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Updates on Israel, Jewish Scriptural Insights, and Ken Ham on the Ark Encounter

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 21, 2016 4:20 pm

Updates on Israel, Jewish Scriptural Insights, and Ken Ham on the Ark Encounter

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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From the Ted Cruz speech to Israel and the Palestinians to Noah's Ark, we got you covered today stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown.

Yes, it is fairly huge Thursday and as always will take your lady calls and as always will talk about Israel related issues, but first want to weigh in on what's happening in the Republican national convention and the swirling controversy over the Ted Cruz speech last night, this is Michael Brown you listen to the line of fire number to call to be part of the conversation 866-34-TRUTH 788-486-6342 any Jewish related question of any kind phone lines or open and includes Hebrew questions that includes questions on this and prophecy.

Judaism, Jewish tradition by the state of Israel, etc. all of those and more will answer on this Thursday. Later in the broadcast again. We do two hours every day in different parts the country to different parts. The broadcast limited broadcasting to speak with Ken ham about the Ark encounter Ken ham famous as young earth creationist famous of for answers in Genesis, and they've got this amazing replica of Noah's Ark and it's creating go controversy and generating great interest around the country Will be with us and will be addressing a bunch of other points of interest 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but the Ted Chris's speech last night on the one hand, it was known it was submitted in advance to the Republican national committee and Donald Trump so they saw what he was going to say and they saw that he was going to say, vote your conscience rather than endorse company never promised to endorse Trump and is that you might a civil he gave his word previously that he would. Yet that was before Donald Trump at this apparently was involved with get at allegations that there'd been sex scandals with cruise. Of course that silly thing pass but that and then attacks personal tax on to Chris's wife and then on to Chris's father so to Cruz never said he would endorse after the initial pledge. Obviously some water had gone to the bridge, but he was given a major platform that's it to deliver speech at the convention and he was received with extended standing ovation, meaning that he was looked at in a positive way.

He was looked at in a positive way by the delegates. Despite the fact that he is not endorsed Donald Trump that significant. He was being welcomed now was his greatest goal to unify the party was his greatest goal to unify the party behind Donald Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton was his greatest goal to simply reiterate the message that he stood for of constitutional principles and religious liberties in a strong America or was his goal to posture for a 2020 election, thinking that Donald Trump will not do well and that this is his time to to lay out again where he stands with the nation here.

These are our positions in point of fact, only he knows the answers to all those questions but I wrote out some observations. You can read them by going to ask Dr. Brown a SK DR and clicking on latest article I wrote up 10 points that we can learn from the vote your conscience line and go through the very quickly number one both the Drudge Report and Breitbart remain militantly pro-Trump which right now means militantly anti-cruise if if you go to them is leading conservative websites trudged as being a massive news aggregator and auto billion people go there on a regular basis or billion hits is is is while how much tension they have some multiplied millions if the news from there they remain militantly pro-Trump betrayed them is the plant is remains a polarizing he's loved Laura by some for last night and hated by others less than literate her by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown shared thunderous cars bluesman of prolonged standing ovation when he began his speech and thunderous booze when he ended because he said, vote your conscience, vote your conscience in November. Obviously, they could not mean a vote for Hillary but would it mean a vote for Trump. Maybe not 866-34-TRUTH. I was thoroughly Jewish Thursday refers covering my thoughts on the crew speech from last night so 10 points. I wrote out one both the Drudge Report and Breitbart remain militantly pro-Trump which right now means militantly anti-cruise, for example, the Breitbart headlines were lying. Ted breaks his pledge that was the report and the Drudge headline with graphic Hells burning with a picture almost made it look with it the right that the red color that was behind him as he spoke, and always gave the impression that he was burning in helmet that was that was what was being put forward number two Cruz remains a polarizing figure, so some of you to say what incredible backbone and integrity, and others will say what what incredible selfishness and small mindedness and number three, the Republican Party remains deeply divided, so is that a real effort to unite behind Donald Trump but didn't have George Bush to push but Romney there that image on K-6 so the crew speech now underscores underscores the the lack of unity that's their number four pleuritic political rhetoric can go to for so the Trump attacks on cruise were at the point where he he was not going to endorse and remember, right before dropping out. Cruz called Trump a pathological liar, utterly amoral in a narcissist to the level I don't think this country has ever seen. So, without some type of private reconciliation public apologies. It seems that too many lines recross for either candidate to endorse the other number five Ted Cruz has guts is to that his speech was submitted to the RNC leadership before was delivered and Trump himself states that he sought so that they knew he was gonna say vote your conscience, but it takes chutzpah to get up and do it. Number six, despite the delegates supportive Trump. They welcome Cruz warmly perceiving him to be part of the celebration until he failed to endorse what he really could've had a tremendous unifying effect and could've had the wind in his sales. In that respect others would've lost respect for him, saying he compromised and caved in and by the way, the way it's playing out in many circles today is that Cruz failed and he sunk his ship and he destroyed his political career and when I did a poll on Twitter. In fact, let's just see what the results are right now.

I asked I asked folks on twitter. If you and I connect with us on Twitter or Facebook do just click on the Facebook or twitter icon or YouTube icon but I asked this question by saying, vote your conscience rather than endorse Trump Cruz showed real integrity put himself first betrayed his party. 14% said betrayed his party 24% said put himself first. 62% said showed real integrity so we remain remains to be seen how this is going to play out to Cruz long term number seven that the crew speech powerfully articulated the conservative position number eight, when it comes skis sees me when it comes to voting for Trump vote your conscience is loaded phrase I would always want to be able to tell people about their conscience. Right now it's loaded phrase number nine Donald Trump does not feel he needs to Cruz and his camp to win. Imagine the Trump thought it was strategic to have crew speak at the convention was able to been no invitation, but since Trump tweeted that he saw the speech in advance. He must've decided that he can win with or without Cruz's supporters given the success rate support would be surprising if it proves true.

Number 10 for Cruz.

This was about 2020. II tweeted out shortly before his speech here is my guess on the crew speech tonight will call the party to unify around conservative principles more than around Trump. So Cruz 2020.

But this was hardly rocket science to read the full article go to ask Dr. and you'll see it as the latest article so when all said and done.

Given the Cruz never promised a Trump endorsement.

I'm not entirely sure why he was invited to address the RNC to calculate if it was a calculated risk seems to backfire. So it is just another chaotic event to an already chaotic convention on the things that DNC will be as chaotic. Of course I would deplore utterly deplore any solidarity with some of the key stances of the Democratic Party utterly categorically reject them and appreciates Republican platform, but ultimately I don't think the crew speech is going to hurt Donald Trump in the long run.

Remember, Ronald Reagan was Teflon Ron. Nothing stuck to him. Donald Trump has been Teflon Don.

But the events further solidify Cruz's reputations.

While most loved and hated political leaders and the nation's all the parts of thickened all the players. True to form a let's go right to the phones today on thoroughly Jewish Thursday will go to West Long Branch, New Jersey Mike, welcome to the line of fire or dark brown finger members are just would like to know if I was good for good.

Jeremiah 3131 disarmament government out how to do it but I believe the government has taken place for word yet as a secular Jew doesn't even know exists.

Basically us a secular Jew is that initially with that passage in the Bible and is never thought about it religious to is looking forward to this happening in the future. Jeremiah 31 versus 31 through 34 in the messianic era. They believe that when the Messiah is revealed when the Messiah comes that he will lead the Jewish people into obedience to God so that there will be a a circumcising of the hearts of the Jewish people and that they will obey the written law and the oral law, meaning all of the traditions as well that they will totally obey them so that something supernatural will happen in Jewish hearts. They were not looking for new laws so much a new commandments as much as the law as they know it. Written and oral.

They believe will be written on their hearts, and they will all just automatically obey and their sins would be forgiven but now the be in complete obedience to God through the supernatural circumcision of their hearts, so their way through for the new covenant to get be realized when I go to guard your daughter on their everybody recorder can enter first article article and rarely your armor, Daniel or anything and anybody. Proverbs noted director.Internet unit run where they are on. Yet it would be obviously in the synagogue you have the cycle of readings really through the Torah once a year in rent Jews in Babylon would be through once year Jews in Israel would be through it.

Once we three years I was the ring cycle. But ultimately the Babylonian cycle is the one it's been adopted worldwide. So that's the main focus should you reach supplemental passages called the half tour so that would be a reading from one historical book. Some of the prophets. We guess the main focus would be on the law of Moses and then if you were in a synagogue.

Excuse me in the yeshiva in a place of rabbinic study which you would focus on day and night would would be Tom but he traditions the development of the law. The law codes so there would be even in that sense. Less study of Scripture, and much more study of rabbinic traditions, and for traditional Jew Cheraw when you say Cheraw that doesn't just mean the five books of Moses, it means all of of the span of Jewish study would means all of the span of the study of traditions related to the law so traditional Jew will be intimately familiar with the five books of Moses familiar with the passages they pray from the Psalms every day familiar with the portions of the Bible that are also read in the synagogue, but the rest of the Bible is not written synagogue would be much less familiar with. There would be far more familiar with the law codes and the other traditions that have been passed on in the discussions of the law found in the Talmud and things like that and again they would not be looking for new covenant in the way we take it as a new and better covenant or even the laws have changed. Rather, they would say the same laws without written on our hearts so that we can obey. And of course we do believe that with the new covenant has been inaugurated through Jesus coming to the world that were in the transition age were experiencing things in part not yet in full the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown Qu�bec friends to the line of fire, 866 is the number to call when all is said and done, when all was said and done things have been so unusual in this election cycle.

Things have been so unusual in that we have two candidates who have extraordinarily high unpopular ratings in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and then very very devoted supporters and Odyssey both parties wanting to unite around of those two candidates. It's it's to me the most polarizing election I can remember, and one that could have massive implications depending on who gets in and what type of person that person will be once they get it, but either way our job remains the same. Either way, were called to pray. Either way, were called to share the gospel. Either way, recall to make disciples. Either way, were called to live holy lives. Either way, were called to impact the maximum number of people we can in the greatest way for the gospel. Either way, were called to raise godly families and and and on and on. Anna goes you see Albert our liberties could be affected. Yet they could be depending on who selected they could be affected there affected. Now some under the Obama administration could get more extreme under Hillary Clinton administration. Unforeseen things can have for the trump administration. But either way, we have an assignment and that's what we concentrated custard on regardless of who is elected up there was a question that was posted and a pharmacologist unable to stay on to ask the question about black Jewish relations. So we trance transition over to her thoroughly Jewish Thursday emphasis question is asked about black Jewish relations and they are not in a good place now in America. They're not the worst place the bid but they're not in a good place. There was a time when they were much better if you think back to one of the famous moments in the civil rights movement was iconic moments. One of the great Jewish intellectuals of the last century with some profound insights rate a Rabbi Abraham Joshua Henschel marching side-by-side with Dr. King and the civil rights movement. There were prominent Jewish leaders who were involved up to this day.

To this day.

Jews are very liberal in America by large except for the very very religious and they like most black Americans vote Democratic.

Let's say that if 95% of black Americans voted for Barack Obama 85% of Jewish Americans voted for Barack Obama. Very interesting. Yet there is been a breakdown in black Jewish relations. Is it because of disparity in income, social status, is it simply that skin color is got in the way is it Jewish prejudice towards Blacks by prejudice towards Jews. You think about two people who have suffered as much as they have two peoples who come from the back rubbing liberated slaves to peoples who have been minorities in country after country, and have suffered accordingly. You think that there would be more solidarity and yet right now there is less and the reasons why are sometimes difficult to articulate, but that is a reality and as much commonalities. There is, it seems the differences are more apparent these days. I let some see if we grab a couple calls a Laura in Brooklyn. Welcome to the line of fire, the law, thank you. Question regarding working on anger, but a little yet you mean what that mean I went to translate comment on that impact felt that I forgot yet if you go to my website, real Messiah real okay if you look at objections.

Just search for Psalm to I do discuss that. Okay, but in short, the, the, the controversy primarily comes down to the word, son which uses the Aramaic word bar instead of the Hebrew word been for son even though ban is used elsewhere in the Psalm that God appoints his son on Mount Zion. Why would it now say Bart son instead of been son seemed to make no sense. So the ancient versions that the ancient Greek translations and Syriac and Aramaic and are and and Latin have different interpretations of the word, meaning it was somewhat obscure or somewhat difficult for them to understand as well and many say well it it should just mean something like worship and purity in a kiss. Meaning worshiping all these different interpretations. I believe the best way to understand it is that those words including that the Hebrew word for kiss that they're both actually Aramaic that would mean changing the vowels in the in in in the text but the valves read much later so that's commonly done by translators anyway and that that the best case that I would make is this that God is addressing the nation's. The nations that will rise up against his anointed king in Jerusalem. Dear David or Solomon are ultimately the Messiah and the king was known as God's son and therefore God says to the nations and Aramaic kiss the son, and then lest he be angry, which would then be referring to the son or could be referring to to God so the concept would be that those two words are actually Aramaic both kiss and son defusing different different valves for kiss God is addressing the nations. Just as in Jeremiah chapter 10 verse 11 God addresses the foreign nations in Aramaic to rebuke them for their idolatry.

Here God would be addressing the foreign nations and base the same pay homage to the sonnets would kiss with me pay homage to the son is remember the nations want to revolt against the Lord and his anointed one, both that right and this would be God saying no, no, I've appointed my king in Jerusalem.

Don't you dare revolt you do homage to him. Those words spoken to the nations, spoken in Aramaic and again you'll find that enforced in more depth. If you go to real and just look under objections a you'll see it under messianic prophecy objections.

Okay you're you're very welcome from his listening thinking. What was the problem there. If if you look at Jewish translations of Psalm to you see they don't translate with kiss the son, but there are a couple of historic Jewish interpreters that say that is what it means.

That's the right way to understand it is not quoted in the New Testament, but that that part of the verse of the Psalm, but I believe actually it is an excellent way to understand it and again, what's the call honor God honor his anointed one, and otherwise if you take away kiss the son, there's no reference to the anointed one to the king at the end of the Psalm, which makes no sense at all because the issue is with God and his anointed one.

All right friends, remember we got 90 minutes of additional broadcasting can continue to listen on ask Dr. just click where it says listen live do it through shall catch up with the whole broadcast later today aspect around the Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. There is some very, very exciting tremendous controversy people calling for boycotts other saying this is absolutely amazing the ark encounter a bill to size replica of Noah's Ark that is been put together and is now available to be seen and viewed and join me for the first time on the line of fire.

The man behind all this you will know him Ken ham, president CEO of answers in Genesis here to tell all of you, our listeners about the ark encounter can. Thanks so much what you do. It's great to finally have you on the air hires greatly with you and I hope you are on semi-on the equity all yeah exact that I was just in Australia for 10 days. I think I've got it I got mastered also subtend you've had your your creation Museum near Cincinnati straw had more than 2.7 million visitors nine years and now the ark encounter. Why is this generating so much controversy, but because it is so professional, I mean it's really that expanded the quality of Disney actually even some of the effects are reported. It's beyond Hollywood people of the world heard of Noah's Ark to actually build Noah's Ark of the true timber frame structure, never using the big heavy log post and beam construction built the size of the minutes one half times the length of a football field and half the width of a football field built 15 feet of the ground designed to the ship that they build of the building for tourist to go through with filled with low-cost exhibit I made it. It is such a striking piece of architecture and very are chronically look at it from and from ground level to the roof. The seven stories high and is making a statement to the world to think Christians have built up themed attraction to compete with the Disney's of this world.

For a different purpose to get the message of God's word and the gospel out and impact the culture, particularly in an age in which we see some of that the church not impacting the culture I could use to. We want to say how can we impact the culture To the world's attention and you don't really have yet note that this is $100 million project.

The first phase of the parking open July 7. I immediately began to hear from people who were there so my colleagues and and they were just stunned by this. Is there a sense where people begin to think all my God, this really happened. Even believers when they see it, they, they think this really happened when you know I've been down there card number topography down there at 545 minutes out of the creation Museum in my offices or the great museum but I'd been there quite a number times I was actually are there. Just before we do this interview and I talk to people down there and it is one of heard a number people think Princeton someone stopped me and said I thought I had typed and really believe the Scriptures is the tyke of my faith to a whole new level. I family stop me and say our kids site. This makes the Bible real and then non-Christian side non-Christian leader in the community with me. Then I woke up to fail. While this is unbelievable. This is so massive and then make the statement and maybe Noah could apply to the animals on boat and I'm also hearing from people saying they friends and family who they can never get the church and not interested in church are calling them and saying how you gonna take us to the ark.

They want to see the people are fascinated with Noah's Ark."

It just having it. They just showing the size of it that I love to sit in the bath that takes you from the parking lot. We have these 11 shuttle buses a big buses in Texas, beautiful drive down the valley and then up the valley minutes round the corner and you thought you taken out of the mud will let you in eligible world. And then I see the art you hear the gospel in the use of the wow words like epic and unbelievable. It is indescribable. And you know what makes a statement to them and people tell me they never realize Noah's Ark was so big it makes it more real and kids are so used to the bathtub box with drastic and you know that what I see this if it helps, like the feel is this really happened that the cost is looking right back Ken ham friends go to art I'm trying to think through my own schedule my next excuse to get to Ohio ark Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thinks about your joining us. All right, so ark encounter actually in Williamstown, Kentucky go to ark I'm speaking with Dr. Ken ham, who is the president CEO of answers in Genesis can obviously you spent your life looking for answers in Scripture you been confronted by every type of objection to the Noah's Ark story.

What would you say is the most common objection was common to her three objections.

What are the scientific answers to those while I type the top of the list when it comes to the scientific objection that now can fatally animals on the ark coming out here that over time, even the research we did find out if people would comically build a life of Noah's Ark can amend some questions or questions you want answered that with the top one happy fatally. Animals on the ark and actually we have exhibited in the ark that deal with it because you hear people like Bill Nye. Another thing you can put the millions of species on both no wife he could happen, but the word species is a modern word and it's part of man's arbitrary classification system kingdom from class order family genus species and about a news word species.

The Bible uses the Hebrew word means in Genesis that really is translated kind or sort, and so what what is kind of sort. What what what we mean by that. What what God mean by that. So outsiders have done also to research and basically comes down to this, we would say that the kind in Genesis 1, when God might find development up to the kind and two of each kind seventh time went on Noah's Ark, it represents more the family level of expectation that you take dogs as one dog family candidate and they got the different genera in different species. Your dingoes will Grady's jackal Bennett boxes you domestic species and so on. But scientists can show how you can connect all letters that this one interbreed with that that one with the felon you can show that they their old really the one kind and so Exxon is of done that with the various animal groups and art come to conclusion that you are probably at the most about 1400 Collingswood needed on the ark and that's probably even overestimating and when you think two of each kind seventh and then you know most pineapples are pretty small in utility calculations. We show people that you know those plenty of room on the can people get that as they come in that they get that wow so he did needle the different types of dogs you stated to dog the needle tip and talked about the just two elephants and manifest makes sense to people that you know you had speciation after the flood, which is not evolution because dogs are Roy's dogs and so on. But he'd only needed to beat on the ark another one.

Another objection is that there is no way that Noah could have built the coming yet he did have modern technology and cranes until actually, the Bible doesn't tell us what tools know ahead and people before the flood lived 100 years. Who knows what sort of knowledge I accumulated to develop what sort of technology AMI within a few generations of Adam and Eve that building musical instrument that will work as a bronze and I and who knows what they would've had the time of Noah, and that's one of the reasons why we have exhibits on ancient man.

Even some of those structures in South America. We don't know how they built them and what technology they use neck beneath these heavy stones and activate activate Them to fit together so closely and so on and with thanks your people have an evolution review of history and think of Norris some primitive, unintelligent bigot, probably much more intelligent than us probably was even building ships and and God used that background that is to to then call him to build Noah's Arkansas.

We answer those questions and then another one of the main ones would be, but there's no evidence of a fight anywhere on the earth while actually there are billions of dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water alive. The fossil record and places of thousands of feet they go to the Grand Canyon localized way of their lives like this have most of the other therapist would say most of the earth is covered with the liars from the flood that the fossil record is actually the graveyard of the flood. The evidence is always trying out a distance that we haven have exhibits dealing with the geology of the Protestant that the point is we can have answers to all these objections that people have and the more people get answers. The more they say you know what might be I should look at that maybe the Bible really is true and that's what we want people to God.

So it is if folks go to to this exhibit and again I was surprised one of my colleagues been around been there, done that, think how stunned he was to be one of the first to see the exhibit and of course you've had the creation Museum flood and not getting a people are calling for schools to boycott the ark it in a of of surety saw this coming. You can only smile at it and grieve at the same time, but if folks come with with the whole families with kids and things like that. What is there to actually do a once they their army. I traveled Justice to see the ark of walkaround be stunned by it, but what else it is set up to make it especially family-friendly while you know the ark of the museum at the famed retractable people come to the ark benefits Diane come to the museum to which is also two things. The planetarium of the special-effects fear of God, the petting zoo and thought when you come to the ark. Even the bus ride itself. It is incredible and then you go down the spelling to come up to the ark. The act felt as an exhibit, and then you can walk through all three decks of the ark. It is a massive structure you can put 45,000 people in there and I disappear them is a massive structure and we got always will cost exhibits on each deck. It's like if you go to Disney irregular this attraction that attraction. This attraction that attraction we have multiple attractions on each deck of the ark and we got three deck and the first deck is, is it Noah has loaded the ark and his animal cages knew he animal sounds and use the animals in cages that sculpted animals and Psalm but they look so real and stick to get a lot of the themed exhibits of Noah's workshop and blacksmith shop and notary's office and the library and you governing directive kids exhibit. We got a whole pre-flood world exhibit and then on deck three. It's a lot of themed exhibits where we are sorry love the teaching exhibits will you have teaching on the Ice Age in the geology of the flood and on ancient man in the Tower of Babel and in the Bible Museum people who are arriving about Museum in 2017 Washington DC have a big Bible Museum exhibit in there, but they're not just the art, even inside the ark. The timbers are an exhibit themselves to see what the Amish craftsmen have done and then behind the act we have is zoo as well as the petting zoo that may have also some animals in the zoo, zebras and kangaroos and Jack packers and llamas with hemorrhoids and donkey rides. Even our restaurant.

We have a 1500 seat restaurant to be one of the biggest restaurants in America and it's it's made with big logs to in a massive collection of taxidermy in their end.

And while while that's ole wiggly building on nomad village right now and then we going to be building.

Phase 2, which is a walled city village with dollars house and family before the flood, and then we get a bill to Tara Babel is this just an ongoing construction process and there is plenty to do today I guess everyone admits that we, back would go back to bring our churches, their friends and family. I want to come back and spend a lot more time here. I mean that that the people are absolutely stunned. It really is unique in the world is nothing like it and I've I people standing there with tears in their eyes and they just I am stunned on and what to say.

I've never seen any like this little lady other day said I traveled the world to Rome to Paris, I thought I'd seen it all and she said I stand in or this. I haven't been to church but 50 years and this has stunned me, that's incredible.

And obviously that's a large reason that that you done it hate just be sure you tell the Lord why you building the Tower of Babel before you build the truck were actually building at the site. See what happened when they rebelled against God, and then to explain that World War I rights and we will go back to Adam and Eve and to try to do with racism and prejudice and explainable the dispersion of people rely from the Tara Babel and and to really deal with that issue to help people understand where all related rule one family and and we should be leading the way in dealing with racist issues. Based on the true history of the Bible. While that's incredible is that's awesome. Listen, you seriously unless distance radios you got me sold on a got to get there and then bring our kids and grandkids cassettes were at now with family so I will be out you'll be amazed I'll be amazed and you'll say it. You really can't explain his name from the pictures and the video you've got to come and experience it as soon as you see it you discussed that most people just stand there stunned for my birthday really yeah I'm I'm preparing to be stunned.

Thanks for all you're doing and I I know as much fame as you have get a lot of resistance taxes. Thanks for standing strong deeply appreciated. I will continue to contend for the fight that way. Quoted that's it without flinching. God bless you can.

Thanks so much for joining us. I think it all right so ark Check it out.

Mark yeah and in all seriousness, I want to figure out a way to get there with family.

I think that you heard it so to get over there check it out and you know a few years ago some friends involved with looking for the ark and filling in been discovered amount.

All right, so when I saw some video footage in a salad� Actually it. I don't know the details. Another archaeologist and out all the other ins and outs of it but there is staggering to see a minute look like this could have been if it was struck it was yeah I of course I believe what the Bible says course I do, however, this underscored it so deeply so so deeply that I said okay I this happened and it staggering. What happened when that was yeah sure, discovered America.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown Israel is an apartheid state and they have an apartheid wall. It's a monstrosity and it is ugly and that is land grabbing and it is destructive to the Palestinian people. It divides families. It divides communities. It is without justification. It is illegal and that is not primarily for security. We hear this over and over what is the truth about this wall is it primarily a wall was primarily offense, why was it built, why was it built where it was built what has been the impact of this of this report on YouTube. Ajay plus this is an offshoot of Al Jazeera TV targeting 18 to 24-year-olds, and this is Dena Turk Curry talking about this quote apartheid wall and saying is it for security or is Israel further oppressing the Palestinians.

This is what she has to say in front of one of the most infinite structures in the world leaders making twice the height of the Berlin wall 280 miles long. Basically, the distance between Philadelphia and Boston construction for the past 13 years and still not out and according to the international Court of Justice this month is completely illegal.

Let's first point something out as she references this wall is 97% fence and 3% more. Let's start with the facts. 97% fence and 3% one that's first thing second thing most Israelis don't like it either.

Most Israelis are not happy with either. But it is therefore a reason. What is the reason to keep murderers out and why is there a wall at certain points rather than just offense to keep snipers out and why is the wall a certain height at certain places to keep snipers from killing Israeli children and women and men. That's why it is there but of course this can be very different spin put on it from Palestinian activists so Dena Turk Curry continues her description of quote the apartheid wall living under Israeli military occupation of Nevada in one of the most imposing parts of that occupation is building a wall in the early 2000's. During a wave of bombings that targeted Israeli government caused that the separation barrier or the security thousands of Palestinians every day looking for work so a lot of the stuff people from coughing and what is it do you look at the root of the law to think I wanted to stop people from entering a territory would be found on Israel's border. The 85% of it is inside the occupied bank on Palestinian lands national life and illegal to build settlements like these unoccupied territory.

One of over 200 settlements and outposts housing half a million Israelis are not my thing outside of Israel proper. The wall is shifting the boundary between Israel and the West Bank. Follow Palestinian land. Let us address some of the points that were made. Number one the wall was built to keep murderers out and it again. It is primarily offense a security barrier. It was built to keep murderers out. How did it do in terms of reducing Palestinian terror drafted by roughly 99% drop that by roughly 99% that is a fact.

It is been tremendously affected the Palestinians that are coming into the regular checkpoints are obviously coming in and are not murdering Israelis and in fact that those that are that's the smallest small. The smallest minority and the so-called occupied territory. Let's remember if not for the murderous intent of Palestinian leadership. Everybody would be living in peace what happened to the Palestinians and Arabs who live in Israel proper. They went from 200,000 to 1.5 million since 1948.

They are in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. They sit on the Israeli Supreme Court they have positions of influence throughout the nation. They have more rights than other Arabs in the Middle East. They have tons more rights and liberties then then the Palestinians living under Palestinian Authority or under Hamas in Gaza. Why, because if you don't want to kill the Israelis they'll do good by you if you don't want to kill the Israelis, the government will work with you, but she has more to say and will give one more clip as she weighs in with why this is so ugly and wrong and unjust earnings for the industry.

Here, one of the clearest examples of how the wall the Palestinian economy many businesses that shut down family.

When a complaint in Bethlehem was a completely cooperative agricultural land extraction wall along with a series of illegal Israeli settlements are physically strangling the city can't expand because of the law and not take this road to nearby Jerusalem and only after this checkpoint if you had a special permit and you can get this while a fixture in the occupation has destroyed neighborhood strength of the economy and illegally grabbing more Palestinian land, the apartheid and the question is how long the you again one misrepresentation after another Palestinian leadership celebrates his martyrs Palestinians who go in and murder Israeli children celebrate them his martyrs name streets after them have celebratory events in their honor hailed him as Chuck Eades, martyrs who are now in paradise Palestinian TV incites hatred against the Israelis to the point that that children 13, 1450 Rachel were just going to Israel to stab Israelis to death because they're so angered towards Israel: and is risking to take away the privileges on the Alaska model of Austin in the dome of the rock and things like that and always how it these lies are spread and is there spread the people get inflamed with anger. If the Palestinians stopped inciting violence. If the leadership stopped inciting violence there would be no wall and Christian influence and freedoms in Bethlehem began to go down one when the Palestinian Authority took control.

Look at the quality of life in Gaza for the Palestinians there. It is suffered greatly under Hamas and by the way the roots of the wall, if you so it's not going 50 miles into territories or me some outrageous amount of space or so that that cutting in a little here and there, why because is Israel analyze things this this is the best way to build it to keep the murderers out. If the Palestinians work to stop the terrorists and would work with Israel rather than against Israel. There would be no security barrier, it's anything but an apartheid wall. It's a security barrier to keep murderers out and everyone should say that is a good bottom line today though. The mayor said this piece will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate from the Ted Cruz speech to Israel and the Palestinians to Noah's Ark, we got you covered today. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown if food did you ever see the standard path turned the booth as quickly as happened last night, public and national convention is that Cruz gave his speech prolonged standing ovation.

Cheers throughout and then basically booed off the stage for not endorsing Donald Trump.

Some say thank God he stuck to his guns. It was a tremendous integrity that he showed that others are saying zero locations betrayed the party betrayed the party and he sabotaged his political career here also have a whole article about it. You can go to my website and start to KSK D are and read that to get my take on the speech, but either way if my only criterion in how I voted was who will be a better friend of Israel. I was a Republican not Democrat that was my only criteria course. It's one of several why could never vote Democrat with the current state of the party.

Those my only criteria that that from the earliest days of the Republican candidates speeches. They were all strongly strongly strongly pro-Israel and I don't think in word only 866-34-TRUTH it is.

It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday any Jewish related question that you have of any kind whatsoever. He related Judaism related Middle East related. Even Islam related with your best to give you solid answers, 86634. I will go right to the phones would burn Massachusetts.

Susie walking to modifier Dr. Brown.

Now I want to thank you for rock on into really good now and I care about the what you call day apartheid wall by reporters standing a lot. It's. Yeah, just in the last hour for those just tuning in, I interacted with other charges that the Israel security barrier is actually a apartheid wall and we were just refuting some of the misconceptions about it but thank you, Susie will be like to be put in this instructional video. The spine of Tyler Hallowell? I'm guy did not talk about that I'm very interested where she, he, 919 99 Israeli course. She cheese upon the Muslim Arab or suppressed and yet she's is Al Jazeera.

So there. There is no quite quite hostile to Israel there yet. I did hear. Did you have a question or you want to ask you why you think and expense related And KKR paper. Do you have any competent men and 50 DNA saying that you have Jewish ancestry to think that anything hard and that not as if you're saying you sent in a DNA sample.

I dead and I want I'm painting with economy one person and ask can I say us because it yeah. That would mean something that's obscene very very tiny but I know DNA expert, but I believe it's accurate because there is intermarriage are right now there's a large amount of assimilation in America we find with juice intermarrying, especially in Ashkenazi heritage so that would just say somewhere along the line you quite a few generations back. There was some some intermarriage of some kind.

It wouldn't give you Jewish status today in any in any court of law that if it was a time of persecution say if if the Nazis were going after you or something like that, they wouldn't. You wouldn't qualify as a Jew you have to have one grandparent to be to support one quarter Jews. They would seem to be accurate that somewhere there is some Jewish blood intermingled with the family some intermarriage some generations back seem to be seen to be accurate. What I've said her plan gets the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown the video earlier watch it by going to ask Dr. escape your You see this latest video and asked the question, do Christians and Jews worship the same God. Christians and Jews worship the same God. Now I I did some poles on social media a few months back and I asked the question, do Muslims and Christians worship the same God, and the overwhelming answer for my constituency which is overwhelmingly Christian, was no Muslims and Christians do not worship the same God that if we said, why is that what immediately would say that Muslims don't believe in the Trinity. Muslims don't believe in the deity of Jesus. The picture of all law is different in the Quran and the picture of God in the Bible. If we don't worship the same God. When I asked the question, do Christians and Jews worship the same God.

The answer was very, very strongly. Yes but but hang on Jews don't believe in the Trinity and Jews don't believe in the deity of Jesus. So how could we then say that they worship the same God. This would be the difference. This would be the difference when we we start we start with the same common ground we start we start with what the Bible that's where we start. We start with the tongue off the Hebrew Scriptures were Christians call the Old Testament and we agree that that is the God that will worship in other words, when a Jew is praying to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We also are praying to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Now we may conceptualize that God differently, we may conceptualize his unity differently, believing in his tri-unity. But in only one God. Obviously, we have great differences over who Jesus is one of my friends ultra-Orthodox rabbis. What would be that the when you think of why you couldn't believe in Jesus as as the saviors, the Messiah, which the very first thing the very first thing that comes up, but no no possible way that you could believe in in in Jesus as Messiah. He said about the other. The first therapy is getting the idea that that he's got so obviously that would be amassing start message summary box. Of course I would sit it's just wrong. We understand what we mean when we say Jesus is God, that would be wrong. Understanding our position and what we hold to is in keeping with what the Bible teaches it and does not violate Scripture in any way does not violate the verses in Numbers 23 and for 7 to 15. It's equal, God is not a man doesn't violate those it all, when rightly understood, but we would agree that the descriptions of the God of the Old Testament remain true. Yes, we have a further revelation of his grace and mercy through the cross.

But the Bible of the early believers was what the Old Testament so in that sense or source are foundational source is different, our foundational source is different for four our worship of God versus muzzled not. There is overlap, we both believe in one creator God before whom and after whom there is nothing we believe that he has all power and might and so on.

And yet the all of the Bible is different than the God of the old excuse me the all of the Quran for to free the all of the Quran is different than the God of the Bible. Even if we just say the God of the cross is what the Muslim thinks what he thinks all that, the God of the Quran is different than the God of the Bible so do Jews and Christians worship the same God will yes and no. Yes, in terms of where praying to the same God. Jesus never told the Jews of his day. Your praying to a different goddess and you don't really know him, you don't really know the father that was his point here I come revealing the father of you seen the father you see me in your rejecting me there for you rejecting the father you study Moses, but don't see that Moses is speaking of me, but he didn't say your worshiping a different God know when he was asked what's the first greatest American heroes are Lawrence Argyle, the Lord is one. He reiterated that he reiterated with what a Jewish person would've said as well and and John one says what no man is seen God at any time in first Timothy six is what God dwells in unapproachable light, no one can see him so we say the same things about God that a Jewish person would say.

Yet we say he was fully revealed to us through Yeshua the Messiah.

So we have different conceptions of God in certain ways, but otherwise worship and pray to the same God. With each say your misunderstanding. Who he is or misrepresenting who he is, on some level or another.

When it comes to all the differences would be more fundamental if it was a matter of were all working from the same Hebrew Bible and talking about that God in the same way then you could say that you Christians and Muslims worship the same God that was different understanding of who he is. When you have the Quran even even misunderstanding the Trinity as if the Trinity was father-son and Mary father-son in spirit and and when you have a picture of all law, even though he's called merciful and gracious, that is different in many ways. In the God of the Bible we say no Muslims and Christians do not worship the same God.

Now there are many Jews who believe that Jews and Muslims worship the same God and would be a little more hesitant to say about Christians. But the three quote great monotheistic faiths, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, that would say okay all all worshiping this one.

Same God, I would have differences with that and I would say that fundamentally, even though we are all praying to the God who created the universe. Even though we are all saying we are all saying God. We want your will to be done, etc. even though that's true.

On the flipside, in many fundamental ways. The God of Christians is different than the God of Muslims. You can even see that the expressions of our faith and how we relate to God here. Let's get really fundamental their so-called 99 names of all law, none of them are father, not a single one of those names is father. Muslims do not relate to God as father you say about the Jews relate to God is all about, they wouldn't normally call him Abba. The way Christians would but Jesus prayed a regular basis. RVing and Marcaine are father our king of the that our father prayer has as many parallels to the prayers of traditional view spring-loaded sets. Jesus is taking some of those traditions and bring them together in simplified form to get to the fundamentals of the fundamentals so all that to say Muslims don't know God as father and don't believe he can be known as father that that would be belittling him or bring him down. We are his servants/slaves, but we are not his children experiencing intimate fellowship with him. That's just one way that Muslims worship a different God than Christians do when it comes to Jews and Christians to say once more. Yes, the same God that with different understandings in many ways, of who he is or if you've got Jewish related questions and I get to the phone shortly, 866-348-7884 is the number to call one quick note the last segment in the last hour I did a little talk about the so-called apartheid wall and I ended it by quoting from Golda Meir who said that peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews. Peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews. Hatred can be blinding. There are some Israelis who hate the Arabs and supplying hatred and it committed atrocities. There are Arabs who hate the Israelis and is a blinding hatred and they've committed atrocities.

If you think of it for a moment if you think say to the shooting of the police officers in Baton Rouge a few days ago was a black man was doing it out of hatred for cops. That was clear in previous statements he had made, but one of his victims was a black cop so the blinding power of hatred is just that it's blinding and people now act irrationally and people not even fund it violates fundamental human values because they are so filled with hatred and animosity.

So all that to say Golda Meier's point remains well taken and when you can still have in the Palestinian Israeli conflict a mother celebrating that her son went and say stabbed Israeli girl to death or little girl sleeping in her bed stabbed her to death in cold blood just because she was a Jew living in it and settlement, and the mother can celebrate with the song that he was then killed by Israeli security. When you have that level of hatred.

You'll never see peace and you will never find wholeness in any way all right with come right back with your calls, eight 663-3784.

Mr. Pyle line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown early active on afar 867884 we go to Perth Australia Samuel walking to the line of fire. Yes good afternoon Dr. Brown how you doing doing well.

So is it was like 45 in the morning where you are actually 320 in the mornings or what to say.

All right what you good morning to you and good afternoon intimate that works yes or yes sir, possibly to monitor to be reviewed on the line of fire.

I must say to everybody who's listening that you are really what you want to say of the one but the voice of of of of consciousness and everything that you you thinking you'll you'll I read your program is is really really good and really build up people and I really thank you for Dr. and them I'm good to come to my doctor? Yes, this question would be, in Exodus 23 we weaned from the first 28 got it, but it is talking to to the people of Israel. Just before they can enter the land of Canaan, Solano got drunk and God said to them that they killed. The thing that you should do and feel. You shouldn't do. For example, God said to them not to make any any deal and creaky with the inhabitant of the land that got time so out of the question itself. Do you think that these this commandment from God to his people could be applied through the ages. What I mean by this. For example, when that happened. When they came back from from Egypt you think it it also was was also when they came out of of of the Syrian you know when they were taken away and Reddick when they came back from the Babylonian Oslo activity as well as her yes so so the commandment to not make any type of treaty with the inhabitants of the land. See Deuteronomy 7 destroy the altars to the other gods in and wipe out the people utterly that specifically was was a one time event in terms of judgment on the Canaanites for their extreme wickedness and even though God made clear that Israel was not standing by its own righteousness, but because of God's calling and purpose. At the same time. The nations that were in the land were extremely wicked but to those that were outside of the land God's extend peace don't just try to conquer them but extend peace.

And if it still submit you, they can live but once you get past that period of time. You're constantly going to have other inhabitants in the land and say after the Babylonian captivity Jews had sovereignty, but only for a limited period of time that the scattering under the Assyrians.

There was never a clear return from that exile, like there was a clear return from Babylon. So I would say the spiritual implications would remain the same. Don't intermarry don't intermingle. In terms of your spiritual values and your moral values and if you live side-by-side, do so in a way that you do without compromise and ultimately is your righteous you'll have the headship in the land and they'll have to submit to you, but I don't believe that Israel was just posted try to wipe out whoever was there. When they came back in the land, but they should not make treaties and covenants in terms of of intermarrying in terms of of any type of syncretism with their worship. So to me the main thing would be keep yourselves pure and separate. Don't worship their gods don't intermarry with your sons and daughters in this for your remain a wholly separate people. If you start to assimilate then then you will be utterly destroyed from the earth of that's how I would apply in the generations that followed, okay do you do you think I'm your aunt was clear but do you think also that my it could have been applied.

For example, when when when when the Jewish people took back Jerusalem in 1967 of the Six-Day War. You remember the date they gave back if your authority kind of to the dual coding and people got gauze toward the occupier got time and kind of steely so do you think this could have said applied because it is a kind of a treat you right yeah but then again, they may treaties with surrounding nations.

They may treaties with the Gibeonites who actually were in their midst and deceive them. Josh with a nice chapter of the said okay within your you're going to be subservient to us, but I believe that Israel right now is not in the position of of righteousness before God that Israel is in a position, just standing by God's mercy and because of that I what I would say that wherever they can make a peace treaty that's great.

That's progress.

That's positive that something good that should be explored, but not in the set not in the sense of any type of compromise so again that the challenge Samuel is that you're not looking at a nation that is submitted to God as a nation and that is you've got secularism throughout the whole country great majority of the country with a strong majority is not observing Sabbath any type of strict way is, is not living by so many of the laws of God.

You've got drug use, you've got crime you got prostitution you got all the problems that other nations have so for is really just okay were gonna take this part of the law and live by it makes note makes no sense out rather as they continue to submit to God. And of course embrace the Messiah then more and more the spiritual blessing that comes their way, and authority will that happen fully before Jesus comes.

Only God knows that but yeah, I appreciate it. I just think that Israel right now has to view itself as it is, which is just a Jewish state, but not a state that is primarily Torah observant or anything like that and the very, very religious Jews.

They would want things a certain way, but there there still a minority in the country and that's why Samuel many Jewish leaders, rabbis, traditional views around the world opposed the modern state of Israel. Actually, they oppose the modern state of Israel because they said it's built by atheists installed by Communists spilled by secularists and because of that, because of that, they said it's can be a negative influence on the Jewish people and it's only going to incur greater anti-Semitism worldwide in many of the points they made were good in the natural except for the fact that God was behind the restoration. God was the one bringing the Jewish people back to the land, not because of any good works on our end because of his mercy, hate certain amount of time, but thank you so much for being up at this time of the day in Australia and thank you for the very very kind words by God's grace we will be your voice, moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution, and it was a wonderful joy to be in Sydney and Melbourne for 10 days. Last month the thank you sir for the call.

Much appreciated.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday, 86634. Truth is number to call. Last hour I had on the air with me Ken ham famous from answers in Genesis talking about the Ark encounter exhibit and boy got my attention. I want to go there with kids and grandkids. Of course, to the creation Museum as well, but it brings me back to the fact that the Hebrew Scriptures there devastating to read. Reading through the Bible afresh and I'm in what I'm in the first Samuel and just reading through the book of Judges Pauline. What is difficult book so much pain and backsliding and bloodshed and carnality. Of course divine mercy in the midst of it you really think it's so graphic.

It's not just the spiritual illustration it's blood shed its people dying it's nations convulsing. There is a really was a flood, devastating flood. I mean, these are intense things to think about in first Corinthians 10 tells us first Corinthians 10 says that the things that happen to Israel there a lesson for us today. A second Peter three says look what happened with Noah's flood is a lesson for us at the end of the age.

These are things to think about. They are sobering things to think about as well. All right. The phone lines are open any Jewish related question.

You have a question on the Hebrew language question on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Even some questions on Islam were able to feel feel free to give me a call 866-348-7884 and I would go straight to the phones now Somerset, New Jersey Josiah walking to the line of fire hey hey Dr. Brown and Michael question I was wondering about the unclean meat and and about when that the Lord today at 11 talking to people that ultimate Seventh-day Adventist church teaching.

I am when I take them to Matthew 15 in Mark seven. Without all the responses that you just talking about and you don't talk about the hand, and a response to that. Okay so first question is when Jesus says in Matthew 15 in Mark seven that what you eat doesn't defile you because it goes through your system and passes out. It's what comes out of your heart that the files you there is a gloss there is in addition in Mark's gospel that says thus cleansing all meets and many scholars take that to mean that Mark was explaining that by Jesus saying that he was saying that all foods of all kinds were clean that Mark Matthew 15 simply reiterates said this because of the dispute about if you eat with unwashed hands is the food then unclean and doesn't defile you what we know Josiah is that the disciples did not go out immediately think all cool. We can eat pork.

Now we know because of acts 10 that fetuses is never read anything on clean all his life, so they obviously understood that he was giving a spiritual principle more than anything.

But here's the question. Is it true or not what you eat doesn't defile you in.

In other words, the same principle would apply whether it would apply to pork what would apply to eating with unwashed hands that that which goes into the mouth for this very reason that goes in the mouth and passes out your system and doesn't affect your spirit. It doesn't defile you with the things that come out of your heart gives.

That's the first thing Esther was a principal me. Then we certainly have Paul reiterating this in first Corinthians 8 and Romans 14 and I believe is best understood first Timothy four as well that no food in and of itself is unclean. I personally don't eat any foods that would be off-limits out of anything the traditional Jew would leap in terms of actual contents of the personal initiative, but what will will return to this. On the other side of the brain. Her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much Michael Brown 866-348-7884. Let's go back to Somerset, New Jersey. So decide first thing in terms of clean and unclean. In Matthew 15 in Mark seven Esther Seventh-day Adventist.

Okay, what is the principle involved here. The principle is that which you eat doesn't defile you because it goes in your mouth and passes out of your body, whereas what comes out of the harsh that your interbeing that's who you are that the file so Esther what that principle means and with that, therefore, apply to any food. This set yet right. I know my I don't get so sold limply just continued and okay so that's that's the first point of the second thing is many Seventh-day Adventist don't eat meat at all and you have to ask them why did Jesus prepare fish and sit and eat fish with his disciples in John chapter 21. It's a really simple thing yet. It's for those that are there, don't eat any meat products that have a little bit of a problem because there is Jesus eating fish with his disciples the other.

The other thing I grace to them is why do you pick and choose commandments why you say the 10 Commandments plus the dietary laws.

If you can make a big issue at of the Sabbath which is fine, then why not you also make a big issue out of the Passover and and the other holy days and things like that. What about the rest of the laws. It's a totally arbitrary thing to say okay 10 Commandments, with special emphasis on the Sabbath, and dietary laws. Where is God makes no such distinction. I know my friend my friend.

They bring up the argument double room of 14 if you're talking about that one day above another. I am my friend at Walden. Why and and I date that inoculate on an cremated abomination. Like why didn't Peter go ahead, teaching people what you can equally meet our unclean meat. Now I'm right that love Paul did that.

That's the first thing you have to understand that there was plenty of time to lay this out. It was never laid out.

There's not a single verse in the New Testament telling a Gentile not to eat unclean foods. Acts 15. It doesn't come up there certain dietary things and all things strangle them with blood, but doesn't mention other dietary laws and Romans 14.

What is Paul sitter. I know someone in the Lord Jesus, that nothing is unclean in itself. In first Corinthians 8 underscores that so just say okay please show me because you can't show me the these why you're not observing the Sabbath why this product please show me why. Nowhere in the New Testament just because this is what some is firstly was again having of letters and the teachings and things like that please show me where it says that Gentile believers are required to observe the dietary laws just clearly laid out in the New Testament with this is for Gentiles, that the other thing is Galatians 2 it seems to indicate that Peter was eating with Gentiles seems to indicate that so there would have been some ritual defilement there as a Jew and Paul says that he became all things to all people.

He never violated the moral law of the Messiah, but when he was with Gentiles as it is one without law did he mean fornicating commit adultery, not with him. It will obviously not living in Jewish ritual purity, so that he could reach Gentiles, but without violating the Messiah's law as front Isaiah 66. Again, it's in the context of of ancient Israel and in ancient Israel.

It's an abomination to eat these things and therefore God will judge those who did. And then some of them involved with their pagan practices and things like that for others, but the question is just a show me in the New Testament where it says Gentiles are required to observe the dietary laws and why don't you observe the other feasts and things that God said were forever is as far as the Lord's day. So revelation when I was in the spirit on the Lord's day. The most famous Seventh-day Adventist scholar Samuel that Yoshi terms of the Sabbath arose his whole dissertation on this and has quite a famous volume on it and has argued that that would have been the Sabbath and others argue know the Lord's day, that meant the day of the Lord's resurrection. So was Sunday, and others have argued that it means the day of the Lord's appearing.

That was the Lord's day. That was like a day of the Lord when God would appear in and and do something dramatic on behalf of his people.

Severe disappearance 22 John Ivory different scholarship on it and I believe the argument can go either way there is an excellent compilation of essays put together by DA Carson and Richard Malcom, which I imagine still readily available from Sabbath to Lord's day where they they go through back churches, arguments with appreciation, but come to different conclusions. So I am personally not sure I as my own lifestyle as much as possible on Saturday is a rest day for me off.

I ministering through the weekend.

Like the priest who would serve in in the sanctuary and have to work on the Sabbath so often. I'm traveling and in speaking otherwise is much as I can wind down and rest and pull away from some normal activities I seek to do it. That's is a Jewish person and that's as also someone who has a schedule of speaking more often on Sunday than Saturday and during radio Monday through Friday, so therefore Saturday is the more appropriate rest day for me, but I believe that that God would not be displeased if Sunday was set aside for the same purposes, especially of a Gentile believers so I appreciate the zero Seventh-day Adventist, but they are quite selective and really majoring on the minors when it comes to the dietary laws okay all right well keep up the dialogue hopefully can have a positive impact publishing it. Erica thanks, 86634 I'm to go right back to the phones in Richmond, Virginia Rudy walking to line of fire. Under Dr. Brown law thanks Dick start: it really quick question first wanted about Proctor. Brought merit. You know that a equator a good couple get together or and it like rain and I parent recovery. Mary Ann Beck on word the lawyer. Jewish people.

I know the note may glide walking on wine during marriage thing. All during the wedding of drink wine or alcohol wine like you know naturally on epic.

Yet he talked today in biblical days for both questions. Oh, I think the byword you know, yeah, okay, similar, yet so as as as far as as far as in biblical days or say in New Testament times. Your couples would be marrying much younger woman could have easily been marriage married at the age of 15. She could've easily been married so many women were married younger course and many more life responsibilities growing up in an childhood. In that sense was more brief of it, they would be marrying younger and dying younger as as well and that ancient culture and Jewish tradition, then said that there are three ways that a man can obtain a bride and one way would be through a certain payment okay with this payment I am now securing you as as my bride opposite with her consent. Another would be through the act of sexual intercourse that they would say okay we are now becoming husband and wife and the other would be through the formula of saying you are now my wife and etc. and and that's ultimately what has has, as the come to be the customary way that you have a ceremony and that you exchange vows and things like that but in in in ultra-Orthodox Jewish circles. To this day. Marriage would still be younger, not that young but you could easily have your 218 or 19-year-olds marrying and in the most most religious groups they they won't even meet face-to-face until their wedding that the wedding has been arranged in other circles look at the talk, they might be in their 20s will get to talk and if they may be a half-hour couple times and as they both feel good about things, then the, the parents will bring them together of fruit for the wedding. As far as wine wine in the ancient world was not fermented as it is today, so it had a lower alcohol equality but still did have an alcohol quality hence of the Bible talk about wine for someone that's suffering or the Bible talk about sin. Proverbs chapter 20 verse one.

Wine is a marker one is deceptive and strong drink is a micro I was deceived by is not wise. So Jewish custom, often has wine juice will drink on the Sabbath is restricted, special occasions, but it's not drinking to the point of drunkenness is just more part of the culture of life that would've been the case, there that it would be very customary to have one not fermented the same level as today, but it certainly wasn't grape juice did have some level of alcoholic content. All right initiate the call go around to break in them will come right back. Got one more segment on Thursday.

Thursday the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and a lot of 58664874 I went to a couple Jewish jokes. I was 30 years Thursday, but for a purpose. Okay for purpose not just for the Jews. The stories told that a Catholic priest Protestant pastor and Jewish rabbi were gathered together and they were asked some questions.

First, they were asked when does life begin, and the Catholic Presidio were very clear on the teaching of the church is very clear.

Life begins at conception and there were dogmatic on that. That's very clear that Mr. Parson passed Reese know there's a lot of debate about this, and some feel life begins at conception. Others feel that that that life begins for the wind development or only when the child is viable outside the room. It's one of these things it's debated a lot of our churches okay and asked the rabbi rabbi. When does life begin with his duties in teaching.

He said Judaism teaches that life begins when the children leave home okay hold onto.

There were then asked how do you handle the collection of money because all of your organizations receive money or churches or synagogues. So the Catholic priests remedy. Take a vow of poverty, such Catholic priests as well. We draw a circle on the ground small circle. We throw all the money that we get up to God. Everything that lands inside the circle we keep everything outside the circle we give over to God.

This, it's the Protestant pastor Rev. what you do use it all the same thing. Actually a little different, though.

We also draw the small circle in the graph and then we throw all the money up wetlands inside the circle that's God's everything outside the circle we keep addressing like that for the first of the Catholic priest. The joke was that everything that lands inside the circle lets this right is a different little theoretically, everything outside the circle that's got Protestant pastor the opposite.

Everything inside the circle that's God's everything outside the circle.

That's it. Listen to the rabbi rabbi. Have you handle the money goes for some of the different we take all the money and we throw it up in the sky we draw the circle what God wants. He keeps everything else is out okay.

Now each each part of the joke as a caricature. Obviously.

But the reason I tell them is to say that in Jewish spirituality there is often a pragmatism. There is a Jewish saying one cannot depend on a miracle that there is often a down to earth aspect of the spirituality that can attract many Christians because many times Christians can be quote so heavenly minded. There is no earthly good.

My contention is that heavenly minded enough. If you're adequately heavenly mind you understand the importance of bringing the reality of having down to this world, and therefore you live it out. Accordingly, you understand eternal principles and you live them out. But remember Judaism as we said in past weeks does not have as much emphasis on the world to come. As Christianity has. It recognizes it as I've quoted often from the Mishnah from foundational Jewish traditional teaching that this world is a vestibule to the world to come. But there is not the same emphasis the same focus on the world to come. Even the desire for the messianic era.

There's one juice teaching that says that the messianic era will be no different than the current age except the subjugation of the nations is that the nations will be submitted to Israel and is will be ruling in Rainey. Otherwise it's going to be life in this world is to be some current tremendous change in the structure of the world or nature. Things like that so in that sense there is not as much revelation of the world to come. If you compare the Old Testament to the New Testament. You see there's much more about the New Testament at about the will to come in the New Testament course is a Jewish document as well, but much more about the world to come there and Paul wrote to Timothy and said that Jesus has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. But if your primary focus is more Old Testament oriented. It's going to be in that sense, more down-to-earth, pragmatic, and often see that in Jewish spirituality. One other one of the joke. There is a spaceship that comes down the garment district New York City and there is a famous Jewish clothier there famous for men's suits and this Goldman Goldman and Goldman men's suits and they they are famous for you by a suit. There they tailored just for you and suddenly a spaceship comes down right in front of their store right in front of the store and the hatch opens up, and this alien comes walking out with three necks three heads, six arms, one of the guys in the store says to his colleague. Click click take down the free alteration side again that's Jewish humor known for pragmatism known for being down-to-earth and I just thought I'd share that with you thinking of news items and other things of thought that will just have a little lighthearted fun at the end of the broadcast. Hey, I promise you more jokes if you join us in Israel for a tour next year. I did plan on setting it up like that just looked at the clock and realized the still had an extra minute to join us. It'll be the trip of a lifetime when we went two years ago I pushed it but not as hard as I could have for two reasons. One, I thought well you know it's it's what 3500 $3700.

Whatever it is a good amount of money for the for the 10 day trip in the air for all the combinations.

The tour it's a good amount of money and not always jealous that your money spent well and although I know so many people been to so I've been there many times to minister them a letter chore I did.

I knew it would be powerful, but in the how powerful. Once we were there I was literally stunned by what good deal of blasting with this paste this hotel in the in the buffet meals there than the quality of the tour that all the things that were done.

This is a great deal, but more importantly, when I saw how people were impacted when I saw the degree that they were impacted and changed by my friend Scott. That helps coordinate lead to chore for us his joy to do it does multiple tourist Israel every every year, and his joy to help work with us is as much possible. He said the quickest impact he ever saw was a man getting off the plane landed, Israel begets weaknesses that could be the same project sort join us if you can, now's the time to get your deposit and it's gonna be here before you know it.

February 25 to March 6 February 25 to March 6's that we have limited seating. In other words, certain buses have so much seating and things like that when I can have like five buses, rate buses or things like that so it's it's a smaller chore. It's when we get to spend time together all these neat extra things added in connecting in the land with Jewish believers with Arab believers. The face-to-face connections even getting to sit in on some of my live radio shows, having meals together it's it's a special time and then everything you get to see in Israel to go to the website asked Dr. Brown a escapee around and get your deposit into a Catholic to see in the land next year. My bottom line today. This practical wisdom flowing from the Jewish people for the world, especially

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