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Unexpected Change

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 30, 2020 12:30 pm

Unexpected Change

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 30, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys are talking about unexpected changes that take place in our lives. The clips used in this episode come from the films "So What," "The Sixth Sense," and "The Boy In The Striped Pajamas." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

Check out Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast as the band of brothers continue their discussion on Unexpected Change.



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This is the Truth Network of every man is a great image or one doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome to the mass excited you are joining us today.

We have a whole studio full of potters posters. I like to emailed email it so as posers and I'm sure you might've noticed it.

Satan wants to sift you like wheat and he often provides us with a lot of unexpected change that would be at Rodney and that was a topic that Robbie was yeah just think about Peter that night right about hanging out with God. Things are good night. We just had a heckuva dinner garden, praying have now been on a mountain and couldn't get any better see the candlelight down in the valley below, but all of a sudden boy unexpected change like, and in such a shaking that what Peter did not realize was his mass became all too evident to the world but more importantly to Peter yeah you know and living my life as a poser most of my life and I still struggle with it today.

Quite frankly just be honest about it, noticed that will pose going on there so you know II hesitate to think too hard about it at this point what life was like for those people around me 20 years ago 10 years ago five years ago and because you know they had to see through the pose right I and they were waiting for changes to happen in my life. Perhaps if if they had my best interest at heart and I had I was blessed with good friends. I mean, you are my good friend at one point and you were wanting change in my life and so not wanting change of this posers life assets very similar to each other daily or prayed at each other daily or something like that and yeah but we didn't expect change, necessarily to be for us rather than for others, and so you know in this time were we live in the coronavirus world shut down.

Things are no started open back up alarm mad about this lie mad about that or I'm you know you guys are crazy.

All are open up too fast me everybody throw if it's about something in the ultimate thing that we can get used to is change and we don't have a lot of control over fried so our first clip that will set up, that sort of a laugh track.

As you know me, I like to laugh and this one makes me laugh. It's a movie called what if, in this case, Kevin Sorbo, who was known by many as Hercules and speaks poser, especially in yeah I had not that Hercules and he's taken the sweet life deal and is gonna be a banker when he promised God and his girlfriend that he was going to pastor in a missionary and also God decides to show up and shake him a little bit and all of a sudden he wakes up one morning and he is now the man he was supposed to be and he finds himself as not only married to this woman he's got two children that he does not know he has and very funny have to hear the one scene he is the pastor of this church now when you hear them talk about you know make money so you can buy things. This is actually the first sermon you know he is speaking in the world really understand completely but forcefully has a very willing and able angel to help them out in the go-ahead I got most people ruin a joke by telling you what it means.

Afterwards Rob is going to do about telling you before anybody knows me knows if anybody you're talking to the master master how much I hear things in the clip so that you can get the picture of what's actually happening this poor guy is he now finds himself as the man that God had originally had my not Julius Caesar.

No, I'm not thinking what if you have the perfect life Mercedes Benz SL 65 God is good to make a point of never going back had other plans arise. No, I'm not anybody's. Is this what you doing or what is it won't act like you know me a second chance. I try to make more so thanks, then, be happy.

What if is been that they think I I'm not your way to Wendy's in his now he's giving you a chance to make things right. Even though I don't deserve leaders Jerry seen her babysit. You should tell you what I write so it is a fabulous all-time favorite waterways, but if you catch that music I really can't save you. I can't save you unless I break your heart that that line is actually very very profound and what you North friend from sure says every now and then. He describes some of the same. You know it's not it's it's those he loves he disciplines right and he will shake your life up so that you can get a look at your own mask. I mean it's it's it's a really big you know thing that really I don't know how we never get a look at it if he didn't give us those big shakes and so Rodney, you have some big shakes, handouts and nights, the spoiler night right so all these movies is unexpected change in we gotta just tell everybody today. If you really want to watch some of these movies might one not listen to the punchlines of giveaway.

These movies that I wanted really had sent us all was the six cents if you could set that one up for yes the six cents is a movie where there is a main character of the child, and it is somebody who sees dead people and they don't know that their dead. Bruce Willis is the guy who was actually going to this movie thinking he's alive and throughout the whole movie you think is alive because he's interacting with everybody in a way that you think is going on. He's having marital problems is why his wife doesn't talk to and then this last seen. He's talking to his wife. His wife is talking to him is what you see going on but really she's just kinda talking in her sleep as she falls asleep she drops his wedding ring on the floor. It rolls around, he sees what it is and he finally realizes he's not alive, and that's kind of the shaker so he was a child psychiatrist Jesus child psychiatrist and he was treating the child who was telling them that he says is dead. People right sees a flashback of that one in the middle of this clip right to what is well rounded toes know what what grabbed your attention will with that clip work takes me to is what people also have is a belief system a lot everybody can come up with whatever belief system. They want to believe in right and some people do. We focus in on. We have come together Saturday. We believe in the Bible and we leave what it says many people out there like yes I believe in God but it's a different God but some God even made up in her head or have some other religion for some man-made I have to go do something to earn my salvation.

We are on a different side of that so for us. You know there's going to be this unexpected change when all of a sudden your standing in front of Jesus and he's all he has to say to you is I don't know who you are. That's gonna be a big unexpected change because they worked out that there are good person there okay deserve better than the rest. The people in the room right and really was gonna happen is that's can be just a big shock and I just see that here were he's thinking he's alive and is actually dead spiritually.

There's a lot of people that same way they think are spiritually alive and be just fine. Things are not to be wealth of Jesus, and I don't know yeah I was a minister of the church for the better part of 20 years and didn't know I was dead.

I just be honest about that and the relationship that I had with God was. I had a relationship with the system that saved me. I didn't really know the Savior that well I knew a lot about him. I know a lot of things that he said a lot of things that he did but I didn't know him so after this break come back in a talk about the unexpected changes in her life and how that disrupts things and allows God to be himself and us to be ourselves and speaking of unexpected change.

Have a good Coming up that the date is wrong here. The pelicans Robbie is not unexpectedly change it back yet so short week as of Memorial Day, but it's actually the 16th not the 17th.

I want to ask you to consider coming to the big game meet our band of brothers meet the masculine jury radio team, but more importantly meet God. There hear the message experience. The message that is change hundred change their marriages change the way they walked with God taking cease-fire first promo here. Coming July 17 through the 19th. Register by this assuming mask and her name here with my son Eli talk about ways he held his smile that is information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button and find mail PO Box 559 272-8130 radio show out unexpected change in in and Jim. You said that's kinda redundant, often do we really expect something to change, especially major changes in our lives were planning it.

It's not expected but the change is not a change because it's something that were going through so to me, unexpected changes, sort of like it's a very unique.

I love that I love very unique because I don't drive him.

He doesn't like when you say just either like will I was just going to say or write. I just meant Jim doesn't like Valley girl here plan now understand why understand so we left her here are Darren. He was explaining it. You know that which really what change brought about the you know that to get to the story of it now.

Right. Well that's what you not wary you really got the rug told me I'd been a minister for the better part of 20 years in three different churches and had the idyllic life in the perfect marriage in the 2.7 kids in a white picket fence and all of that. So is Derek like 1.7 but Derek is 1.7-2, and so anyway all of that being said is I was also addicted to pornography, I was the biggest poser in the world and let so many horrible things into my marriage that ended up just costing me my marriage, my wife ended up having an affair and different things and I don't blame her for that at all because I've had thousands of affairs if pornography is an affair, and I believe Jesus. It is then here I was, I was you know pretty much the biggest affair guy out there and so but when all of that came crashing down was when I finally began to understand who the real me was now don't get me wrong, I didn't take that line down so to speak and just go okay God, I'm I'm so sorry for being a poser all this time and okay me to change my life. Now I threw a fit. I got mad and I screamed and I said God I didn't I didn't ask to be sexually abused as a child I didn't ask to be an addicted person to pornography. I didn't asked to go into the ministry I did. Now you wanted me to go on the ministry and I mean I blamed him for pretty much everything but at that time was when I began to finally realize that I was wearing a lot of masks and that all of this change that was happening in my life was God beginning to peel those masks back and every time that happened. It felt like a great change and so our next clip on the lighter side of Atlantic is out there around six the boy in the striped pajamas even like oh my goodness yeah this is yeah really light side similar in in concept so that here's a guy that is has no idea really propose that he's in as enemies murdering people is its decision is settlement out. Yes, and he has arranged big shock the end of this so he's the commandant of a concentration camp. They move right next door to the concentration camp is through the woods. McCants see it but barely if you just look just right in his son one day sees it and wanders over to the concentration camp sees little boy across the fence, they become friends because her both a result this is out but bonds in the first. Next thing you know you see them playing checkers across through the fence and the next thing that rules law in the movie is the boy. When the real change starts to take place is when the boy says I can't find my father well Samuels the boy in the camp. Bruneau is the boy who was the Commandant's son and Bruno's like, 01 good friend Michael help. Well, he finds a way to go get into the concentration camp and look just like Samuel inside the prison so he looks they both look just like they were meant to be there at striped pajamas they have striped pajamas is a all at the same in actually I don't believe the intent here was to put the kids into the gas chamber but they get hoarded and rounded up in this scene that's what you hear a lot of screaming about the rounded up they think are they just gonna be fine and next thing you know you hear the wife noticing the sun's gone, getting the father that he they go running to the camp and finally they come the realization that the boy is in the gas chamber. Wiki capabilities will travel therefore by the end of meeting.

So I'll mean you end up with an unexpected change in your whole family based on choices that you've been making that you really didn't see coming at all and and Harold, you know, we often tease him about affected you. He saw not only World War II but World War I kicked but actually were highly favored. Because here's a man it's a late 70s. I'm sure he didn't mind me saying that couple months wife and 79. I know it and so we we really are blessed and you know when the stage is a mass and trying to have men that we can walk with her to bend the trail you know and and so I'm wondering from your perspective just is change unexpected changes in stop when you like it to 65 or 74 no no just get over with the greatest unexpected change that ever occurred in my life was when I met the woman of been married to now for almost 56 years.

My plan without including God, and it was to be a Navy pilot travel all over the world and they had plans and see a lot of a lot of different women, not just one. Six weeks after I met that woman, her brother, trick me into a blind date and I have no plan whatsoever, but the first thing I know I'm down in the asking her to marry me and we've known one another almost 6 weeks and yet that was the greatest thing that could've ever happened because otherwise I would've been a scoundrel. I'm a little bit of a scoundrel as it is, but nothing like I would've been Jim what what is that clipping your mind that we have no control. Maybe even you mentioned it's bad choices on our part. Often it is sometimes it's bad choices on another persons part. Sometimes it just looks like bad luck, but we're going to have changes that are inevitable and how we are in fact my wife got this probably 20 years ago. We've got a lot to the bathroom. A sign on the wall it says life is about how you handle Plan B and it's really not be at CDF doubles the we always get joined the military tried three times I would have me I was too blonde to fat, and then to old and the other option was to be a police officer and out of college. That was my first employment, but I was really more of a Bill Nye the science Guy, how did I become a pastor. God only knows literally to and you know what I think about unexpected change in I had no idea that as a car dealer that I thought I was doing what my father had done before. Now is my father son. I thought that was the, the desire of my heart. And when God told that when out of my life. There was serious screaming and hurting and crying and all 40 years of work in a particular direction.

Yet 12 years. On the other side of getting rid of this which was breaking my heart, and he knew that and and and you may have heard me say before I had nightmares about having to sell one more car or whatever for five, six, seven years, everyone saw still have another nightmare. I've got a seller car because it was it was literally like a soul sucker. It was just taking me it in places that I have no idea. But when I was freed from it all. My goodness, you know what God's been able to bring into my life since you know I would never be here with you.

You could be out there today doing that as I hear all these people with the stimulus checks using it for down payments on the car that my sons right there doing it well father and taken his father's wife, which I find interesting that you got Derek to run what where you were when you know it's funny when I was a minister. Derek would not have dreamed of being a minister damning hated the idea he was going to be a professional baseball player or football player or something like that and then later on sometime in high school with some good youth ministers and other good people around is his heart other than me. He decided you know what that I do want to go into ministry and and so he that's what he began to do this what he's doing today splinter so if you're feeling like we just scratch the service you're right because we have more scratch to do it. We may not get past this earth but we will get deeper in the after hours podcast which is available on iTunes Remember that change is Really starts on 16 July through the 19th, Thursday, July 16 at 8:30 PM mass and turning radio that know you don't have to do the radio anymore. If a mask outward signs of change states carefully after hours go to get it on.

I can and hope you can subscribe. Thanks for listening

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