Beginning of This Process.

22 Years Ago Is We We Live in a Culture with Tons of Information and Write It but If the Agent of the Information Age Exponential Change. Exponential Growth Is More and More, Faster and Faster, and the Problem with Being a Gifted Man at Every Man, It Is, We Can Easily Know More Than We Quit We Can Have Information but Lack Maturity and What I Do.

Back in Those Days When I Was Actually Sharing a Boot Camp Was Consenting to the Lowest Seat at the Table Where I Chose Now for Steak Offspring Not Out Of What I Know. But What I Live in Some Part of This Package Taking the Load Be Able to Thing the Slow and Steady, and I Realized My Knowing Had Exceeded My Living Had to Catch up. For Most Young Men in Our Gifting Back Where We Find Ourselves Just the Natural Current Bank and so It Took a Real Harness Date Where in Those Days I Was Not on Faith Much There Just to Be Clear on That Story I Was Sharing on How Do Boot Camp Because I Was the Event Coordinator. I Was the behind the Themes Guy Hauling Water Carrying Bag, Guiding the Event for the Other Guy You Know Craig Gary Part John to Shine on Date I Very Low Stake President and It Was Wonderful to See That, Though Painful, of Crucifying My Self-Promotion, My Gifting, but I Wanted to Be Anointed with Power and I Knew That That Only Came from My Living Catching up with My Knowing, and so It Was Very Similar to the Right Process. I Had Recovered This Message through Spitting at the Feet of Elders, Some 75 Manlike Fan and in Other Men and Women like Can't Gathering Their Wisdom, Their Responses, but What Are the Pitfalls Was the Most Important Thing I Would. I Have Goal and I Even Noted in My Body. I Went from Feeling behind to Feeling on Top.

It Was Just an Amazing Emotional Soulful Shift That I'm on Current Everything's Going to Be Okay. I Made Good and Now I Am a Communicator on the Messenger and I Really Do Believe That Part of My Main and the Kingdom of God to Shake and Be Shaped by Men and Women Who Are Shaping Our Kingdom, but I Wasn't yet the Man Who Could Carry That I Was Passionate about Writing This Message Years Ago. Over a Decade Ago When I Began My God Was Really Clear. You Got That First You Need to Become the Kind of Person They Can Be Entrusted with This Sort of How and Only That You Begin to Craft This Message in a Way They Can Truly Concisely and Empower Health Bring People into Deeper Healing Redundant Strength in Me and My Kingdom of God Was Day so That I Took the Time to Craft It over Years and Years and Then When It Was Complete Got That and Now Only Now, Why Help You Reach the Many and Find A Few Because Chesterton Is That the Every Generation with the Gospel.

Every Generation Is Charged with Its Recovery and so This Is Nothing New, but It Is Newly Recovered. So My Writing Process Was One of Slow and Steady Consenting to Becoming a Start Becoming a Student Becoming a Generalist Becoming My True Name and Putting to Death the Fall so That I Could Live in Ever-Increasing Measure, Wholehearted Net Union with God and Letting the Message Be Something Book the Videos. The Study Guide and Everything That I've Created over the Last Decade and Become Good Soil, but Let It Be in Outflowing of What I've Been Entrusted with Not for Self-Promotion and Not to Answer My Questions Not to Build My Kingdom, but the Steward What God Entrusted My Care On Behalf Of Love for the Sake of Others As I Think That's a Little Bit Highlight Story of How I Came into Writing What Is Now Become Becoming a King Will Thank You for Doing It.

Thank You for Waiting As Painful As That Is. I'm the Most Impatient Human Ally Donated and That My Wife Reminds Me of That Every Time We Go on a Trip and She Says I'm Driving Because I Don't I Don't Want to Listen to Your Road Rage or Whatever in and We Almost Need to Take Separate Airplanes to Go Places Sometimes Just Because I Am's Totally the Destination Guy, Not the Journey.

Guy and I'm Learning I'm I'm Trying so Hard at 55 I'm a Baby Added at at the Being Present. Staying in the Present Staying in the Moment and in so in the Book You Talk about This Idea of That We Need to Work on the Whole Thing and Instead of Being Specialist and That's That's Part of the Generalist Idea and That Has Been That's My Favorite Chapter of the Book, Quite Frankly, I'll Just Be Honest with You It's Where I'm at Right Now You Know Brian Talked about Where He's at Is Present for Him Is Coming a Son, and Where I'm at Is the Generalist and Understanding That in for Why It's Important in to Give You a Tiny Bit of Feedback on That I'm Building My Own House Right Now. I've Never Done That before.

I've Help Build Houses. I've I've Trimmed Houses. I've Done All Kinds of Different Things, but I've Never Been the General Contractor and Done the Whole Thing from Start to Finish with My Money and My Wife's Expectations. Not That There Unrighteous. Although She's Very Gracious, but but You Know If I Fail I Make a Fool Out Of Me and Her and Everybody Else. And so for the Last Year and 1/2 I've Been Telling Robbie and Sam, Oh My Gosh, I'm so Scared. I Know I Have To Do This, but I'm Scared to Death Because I've Never Done It from Start to Finish and and You Talk about That Idea of Working on the Whole Thing and so If You Would Enlighten Us a Little Bit on That Sure Sure Very Important Category Easily Be Taken Easily Fell Here. The Question That I Want to Start This Dialogue. Where Do You Feel Uncomfortable As a Man Where You Feel on Steady Where You Feel It Go. Where Do You Feel around Other Lack of Life You Don't Fit Right in. I'm Not Speaking with You There with All of Us Have Our Shoes and Socks off Now Are Using. I Want to Know Where My Carhart You Only Knew How Many Places Is Easier to Tell You the Places We Don't Feel That Way Okay Okay but Here's What the Import Is Very Easy to Get All. What Else Just Heard Your Story and They Go and I Got the General Bank of I Work My Hand All the Time like I Can but I Don't yet Though. I Got It Right When You Want to Say That Guy Would. How Are You Handling Your Daughter's Heart and Coming to the Center of Her Story As a Girl for Her Sake, How Are You Playing Her Game. How Are You Watching Her Show How Are You Enjoying Being a Master of Her Hobby Alongside Her. How Are You Painting Now Okay so for the Guy That Still on a Golf Course and a Board Writ Right, but Then His Car Breaks down and the Tow Truck Guy Shows up in There Looking under the Hood. The Guy Got Anything from Purified Right Where He Fit Well but If You Want to Think They Would Run If It Doesn't Work Work It's Not Working Right. But Then There's Another Guy That Kills the Thing He Can Work on Engines but You Put Him in a Meal with White Linen Tablecloth and Work Requested Going without the 93 Exaggerate Okay. We All Have a Friend Here and We All Have a Friend Here the Category of a Generalist Rate Ronald Reagan That Sometimes the Best Thing for the inside of the Man at the outside of Work. We Were Born into a Particular Story a Particular Time in History That Theory Unique on Precedent. If You Look over Human History. The Left at a Conservative Estimate Is It Our Reality Anyway, Which Is the Industrial Age of the Information Relates the Technical Revolution. It Represents like 1.5% of Human History Active at the Moment Is Very Likely to Be .001% of Human Experience like We Don't Find Unpacked That All They Were so Shifted Humanity. Most of Humanity Was the Same Roughly from Out Of Any to Ancient Mesopotamia and Farming and Then There Was Not Much Change from 1780 from 3200 BC to 1700 A.D. When You Get Revolution the Industrial Revolution You Get Machine and You Get Feel You Get. And yet Okay so What's so Important.

We Have To Ask What Isaiah at 2000 Years Ago. What Time Do We Live, Because He Says No One Stops the Thing and so If We Stop and Inspect the World in Which God Chose Russ to Be Born Very Unique and Age of Specialization, Where We Learn to Get Really, Really Good at You Think. And the Problem with Specialization We Justify and Reduce like the Common Denominator but Think of Money Is a Means of Exchange If It Makes All Things Equal, but As a Man All Thing Are Never Equal and so God Meant Something When He Met Matt and the Idea of Becoming a General Is to Recover the Whole of a Man to Recover All the Part of What God Meant When He Met As a Man Universally so There Parts of a Gone Leak Is like a Muscle That You Have a Broken Arm and a Calf Bone Is Healed. But When the Cast Comes off the Muscle. Muscle Atrophy and What You Find When You Scrape A Lot Of Men Are Accurately Part of What God Meant Masculinity. Part of That Is Because of the Culture We Live in the Invitation to Become a General Right to Recover the Whole. The Man, and That Is Very Unique to Every Man, and so That's Why It so Important to Start with the Question I Owe Is What Is Our Frontier Where We Feel Exposed. Where Do We Feel This Qualified Word. We Feel Uncertain and It Would Move in Those Direction, Inviting God Father the Process of Becoming a Generalist That Is on This Foundation As a Wholehearted Man, the Things We All Share in Common That the Foundation at Which We Were Intended to Become the Special Craftsman Unique Image Bearer That God Had Intended but without That without That General We We We Remain Uninitiated and the Problem Is When We Aren't Wholehearted We We We Turn to External Things That Fit but You Cannot Trust a Man That Hasn't Become More Whole of a Man Generalist Bellwether Is a Broken Mower or a Broken Heart, We Have To Ask the Question How Do We Recover Our Whole Heart As the General It in the Things That We Share: Circling My What's Your Wife Kinda Knows by the Way and Set Her Know Where You Did That True Story. I Am a Christian Card. I Read National Radio Show and A Lot Of People Think I Know A Lot about Cars but You I Was a Christian Card I Because I Sold You Know I Order a Trailer Hitch for My Toyota and It Comes in. It's Got All These Parts of Me Delivering on the Door to My Wives like You Not to Put That on the Other 65-year-old Christian Card with the Boys A Lot, but Nonetheless You Know It Was Just like Now I Know How Good I'm in the Field When I Get This Thing Installed and I Know That God's God Can Walk Me like I Was Praying Constantly in Thinking This Is Going to Be This Is Gonna Be Cool and There's a Sense of Righteousness like Working to Make This Right to Do It Right When I Can Have Extra Parts like I Normally Would Rush Things and Really Just Stepping in and Again I Could of Gotten Some Help. As the Doctor Called Turner Some of What They Were Doing but It Was Still a Part of That Posing Everybody Think so He Knows Everything about Cars but a Little Late Know You Know Differently to Question What Was It like When You Were Actually at the Matter Back Friday with Baldhead and What Did It Feel like When You Are.Well What Was like You Clearly like Oh Man, I Don't If I Can Get This Done and Then I Had to Lift up This One Part with One Hand to Try to Get the Bold and at the Same Time and I Was Trying to Come up with No Makeshift Ways to Get That Thing with Because I'm Just Not That Strong Anymore and I Was Just Trying Not Want What's My Next Move Here and I Got and I Thought Now I Can Really Do It Time I Can Really Get It on and Then All Of A Sudden the Boat Went through and It Was like Hallelujah to the BRI Save More and Thank You so Much for Hanging out with Us.

We Would Love to Have You Back Anytime You Want to Come Hang out with Us for an Hour 27 Minutes, but I Want Guys to Go Get This Book If I Want Women to Go Get This Book, Becoming King Morgan's Nattering It on Amazon and Get It. The Video Series. The Study Guide. There Is a Tron Time of Content on Morgan's Podcast Becoming Good Soil Just so Much Valuable Information There and We Also Want You to Go Register for Boot Camp Coming up July 16 through the 20th Masculine

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