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They're Calling for the Elimination of Israel

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 16, 2024 5:20 pm

They're Calling for the Elimination of Israel

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 16, 2024 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/16/24.


Do you know that some protesters are not just pro-Palestinian? They're calling for the end of Israel. On a thoroughly Jewish Thursday, Michael Brown, delighted to be with you. Any Jewish-related call, Israel-related call, Hebrew-related call, Messianic prophecy-related call. If it is Jewish-related, it is kosher for today.

Call 866-348-7884-866-TRUTH. It's great to be with you on a thoroughly Jewish Thursday as we are here, as always, to infuse you with faith and truth, encouraged to help you stand strong on the front lines. We are literally about to send out our frontline newsletter, just putting the last pieces together, getting in the Hebrew word study for the month. So within the next few days, we'll be sending that out via email. If you're not getting our frontline newsletter, equipping, upbuilding, inspirational, informational, take a moment now. Go to and click subscribe. It'll take you a few seconds. I know some of you have been listening for years, getting our emails for years, some just tuning in for the first time., click subscribe. We'd love to send it out to you. Okay, those watching may be wondering why I am wearing a suit jacket and a nice shirt as opposed to my normal casual look. Well, I was part of a photo shoot today that's going to be part of a unique outreach that I can't tell you about yet, but it's quite outrageous, quite amazing. Came up short notice.

I got a call about it last night, had a window to drive over to where the photo shoot was taking place. So I will tell you more about it, but an amazing Jewish outreach opportunity that I get to participate in. I want to discuss with you what's really happening with many of the voices that are, quote, pro-Palestinian, that are against the war in Gaza. But they are more than just pro-Palestinian. It is more than just solidarity for the people of Gaza in the midst of the war. It is more than concern about civilian casualties in the midst of the war or potential sickness, starvation for those who have to flee Rafah as Israel seeks to make a final incursion there and destroy the Hamas strongholds.

It is more than that. It is more than advocating for a two-state solution of some kind. It is advocating for the end of Israel.

Now, please hear me. Not everyone is advocating for that. Some are just asking for more restraint by the Israelis in the war in Gaza. Some are pushing for a two-state solution. Others just simply want to cease fire, et cetera. But there are plenty who are advocating for more, and we need to recognize the language and recognize what it means and call it out for what it is. Let's not put a cherry on top of it and put some lovely construction on it.

No, this is ugly. I have an article that I wrote about this. You can read it on our website,, so all the quotes I'm going to share with you now are in the article.

But there's an interview, April 13th, Yuval Biton. He was head of the Intelligence Division of the Israel Prison Service. He initially worked there as a dentist, so he got to know the patients firsthand. I've shared a little bit about his story before from this interview, but I want to read some quotes to you.

He got to know the people, the prisoners, as his dental patients, then got to know them more as an intelligence officer. But he had built a relationship with some and got to talk and interact, and so he got to know Yahya Sinmar, the tourist leader of Hamas and directly responsible for the October 7th massacre. So he says that whereas Fatah, so Mahmoud Abbas and those leading right now in Judea Samaria, the West Bank of the Jordan, so Fatah, they would talk about a two-state solution, but there was never the position of Hamas, so Biton said this. The thing with Hamas is that they have always been a faction of the Muslim Brotherhood, radical Muslim movement that began in Egypt. He said, they set themselves Islamist goals to annihilate the state of Israel, to liberate sacred Muslim lands. The Israelis just didn't get it. For them, Hamas and Fatah were the same thing. He continues, as a dentist, Fatah talked about the 1967 borders, about the occupation, about the Palestinian people. To me, the Hamas inmates would say, there's neither 1967 nor 1948.

There are no borders, and there is nothing to talk about. You are on Waqf land, Muslim sacred ground, and you have no place here. So Fatah, they were more Palestinian, they were less religious, they were more nationalistic, saying we want a homeland, and we need to go back to 1948 borders and 1967 borders. Hamas is saying, no, no, we're Islamist. You're on Muslim land, you Jews are on Muslim land, you don't belong here.

There's no two state solution. So Hamas put out a document called Our Narrative, January 21st of 2024. They called it Our Narrative. This is talking about what happened on October 7th. And they said this, the battle of the Palestinian people against occupation and colonialism did not start on October 7th, but started 105 years ago, including 30 years of British colonialism and 75 years of Zionist occupation. So the state of Israel birthed in 1948, according to Hamas to this moment, has no legitimacy. There can be no Jews. There can be no Jewish state.

This is not about two state solution or side by side coexistence. No, the Jews must leave. They are on Muslim land. They are occupying Muslim land.

All of it, wherever a Jewish person is there right now, they do not belong, according to Hamas. And this was January 21st of 2024. So 105 years. That goes back to what? 1919.

This is how far back they're going. Talking about 1948, this is what Hamas says. The Zionist gangs seized control by force of 77 percent of the land of Palestine, where they expelled 57 percent of the people of Palestine and destroyed over 500 Palestinian villages and towns, and committed dozens of massacres against the Palestinians, which all culminated in the establishment of the Zionist entity in 1948. Moreover, in continuation of the aggression the Israeli forces in 1967 occupied the rest of Palestine, including the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem, in addition to Arab territories around Palestine. So again, the Hamas narrative, Israel has no right to exist as a nation. There can be no Jewish state. It is all wrong. It is all illegal. It is the Zionist entity.

It is all evil. All right, so last month, there was a protest in Vancouver. Charlotte Cates, international coordinator for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-affiliated Samadoum Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, led Canadian demonstrators in a chant proclaiming, Long live October 7th. All right, so they are praising October 7th. This is not just about a ceasefire.

This is not about a two-state solution. This is praising the barbaric massacre of October 7th, okay? So they also, Cates also referred to, quote, the beautiful, brave, and historic resistance of the Palestinian people, which did not begin on October 7th, which has continued for over 75 years, which has continued over 120 years.

So she's going back now to 1904. Jewish presence in the land then is illegitimate. The Zionist movement itself is illegitimate. A Jewish homeland is illegitimate. That's what they are advocating for. Make no mistake about it.

Don't try to make it something other than what it is. No, not all protesters are calling for that, but many are. So I was reading an article in Haaretz written by Flora Kassen. She's an associate professor of Jewish, Islamic, and Middle Eastern studies and associate professor of history at Washington University in St. Louis. So she's trying to interact. She's on a Reddit discussion group online, and she's trying to interact about the war in Gaza. And she's writing about Israel's position there. And one commenter explains to her, she's saying, are you saying it was right for the Israelis to be massacred? Are you saying it was fine for Israeli women and children and elderly to be raped and killed?

Are you saying that was fine? And this is what one commenter says. Israelis aren't civilians. They're colonizing settlers. When a land is being colonized, the colonizers and settlers are used as an inherent weapon of violence against the colonized. If Israelis didn't want to get killed, they shouldn't be colonizing Palestine.

Simple as that. This take reads heavily like I hate slavery, but I just don't think it's right. Those Haitian slaves killed their slavers, families, and other employees. In other words, yeah, you know, I don't think Israel should be doing everything it's doing, but it's wrong to massacre them.

No, no, no, no. They don't belong there. They deserve to die. This is someone just trying to interact intelligently on Reddit. When she asked, okay, are you saying that they deserve to be massacred?

Here's what was said to her. I'm not saying they deserve to be massacred, just that Israelis are not simply civilians. Every single Israeli exists on land violently stolen from Palestinians within the lifetime of the average grandma. Simply just existing as an Israeli makes you a weapon of violence against Palestinians because you are living on land that was stolen from them and their parents, grandparents, etc. If you don't want your baby killed in the process of people liberating their own land from their oppressors, maybe don't be one of their oppressors. My daughter is in zero danger of being killed by Palestinian revolutionaries and it's because I actively choose not to colonize Palestine. That's why, it's no surprise, young people 18 to 24 surveyed last December, this is in America, 51% said Israel should be ended and given to Hamas and the Palestinians.

Israel should be ended and given to Hamas and the Palestinians, 51%. So friends, this is what we are up against. This is the misinformation. This is the demonization. This is the mischaracterization that we are up against. Who is going to speak?

Who's going to make a difference? Yesterday, talking to a native-born Israeli in his 30s, glorious testimony of salvation, talking about the Palestinians, they're our cousins. They're wonderful people. It's Hamas. We want to free Palestine from Hamas. And then talking about the impact on the people of Israel, knowing that Christians love them, that Christians are praying for them, that Christians are helping them in the humanitarian way, it is making an incredible impact. Let your voice be heard, that you stand with Israel, that you pray for Israel. Yes, above all, we want to see Jewish people come to faith in Jesus.

Outside of Jesus, there is no salvation, there is no forgiveness, there is no mercy. He is the way for Jew and Gentile alike. Jesus, Yeshua, 100%, let your love for Israel, let it be known to you, stand with us. You're speaking up whatever platform you have for the pulpit social media in the school room, do it. Let your voice be heard.

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Call me a fanatic. Shalom, shalom. Welcome to Thoroughly Jewish Thursday.

Michael Brown, blessed and delighted to be with you. 866-348-7884. 86634TRUTH is the number to call. If it's a Jewish-related call, you are on the air. If we have time to get to your calls, we will absolutely get to you. The earlier in the show you call, the better chance we have of getting to you, and I'll be getting to the phones momentarily.

Shout out to our red-haired, 20-year-old, flame-throwing, pitching, on-fire-for-Jesus grandson sitting in on the show today in the studio, Andrew. Have you hit 90 miles an hour yet? Just about?

89? Just about. Okay, cool. Cool.

That's why we don't play stickball anymore. All right. I just had to give him a shout-out. He's sitting right next to me, looking with a smile. 866-348-7884. We're going to go straight to the phones now, an anonymous caller somewhere.

Welcome to the Line of Fire. Hello? Hello. You're on the air. Yes.

Hey, Michael. I had a question, actually. It was on Isaiah 7-14. But before I asked you the question, there was something I was also struggling with, and I was trying to see if I could just ask you about that, as long as I'm quick about it. But my question about Isaiah 7-14 is, when I read it in context, it doesn't appear to be like literal Jesus. It seems like somebody from that timeline. And I'm trying to figure out, how does Jesus fit into something when the child is not literally him?

Is it parallel or something else? And then the other question I wanted to ask you, and then you can take me off-air. I'll just watch you from the line. Yes, I'm struggling with, and I know this is not Jewish-related, with pornography. I want to see if you can help me with that. Thank you. Right. Okay. So that explains the anonymous nature of the call, then. Absolutely.

Okay. So, first thing is, as far as Isaiah 7-14, if you read it in context, the most natural reading is that a child is going to be born unexpected, or something supernatural about it because it's a sign from God, and that that child will have significance for that generation. But there's more to it.

So here's what I want to bring out. Messianic prophecy was not always spoken of something just in the distant future. Many of the Messianic prophecies were prophecies given to people in their day, to sons of David in their day, to the king on the throne, that never came to pass. In other words, Psalm 2 is a coronation psalm, and the king that's being crowned in Jerusalem, called God's Son, is going to rule over the nations.

Well, that didn't happen. We believe, the best way to understand that is when each king would come into office and be installed on the throne, that that psalm would be spoken over them. But it never happened. David had a small empire, Solomon a little bit bigger, but that was it.

It never ruled over the whole world. It is yet to be fulfilled, all right? So many of the promises given to the Davidic dynasty, to the house of David in the Old Testament, were never fulfilled in the Old Testament.

So they had partial application, but not complete fulfillment. So there was something that was going to happen, unexpected, a birth to an almah, who'd just be a young woman, not expected to be having a child, having a child that would be named Immanuel, as a sign on the one hand of God being with the people. On the other hand, it was also a sign of judgment on the house of Ahaz. And what you see significantly is this message is spoken, not to the individual king, but to the house of David. It is a promise to the house of David. It is saying that God is going to raise up a king, a better king than Ahaz. All right, who is Immanuel? Scripture doesn't tell us specifically in that context.

But there must have been something unusual and unexpected about the birth. Now, Matthew looks back at this centuries later, and sees that there's something even more supernatural going on, that this promise to the house of David, of an Immanuel, born in a supernatural way, finds its absolute fulfillment in the becoming of the Messiah in the world, born of a young woman who herself is a virgin, which is part of the potential meeting in Hebrew, Amah, but not its only meeting. So it finds its fulfillment in the coming of the Messiah.

So there's a partial application in the days of the prophet, but then the complete absolute fulfillment in the coming of the Messiah. As far as struggling with porn, I encourage you to check out a book by Steve Gallagher. Steve Gallagher, and I know this is not a thoroughly Jewish Thursday question, but you've obviously opened your heart here, so I don't want to ignore that plea. Steve Gallagher, and it's called, At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry. Steve Gallagher, G-A-L-L-A-G-H-E-R, At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry. I think you'll find it very helpful.

He has web resources, and there are even whole programs people can get into, but check that out, Steve Gallagher, At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry. Okay, let's go over to Amanda in Kansas City. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi, how are you?

Doing very well, thank you. I have a question today. So I have a well-intentioned family member who is buying into – my family member, they haven't been willing to say the name of Jesus for a while. For a long time they would only say Yeshua for Yeshua, and then now they have decided that they've kind of bought into this, I guess, doctrine thing of Yahuwah or Yahushua. And I know that, like, I've tried to explain to them, like, there's miracles done in the name of Jesus. There's miracles done in the name of Yeshua. People are being saved, you know, in the name of Jesus. But they still, like, reject that. They won't accept that. And I don't know much about language, language just to be able to explain all that.

And I think that's your specialty, if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, the challenge, Amanda, is there's a spiritual deception going on. In other words, if people prefer Yeshua, that was his original name, reminds them of being Jewish or his Jewishness, that's fine if they prefer that. You know, that's not the issue. But it's refusing to say Jesus or it has to be that. And then they get into weird pronunciations for other stuff that doesn't even exist. So there's a spiritual deception going on. So you really have to pray for them in that regard.

But here's the truth of it. The truth of it is that the New Testament was written in Greek. If any parts of it were originally written in Hebrew, some would argue Matthew was originally in Hebrew, or there was a version of Matthew in Hebrew, or maybe Hebrews was written in Hebrew.

You know, people have these arguments, right? For sure, the New Testament was preserved in Greek. We have thousands of ancient manuscripts in Greek. We know that the early Greek church leaders quoted the New Testament in Greek.

That's what they have. So what you have to ask them is, what books of the New Testament do you agree were written in Greek? If they say none of them, then they've gone off the deep end. They believe something that no scholar or well-educated person who knows this on the planet believes, that the whole New Testament was written in Hebrew. There's not a scholar that's a thinking human being on the planet that would ever imagine something that crazy, okay? As if Paul was writing to the Corinthians, the Greek-speaking Corinthians in Hebrew, or something like that. So ask them, which books of the New Testament were written in Greek?

Simple question. Whatever they, if they accept any of it as in Greek, say, how was it said in Greek? You didn't say Yeshua in Greek, you said Yesus. So why is it out of the gate, the way God preserved the New Testament for us, He preserved it in Greek, and I believe it was all written in Greek with exception of a document here that may have had a Hebrew counterpart or a Hebrew original. Why out of the gate wasn't it Yeshua? Because in Greek it's Yesus.

So out of the gate they were saying something different and preaching something different. And as the Gospel was going all around the ancient world, they weren't saying Yeshua, they were saying Yesus. So it's who He is. God wants us to express it in our language. So I got saved, He was Jesus to me. When I was just in Italy, He was Yesu over there.

So God had it like that out of the gate, that it's not the sound of the name, it's what that name is in each particular language. Hopefully you can get to that through that. Hey friends, Michael Brown here. My delight to serve as your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity. We are living in such urgent times today friends that all of us are in the line of fire.

There's a target on your back, there's a target on my back. If you simply seek to live by biblical values or just conservative moral values, you could be canceled, you could be cast out, you could be put down, you could be silenced. I'm here to say friends that I am not about to be silenced and I don't believe you are either. It is time for us to stand up, it is time for us to say enough is enough, it is time for us to push back in Jesus' name.

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Call me a fanatic. Welcome, welcome to the Line of Fire. Michael Brown, delighted to be with you. Friends, we are on the front lines of Jewish outreach all around the world. Our materials are being used day and night in Israel. As you stand with us, as you support us, you are helping us, 24-7, reach Jewish people with the good news of the Messiah. So thanks for praying. Thanks for standing with us. Shout out to all of our torchbearers. You are carrying this work day and night around the globe.

It's amazing to be here. To make sure you are getting every week a summary. What is that?

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Alright, I had a couple of calls I was going to, but they are not there, so I'm going to wait for a moment to reconnect there. And go over with you to Psalm 119. Psalm 119. There are Psalms in the Bible, and chapters in the Bible that are acrostic.

Acrostic. So what that means is that each verse starts with a different letter of the alphabet. Or it could be the first two verses or one letter, the next two. Or, as in the case of Psalm 119, that the first two verses or Psalm 119, that you have eight letters, excuse me, eight verses based on the first, the first letter of each verse is the first letter of the Hebrew Bible. Then the next eight verses, the first letter is the second letter.

Right? So the first letter of each word in Psalm 119, the first eight verses starts with Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Ashrei, ashrei, af, atah, achillai, az, otra, et. So they all start with Aleph. And then the next eight start with Beit, the second letter. So bameh, bechol, belibi, beseftai. So you hear the but each time.

Bederech, bechukotecha, and then goes on from there. So why is this done? Why is this done? Most likely for mnemonic purposes, to help you memorize.

So that as you are working on these things, okay, if it's in alphabetical order, you're going through the alphabet. All have sinned. Believe in the Lord Jesus.

Christ died for us. So A, B, C. So you have a verse for each letter of the alphabet. It's easier to remember it that way. And then it just means you have to be more creative in a literary view. You got eight straight verses off to start with Aleph, or with Beit, et cetera.

So it's just kind of interesting, fascinating, but another beautiful aspect of things as they open up in the Hebrew. All right, let's go over to the phones. Let's go over to Arizona. James, welcome to the line of fire. This is Dr. Brown. Thanks for taking my call. Oh, you're there. Hello? Hello, you're on the air, sir.

Hello, Dr. Brown? Yeah, go ahead. All right, there we go. Yeah, my question was, when do you consider a verse a mistranslation based off the Hebrew? For example, in Zechariah 12, 10, they would look upon me, whom they have pierced, but most of the Jewish translations translated, they would look upon the one who was pierced, and then it goes off into the ones that were slain and things like that. I look at that as a mistranslation, but how do they not see that as a mistranslation? What do you consider a mistranslation? Right, so a mistranslation would be when there is no possible justification for the translation from the original languages or from other ancient texts. So you might have a text, and you can't make head or tail of what the Hebrew says.

It seems like there's something wrong with it. Then you find, oh, here it is in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and it reads a little differently. Oh, and that's the same way that it reads in the Septuagint and the Peshit and the Vulgate, these other ancient versions. Oh, okay, that's probably the original meaning.

That makes sense, and I can see how an error encrypted. So you have other textual variants and things like that. Or that if you really dig deep into the Hebrew, you can see a justification for the other wording. It's like I prefer this translation, but this one is also possible.

A mistranslation would be when the rendering cannot be justified. So Zechariah 12, 10, for example, in the new Jewish version. But I will fill the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem with a spirit of pity and compassion, and they shall lament to me about those who are slain, wailing over them as over a favorite son and showing bitter grief as over a firstborn.

So the first thing that the meaning, it then has a note saying meaning of Hebrew uncertain. So if you're just looking at it, right, v'hibitu elai is not lament. It is they will look to me, right? V'hibitu elai, they'll look to me.

Eta sher dakaru. Eta sher is the relative, a sher with following direct object marker. And to me, the right way to understand it is that in my book, in my series on answering Jewish objections to Jesus, volume three, I have a whole section on this. I went through every reference to eta sher, this grammatical form in the Hebrew Bible to see how it occurred.

And it absolutely can have as a very simple meaning. So they look to me, whom? Whom they pierced, et cetera. So there are some grammatical challenges to it potentially based on which Jewish scholars have speculated of other ways to read the passage.

To me, they're not justified. And to me, the simplest thing is, and I don't want to complicate this for those who don't know Hebrew at all, but you have three straight verbs and they are all in third person plural. They, they, they, right? So v'hibitu, and they will look. Asher d'karu, whom they pierced. V'safdu, and they'll mourn. So hibitu, they look.

D'karu, they pierced. S'afdu, they mourn. So that to me consistently has to be speaking about the same people. Because the translators behind the New Jewish version are absolutely brilliant and were some of the best Hebrew scholars on the planet. I would not just say it's a mistrans, well, I would say it's a mistranslation because I don't believe the whole thing can be justified, even saying lament instead of look. But what you have is some grammatical ambiguities because of which they come up with these other translations. But to me, this is a mistranslation despite all the brilliance behind it.

Okay. And that's what I'm getting to. Are all translations pretty much just interpretations? Yeah, it has to be.

That's what I see as, yeah. Every translation. Does that mean that they're translating from an interpretive way? Well, every translation is a commentary in itself, right? And when I did a translation of the book of Job, there are many, many difficult verses in it.

But sometimes just the simplest verse. Let me ask you a question. Would you go up the road or down the road? Up the road, yeah.

What's the difference between them? Yeah. Okay, so these little simple things, it's like how do I say, I could say it this way or I could say it this way, and there was almost no difference whatsoever. So you're gonna bring something to a translation. You're doing your best to just convey, here's what it says in the original.

I'm telling you now what it says in here's the source language, here's the target language. So I'm going from the Hebrew straight to the English, doing my best to convey it. And that's why the vast majority of translations pretty much say the same thing about most verses. But you have in Zechariah 12, 10, it goes, it's me and then him.

The hebitu eilai, they'll look to me, at the shedekarah, whom they've pierced, visav du'alav, and they'll mourn over him. Now you have shifts like that frequently in Hebrew, where you can go from me to him. So that's why some think, well, did the region say they'll look to him whom they've pierced, and speculate about that, and is there ambiguity there. But ultimately, that's why there's a difference between Jewish and Christian translations, because when the rubber meets the road, you do have ways of understanding the text, and what you wanna do is be as faithful and accurate as you can be, but recognize that every translation is gonna have some type of, some commentary somewhere from the translator, some interpretation somewhere on some verse, because it's not always easy to just translate directly. So yeah, that's why compare multiple versions, and if you see all the different versions say the same thing, there's no question about what the Hebrew Greeks say, it's simple and plain.

If you see vast discrepancies, they'll normally fall into a few categories, and then you can see. So for example, I've been reading the Bible through this year in the NET, the New English Translation, and many, many times, it is very interpretive in terms of the Hebrew says this, but we're gonna say it like this, because I'll be reading and think like, that's not the way that verse reads, what is it? However, they have over 60,000 notes explaining. So you wanna use that with the notes, explaining why they translated the way they did. Otherwise, you'll end up memorizing it, but that was more their interpretation than what it actually said. But they're explaining it in the notes, so if you read it with the study notes, so you go to, and you read it with the study notes, then you're safe, you're on safe ground, and you understand what's going on behind it, but that's the case with every translation always, because you do not have an exact equivalent from one language to another.

So that's how you deal with it. But when I read the Bible in English, I read it with great confidence. In other words, of course I can dig in and look at the original languages, et cetera, but if I'm not reading the Old Testament in Hebrew, if I'm reading it in English, I read it as God's word. In other words, it's not a translation of a commentary, of a translation of an interpretation.

We have great, solid translations, but here and there, they're gonna be controversial verses and words. Hey, thank you for the call. Thank you. All right, 866-348-7884. Okay, Mike and Anne, you are next, but I don't want to take your question without time to answer. All my friends in Israel, I am due to be in Israel next month doing a seminar on the Holy Spirit revival, praying for times of refreshing. It'll be hosted by the Jerusalem Bible Institute and I Am Institute there in Israel, a king of kings in Jerusalem.

We'll be sending out more notification about it. All the meetings are free. We'll have one afternoon just for leaders, but all the meetings are free. There'll just be a place online to register, but all the meetings are free June 9th through 11th.

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Welcome back to Thoroughly Curious Thursday. Hey, shout out to our friends at Trivita. Great wellness resources, part of my daily routine, supplementing my healthy diet, exercise. If you're interested in some great wellness sources, especially if you get older, we could use all the supplements, help we could get that are healthy.

Check out If you go there, use the code BROWN25, gets you a 25% discount, and 100% of your first order is donated to our ministry work, or if you like, you can call 800-771-5584. Let's go over to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mike, welcome to the Line of Fire.

Hey, Dr. Brown. Thanks for taking my call. I called you probably a couple months ago, and I'm a local pastor here, and I had asked you for some advice on how to deal with the conflict with Israel and Hamas coming from a Jewish background, and I really appreciate what you said back then. I'm actually calling, I guess, kind of in conjunction to that, so as I mentioned before, I do have a Jewish background, very religious, and the Lord put in my heart after listening to people, you know, brothers like you and others, to reach out to local leaders, local Jewish community leaders, and there's a Chabad Center, you know, around that, so I reached out to the rabbi there, a really nice guy, and, you know, I told him that we were praying for Israel and that we were praying for the Jewish people, telling them about my background, and I thought that would be the end of the conversation, quite honestly, but I said, you know, I'd love to get a cup of coffee sometime, you know, I care about your story, and he seems open to do that. Now, I've never talked to a rabbi post coming to Jesus, if that makes sense. I haven't talked to rabbis since I was a kid, and I know that when you came to faith based on your story, you know, your parents wanted you to talk to the rabbi to maybe try to talk some sense into your own perspective, and of course we know that they met the best and they loved you, and I guess I'm just wondering if you could give me some, I guess, some pointers where this gentleman might go in terms of discussion, if we get into, and I plan on leading the conversation towards the gospel eventually, but I'm just wondering some pointers, maybe some things to look out for, my background, you know, I grew up in a conservative Jewish household and then time went on. Yeah, so basically, yeah, yeah, he is, he's eager to when you, to traditional Judaism. He is going to appeal to your calling as a Jew, that there's a Jewish spark inside of you that needs to be reignited, that you're well-meaning, but because you didn't really have Jewish roots and an understanding of what real Judaism was, you got picked off by Christianity, and that he's eager to get you to, you know, spend Shabbat with them, you know, start observing the Sabbath, have your wife light Sabbath candles, you know, that's their way that they think, you know, or he'll want to pray with you, put on tefillin, et cetera. So these are, you know, in his society, he's doing outreach. Chabad is all about outreach to the Jewish community.

That's why every Jewish community around the world has a Chabad center, basically, and that's pretty loose. We're just like, we want to win people to the Lord. He wants to win you as a Jew to traditional Judaism. So on the one hand, there'll be the appeal that you need to be with our people, that you've strayed, that you're in a foreign Gentile religion and worshiping a foreign faith, and look, he learned it from his father who learned it from his father who learned it from his father all the way back to Moses. So you're mistaken in that way. We have the oral Torah.

That's the real truth. And then if he goes deeper, he'll want to challenge what you believe about messianic prophecy, et cetera. I would encourage you to go to my Jewish outreach website,,, and watch some of the debates there. There's one with a Chabad rabbi, Immanuel Shohet, from 1995.

He's one of their famous controversial... So candid confession, I'm not on the volume of any of the Jewish objections. I've watched the number of the fact that I was in the middle of one now with Shlomo Taf, I guess a couple years ago, with chosen people. No, that's very helpful. Yeah, so you've got the five volumes with the answers to the objections. But remember, I was thrown in the deep end. I was meeting with these guys, but I couldn't even read Hebrew hardly, you know, and being challenged on every front. So the fact that what Jesus had done in my life was so extraordinary and so real and so powerful and so profound, nobody could argue that out of me. But they raised questions I couldn't answer that really messed with me, because like, all right, I'm conflicted here. So I just said, I'm going to follow the truth wherever it leads.

I'm going to learn the languages. And God, I just want the truth. If I'm wrong about Jesus, and to be a loyal Jew means to reject Him, if that's what it means, I have to follow you if I lose everything. And conversely, if what I believe about Him is true, if the whole Jewish community rejects me, so be it. But I have to follow the truth.

So that was my heart. So you want to be in prayer for Him, but in that regard, He has the upper hand with experience, because this is what He does in terms of, you haven't had these discussions with rabbis, you're just talking to another person about the Lord, it's one thing, you know. There'll be that appeal, that thing that'll kind of, like Jewish guilt, and this is what you need to be doing. And I remember, I spent Yom Kippur with them in 1975, I believe that's when it was, because they wanted me to spend Shabbat, I couldn't.

I said, hey look, this is going to work out. So I spent Yom Kippur, and just with them, prayer and fasting 24 hours, and the hours and hours in the synagogue, as sincere as they are, as devoted as they are, the life of Messiah that we have and experience, they didn't have. And it was such an overwhelming experience to see the sincerity and the passion and all of that. So if the rabbi is interested in dialogue, say does a book exchange, I'll read something, if you read something, give him my book, Resurrection, where I compare Jesus to his rabbi, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who he either still believes is the Messiah or believes was the potential Messiah, but the name of the book is Resurrection. It's by me, investigating a rabbi from Brooklyn, a preacher from Galilee, and the event that changed the world. And it's written specially for Lubavitcher, especially for Chabad people. And if you run into questions or issues, you'll find the answers on Real Messiah.

You can also write to our website, and one of my Jewish ministry colleagues will be glad to help you firsthand. Okay? Excellent brother, thank you so much. And by the way, for that other caller, the Steve Miller book, excellent, excellent recommendation. I second that. Good, excellent. Well, thank you so much.

Grace to you, Mike, and keep us posted. 866-3-4, truth. Let us go to Los Angeles, and welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you, Dr. Brown. I feel like I'm in a third country, because I am an American, I love America, I love Israel, and if I had to pick one, I think I would pick Israel. But, you know, we're in a different country.

And it's hard. Like, this moment in history, I just wanted to, like, reach out and, you know, just get some support, really. So is it because of America as a whole, or California in particular? Well, I'm in California, so I can't really speak about America as a whole, except that, yeah, with the president and, you know, all the politics and thinking about just ourselves and not thinking about the big picture and how God will bless those who bless the Jews and his love for them, it's just frustrating that, like, I'm an American and these people are speaking for me. It's just, like, so, it's not what I believe at all.

So here's the first step. And I feel like we're just not being the encouragement to Jewish people that we could be, or specifically Israelis. Like, do they think that America is just, like, against them?

Because there's so many of us who love them. Right, so that's what I wanted to tell you, Ann, that America remains unique on the planet. America is still the world's greatest superpower. I mean, we're in decline in certain ways, but we are still the world's greatest superpower, the most influential nation, and not only is there still an influential Jewish population within America, but there are tens of millions of born-again Christians, and the great majority of them do stand with Israel. And the people of Israel know it. They know the outpouring of love that comes from American Christians.

They know the outpouring of financial support that comes from American Christians. And even though President Biden has done some things that are very disagreeable and threatening to withhold weaponry from the IDF and putting Netanyahu under various kinds of pressure, and even though, for example, Trump was much more popular than Biden was or Obama was for sure in Israel, you know, there's no question about that, the fact is Israel still looks to America as its major ally. In the UN, yeah, we abstained from an important vote where we should have just vetoed it, but consistently America's been the one to veto things in the Security Council when they came against Israel, and President Biden continues to say that, you know, Israel has to be able to defend itself, et cetera. So there are mixed messages coming for sure, some messages that I'm very concerned with, Anne, coming from our current government, and of course there are politicians and politicians. I don't care who it is, Biden, Trump, whoever, politicians or politicians, they're looking at votes, and for sure, President Biden is losing votes from the radical left that wants him to be anti-Israel, and the question is, you know, how far will he go to try to recover Islamic votes that he's lost because of his stance? But the point is, he's still viewed by the opponents of Israel as a friend of Israel, and more importantly, the people of Israel know there are tens of millions of American Christians who stand for them, who are very vocal, some of our loudest, clearest political leaders making these statements, so be encouraged. There are a lot more people out there who feel just as you do, it's a dangerous time, but you are anything but alone here in America. There are tens of millions of others standing side by side with you and with Israel as we pray for the Palestinians as well. I thank you for the call.
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