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Dr. Brown Tackles More Internet Questions

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 8, 2023 4:51 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles More Internet Questions

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 8, 2023 4:51 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/08/23.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. You've got some great questions.

We'll do our best to give you some great answers. It's time for The Line of Fire with your host, biblical scholar and cultural commentator, Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on The Line of Fire. And now, here's your host, Dr. Michael Brown. Welcome, friends, to The Line of Fire. This is Michael Brown.

My joy to be with you today. I am only taking questions that were previously solicited on social media on the Ask Dr. Brown Facebook page. So, sit back. No need to try to call in today.

Sit back. Enjoy the broadcast. I'm looking at a bunch of wide-ranging biblical, exegetical questions. What do these verses mean? I think you'll find this really enlightening, helpful. It's part of our commitment, not just to make radio enjoyable and give you an outlet for asking questions, but it's part of our commitment to educate, to strengthen, to bring health to the body however we can, to contribute to having us be people of the Word, people of the Word and practice, people of the Word and Spirit. So, let's dig in together. Let's learn together.

Let's grow together. You can always write to our ministry. Just go to the website You can always contact us with your questions.

And, of course, we do our best as many days of the week as possible to open the phone lines. We'll start with a question from Keith. In your opinion, how much did the Artemis cult practices in Ephesus influence Paul's directives to Timothy in 1 Timothy 2, 9-15, since women there had certain authority like priestesses? There's a source called the Theseastica by Xenophon of Ephesus about this. What's your take?

Thanks. I'm more expert in the biblical sources there than some of these external New Testament sources and better with Old Testament external sources than New Testament. Of course, my friend, Professor Craig Keener, has a book about women in ministry, and he may be the world's greatest expert on relevant sources outside the New Testament.

I do not personally believe, though, from my limited knowledge of this, I do not personally believe that this was a major factor. I do believe the fact that women in the ancient world were less educated by men was a factor. The question of how much the creation account comes in here, in other words, is this a universal statement of principle based on the creation account and therefore male headship and women submitted to that is a complete ban on women teaching? The second question is pretty easy to answer because in Titus, Paul instructs the older women to teach the younger women. And so, if women in general are easily deceived and shouldn't teach, then why have them teach anyone?

It seems to be an idea of usurping authority and with that teaching. But in any case, that's a separate exegetical debate and you've got top New Testament, top Greek scholars debating that. And it's a healthy debate. It's a fair debate in terms of women teaching men, women in a headship role, etc. But that's a separate question. I do not personally believe that the Artemis cult background is major.

I could be wrong on that, but my own understanding is that it did not in a major way influence the writing there of that important passage in Timothy. Okay. Tony, do you believe that the seven-year tribulation period will start on a new seven-year Shemitah cycle? Why or why not?

No, I do not. I do not see anything in Scripture that points in that direction. So, we do know that when the Torah was given at Mount Sinai, God said every seven years would be a year of release. So, there would be a release of debts and there would be a release of servants. So, you serve for six years and you're released on the seventh. But then every 50 years, so the seventh year release of servants would be, you know, whenever that seven-year cycle worked out for them. But after seven sevens on the 50th year, so the Jubilee year, so the Shemitah year is every seven years, the Jubilee year would be every 50 years. There would not just be the release of debts, but if you were an indentured servant, if you were a servant for life, you would be released.

If you had to sell lands to pay debt and they left your family inheritance, those lands would revert back to your family. Jewish tradition says that we don't know exactly when these years should be, that we have somehow lost track of that. I do not believe there's any way to calculate, even though these things have gotten reinstituted within Israel and Jewish tradition, to say definitively that this is a Jubilee year or Shemitah year.

I don't believe that we can do that definitively. But even if we could, I don't see anything in Scripture that indicates a final seven-year period will be a final Shemitah. Now, you could make an argument for it, well it's seven years and seven years is symbolic, et cetera, but seven years can be symbolic in so many other ways. Seven years may not even be a literal seven years, it may be a symbolic way of talking about a complete period of suffering and purging. But if there is in fact an exact seven-year period of final tribulation, I don't see anywhere in Scripture that gives a clear indication that it would be in the Shemitah cycle. I just don't see anything in the Word. Someone's going to try to find a hint somewhere, maybe, but I've never seen it in almost 52 years studying the Scripture, I've never seen it, so to me it's nothing I even think about for a split second, to be honest.

But thank you for the question, that's why we're soliciting questions. Dakota, what's the background of what intertestamental and second period Jews believe concerning Daniel chapter 7? I read that because of this verse they did indeed have a Godhead theology, but after the Resurrections Christians would debate the rabbis and eventually by the year 125 AD the rabbis rendered this theology as heresy and scrubbed it from their doctrines. Basically Daniel 7, we have the Ancient of Days and one like the Son of Man coming on the clouds, two Yahweh figures.

I also think Heizer taught us, thanks in advance. So, if you read a book by Alan Siegel, Two Powers in Heaven, or Daniel Boyerin's book, B-O-Y-A-R-I-N, about Jewish background to the Gospels, and then of course Michael Heizer would teach on this as well, there would be arguments that although Yahweh was considered to be the distinct God, that there was another divine power seen here as the Son of Man and some of the writings in the book of Enoch would point in that direction as well. And there are arguments that within rabbinic Judaism there was debate about this, are there two thrones in heaven or is there only one throne in heaven. My understanding is not that there was a deep Godhead theology like Christians might think of, but that there were highly exalted figures, being angelic figures like Metatron who was the highest of the angels and was just like Yahweh except that He was a created being. So obviously not omnipotent and omniscient, but that He represented Him, that He could speak on behalf of Him as Yahweh. So you had an exalted angelic figure or an exalted Son of Man figure.

And I appreciate what these other scholars have done. I believe that it points to the possibility of a highly exalted figure alongside of God the Father Yahweh. I believe that you could argue that Melchizedek in the Dead Sea Scrolls even becomes a highly exalted figure. So I think those certainly existed and then likely in response to Christian theology there was an even more strongly clear emphasis on a strict monotheism that excluded any other such exalted beings. So I would say it's kind of in between what we would think of as another exalted being within the Godhead and thus equal with God, between that and just angels, that there were highly exalted figures that had power, but there was still a distinction to be made.

So I'm trying not to get too nuanced and have everyone saying, what are you talking about? But hopefully that sufficiently answers the question. Oscar, does the plurality of Elohim as it pertains to God represent the persons of the triune God? Not exactly, but God's triunity can be included within the concept of Elohim. We know that Elohim is an intensive plural of Eloah. So God, Eloah, Elohim can be gods, the gods of the nations. You are worshiping other gods, you can say Elohim. Because the angels can be referred to as Elohim in the plural.

But it's also an intensive way of speaking about God. We have some examples from the ancient Near East where the deity was spoken of with an intensive plural. We even have correspondence with the Pharaoh of Egypt over 3,000 years ago when referring to him as my gods, plural. And in the Hebrew language when you're speaking of certain concepts and you want to emphasize intensity or majesty or power, you would have plural. Speaking of a strong earthly ruler, you can refer to him as Adonim, which is lords, plural. But it means a strong lord, a strong master. Or Rachamim is compassion.

So there's the intensity of feeling and emotion. That's a plural form. Even the word panim, face, is a plural in the Hebrew, likely because of the different parts and components of the face. So Elohim, God, the God, capital G, is plural because it speaks of his majesty and his power.

Now within that, you could say there is, triunity can be included, but it's certainly not because of triunity. It is because of power and majesty that you have the plural. Mark, what is the context of the Olivet Discourse? So the teaching of Yeshua on the Mount of Olives recorded in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 with slightly different emphases in each part.

The context is it's shortly before Jesus is going to be betrayed and crucified as he and the disciples are standing outside the temple in awe, even though they've been there many times, just in awe, talking about what a majestic building is. Yeshua tells them that not one stone is going to be left on another. Everything's going to be destroyed, which leads them to ask a question, which in Matthew 24, 3, is put in three parts. When will all these things happen? What will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age? Now for sure, the end of the age, we've already seen in Matthew's Gospel where he speaks of the harvest as the end of the age in the parable, so Matthew 13, and then at the end of Matthew, the 28th chapter, lo, I'm with you always to the end of the age. So we know that means until the end of this age, which has still not happened. But in their mind, it's all going to be the same event. So in their mind, his coming, so as he must, as he spoke to them about coming in power or glory, now they still don't understand all of how that's going to happen, but they're asking about that, when's that going to happen? And destruction of Jerusalem, the end of the age, they package it all in one question because they think it's all one event. So he answers it all in one. He's going to talk about the imminent destruction of Jerusalem, sandwich side by side with the end of the age and his return and it's all blended together in one glorious discourse.

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I love welcoming new partners because together we are making a difference and you share in the reward. Yes, absolutely. Okay.

Back to your questions. Manu, did Jephthah actually sacrifice his daughter? So we're talking about the account of Jephthah, Judges 11 and 12 and it seems from the text that he did.

Now I'm going to give the caveat to that in a moment. I mean it's one of the most disturbing texts in the Bible. The guy is raw but he's courageous and he's fighting against the enemies of Israel and God has raised him up. He's the son of a prostitute and he makes a vow to the Lord after coming back in victory, the first thing that comes out of my tent I'm going to sacrifice to the Lord thinking it's going to be some animal because they're all kind of living together.

I mean obviously, massively foolish but he's excited, victorious and it doesn't dawn on him that the first thing that's going to come out of the tent is his daughter. So she says, well, just let me mourn for 30 days and then go ahead and do it. You made a vow. It's one of the most uncanny things in the book of Judges which is one of the darkest, most discouraging books in the Bible because of all the sin of Israel and the constant backsliding and idolatry and judgment. It's a painful book to read and yet if you made a vow, you kept it. Very interesting that that was just, you don't violate a vow.

So the plain sense would be that he did sacrifice her and that this is remembered annually. It's horrific, obviously it's nothing that God wanted. God was certainly not saying, well, you made a vow, you got to keep it. No, no, you make a foolish vow, you're responsible for it but you don't carry it out. You repent and take the consequences of breaking a vow but you don't carry out a sinful, foolish vow. That would have been on him, not the Lord requiring it.

God forbid. However, there is a tradition, we just can't prove it from the text, that she mourned and wailed with her friends because she was never going to marry or have children. That she was now set apart and would have to just live a single lonely life which in the ancient world and much of the world to this day is a terrible curse. I would like to think that's what happened but it may just be wishful thinking. It seems just from the plain sense of the text that he actually carried out. You have to try to find some nuance or some way around it to say that he didn't.

I hope he didn't but it seems that he did. Roger, what is the significance in the number of fish 153 and how does that directly point to Jesus since that is the only job scripture has? Okay, not every detail has to have significance. In other words, there are many, many accounts in the Bible where it numbers people in a certain clan or it numbers people who died in a certain battle or it says that they received this amount in the booty or the prey and it's just numbers. All it is is numbers. The overall message points to Jesus.

Some might try to find numerical value and say well if this was originally in Hebrew the numbers would have added up to this or represented these letters or in Greek it could represent these letters and then these letters could spell these words. I don't see anything in it other than the account. That's just what happened meaning a whole lot of fish. That's what it means. How does it point to Jesus because he's already told them in Luke 5 after the miraculous catch as well as in Matthew 4 when he's first calling some of the apostles, some of the disciples, follow me and I'll make you fishes of man or from here on you'll catch men and it's saying hey catching a lot of fish but you're going to catch a whole lot of men. Now on a totally other note, so it points to Jesus as the one who makes us fishes of men.

I don't find any symbolic meaning in it. You say no, no, no but someone said that 153 if you'll take these Hebrew letters it could spell it could spell any number of things. Okay if you want to play word games remember when the Hebrew Bible was written the the letters were just letters they were not used as numbers also they were just letters and during in the midst of a sentence they're just letters. If here we have Roman numerals in in in the English alphabet correct so the number L stands for 50 or the number V stands for 4 or 5 or the number C stands for 100 but in a sentence C is a C and and V is a V and L is an L it's only when they're functioning as numbers. So in the Hebrew Bible the the the letters are always letters they're not numbers they're never used as numbers they're just letters. Now to try to read something back into them numerically so-called gematria excuse me you can read anything into it you can make anything mean anything you can say this points to the true Messiah this points to the false Messiah this points to the devil this points to righteousness this points to wickedness you can make anything mean anything. So we don't follow that practice there are no guidelines for it there are no controls for it. So if someone says yeah but one five three so so what adds up to a total of 153 well this letter equals 20 and this letter equals 100 this letter equals third and and you can keep coming up with any number of things that you want. Here just do it with with the English alphabet make-believe right A is one B is two C is three and then when you get up to 20 whatever that letter would be then the 21st letter would be 20 the 22nd would be 30 24 40 25 50 or whatever you get up to a certain number now this one stands for 20 this one stands for 50 this one stands for 100. Now just hey friends Dr. Michael Brown here do you remember when people thought I was crazy when I said it's not too late for America that God can still do something in our country that there is going to be a pushback a gospel-based moral and cultural revolution and you remember when people thought that you were crazy because you felt the same way because you believe what I was saying and already felt it in your heart well friends that pushback is here the the gospel-based moral and cultural revolution we've been talking about for 25 years is unfolding and we are right in the thick of it and the line of fire broadcast is divinely positioned for such a time as this friends you would be so gratified and blessed as as as I hear if you could hear what I hear testimony after testimony as leaders young people old people moms dads students people from all backgrounds come up to me and say Dr. Brown you're providing a template for us you're providing a blueprint for us you're showing us how to 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area tomorrow I will be participating in the send there should be thousands of young people there I've been asked to bring a message on revival just a 20 minute focused intense message in the midst of this day which is calling young and old alike but especially young people to get involved in an area of service be it community outreach or service be it foreign missions so this should be a very very powerful event those of you near Kalamazoo Michigan scheduled to be there at Radiant Church Sunday morning with my dear friend Lee Cummings so anywhere in those areas that's where I am heading right now okay so not taking calls today just questions that I previously solicited on Facebook this is from sorry but it's written Indian language or sorry can't read the name I read a friend's post and wondered if the author audience of Genesis 6 12 considered animals morally culpable and responsible I always thought that all flesh was a metonymy for humankind in other words stood for humankind that all flesh has corrupted itself in God's sight and that the animals of growing ox for example were supposed to be purged out of the land and toward because of ritual offense not a moral one okay all flesh corrupting itself before God is talking about all humanity it's not saying that all the animals were evil and had to be wiped out and in point of fact the birds weren't wiped out the fish weren't wiped out right and and birds certainly are flesh so and and fish a different kind of flesh so no it didn't mean that the animals were so corrupt they all had to be wiped out they were wiped out the ones that lived on the land as a consequence of the flood but even so hang on weren't they preserved as well did Noah just get the righteous animals no no so without question without question called bizarre all flesh is talking about all human beings without question the reason that you put the going ox to death was because it was dangerous wasn't a ritual offense she put it to death because it was dangerous it was a menace it was a hazard hence you put it to death so it wouldn't gore people if repeatedly gored people you put it to death so no question it's talking about humanity humanity humanity no question whatsoever all right um cheerio how do you feel about first john five seven it doesn't exist doesn't exist it's not found in any ancient greek manuscript the first time it's not found in any of the writings of the early church fathers referring to it it's first found in a later latin manuscript and then only gets into an official greek new testament when it's written in later so as to be included and that's why it's in the king james there are three that bear witness in heaven the father the word and the holy ghost and these three are one i absolutely believe in the truth of the statement that that god is one and and he is triune father word and holy spirit and these three are one i affirm that is absolutely true but that's not a verse in the bible it is a later edition and that's why you won't even find it say in the the new king james in fact i'm just gonna here here's how everyone could search for this so the the main software i use on the show every day is accordance bible software if you've never used to check out accordance check out the great resources if you want to dig deeper into the hebrew the greek and key commentaries and background of course i use uh wide ranges of software and material jewish studies software as well logos is rich but every day in front of me on the screen i i use my accordance software and encourage you to check out accordance but suddenly everybody can do so you you go to right you type in first john five seven king james version then beneath that it says read full chapter so for there are three that bear record in heaven the father word the holy ghost and these three are one as i memorized it uh over 50 years ago in the king james then you click beneath read full chapter first john five seven in all english translations all right so let's go to for example the new king james which continues in the condition in the tradition of the king james the new king james and what does the new king james say hmm i'm looking and i don't see anything there here we go ah all right so the new king james includes it that's interesting but i'm not seeing another modern translation major modern translation and the mev which follows this but if you're looking at virtually every other modern translation uh a s v c s b c j b c e v uh e s v n i v n e t h c s b i s v one after another l e b on and on and on and on you're you're simply not going to find it what you have is there are three witnesses then goes into the next verse so everything we can see it is a later interpolation but what it says is true i have absolutely affirmed the truth of it as taught elsewhere in scripture it's just not part of our bible uh chase dr brown we all know that daniel 221 says that god removes kings and sets up others but what do you do with hosea 8 4 which says they set up kings but not by me they make princes but without my approval with their silver and gold they make themselves idols to their own destruction seems to me that people on authority have been placed there by man against the will of god but am i misunderstanding this verse in its proper context the reason why i asked this is because i was trying to make sense of the whole trump not being in office yeah uh these are i love all these questions thank you for every one of them they're they're all great questions so thank you so chase this is a fascinating one you have this verse and daniel god sets up kings and removes kings and then you have a satan telling jesus in the temptation in matthew four and luke four that he has the power uh to to give uh power over over who gets in office or who's a king or things like that so how do we understand that number one god is sovereign and he can set up and remove whoever he wants whenever he wants that's number one he can intervene he can do it and that is the first thing this is saying it's not saying that everyone ruling is ruling by his will necessarily as you point to josea h or in a democratic republic like america we may vote and god may say you're you're voting for the wrong person and i'm i'm giving you over to your choices i'm giving you over to your sinful choices as you have chosen so will it be but it's not what i want or i desire god often distances himself from the choices of his people so let's look at this at three levels god is sovereign god is king he sets up and removes whom he wants at any moment he can raise someone up and make them king and pull someone down and remove them from being king only he is god and has that power that's number one number two functioning under that there is satan who has become the god of this world because people worship and follow him and he is controlling many of the things happening in this world because god has allowed us to to come under his power god has allowed us to come under satan's power and influence and to make certain choices hence all the the ugly things happening in the world every day that are clearly contrary to god's will for which we pray your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven we pray for that but we see so many things happening god would tell israel for example in the book of jeremiah i i never had this in mind i never intended this sacrificing your own children in the fire never intended this this was never my my plan or my desire so satan ruling and reigning in that regard the god of this age the the god of the spirit of of of this age or uh the the spirit of of the air so you know this this earthly realm here uh because people worship him and he does as he does but god being sovereign can use what satan does for his own purposes right so satan can manipulate xyz but god being god can use all that to carry out his purposes and then the third level is we as human beings doing what we do and saying okay we don't like you you're standing up for good things and we don't like you so we're going to assassinate you and put our guy in and and god says you're setting up people not buying this is not my will this is i didn't order this but it's part of the freedom that he gives us so at any moment he can intervene and we set this guy up and god removes him and puts someone else in that's number one number two even when we make choices and satan does what he does god can use all that to carry out his will and purpose because he's infinitely ahead of all of us god uses some of the worst things that have ever been done to human beings as platforms for the advance of his kingdom most notably the crucifixion which was the greatest single active evil in human history the crucifixion of of of jesus the son of god by human beings and he uses that to save those very human beings so that's who god is and we stand back and worship in awe when it comes to president trump not being in office and he is not in office he is not in office he's not reigning from heaven he's not the real president and and there's just a shape-shifter posing as biden no no he was not inaugurated whether he won the election in cal it was stolen or he didn't win the election either way he was not inaugurated he is not the one in the white house doing what presidents do that is a fact and those who deny it are sadly i appeal to you sadly in spiritual deception if you haven't read the political seduction of the church please read it before the 2024 elections i wish i could push a button you say just give it away to everybody well number one i don't have the power to do that but number two unless you're interested in it in it you're not going to read it i i i hope and pray that all of you will read the political seduction of the church before before the 2024 elections so you can see how we can be rightly involved in politics have a right influence in politics be salt be light fulfill our responsibility without being seduced and deceived but i have no question whatsoever whether donald trump would have been better than joe biden i and i voted for donald trump i have no question whatsoever that we got the answer that we prayed for meaning we prayed and we prayed i never saw so much prayer before an election as i did in 2020 we pray god have your way god have your way god have your way god have your way even after the elections when many thought it was stolen god have your way god have your way god have your way i believe god gave us joe biden whether it's an act of judgment whether it is to further awaken the church whether we were looking too much to a person some of us especially white evangelicals looking too much to a person to carry out the change that only we can bring about as as bearers of the gospel i i i have no question in my own mind even if the election was stolen that we got the outcome that god desired whether it was to chastise us and discipline us whether it was to humble us and awaken us whether it was to help us take our eyes off man and really go after god recognizing revival in the church outpouring in the church lead to awakening societies is the only goal either way god worked we made choices along the way it all interfaces with our master sovereign god tuning those strings to get the end results that he wants we'll be right back are you experiencing fatigue heart palpitations or tingling in your hands and feet these may be signs that you are deficient in vitamin b12 which may increase your risk of serious cardiovascular conditions without you even knowing it i'm paul brunette a board-certified doctor of holistic health and director of wellness services at trivita and i have some exciting news for you introducing trivita's hcy guard the breakthrough sublingual b12 natural supplement scientifically formulated to support maximum absorption and support healthy levels of homocysteine what is homocysteine you may ask well it's 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line of fire with your host dr michael brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is dr michael brown welcome back to the line of fire i can't believe you just have one more second oh i love answering your questions i get such joy out of answering your questions i hope it's a blessing to you and i hope it increases your love for the word to to dig in more and study more and grow more and i know i feel freshly challenged like after all these years almost 52 years in the lord i feel like i barely know the word at all there's so much more to discover of who god is and what he requires of us and just have more of the word in my heart and mind so just renewing those efforts to focus first on taking in the word last week celebrated nine years without break of healthy eating and living i want to encourage you to take control of your health as much as you can i know some of you are in situations chronic illnesses diseases that have no earthly cure car wreck and you're recovering from it we're we're praying for god's grace and help in so many other ways though we are responsible for our health so i want to encourage you to be a good steward of your body and look at food not not as you're you're you're living to eat but you're eating to live and that food is the fuel for a healthy life and the healthy life is the reward i have not missed chocolate donuts ice cream pizza pasta burgers fries chips to all the stuff i would eat pretzel all the stuff i i have not missed the stuff i ate day and night on different levels for 59 years i have not missed it but boy let me tell you at 68 plus years old feeling more full of energy that i can remember and feel like i'm getting younger every year it is so worth it so i want to encourage you join the wellness revolution if you haven't called our friends at tri vita let me give you the number it's 800-771-5584 so you're going to accomplish two things when you call 800-771-5584 if you're calling off business hours the 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let's say lord i want to glorify you with my body it's not about vanity it's about stewardship it's about stewardship uh and of course 100 of your first order goes to support the line of fire and over a tithe of all subsequent orders so if you'd like to call that's the number 800-771-5584 you don't have to ask for the free mini book it's coming your way or go to you can go to uh... try vita dot com and use the code brown25 if you do uh... surface does the kind of meal described in jeremiah 16 7 have anything to do with the eucharist the lord's supper no it's an interesting question it's just talking about comforting a mourner or not comforting a mortar with a meal or with a drink there's nothing relating to the eucharist in there it's it's an interesting question because it does mention the the the meal and the drink but no it's just generic uh... in terms of the suffering that's coming and you know what do you give someone you give them you know from food or from drink that that's all it's saying generically yani can you explain the fact that god knew that i was going to send please provide references if possible thanks well sure there are some if you have a calvinist disposition you would say that god ordained that adam saw so not only for new it but ordained it i don't share that position but he certainly for new it how do we know it because first peter one revelation thirteen jesus is the lambs slain before the foundation of the world well why is he slave before the foundation of the world to die for our sins so he died for our sins because god foresaw all of this remember god inhabits eternity isaiah fifty seven fifteen so time was something that was created i know mind-boggling how can there be no time time was something that was created even even scientists recognize that why i say even scientists i don't mean scientists are dull i just mean this is not just a faith statement it's a scientific statement that that time was created to or time came into existence at a certain point so god lives in eternity and sees the beginning from the end read through isaiah forty through forty eight read through it several times i always encourage people to do this and get overwhelmed with the majesty of god who declares the the end from the beginning and and who sees the final outcome before we've even been born and then all the verses about god seeing us in our mother's womb or knowing us before we're in our mother's womb like like jeremiah one for example point in this direction so yeah jesus slain as the lamb before the foundation of the world indicates indicates that god foresaw human sin and that jesus would now be the last adam with adam the sinner being the first adam peter question about exodus 25 to 31 about the golden menorah can you explain why only the king james uh bible describes the menorah as a he and not an it um i don't know the exact logic of of uh the king james rendering there but in hebrew you have you have male and female in greek you have male and female and neuter so for example if if we speak about um in hebrew if you're if something is male it it's not necessarily male like shul khan table is is male derek road can be male or female ear city can be female so why one or the other hokmah wisdom is is female and that truth is male but there it's not because of male and female characteristics i mean you can midrashically homiletically read things into them lady wisdom etc but it's just everything has to have a gender in in hebrew so you're either male or female but in point of fact if you're talking about an inanimate object it's an if the table is not a he the table is an it so why the king james translators would not say it that's a good question but there's nothing masculine about it nothing to read into uh in in that regard look the holy spirit in in hebrew is is is feminine in the in the new in the new testament it can be neuter and then sometimes the spirit can be referred to in a masculine way so you don't want to read too much into this all right let me just see if there are any further questions that were posted here if if not i'm just going to go off on a little bit of a tangent let me take one more look i solicited these on facebook and i told folks to post the sooner the better and maybe there is one more okay zara does the hebrew word lathe which is normally translated heart mean all of the inward being in any context or can we limit it to heart for example in psalm 51 yeah it's interesting a pastor just asked me about what does heart mean and i said well it's one thing in hebrew another thing in greek and then of course another thing in english so when when when we might talk about my my heart's burning or or i feel convicted in my heart in hebrew you could refer to feeling convicted in your your kidneys which in yiddish is the kishkas that are really feeling it there um so parts of the body can have different meanings in different languages sometimes lathe can refer to to the mind the intellect more than just the heart so it's not so much the seat of emotions but let's just take a look in psalm 51 and and i i would describe i would i would describe heart in hebrew as it can be seed of emotions or intellect or kind of the guts of of who you are so in in psalm 51 let's just scroll down to times when heart is used oh let's see born in iniquity sin my mother conceive me indeed you desire truth in in the inmost parts that's an that's an interesting phrase there as well hide your face from my sins blot out all my iniquities and then of course fashion a pure heart for me oh god creating me a steadfast spirit so heart and spirit being parallel is really speaking of the inner being there who i am on the inside cleanse me and heart and spirit with overlapping meaning and that's our that's our prayer god who we are on the inside who we really are cleanse us wash us where we've been defiled remember matthew 15 mark 7 out of the that which comes out of the heart out of the inmost being defiles remember proverbs 23 above all guards your heart for out of it come the issues of life so we got our heart we got our mind and and we recognize there's overlap in those concepts so what god's looking at is our inmost being the body is the temple so we're good stewards we don't judge based on outward appearance but we're good stewards of this physical body and then we glorify god from the inside out and and that's what he's looking for the pure heart the tender heart who we are on the inside who we really are hey friends if you are feeling defiled unclean go to the lord confess your sin openly take full responsibility for it don't point the finger at anyone else and say lord wash me or cleanse me do something fresh and new and now through yeshua we have that new creation we have that new heart that has happened when we were born again let us walk it out let us live it out be blessed glorify the lord and let us seize the moment return the time another program 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