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Dr. Brown Analyzes the Israel Elections

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 3, 2022 5:00 pm

Dr. Brown Analyzes the Israel Elections

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 3, 2022 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/03/22.


The following is a pre-recorded program.

An analysis of the Israeli elections today. It's time for the line of fire with your host, biblical scholar and cultural commentator, Dr. Michael Brown, your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire. And now here's your host, Dr. Michael Brown.

Hey friends, Michael Brown here. Delighted to be with you on the line of fire. If you've been with me from the beginning of the week, I had said that today we were going to take you into debate that I did with Rabbi Shmueli over 10 years ago.

Did Jesus die for us sins debating Isaiah 53? I had failed to realize that this was the week that by the time we got to its early Jewish Thursday, we'd have the results of the Israeli election. So we have that ready, God willing at a time when I'm traveling, maybe an overseas trip or something, but we definitely do want to play that for you before the year is out on a thoroughly Jewish Thursday. But right now, I want to try to explain to you what has happened in the elections. And basically you'll see a lot of reports, a lot of headlines, saying things that Israel is going to the far right, that this is the most dramatically to the right government that Israel has ever had.

And there is much truth in that. How concerned should we be? Is it a good thing?

Is it a bad thing? What about the coalition of religious parties with Prime Minister Netanyahu? How is this going to work out for Israeli security worldwide, the reputation of Israel worldwide, health security of Israel within the land? What about the Palestinians? We'll try to break that down as best as we can. But let me back up and explain again the complexities of voting in Israel. If you're not familiar with this, this is news.

If you are, this is a little reminder. So the Israeli Knesset, Israeli Parliament has a total of 120 seats. And you have right now parties that have won enough votes to get four seats in the House, right? So in other words, they have won at least one thirtieth of the total vote. So whatever the total vote count is, you divide it and you have to get at least one thirtieth. So that will give you now four seats in the House.

That's the minimum threshold. How many parties actually won? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

All right, at times it's been higher than this, but it's ten. Now, how do you form a government? You said only they voted for Netanyahu, like we voted for Trump, or we voted for Biden.

No, no, no. That's not how it works. You vote for a party and the party has a well-known head. In this case, Netanyahu, the head of Likud for many, many years, and he has already served as the Prime Minister in Israel for the longest period of time of any Prime Minister, combined in his two previous reign, well, where they call him King, Melech, right? But in terms of his two previous times as Prime Minister, now with this third time, because you can keep running in Israel, okay, this really puts him in a new category in Israel's young history of 70-plus years. But his party, which was the faraway winner, got only 32 seats. The next, Yesh Ati, which was centrist, right-leaning, that got 24. Then religious Zionism, which had, I think, seven seats last election, it doubled to 14, came with a coalition there, and then National Unity, 12. Shas, which is ultra-ethnics Jewish, 11. UTJ, United Torah Judaism, ultra-ethnics Jewish, got eight. Yisrael Bethaner, which was a real powerhouse Russian Jews, they took a big hit, five seats.

UAL, United Arab List, five. And then Hadash Tal, I'm not even familiar with that party, five. And then Labour, which used to be Labour and Likud, like the Republican Democrat, the two biggest parties, down to four, barely got in. And Maritz, so Labour is left-leaning, right?

Maritz even further left. That didn't even make it. Right now, it's only a 3.1, that didn't even make it. And Balad, which is another Arab party, and which could have influenced the elections, didn't make it either.

It's only a 3.04. And Ha'baid Hayehudi, sorry, Jewish Holmen, that not even one, a little over one seat would have gotten. So because they didn't have a threshold of four, you can get enough, they're not in the government. So the only ones in the government are the ones that got enough votes for four seats in the Knesset.

Okay? You say, all right, now I'm even more confused. How do you form a government? Well, the lead party, so Likud, which got 32, now has to reach out to the others and have to say, okay, who's most in harmony with our position?

And based on who's most in harmony with our position, can we work together to form a government? So in this case, it's an easy one. It's an easy one, because Netanyahu has worked over the years with the ultra-Orthodox parties. So that's 11 and 8, that's 19, plus his 32, right, that gives you what?

51. Now you add in religious Zionism and you get 65. So he's got a strong coalition. Now, what happened in the past, the last government patched together this very, very fragile coalition. The parties that basically were working together were supposed to be centrist, right? But then they ended up working with parties that were all around the left. It was a very shaky coalition and at a certain point, some of the key parties had people defect and join the other parties. So now the seats have just changed, right?

It's okay. I'm a minister in this party. I'm a congressman here in a party.

Now I shift over to the other party. We just shifted the balance of power, right, because this person has been appointed to this role. Now it just shifted the balance of power and with that, the government came crashing down the fragile, fragile coalition, which I didn't know when it came out. I said, could this be an example of something good? Could this be Israel saying, hey, we're going to work together with all different parties for the common good, ultimately because it had to make this coalition. There was too much compromise on too many levels in terms of no, no, I'm not going to work with that one. That one, that one, the government collapsed and you tell Yahoo now back in power, but with a stronger mandate than he has had.

What I want to do is explain first the positive and the negative and blood turns and I want to go through some articles with you and commentary. Enough of the vote has come in. I'm prerecording this broadcast. So I'm recording this now Wednesday night at 10 42 p.m. Eastern time. So enough of the vote has come in that I can pretty much say with certainty. This is where things are landing.

Okay. On the one hand, the time Yahoo Benjamin Netanyahu known as BB that's his nickname is a very strong and good leader for Israel. He has helped Israel internationally making alliances with other countries when he speaks at Congress multiple standing ovations because he carries himself a certain way and he is staunchly pro-Israel meeting. He has the back of his nation and he wants to see what is best for Israel as a nation. So no one's going to mistake that and he's really good on security issues and that means so much just like your average American now dealing with inflation and the things that hit you every day and covid in the last thing and how that hits us every day. Well Israelis security.

That's that's a big thing. Can we feel secure? Can we send our kids on the school bus? Can we walk the streets?

Can we feel secure with me? Tanya who is a strong feeling of that and he has been a statesman that's positive the negative on the one hand he's had his share of scans and he's married three times confessed to adultery years ago. There are current legal cases against them to try to bring him down and the idea is what if his Prime Minister that's it shuts the door on those cases, but there's a controversy surrounding him. He's greatly loved within Israel.

He's greatly hated. Okay, the bigger issue for believers within Israel is that in order for him to be in power. He has to make this coalition with ultra Orthodox Jews. What are ultra Orthodox Jews care about? They care about their lives.

They care about their priorities. They want government funding so their men can study day and night study rabbinic literature and study Torah and pray. They do not want their young men fighting in the IDF that would to them would be putting them in a worldly environment and taking them away from Torah study and prayer and in their view Torah study and prayer is the very thing that preserves Israel and it's essential they're doing what they're doing. Not only so how does it affect believers within Israel? Well undoubtedly they will say okay in order for us to join your government. They will say I want this position this position this position and maybe I want control of education to make sure that our schools are properly funded or we want to oversee immigration why we want to keep certain people out people like Mike Brown Jewish believers.

We don't want them here and it just increases pressure on believers. So while there are believers Messianic Jews in Israel who are pro-Nithyanari not all of them are but while they are pro-Nithyanahu they always hope okay can he form a government without the ultra-Orthodox can he come to some coalition with others because when the ultra-Orthodox are in power it is bad for Messianic Jews. It's a negative for Messianic Jews. So I'm quite sure without talking to my friends in Israel that they are looking at this with mixed feelings right now appreciating the good Nithyanahu does and the leadership that he brings and the security that he brings on the other hand genuinely concerned about where this is going. Now you add in the religious Zionist party and that can even be so nationalistic that the general the world is going to look at this anti-Arab anti-palestinian and very very dangerous in that regard and I'm going to read some articles about that to you. How far right is it going to go the reality is that Israel has been steadily moving to the right for the last couple of decades and it's because of the constant issue of the pressure just on the existence of the Jewish state.

It's because of the hostility that they can experience from from from Palestinian terrorism and the like it is because when the rubber meets the road you want to have a country where you feel secure and your borders are secure and you are recognized for who you are and not under constant demonizing and not under constant threat of your very existence for other reasons. There's going to the right as well politically. The other side of this is that much of the nation is far left not just left but far left years ago Tel Aviv was voted far away.

Nothing even close to it. The most gay friendly city in the world. There is much about Israel that is like left-wing America and in some cases as radical as or even more radical than all the ultra-orthodox in the other side. They have the oppose these things. So of course, they're all called the homophobic parties this is going to be a right-wing anti-palestinian homophobic government. That's what's been characterized and it's on Yahoo is absolutely been gay friendly and all of that while still being friendly with religious Jews.

I mean as a politician, but obviously policies will swing further to the right. Well, a lot of that is good because Israel swung so far left and you know one lawmaker wanted to argue now is actually was fighting rape before the new government for government funding of sex change surgery. So Israel is dealing with all that now you got something swings the other way, but it's a it's a good and a bad.

It's not one of these situations where you look at and say oh incredible. Netanyahu is back evangelical Christians in America are more united in their love for Prime Minister Netanyahu than your average Israeli, but those that love him on the right love him those who hate him on the left hate him. And from my perspective, there is good within his mix and there is a concern that they can be an unhealthy nationalism that becomes an anti-Arab nationalism and an anti-palestinian nationalism, which is not good for the Jewish people. And of course, it's not good for the Palestinian. All right, let's get started.

It's the line of fire with your host. Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866 three-fourth truth here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks for joining us friends on the special early Jewish Thursday broadcast. Michael Brown delighted to be with you as we do an analysis of the Israeli elections and recording this late Wednesday night. I'll be traveling tomorrow during radio. I was planning on playing a debate that I did require by shmooly years ago for the Thursday show because of my traveling back from Michigan.

We will play that for you. God willing later in this year on a thoroughly Jewish Thursday you will enjoy it, but it's obviously important to explain what's happening with the elections. Of course, because I'm pre-recording I can't take your calls, but we'll cover as many bases as we can one quick reminder if you haven't downloaded my app yet.

You don't know what you're missing. Just think of boom click to your finger and there right there you get all kinds of information on answering Jewish objections to Jesus or watching debates with rabbis or boom click on another one at our animated teaching five-minute videos or latest article or latest line of fire broadcast right at your fingertips. So go to Ask Dr. Brown, ASK, DR Brown ministries, Ask Dr. Brown ministries.

That's the app on Apple and Android. Make sure you put in the full name. Ask Dr. Brown ministries. Okay, let us step back a little bit as we are analyzing the elections here and let me let me look at some editorials. Okay, first a bigger picture bigger picture. Part of the reason that Israel is leaning more and more to the right has to do with what I mentioned in the last segment namely the pressures the the threat to Jewish statehood the threat to Jewish existence anti-Semitism worldwide that can contribute their numerous things. I'm not a demographic expert on Israel, but there's some obvious things.

All right, the reaction to the radicalizing of the left as well. But another thing is very simple birth rates birth rates ultra Orthodox Jews, which make up between 10 and 15% of the population. They have a very high birth rate almost seven children per woman on average. The overall birth rate of Israelis who are secular is a fraction of that.

It's just about a quarter of that little over a quarter of that. So here's an article from Israel Hayoum and Jewish News Syndicate and it was February 22 2022. All right now from the conservative from the right-wing government. Here's a headline with overwhelming victory. Netanyahu set to form strong stable legitimate right-wing government.

So this is looked at as obviously totally positive. I have a clip I looked at earlier. I would I would have played it for you incorporate into the broadcast, but there's a lot of background noise in the synagogue with this clip. But there is a famous ultra Orthodox rabbi in Beni Brock which is a famous ultra Orthodox City in Israel right near Tel Aviv. He's 88 years old. It's Cox Silverstein and he's getting up to pray a public prayer of Thanksgiving.

He's more the Toda in Hebrew a public Psalm of Thanksgiving thanking God for the election results because their parties made it big and will not be part of the government coalition and therefore have more power and influence and the government look every party wants to have influence every party every group thinks they're advocating for the right thing. But look at this with 4709 fewer births recorded in 2020 Israel's birth rate declined 2.6% over the previous year. This was recorded posted February 22 of this year going back to data from 2020 of the hundred seventy seven thousand three hundred seven children born in 2020 fifty one point four percent ninety one thousand one hundred one were boys forty eight point six percent eighty six two thousand six were girls a majority seventy three point three percent were born to Jewish women while twenty one point seven percent were born to Muslim women. They have a high birth rate as well. One point four percent to Christian women and two point four percent to Druze women at so the Arab sector two point nine nine children per woman in the Arab sector and again because of the many religious Muslims will have a higher birth rate and secular not as high at six point six point excuse me at six point six four children per woman Haredi so ultra-earth X women had the highest fertility rate among Israel's Jewish population compared to one point nine six among secular Jewish women. So it's it's over three times higher birth rate of religious Jewish women to secular Jewish women. So the population is growing just because of high birth rate just because these women are having more and more kids. So the ultra-earth nux population is going to steadily grow and the overall population which is more secular will decline. It's just does numbers.

It's just the way it works. So you have that factor and then the the radicalizing of elements on the far right Jewish settlers who have attacked Palestinians and then the ongoing terrorism and attacks and things like that that only radicalizes all sides. So let's see. Oh, where do I want to start?

Okay. David Horowitz David Harvitz excuse me not the famous conservative spokesman former radical liberal David Horowitz but David Harvitz on times of Israel. This is the headline. Netanyahu Ben Gevir win marks the win marks the elevation of Jewish Israel above Democratic Israel. Bocho's colossal backlash against Bennett Lapid Coalition. So the last government with its tragic coalition especially among religious scientists.

It will take an unforeseeable shift in Israeli reality for pendulum to swing back. Now who is Ben Gevir? Itamar Ben Gevir is being savaged as far-right anti-Arab anti-Palestinian homophobes. But the homophobe part aside because he simply could believe that biblical values are right and Torah values are right here.

So let's put that aside. How far right is he according to the Jerusalem Post. Here's an editorial there by the post itself.

This is from August of this year. Itamar Ben Gevir is the antithesis to Israel's founding fathers. Ben Gevir is the antithesis of what Israel's founding fathers had in mind when they established the state of Israel and dreamed of coexistence with their Arab neighbors. And according to this he's dangerous.

People need to be aware according to this article until recent years. He had a picture up in his office of Barack Goldstein who is an ultra-orthodox Jew notorious mass murderer Jewish doctor who went in the back of a mosque one day fully weaponized and started slaughtering Muslims slaughtered dozens and dozens of them. I mean, what was it over 40 an absolute horror tragedy until they finally were overcome and beaten to death. But in certain radical groups within Israel ultra-orthodox or ultra-religious Zionist he's considered a hero. He's considered a martyr just like Palestinian terrorists who blow up a bus with Israeli children.

They're considered martyrs and heroes by their radical right element. Well, it's the same with these so this is this is the man now. Hey, he say look we're all brothers. We had elections we're all brothers. We're going to work together with everyone but he has now become even though he's he's kind of second in command to Butzalov Smortridge in in the party and religious Zionist. He's going to have a major role and he's been like this figure of everyone looking to him and he's he's the man. So let me read a little of this this essay a year and a half after the most diverse coalition in Israeli history ousted him from office. The indomitable Benjamin Netanyahu is back beyond his age similar Trump age, right? At 73 and Netanyahu again proved himself the most indefatigable of campaigners crisscross in the country in his BB bus maximizing the residents of his social media platforms blitzing sympathetic media outlets with interviews and exhorting every last potential supporter to come out and vote.

He is the ultimate politician astute in marshalling his allies. He brokered a merger between Butzalov Smortridge and Itamar Ben Gavir on the far right and campaigned among the ultra Orthodox as well helping his reliable Shas and United Torah Judaism parties to an unprecedentedly strong showing again. Those are the the Haredi the ultra Orthodox parties those two he was helped by the strange complacency of your ear like Pete's campaign. He had the second largest party Yeshati with the now outgoing Prime Minister significantly failing to mirror Netanyahu and unifying labor and merits on the left. So Netanyahu organized the right together and and you know a Pete failed to do that with the left neglecting to feel prominent candidates who might appeal to moderate Orthodox Jews and watching helplessly as the joint list of man the Arab parties splintered still further leaving three political groupings competing against each other for the Arab vote.

So here's the other irony. If the Arab parties did form a United list and said okay, let's all work together easier said than done. You look at how many parties you have on the right. Okay, but if they came together and said let's all work together then they could have potentially gotten enough votes to stop this coalition potentially. I mean it would be a big shift now, but they couldn't so Netanyahu basically brings the right together but at the cost of going further to the right than he has thus far consolidates that base Israel has been moving steadily in that direction campaigns masterfully and the others they didn't have the coalition to build and they didn't have the vision with which to build it. The more faithful shift marked by Tuesday's vote Harvard says is the elevation of the foundational principle of Israel as a Jewish state above that other foundational principle of Israel as a democratic state the parties for which those two core values have equal way for which the democratic imperative outweighs our country's Jewish centrality were soundly beaten with Israel's founding part of labor on the brink of obliteration and merits at time of writing wiped out. Wow, wow, wow labor founding party in Israel left wing reduced to nothing barely getting enough votes just to get in with four seats merits far left important and bringing about coalition before out didn't even get enough.

I mean friends. This is utterly astounding in the ship and the critics fear mongers are going to be all over this. Now. We don't know which way everything will go in the government and to what extent it will be moderate to what extent it will still be working for the best of everyone in Israel. Those who are anti-right are really sounding you'll be right back. It's the line of fire with your host. Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling eight six six three fourth truth here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Welcome welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown continuing to break down the outcome of the Israeli elections a strong return to power for a big human Netanyahu a strong coalition a strong far-right religious right coalition.

What exactly does it mean? I want to read just a little bit more the opinion of David Harvitz and the times of Israel and it's exuberant skip down to the wrong part. Excuse me. Let me get right back to the right part.

Here we go. The ultra-orthodox parties with their all-male tresset members. So again, Knesset Israeli Parliament rose and so to in particular did religious Zionism led by Smotrich B'Tzala Smotrich who ultimately seeks in Israel run according to the laws of the Torah and Ben Gevir.

So each of our Ben Gevir who's Otsuma Yehudit. So they merged together for religious Zionism most recent political manifesto advocates the annexation of the biblical Judea and Samaria for an enlarged sovereign Jewish state in which West Bank Palestinians would be denied equal rights Israel's much criticized electoral system does enable a pretty representative reflection of the electorate's mindset and the results show an overwhelming backlash against the Bennett Lapid government most especially among the religious Zionist who felt betrayed by Naftali Bennett's decision to take their votes into a coalition with Lapid the left and Rahm and who on Tuesday voted to ensure there could be no repeat of what they saw as that abuse. In other words those who voted leading to the right and voted for Naftali Bennett and his party which is supposed to be a right-leaning religious party. Well in order to get in power and he comes out of nowhere. He had a small amount of votes to become Prime Minister to share it for a couple of years with Yair Lapid.

So what happens with Bennett now is that he says right to make this work. We can't work in Tanya because you know we're against him and and we don't people voted for his didn't necessarily want him back in so we'll make our coalition with these other groups and it's like we didn't want you to work with him. We voted for you to be you. We voted for your party to be your party and bring our voice to the table and you betrayed us. So things shifted further right and this is what's happening in America. We're having a polarizing further right and further left as each side says it is more dangerous and those in the middle if they now make an alliance the wrong way they're considered stay away from them.

So this is what happened. All right again. I just want to share some different editorials with you. Haaretz which is famously famously left-leaning one of the oldest publications in Israel and famously left-leaning.

All right. Amos Harrell has this editorial. So again, you can expect this to be negative.

I'm just going to read the headline and opening paragraph after snagging elections. This time, Netanyahu might fundamentally change Israeli democracy. The former Prime Minister hasn't been big on military adventures or changes to the judicial system system, but his need to cancel this corruption trial is converging with far-right partners keen to curb the Supreme Court.

All right. So he's saying look, Netanyahu, he wants to get in power their corruption trial to try to put him in jail. This way he can stop that whole thing, but he's now made this whole issue with the right in order to get in power. And this could fundamentally change the way Israel operates as a nation. So there is a lot of sounding and alarm. This is an article from foreign policy.

David E. Rosenberg and this came out October 30th. So this is before this government was formed, but as I'm looking at the picture here where you've got the different faces together. All right, this is well, you know, radical right party. They've got pictures of some of the very people in power now looking at a billboard in Israel. So this is again far left in Israel.

You expect them to be hostile, especially given the nature of the government. What makes Israel's far-right different? The religious scientist parties rise isn't about immigration crime or populist economics. Again, it was the religious scientist party that Smotrich and Ben Ben Guevara. They have they have gone, Ben Guevara, excuse me, they have gone from seven seats to 14 and became key kingmakers here. The article claims it's driven by Jewish supremacy and anti-Arab racism.

Let's just skip down. After four trips to the voting booth in less than four years because each time they voted they could no one could make a government revolt, revolt, revolt. So the parliament barely had power to Knesset barely had power to move forward, paralyzed the nation in certain ways. If you come as no surprise that ahead of Israel's November 1st election, there has been little movement and voter sentiment. The lies are again drawn between those who favor Prime Minister former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's return to power and those who are horrified by the prospect, right?

So big division there. Polls consistently show the voters delivering yet another deadlock. Well, it shifted right and shifted right and Netanyahu ran a better campaign and and ended up the polls didn't have it right. It shifted further to the right. It says however, there is one exception to this reenactment of the last few elections and that is the rise of the far right.

So Harel is completely correct about that. The polls show that the Alliance of them is religious Zionism. A grouping of the religious Zionists, Otsumai Yehudit and Noam parties is set to double the number of seats and controls and they have 120 member Knesset to as many as 14 in this week's election exactly what happened that would make this Alliance the third largest block in the Knesset and ensure it gets a pick a plum cabinet portfolios and the event Netanyahu forms a religious right government, which he did he's about to right. So again, you get in you say I will join your government and give you a government because without me you can't make a government, but I want to be over it.

Let's say education and over finance, right? And then alone says, okay, I want to be over security issues and military and I want to be over immigration and you make your deals and that's how that's how you do it. The ideas and attitudes according to Harel that comprise religious Zionism platform have hovered on the margins of Israeli politics for a long time, but they had been rejected by the respectable right represented by people like Netanyahu and former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. Its platform includes things like annexation of West Bank settlements expulsion of asylum speakers a seekers and political control of the judicial system.

Oh, that's why the warning that this could fundamentally change the Supreme Court and excuse me. I keep saying I'm reading from Harel excuse me. I've said that three times. I think this is David Rosenberg in foreign policy. Forgive me for that. I set it up correctly and three times I've said it incorrectly my profound apologies. Religious Zionism up.

Here we go. Religious Zionism's roots lie in even more extreme politics than it is peddling to voters today. Each of our Ben Gevir the Alliance's number one vote getter began his career as a follower of the late Rabbi Mayor Kahana, so Kahana was no Jews in Israel. No Jews in Israel son is this influential Israel today. Kahana Chai part of the Kahana lives party but marginalized by others but getting a more following among more radicalized Jews. All right, so not just the ultra Orthodox any of the ultra Orthodox don't even believe in the modern state of Israel. They believe that it's getting in the way of Messiah coming and setting things up but for protection of the Jewish people and for other reasons they still live there. So they're anti Zionists in many ways, but they're ultra Orthodox, but then the religious Zionist which is a different group the religious Zionists have gotten more and more radically anti-palestinian anti Arab as the years have gone on.

So each of our Ben Gevir began his career as a follower of the late Rabbi Mayor Kahana if you want to look up Kahana K-A-H-A-N-E K-A-H-A-N-E and for years according to this adorned his living room to get said office before with a picture of Baruch Goldstein a Kahana follower who massacred was 29 29 Palestinians and a 1994 shooting spree. The no on party is openly homophobic again, I'd be classified as homophobic you would be if you share biblical values as the Alliance has grown in strength and has tried to smooth its roughest edges but never quite disowned them. So that's going to be the real question now. This is going to be the real question namely will the far right coming into power now become a little bit more moderate each of our Ben Gevir said hey, we're all in this together basically and I'm even seeing editorials saying hey look the votes in this is how Israel voted let them govern. Let's see what happens. Okay, let's see where it goes.

But the concerns are that it's going to go in a dangerous direction. Here's an article in Jerusalem Post. I started to read from before an editorial August 21st and it is against each of our Ben Gevir. It says he puts on a great show. He constantly smiles and interviews and during public appearances. He jokes with the journalists who interview him and disarms them with his cheerful and friendly approach and he's become super popular. But don't be a mistake and he's dangerous and people need to be beware need to beware occasionally has happened in one interview this week. He shows his true face when we form the government. He said I will promote the deportation law which will deport anyone who acts against the state of Israel idea of soldiers those who show stones and Molotov cocktails and soldiers will be deported from here.

Maybe the Europe they need working hands there. However, he said the same law would not apply to Jews instead. He said Jews who throw stones at Arab would be put in jail in Israel, but would not be deported from the country. In other words, there are two sets of laws in Israel. Those for Arabs and those for Jews.

This is the interpretation of it. Ben Gevir is an ardent follower of Koch. So that's the Kahana Party founder mayor Kahana. He is a past leader of the militant group who had a picture of terrorist Burgh Goldstein. The American born Israeli doctor on and on hanging the step road home until recently and according to the investigative program. Uvda was involved in instigating illegal settler activity in the West Bank at illegal outposts and in price tag attacks against Palestinians. So you attack Palestinians for pay. Where does he stand out? I don't know. I don't live in Israel.

I don't know people that know him or close to him. Has he become less radical or his viewpoints being rightly represented these things will flesh themselves out, but you can expect all types of hysteria. You can expect all types of major concern. There are legitimate issues to raise and legitimate concerns to have but Israeli people have spoken and said ultimately this is what we want by voting for these different groups and it's an interesting thing. So I've talked about concerns dangerous on the right, but let's be candid. Israel is moving further to the right because of the weakness of the left. You know, Elon Musk has said his views haven't changed for years in terms of political issues used to be Democrat, but by staying still because the Democrats have gone so far to the left. He's now a Republican set similar things not identical, but similar things have happened in Israel with the left going so far left and in ways even being anti-Israel and but seems to be destructive to your own country and almost embarrassed of your own country.

Like we'll have on the radical left here, but those who are more moderate now find themselves further further to the right. So how do we even pray the way you always pray God your best all the people Israel to Arab Muslim Christian your best for Israel and do what is best for leaving all in salvation your son Jesus Messiah. Okay, we will be right back.

It's the line of fire with your host. Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866 three-fourth truth here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks for joining us friends on this last segment of our early Jewish Thursday analysis of the Israeli elections.

Michael Brown. Thanks so much for joining us. I want to read one last editorial to you in a moment. And this is from Jerusalem post and it's as conciliatory as you can ask for now.

It's not hard. It's which is far left. Okay, but Jerusalem post is not right-wing. It's not like wow, we're you know, cheering on Netanyahu and cheering on the religious Zionist parties and all that.

So it's very conciliatory and it's from Jerusalem post editorial team is representing them. I want to read that you in a moment. I tried to pack in a lot. I hope it's been intelligible. I tripped on a couple words and got a couple names wrong here and there.

I hope everything's been intelligible and clear, but I've been trying to squeeze a lot in to make this a good learning experience today. I just want to say one more thing about the no-arm party. I was not as familiar with them as a Shas or United Testament Judaism other ultra-orthox parties, but no arm which got small amount of votes, but as part of the coalition is religious Zionism. So I don't know exactly what no arm would have gotten on its own, but together with Otzma Yehudit joining together as one with religious Zionist party. They are 14 votes doubled what they had last time religious Zionist. Okay, so it's a very strong coalition at the moment, but according to Wikipedia.

All right, so I'm just going to read this to you. So I didn't see this Wikipedia the party's main goal is to advance policies quote against LGBT rights and against what its backers call quote the destruction of the family. It says this the party released a video under the comment an entire country is going through conversion therapy. The time has come to stop it and it says this in the video a mother father and son go to vote on election day in September and the family is bombarded with LGBT and reform. So that's left-wing Judaism imagery. Once they reach the voting booth the mother writes on her voting slip. Let my son marry a woman while the father writes let my grandson be Jewish.

The video was removed by YouTube for violating its terms of use. Oh, isn't it something so again as I pointed out if you and I were running for office and held to our beliefs that marriage is near of a man and a woman that God did not intend for a man to be married to a man or a woman to be married to a woman that kids do best with a mother and father as opposed to with two mothers or two fathers. We'd be branded homophobic.

Okay. So how is this party known in Israel anti-LGBT the new party is called Noam a normal people in our land and it's been established by activists can connected to the conservative Harham or Yeshiva in Jerusalem and its president rabbite Sri Tao so ultra Orthodox Jews, but they joined together with two others to now make the religious Zionist party very strong and part of the Netanyahu Coalition. How much power will they have? I don't know but without necessarily agreeing with how they go about doing certain things which I do not know. So I can't say either way. I would certainly agree with the values.

I would certainly agree. It is in Israel's best interest absolutely Israel's best interest to not go the way of LGBTQ activism and Israel is radically there. The problem is unless you have the Gospel to change people's hearts and this that's the case hearts and minds who change you're going to have the further radicalizing of the left and the further radicalizing of the right and whoever's in power is going to push the other one down.

That is the reality now, of course, we just use would say what we need to do is bring Jews to Torah and when they come to Torah then they will share these values either way there should be a pushback against radical LGBT activism in in Israel, especially in schools absolutely, but how you do it how you bring it to pass without changing people's hearts and minds that's going to be the challenge. So here's the editorial in Jerusalem Post Israel voted from Netanyahu Ben Gevir let them govern. This is just acknowledging that in a democracy the will of the people should be respected and their election results have made this country's wishes known unequivocally. So here's the editorial in Jerusalem Post Israel went to the polls on Tuesday and in rather uncharacteristic fashion rendered a clear decision Benjamin Netanyahu instead of the endless division and we can't come up with a winner now hung jury this time.

No tie. No waffling the country wants to tell Yahoo back as the head of a very right-wing and religious government. The nation has spoken and now it is time to honor its decision.

What does that mean? It means letting you tell Yahoo form a right-wing very religious coalition. That is what the people want. That is what they voted for and this is not meant to say to the country as a parent might to abyss behaving child you made your bed now lie in it rather. This is just acknowledging that in a democracy the will of the people should be respected and the election results have made this country's wishes known unequivocally. There's that word again.

Hey look to stop reading for a moment. Joe Biden is my president. I didn't vote for him. I despise some of his policies and where they're going his pro-abortion stands as radical trans activist stands and other things. I despise those policies. I pray for him. He's my president. Some of you absolutely despise Donald Trump's person and he was your president whether you voted for him or not. That's the way it works in a democracy or in our case in American and Democratic Republic. When the coalition building begins the editorial continues there will be calls to bring other parties which has been made gone since National Union.
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