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Open Phones, World Updates, a Major Spiritual Event in DC, and the Hating Jesus Book

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 8, 2016 4:40 pm

Open Phones, World Updates, a Major Spiritual Event in DC, and the Hating Jesus Book

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 8, 2016 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/08/16.

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Back really a whole lot to talk about on the phone lines are open stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hi everybody, just take a deep breath with me and how it feels good doesn't it. I am back in my home studio. After a week away in Italy.

Wonderful ministry there. I hope you enjoy the special broadcasts that we prepared for you and the updates from Italy and thanks for all of you have given and help so far the sheriff on came back had a bunch of books to sign for our new torchbearers as it is our gifts that we send out an appreciation and a bunch of thank you letters for those who contributed so thank you so much for your generosity for standing with us to plenty of time to give effect. Every day you can.

Thank you for your solidarity and your support, and a whole lot to talk about. But here's the phone number yeah you have been able to call. I know I'm sorry this will work out from Italy. But here's the recall 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Anything you want to talk to me about or maybe you don't like what I have to say you been waiting to let off steam will do it. You'll feel better after you do give me a call 866-34-TRUTH I saw on CNN online today, The lead story picture of Hillary Clinton and what is it, was it say there on the lead story. This is a revolution to quote this." So obviously something that Hillary Clinton said this is a revolution she's now formally accepted that she's going to win the Democratic nomination for the presidency. Of course Bernie Sanders is still saying that that he is not dropping out yet knows what's coming next. Look, he's not a long-term Democrat just like Donald Trump is a long-term Republican. In fact, he is less of a long-term Democrat that Donald Trump is a long-term Republican, so who knows what could happen at those conventions really like. I can't remember in my lifetime there presidency with this much controversy going into the conventions and were just getting started is really who knows what's coming next. But it was time a revolution that has made us my theme this might seem a 2000 we gave away the day the book came out over 70,000 copies of my revolution boxes part of by fundamental fundamental, deep, deep burden that I carried before the Lord Jesus revolution, not anger, not violence, not intimidation. But Jesus, so changing us that we by his power going change the world around us. So the followers of Hillary Clinton woman running for president in the chain she wants to bring this is a revolution, Bernie Sanders, of course, with his radical policies and agendas and and some followers are quite radical, even violent. Yeah, they're all timeout revolution and he is as politically incorrect in certain ways as they come. And then of course Donald Trump supporters. This is a revolution and he is he is very politically incorrect and is coming from different angles.

With everything that he brings with concerns that that he raises that I have the races for me about him.

Listen, if any of these candidates are elected, I think there's gonna be a lot of change but it could well be for the negative could well be harmful and destructive. The change we want to see it. Whoever is elected president. We pray that God will use them the change we want to see is one from on high one from above when they can only happen through the power of the gospel America needs another revolution now big time very very big time. So join me join me, together but us going change the world together. How about the power of the gospel and hate all of you listening by podcast back to two hours a day now that we're live once again back in the states right back with breaking news your calls love to talk about the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Jimmy will will will that that that music may sound pleasant, but the message is anything but pleasant.

That is the voice of Isis latest news and is reported by major news networks 19 is the girls burned alive for refusing to have sex with her Isis captors this the latest in the atrocities committed by office Isis in Iraq and elsewhere, the LCDs or religious and cultural minority group of Kurdish background in Iraq.

The are not Muslims and they are persecuted by Christians and others are persecuted by Isis and their young women have been sold into sex slavery. You have to realize even if their rescue from sex slavery that upon being rescued there still shamed some of them are still terribly suicidal and that might be understandable for any young woman that experienced the horrors experience, but especially not conservative culture, that woman is now tarnished for life and so very very painful terrible thing and we hear about this. This is going on.

This went on in public. According to these new sources I mentioned earlier this week be at the Coliseum in Rome and we we had a fabulous day of sightseeing with your friends in Italy and all his granddaughter Eliana and her cousin Decca 15 and 16 years old course, the trip of a lifetime for them at this young age, and the other Coliseum that was the beginning of the sightseeing.

So as amazing as it is to see the structure you think of what happened there animal fighting animal man fighting man gladiatorial fights 80,000 people there public executions, but the execution of Christians. Christians being fed to the hungry wild animals as the crowds would cheer itself to wicked world friends and all the more do we need to remind ourselves that were here for a purpose were here for a divine purpose.

Never forget that you feel weighed down by an oppressive way. But remember to take hold of it. There forget that we are here for a divine purpose. I posted on Facebook. In light of the chaos and insanity of the world today.

Let's remember the words of Leonard Ravenhill. They are inscribed on his gravestone are the things you're living for worst Christ dying for 866-34-TRUTH 87884 number to call before I get to your before I get to your phone calls today just want to mention a couple of other things. There was a rally in DC over the weekend and the organizers were expecting at least 30,000 people that turned out not to be not to be the, the turnout, as the organizers claim 15 to 20,000 well-known atheist blogger credit it may be half of that. Why would a number so low God knows cause notice of course Stacy was a great event and celebratory in all of this, but it's fascinating to see that the turnout was was that while Nella Cobbett involving Christian events that were massive were the turnout was way beyond what anyone was expecting and I been events that were the opposite. So anyone can expect a lot and have a lower turnout is why it's good not to glory in numbers, especially before an event if you're expecting 20,000 and hundred thousand people, you can say while something's going on here and why the interest in what is this turnout mean but when you post would have at least 100,000 ski the largest this or that you get 20,000 of now. Now your problem on your hands and then number still what it actually means that can be debated and what if the people are on the wrong side. If there are million people of the atheist rally. Does that mean that that their position is true there. 10 million people is immensely more true now if nobody showed up. This admin is anymore false. No false.

But it is interesting to see from a human psychological viewpoint, then maybe later in the Shaw played some clips from the up from the rally but reposted one of my team members posted on Facebook a meme, so graphic with a quote and there's a couple guys there knock at the door. The house and the hand. The guy pamphlets always opening the pamphlet and he says that there is nothing in the pamphlet it was empty. It's blank, and they say all were atheists. Now it's it's it's a little cartoon is tongue-in-cheek.

I know so you may be listening and in you may be an atheist. As you listening, you might so we have a message for the world.

We have a message about reason we have a message about human achievements and we have a message about human possibility and we have a message about justice and so on itself. I'm not saying that no atheist in the world has a message.

I'm not saying that I'm not saying that the only thing you do is disbelief. It was a cute thing you know the difference. To think in the pamphlet. Okay, now it's Isaiah atheist might say, we didn't have any fairytales in there either your religious dogma cited stems and answers to stick you cartoon but I wonder if, for the long haul.

People will give themselves to atheism as passionately as they give themselves to God. Especially when Eliza been changed. I wonder if people will give themselves to it. To say there is no God and in denying God and speak against God. I wonder for the long term if they will do that as passionately as people he been touched by God to know the Lord, give themselves to the Lord. II sincerely and seriously doubted this my personal opinion 866-34-TRUTH alright ton of things to talk to about today, but first we go to the phones starting in Cranford, New Jersey Rev. Christian.

Thanks for joining us on the line of fire. Dr. Caremark call throughout our current mark, Brook Park, Yorkshire. But her strong outcome are better structured on my questionnaire. Some clinical icon. Lincoln ungrounded cardio short gear for an unborn baby has any additional right archers are no an unborn baby has no constitutional right to shoot a computer. There are number one. No legal right I'm out. Drunk on now shout she had come. Pop the nominee for Democrats. Now if she doesn't believe unborn baby cause" additional right given out crime if my question. How do babies come in for the wallet she has a daughter I'm now she has a ground trike. How did they come into the wall.

If it would not permit the outlook on? So going to put on Donald Trump. A number of different what if you are currently look like that on your thoughts. Well, that's the question thank you for the chemical yes thank you sent the first thing is some sort of asked me why I spoke more about Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton over these months.

I do have concerns about Donald Trump.

As you know I I'm can't guarantee when they do come November, except like I can guarantee that I would not look for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. My reason that I haven't spoken as much about Hillary Clinton River Christian is that you can ask a question but I want to address it is because the vast majority of my listeners.

Under no circumstances would vote for Hillary Clinton. That's that's why, in the circles in which I travel and conservative evangelical circles and I would say per capita that the majority of my listeners would be evangelical/conservative. We have many Catholic listeners, we have with some liberalist assemblages, listeners, etc. at end of the throat. Listen Orthodox Jewish listeners, but the great majority would be conservative evangelicals, in which case they would not be voting for Hillary Clinton. Yes, I will be addressing her more in her positions on a number of issues are evil and deeply concerning you may know this or but from than African perspective, African leaders were outraged when she clearly said that there was going to be pressure on African nations to accept the American LGBT activist viewpoint that they needed to be more quote tolerant and inclusive.

Whatever words she used there be consequences in their African nations. The leaders that were outraged over this out. How dare you threaten us like that. So yes, her positions on a number of points are evil to me. I said about equivocation, just as I found some present Obama's positions are evil on a number of issues with Ray Sanders. So yes, great concern because that her actual statement. What was that the child and when she referred to as an unborn person gets referred to him as a person. She got attacked from the pro-abortion side for daring to say the baby in the womb, was a person and then she got attacked from our side, the pro-life side because she said this unborn person does not have constitutional rights so bottom line. Bottom line is that is that your it.

You cannot have it both ways.

If you want to say the baby there was a person then that person has to have some kind of rights every person has rights and if you don't want to call it a person, then you you are raising the question so it only becomes a person that emerges from very problematic physicians letter for sure. Thank you for the cost of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice important cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown � this is that man's voice that you heard is a man who identifies as a woman and there was a controversy in 2012 a college in Washington state.

Look your Washington. This man was in the sauna with another lady is a biological male he is male private parts. At least you did back then the pool area is shared by the local high school girls from the local high school went into the sauna and were shocked to find a biological male in their police were called over it. Police report said that she was sitting exposing her male genitalia. The report was convoluted as you can imagine, and the school said nothing we can do because we can't discriminate based. Discriminate based on gender identity. That's where things are heading across the country.

That's why we raise these issues because almost on a daily basis.

There's something in the news the parents that are being upset the kids that are being upset the real issues that are coming up at the same time, you will reach out to those who struggle with the disorder and help them find wholeness 866-34-TRUTH 87884 this is Michael Brown you're listening to the line of fire. Delight if you back home after Italy only promise only offer we can then Australia. Yeah. And as I documented in my book, outlasting the gay revolution this man whose legal name is now Colleen is still very much attracted to women. So he now identifies this as a lesbian attracted to women so what see doing and sauna naked with other women. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Chelsea, Massachusetts. Jeff welcome to light a fire like very important Baker find a bill for a private to allow our group active of the big gender identity that what time. One thing about 15 August, but still have both collectively and if they find it that we put map do you know the people have to realize the further you go the hell the bigger target. We will be important Islamic teapot. After the bull's-eye on it because of that epic date and all the garbage and that people don't realize, but it pop if the anti-private boat blinded that the that they think the best duffel bag of money and what I think II think it pop the McBride I thought it difficult that that they that they picked it up at the heck with it will take money from jihadists with big money but for the homosexual would take all better. All that yeah yeah a glimpse of his death. I mean I I hope that's not true. In terms of how corrupt politicians would be of God only knows God only knows. But some believe that this is the right thing to do that. That transgender is the new black and that this is the right thing to do and others think it's the politically correct thing to do or the path to reelection or that the best way to appeal to the general public. There's an excellent article that we've help to push out on social media as well by Al Parada on the stream stream dollar works just look around the right of the most popular articles you'll see it a couple items down Massachusetts House passes bill legally of violet, abolishing biological sex, gender identity replaces biological sex under the in the new wording which, yes, Gov. Charlie Baker said he would sign so the gender identity public accommodations bill which is H.4343 provides a three font advance on transgender quote antidiscrimination laws is a conservative review reports against all the Alvarado article replaces the word sex with gender identity in multiple areas of Massachusetts law. The Massachusetts commission against discrimination must amend rules and policies to comply with the shift from biological sex, gender identity, it allows people use the restroom or locker that matches their gender identity was the bill puts it any public accommodation shall grant all persons to and the full admission to the full enjoyment of such public accommodations or other entity consistent with a person's gender. I identity subpoena bathroom locker room shower stall public accommodation, then a man identifies as a woman simply saying it.

How do you say just do it.

Just walk in, you have complete access again. It is nothing less than social insanity that how would you care about the people in the disorder.

The issues are fighting. I did see it this morning. A friend set on Fox news Dr. Keith Abele was on talk about how this is a genuine mental disorder and should be treated as such. Instead, we turn the world upside down. Remarkably enough, so you know is going to come to this and I and I've written about a check my latest articles and asked her to Brown that or Jeff, thank you, thank you for the call and alerting us to that about Massachusetts. I do appreciate it so that it in fact we knew this was going to happen. There is no question so that Johnny grabbed click number four when boys say their girls what happens whenever play on girl sports teams will generally speaking, boys.

Males are physically stronger and faster than girls. Females write no mystery there. It's generally speaking I wrote in a track star woman crush me running but she couldn't crush male Trakstar of her same caliber right a female basketball player could crush me and basketball but you can crush an equally talented male basketball player does the realities what happens on July kids in school go to click number four it is not fair and is not right for our female athletes and we have a responsibility to protect our girls that worked really hard there working toward college scholarships. I'm glad that this person is comfortable with who they are unable to be having a they have a competitively I don't think it's completely 100% fair yet so no mother said hey they put the top four girls on on the podium and and their daughter was just a freshman in high school. She's got a good career ahead of her potentially was running. She finished fifth.

Why because a boy who identifies his girl finish third. How can that be fair title IX when the purpose of timeline is to ensure that this equality in sports of the women have have their sports opportunities in sports scholarships and things like that in schools. Now you turn this thing upside down friends if you appreciate the work that were doing stand with us and volume all my friends listening like Jeffrey just called and W ECE in Boston are great stations in DC and New York away for FM and DC WMC in New York.

We really do need to hear from you that that you want us on your stations because we help pay to be on the stations with folks from other parts of America supporting it. We really need the support of those who live right there in these great central cities of America so stand with us. Your gift of any size go a long way to helping us meet our current obligations and walked to the open door set before us, and again I got a wonderful gift for you a mini book 7 secrets of the real Messiah as one of these page turning eye openers. Great little mini book is my thank you gift as you help us a call 1-800-278-9978 the 2000 278-9978. The website asked Dr. Brown a SK DR just click donate again. Thanks for standing with us.

Jesus is Lord kingdom of God is expanding.

God is moving in the midst of darkness and insanity.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown that problem made big problem.

The Canadian national anthem. Speaking of all by signs is now considered gender insensitive. This is part of the old mindset, the gender binary. The male-female and to speak of all by signs problem problem.

So there are those in the Prime Minister Trudell camp who want this changed now.

Yet they want changed. They wanted to say all of us.

All of us that know this. I understand.

In general, how if something was always male in terminology that that women could feel excluded on a certain level understand that.

But to say that you now to change the meaning of the national anthem to change that. Maybe I look, I know children of Israel B'nai Israel is as of the sons of Israel is only translated children of Israel because that's just the way you say it generically there if you got a city, the masculine or feminine in Hebrew so B'nai Israel will translate the children of Israel on the other hand, when Paul talks about the spirit of son ship the gods put in our heart it.

It now connects us with Jesus now connects us with without his unique relationship with the father and therefore that unique son ship that he experienced so you don't just say the spirit of of child is the spirit of adoption, but when God makes us sons there's something to that. Just like we called our heavenly father just like their other aspects of the church being the bride of Christ. That's a feminine aspect of the whole body, so we preserve those of any anyway. That's just the latest change. The national anthem of Canada 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go back to the phones in Decatur, Texas, Michael walking to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Brown I saw your post this morning about the presidential candidates we needed Jesus revolution and I replied a man, and I started to type out a challenge.

There, but I remember due and invited us to a call and I was in your prophetic ministry class at the Kings University back at the beginning of the year and I want to call and say hello. That was a great blessing. It was very helpful and very formative both in life and ministry and I thank you for taking the time to do that class down here with us. I really appreciated and really enjoyed it. The outlet glad we were able to do it and yes so when I saw the CNN news headline and it showed that Hillary Clinton this is revolution. I thought you help. I've heard more time at revolution and this this candidacy or this the primaries that I can remember and in all the candidates talk about necessarily broadcast Bernie Sanders followers and he himself and Donald Trump is is revolution and Hillary Clinton. We need a revolution. We need a radical revolution. Nothing less than that a man and out.

I think I mentioned in the class are located in India while teaching mission. I spent a couple days with a prophetic ministry bear friend of mine was very timely in light of your class.

I learned a lot spending time with him help prayer changes, nations, and so as I saw your post but says we need Jesus revolution about a man, but we need a prayer revolution and and I think of the challenge that I was going to type out. I would articulated whenever we as believers find ourselves engaging in the discourse and the political discourse and and wanting to enter his position as candidates. If we would take time to play outside donors discourse and not speaking against voices like yours. Certainly you're called by God to speak for your call to speak yeah just jump in his mental break. Let's pray with the energy and passion with which we speak. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and his friends on the line of fire is the number to call. Okay let me just mention something that happened over the last week little over a week ago I dress these things, but let me just talk with you about them briefly had to do with hell song and the naked cowboy say what right so let me just say the different things involved in this. There is a big hell song women's conference in New York City at Madison Square Garden and I can only imagine that in the midst of it.

There is a lot of good stuff that we shared a lot of good words for the women a lot of encouragement for them in the Lord.

I'm sure a lot of good was done in the midst of it, but what what God's what God, the controversy really going about this was that there was once moments on a low in the larger context hell on this thing. When somebody don't big celebration of New York City and saw one pastor observes I love New York T-shirts is not a guy.

Is it one of the youth pastors that is hell song got major churches around the world on New York City being one of the locations and there was some one of the guys this is youth pastor on stage and he's got no shirt on. No pants cowboy boots got a guitar so the guitar is discovering his is more parts and was waist and panties wearing shorts under there. I wasn't sure if it was either his briefs and notes some more underwear select that Congress is wearing shorts, but you'll see that you will see the shorts okay see the shorts and he's got a towel draped over part of another shooting season and they could Chester County's blowing kisses at the ways in other screen back. It's whatever having fun with it. Okay so wait wait wait wait.

Are you saying you saying that this was a gospel got it yet. That's a big problem number one. This was a gospel gathering okay yes a gospel gathering women's conference say what the Rosie up there dressed like that will there's a guy in New York City. Famously known as the naked cowboy and he does wear underwear and he is out there as cowboy boots and underwear with a guitar on street corners of Manhattan and he's well-known there, and women, or others and pose with him for pictures. That's how he makes his body and just put money in a hat or whatever else his guitar case. Marie has on the that's what makes my okay so that's part two part three is, I found out about this because someone tweeted me my twitter account. Dr. Michael Brown DR Michael L. Brown on twitter so between Whitney and they wanted to one of my take on this naked cowboy thing so if it's true it's it's a part whatever I said something like that and then the civil here issues video you say thing about it and I mulled it over. Should I will not address everything that happens every abuse that happens anywhere, no matter how prominent that the people group might be right.

So the plot thickens. Turns out that this church watchdog self-appointed church watchdog network know it's unclear it's a major denomination or group who said we would like you to work for us.

The folks who feel they want to be policeman and an deal with issues, errors, and problems us in the body can be well intended, they post something There was post about naked cowboy. They then post the statement with the naked cowboy's representative wrote to them, and he's very upset because hell song had no right to use his image and he's actually has this license image of naked cowboy so you can't wear that outfit or lack of outfit. Whatever you want to call it, and he's very upset about it and not only so he's ordained minister would never under any circumstance go into it gospel meeting in the presence of a holy God and outfit like open hills down the street corner with when imposing around him. His underwear do that all right then the plot thickens even further that this church watchdog site, which I didn't realize until I was ready to write the article they are attacking me. Let's see if I have the spine or the courage to address Hill song over this by the way, it doesn't take the spine or courage to do you think is right think something rightly govern open letters to the president.

I call it radical Islamic you feel sums right you address and be very careful with others within the body or there's a believer in the body and how I dress things and try to address privately before publicly, but if I call it radical Islamic far right open letters to the president thing to have a problem issue with Hill song another Christian group or organization can cash but to cut this amazing paragraph: meet those false apostle profit, though I would insist that one point there was a significant lead in the Brown's revival. That was true every other line. It literally every other line in the in the paragraph was was false, completely false. So him so all I decided to write the article and basically what I said this is just a picture of the church in America need to refile get the absurd thing with a guy in his underwear or shorts.

Whatever dressed up as the naked cowboy on stage blowing kisses at a women's conference picture package that your pastor nonsense so Hill song needing a real fresh baptism in the beauty of holiness in the embrace of the beauty of holiness. I hate legalism like they do but haven't embrace the beauty of holiness. Then the naked cowboy. Haven't him address embrace and the beauty of holiness because yeah I appreciate according to his representative that he would never go into a worship service. A gospel service in his underwear just for the guitar in front of he would never do that that address records with in public is that a little bit critical then the church watchdog group.

They may need to embrace the beauty of holiness because they have no problem bearing false witness about others and blasting others and and posting downright misinformation if not outright lies about others so what what a picture what pictures I wrote about that article got a lot of circulation increase and then shortly after this whole uproar. Brian Houston said his wife Bobby ran the conference of the dress rehearsal before there was no such kind stage and and she has no idea how that happened and below it was and is an appropriate and will happen again, but he certainly not naked you know. And these people: apostates over it in a work ridiculous.

That's my word ridiculous. I appreciate them posting that the question is why was the guy removed and there were other pastors and leaders on the fly from why did they go overcomes the hate sees me need to be off of here and why the response from the women near the cheering and so on. And what's in the youth pastor said to be going. Kisses and stuff. So again I appreciate test used in clarifying that. And once again I say this need for fresh baptism of holiness. Now if you the things I want to talk about the money just parked here for moment all right to spark your no one thinks they're being legalistic though. Thanks to being legalistic if if they thought there being legalistic and they thought legalism was that assisted us as they recognize legalism is bad, they would want to be legalistic right so unfortunately there many times before to legalism that we don't realize connected to the best of us. Which is why we always need to have a vibrant personal relationship with the Lord.

We need to be blessing not cursing out.

We need to be honoring those in the body that differ with us. We need to be helping people fall in love with Jesus and be change from the inside out by an ongoing encounter with God in his word as opposed to just try to get people to conform to outward standards of look I spoke at a church in Italy where men sit on one side, primarily the women for mailing the other almost all lustrous. The opening wearing dresses and have like a veil just over the over their hair and some of you because they love the Lord and that's modesty to them and that's falling first Corinthian's 11. God bless them the subtle legalistic lullabies and some of them do it because they think by that outward conformity that there somehow in God's favor and that that may be a God of the young women who wear slacks is going to hell. That's what they think.

So legalism can be deadly just mean that all traditions are bad or wrong but but the way that you correct the error is not by preaching other area you will correct legalism by going with license you correct legalism by going the way of encounter with God you correct legalism by going the way of biblical holiness you correct legalism by preaching Jesus and dry people. Him and preach repentance and entropy for the ugliness of sin and the beauty of holiness. That's that's a combat legalism with the church normally does is it swings the other way goes with license. So when you see certain patterns with different groups or individuals where standards are compromised or statements are made that are weak instead of strong on on clear issues of sin and righteousness in Scripture, then we need to pray for fresh encounter with God the same way went with people fall to travel. Legalism so it's good to ask yourself and examine yourself before the Lord. RMI falling into either of these tendencies do these errors given them a way to avoid it is really the work closely with the Lord and blessing not cursing and then seeing how beautiful holiness is and how is right that hey this is Michael Brown. I want to invite you to join me for our second ever trip to Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017 this is a great opportunity. I get to interact with you are radio listening audience. Our ministry partners as we experience the land of Israel together and it will be a life changer.

We've got great price on the trip.

And if you're one of our monthly supporters or torchbearers are eligible to receive a special discount once-in-a-lifetime experience. Space is limited. Accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on the trip to secure your spot, go to ask Dr.

Click on the Israel manner or call our office at seven 047-8237 for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown yet was reason rally at this rally. A couple years back when this past Saturday was not as well attended as organizers hope for and out anyway know some folks were there sharing the gospel and reaching out.

And of course, just like everybody else. The group you have people who are atheist for different reasons. Some are very expensive church summoned your own emotional trauma left in a certain way of questioning God or his existence.

Others through study or learning about with a full contradictions in the Bible are the early religious texts receiving corruption and religion or simply by evidence of science. Things like that feel that to be intellectually true to themselves. They have to be atheist. There are various reasons it away. Jesus died for atheists, and God loves atheists. 866-34-TRUTH we go to Monmouth Beach, New Jersey.

Mike, welcome to the line of fire� Around partner talk to that New Yorkers are there is a real thread through the Scriptures were in were not that the temptation to Adam and Eve about you become just like to admit.

Make up your mind and then and then you going to solve some to wear to me. It's almost like a prophecy concerning the Statue of Liberty were to break break those chains. Regards change from what we can do whatever we want an item construct by Statue of Liberty S&M. Is that okay because okay that at the feet of the Statue of Liberty are compartment broken change okay answer this and submit words so by following God's way of holiness okay will you decide what we want to do because we are were where were reasonable rates are based on our own reason our own intellect, will glorify ourselves okay and and and decide what is right and wrong if if if Bruce Jenner after 65 years of being a little Olympic champion decide you know what I feel like a Mormon, no and then they beat yeah okay yeah like that that the statute clearly so that people in chains, slavery, destitution of the parts the world and and and things like that but yet so solicitous Lisa.

This might for sure there are those who are atheists, and for whom.

Psalm two is applicable where their attitude is we don't want God to be our Lord. We know want God to be our Lord, that no question about that.

No question about that. That's their their position, their attitude is we don't want rules, we don't want standards. We don't want accountability we not want to have to answer to anyone for anything in terms of a divine being or divine laws. And of course there will be. There will be a confrontation before got over that because heart is to bring people to repentance. Eight. Thank you for the call to appreciated hey� Listen to a couple clips for the reason rally.

I'm not saying that this is representative of the whole rally I didn't listen to the speakers. I just have a couple of clips.

George Carlin, the famous comedian was also fairly aggressive outspoken atheist speaking at the reason rally Kelly Marie Carlin McCall. She's a writer, actress, producer, model, August, and Internet radio host Johnny.

Let's grab clips number nine and 10. I think it's time to play these will start with number nine. I suppressed all of you to stand up. If you are able-bodied. Let's take a big deep breath in and out like airlines. Mary learned that taking oxygen in. I want you to look at these hands down at these beautiful hands I want you to look at these can look at them and I want you to pretend that you are an alien or a visitor from another world and you have never seen a hand before in your life alright so let's sum let's hear what her message is and let's hear what she wants to put forth that the reason rally go next click. At some point had to learn to hold a spoon right its name wipe a tear. There is nothing like this hand in the entire universe.

This person is alive on planet Earth.

At the very same time as you thank you thank you for taking these 10 minutes with me to be human being. Thank you for acknowledging the moment of being alive you beautiful human rights.

In my and I love seeing the humanity and all of you. Thank you that when you see the humanity and people you see good and bad, don't you see see beauty you see ugly things.

Especially if we knew what everyone really thought, and so on. And the same human beings that can love and I can care and they can be compassionate can turn around and kill and rape and murder. Acting justly points to the fact we created in God's image and yet we are fallen reading God's image.

Yet, in need of a Redeemer and there is an article meet your caulk, who you may have seen him ease he is a famous scientist, highly respected, and you may have seen of just appearing on some commercials recycle tax commercial or a phone commercial. He's what the Asian-American, I imagine. So this just yet. He sounded kind of funny ways, but he's a famous scientist and he is now found what he says is definitive proof that God exists, he is considered according to one website which is what the Geo philosophical Association of anthropological and cultural studies. He he is.

Let's see what the creators and developers of the revolutionary string theory, which is highly respected throughout the world and and he says we live in a matrix. He said to me, it is clear that that we exist in a plan which is governed by rules that were created shaped by universal intelligence and not by chance.

To me, the more science learns the more I'm convinced more science learns the more I'm convinced that there will be more and more evidence for creator and that hand, the George Carlin starter spoke about in those longs that you spoke about were created in extraordinary detail to work by a loving God, let's share the gospel.

Let's remember that God's antidote for ascending world is the message of the cross and resurrection that there is eternal hope in the Lord.

The matter how far gone. People more about how foregone the society with grace, repentance, transformation can come you never know who be touched as you share your testimony to stand with us to help our broadcasters get as my appreciation get the seven secrets of the real Messiah.

Many both good aspect around the Lord. Click on donate my bottom line. Today Jesus changes us, so we will go and change her will go to great interviews this hour major gathering in DC and a book on hating Jesus's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown automotive friends to the line of fire broadcast Michael Brown delighted to be back in the states here for week before heading to Australia so thrilled to be home had a wonderful time in Italy arrived back in last night, so thanks for the prayer support and thank you thank you to each and every one of you who supported us financially, who has given this past week. Plus, there are special radio share-athon. We still have a ways to go but we've gotten a lot of great responses. So, thank you so much for your support for your encouragement in a very tangible way of beginning updates when I was in Italy and was so encouraged by some of the good reports. I hope you are encouraged by the radio broadcast, household designed the whole point to be sure that first and foremost we would be a blessing to you during my a different broadcasting schedule while in Italy. Here's number. Call if you want to talk to me about almost anything. Today, 866-34-TRUTH 74 866-34-TRUTH regrets a special guest will be joining us. But I may be able to take some calls in the midst of that.

Let me just talk you for a moment about the beauty of unity making of Psalm 133. You may have even sung in Hebrew name.

I told him on the EM ship at the think I'm Jacob, behold, how good and comely it is when brothers dwell together in unity and its describes like to do that. That drops down from from outer moan and and of the oil and errands beard the year for the anointing oil that it's a beautiful picture. And when I was in Italy. It's my 23rd time there spoke and there hundreds of times my books have been translated more by books interested into Italian any of the language got a great relationship with churches all over the nation by God's grace of God respect from so many and it's all a testimony of the Lord's grace and faithfulness and we been able to serve their effectively through these years and be a blessing to the church there and two things three things happen.

Of importance regarding unity one was our sense of the importance of the joining together of generations. The importance of the joining together of generations so the younger generation and the older generation joining together of as one always very important and something that absolutely deepened during the meetings we had there spoke three times a day and then once on the final Sunday. Secondly, the pastors behind this event.

The main organizing pastor and then the one who posted it in his in his voice church facility. They have been friends for years, but use the service eldest given the same church that have their own churches, but they just had some differences ministry approach different things and for 14 years.

They did work together until this event to see them on a platform, arm in arm holding one of his hands up before the Lord. That was very sweet and then people rejoiced and smiled for the sod then I am spoke clearly this many times but major Pentecostal denomination in Italy. They love the Lord in so many ways be so much good but they have certain parameters and traditions and somehow I didn't fit in because I wasn't officially ordained with them and so all my years there was is 29 years ago in Italy have never once spoken one of the churches until the Sunday and was warmly received and complete liberty to preach and we had a great service there with these folks good good packed house. Great crowd and again it suddenly got smiles on listen I take strong positions. I'm known to take strong positions taken in compromising positions for years, but you don't do that is all right. Nobody else is wrong. 23 Jesus speak the truth in love, and let the chips fall where they may. Then from there you run your race with as many as a run together with you you out of the whole body regular races as many will run with you that a special guest got out something very special happening in Washington DC and elements can be effective is with entire body gathering together we will be right back on file in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred brothers who had worked together pastors working together seeing a denomination open its doors to some of Masi that denomination on the one hand we lean on God heavily understanding without his intervention that really were sunk as a nation. On the other hand we understand how he blesses unity how he smiles audit is not a unity that compromises principles. This is a unity that is based on principles and based on common foundations of faith that gathers together before the Lord with me now on the line of fire is Nick Hall.

His book reset it set the subtitle Jesus changes everything and is the official book of the together 2016 rally, the national Mall in Washington DC so let's hear more about that on Nick. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown, by the year. Thank you so before we we talk about the reset that gathering the together of 2016 gathering in DC. I tell us tell us about yourself, but your own life and how you ended up doing this yeah well I am in my early 30s, married, have a complicated and got into their work God called me, you know I was student up in the North Dakota of all places, not about the topic. Talk about you. The foolish things of the world you know things like college kids than places like North Dakota and even I know at the vacation spot for you right after round of map I heard that. Listen, is this far as as far as unlikely places or unlikely people are unlikely background. Let's just say this got specializes in doing things like that and it taken someone he is a 60-year-old heroine shooting LSD using heavy rock drummer colony to debate rabbis and priests and stuff. So yeah, I love the obscure backgrounds of your head. That's right yet so I you know we were training students to survive on our campus and conducted honestly to start a movement power and I really felt called to give my life to just talking about Jesus and when Things happen on the campus. We had no prayer groups launched a training event happen to me and eventually the premise of it was this reset. Broken assault on depression, suicide, you and the people that are supposed to be bringing the hope in the light of Christ. Most of us are pelican hiding you know like Roman Mike and Barrett talk about our faith or will wondering is it even relevant.

You'll enter those that are hurting.

The only thing that they knew about was what we were again right and so it was just kind of toilet desired and I will look like if we united around the working poor and specifically the hope of Jesus and the fact that you want to meet each and every one of the students where they are and felt started to English paper I wrote in a just turn this movement in the reoccurred response kids coming to Christ, where we having literally the largest student led outreach in America over 20 year North Dakota 8000 students come out 1200 kids get like to launched honestly a chain reaction. We had movement and spread across our state with 50,000 young people come out and then it spread across the nation since the enemy. Last year we were at Columbia University in and that in New York their Ivy League literally means that the generation movement from the ground up prayer and fasting getting into God's word and going after this generation, with the hope of Jesus as we believe that at the only hope there isn't. So we want to want to share the good news right so when it comes to this younger generation.

How would you How would you explain where they're at what what their strengths are with their weaknesses are and how this plays into the gospel. You know I you know I certainly can see things from a negative perspective, but I think when I think about the next generation until the whole, I think this the generation that is caused or that I think they're looking for things that matter, they don't want to go to the motion. They don't want to conform right and so they're not a generation affinity a part of something a traditional religion are the church know where were your parents generation was kind of like it. Guilt thing out. If you go or don't go into people could go to church but there might not be any vibrant your life. I think for this generation there either to begin or they're not right and so again like they're just very there's a longing for purpose and cause significant under also very relational right and fill they they want something that's real they want something that's raw. They don't like sugarcoated things they just let me tell me about your struggles. Probably what Europeans tell me your story and that and again build their open door open up and felt like I really believe that this generation -related to complete the great commission.

I mean, I'm so full of hope that these kids are in the class.

I mean there's more prayer happening right now in our country than it ever happened in American history and people don't know that. But like there's literally an underground movement and in all of document when when you show me you can look at any history any civilization when you show me a movement of prayer that spark is literally God laying the track for revival and awakening because of God whispering and calling his people to get back on their face before him, and he's preparing for something you know and I think that's sort were in the midst of and on the verge of what I really believe the gray another great awakening and I just I have hope and pray in.

I know we deserve judgment. I know that you know by only by God's grace.

The managers believe in God that they keep his arm and not too sure if they need not intimidated today and i and i love to just remind people of that, you know, we like it here� not right you look at the politics of the situation.

i would've my unit building on not on the on the contrary pray for norm god i have the answers in and jesus is right there at the right hand of the father interceding for us and we get followers of christ have the holy spirit got you not to empower you not to do what needs to be done right now which is share the light of jesus, the love of jesus and lay down our lives for a cause that matter. and you know this this past week i was in in italy and traveled with our oldest grandchild. she's 15 and her cousin who 16 and they had a great time with young people in italy and we were some really passionate young people and old people's wealth, but where it one airport. we were come between airports in italy and they were on their cell phones online in a matter of seconds they had ready found the free wi-fi may literally seconds. i went to the restroom. he came out and they were there online and click in the whole bit. and you think hate this younger generation is so like it's social media often it is negative for me that the social relationships break down there to build cruelty and then all that the access to bad material and and so on so forth. but you picture a bunch of young people on fire using social media and think spreading so many movements that happen these days burst by social media, large gatherings, and things birth by social media. what happens to these young people when they get really turned on to the lord while amazing what could happen right there is literally no place on or that the gospel cannot reach right now and and again i think it it just all the way we think about it, you know, we can think of all the negative thing and certainly you could lift them per day destructive things of media and influences, but the flipside of that day within the message of the world can't compete with the hope of jesus and so rather than focusing on know the negative side of the thing, but i think we have light we have hope.

we have love like we have we have this method and in literally there's not there's not close nation anymore, but there's not a place you go to the bush in africa regarded the middle of communist china people have their phone they have the tablet they have their laptops. whatever it is and there is a way to get to people now that maybe hasn't happened in the history of the world into literally like distant. we are living on the doorstep of what i believe it literally every person hearing about you every person having a chance to respond to jesus and so again i just think it's exciting yeah listen i ii constantly list the problems i address them all the time, but always with hope because i absolutely convinced that that that that we are on the threshold of what to be a nation shaking movements and individually there's no option and got this response to the prayers of the number of my friends are involved with 24-hour houses of prayer in different parts of america and the world and and mainly fueled by young people.

hey, nick wheatley cuts more time to talk to just about 30 seconds before the next break. let everyone know about the dc event when is it happening and how they find out more online silicone together. july 16 saturday in the middle of summer and you can hop on line reset are praying for a million people, with the historic need to be there all right to give that would set out one more time reset right reset we come back we'll talk about some of the speakers that he can be there at some of the worship leaders and teams always. i was quite surprised to see the list but most of all god's people gathering about the purpose of this next book is also that same name reset right back with nick call hey, some hope in your life how open your heart valve will encourage.

he has great things in store for those classic for plan by the expo line of fire with your host dr. michael brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

here again is dr. michael brown speaking with 2016 september 2, 2000 i was part of the call dc which had perhaps 300,000 men. the young people there for 12 hours prayer, fasting, worship, and listening to the word of god that i believe is the largest gathering of christian young people in american history we gave away over 70,000 copies of the revolution book that day and we know folks leaving powerful movements around the world today that were impacted by that event by the messages there by that book. at that time, nick has it in his heart to call for a million plus christians to gather together in dc nick where in the world did you ever get this number from a million people. why put yourself in that kind of bird than pressure. this is a common question people ask. so tell us that a great question and the one that probably many people at and acting in my own personal life, but the you know, i honestly our heart that started five years ago we that we that we been praying for revival and awakening for 10, 15 years but five years ago we had this burden of just looking around at thinking that even the biggest of gathering that there mostly just one organization or you organization and typically we treat each other like our competition and thought fight for preventive big but that the event is bigger and this is my thing and that's your thing and you'll follow this group here on twitter and by that t-shirt here in just whatever in four weeks, start praying for god, will it look like we read about you. we do we know about the call and we knew about, you know, expo 72 and we knew about the great awakenings and interviews and that man overlook all the stream flow towards one day to see this massive movement because we had this conviction or heart that god is offering a wreath that to america is kind of crazy thing like reset what this word that resonated we thought hundreds of thousands of young people come to faith. we just became convinced that this is a message for today from god for a generation that jesus is a wreath that is often a wreath at the time is now. and so, literally we just start praying to god.

we want to see the largest jesus gathering in american history which which sounds not frightening. it's hard even to look, what would that be in the navy's promise keepers or something else but me, literally, likely wrapped in rv that the largest jesus gathering in american history and the and we went across the country, you know, i didn't look back. now it funny.

you know how i think of you know it, probably thinking whatever i think honestly what's been in our heart is reducing what they can attain to raise people's i to raise people's attention and to drive home the urgency of the moment. write it in effect that if i ever have a big event.

you failed a lot of event they were in a get, you know, maybe 50,000 that they have a good event at the big event, but there's something about the number million. honestly that i think it's just symbolic know which of many when you drop the number million people like what it it it it at least got my attention for sure, it forces people to think something even a think were not which line.

at least they had to think that we were not. you had to take time to decide. we were not know, but really it's like no less than it did for the event and it called so big that it missed acetate collaboration, and unity. if it's too big for any one group to do this is too big for any one organization too big for any denomination to do and i think that's the thing about men in need of our our demand that we link arms across all i'll come back so that the heart cry of that in italian. it's far exceeded our wildest dream of the people that have bought in it, but we can pray and pray you think i would you do this but but i mean i think when i look back much, but i believe that god could hold these leaders together. it's crazy and you made light of it, but i mean that the list of people that have said yes and are coming unlike anything i've ever known in my life and anything i've ever even regret about like the sadistic ghettos. i was anything but make it like it when i when i went to the website just� he would be talking about on the broadcast today and i saw the people that were sent up to speak in the worship teams and i thought well that's that's that's amazing, because normally takes a lot to draw on certain people because of busy schedules and things and then they don't want to be part of a failing event or show up for something where you know a lot astounded nothing is happening or where they're going to be guilt by association because i'm there and that person's there for dinner. like me around like them. so i looked look at this it just just real quick just so folks know this can be happy july 16 in washington dc at the mall who were some of the speakers that to be there and we can all i'll make aware every one of your many women are coming are coming with an urgency that we need to hear from god. right. and so while there can be great communicators were not coming to hear from any man or woman coming believing that we need an invasion of the word of god. yes, right. and so the people are coming and it's ravi zacharias.

francis chan believed palau with christine and josh mcdowell managed so many people on our carry job health on united michael w. matt, kirk franklin, tosha cobb, tony evans is going to be there.

ronnie floyd innovator tammy rodriguez again to be there. you know, the pope is sending us a video greeting for the thing which which people Are up about a likely hope.

if you really, what are we going there but i think i also listen.

the leader of the largest billion people who call the of Your the leader of that movement is publicly endorsing jesus gathering to encourage catholics to go meet again.

i look at him like what is going on like if it isn't yet worse case scenario even eat here. here's a worst-case scenario, he's not saved.

none of the catholics he saved while now they go hear the gospel so that you everybody's worst-case view of this, yet nick listen, i've been around for a while and i and involve large meetings and and to pull this off. especially when you're not the head of this mega rich massive ministry with you know the biggest name in the world. when you even raised up by god.

still young man seeing god move that's encouraging. but the only way that's truly success is that the people are there in god's presence there. give us the website one more time nick yet reset 26 and again i guess i just echo your words that mean i get appealing to people deficient annual thing. it isn't all do it next year paying. this is a once in a generation thing and so whatever you have going on. i just encouraging people clear your schedule. find a way to get there. july 16 because we need god in our and eat him. the respondent beth weber common and people are fussing and do anything they can to get there. encourage parents, grandparents, students, whatever. let's get together let's rally on the national mall must believe god for revival in our day.

it's it's an urgent time. these are revolutionary times, critical times in american history and i can think of nothing better than god's people gather together, repenting, crying out, see his face hidden choices as his face physicians teasingly to take nick.

thankfully, you will be following this with interest think i stuck around that time, dr. michael brown, along with messianic jewish pastor scott melvin for unique behind the scenes tour of israel.

february 25 through march 6, 2017. space is limited so accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis.

for more information on the trip and to secure your spot, please visit our and click on the Israel tour banner color office at 704782370.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown the people in society really hate Jesus. The people in society today really hate God is an overstatement. Is that an appropriate approach. We just look at people who are perhaps confused prep struggling perhaps not clear on things is the word hate to stroll well my guest today. Matt Barber Christian attorney and professor at Liberty University and an outspoken columnist addressing issues more cultural issues in society, as I constantly do mats for the book called hating Jesus and we'll talk about that today on the line of fire.

I'm thrilled to be back with you back from Italy got in last night and got home about 730 in the evening that we set around his family with her granddaughter looked at all of her pictures and videos than the ones I taken of our trip there compared notes that try to turn in early.

Then hit a workout full normal workout today that a radio interview ready. Now this show and then another radio interview Simpson back on on full normal schedule by God's grace and I would like this for years. On the one hand it in other words, when I come back from overseas and on the display in the normal day. The next day that's that's been a pattern, but I do it with even more strength. Now the age of 61. I do it with even more strength and a large reason is because of healthy eating.

Get a book that will be coming out old by December. The official release date is for you to be early January, but it's definitely out early December according to plan, so that we can get to people's Christmas gifts.

It is breaking the stronghold of food. Yeah, that's my next book and I am very excited about it and I think it's going to help a whole lot of people in your the workouts that I do a very important and they are revitalizing Boston even more important is healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle so that we are good stewards over these amazing bodies and minds that God has given us these amazing amazing bodies which include our brains and which are greatly influenced positively or negatively by diet, so often people say Dr. Brown are you doing this crazy schedule my caddy keep this up. Lot of work hard for years, kind of lifestyle.

More important, FL calls I feel burdened to address these things. My heart burns to do so, but there's grace for free because of God's calling on my life.

He's graced me to do this dislike gives you grace to do these called you to do not only Soto healthy eating take care of this physical temple goes a long way to revitalization to strength and to this kind of schedule. So rather than it being abusive.

It is liberating. So yeah it's Kenneth will let you know as soon as it's available for preorder in different ways, but this one of the sure that with you that will be talking more about that in the Moscow, not to condemn. I don't want to condemn anyone that's out of shape are overweight or that's that's been the at different times of my life, no condemnation, but rather lots of encouragement in the book breaking stronghold food that will be out until December. That's just part of life. Get back from Italy and so I said what the best food in the world and at what you doing in Italy actually I eat healthily if I consecrate say healthfully in the hostess and we stayed at his massive sows me every day and I watch people eat the pasta that were devoured over the years I watched the meat pizzas I was about over the years the gelato. I was out of years.

They enjoyed with everything and I just that I met this is that I'm happier for what I did will be right back with Matt Barber talk about hating Jesus the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back friends to line buyer. I was in the Coliseum in Rome on on Monday. It's been a great sightseeing day with some friends there in her granddaughter and her cousin and yeah a lot of things happen there fights between animals fights human being versus animal gladiatorial fights, executions, and throwing Christians to wild animals. Execution of Christians wall that would clearly be hating the gospel and hitting the message that these Christian stood for, is it an overstatement to speak of people hating Jesus in America today is an overstatement, perhaps inflammatory and unhelpful to speak of quote America's war on Christianity. My guest Matt Barber did with plural hair has written a book, but is very title hating Jesus the American lefts war on Christianity, published by Barb wire books and Matt is here now to talk to us about this very book.

Matt is a front-line activist. He is founder and editor of chief energy for serves as associate Dean with liberty University school of laws and attorney constitute custody and constitutional law holds both a Masters of arts in public policy and a juris doctor from Regent University. Matt, welcome to the line of fire doing doing really really well. I appreciated. You've got endorsements your book from folks like Todd Starnes, Fox News radio and David Limbaugh, best-selling author and brother of talk radio host Rush Limbaugh.

Obviously they agree with you have endorsed the book as well. But when you come up with this idea that people actually hate Jesus and it's part of a leftist war on Christianity in America. I wish I could take credit.

No right around her. Mark 1313 if" everyone will you because of me wants to stand firm to the end will be day and it felt when I bake it out. The American left Christianity back to her left liberal progressive really what it did, it is taken either.

There's nothing new under the bonnet were talking about the pagan left baby let the left of old taken Christian the lion mentioning it in your opening monologue bear they would be considered today.

Progressive and they hated the Christians of that era because they hurt birthday to Christ and reconnected it right was because quite the body. Body, like the way I don't come for the father but through him we are all spinners were no better than our fellow human being who hate Christ and hate and precept in the transcendent biblical reality and law that represent but date we happen to be like and I'll be be the banker who were trying to tell everybody else where the food that they don't want to their happy content living in in the flesh in the that we all are, by the power of the Holy Spirit and felt that the conduct of the pilot would be becoming manifest in caring hatred or the left quite a Christ follower manifesting itself in public policy and our larger culture, entertainment, the court all Congress and so forth and so we are point now in America where the pagan left is pushing more.

I think it an unprecedented level again. The truth of Scripture and in officially the end game.

Effectively to outlaw Christianity and the truth inherent within that worldview. So Matt just touch your own life. I first read about you when you read the news with a personal story.

How did this attack.

This hatred this double standard, claiming that its tolerance and wants a quality union acting opposite ways have the statute personally. I know it, which I about working at a major 100 company Chicago area.

What started writing a weekly column or print website like the time when everything was going along swimmingly on writing about the election, George Bush, the war in Iraq and I went to write an article. One day, ironically titled intolerant will not be tolerated. The gay agenda versus family value and and I ended actual Barrett anabolic.

I pointed out the pitfalls biblical emotional virtual pitfalls associated with the homosexual and cross-dressing lifestyle and that human rights campaign what BC got a hold of that information. They found out where I worked.

Baby called for my head on a platter. The long story short. But I was fired for writing the article and that would be of the help of the Christian law.

David get the order that group filed a lawsuit about law and we settled out of court a lot longer and shorter but it within two years after being fired. I found myself living in Washington be working for concerned women for America fighting that human rights campaign about who are our guiding principles of God and sexual morality what the Bible teaches on a full-time basis so it ought funny. I thank God I don't want you Corporation God will affect our good lad to credit ticket on an old time after the battle and it two years. Be careful what you pray for God will give it to your back � it but that what you blackberry verbally and that be on the path where I am today engaging the culture wars that dwell alongside that print like you and others on a multi-date of the author in speaking with Matt Barber duplicating Jesus the American lefts war on Christianity. Todd Starnes says this and he infuses the American lefts one Christianity. Matt Barber delivers a masterful blow-by-blow investigation of how the left sucker punch people of faith. This book is filled with truth bombs that are guaranteed to send liberal scampering to their safe spaces are there some boxing imagery here. Of course Mohamed all the. The most famous boxer of any generation passed away in the last few days that you are formally a heavyweight boxer short career but but undefeated as a heavyweight boxer so you know someday we can only imagine what it's like to be in the ring someone is trying to knock you out and they're thrown these salacious punches with with bad intentions. And you're trying to block them and evade the punches and respond with knockout punches of your own or the folks in these activist organizations and those who are their allies and other other parts of the society are. Are they really targeting Christians Matt account. Do you document this in hating Jesus. Where were they. They actually want to silence us and you think that's really going on in no doubt there targeting religious freedom. Bill restoration act of appeal. There pushing the apartment on other bill that would backbite make outlaw Judeo-Christian sexual affect you the banker and I know you talked about write about the Lord that Bob is the daughter that the innkeeper people who are being targeted for our reputational but financial direction and even like David Google used to violate your conscience and sanction and take part in a counterfeit marriage.

She actually went to jail and info. While we are not being beheaded and tortured and burned alive might be a bar around the world� That we have the date that great question quite that way, what at what a great analogy.

The box that I get to take part in the military I was a heavyweight. I thought Johnny died but but but but but but better trying to block my head off and it culture war that I'm engaged now it is spiritual level is more challenging work trying orient any round I ever bought the boxing ring at my entire career. Spiritual warfare that work great together but the greater it would've been and that we can more time to talk matter.

Folks want to get your both hating Jesus was the best way to do that they can go to either barbed wire PRB or to search I got a few more questions for Matt. What strategies does he have for us. What will this book help you do understand these are issues we fight side-by-side Dan nice ultimate limit we gotta bring the gospel to this culture. At the same time we need to be informed and aware of what is going on in our culture so that we can see saw life.

Let us not be overtaken by an onslaught unawares.

What is happening in broad daylight like that. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice important cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and I and you and that was what the jogger had to say that was jogging by Christians in the gospel at Berkeley University.

You need to do some of these Christians. Rather, I don't feel comfortable with them.

Sounds pretty angry and hostile. Matt Barber, author of hating Jesus the American lefts war on Christianity David Limbaugh calls it a must read book Matt. He sits in a very interesting to me that that the heavyweight boxer fighting these giant guys who could do real damage with their fists that the war for urine now is much more intense when you you get the emails you get the hate mail you get the responses to your columns barbed or my columns appear as well. There's a lot of ritual there. What kind of stuff comes against us comes against you on a weekly or even daily basis you get mail mail appreciating what Deborah my children better expect to win about me and my family and I work. How do you how do you know that that break down or like you and I think now you know it just as much as an encouraging word or spell. I know what I'm what I'm getting from people that are great people that know me 88) for the be personal. They hate the true) representing hate the very cheapest will in short it away by it.

So I don't take it personally and it back up. If it if I'm anchoring it infuriating the right people think people were demonstrably pushing Collett be that an agenda that is completely at ought with the respect that we agreed in Antarctica part of Scripture.

The laws of nature and nature's God. There pushing the thing and they are attacking me taking a position at the end of those true I'm buoyed by.

I'm encouraged by my family and birthday, but that the Holy Spirit whipped me to not let it get me down and effectively use the back people for God to just encourage me to keep pressing on. I'm sure you're probably about the same boat exactly exactly the same boat.

So when folks get hating Jesus will simply alert them to the reality of what's happening in the society.

The the end, intense reaction against the gospel which is increasingly undisguised or that will else get equipped to deal with it. What what's what's in hating Jesus may look close and encourage.

We start out by writing out a couple chapters very detailed that that show.

Historical record is clear that BRA nation founded primarily by not be a copy of my Christian and many of the pastors and end at the historical record. We are clear on that regard. Regardless of the portal revisited budget by then detail a number of the evidence that show the attack are increasing the pitch against Christian individually. We can no longer people are going to have to take the banner network. I segue into that backbite you.

We are told Christian. We are to be thought of light in a culture that Jenna really is an open loop in our culture. It all preservative value, but take a stand for biblical truth. You are going to burn. They are going to hate you because they hate deep there going to be attacked but you know where we are to take that that we are commanded the we we are. We cannot remain silent and get in our little enclave by people you know it at the time.

Now work double disobedient people double disobedient of the like that without reverent part, Martin Luther King Jr. bingo we are going to obey unjust laws or judicial checks better push down from on high without any credit. We are not going to allow ourselves to be associated with a very weak willed� Allow our daughter objected to make it in shower block. We will take a firm standard treatment number you not taking on the federal level people like Barack Obama issued distant faint edict demanding that that the public schools opened there there boy shower for girls of their girlish voice and in the locker room. We have entered it like living in an alternate universe, and so people no longer have the choice to sit back and let the front line in your living it into every person I like to write, or will I just got a go with the flow of the world you know Matt something really interesting happened.

I was in Italy for week I was speaking three times a day and then the Sunday morning service and we had our granddaughter 15 years old and a cousin 16 years old with us on the trip so they were having time. The lies hang out with the young people there by day by night. After the meetings and the rinse of the meetings with me and there was a late afternoon meeting and I told him that he need to be there, they could just show up for the night meeting. They were brought there and it was when I was five I kinda began Christian and dealing with all of these issues in society and explain look the older generation leaders with homosexuality. We think an issue in a generation hears that they think a person so I want them to chat afterwards and said hey sorry had to sit through all that I said but I guess it's relevant for you to know these girls are raised in godly homes and they are very innocent in that respect. I mean they love the Lord and the raised in godly homes and they live clean lives themselves against talking about what's in these issues in their school Christian school or are not one of them say all yeah yeah that these people here and then you know these kids here in the O yeah get on on the buses transgender kid on track to have a few friends like that. I just love on them and tell about Jesus and just a friend to them and stuff and and you know she every the ideal parents. They all will not my school. It will Christian schools retirement everywhere. These issues coming up and the question is how do we address them. So I've I've been on the front lines for years with you on these issues. To see this put together with some great history and background to America as well. The book hating Jesus the American left war on Christianity author Matt Barber together with Paul hair. Paul here is a fiction and nonfiction writer as well in the veteran intelligence analyst you can get it on that's website Barb if you haven't gone there, go there.

It's a pretty intense fact filled eye-opening website. You can also order the Matt always good talking with you. Keep up the good work God.

God bless you. Alright so friends right of time just want to remind you that this is still a great week to stand with us and help us as we stand together on the front lines of the gospel to stand with us.

Good* Click on the only got a special many books Messiah as art thank you gift my bottom line. Today, put him first will never let you down

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