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Some Fascinating Messianic Prophecies, Israel News, and Your Jewish Questions

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 15, 2016 4:30 pm

Some Fascinating Messianic Prophecies, Israel News, and Your Jewish Questions

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 15, 2016 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/15/16.

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You dig into the Hebrew Scriptures were to look at some fascinating developments in the Middle East will take you Jewish related calls all today stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Hey, welcome to the 30 Jewish Thursday broadcasts.

This is Michael Brown thrilled to be with you in a lot of interesting ground to cover today. I'm just will make a special announcement about tomorrow's show Friday. As always you got questions. We got answers but in particular I want to encourage you to call them if you differ with me on anything except some fun friendly debates on stuff if you differ with me in anything tomorrow is a great day to call in via the doctrinal issue theological issue practical issue be a cultural issue political issue. If you feel I'm wrong in the position I hold to by all means tomorrow give McCallum what will take as many calls with those who differ with us as possible along with answering your Bible. Questions are your other questions 866-34-TRUTH 784 but today Jewish related questions only they can be Hebrew related Judaism related Middle East related messianic prophecy related all of the above Jewish related questions or differences. Today, 866-348-7884 okay here is something really really fascinating. You know politicians make lots of promises right and you're never sure what they really plan to do and whether there really going to act on things and some have said of President-elect Trump that those that really follow him and believe in him. They take him seriously but not literally, whereas those who really disagree with him or fear him. Taken literally but not seriously, how much was his rhetoric in his campaign and saw what he said that he would move the embassy the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to be massive.

We create a massive stir in the Muslim world and would send a massive message to Israel a bear in mind this has been on our books for years.

It was on the book say through the the Clinton and Bush and Obama presidencies and none of them ever acted on it. Okay is not in a Democrat thing Republican thing was had in our books. It's been approved, but we've never acted on it and also Donald Trump said he was going to move the embassy well check this out. Okay, check this out. Here's a report I'm reading from our roots. Seven. The transition team for President-elect Donald Trump is already looking into possible locations in Jerusalem for the USA embassy Israel's Channel 2 reported 12 December 2016 that officials from Israel's Foreign Ministry had begun checking into possible sites on behalf of the Trump team. The news came hours after Kelly and Conway a tough trip advisor for conservative talk radio host to you that moving to the embassy was a big priority for Tromp is something that a friend of Israel, a great friend in the Middle East would appreciate and something that a lot of Jewish Americans have express their preference for Conway, said it if he actually did this that would be remarkable that the very, very, very big and send quite a message so upfront on we shall see what happens. President I believe it goes away back to present the Clinton that he didn't act on it. The present George W. Bush in eight years� Pres. Barack Obama's nonactive in the years if he did trust me, the controversy can fly. That would really send a message right on the touch of a some interesting messianic prophecy insights about the tort reading for the week or Middle Eastern news and your Jewish related calls. Yes, it is the year 5707. Hey, who knows God. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Mrs. Israeli Defense force April 22 at the height of the fighting-distributing Arabic language circular, noting its ongoing campaign to clear the city of all criminal armbands so as to allow the restoration of peace and security and good neighborly relations among all the towns inhabitants. We implore you, again, to keep your women, children and the elderly from the dangerous places certain this is to the Arab population of five to keep yourselves away from gang bases are still subject to retaliatory action.

We do not wish to shed innocent blood of the city's peaceloving inhabitants.

That's from my occupier. I think you'll find a tremendously eye-opening sale on the website. All of our DVDs by giving the lectures, debates, special teachings.

25% off this week as we seek to be a blessing to the end of this year. Just go to the line of you can find out all about that. Also out when you're there and on.

If I click click in our digital library. We've added my latest response to Rabbi Israel Blumenthal's video and having exchange back and forth on video hopefully to lead to a formal debate, even a video debate back and forth at some point but I've been responding to his charges and and obviously seeking to to show where the truth lies about Jesus the Messiah. So we vetted my latest response to him and we have some other videos, or angel, sexless with the Holy Spirit believe the Christian did Jesus go to help those are all on our digital library. Go to the line of fire that were click on digital library, 866-348-7884 before I go to the phones. Let's just talk briefly about the Torah portion this week. It is called the you schlock out witches and he sent and it is from Genesis 32 four Genesis 36, 43, that's the significant portion of Scripture were Jacob wrestles with the angel of God and his name is changed to Israel and then he has the confrontation with his brother Esau, who remarkably is come in peace rather than in hostility and then it deals with the children of Israel in the land of Canaan and their conflict with the Shechem Heights and then to give some of the genealogy of Edom, who is also Esau and from whence the nation of Esau comes the corresponding reading in the prophets is Obadiah book of Obadiah's 21 verses there see why Obadiah will that's a book of judgment on Edom, so it's interesting even though there is reconciliation in the Torah portion. What is read in the.

The supplemental portion the half tar is the book of Obadiah which speaks of judgment on Edom, and it would appear that the. The rabbis that the Jewish leaders that put this cycle together looking at the longer history, not the reconciliation Genesis, but Edom's later hostility.

Many centuries later when the Jewish people in Jerusalem were struggling deeply and the children of Esau, the Edomites were saying the Babylonian space they bring it on bring it on. And that was considered a deeper trail of brotherhood. For that to happen and Obadiah pronounces judgment on even so it's interesting that that's the passage that is read 86634 let's go to Fredericksburg, Virginia Alvin, welcome to the line of fire the law. Thank you. I do have a question Jewish question, but I say something about your thing you're talking about yesterday or you know how we get involved with politics. The Scripture came to my work.

I think it's been John worked in him we live and breathe and have our being and made that thing that there is nothing outside a God and argue that though everything have to do with animate involved in everything but the question about the Jewish question is by your outlook on landlord at the King David he wasn't going to let him rebuild the temple, but vowed to rebuild it, and David couldn't do it because it was a man of blood that because he was in battle fighting all the time. It was that because you killed Uriah. The context seems to be speaking of him being a man of war and yes his his bloodshed in the case of Uriah's horrific that's outright murder of an innocent man actually of an upright man the way the text portrays him as a loyal man to David, but he is spoken of as a man of war by God he's involved in many battles and wars. Hence, there was blood on his hands God that I would want someone with that of insensible templates fascinating.

It wasn't because of the that the overall sentiment would be that he was fighting the wars of the Lord and that God was with her on the battles and yet somehow that was. Not that was not harmonious with building God's temple wondering about you know are our ability to carry our stuff like that. I had been myself like that you know and I accidentally got the bid that I rebuilt the body are made.

I was wondering how that would like our help you write will begin. Let's not compare apples with oranges.

David was the king and was the one man in the world they could build the temple right so there is a specific assignment and and God did not want someone who had been a bloodied man-of-war for for many years to be the one that was now involved with overseeing the building a God given the plans for it and he gave us plans to Solomon. Solomon then built accordingly.

But the 10 Commandments that ended the Bible itself prohibits murder not killing the fact that the death penalty was instituted under the law in Israel that was considered a righteous thing in certain cases, and in the case of self-defense that would be no different than a soldier doing someone battle that was was attacking the city and was about to rape the women and and killed the children and you were able to take that person or those forces out first are doing a good thing your fight against evil and injustice if if the sniper was able to kill a suicide bomber before they were able to detonate their vast and in the busy marketplace by taking that one life he saved. Perhaps dozens or hundreds of otherwise but it's an interesting thing to think about, though, if we are man-of-war if we are constantly fighting in his blood on our hands. Does that affect our spirit is that affect us in terms of our calling her things God would have us do. Certainly didn't affect David's relationship with God is not a hint of that except for his sin with Uriah when he was fighting the Lord's wars and battles he was communing with the Lord and God was with him and he was praying for God to deliver him from his enemies, but I would make an application beyond Scripture simply said that he was nothing want to build the temple and if something happened in self-defense and in you, he fought back and someone was killed as a result was completely legitimate in the courts justify that you might feel bad about it, but certainly it's I can affect your relationship with God or his calling on your life. Alvin, thank you for the call. I appreciate 866348784 question. I never asked myself before that so appreciated coming out all right. We got more calls architecture calls in a moment.

Some other interesting news from the Middle East at another place some clips for you in a bit. Chris John Allen for well-known CNN journalist is interviewing a woman who was going to be a suicide bomber. She was stopped by the Israelis before she was able to be a suicide bomber and then she she was imprisoned by the Israeli so Chris John Allman for since chief international correspondent and host of the networks flagship global first program Allman poor. She interviews her and obviously with great sympathy for her cause and effect. Let's� Play one clip now click 21 JJ this is for broadcast of November 24, 2016 and camera which is the committee for accuracy in Middle East reporting in Americus is Allman poor again misleads CNN viewers about Israel. Let's listen to the clip. I know that you went through a lot of death you saw a lot of relatives killed what was the one moment at times you from a peaceful civilian into somebody who wanted to be a suicide bomber and system that injustice that I sent in my country scanning for children and women and other people that destruction of the Palestinian people and entire state, how made me think about turning point in my life and what happens is when she's rested. She then turns away from her calls for violence is way from her calls for violence and now wants to work with peacefully.

Well, what you don't know that the group she's particle combatants for peace consists of some Israeli soldiers before positive medicine in the terrorist end of the contest convey the message that Israel's mail is not entirely responsible for the conflict with the report is your picture is not complete].

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown mankind go back to 30 Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH let's play click number 22. Again, this is Chris John Allman. Poor interview.

She felt could see a woman who was going to be a suicide bomber was intercepted by Israeli authorities and then imprisoned and then she determined that that suicide bomber was not the right way to go.

The problem is the way CNN presents this according to is is that the group that she is referring to is this peaceful group going to work together to find peace in the Middle East is is one that overwhelmingly points to Israel as the guilty party and and is quite French in its perspective, you would not get that impression. So let's play the next court. JJ you know what I discovered before you able to bill yourself up you want to do it in the Israeli town of Tonya and you went to jail. What kind of a conversion or realization did you have, how did that turn you how anything is the sending attorney from Martin them and pray, send that to non-violent movement and because we trying to resist that that I political operations out of the Israelis. We were trying to do something for Bullis and peoples whether there be Israelis or Palestinians they are humans and and very positive.

Whether Israelis or policies are humans and the and she's renounced violence. The three positive again. The, the, that which is misleading is the idea that Israel is engaging in all these atrocities and killing just wonton murder of Palestinian women and children and noncombatants and things like that so that I can fight that with violence invited peacefully got commander renouncing of violent resistance and and yes statement Israelis postings. The human in the end, the report though we give you the impression that her version of what's happening in the Middle East is the reality, as opposed to one that is heavily skewed against Israel. But are we surprised know when not, 866-34-TRUTH you've got Jewish related questions. We got Jewish related answers you would come away come away from watching that interview thinking Israelis really really really bad and really really really evil and doing horrific things to the Palestinians and so commendable that this woman wants to fight the injustice of peacefully yet again.

I'm glad she was to stand for her because peacefully that's highly commendable. However, the portrait of Israel, is one where the average viewer would believe the most extreme positive views about Israel and not have a sense of reality of what's actually going on in the Middle East. A few missed the announcement yesterday.yesterday earlier in the broadcast a few minutes earlier tomorrow are normal you questions. We got answers that song that's on the particular I want to encourage you to call if you differ with me.

I want to do it one encourage you to call in particular if if you have issues with what I believe theologically, biblically, practically politically, culturally, and with Israel.

Such loss can be a great day to call him if you differ with me and tell me why my unfriendly discussion that will be happening on the broadcast 866-348-7884. Let's go to fill in old Bethpage, Long Island.

Thanks for calling the line of fire" I'm looking at pictures of Aleppo in the paper today like Berlin in 1940 product now Russia and Iran controlled Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen. Time one of them a big supporter of Israel on the predicate to turn their attention to Israel next and I'm wondering if worsening biblical prophecy antedate the beginning of the demagogue. Let let's say this though, I I am one who is very very slow to say this is that very slow to say okay that which was prophesied here in Scripture is now coming to pass in front of her eyes. It has to be very clear to me, and for example, Sir. A lot of talk about the number 10 in the book of Revelation or beast with 10 horns are in it represented the 10 leaders of European Union and of European Union is starting to crumble now. I mean who knows it may end up playing out like that. But I I tend to be very slow to think in those ways. However, at some point there will be the final conflict right at at some point will be at that point, I don't feel like were at the tipping point yet personally I don't feel like everything is ready to explode and we just got a few years left and it's all over.

That could be just to have that sense, my own heart, but it would seem that for the Gog Magog type of of passages to come to pass in the book of Revelation excuse in the book of Ezekiel beginning the 37th chapter that some type of coalition of these nations is going to take place. There has been debate about Russia. The word Roche in Hebrew simply means had your conflagration and I hear right right exactly exactly and where there's a reference in the Gog Magog passages in Ezekiel that some interpreters took Roche there not to be the head of the particular country, but Roche meaning Russia that's that's unlikely, but at is again to be a coalition of nations.

Is there going to be turning against Israel. Zechariah 12 speaks of all nations coming against Jerusalem is is that speaking of all the nations of the world or all the surrounding nations. At least all the surrounding nations could be a worldwide coalition, so let my perspective fill again just yes for my thoughts that so I can give you is that this shows us that the outlook we do our best to sort these things out great but thank you both. Thank you sir, but that might my take is this is showing us how these things could quickly fall into place and suddenly have this powerful Middle Eastern and even world coalition against Israel back by Russia or back by China. I think it's there yet. I think you're gonna be a lot more fits and starts and upheavals in before we get to the end but to me this could be another piece of the puzzle or another indication of how these things could come to pass. Let's remember, sir, that when Christians were saying those praying for the return of the Jewish people back to the land in the late 1800s and early 1900s us and cause you to do it. People said you're crazy. It's like a happen as I can be a modern state of Israel. And I remember one commentator brilliant brilliant German scholar in the 1800s was wondering why anyone would be picking on poor Russia and Senate Russia was going to do all this evil else before the rise of the, the Soviet Union Russian communism was tremendous destruction and brought to the world so only were there yet but this is another indication of how quickly the dynamics could change thanks for the call and the kind words. Remember all of our DVDs. Every one of them 25% off on the website this week. The line of file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Israel.

Israel believes that with the new shipment of F 35 bombers that they can actually challenge Uranian threat.

Israel is not just going to sit back and say whatever happens, happens.

Israel is not just can sit back and say okay we we hope that the world will work against Iran. So INN reports Israel news network, a checklist of the vice president of the F 35 business development strategy, integration, Lockheed Martin's, we praise the F 35 fighter plane and is really technology incorporates at the inaugural ceremony marking Israel's acquisition of its first F 35's is will be the first country to declare initial operational capability outside the United States, the F 35 discriminates itself from any other five in the world by combining stealth sensor fusion because the parts 360� spherical awareness everything around them praises really contributions to the technology power and the plane. The technology is Israel technology comes from Elbit and it's like any technology in the world is revolutionary and only the F 35 has it yet that the F 35 is designed to counter both current and future threats including the threat posed by Iran. The aircraft is capable of evading the Russian made S. 3000 missile defense systems located both neurons for Dell nuclear facility and in Syria, Israel will ultimately purchase 50 such planes in this.

This is this is war. This is this is more is what is religious with all the time. That's why is really young people get out of high school before they go to college that they serve in the military men for three years women for two years is mandatory and they they they do, it probably is part of life for them. It grows them off in a hurry, but you have to understand that that nobody nobody likes send their kids to war. They do it proudly to fight for their country, but to think of that here in America. Every kid in the front lines in many cases, especially the men. So three years for the men cheers for the women than your college. That's life. There and spending a disproportionate amount of money a disproportionate amount of money in order to in order to just survive spend disproportionate money on defense just in order to survive. That's what Israel deals with all the time. That's reality and that's what we pray for God's intervention, God's grace, Israel. That's why we urge people to stand with Israel or nation to stand with Israel 866-34-TRUTH we come back right after the break.

I'm going straight to your calls Ricky in New Jersey you are the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome friends to light a fire 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You got usually questions you got Jewish related answers. Let's go to Ricky in New Jersey.

Thanks for calling the line of fire Mike how are you? Thank you, great. Your chapter versus three and four and I went to the prophetess, and she conceived and bore a son, and the Lord said to recall his name might hear us LOL #1 the child shall have knowledge to cry my father, my mother, the riches of Damascus and the spoil of Samaria will be taken away before the king of Syria is that of modern-day prophecy and can you just ask. You don't explain the genesis of the prophecy and where were at you that know that all has to do with Isaiah's day, that was an ancient prophecy, and it had to do with Isaiah, presumably having relations with his wife called here the prophetess that obviously is his wife wouldn't slip. The woman was married to and the the nation of of our llamas.

It would been called then we know it is Syria today fell under heavy judgment in the years immediately after that both the northern kingdom of Israel and the Arab man kingdom fell under heavy judgment from the Assyrians and that was something that happened in Isaiah's day, now it's interesting that Isaiah of the seventh chapter is the famous prophecy of the virgin birth of the supernatural birth of a child to it to a maiden and that the child will be called the Manuel God is with us on the one hand that have immediate application for that Day of something happening and yet there's more to it seems to be a promise of of a birth to the Davidic line of of the Davidic king. It had something of even greater meaning but I say these chapter that does not relate to Syria today.

Syria was a nation in the ancient world.

Sometimes Israel was at war with the Syrians also known as the Ironman's and that judgment was something the specific timeframe for that for that time only and not for anything today okay great Mike you are very very welcome 8663 freight 784 that you might be missing saying all like you talking to site your mouth is that Isaiah 7, which is also document something that seems to be imminent in Isaiah's day that that had application to Isaiah's day, but also to the birth of the Messiah was Isaiah 8, which seems to be limited to Isaiah's day is only limited to assays that yes beat because Isaiah 7 has messianic implications. Isaiah 7 is to the house of David and Emmett spoken of in plural.

There is, is the house of David that that the prophecies to the line of David. In the Hebrew Scriptures promises to the line of David often have greater application in other words there spoken about something in his day, but then if those prophecies don't come to their complete fulfillment. If there's something of that promise, that is still lacking. That is now often taken up by future generations. When will the great Davidic king, and fulfill this word when will these things happen and there are rabbinic interpreters of who of course reject any reference to Jesus in Isaiah 7 and do not see it as messianic in any way.

And yet they do believe that it was a promise to the line of David that was speaking of a cane that would be born in the line of David. That would be a good king to replace the bag king because Ahaz the question is again. Who was this Immanuel and where is he spoken of in Matthew Reed's sisters more to this. He sees the promise to the line of David, the house of David Matthew in Isaiah 7 sees the promise of this great king who rule and reign and end involve godlike qualities in Isaiah 9 he sees this son from the line of David who rule over the entire world without war, and he says okay there's more to this. This is this is a child. It's being spoken of in the connexus is seven and 911 sees there's more and hence the birth of Jesus the Messiah brings those verses to their fulfillment.

Hope that makes some sense to you ever pursuant to be brought to its fulfillment. It may be two thirds done but it's not filled it's not filled up. It's not completed until later. Stevie prospective 8663 freight 7884. Let's go to Herman in Hopewell, Virginia thank you for calling the line of fire.

11 about the afternoon I started going through genealogy are large. Background, but also like traveling my grandmother's part. There were so go do a little out of date that the gene monkey okay if you look in the Bible. Herman, the Bible doesn't tell us explicitly whether the genealogy is traced through the mother, father, but what we do see is if say some like Solomon and Israelite King married foreign women. There's no indication that those children were not considered his children and some would make the argument that the genealogy clearly goes through the father, now traditional Jewish interpreters would say look in the book of Ezra, for example, or Nehemiah.

When the Israelites married foreign wives. They put those wives away along with the children that indicates that the children were counted through the mother versus the father. On the flipside, the answer to that could be that that's the mothers that he can care for the children enter more than I could have a single father working his job and caring for his child to the mothers were the ones who really care for the children have other responsibilities. If you printed the wives away because the merit from him and then you children go with them and the children couldn't even speak Hebrew or Aramaic. There was speaking though the language the dialect of their of their mothers when you get to the New Testament we see in acts 16 that Paul circumcise his Timothy had a Jewish mother. The Gentile father so he had not been circumcised as a boy of it because there was question is a Jewish and Paul had him circumcised. It sounds a question but that that would indicate that even then there might've been dispute about this. My own view Herman is that if a child has either a Jewish father or mother, and identifies as Jewish and other words they were raised. Understanding that they were Jewish because of either Jewish mother, father, and raised with the Jewish consciousness that God would see them as Jewish reform Jews were more liberal CF. You have either Jewish mother or father than that is valid whereas Orthodox Jews say no. The genealogy is traced through the mother. So if you have a Jewish father and not a Jewish mother, not Jewish. I don't necessarily accept that. He goes herein.

Well mom I'm going to grocery and I notice you are my Lord and irregular big problems.

People say that I'm speaking Israeli or Arabic language is. I find it kind of strange because I have us tied to Israel. My spirit and I somehow so connected to Israel personally, I would really love to learn more about about the Israelis that are in the Middle East and how can we deliver the qualities them closer to Christ. Now because I've long that a lot of restrooms are trying to become due and little googly looking to do the crime yet yet yet you're absolutely right.

There is this idea that if I can find Jewish blood. This can become more spiritual or something and I think that connection you feel Israel is one that cost put your heart and that it's something he feels very personal and real. You are directly related to the Messiah of Israel and and in that sense connected to the Jewish people in a deep way. As for speaking in tongues.

Sometimes people don't know languages say but it sounds like Hebrew or Aramaic, or Arabic, but if you ever recorded, so speak in tongues and asked Hebrew speaker Arabic speaker if they understand it, you could always find out that way. But either way, yes we as followers of Yeshua, or to be provoking Jewish people to envy when they see our relationship with God and the Holy Spirit working our lives in the forgiveness we enjoy the intimacy with God. We enjoy that that we should we should be provoking them to want what we have.

I've got a book that that's a helpful book alone ascended to is a gift so Howard is going to come back on the line with you Herman is called 60 questions Christians ask, but usually some practices.

60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices alone ascended to as gifts or have information for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown asked earlier about Russia and Russian control in Syria Ron Yemen. What does that mean terms of biblical prophecy or things like that and we got the issue of of Russian hacking in our elections allegations that Pres. Obama was aware of this throwback. In September of last year but didn't act on it. Now there's a lot of hubbub because of the Democrats resounding loss to the Republicans in the presidential elections. But let's put that aside for the moment, and let's ask what would happen if America says the whole agreement, the multinational agreement that we struck up with the wrong which Donald Trump said Priscilla Trump said is the worst deal is seen Ted Cruz said he would tear that off his first day in office.

Donald Trump is sitting in it changes dramatically negotiated or what that remains to be seen, but what will happen will happen in terms of Russia.

If if Israel or if America changed its deal with Iran, which when understand we can do even it was multinational that we can do. From what I understand I was the Israel feels it was her miserable deal and is just empowering Iran to get nuclear weapons and is then giving them tens of billions of dollars, not just to help their economy to put into the nuclear program and to support terrorism and Secretary of State carries basically says much of we know that some of the money's gone sport Terrace my my paraphrase of things. This article today in the Jerusalem Post, Russia, loss of her rainy and nuclear deal would be unforgivable. This is carried by Reuters, it would be unforgivable if a deal over Iran's nuclear program was lost. Russia's Foreign Ministry said on Thursday. The Interfax news agency reported.

The mistral said it was disappointed by plans for the United States to extend its draw Iran sanctions act by 10 years now the president electronic has nominated Rex Tiller said as potential Secretary of State nominated was Secretary of State and one of the major criticisms against him is that he's got close relationships with Russia and with prudent himself and is is right person for Secretary of State. Others would say look, diesel user big level high level dealer who struck up deals all over the world with some of the most difficult nations of the most difficult situations for his company, Exxon Mobil so is great. Have somebody on top that's friendly. That's what argument your argument is that you can have someone is just as American venture is not most friendly relations. But what happens.

What happens if we back off on the Iran nuclear deal radically change it if Donald Trump doesn't do something radical with that the great disappointment and and the trail of one of the things he said he would do you on Thursday.

The White House of the bill extending US section restaurant for 10 years will become law without present Rocco about a signature, but will not affect implementation of the international cord limiting Iran's nuclear power. Let's see who this is White House statement. This administration is made clear that an extension of the Iran sanctions act will unnecessary is entirely consistent with her commitments and adjoin comprehensive plan of action consistent with this loss in position extension of the Iran sanctions act is become law without the Pres.'s signature.

Anyway this this is going to get dicey.

It's it's it's gonna get very dicey and where our relationship with Russia really stands how much hostility there is towards America where Russia is expanding its empire into the Middle East and use Empire metaphorically. These are all bridges to be crossed and I for one do not know the answer is it is anyone that well plenty people know better than me because they have more inside information may be the Lord's given spiritual insights to sell over this, but I'm not one of them. I simply am saying that this could get very volatile that there could be a lot of sword rattling so just just want to mention that you hate. Let's display one clip may for this one yesterday and it's split against the number three. My debate with Rabbi Shirley Potala who is the real kosher Jesus moderated very active moderation by Sid Roth click number three I think Jews do have a certain authority in looking at light of Jesus because he was a Jew and he kept Judaism. Let us recall that the religion of Jesus was not Christianity was Judaism.

The reason why that means that Jesus ate kosher food. We know this because even the Jerusalem church continue the kosher food and was critical of Paul and Peter and those who know we no longer were keeping kosher Jesus defendants when when the Sabbath is not been Getting very good arguments.

He keeps Jewish Sabbath is religion is Judaism so we were right to school. Let's I don't as a pejorative. We were right to share with our Christian brothers and sisters Jewish is a disease which enriches their faith that there certain aspects of rubbish from the statement that until firm in the crowded that's why they applauded others. I would not truly a friend that's part of our debates.

Remember all of our debate DVDs. Every single one of them 25% off on the line of fire website. The line of say how how we pray, God cares about the Palestinians, Christmas Israelis, God cares about the surrounding Muslim world ventures with people of Russian China, God cares about America, how we pray, was great time to pray the Lord's prayer to pray for Regents no one say, Lord, may your name be hallowed in the Middle East.

When the people of Israel and the Palestinians. When the Christians among the Arabs among the Jews made your name be hallowed Lord make your kingdom come, your kingdom Ranger kingdom rule may it increase and expand until your son comes in sets of his kingdom in Jerusalem. May your will be done in Israel. May your will be done in the disputed territories.

You will be done in Egypt and Libya, Syria, Lebanon, you will be done in Russia and America as it is in heaven. Many times I don't know the specific way to pray. But I do know that God knows what is best and that God has a plan and that he works with us that he calls us to pray, and as we pray brings about his will. It's a partnership that he set up and we do know to pray for the salvation of the Jewish people in the Muslim world to pray for the peace of Jerusalem to pray for the Messiah's return. So those things we do Lord here, the cry of your people and answer on behalf of the lost sheep of Israel was most world around my bottom line today. Middle East matters greatly to God. Jesus will come back to that middle set up his kingdom in the dig into the Hebrew Scriptures were to look at some fascinating developments in the Middle East will take a Jewish lady calls all today it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. He is the way for thousand years to come back here and we expect the work is to recognize and those of his own, have you & the words of Israeli finance minister Peter potential future Israeli Prime Minister candidate and amazingly I mentioned this the start of the first argument should now start the second hour that Kelly and Conway sit on the air. Yes we are. We are looking to move the embassy to Jerusalem. It is, it is a real act but an act of tremendous symbolism and one that would send shockwaves through the Muslim world, a very very intense and in yet something Donald Trump said he would do something that our past presidents Barack Obama George Bush Bill Clinton have failed to do even though it was on the books to do what is it like every six months. The Congress of the presidency was the languages post-money, look at this newsletter.

This newsletter, the snooze alarm of the snooze alarm certain point at snooze on the stops going off well if they do act out of the truck administration that would be amazing and I believe God would bless I believe that would be meaningful in God's sight. All right, it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday any Jewish related question you have of any kind whatsoever, any Jewish related question. Phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 784. Maybe it's the Hebrew question Hebrew Bible question messianic prophecy question Jewish background to the New Testament question question about Judaism and Jewish beliefs.

Question about old Israel. Today we will take your calls and questions 866-348-7884 all right at all and get some news intent to do you do look at some interesting prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures and an they are messianic prophecies as we dig in. The word together. I want to show you the significance of these look IIM a lifelong learner and I hope you are it's it's amazing. After 45 years in the war. Saturday makes 45 years from the data by God's grace a syringe and settle never put a needle in my arm again that the day of the great great great amazing final breakthrough of God's dealing in my life to bring with a place of of surrender to the Lordship of Jesus obviously would keep growing surrender to the day we see him face-to-face, but it's amazing. On the one hand how I teach at seminaries even I've done PhD classes that I have to dumb things down. In other words, the knowledge and information that I have is such that I have to dumb things down so as not to go over the head of the students on the flipside there and things I need to learn a million things anytime understand better the millionaire is Russell have questions and I'm growing and that people would have to dumb things down to explain it to me because of my lack of understanding there so run a journey together there hills of Zion. Their nonnegotiable stomach. There things where I am assured of of these as I have of my own existence and other areas where I'm growing I'm learning. I have questions to so let's dig and let's learn together like an answer dogmatically. I'll do so. Or I can answer list automatically. I'll be honest because my goal is not to show off that I know this is that my goal was to come to truth together with you before the Lord. Some truth restrictions this truth is find it and submit to 866-34-TRUTH 7884 file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to our Thursday broadcasts with Mike about your thoroughly Jewish host blessed to have this time to the with you, 8663 4-H 7848 tomorrow.

As always you got questions, we've got answers will be looking forward to answering a broad range of questions a job, but I will encourage in particular, if you differ with me if you differ with me doctrinally, theologically, practically, or have him do this real having to do with moral, cultural, political issues, I want to hear from you tomorrow.

In particular, if you differ with me. All right 866-34-TRUTH before we go to the phones. Let me open up something to you that's that's really important now look, there are many things that people tell me that are of tremendous significance, and I just don't get because I don't have adequate enough of you are our great producer Matt will be working feverishly on something with a video fee that we have and give us a new capability to do something's been working out for days for weeks.

He's got colleagues that are working on it and it's it's a major breakthrough has shared with me.

I do my best to be excited but I'm so ignorant. I am so ignorant of everything that is talking as much as he dubs it down for me.

I know it's I know it's important, but I my knowledge is so limited I can't grasp how important it is.

I'm excited for the breakthrough and for appreciate the effort but sometimes you know Lloyd is his new breakthrough with this condition of this medicine. It's like I just don't know anything about it so many times we have to do is create the problem first because some of to understand the difficulty and then show what a great solution. We have follow me.

Okay, here is the need to understand what we couldn't do. You okay now we can all now I get sometimes a little slow but that I get right so I'd I discussed this with similar professors years back I believe that you here and there on the air because we've had some a thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcasts over the years, but many try to paint this picture again.

If you're a follower of Jesus you believe in the Hebrew Scriptures in the Old Testament that there were prophecies that speak of his rule in his reign. Traditional Jews except those as well so rule and reign on the earth, and that the be a time of the war and that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord would cover the earth as the waters cover the seas. That's when the Wolf Waddell of the Lamb of Littlechild lead them in and so forth. This time when when the teacher of the Lord will go forth from Jerusalem and nations will beat their swords into plowshares so you have that stream of prophecy the glorious Royal prophecies, traditional Jews and Christians say. Yeah those are messianic, but followers of Jesus also say Psalm 22. Speaking of of suffering and delivering from the jaws of death. Psalm 22 is also a set and Zechariah 1210 the look of me and they pierced and mourn for him. That's messianic and Isaiah 53 about the suffering servant who bears the sins of the nation that's messianic and the question would be well on what basis are the suffering passages messianic others by definition we say if it talks about the Psalm of David and and his rule and reign on the earth through this beatific future time of peace on the earth, and the glory of the Lord familiar.

That's by nature what we define as messianic. But if it talks about someone dying for our sins of someone suffering rejection or being outcast or something like that. Why are those passages messianic lease it will because they are look at what Jesus did and we know he saved our lives and save your souls look at Jesus.

Now we look back at the Hebrew Bible and say can you see how it fits in a traditional view might save one of your fits are not what you saying it's messianic what basis is messianic discussion with some seminary profs many many ways more limited than me in their fields and I asked him a question on what basis or the suffering prophecies messianic will agree that the Royal prophecies that peace on earth, prophecies, messianic but on what basis are the suffering passages messianic and we had a great discussion, but none of them gave a really solid answer that I couldn't challenge that I said to them, the suffering passages are messianic because they are priestly Messiah is a priestly king. Messiah is not just a king.

He is a priestly king through Jewish traditions that existed before the days of Jesus and in his day, there would be to messianic figures that there there be a Messiah from the line of Haran, and there would be a Messiah from the line of David and I presented this aspect, which of course will agree on an understand the massage priestly king, Jesus is both the king of the Jews write some of David King of the Jews as as well as our great high priest, and as our great high priest.

He intercedes for us is our great high priest.

He goes between the father and I must intercede for our sins as our great high priest. He takes her sins on his own shoulders and dies for us, that we might live. And because he is both a priest and a king. There are priestly passages and those passages speak of his suffering is making atonement is dying in our place is his interceding on our behalf and if you read Isaiah 52, 13 to 53, 12, and realize this is the Messiah's priestly ministry he's always a king, born in dies is born and he dies is King of the Jews in the Gospels and yet and yet he is not only a king is a priest and he is also priest because this was David's calling.

Even though David was the king. The priest would be from a different tribe. The tribe of Levi from the line of Aron was the king would be through the line of Judah. It was said of David, and/or the Messiah and someone tenure prescript forever. If you're smoking ascetic was priest king over Charlene someone equate with Jerusalem and David actually perform certain acts of priestly ministry which others seeking to do the same.

Later, Mike Messiah punished and yet David engage in acts of priestly ministry apparently offered up sacrifices himself and more limited, followed things like that so very, very interesting as we see this once we recognize that Jesus, like his prototype. David is a priestly king that we understand he must do priestly work as well as Royal work. The priestly workbook was an essential part of what they did and made atonement for the sins of Israel. They interceded for the people that is exactly what you should with a Messiah does that helps connect these passages like Isaiah 53 like Psalm 22 knows the suffering passages with the Messiah, we can say that if the Messiah does not fulfill those prophecies that is not the real Messiah is both an Fiona one could fulfill the Royal prophecies is the one who fulfills the suffering prophecies. I hope you understand the problem you understand the solution maybe give you a few more examples of that before the shows over 866-348-7884.

Let's go to Ron in Ogden, Utah. You're on the line of fire on. Thanks for calling Dr. Brown for all I program: the in the millennial kingdom. My understanding is that you all of it. They and all of Israel will enter into the messianic kingdom that all be right than they will have children brought messianic kingdom along with the righteous Gentile letter in the my questionable event I've never found a good path of your understanding of when the Jews and Gentiles. The method kingdom bullet being a glorified body, yet you you raise some really interesting questions. I am going to be able to start start the answer here and then I'll answer. On the other side of the break. The rest of it, but with every system.

Ron every end time system there some challenging passages. If you are a millennialist as I am a premillennialist and you believe that there will be a thousand year rule and reign of the Messiah on the earth that we will have been glorified with him and that we will rule and reign together with him as he rules over the world that would be over Israel is that the head nation and the midst of the millennium, and the survivors of the nations that attacked Jerusalem as his entry into the millennial kingdom.

This time of this is the war on on the earth and in theirs's peace and harmony in this amazing time. Regardless of his ruling and raining. If you believe that then you do have these issues of a cable when you know how do you have all of us were glorified.

Others were not glorified side-by-side and headed always side-by-side. How does that work and then Isaiah has a passage that looks millennial but then talks about new heavens and new earth which we say is after millennia considers the physical millennial kingdom is in all honestly do, then how do you work out all the prophecies about the things that will happen on the earth. Post-millennial sister the whole world will basically throw the gospel level with the millennium that has problems and issues that homework is out the best explain the combat number plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the 884. Talk about the millennial kingdom with Ron. Ron will keep answering without you there on the phone to listen right so let's back up and asked one more fundamental question again for those you don't believe the Bible is God's word or don't believe some of these things literally, this may all seem very strange, but let me just say that history is filled with very very strange things.

Things that would be humanly possible, but that's because God is working in the midst of history and in our own lives. God is doing things all the time. That seems strange that seem off and supernatural intervention of the Lord we witness it.

We see it so certain things may seem odd to us with a number on the maturity happen in in history, especially as recorded in the Scriptures so here's here's another question.

Yes, Paul. The sale Israel will be saved from Muslim 26 of this on the heels of her provoked by the fullness of the Gentiles coming in that the be a national turning of the Jewish people. This may nevertheless join the planet does it mean the vast majority of the Jewish people. Certainly it's got a lineup of prophecies like Jeremiah 31 and that they gobble because of all the families of Israel will be a national turning right. That's clear how that works out.

What are the circumstances involved in it seems great pressure great time of tribulation and difficulty will the attack against Israel. A powerful witness, full of the spirit by the church, much prayer and intercession.

All these things coming together at the same time bring us to the climactic moment where my people. The Jewish people for the miserable will look to the one we pierced, and by rejecting him giving over to the Romans were guilty and and every human being is guilty of the Messiah's death because he died for our sins. And yet this is the sign of God's great love and mercy and kindness that he sends his son for us.

Zechariah 12 the look to move a Pearson one for him so does this happen as the Jewish people look up and see the Lord returning with us who were ready and glorified were caught up and we meet him and come down together and then Israel now enters the millennium as the lead nation or does it mean that Israel cries out to the Messiah and he comes when he comes the people of Israel. Also, all caught up to meet him, in which case civil then who will enter the millennial candidate we dispute with the Gentile nations right so let's say we go with the scenario that Ron presented, and that according to Scripture, the be a national turning Israel will see the Messiah coming. Is there crying out the sea have the believe they'll understand and they will then enter the millennium as the lead nation and the Gentile nations. In that sense will serve them in honor after having rejected them and hated them will serve them in honor as all the people of the world now down before Yeshua Jesus the Messiah.

If that's the case then at what point do those who live through the millennium or died during the millennium get resurrected because we will already have received our resurrected bodies so Revelation 20 would indicate this in and let me read it to you right Revelation 20.

I noticed the book of Revelation, which is full of symbolism. But this seems to put together with many of the passages in the Bible speak of that is on Angel coming down from heaven, holiness, and the key to the bottomless pit great chain sees the Dragon that ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan bound him for thousand years threw him into the pit shut it sealed it over him, that he might not see the nations any longer, until the thousand years were ended.

After that he must be released for little while and sore throats and seated on them with those to whom the authority to judge was committed.

That would be the believers. Those who been caught up together with the Lord also saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for the testimony of Jesus from the word of God, and those would not worship the beast or its image did not receive this mark and therefore into their hands. They came to life and reigned with Messiah for thousand years. So those of us who are believers who have stood the test by God's grace leading up to that time we have been resurrected if we were alive caught up to meet the Lord. Now we are in a resurrected bodies, and we are coal rulers with Messiah the rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended.

This is the first resurrection. So the first resurrection, that would be us. The believers those who already have known the Lord through the centuries and then the second resurrection would be after the thousand years and that is when we now go from there into the eternal age and that is when Jews who put their faith in God and Gentiles put their faith in God during the millennium that they will then be resurrected seems to be with the text to say first resurrection is the beginning of the millennial kingdom of the Messiah returns the second resurrection is at the end of the millennial kingdom again. For some, that sounds very odd but though just the idea of Jesus coming again because of heaven, thinking this pretty intense that the idea of the day coming out of the graves to meet them in the air.

Those of us rely remain instantly being glorified transfer. That's pretty why is it not yet the viruses got happen here many years ago was meditating on the world, things like that. Heaven and hell and it struck me.

We were all in her mother's rules.

We were all existing, moving around doing whatever we do, kicking, we were in our mother's wombs is as human beings with thoughts and all this stuff in our mother's womb's and and that seems completely unreal and unimaginable that's that's where we know it's true. We know it's reality.

So the things ahead as an imaginal's unimaginable as they might be, they will happen naturally as God is God, the friends I want to thank all of you who helped us with your giving out we had some goals to meet as we are seeking to upgrade some of her video equipment and and bring on some additional help with these amazing new doors that God is opening for us. I mean, and in a very short period of time will have four different TV programs funded by the Lord and in America internationally and in Israel. It's it's absolutely remarkable to think of each one completely distinct and different and that's in addition to all of the videos we put on a weekly basis. Several new videos every week on cutting edge social commentary.

I answer your questions. Interviews, debates, so by God's grace were pronounced so much. Thank you for those of you gave. This is also a great time though for your year-end gifts.

If you haven't sold them for ministry.

Yet we been a blessing to you want to do that go to the website.

Now the line of just click on donate and again this is tax-deductible. We know many of you pray and look to you certain this is the end of the year for tax purposes.

I sure will worthy of your support.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and that is for tough TV. It is a terrorist song, no force can remove the weapon with song 72 times in one month no force in the world can remove the weapon from my hand. This is what is pouring into the homes of Palestinians. This is what is further inciting hatred here are the lyrics for my wounds. My weapon is emerged, OR revolution. My weapon is emerges no force in the world can remove the water from I have my weapon is a bird weapon is emerged in Yasser Arafat for our movement armed struggle means taking part in an armed Revolutionary war of the masses.

This was brought on the file talk out what TV 72 times in November. Hundreds of times since February 22 of 2015. This is according to power on November 30.

How watch monitors these things longer version of the song with the following additional stanza occurring, encouraging martyrdom was aired four times in November 2016 on Fonseca run alga sees me that Abdul quote he offers his blood does not care if his blood flows upon the ground as the weapon of the revolutions in my hand so my presence will be forced upon Israel. My weapon is emerged. My weapon has emerged friends all the more reason is important that America stand strong with Israel, all the more important is it that we pray for God's mercy of the Palestinian people because whatever challenges they have. They are provoked to hatred and terrorism by this constant incitement and this is the Palestinian Authority, supposedly Israel's peace partner, welcome welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday 866-34-TRUTH 8784 any Jewish related question of any kind that you have Hebrew Bible. Judaism question Middle East question, by all means give me a call and tomorrow.

Heads-up will do our normal.

You got questions.

We got answers broadcast, but in particular will encourage you to call if you differ with me on some biblically, theologically, practically spiritually, morally, culturally, politically if you differ with me on something tomorrow. I will encourage you to call in and we can have some friendly debates 866-34-TRUTH we start in Raleigh with David, welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown I was wondering why Orthodox Jewish women. Why are they not encouraged grade some of the pain prairies, or demand, for example, the prayer that they pray. I think her 11 month after someone had died, yes traditional Judaism says that commandments that are specifically time related commandments are ones that in certain cases, Jewish women are exempt from this being because of a woman. For example, might be going through her monthly cycle because of which she would be considered unclean and can participate in certain things or a because she might have to be caring for a child and not be able to set her schedule. The way she would want to set her schedule so spirituality is encouraged among Jewish women in the Orthodox homes of Jewish women do not feel shut out from spirituality even though it is men who are doing most of the study and in men who have certain requirements put upon them, but it is only a male Jew male free Jew that is required to keep all the commandments of traditional view. This is a great blessing. That's why traditional Jewish male starts his day thanking God that he's he's not a Gentile, that is that a woman that is that a slave is only a free Jewish male is required to keep all the commandments, but women are exempt from certain ones that are of time related that would expect them to be able to carry out a particular thing every day at a certain time without fail again certain things existing low minimums responsibilities wouldn't allow that because of that women are exempt, they can participate in others they are not required to participate in all hate to thank you, probably question the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for being part of our early Jewish Thursday broadcast of Iran's supreme leader says Israel will not exist in 25 years, Lizzie Dearden, the independent online reports this yesterday bench minutes and I was warned Israel as a target not a rabbit after Ron supreme leader claimed the country be destroyed within 25 years. I can assure you that these comments from Ron supreme leader Ayatollah Ali, knee are 100% wrong. He said a subsidy for puzzles and how soon can I know if I design this regime will not be existence in 25 years we know if some of his other nations will be in existence. 25 years that Israel is or will either the end of this world or in the millennial kingdom 866-34-TRUTH get a Jewish related question.

Let's go Anthony in Dallas. Welcome certain modifier. Currently, Dr. Brown on pop culture one. Dr. D .5. Star Trek debate where he got the live long and prosper hand gesture was from a Jewish bull tradition where they would put her hand to shape of a letter in your help and have you heard of anything like this yet yet sincerely this the Vulcan side that that spark made popular worldwide. So the that the pinky and ring finger together separated from the middle finger and index finger.

So it's like a V and separated from the from the thumb so that would also be something that you can say looks like the Hebrew letter Sharon and which Leonard Nimoy pointed out an interview that that's the first word for Shaddai, God Almighty, the first word of the first letter for shalom solution Shaddai shalom shifting all of the the of the presence of God on the earth and what here's here's what they did was knock and communicated clearly in that and maybe limiting the Nimoy did not a fully understand, but there is the priestly blessing from number six with the words of a reference card and I reach Maresca that may the Lord bless you and keep you and it goes on from there that the the sons of Aaron the priest were to speak those words over the people of Israel and to put his name on them because the name of the Lord occurs repeatedly in that passage, interestingly, many months back when a number of religious leaders first met with Donald Trump and they went to pray for him which was obviously new for him lay their hands on him, a messianic rabbi felt he was supposed to pray that priestly blessing over him and and recited Kurt Schneider. I believe that that interestingly enough, but when I don't know exactly how far the tradition goes back if we can know for sure but this is only something that that those with priestly dissension participated is in the reservice will take the pressure of their the tell beat the hold them up and then they have their hands extended in these ways and with that that V sign would be familiar with it with the Vulcan side. If you watch Star Trek and apparently standing for the letter Sharon that may be the origins of it and they then speak the name of the Lord over the people and speak that blessing. So, Leonard Nimoy seen that as a boy was intrigued by and when he had to come up with this Vulcan grieving decided that that's right. That's what he views and notes. It would stand for live long and prosper.

So it does go back to his growing up and seeing that in an Orthodox Jewish synagogue as a boy that got his attention and interest is mystical thing and don't even look as they're doing it, etc. so he looked and saw it remembered it came up with it and became popularized Star Trek that is the truth on you are you are very welcome 866-34-TRUTH. Let's see Clay in no okay Clay and Alice discovered Chris in Villa Park, California.

Welcome to the line of fire while I'm a total Trekkie for now you got me all thinking about Star Trek and academic and I remember my heart.

Like my question that has to do with numbers 12 working and I'm hoping with your background elite.

So here's Mariam and God said that if her father and her a she would not of been struck with leprosy. I'm just wondering what the connection with the greater Deuteronomy 25 after Geneva and all the connection with Beth Healy not know that that's that's some appreciative question, but that's not actually what it's saying when she was given a she smitten with leprosy speak against Moses right or severe skin disease with Everett. That's a Roth referred chair not not Hansen's disease. Leprosy's we know today as she smitten and Moses cries out its staccato prayer in Hebrews L not refund the law will God please heal her.

She sealed but she has to be shut out of the camp seven days okay and of the Lord answered Moses if her father had merely spit in her face when she remained disgrace for seven days to be confined outside the camp for seven days.

After that she may be brought back and that's all that say that what she shoot she really violated things here in the Lord judged her as a result of which she is. She's gotta stay outside the camp for a week and Moses don't think that that's extreme or anything because of her father spit in her face and shamed her. Then she be required stance on camp for a week so now here's your judged by God. These being pretty lenient in all of this judgment access that no limit. Let me just this was commonly used by magicians, spittle and healing of those who claim to have healing powers in the ancient world spittle sometimes associated with healing of, for example, the Babylonian god Marduk said of him that he had the spittle of life. So there was something in the cultures where this belief was prevalent and Jesus often would do things that were associated with other deities or powers to basically say this only one God is only one healer.

For example, you might of had a goddess who walked on the clouds and you know and and Yahweh's is no test but not all monitor clouds walks on the water. Jesus walks on water. So here in John nine he feels was still there are couple of things going on there in terms of challenging the Jewish traditions of the day but but basically what's happening is that he is saying I am the one with the power and it's it's not copying what the others do, but say you're the frauds on the home of the real power and hence uses spittle and healing. Thank you. All right, you're very welcome 8663 4-H 7884 will stay on the phone seer Wayne in Richmond, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire. We lost Wayne from the subject matter. I was interested how we see what happened to everybody Wayne there, let's go to Fort Mill, South Carolina John, welcome to the line of fire how you yeah Hector quick questions. Christ being Jewish. Did he did he celebrate the Jewish festivals like say conquer any others and also how come Hanukkah as she expelled so many different ways, yet it basically okay yes so certainly, as the Torah observant Jew John. He celebrated the holy days you would have made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem three times a year is required. We have evidence of him teaching on these things at those three times during president present in Jerusalem at those times is for Hanukkah that was instituted after the giving of the war many centuries later. This is not possible to estimate law, but it became a it commemorates what happened about 160 years before the time of Jesus when the Maccabees fought back against Antioquia's epiphanies and and free themselves from his rain and rededicated the temple to the Lord and God supernaturally intervenes Hanukkah means dedication and it is it is celebrating that time of of divine intervention. So this was part of Jewish life.

Even though it was not part of the Bible. If you can produce artistic Thanksgiving as part of American life.

Even though it's not in the Bible in John 10 teaching of Jesus in John 10 ties in directly with Hanukkah and would suggest that he participated in that celebration would be no reason for him not to. As part of the life of the Jewish people. As for the different spellings the. The Hebrew word, he was a letter of the begins, is attached so cats is that the sounds you can hear which would be represented by CH okay except if you say Chaka than that would be completely butchering. So CH if you know what that means, you pronounce it is, Hanukkah, otherwise it's normally written with H instead of CH because we don't have that color sound in America, which is why most people say Hanukkah Hanukkah and then write a male letter is doubled in in the Hebrew for the form of dedication. The middle letter is doubled within successfully normally sees this case as doubled. So it's just a matter for the Hebrew English ways to do it. Hence the different spellings. Thank you sir. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown dated go back to Wayne in Richmond are you there sir Dr. Brenda good afternoon.

Great information regarding that you back in May a public meeting my family and Bob I'm great now I remind her that I remember that yeah I find myself here in the figure looking for guidelines once again on how I you dictate that lively both Israel on the note the point but avoid with my people work but what would you do not case you will are they right now as far as openness as far as knowing what you believe in being open contract.

We did not address that at all. I be on only avoided that all eight dealmaking connect with them on the developing right there connecting with them and them and their family are live. Most important 01.

Walking slowly, yeah, I might just shoot them a note and just say again how your heart is so warm towards them. How how funny you think of the time and how deeply you feel connected with Israel and the Jewish people and asked them by the way, do you know that no believe in Jesus that he didn't believe in Jesus for decades and that's part of why have such love for four people of Israel are just asking today know that about you and did they realize that that's part of why your heart is so joint to them and see where it goes from there if their hospital and if there hostile and cut you off over that so be it. If they say hey you're still a relative word. Either way, that's great. If this is what you mean you love Israel because of Jesus, then you have your open-door and you make it 30 responses from different ones, but I would I would do that exactly why continue down that path. Dark brown with very helpful court.thank you for that odd looking or make them wait like your baked Hanukkah and in any way that I maybe take my connect with them but them a little deeper and caring and acting about Hanukkah out and I have any idea what you just asked them if they celebrate Hanukkah and what it means to them. You could just say you grew up not celebrating it in your church. But again, here's the thing. At some point you need to tell him what you believe in the laundry go on without telling them when you do tell them they can feel betrayed by well the Hotmail the whole idea of trying to build better and better and better better better relations, and then you tell them they can often backfire understand.

I wanted you want to be respectfully. But on the time I try to proselytize when I'm not trying to say about you have to start preaching to them, and so on. I'm just saying that letting them know in front of you on what you believe without trying to preach to them is often the most honorable thing to do. I agree I agree. I have Derek with them on not beyond the point of telling them that I am real believer and the buyer.

I see you have children yeah yeah all right, maybe I missed maybe I misunderstood what did they say today all that was at the airport, baby formula, Marna and I was greeted with a file and a blank.

You will and work for plaintiff will receive the right to continue to grow and offer all this and I was just I would just tell him that you think about them fondly and tell them that you grew up not celebrating Hanukkah. You know that Jesus celebrated Hanukkah listening to them and doesn't have significance when Israel surrounded by enemies today. It does it have special spiritual significance for the subject. Since you have told him that then just go back to being a friend building relationship and and learning from from their experiences juice and then see see what comes from there. I will I will bury the water, coming down and just tell you how you grew up not celebrating it but you know that Jesus celebrated you know is that you and that's all you have to say. So what is it mean to them and visit our special significance when there's so much world hostility to Israel today. May the Lord give you grace Wayne may the Lord build bridges of life and love to your Jewish family in Israel.

Thank you for the call drive, right.

Let's try to get one more call and Stephanie in Dallas. Welcome to the line of fire how can I call the really interesting that I had never heard about before in relation to title of Nazarene or Nazirite on Weatherford Nazarene or Nazirite on tag and key off now and I think that John might have been Nazarene about Daniel and Stan, and which you can basically be a Nazarene or not) life if your mother take them validly think John's mother Dan really interesting. I do plan to get your take on and how it relates to a yeah so Nazarene would be coming from Nazareth so that specific separate you mean Nazirite so Nazirite ready describe those who consecrated, the special Val that could've been the case with Johnny Mercer, John the Baptist, that he lived his whole life is a Nazirite as Samson was supposed to that he was dedicated to God from his mother's womb were not told that explicitly, but that is certainly possible in his life could've well reflected that we know was not the case with Jesus. It was obviously some of God from his mother's womb, but he would never drink wine. For example, if he was if he was a Nazirite and and that was one of the criticisms of John the Mercer in Matthew 11 Luke seven Jesus said that that in a heap staying.

He was a live separated and he said is he's demonized and in Yeshua the Messiah ate and drank with the people and set his easel is a wine paper and a drunkard and a glutton fizzy.

You know he ate with the people so clearly he would not have lived this a Nazirite in that respect, at least at that part of his his life, but John the Mercer well could have been Nazarene that's that's separate he will be called a Nazarene Matthew 223, meaning he's from Nazareth, the city of Nazareth, but Nazirite that was one was taken out of Outlook. Paul took on a Dowson part of his life as as we read in acts. The 18th chapter by the way, all right fascinating for sure but yes we are at a time.

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The Lord my bottom line today.

The server time and it made more sense to pray for peace of Jerusalem then right now

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