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From Israel to Charlotte

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 22, 2016 4:20 pm

From Israel to Charlotte

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 22, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/22/16.

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From Israel to Charlotte North Carolina. We got you covered here on thoroughly Jewish Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown oldest this was just posted two hours ago on my channel in response to my lecture, University of South Florida is Israel an evil occupier quote malicious lying Zionist propaganda at USF. The reality is that mad dog Zionist Jews murdered the native Palestinians and then STERILE. There land is Michael Brown you listen to the line of fire. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday but you know those types of wild sentiments which themselves are malicious and ugly and completely off base.

They are not just the comments that someone would find on YouTube, but in a more nuanced form. They are comments that you might even hear at the UN. You might even hear them and less nuanced form at the UN, but in more nuanced form, even from our president fact on a play computer moment.

As always, on Thursday. If you have any Jewish related question of any kind. Any question relating to the Hebrew language.

Judaism, Jewish tradition, any question regarding Israel and the Middle East today. Questions about messianic prophecy or Jewish believers and how to live in anything that's thoroughly Jewish Thursday category.

Give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 784. Also, if you have been following some of my videos on YouTube. I have been reaching out to counter missionary rabbis setting some narrative straight correcting erroneous presentations with factually correct presentations, urging them to sit down. Let's have a debate I keep trying to come up with formats it with for live debates that folks would find acceptable and as for haven't been able to with these counter missionary rabbis will keep trying. If you think there right if you think that my physicians are wrong or that are misleading so please give me call it made it very clear. Unable to respond to the most comments, if not all, comments on social media so that's why the phone lines are open 866-348-7884 Joey Grant clips one and two listen to what Pres. Obama had to say while speaking at the UN. Just a few days back will start with number one Israelis and Palestinians will be better off if Palestinians reject incitement and recognize the legitimacy of Israel.

Israel recognizes that it cannot permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land so yes, Pres. Obama's and Palestinians need to recognize Israel about time I would say. But Israelis Negroes think they can't live on Palestinian land. Does that mean is present Obama's in the past we go back to 1967 borders which are completely indefensible.

Does that mean that there can be no Jews that live in the so-called West Bank, which is to Gary Jude and Samaria. Does that mean that Israel recognize the Palestinians recognize Israel's right to exist is the equivalent of Israel pulling out of all territories taken a more and territories which are necessary for security that would means and does it mean that couple million Palestinian Arabs can freely live in Israel would have numbers over million 1/2 now the Jews can't live among Palestinians is that what it means over to a little bit more from our president.

We all have to do better as leaders in tamping down rather than encouraging the notion of identity that leads us to diminish others. So basically, unless you accept the Palestinian narrative, then your diminishing others is supposed to say, hey there, plenty ways we can live together side-by-side peacefully with respect to discuss trying to kill us first. Similar to Cruz was not happy with the president statement I want to hear what he had to say hello, connect Israel and Charlotte right back for cleansing the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the go to your phone calls shortly.

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So take advantage of this you're planning getting Jonathan's book order through our website, you will be richly blessed as you do, just go to the line of the line of you there check out our latest videos and articles are going to go to the phones shortly 866-34-TRUTH as long as it's thoroughly Jewish Thursday category.

By all means give us a call, but I first want to mention Sen. Cruz's response to the president's speech you may remember that one of the reasons I endorsed Sen. Cruz was because of his staunchly pro-Israel stance and historic recognition for that in the years that he's been in the Senate now and almost all the Republican candidates seem strong on Israel in a and I believe Donald Trump would want to be a true friend of Israel from from what I can tell as well. But Sen. Cruz has a very strong words for the presidents comments senators that this is United Nations.

Today's couple days back present Obama took to the podium to once again blame the United States for the woes of the world. He suggested a country is just one of many that need to get beyond the old divisions of nationality chided those who would limit the inflow of refugees relations infiltrated by Islamic terrorists as ignorant bigots predict climate change would destroy countries and cause mass conflicts and referred to Israel as an occupying power. Mr. Obama would've done much better to use this opportunity to advance an American agenda, not a global one and praise our nation as a model of liberty and tolerance should've called out oppressive regimes from the Russian Federation to the People's Republic of China for denying their citizens basic political freedoms you should have named the 2010 no applied prize Laureate Andalusia bowl Chinese on the condensation jailed by China for peacefully advocating for reforms and asked why is not been freed should've Challenger Arab allies to join us in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism. The terrible scores that threatens our very way of life. Patient forcefully advocated for a great ally Israel putting United Nations on notice that the United States will do everything in our power to stop it cereal persecution of Israel in that body forcefully prevent any unilateral attempts at stated by the Palestinians. Fortunately present.

Obama chose to deliver lecture on the deed to abdicate our sovereignty in the interest of abstract international norms. Ironically, that is the worst thing America could do for the world which the strong leadership to promote peace, not capitulation to an unelected authoritarian collective Intel that Sen. Cruz is not exactly a big fan of the UN. Well said Sen. okay connection between Charlotte, North Carolina, protests, riots, Gov. McCrory declaring a state of emergency calling and National Guard connection between Charlotte and Israel. What's the connection. The connection is that some protesters and I want to separate violent protesters looters. Those who are engaging in acts of domestic terror in that they are vandalizing buildings. There was a man shot the critically wounded Charlotte last night.

Not by police.

There are some people who were beaten okay this is civilian on civilian violence. There are some journalists who attacked want to separate those people from those who were peacefully protesting what they perceived to be injustice and police brutality.

Okay, I want to make that clear separation want to separate the agitators that the professional agitators the troublemakers from those who are simply seeking to make their voices heard. And of course at this point we have the police chief saying that the shooting in Charlotte has no connection whatsoever to police brutality in that police use force rightfully with a man who was armed and he refused her to put his gun down again will we pray that the facts will come out and that every body will act accordingly based on the facts, but which you need to know is that radical elements in the agitation side elements within black lives matter and others they identify themselves with the Palestinians. In other words, the American police.

American law enforcement American justice system in their eyes. That is just like evil occupying Israel and they are freedom fighters just like the Palestinians that if you know the reality in Israel. Israel far from perfect but the Palestinians are far from freedom fighters when they're blowing themselves up and connect killing men, women and children in Israel. And when you have groups like Hamas, recognized by our government as a terrorist group.

You have a group like Hamas controlling gauze and oppressing the people in the store that you don't want identify with that side you don't want to identify with hat side you could say we stand with all those who are oppressed worldwide, and we believe Palestinians are oppressed in certain ways, but if you just throw things out the way you do not recognize that the big problem of the Palestinians is the the oppressive leadership of their Islamic governments. In some case radical Islamic governments and that if those governments would simply put down their desire to destroy Israel. It's okay.

How can we coexist.

How can you help us prosper our economy, enhance our education raise our standard of living.

We in turn don't want to kill you want to live peacefully side-by-side and recognize your sovereignty here and allow us to to determine our future as we live side-by-side there would be peace in the lifestyle of the Palestinians, the, the education housing, medical care, everything standard of living would rise and rise and rise. There's no question about it, and to the extent Israel's been able to do that anywhere that has been the case so you know that something is wrong when you have elements within black lives matter. Again, I'm separating them from peaceful protesters who say there are clear issues of injustice that we must address over concerned about police brutality about unequal treatment under the law. Fine. Let the facts be known with his injustice. Let it be addressed, where, and at the let's have a truthful narrative okay when you see what happens with Palestinians how Israel is demonized and how killing Israelis become somehow virtue and when rioting only makes things worse. You see the negative parallel with what's happening in the city like Charlotte, especially if it turns out that the police acted rightfully. That would mean that everything to have even the peaceful protests were not necessary, let alone the vandalizing, let alone the acts of violence, let alone the fact that even the Carolina Panthers football game on Sunday to talk MF to be relocated his concerns about security that is absolutely not advancing God's cause and and I wrote an article degree on the stream screened O'Rourke. I wrote an article less that we are peacemakers, not troublemakers.

I would encourage you to check that out. 866-348-7884 will start in Boston with Gail, welcome to the line of fire call you mentioned something about Israeli Israel occupied the locking I think differently that I know I know male, Gail, that's not my position. Yeah, I know that okay with that said, I remember when Israel received its lien because we had a television which was uncommon back in 1948. I remember going to training ultimately a lien United Nations Israel to occupy that now. It was a lot 1967 where they want a portion that enlarged the property, but that they are not illegally occupying that we have a president that needs to read his history book yet and Gail.

The narrative is being put forward in such a way that America can hold the same stand here that we are illegally occupying parts of Texas because these to belong to Mexico.

Just as an example or any nation in the world that in the midst of a war then expanded its borders and then Those words expand for security, they would be illegal occupies. But here here's here's the facts and Gail Sartre interrupted.

I thought you thought that was my position somewhat of it clarifies not look in the 30s, the, the Arabs were offered. Okay, let's get you some regard Arabs got majority of Arabs are here. You get most of land just get this portion to said fine art of leadership said no doubt 1947. Now it's been reduced smaller but here you have this use of this to suggest I've said no leadership said will drive the Jews into the sea, and it didn't happen so what's the problem. There could've been positive state side-by-side Israeli state for 98 years, why not leaders file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown really cures there is Brown hate. If you been planning on going Israel with us every 25th to March 6 of next year and you haven't yet signed up, please do it immediately.

We have limited space available and if you sign up now.

We got a better chance of getting you in and this way we can evaluate if we can make a little more space of a few more people and comments can be the trip of a lifetime. You will talk about it for years to come and be impacted by for years to come will have a blast together. Find out KSK DR but we need to hear from you. Now if you plan on coming 866-34-TRUTH 78841 quick note and then we can go back to the phones there at various counter missionary rabbis that I've tried to debate for years of offered debates to them. I said, you pick the place. You pick the moderator. You pick the structures laws have equal time, let's do it and and look let let's think about some improvement.

If if someone says or here's how will do the debate I want to debate you. But it all has to be in writing. Now their people challenge me in and of the cost and post their websites with thousands of posts and people even writing books against my stuff I left time to reply in writing in death them in the way you would do it the proper way to everyone that wants to challenge me in writing and then to keep it up because he can go on for years. They write are right there, right. All right they write I write each Sunday right. I think okay great. The view bid by pointedly clear had not. Here's my point that although here's here's their arguments, but picture this picture into marital counseling.

Marital counseling but you refused to sit down with your spouse instead everything has to be done by way of of writing I I write something to marital counsel explaining my side. He then hands it to to my wife. Then she writes her side then attended back to me the kidding me.

Or how about this, I make a video Riley out my position. My wife then watches the video. Then she makes her own video and then visit to the mall counselor who then gives it to me or or peace negotiations to countries and get together next to the governor of course not.

When you sit down face-to-face. You sit down face-to-face and you discuss things and you interact and if you want to do in the debate setting so others can out watch this way you can now discuss as well because you got a do it take to to get the most progress in tip to move forward and to be able to challenge something on the point and then to cross-examine the back-and-forth that's the way it's done some given video testimony in court will how can you cross-examine how can you go further. How can you probe in goal and in interacting and then went wicked be done in three or four hours is good could stretch Austin over 10 years and yet the counter missionary rabbis for various reasons will debate me and look there. The once challenging our positional time tellers were misleading people and is false in the New Testament's bogus, and so on so forth will unify the video challenging cost front operetta video responded with sit down and have a public debate.

So I reached out against Robbie Oshima's rocky well-known counter missionary involving Skokie roof which means drawing near us are trying to get nonreligious Jews to become religious Jews and other faiths to to become Orthodox so eight years ago through the mediator who was going back and forth for email he Sagal the debate for first has to answer my questions here three questions is going to answer them. What you mean answer your questions before debate who and who who answers series of questions before debate to do a debate I've done tons of debates.

Whoever does that, but I should I answer those and a ton of others in the book, so here here's a here check out the books I can get your books ascended books for free. Matthew Multiplex here.

I've answered your ready so check it out. You'll see. And the let's do the debate with student debate. Okay, so, so I decided I make a video and on the video again answers questions second listed debate here. You want me to answer questions boom 123 I did superquick right before we started the broadcast Lester semi-literally immediately before seconds to go before the show start. So now people are posting trying to challenge my answers I gave you like 32nd answers, whereas I've got 50 or hundred pages of these things in my books.

It also creates a God check it out. But anyway we'll see. And I also wrote to the rabbi's website. I did personally took a screenshot of the pacing.

Hate can be writers, ascended books. This is, it was not by them so we will keep exposing its falsehood or deception or running from something or distracting from the issue. Whatever. And the key presented truth because we are on the side of truth, Jesus, Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel. Keep praying for our outreach to rabbis or outreach to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

God is working. Jewish people are coming to faith. I we go to Charleston, South Carolina. Luke welcome to the line of fire.brown auditor. I hear you loud and clear Friday question for you about the logic behind rationalizing the or accident to him mispronounce. For example, in reading a book by John J: the current start second edition you is to you since two rationalize most product videos after the fact if I can run through a couple things I want to get your take on that. So like Jacob's blessing in verse 49 in Balin's order: Numbers 24 the Russian one is clearly after-the-fact and then the authenticity of the shirt and stop adjusting in Isaiah 11, 129 defenders debate on the authenticity of the nonusers debate on the interpretation on the stability authenticity of it and then on particular things like a righteous branch of prophecies in Jeremiah 23 and 33 mention of the introductory formula days are coming are on that day. A day is coming off introduced editorial expansions in the prophetic books.

So my question is this justification just from philosophical reasons like is the Bible not inspired yet this summer.

Some of it is Luke Collins is a terrific scholar this a tremendous amount to learn from him and I was just looking at that book on my bookshelf. The other the other night, so he's great historically and has no nose literature very well, but if you have a certain presupposition that there is no supernatural prophecy.

Then things would be called with the land that the city of X event to so you're you're basically that after the thing actually happens. Now you write something say okay I'm getting to be a prophecy. So after the November elections. Let's say Donald Trump is elected president. Then I I put out this prophetic word that 30 years ago some preacher Africa claim letter for suspending Trump would become the president so it it it is it's meant to look like something spiritual when it really isn't. And if you have a rational interpretation of decent man there too many striking details that line up here it it has to be but the fact is there prophecies that have happened long after biblical times. So the only way to explain it is supernatural prophecy. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us on thoroughly. Write back. Also link in Charleston South Carolina just to finish up what I was saying if you have the prophecies in the book of Daniel.

It seemed to be very, very specific and boy they unfold dramatically. Just as prophesied, will the rational interpretation would be those must've been written after the fact and then couched as if they were prophecies, but there there are a couple of strong reasons to reject this one is as I said right before the break, that there are prophecy say about Jerusalem being a city of controversy for the whole world are under attack from the whole world of in the book of Zechariah that that never happened in his lifetime and is something that is still future, but you can see what is set up it is for the whole world are ready or the scattering of the Jewish people around the world and yet God preserving us and then bringing us back to the to the land and bring us back in unbelief that's happened. So how can you explain that one. And then there are other prophecies that it's the exact opposite.

They didn't happen. As expected, and yet they're still in the Bible. In other words, the way Jeremiah describe the destruction of Babylon and Babylon basically surrendered and I was it. It was going to be this massive horrific destruction downfall and basically Babylon surrendered to to to the middle Persians, and that that was that so but still it is still in the book of Jeremiah, chapters 1551 and their other prophecies from other prophetic authors. So either you have considered Babylon repented, or that there is a future destruction of Babylon, and yet these prophecies were preserved so the idea that that most of the difficult prophecies were constructed after the events against the smart people would argue that about Jesus and the destruction of the temple while he must've never said that that the words he put on his mouth, but from what we can tell those those traditions are never looked at as being later or suspect in and it even seems that the believers took his counseling fled when they sold was happening with the Roman armies that they fled in advance because the issue had forewarned him and as fryers.

Authenticity of Isaiah 11 there there always scholars the question one passage or another and I'm going to be working on a commentary in Isaiah a few years from now, but I'm not aware of any major scholastic viewpoint that questions the Zanuck authorship of of Isaiah chapter 11 personally so I cannot derive more book. Accordingly, I was curious to make sure that that is not the Hebrew or Aramaic are different from the surrounding Scripture that given the scholars unprecedented more about and ideological thing yet now there are times, for example, where you have a clear break so Mark 16 ends in verse eight, and then the this there's a shift in subjects in verse nine and there's vocabulary.

That's different than the rest of oxo so Mark 16 92 20 difficult longer under more long-running of Mark clearly wasn't written by Mark.

Whatever happened to the original ending we don't have it, but I believe that this is a supplement with accurate information conveyed to us the words of Jesus, but read by another author. Some would argue some of the books that are attributed to Paul second Peter, you have different vocabulary that would be used for different style, though this would explain that, based on a different scribe who was who is writing things out as as it was being dictated and they were in a given your own literary flourishes and things like that but no in these passages Sir there is nothing in them that stands out you go. That's obvious costs. That's it. It would be like. Suddenly I start talking with with a heavy Russian accent and using words you never heard like what happened there this aleck.

Dr. Brown know that this Texel right back by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us on thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown, welcome back Roy cast 866-34-TRUTH Jewish related question.

We've got answers for you.

Unfortunately, unfortunately, University of California at Berkeley is reinstating a controversial course of history of Palestine. The sponsor of the choruses had alleged ties with Islamic terror in the past and the course was temporarily put on hold.

We were told that the procedural issues in terms of things that been filed properly will now. The course is back on. According to Tammy Ross and Benjamin UC Santa Cruz professor and director of the on-call initiative which fights anti-Semitism on current on campuses going to hurt the reading list remained biased against Israel. The readings without exception present a very negative view of Israel that really should raise eyebrows in scholarly circles, so this is not going to be education this is going to be indoctrination, right to the phones we go to DC Charlie, welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Michael, you're welcome, so I did have a question about agent Christology so that you don't earn most likely to perspective. By the government barely know you Showed or on the biggest problems I really respected their interpretation of preexistence and got back in her nature, but one aspect of their theology that I think is a little stronger and I just want you chronicler permeated the concept of the celiac, so I wanted to focus just on that you can address the inherent of that review at the five to about Angel and managing all of just quickly looked on questions with you. Yes your so to explain this for listeners agent Christology or the concept of a Shelia Shelia is one who is sent by the way that that would be a Hebrew way of saying apostle someone that is sent an emissary is that the Shelia is as the one that sent in the one sent is as the one that sent them. Hence, you have a verses where Jesus says to his apostles. He who receives you receives me who receives me receives the one who sent me, and you may even have an account where one account says a man sent his messenger with the request and the other account may read the man came with his request.

So how can it be this contradictory know that there the one sent the agent is is like his master like the one sending him so there's no question that an agent can speak on behalf of the one sending him an ambassador could do that you have what would be called commission bound messenger speech were profit would say thus says the Lord. So he sent on this mission and and down to deliver a message so he could be 15 years old and says God says, and has the authority of God and you realize that he's not God he's delivering a message for God so there's no question that that exists. The problem is when you try to say what, when, when we read about, say, the Lord himself.

Zechariah 14 of the Lord will his feet will touch the Mount of olives know that's not really God is just this man Jesus who represents God.

The problem becomes that no statement can ever be a direct statement about God because you can always, it was just someone that represents so God coming down on Mount Sinai Exodus 24 they saw the God of Israel. Isaiah 6 I saw the Lord, high and lifted up will know you didn't actually see him you saw messenger so there's no way to even convey that you saw the real God. So the first thing is you do have many verses that do speak not just of an angel of the Lord bearing God's presence or being an emissary, but actually of God himself. And in that respect being seen and passenger James White and I repeatedly referred to be debated separately buzzard and and Mr. Joseph good Jewish voice broadcast kept pointing to John XII chapter where it said that Isaiah saw Isaiah who wrote Isaiah 53, which spoke of the suffering servant saw his glory.

Referring to Isaiah 6.

So is when he said I saw the Lord, high and lifted up, that was Jesus that he saw, but it was Almighty God is not just a representative in the same way when when someone is worshiped as God.

When Thomas says to Jesus my Lord and my God you don't say that just to a representative when the representative is called actually mighty God know that that representative actually must be mighty God. And then as you said all the preexistence versus have to be radically expunged so on. So it is on many levels. It breaks down and it's funny I was just thinking that when I read through Zechariah the other day and I read through Zechariah 14 the Lord of the Lord. It's clearly going to be God himself coming down on the Mount of olives and setting up his kingdom on the earth. And to say this just the messenger. Now completely breaks down the hall. The whole Thomas there of God dwelling in the midst of his people) to quit that I heard about people, about the Unitarian view on you, but I'm so for example when we look like exit 23 verse 21 that they with respect to the age of the holiday that got me and got it back on what it an argument that the you the kind of support that even the idea God not sure anybody you scriptures like when Daniel and chapter conflict. Betty Jean Nebuchadnezzar that you owe King of Kings God. Why that they got there in the kingdom of power might glory, but that the fact that he talking about mental type term very similarly to the messianic goat messianic verses are applied to venture want to correct yes if we look at the Nebuchadnezzar one. First, it's quite the opposite. That's the worst example to give because when he just takes credit for. Isn't this great Babylon that I built. God humbles them in the fourth chapter you get Kings have earthly glory. Revelation 22 says the Kings will bring their glory and into and into the new Jerusalem that God's glory and got in the praise that Boston can be given to no man an end when when harried in acts 12 when the peoples of this invoice ordinarily got to get struck out. In contrast, in Daniel seven all nations and peoples are going to bow down and worship this this exalted son and in Revelation 5, the same worship that comes to God comes to a comes to Jesus in Philippians 2 Paul takes a verse from Isaiah chapter 45 words as every knee will bow to Yahweh and now price that sent Jesus to the glory of the father so that that's beyond any type of messenger Christology or agent Christology anything like that. James McGrath, by the way, in his monograph does a much better job of arguing for this than than at the buzzer or come to Charlie doing but as you read.

It still breaks down because of the other clear preexistence issues and God's trying nature issues when it comes to to Exodus the 23rd chapter. Yet there there is no question that the angel of the Lord carry divine authority and and where God says he'll put his name in it, but it doesn't mean that he becomes the angel or that that angel could be worshiped and in you have to you have to ask this. This simple question. If the angel could be worshiped as God. Wouldn't that play right into idolatry. If that angel was not actually the son of God himself right and it was a theophany where Jesus appeared in the Old Testament. Then, if that angel was worshiped as God than that without the track from the worship of the one true God. So either that angel could not be worshiped as God. And the Hebrews range, a Moloch just means that a messenger member. Earthy messenger could refer to a two divine messengers.

It normally does. 22 angelic messenger but again either. It's actually the son of God. If he is worshiped, then it has to be worship. They can only be given to God. You can't give worship to the agent or if you worship that agent now you are guilty of some form of idolatry sell right so basically basically limiting living units weren't like that in light basically like special pleading, because there's no other example in the Old Testament God, sharing his glory. Yeah, exactly. Yet when it comes to his glory when it comes to look God gives glory not human beings.

Okay you close us with Gloria. You know that that's just part of his grace and goodness towards us. But God's glory that is any of the Savior with his other name to worship categorically absolutely no and with each argument that you raise as I response what you can see how it is not.

It doesn't build their case.

It destroys the case a Charlie, thank you for the literary questions. Much appreciated. And thanks for your patience. Everyone on hold on coming right back to the phones we come back and thoroughly Jewish. There is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you much for joining us on the line of fire. 66. Thank you for your great questions. I really appreciate them and I do my best to break things down for others to understand who may not be familiar with the arguments just like if I'm listening to another show when it's a field I might use to. I always appreciate when folks can break it down so we do our best to do it, so everybody can understand the discussion and yet you can ask these good sophisticated questions here on the air 866-348-7884 we go to Bethesda, Maryland Stephen, thanks much for holding welcome to the line of fire, why is the nonbelieving secular Jew is a very liberal greater Long Island graduate brand.

I mark out and she will listen and they were right, but I try to show the Lord with and I'm hoping to speak to advise as to how I can further trying to show her from an intellectual standpoint understand only spell have to move on. Eventually, but try to bring the work you are making machine attorney is very thing you know, what have you been married Stephen 2009 got it and did you come to faith after your marriage. I did, I did read in 2012 by the Lord thought the estate land fill in her defense sheet. She married the document that I am now, but covalently great duckling or both very circularly when we were married, but competent´┐Ż And cry. Yeah, one of the things I've been trying to do and I'm trying to show her how the Old Testament prophet or were over messianic interviews and in the writing. And I I've got her to admit that that with the child. I never spoke about Messiah than ever and never touched on something that was just not part of their curriculum and her mother part of the mother that she stopped there for 15 years and I've never talk about Messiah want and it's interesting because in religious Jewish home. There's this regular you praying daily for the coming of the Messiah and your your longing for his return. But the more secular you are, the less that's an actual concept to Stephen a few things. The first think of your in the face so that's that's the first big step and and prayers number one thing you can do pray that the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, even if she's not religious coming into the high holy days now in Yom Kippur, the day of atonement.

Many Jews take inventory there almost more so number one.

Pray that the Holy Spirit would convict her of sin and she realized that she needs a Savior. Second, pray that your life would really shine thereof zero look your married your wife knows you better than anybody, and when she sees real ongoing changes in your life when she sees growth and character growth in law of growth and integrity gross and able to handle problems and challenges that that are a direct result of your relationship with the Lord that's going to get a more her attention more than anything in the other question would be to ask her. Hey, would you be willing to sit down and watch where Jewish believer in Jesus debates an Orthodox rabbi and and so here you get to intellectuals going at it and if she is, we've we've got debates on YouTube or you can actually just go to my my real Messiah website. Real real and and there are debates that have had with rabbis you say while we watch this together because this was show here.

Someone giving what would represent her position in me giving the other position and by God's grace. Many Jewish people have come to faith by watching these debates and, on that same website we also have answers to the most common objections more than 100 common objections with a short written answer and then a short video answer. So those are all resources that are readily available and especially if if she be willing to watch a debate together as a thinking person and then say let's watch it will will both critique it together and will score it together that could be some way that that the Holy Spirit opens her heart as well. You are you are very welcome and may the Lord open the heart of your bride and reveal the Messiah to her may he use you as a witness right there in the home 866-34-TRUTH we go to Chattanooga, Tennessee Bob, welcome to the line of fire. Dark brown got a strange? Can process on the international religious squares of Proctor and it's about our district, or national British involving circumcision and mobile mohair horrible will remove the blood from wound and underscoring is just something that's not mentioned in the Bible but was practiced sit in the quizzically practiced by Orthodox Jews and a lot of not only some of the stone with obstruction yet yes and yes. So that the deal is a breasts comes from the Hebrew word breach which is covenant so aggressive is just another pronunciation that is the covenant of circumcision on the eighth day as God commanded Abraham in the 17th chapter of the book of Genesis and the one that performs it is called a molehill or in an colloquial speech from oil and in certain Orthodox settings.

The one who does that.

It is you you do remove the foreskin and there is certain bleeding and there someone someone could cut or constrain with your teeth okay or your hopes of the teeth and you manipulated certain things or if your your era. You cut your hand here, you suck for. I just cut my finger in your ear, you're all dressed up and ready to get in you suck the blood like that Obviousness must be drinking blood you understand something that could happen so there is a cost expression ultra-Orthodox circles where the blood is then just think the guy would just remove it orally and there's been a big protest about it. It should be done. It's unhealthy and should be in other ways. But that's that's what it's referring to so the ceremony of the breasts. That's biblical the exact weights done today. That's by way of tradition. This oral removing of the blood as opposed to suction removing of the blood. That's one custom versus another. But there's been a lot of attack on the one for health reasons. So that your answer that's what you're reading about and the controversy survived surrounds the oral versus the suction removal of blood. I thought thank you so much for the call. I friends remember to visit the website asked Dr. and take advantage of this week special resource offer. I just finally got my eyes on the book of Mistry's book by Jonathan con. It's really nicely produced in its it's a big fat book 365 ministries, one for each day so so take advantage of it last my bottom line today.

God calls us to love them. The heart soul or mind restraint. We don't turn our minds off with love God holistically from Israel to Charlotte North Carolina. We got you covered here on thoroughly Jewish Thursday it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown will thank you, thank you for joining us today on the line of fire.

This is thoroughly Jewish Thursday we are going to talk with a local local media rep for working in Charlotte, a gentleman who's been covering what's happening in the city of Charlotte, with rights going on so we are going to talk about that and give you an update from an eyewitness, but but first we are going to the phones with thoroughly Jewish Thursday subjects a beginning with Eric in Louisville, Texas, Louisville, Texas. Welcome to light a fire are you doing doing well thank you I want to thank you for introducing me to people like Jonathan con and Michael Heiser there.

The two individuals I would like to discuss today.

I find both of them to be awesome expositors of the Scripture and I just really appreciate their work and I appreciate you to.

Here's my question. I listen to the interview you had with Mr. con yesterday or if the day before and I my question is this.

I found his explanation for the word Elohim in light of Dr. Heiser's work to.

I found it a little bit unsatisfying and I was wondering your take on his explanation for Elohim simply be meeting bigger than God or arbiter bigger than anything to get a little how would you contrast that with Dr. Heiser's will and not with Dr. Heiser's work has took to put it simply blown me away. His explanation of how Elohim is not simply God. It is a a place of residence word in the Hebrew towel like in first Samuel the story the witch of indoor Samuel, her yes Samuel rising up in him being described by the which is an Elohim and other places of guide. I think since it defines as place of residence that that's what he may just I was certain when stated like that and actually Dr. Heise can be back on the air with me on the on Monday was scheduled at 11 explained there is no dispute about why you have a plural form like Elohim to refer to a singular God.

This is just a Semitic usage.

There's no mystery to a Jonathan con sitters is commonly understood original talk about intensity you're talking about power timeout might promote ownership. So, for example, Isaiah 19 you're talking about an individual person who's going to rule over Israel is a cruel taskmaster taskmaster but the word Lord, there is an plural because it's speaking of a powerful individual of you. You have for the word for compassion is is from the word womb, but it is a plural form because it. Speaking of the intensity of feeling and emotion you have in what's called Ella Marna Akkadian correspondence between the Babylonian Syrian area of the world. Correspondence between that or or north of the excuse me, northern Syria, corresponds with that and the Faro in Egypt and was called Acadian which is Babylonian Syrian language and an Faro is referred to as a God in the plural, before whom they bow down so this is Elohim. As Jonathan said could refer to many gods know the gods of the nations or things like that. But when refer to the one true God.

It is what you call a plural of Majesty power my dominion and that's that's common, so nothing nothing Asia. In that respect quite. Thank you, Eric the call and I have Michael Heiser with me.

Dr. Heiser gone Monday. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, any any given moment.

I get pulled over stopper compound is like a magician on the not everywhere. If your back. I should be scared of what gets done.

That was a voice or protester in Charlotte this is Mike Ramage thoroughly Jewish Thursday, but in life what's happening in our own backyard wanted take a moment out of the broadcast and focus on what happened in Charlotte and deal with reality. I want to speak with Scott Jensen is the founder Charlotte stories digital media outlet that covers news events and stories of people and businesses around the greater Charlotte region.

The website Charlotte a Scott you were in Charlotte on the streets last night.can you give us an eyewitness report sure M. Youngblood Brown yeah it was there I went up there.

When I initially thought of the peace process that was initially protest that she started with a prayer vigil in martial art, so went up there to cover it. You know, got in the middle where the police were and if things took a turn for the worse very quickly. It really initially started when the man was shot by another protester shot him had and once that happens, you know, it just the police escalated and that the writers escalated and the national looting began when the fireworks started charge on fire, possibly teargas started it shot so so so the first night when the protest began. They turns on the first night there were at least a dozen officers injured and then last night there was a civilian shot by another civilian with the initial report spreading was there just an assumption that this was done by a policeman and all know someone else's just been shot is is that what sparked it or just the gunshots in the police reaction, sparking it yeah I mean a lot a lot of people there. I think believed it was a police shot the man edited the video I posted one of the ladies you know that they shot him a shot an unarmed guy that shot him him she was screaming she believed it was the police dish on, I think that definitely fueled the rage right and somewhat. You could tell was this all local, was there any sense of outside agitation, outdoor yeah that was a big thing that I came to realize I didn't even think of it, but when I started talking to people around me.

I started getting the extent that it that most most of the biggest investigators were either gang members or from out of town.

I thought a large group that she protected me on there from abroad is the distro down today to be a part of it. So really I so they drove into the box, but they they were not violent relative.

They were an amount).

So the reality then is that and at a time like this when you're ready have gangs in the city. In most every city has gangs.

This is time for the gangs to do their thing. And then this now gets associated with a protest of fur against perceived injustice seller that were you able to interact with folks at all. Yeah, I actually had one guy asked me one point and that's when this group from the Bronx. Actually can mother sent and noticed one girl in particular.

She ran a guy came at me for an office in the air started running at me. I can, I ran back to my compressed impressed, and one girl, got the middle of a and she looked at me. She let your good you're good you're good I'm here I'm here for you if you like they got a go to meet and get you know, I know that that was just basically because of the skin color issue this point correct yeah yeah on and any other there's a video and online you can see now mother Caucasian people getting beat up on NY reported getting beat up on government on the fire so yesterday they definitely idolize that everybody out there to please like stay away don't go to the protest on which watch it if you do, however, do not go alone in a be very be very careful who you go through you surround yourself with year-round on those one thing I learned very very quickly.

You can't be found in other people on either side of likely I just don't double count they don't pray and pray for peace really now what were you able to interact with folks and say hey we actually know what happens here to have all the facts in was was that we did you have interaction we just watching retry to talk with people as well. Yeah, there was you know if there is a myriad of people you know a lot of people are described by standard a lot of people again in the group in the Bronx. They were just there to sit, watch to be involved with it and then you had liked her a lot there some American pastor there there actually love people, time span between the cops." And like the writers and writing like were here for peace were here for. I didn't really feel like I had a voice and I are really you know I wanted to be kind of as incognito as I could because you are naturally right because there can be hostilities and false report circulating and we just have to use wisdom guy see something like that and my immediate tendencies. The desire to run into the situation like that, but again you have to use wisdom there.

There are situations that are volatile, there could be places where some with with dark skin goes and among angry whites and it's the wrong place to be in similar with with white skin among angry dark skinned people so it it it all depends on the setting and the situation there of one of the things the African-American pastors that were out did they seem to have the ear of people. You gotta have respect for leaders that want to get out in the middle of community and speak into issues that they seem to have the ear of people that were there or saved as a gang member care less about whether a pastor has to say. Yeah, I really saw that, I mean you had, you had the peaceful protesters that were there they were trying to speak the message of light we want justice and we want answers we want accountability.

We want your change in the system which I don't think I agree with you know and they were there, speak that there is no but then it at the same time you have the lien of where the policeman rightly square and in the people that were you know chanting, you know, chanting that the black was not a chance in the in a somewhat peaceful protest, but then outside it behind them. You either the writers and the leaders so it was kind of away from the police line that you have the gangs overturned a break in smash and fight and just more chaos away from the police line.

So overall, Scott. How does this leave you feeling this is Charlotte This is your city here how to leave you feeling. I mean I differentiate my perspective before. Last night I was more sympathetic and more like changes need to be made, but after last night in Micronesia stopped at whatever cost you know that the danger the danger to everybody and can honestly like II don't I want to speak life is much as I can, but I feel it is going to work, inoculate more people are coming from out of town from New York, Chicago, LA had their time to drive across country to hear I'm seeing I heard rumors of rights and South Park night in uptown so honestly I'm just like me on the floor and like what you can change up and ran out like this need to stop it right and then then again it could well be that there was complete justification for the officers to use force even lethal force.

In this case. What we don't know, but the police teacher is is saying that emphatically and claims their witnesses that back it up. I just so local news agency said yes it is true that can be backed up by the evidence that's there.

Again, we don't we don't know, but all the more all the more if that is the case then even the peaceful protests would be out of place because it was a justified killing and then the idea of being unsafe. I've had plenty of of black callers over the years. Tell me about the unequal treatment that they get from the police or how they get profile the pullover for every little thing and I've heard from enough of God-fearing law-abiding citizens that I don't doubt it's true. The question is why are you getting pullover more votes because you got a criminal element that looks a certain way that is committing a disproportionate amount of crime that's now making everybody else look bad just like you got it you know that the the Fred Phelps God hates fags grouping of these white Baptists and now suddenly in all white Christians. There are fundamentalist haters like like these people you get get branded same waypoint painted with a broad brush and if you have a city like Chicago is just is just hit 500 homicides this year. The deadliest I think in more than two decades and and could even set said records. So who's getting killed their they just like the civilians are killed by another civilian last night, so that's a concern. Why don't we have that same level of concern for these hundreds and hundreds and thousands and thousands of other lies that are being taken its Scott, thanks for thanks for being there. Thanks for making the effort to up to keep folks of praise and was going on and yeah. Stay safe absolute eczema site run all right silk friends Charlotte if you want to find out I witnessed what was happening in the city and play cool heads to prevail.

Pray for good communication. Pray for godly interaction and leadership and can I say thank you for every pastor leader in Charlotte standing to make a difference. Thank you friends this is Michael Brown. I would encourage you to join our support team today, torchbearer one of our regular monthly support that enables us to broadcast the line of fire in America and around the world and all.

Every month we sold back into many many different ways join our team become a torture asked Brown a SK, click on donate.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Wow why do you think it's getting worse. It just seems that there's a lack of spirit between the white and the black Ambien.

It's a terrible thing that we're witnessing your seeing it, lapsing it you look at what went on last night in Charlotte a great place and you just see it as a fish. That is what I do and I see it, even going out and is there such a lack of this lack of spirit is a lack of something.

Something's going on.

That's bad yet. Now that the precise statement from Donald Trump. But I've actually lifted some of what he said about, for example, the shooting in Tulsa now that the protests in Charlotte and he's actually been nuanced. Donald Trump is actually said he was he was concerned about what happened in Tulsa and trying all the facts and getting that the officer story and her rent and there may be more to the story but was lethal force is necessary. He said maybe she choked.

He's concerned by the state.

He praised all the good police out there and and and say hey you know that just seems to be a problem between us was Hillary Clinton tweeted out this was after. This was after the the man had been shot in Charlotte she tweeted out apparently referencing what happened in Tulsa the day before she put out another unarmed black man shot of this has to stop or how we still didn't have all the facts. Is it isn't that rush to judgment. What's hurting us. Let's get the facts and then let stand, then let's shout out if we need to then let's a call for for peaceful protests if the government's not listening. Yeah but you wait for the evidence and to tweak that out after the, the reports from Charlotte was at that gentleman had been armed again.

This is the irresponsibility that's hurting us and it seems that Hillary Clinton would follow in the footsteps of Pres. Obama in terms of responsible comments about these things. There are ways to handle sayings that are righteous that are uncompromising that will expose injustice that will expose rations that will expose retell expose interest exposed is right way of doing it right. That's it I'm done with this right now it is Thursday thoroughly Jewish Thursday any Jewish related question you have any common got some great questions.

The first hour beginning of this hour, and want to come back to your thoroughly Jewish question so we go to Flagstaff Arizona Daniel, thanks so much for holding over for the first hour. Welcome to light a fire?

About file on updated your government, Rabbi the there were rabbinic dictation that refer a suffering Messiah to Messiah son of David Knight in Isaiah 53 yes or i.e. signature to questions, or even the second 10 a lot of time here the objection.

The nation by serving one part one possible answer when it came thing. Dr. Israel invaded this baited data back but didn't break anything. A lot of the fair then you can go to the biblical precedent, the one currently being heard (cinnamon all nation being referred to Israel thing to think that Jesus is also being referred to as Israel. But the problem that that could merit don't seem to be imputed to the nation of Israel. The phone around God and 8070 anything without a can or were imputed to Israel so that answers that could be that because the new covenant was being brought in Jeremiah 31 then new terms and conditions are being cut off being brought in.

Just like if you make if you make an on oil just like the priestly oil cut off from Israel. So if they broke the terms and condition will be cut off apartment that moment.


Identify the people who were cut off, and Israel over to being cut off from Israel connected to his room. I suggested digit just to thank. Thanks for thinking about these issues and let me respond with regard to Isaiah 53 when I debated Rabbi Toby Singer was actually beginning of we debated it in the home of the messianic Jew Russian resident you around March 1990 and then it was around January 1991. She just backed up one year from from the dates I had mentioned on the video backed up on your earlier we we did a live debate on radio program that sagrada had at that time and in that debate, Toby Singer, Rabbi Singer claimed that there were no rabbinic commentaries traditional commentaries that applied Isaiah 53 to the Messiah, son of David in his suffering that if there was a reference to a suffering Messiah within the so-called Messiah son of Joseph, or if Isaiah 53 was interpreted messianic leak in the suffering passages would not be applied to the Messiah. Hence, that's what happens in the Targum. The Aramaic paraphrase.

It starts off by applying 5213 to the Messiah, but then reworks the passages sold so that the Messiah is not the one who suffers in Isaiah 53. So, in point of fact, the, the commentary on this section. Specifically, by focusing Isaiah 53 to 52, 13 to 5312 by Rabbi Moses ben document, not commodities or Rambam as he's called.

He begins by saying that he believes the. The passage talks about Israel. But because the midrash in an earlier interpretation of the passage refers it to the Messiah, he will interpret the whole thing with regard to the Messiah, son of David and were talks about the Messiah's sufferings and pains.

He applies that to the Messiah, son of David as well so that was the, the main one. I was 22. There were some others that could have been used potentially but that was that the main one. With regard to to Israel.

There was an Israel that is in right relationship with God and in Israel that is in a fractured relationship with God, and if you'll even see about the servant servant Israel as a nation. Beginning in Isaiah 41 is blind and deaf and exiled because with sins and over and over and over and over through the prophets, Israel's exile because of rebellion and sin and rebellion and sin, iniquity, immorality, idolatry, injustice, guilty, guilty, guilty.

Hence, Daniel nine.

All the curses of the Sinai covenant have come upon us because of our guilt. The individual servant is righteous, rejected by his people becomes a light to the nation. The branches that are cut off for individuals who are not in right relationship with God.

Israel that goes into exile is a guilty nation.

It is an individual righteous servant brings redemption.

It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown is thoroughly Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown and I am delighted with you any Jewish related question you have any Hebrew related question you have any question about Judaism, Jewish tradition, enter action between Jews and Jesus questions about the modern state of Israel.

They are all fair game on thoroughly Jewish Thursday any particular pure Jewish person that differs with me or gentle. The difference with me about Jesus and the Jewish people.

I love to speak with you. 86634878841 reason that I constantly invite rabbis encounter missionary step public open debate with me the lifestream and around the world and then to put it on line afterwards is because we are walking in the truth. Therefore, we can bring everything into the light because we have nothing to fear because we have nothing to hide so we bring everything into the light now that saying of seller refuses to debate me.

They have something to hide. Some might others just don't feel confident in her ability to speak publicly or or feel that it's best to to do debates of the settings that the more productive.I respect that. Fine. But the reason I have live radio is to interact with people. Otherwise, this record shows and put our best preaching and teaching on as many others do, which is wonderful and it edifies so many of us on our purpose. We are here most every broadcast with rare exception, because of travel and things like that were here to be life interact, which means if you differ for months or open. I did talk in Brooklyn old one was now two weeks ago. Isaiah 53 the rabbis in the Messiah. You can watch it on my YouTube channel. If you're not sure where to go. Just go there asked her to and click on the digital library and type in Isaiah 53 and I will take you right to the video, we demonstrated that it cannot refer to the nation as a whole must refer to righteous individual within a nation and explain the Jewish tradition that understands based on Scripture that the death of the righteous atones we see it's only the death of the perfectly righteous when Jesus that makes atonement out right before the last break leading up to this last half hour. The broadcast I was speaking in Daniel to Daniel in Flagstaff Arizona so Daniel just want to go back to you for any follow-up question you had to my answers to you.

Jeremiah 31 covenant with the house of Israel for the house of Israel like you principal like the person can represent the nation, are the one currently hears about the visual on the covenants made with the whole nation through the mediation of Jesus. It's made with the whole nation the house of Israel. The house of Judah means all of the people God is different between Judah like the house of Israel to the nation break but if you say back then the Israel of caught off for the unbeliever is individual Israelites were cut off.

That's what it says. The branches are individual Israelites were cut off of the generally liberally took Israel. Israel and Israel will compact the nation. The thing that you listen there is a partial hardening on the nation that there's always a remnant that the leaves all of the branches I'm Israel and I'm not cut off okay right right so so Daniel witnessing to missing the point. It's not that Israel is referring to an individual. There is an individual within Israel, who fulfills the mission of Israel individual Israelites to disbelieve are cut off in the nation itself as a whole.

In general has been hardened because of its rejection of the Messiah, but any individual that turns to the Lord comes into the new covenant realities and at the end of the age the nation as a whole will turn so individual Israelites are cut off the nation as a whole is a judgment is always a remnant that believes hopefully that helps with things out for you have appreciate the call and interact for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown to thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown here for. Let's go to Holly Springs John walking to the line of fire by Dr. Brown a quick question for you.

I bought a curiosity date Jewish people did not cry, and then niggle all Art Deco pie or anything else out there and what at-bat pretty much my question yet let let me ask you this.

First yet on why do you think Paul's heart was so broken for his people and the continual sorrow for them and wish that he could be cut off from the Messiah for this is what you think he felt that way I make a note that they were a Right so that was they were lost. Like anyone else was lost. So all I'll continue to answer your question then is, as you listen to a Jewish person would tell you that although they mourn the destruction of the temple and wish that it was functioning and they could perform all of the commandments required, including offering of sacrifices that that God looks at repentance and if they will repent.

That is sufficient if there's some center crime they have to pay for in this world, then they would understand have to pay the penalty for their crime but they believe that the thing that God always look for was repentance.

The blood sacrifices will play an important role not essential for atonement.

Repentance was and I would signal from a scriptural perspective.

Both were essential blood atonement and repentance and that in God's sight. He was always looking ahead to the atonement that would be offered by Jesus that was prefigured by the blood sacrifices so a Jewish person who rejects the Messiah is lost. Like everyone else. Romans one says the gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. First for the Jew, then for the Gentile. Romans two says judgment will come on every human being first for the Jew, then for the Gentile. Jesus referred to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and if we think of things in this world that we can verify little was the world to come is God's domain completely outside of our purview. Right now we we don't live in that realm. We live in this physical realm and we have a spiritual foot in the world to come. The week we can't physically see heaven or hell or the future of human beings we can't physically see that Muscat supernaturally open your eyes to see, like in the book of Revelation or something like that. But we can read history and we can read in the Bible how often the people of Israel came under divine judgment, how we were scattered among our enemies. How we were sent into exile. How we suffered their why because of our sins and other nations were destroyed in their entirety because of their sins. So if that's what happened in this world. Then when we asked look to the world to come. That doesn't give us a lot of optimism. In other words, we see judgment on sin in human beings.

Jew and Gentile alike.

See judgment in this world than people die in an unrepentant state not right with God rejecting him that this not give us confidence for the world to come. So see you have a secular Jewish person who's in the party scene with a Gentile friend and they're out drinking and clubbing in someone's been sharing the gospel to for months in a market. They were young man, we discover party do we want to do, eat, drink and be merry. Tomorrow we die. They must the gospel they die lost that Jew is lost just like that Gentile is lost is no special covenant. There's no special arrangement. Now you say okay, but that's one thing. What about this Rabbi, who's an amazing guy and any lives an incredible life far from Harding East never got drunk in his life never used drugs and never touch the woman other than his wife and and is God fearing any praise every day and sometimes even praise with tears and he says the Scriptures and does he go to hell is he lost.

If that question doesn't trouble you, then you haven't really thought about it or thought about it in real human terms with the beating compassionate heart that the fact is if that person is good enough to get in.

Based on their own righteousness in their own repentance will then let them be welcome. Then and I'll be the first to applaud for that. My concern is that that Rabbi is also falling human being like you and like me, and that Rabbi needs mercy and redemption.

That's why on the day of atonement. He will beat his breast, and pray and fast and ask God for mercy and confess sin after sin for himself and for the people of Israel and if God's way of mercy and atonement is rejected that. On what basis with that person get in that there good enough. No, that the repentance was enough without something or someone to pay for their sins.

No, so that's heartbreaking to think of someone being lost and again God is the judge I will pronounce judgment.

God pronounces judgment. You don't pronounce judgment. God pronounces judgment, but as we look and see sin of the human race as we recognize that even people who are very devoted. Whether it's a devoted Muslim or a devoted Hindu, or a devoted Buddhist or devoted Jew or of a very gracious, nice, caring, atheist, we all fall short. We all need mercy and redemption, 86634 Prime Minister Netanyahu speaking in. This is just old.

This looking at the breaking news and reactions to some things in the news here of Pres. Obama spoke at the UN address that in the first hour and Sen. Ted Cruz rightly excoriated the president's words at the UN for for good reason. With all respect to the president what he said should be rejected on quite a few levels of here mock mood Abbas speaking to the UN and premise. Netanyahu has invited him invited Mark for the boss to address the Knesset.

He's invited him to address the Israeli parliament. He slams the moral force of UN in the speech to the United Nations Gen. assembly. This is the road to peace runs through Jerusalem and Ramallah, not New York.

So, speaking to the United Nations Gen. assembly today. I ministered Netanyahu said that and he's referring to Mark for the bus spots speech earlier in the day. He said hey rather than condemning Israel with UN come to the Israeli parliament and speak to the parliament and Netanyahu said he on his part was prepared to address the Palestinian people living in Ramallah, so he opened his speech. Good for Bibi Netanyahu by slamming the moral force of the United Nations before telling the assembled diplomats world is that the obsession in voting patterns over Israel change and sooner than you think. Thanks to increasing Israeli cooperation with foreign nations across the world of its Israel keeps building bridges with emanations nations in Africa of the nations nations in Europe and in their building bridges and people are recognizing that that Israel wants peace that Israel wants harmony and that Israel is an important ally in the fight against radical Islam yet that that could well change the face of the UN, Netanyahu openly called Arab states allies for security, prosperity and peace is in for the first time in my lifetime. Many of the states in the region recognize that Israel is not their enemy. They recognize that Israel's their ally, our common enemies are Ron and Isis are common goals are prosperity and peace. I hope that in the future will work together openly. Now, if if it's true, as some believe that this prophetic scenario points to world peace. Before an explosion of war led by an antichrist. Figure it if if that is actually true, then at some point peace has to come if Ezekiel 37 is actually a picture of the future and 37, 38, 39th that there is going to be a time of Israel and unwalled state so living peacefully next to its neighbors thinking okay we can let our guard down because everything's fine, and then suddenly wore Rob's then there has to be peace, so this is all positive. The fact that these other Arab Muslim nations of Seneca. Israel is the real enemy here.

Radical Islamists and and the Saudi's who were who are Sunni militantly oppose the Iranians who are Shiites and then Isis is a general threat to countries like Saudi Arabia, things like that. So where is it where they stand and some are much more sympathetic to Israel. In these days which will result we shall say file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown as the portal, the mystery of the eighth day the Maccabean blueprint, the bridegroom's visitation.

This seven mysteries of the age and much more. Enter a one year odyssey with 365 different mysteries, one for every day of the year. The book of mysteries by Jonathan con right so I get a quick update for you. We had this is a special offer last week. The book of mysteries and with it my exclusive interview, Jonathan con, and then my mini book 7 secrets of the real Messiah and we extended it through this week, but only physically got my hands on the actual hardcover this week.

I was fluent with the contents of the book, but only got my hands on the that the physical copy just earlier today we been shipping them out and I hadn't seen them and it's a much bigger book that I realized I mean it's it's a nicely produced hardcover nicely on the inside and as you read through it.

You can read through the whole book or just one. One chapter each day for 365 days and a lot of them your readings wow lights ago on things that you never saw before. You'll see. So take advantage of that girl website. The line of the line of and remember lawyer there special resource officer but also latest videos, latest articles on cutting edge issues what's happening in the news was happening in society were weighing and were addressing them. Got a brand-new article also that I wrote up on the stream. We are peacemakers are troublemakers and I think you'll find it really helpful, especially in the midst of a volatile situation were in in America right now I'm in a tie that back with Israel in a moment I just posted this 15 minutes ago on district rampage on Facebook God stands for justice.

Satan stands for destruction, rioting and looting, beating and killing from below, not from above, this is not about skin color. It is about being stirred to action for righteousness and justice versus being provoked to destructive acts and it's an article that we link to on the daily wire you are there, looting shooting and salt 13 disturbing videos from the Charlotte riots this pray for peace in the city for godly leadership to be listened to.

And as we found out in an earlier interview that we did with Scott Jensen from start show a lot of mistaken places that this is where gangs do what gangs do know is skin because of the issue in terms of rioting and looting.

It's gangs. It's lawless people regardless of their background or ethnicity or skin color. This is the type of stuff that gets encouraged and when you start to have chaos and lawlessness.

Next thing you know, next thing you know it's it's one of these, anything goes situations and who's gonna walk into people who thrive on lawlessness, the more the police going to do with this job to enforce law, you never let innocent people be shot and beaten your gonna let of businesses, hard-working people.

Other businesses vandalize people of the cars trashed roads blocked by riser you but you've got to deal with the rioting so peaceful protest to perceived injustice. That's that's an American way of life, rioting, diluting the violent acts they need to be stopped 866-34-TRUTH so before I go back your calls to tie this in together with with the land of Israel. According to mock mood of gloss. In his view, as long as you have a a right political aim right political goals then then the types of violent resistance coming from the Palestinians are perfectly legitimate that that hey this is this is what you have to do is nobody defeat terrorism and extremism. No way to achieve secure and stable in a region without ending the Israeli occupation of Palestine, ensuring the freedom and independence of the Palestinian people, as such terrorism led not say expected to happen is nothing. Yet you mean you want to stop at Mr. Abbas you do a lot to work towards peace and to work towards reconciliation. 866-34-TRUTH the number to call. Let's let's see, let's go to visit Katina or Katrina in just in Texas. Katina okay yes REM for collar. Thank you for taking my call.

Yes, go ahead, okay friend of mine who really delete a strong believer that he very caught up on the accident of the letter J in the US or Hebrew language, and she felt like it that two people being gay when you say Jesus instead of issue or famine culture that you are getting things like that but do Jewish people get offended by the term Jewish or do they want to be called Hebrew on the guy that you know that she's 100% if there was a thousand percent a million percent. She's a million percent misinformed.

Okay all you do is happy to be called Jewish.

They don't want to be called. You, who deem them in America. Okay every language has letters that are pronounced and not pronounced for.

For example, Greek does not have a show sound. That's why shot, wool is called Saul right in in German. You don't have a theft sound so we say thank you. It's hard for Jim to safe the Arabic hasn't offset the loss. We don't have those in English. It's hard to pronounce, so everyone is like that that anything that starts with a Y like it has scale and in English that that comes opposite Jeremiah your my Yahoo that comes out is Jeremiah Yoshi yacht that comes out is just sigh you shall. I am, that's Jerusalem.

If if you would talk to a Jewish person but you sure they have no idea who you're talking about, Jesus then are you talk about you and say always.

It's a Hebrew name is actually with you, she will find itself because they think of Jesus is like a Gentile Christian it no but there is your average American Jew or or English-speaking Jew does not speak Hebrew.

When speaking English, they speak English so when when the when the New Testament was written all these names now came into two Greek right and are pronounced the way Greeks would pronounce them and that's how God set it up because it was now in Greek to get to the most people.

So what's the most diversely spoken language on the world today more people in different countries speak English's of Godzilla communicate a message, get on English if you press in Chinese consent different Japanese different.

Different and really live. That's other words, if it out so whatever in the world where not you wish us splatter so she is. She is like I said a million percent misinformed on every level, and we we so you Houdini in Hebrew becomes Jew in English and it's really it's really that simple.

So she is again completely misinformed and put her mind at ease.

Tell her that made you a Hebrew knowledgeable to hold yourself like my bottom line today as we are out of time. Let's get rid of maths. Let's go back.


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