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Chanukah, Christmas, and the Call to Jewish Evangelism

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 22, 2016 4:20 pm

Chanukah, Christmas, and the Call to Jewish Evangelism

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 22, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/22/16.

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Konica Jewish evangelism all come your way today on surly juice Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and I help you and keep your candles burning and put them in the window and no on this rail five live. Those are the words and sounds of Kari Goldman a Hanukkah song. It just so happens this year. Hanukkah and Christmas all at the same time are the two distinct holidays. Going back to completely different origins are they both pagan adaptation spam at the same time, the risk is Hanukkah the great holiday at this time your Christmas, the bad holiday. Are they connected in different ways or will actually talk about that today on the line of fire. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. After all, and I want to talk to as well about the calling on the church to provoke the Jewish people to jealousy. How can it be done. How can Christians.

How can Gentile believers who love Jesus. Yeshua provoke Jewish people to spiritual envy. Is it by trying to live like Jews look like Jews practice Jewish customs, traditions, or is that maybe not the best thing to do is it a matter of life and the spirit is a matter of experiencing the reality of God and his forgiveness and goodness will talk about that old friend will join me on the air today and it's an interesting thing to see.

Even though Paul made plain in Romans one that the Gospels, to the Jew first and also to the Gentile. We see that repeated Romans to that blessing will come to the Jew first and also to the Gentile and judgment will come to the Jew first and also to the Gentile that in recent months, major Lutheran denomination in Germany has said that they will no longer seek to evangelize Jews. This is part of the overt repentance that Is Taken Pl. in European churches and some other churches in recognition of the Church's historic complicity in the Holocaust, by which I mean centuries of anti-Semitism in the church, paving the way for the Holocaust in Europe and then this feeling of remorse that while we we blame the Jews being Christ killers and recognize that their own covenant with God and there's been an overt repentance rather than saying the anti-Semitism was terrific and demonic. The persecution was horrific and demonic, but what we must do is with love and respect and honor. Reach out to all people, including the Jewish people with the good news of the side effect to the Jewish people first rather do that. This major Lutheran denomination has said we will no longer seek to proselytize or evangelize Houston. Another goal is not to get Jews to convert to Christianity. That's not the goal. The goal is not to get Jews to convert to a different religion and lose their Jewish foundations and Jewish roots and Jewish heritage. Rather it is to recognize Jesus as the Messiah of Israel recognize Jesus as the Jewish Messiah and make him known to his own people, and then in every different culture and background of the Jewish people for them to then walk that out what it means to be a Jewish follower of Jesus, which is going to look different in different settings.

That's the goal is not for the church believers caring about me and sharing the gospel with me would be here today. Probably would've died and my sins is a crazy drug using teenager, so by all means maturity to reach out to the Jewish people, but not to assimilate them into the church so they cease to have Jewish identity, but rather to help them discover Jesus as the Jewish Messiah and enrich the church doing so all right you Jewish related questions, 866-348-7848 664 true is another call will be right back on file in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and I I am fess. I've never heard that until my fifth producer Matt brought it to my attention earlier today Sharon Jones and the dap Kings eight days of Hanukkah. Hey we do things a little bit differently here and they are on the line of fire. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday if you got a Jewish related question, by all means give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Right before the break. I talked about the Lutheran denomination in Germany so Lutheran churches in Germany are called evangelical that has a different meaning there that does in the states and major denominations symbol no longer proselytize Jews recognizing the Jewish people of their own covenant with God and this is something that other churches won't say explicitly they they won't hold to what we call dual covenant theology explicitly, namely, that Jews have their own covenant with God through Sinai and don't need Jesus in the new covenant they they don't say that explicitly, but in practice they give little place to Jewish evangelism and practice.

They give little place to pray for the salvation of Israel, they might go as far as say we love Israel and bless Israel and and pray for the peace of Jerusalem but they don't realize that the most important thing they could do is an expression of love, share the good news of Jesus the Messiah with the Jewish people. So I I want to take that up with a dear friend of mine, JB Bernstein and what's even perhaps more ironic is that many messianic Jewish congregations actually week in evangelism where you think we should be leading the way in reaching out to our own Jewish people with the good news of the Messiah JB great to have you on the line of fire today.

Thanks, Matt hate when you came to face decades ago was it through messianic congregation, a church you're kind of a different group from the streets of New York City actually in the borough of the Richmond also known as Staten Island. Actually, that's when it began, but I am actually received salvation in prayer under the shadow of the world trade Towers and not downtown and at that happen what the long story short story short story man. This is live radio at all. Give it is brief as I can't as many Jewish people, and as many young Americans during the days of the Beatles put stock. The whole shebang. Vietnam, I was searching I I kind of thought that there might be something more to nearly getting married and having kids growing older and then dying and so I always was wondering if there was something more and I began to search and got involved with the like a lot of Jewish people and to some mysticism Eastern thought that the Indian mystics. They were the ancient ones who must've known the truth about God and so I began to practice yoga and other disciplines where it came. It went from beyond exercises to learning about God and wondering how to reach him and kind of their philosophy of God is within you just need to be still enough to recognize that all that kind of stuff and so one day I was meditating very early in the morning.

Where was living in Staten Island, New York, and I am had my legs crossed and yoga position with my hands stretched out in a position of trying to seek seeking God or something and a voice spoke to me and the voice said it was an inner voice.

It was in an audible voice but it was clear and the voice said your Jewish what are you doing I thought to myself. Good yeah. I mean, what is it really mean to be Jewish and I thought of two things. Israel, which I knew was real why because I had stamped postage stamp from Israel. Never been there but I knew Israel was a real country and I knew the Hebrew was a real language and so there must be something about being Jewish. That was real, so it was early Saturday morning and I decided that since it was the Sabbath day. All I would observe the Sabbath of the first day in my life as a young but as an adult, and so on. My brother called me up to go and shoot hoops at the park and I said no. Today's the day of rest that you thought I was crazy and I fit all walking I meet you there.

So I'm walking to this park and the little I run into are out of nowhere this young man with a dark beard and piercing blue eyes approached me and asked me this question.

How is your fate in Jesus. Well, I set them on Jewish. I don't believe in Jesus, but he said to me I'm Jewish and I do and I said, gotta be kidding me. How could you could you believe in Jesus of your Jewish but he was glad to show me had a Bible with them in the show be one passage after the other. In the Hebrew in the English translation of the Hebrew Scriptures that spoke about this person who I kinda thought it was Jesus. I was kind of amazed talk about Jesus in the Hebrew Bible and in the Old Testament, so I have got a little nervous got away from the sky and I kept on walking. 10 minutes later another guy appeared out of nowhere. He also had a dark beard piercing blue eyes and asked me the same question. How is your faith in Jesus.

I said then I just see you.

Just before the I never met you before my life. This is crazy what turned out these identical twins whenever the first twin didn't show me in the Hebrew Scriptures and the tramp English translation. The second twin did, I went away, visibly shaken and that it two weeks later, I'm on my way to Greenwich Village in New York to go to a jazz concert and who enjoy meat on the ferry boat but one of the Jewish twins, who then surrounded me with some of his friend and he told me you need to be saved, and I thought all my goodness I knew he was right and I knew there was something about this Jesus that was pure and holy and I realized I was doing some stuff that was not always so.

I kind of thought, you know.

Well, I don't think I want to get involved in this but then on the other hand, I said to myself, Bernstein. Supposedly you're looking for the truth. What you get into this might be a so anyway the ferry boat dock right under the world trade Towers in battery Park city and these guys got on their hands and knees and started praying out loud for me and that that was shocking enough, and then they asked me to follow them in the prayer and I did and to tell you something like I've never been the same sent Sosa something first. You had to be convinced that Jesus was Jewish because God in dealing with you, yoga, Eastern mysticism and all this you Jewish without doing and it's in the midst of you seeking to recover what it needs to be a Jew seeking to obey that voice and then as you're walking significant drive of the Sabbath, you suddenly can it can become a religious Jew you me to Jewish identical twins who show you from the Hebrew Scriptures that Jesus is our Messiah, and this gets your attention and then when you pray, you said you never been the same sense. What actually happened in terms of the changes in your life that you immediately began to experience what happened was I went to jazz concert afterwards and I was sitting and enjoying the music but then I just realized I did something different and I got up and I left the concert and I went outside and when I looked up in the sky. It was bluer than ever.

The trees were greener than ever.

Everything just seemed right knew I felt like there was a weight that I had before. That was just not there anymore.

I felt really on the inside like I felt very very different and I didn't exactly know what was going on, but then eventually I went home and I told my parents that Jesus is the Messiah and they immediately began to search for a psychiatrist. I thought that I was on drugs and then eventually I started meeting other people. Jewish people have had similar experiences not not exactly the same. Of course, but phenomenal type of experiences and date to became came to a knowledge that is really the Messiah is really our Messiah likely would've ever known who would ever believe this and the and then I would I start to cry never prayed before my life. I would start praying and then when I read I never read the Bible before, really.

So I met other Christians I met some and I met those twins and they will belong to some group that met in homes in stock so I never really want women to wear artificial church building, but I experienced the presence of God. Almost immediately, especially since I thought when you first became a follower of Jesus that he's supposed to tell everybody about which is what I did. I why is it that that same contagious desire to tell everyone about is not his present assemblies for cleansing and by gets the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and a just yesterday or day before became friends with a woman on Facebook messianic Jewish woman singer-songwriter and she sent me this song Hanukkah song I went on YouTube and check out some of her other songs and found she's got a delightful voice and in the great spirit about her singing Kyra Goldman KY are a Goldman check on YouTube search and checkouts of the music. I think you be blessed by so I'm speaking with my old friend JB Bernstein how long ago was it that you had that miraculous encounter with the Lord and were born again was 41 years right. I just celebrated 45 online so God's keeping power is very real. JB you have a mini book and e-book that folks can get for free just by signing up on your website before we go any further I will make sure that everybody hears this and will will mention it again later.

But what's the mini book about and how do people get it.

Five steps to provoke Israel.

Jewish people to jealousy and it's it's about how to fulfill Romans 1111 you know the Scripture says that salvation has come to the nations, to the Gentiles to make Israel jealous to provoke Israel to jealousy and the know so far in history of the charge for the most part have provoked Jewish people to to despair and anger as as we both know that I believe it's God's timing for the entire body to recognize their debt, they have to the Jewish people and to Brooke to pay that debt by bringing the Jewish people. The greatest blessing of all time, which is salvation and that is what this book is about on actually had to do it and it goes to really issues of the heart where one needs to be in in in the and a heart attitude that is close to God's heart and they can get this book by going to that gates of and they just scroll down a little bit and I'll see free e-book. Just click on their and you'll be instructed exactly how to get any the e-book will pay you just put down their name and email exactly as an e-book will be emailed to them a link to the pic to download the e-book I sense you meet them encourage everyone of you justice down gates of one word gates of and you'll see free e-book as you scroll down again to get it all you do is just fill out your your name, email, and then you'll you'll be getting emails as you desire from gates of Zion. But you'll get the free e-books of take advantage of the site. I strongly encourage you to JB. We've we've got about 34 minutes giving the heart of it, why do you think many churches neglect Jewish evangelism really good down to it they neglect evangelism. It's widely neglected.

It's something that is one of the pillars of all of our faith. It's one of the mandates and it's to the purposeful with the Lord came, he said I came to seek and save the lost, but especially why is Jewish evangelism. So, off the radar is really because there is an enemy who is a liar from the beginning and the murderer and he is terrified of Jewish people coming into the kingdom of God, because the last time they did and embrace the gospel. They turn the world upside down. It is a lot that that happened. So he's trying to keep the body quiet, especially to the Jewish people because the Jewish people today are open. People understand how to effectively communicate to them, a gospel which is a Jewish message to the Jewish people about the Jewish Messiah. I believe it's a demonic stronghold and that he is blinded as the Scripture said that the loop that the eyes of Israel is been blinded to the Messiah well on the same token, the eyes of Christians have been blinded as to the importance of the salvation of Israel and the Jewish people, and this mini book will help Christians understand how to share the gospel with Jewish people provide a real foundation, especially the heart attitude and actually how to begin a conversation with a Jewish person we are in the past people that have followed these precepts that I've taught in this e-book there. The reaction of Jewish people to this kind of dialogue has been tears on its Jewish people don't know what to do when they hear some of the stuff that they will hear from Christians who read and embrace what I'm talking about and they will actually begin to want to know what is it about this person that is talking to me what they have and why are they saying it belongs to me and this is something you just talking Siri, JB, you have gone out with congregations preach to them stir their hearts present to a place of corporate and individual repentance and said let's do it.

Let's go out on the streets and you've done it, then you seen some amazing things haven't you. For instance, in Norway, whether or not managers of the whole group that was going to Israel and I train them and equip them in understanding how do you make Jewish people jealous and they came back from Israel and telling me that the Israelis that they spoke to her in tears when they shared with them because what I tell them to do. Is that Jewish people need to see what you believe belongs to them, the God that you worship the God of Israel.

It's their God, and that Jewish people have never heard that message don't always hurt, you need to follow God, you need to convert to religion instead what I'm saying is what we need to say to them know I love your God I serve your God I worship your God, I love you God and I love your people because everything that I have as out as an outsider and blessings that I have, they first belong to you Jewish people here this they melt their friends. Let me encourage you strongly go to gates design website gates of sign up for the free e-book again. It's absolutely free does need a name and email to get it to you put into practice and you will be blessed friends, don't forget still order all digital downloads 40% off on my website go to the line of fire God ward a bunch of new articles and videos there as well. Check them out. The library it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you much for joining us on early Tuesday of this week and will mark both Hanukkah and Christmas, and my guess JB Bernstein years ago, wrote a poem about Hanukkah did you have that poem handy JB. I took today what we we got little time here. I want to grab a caller that will speak with and then will come back and hear the Hanukkah pome ring that my friend JB Bernstein. We go to a Powder Springs, Georgia Bryson, welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown hey now I but give me put it in all I know it probably more personal for you, but I know couple weeks ago your mother pad and you were telling about the rabbi that came in at an oral there is Julia alibi minute and you know could doctrinally get cool.

I like from the videos on YouTube of all Brownsville revival you travel the world, you know. And unlike how is there with Judaism, feeling our brother left a lot, you know, so I know if you don't aunt God, I completely understand personal but it is fascinating always. I want to act like I yeah II appreciate his answer, and I'm very happy to answer it and JB can win as well but this is this is one of the burdens that usually risk Harry very deeply, which is family members.

I was at a large rally. One time it was about 1993 and I was going to be speaking about.

One of the people leaving the worship said to the crowd how many of you have loved ones. You can't wait to see you in heaven.

And you know hands went up all over the place and I was speak on Israel that night in. I got up and said enough U.S. Senate. The messianic Jewish gathering, you would have as many hands going up because we don't have assurance that many of her relatives were saved and some were convinced were not an of the fact is, everyone has choices to make. My sister view myself. We all have choices to make, and God does not force himself on people and my sister certainly knows that that the Lord save me from a disastrous life as she is very spiritually minded, Judaism, and other spiritual traditions you know she's very open to Ed but she doesn't believe what I believe.

So here we pray we pray for many many years for her for other family members.

Both my wife and I have had cousins come to the Lord. Nancy sister for the first we share with they came to the Lord. We had other family members prayed within others of his knot and JB this that something that you always find them with Jewish believers. The burden we carry for families is not the case some reason we we were just so open-minded and hungry for the truth. The thing that hurts us the most is what is the Laurel has been pulled over the eyes of our loved ones and indeed our entire nation because when anyone really comes to see you who you sure really is and there Jewish you just can't help but fall in love with and that's part of obviously what you seek to do this, you train and equip leave us a Bryson thanks for the call and and my sisters been married for decades, got a great husband and family pray for the fullness of God's blessing on their lives. I'm sure they would welcome that prayer by table. We come back really hear the first time a national radio. JB Bernstein's Hanukkah pome the Christmas of the Jews all yeah and I want to talk more practical things we can do to ignite evangelism reaching out to all people, including the Jewish people with my friend JB Bernstein. His website gates of will be right that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael thanks much for joining us on the surgeries. There is no I one of the player clip for you JB I think you like this JJ grab clip number seven Woody Guthrie, father of folk music. Also, father of Arlo Guthrie action a Hanukkah song named Hanukkah dance let's let's listen to that for a moment so they are in your own you go on your clothes have been running around and around you bringing you the full cultural incident 30 Jewish Thursday on the line of fire.

I guess JB Bernstein is website gates of if you'd like to invite him to speak at your church or congregation. Just know this.

He will challenge you to get out on the streets share the good news with everyone you meet JB to have your Christmas pome Christmas poems got yes yes I'm hoping people will understand the little bit of IR Jewish flavor to it that if you're not growing up Jewish might not even know some of the work, but I'll go for it if you want to do it. Okay Hanukkah and Christmas of the Jews. If the Gentiles get presents.

We will get them to give gifts don't come from Santa. They purchased at a store and for every gift you get will get 10 or more. You think Santa brings your gifts, and other fairytales, but it's your Jewish neighbors biggest day in sales. Rudolph the red nose rain for their ain't got nothing on me as I devour potato latke maybe two or three. And you can have your tensile silver bells and green balls that are hollow. What good is a ball. I asked that a person cannot swallow the Pope wears a yarmulke that is no lie.

If I eat another latke. I think I just might die.

You heard it first year.

Not sure how many more times and will be repeated a bit of a glance, but yeah, at the start. I remember hearing from you. Many, many years ago. I know it is interesting that Nancy talks about this in the week we've all had Jewish friends rough with the same experience but we had Gentile friends and they do have this great big Christmas tree and they get these amazing presence on Christmas and then you'll be like the Hanukkah candles for you know for for for eight days and and and is as we be lighting them. You know that the the you get like a little time at C&C toy or gift every day, which is really secondary to the holiday is honestly competing with Christmas and I remember JB when I lived in Maryland there was a Jewish bookstore on but owned by orthodoxies we become very friendly then you what I believe but we became very friendly and they would recommend books to be that they thought I would like and soft and not far from the store was a a honeybaked ham show the store. Honeybaked ham and obviously if there's something that registers and I can eat his ham and right before Christmas. The lines would form outside of this store, small store because everybody wants a honeybaked ham and I remember the owner of the store. The old old Jewish man.

He stopped immediately said to me you know the goy of the Gentiles is in the God I am they really know how to do it face as he drove by the store and saw the light outside that that's not the way to provoke some into spiritual general jealousy, honeybaked ham, but it is. It is interesting. Alright so let's let's talk about the excitement of sharing the good news. Let let's talk about what happens, what have you seen happening congregations when they have gotten the burden at end of vision sharing the good news of the Messiah, to the Jew first. Also to the Gentile and started to get outside the four walls of the congregation and make an effort to reach out to lost friends and neighbors.

What have you actually seen happening front of your eyes been missing that was very apparent amongst very first followers of Jesus in the book of acts is that they went everywhere they went everywhere they killed everyone. It was on. They were on an adventure and it was something that was part of it was their life wasn't even part of their life. It was their life after they met the one who who rose from the dead, they left they were living in the new life and they were in Soloway but the problem is and I believe this when it comes to the doing what God has called us to do. We are all asleep and then it says in the Scriptures that we are called before the foundation of the world and that we have been called to do the same thing as the Messiah that he said I came to seek and to save the loss and he said to be set as the father has sent me, so I sent you and his first words were, go and him follow me and I'll make you fishers of men and his last words were go and make disciples of all nations. The thing that is been missing Dr. Brown for centuries is the Fellowship of the sent one. I think that Christians do share with their friends and their families, and people in their immediate world, but that they stop and they said and very ones who are called to be equipped and sent out are instead going to a weekly meeting once a week. Whether it's a Saturday for messianic Jewish or Sunday if you're Christian and being faithful has been seen as do you go to church other words, do you show up at the building on the weekend and if you do, then your client faithful and will in a way. And yet that's nothing at all of what the Lord established. He established a living body designed to change the world and those first disciples not only changed the world in which they live.

They turned it upside down, and I believe that we had the same calling if we would only take hold of it and moved into it and become the people that God intends us to be an explosive now acting on this JB yet as you help mobilize congregations and they've recovered their first love and they've recovered this this reality that that new souls are the lifeblood of the body.

People coming to faith new people coming to faith in Jesus the Messiah bring new life with them. What impact does it have on the carnations congregation. I was down in Florida. It completely change their entire congregation. They started going out every single day and it didn't matter whether the person was a introvert or extrovert fact one of the things that I will have on my website soon is evangelism for introverts were there at people and say this is not my calling.

I'm not.

I'm not a preacher I'm not a man, and extrovert. I'm not out there.

I don't like talking to people you know what those are the very best evangelists because God never calls us to go with this in order to do this, a spiritual activity but rather we are called to be lights of the world and if any church, and the one in Florida and another one in Maryland.

We began to meet at the building have a time of prayer at a time of equipping and when people went out they would go for a walk or they would go to a restaurant but at the same time be open to the fact that God is working in an and if we and we pray for it. Send your chosen ones to us send us to them. And the Lord said no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him and so we're looking for the one who is been drawn by the father went looking for that kind of a fish, so to speak. So were going fishing. So what is a fisherman to a fisherman doesn't let Bish know he's there you're going to go have a slice of pizza to go have a couple coffee you going to go into a coffeehouse or a restaurant, but your in touch with the Lord, you know that you're an ambassador, you have the power and you're trusting that God is going to to to set up a divine appointment and he does it all the time.

All we need to do is smile friendly and just look for an opening to say hey how it almost any city you can say all how you doing, even in New York you could talk to strangers and say hey what's going on and then you know what I'm looking for someone year and also what we looking for. I am looking for someone that just want to know the truth could not possibly be you that's not so hard to have someone tell you so many times I've approached people with that question in the purchases. I can't believe you're asking me that question just the other day I was just wondering why am I here on this earth.

God I miss so many times because you know what, there are so many people out there that are waiting to meet us if we would only make ourselves available. I friends almost use you the loss given new life in the Messiah Jesus scientists on that the freezer in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown us on the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH go to the one and click on the digital library. We've got new videos. Some of them getting a lot of attention. Trump calls out radical Muslims who call Christians single Obama would not say a teaching video short teaching video, answer the question, are you a Trinitarian so these new videos up on our digital library, all free offer you disk a lot of and click on digital library and have added enjoy the videos and then share them with your friends. If you're blessed by them.

Share them with your friends retweet them. Share them on Facebook like them so that we can reach many more people with the message, 866-34-TRUTH. If you have all you also should Christians celebrate Christmas. That's another new video we've got up on the digital library JB you have had the experience of talking to Jewish people in America.

In Israel, and in other nations over the years. Now you been following the Messiah for 41 years now that gives you a good track record in terms of watching trends in seeing what's happening. Mark people or Jewish people were open to Jesus the Messiah now less open than in past years.

What's your own experience, I would. I would say my experiences the Jewish people are more open now any time, even back then when I first came to the Lord. They are absolutely open, but they need to be spoken to in a way that they see a and you show it in Jesus not as something that is foreign, but rather something that belongs to them to see in a certain way. You can't really bring the gospel to Jewish people you first need to destroy the strongholds that are over their hearts and minds and the good news is that the word of God says that we have power to destroy stronghold and every proud argument against the knowledge of God so people need to learn how to break the strongholds and it begins with a broken heart for the very people who Jesus said, salvation is from the Jews.

I think the first step is for every Christian, every, every Gentile who is who believes in the Messiah of Israel to have a broken heart for the Jewish people and to an end to realize that if it wasn't for them. They would still be worshiping trees and stones doing family because everybody outside of the people of Israel were outsiders of the kingdom of God.

The only ones that knew the creator, the living God for the Jewish people and those who would join to them and today Christians who have had a revelation through the Messiah of Israel and their eyes are open and they know God. They don't realize that their very salvation comes from the Jewish people. According to Jesus himself and once they recognize that there is a debt that they have an eight and they should have a real great love for the Jewish people. That's the first step and then learning how to speak to them.

Heart to heart.

That's really what it comes down to. It's not a technique but it's it's really what's inside of us. Yeah, and I'm so glad you put the emphasis there because many times we just want to reduce things to a technique, whereas God wants the heart and heart of love, people will know that people will feel that and look JB you're a gifted evangelist are called by God to be an evangelist. Your soul winner something God is giving you to do but evangelists also equip others to evangelize and and this can spread in a way that's really contagious. Sometimes it's just a matter of getting your feet wet right just an innocent was afraid okay then didn't reach out with a friend let the friend do most of the talking. Just just step out. Get your feet in the water, get your feet wet and suddenly you'll have a love for that water with about the water of of winning the lost and think JB, I imagine were similar in age from 61 you're probably a few years older than the even if we ran a horrid thought we had supernatural health and strength and were full of zeal living for God until were 95 years old and still were out here pretty soon and the greatest thing that we could take with us is people and think that that you be meeting people for millions of years in the world to come, that by God's grace.

You are responsible for bringing them into the kingdom either talking to the mall somewhere or equipping a congregation were someone out and share the gospel. There's no greater reward than that. Is there those who lead many to righteousness shall shine like the stars forever and ever mean that itself is such an awesome Scripture that it blows my mind. But you don't calling me an evangelist to see the thing is this, yet I am an evangelist, but of an evangelist. According from the according to the word of God is one who equips the saints to do the work of ministry of evangelism. So everyone I'm convinced everyone is called to the work of evangelism. Not everyone is called to equip the people and evangelism, but everyone is called to be involved in speaking to other people about the hope that is within them and everyone can do it everyone can be equipped to do it, even the shyest introvert of all can be equipped impact other lives. The same thing like not everybody is called to be a pastor but a pastor really loves the flock.

Well, let's say that this is isn't not everyone called to love was supposed to love our neighbor as ourselves. In fact, evangelism is the manifestation of the action of living out the royal law royal law according to the Messiah, is that we love our neighbor as ourselves will lose our neighbor. Most of our neighbors are those who are outside of the kingdom of God and if we are going to love them. We are going to bring them the blessing of salvation. JB, you nailed it from the heart, ministries, and the Holy Spirit will equip the Holy Spirit will help a mandoline on him and say Ghana become afraid I don't know what to do. He'll give us grace will give us the help and he wants to use all of us exactly what is friends family member states were added time friends go to the website gates of Zion.nets gates assigns one or gates and scroll down for the free e-book, and you find it on the menu there, sign up, get it today. How to provoke the Jewish people to jealousy your website is also an equipping portal will equip them. That's just one of the book is one thing about it through this so many things in their eyes they can get check out friends. Gates half great for business. Daisy member to visit the line of fire is the Lord, check out the latest entries. The digital library. My bottom line.

A shoe has called all of us be fishers of men. Hanukkah Jewish evangelism all coming your way today on thoroughly Jewish Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael and is an Michael Brown, let me wish you a happy happy happy happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate either or both of you happen to fall at the same time of the year. We'll talk about Hanukkah a little of the history. Yes, it occurs in John X chapter where it speaks about the feast of dedication in John 10.

That's what Hanukkah means in Hebrew, dedication, and it is celebrating the rededication of the Temple that had been defiled under Antioquia's epiphanies are enter Chris the fourth, about 160 years before the time of Jesus celebrated by Jewish men and women around the world today.

By the way, by the way, you might think that the cultic candelabra if you want it, it's often called the menorah and it's got that's got nine candles.

The one that is used to light the others then you light, one for each of the eight days year.

Many call it a menorah but the menorah really refers to the candle stand in the temple that had seven stands. This is the hot Nokia is the technical name for it with nine candles and when many messianic Jews like these, and you put it in a place we can be seen putting the window front window replacement can be seen that you're celebrating this in lighting the candles that this is also a way for messianic Jews to remind us that we in the Messiah called to be a light to the world and through the efforts of some religious Jews in America and around the world today there are massive Hanukkah displays. This is a symbol of Jewish pride and it's a way of Jewish people say that we have a message for the whole world again. It just happens that these qualities fall the same time she said was a shift every year. What we follow solar calendar rights of 365 days a year and then you have leap years every four because it's 365 1/4 days exactly for the solar revolution for the earth to go around the sun, and hence every four years data makeups to get an extra day in February, Jews, traditional Jews in the Jewish calendar falls a lunar calendar, so 13 months rather than 12 is an intra-calorie months where every so often you gotta set things back and and that's added in.

So things will shift when the calendars are compared, and though the get close and only a little further apart, but it just so happens that they coincides yourself what talked about that one. Talk about Jewish perceptions, or I should say perceptions of the Jewish people around the world perceptions of the Jewish people around the world are those perceptions change, and now I'm I'm looking at an article here posted on, December 9, according to the FBI according to their data.

American Jews are the most targeted minority for hate crimes in 2015 sources American Jews account for shockingly disproportionate number of hate crime victims.

According to 2015 FBI statistics. The bureau defines a crime is an offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by the offenders bias against the race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or gender identity, and far away a percentagewise that the highest number crimes of hate crimes against Jews is that is with worldwide sentiments or is there some positive turning scores will set talk about that you got a Jewish -related question give me a call 866342 the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown wanting us on the line of fire, 866-348-7884 got a lot to talk with you about today and before I go to the phones one play a couple of clips for you.

Let's see, let's grab number 11 and this is the president of the Belgian People's party and he's he's talking about this populist wave rising in Europe. Many European nations feel that their nationhood is being threatened that there the sovereignty is being threatened that their distinctives as a people are being threatened and a lot of it is because of mass immigration and then the violent attacks in Belgian in Belgium, France, Germany, other European nations. The horrific radical Islamic attacks of have further stirred up of populism you see in the Netherlands you see in other countries. It's not an Islamic phobia. It's nation saying we love our country we love our heritage.

We see a threatened and attacked so what is to do with the Jews, though I listen to with the founder and president of the Belgian People's party has to say about this as it affects Israel the election of trumpets set of goals we have influence on Europe. I mean this because the directive is changing with the same forces that got the trim elected to those in the states also died but different without also working in Europe. So these are the kind of forces that will select work and that is good for Israel. That's certainly good for is run and icing that Israel was relies these forces fighting for example, a gift support is to see of the studio for an offense off now very cautious about these kind of properties movement evening you rub it on. Though this is if contacted, I was them all. Not why does certainly the idealized of the most sympathetic to his men for many reasons. For many reasons, not the sure something else with you. According to Prime Minister Netanyahu. He was addressing reporters two days ago on different subjects.

And he said he called on Western countries to unite against Islamist terrorism and he said we can defeat of the whole world join forces to wage a joint war on terror wherever it is at any said the Jewish 20s in Judea and Samaria, not an obstacle to peace and understand what Jews can't live in Judea and Samaria under any conditions and going on with that and heat. He senses a revolution in international attitudes towards Israel.

Israel of course in the front lines of trying to help the refugees and in Syria, Israel, on the front lines of reaching out to other nations in Africa to help them in their development. Israel reaching out to European nations us and let us help you with security against Islamic terrorism and although I I personally believe that at the end of the age there will be an international turn against Israel.

Jewish people every day that is delayed and every day that there are positive sentiments towards Israel and the Jewish people. I rejoice 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Pastor Eric in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown was great talking first 12 I just express my sympathy that the loss of your mom will thank you sir I appreciate that I have a question you worked in the browser revival so I assume that you knew what the group is fairly well yes, now I remember during the bronze arrival he had done some teachings and I remember seeing a video that he did specifically dealing with Jesus baptism regarding John the Baptist lineage through his father's connection with the priest side, his father being the division of the Biogen and even his mother Elizabeth, daughter of Aaron and the idea that Dick Rubin will was talking about in this in this study was that the priesthood had to change that.

It says in Hebrews chapter 7 from the Levitical priesthood to that that another priest would arise after the order of the deck and in what he was suggesting was of course Jesus did not need to submit to a baptism of repentance. But that when John baptized him.

That was in fact the transference of the priesthood from the order of from the order of Aaron to the order of Canada and I wonder what your thoughts are. Contact yes it's it's an absolutely fascinating idea. It's one that I would say you could read the Bible. Your whole life and never see it jumping out at you and listen to Doug and it's one of those things and as strange as it sounds, though it's it's it's just not numbly heard or taught. Could there be truth to it that let me just say this Dick is a serious student of the word and and a real lover of the Lord, and I appreciate that and a man who loves the presence of the glory of the Lord and who's teaching on the tabernacle. According to Pastor John Kilpatrick was used by God to help usher in the revivals they began to teach on the principles of the tabernacle wasn't going back to tabernacle worship knows that she was not going to build the tabernacle in the building here, but it was as these things were taught that people learned about the meaning and significance of it and somehow the reality of the presence of God and and that is some of that the deep powerful presence. We experienced during the latter on the pattern is right, the glory will fall right exactly that's that's what Dick taught, and that's with Pascal Patrick believed so I would if if Dick was digging into the wording and found this or read it elsewhere and thought it rang true, then you like. I look at it with interest, but I I've never seen that myself have never seen that or believe that myself and that it seemed to me that the priesthood after the order of buckets ascetic was something that God himself had established that they didn't need an official transfer minutes again.

It's a fascinating idea, but I just never seen it myself. That still Messiah is of the line of David. So that was established that how could he be priestly was of the line of Aron and the answer is because he was after the order of milk ascetic who was a a priestly king who ruled in Charlene which some would associate with Jerusalem.

So let's just say it's fascinating.

I don't know that there's a way to prove it. I just never seen it or held to it myself. I wonder if I could ask you a quick question about bill had optical head. I recently did a study of the book of looking I really cannot Doug and John the Baptist better and I find it very interesting that the Scripture says that at times he will you live in the wilderness and he was a very ascetic life. And then he came, he began to perform the baptism of repentance and studying how my eye I study this seems quite a bit and what I found fascinating that there was purchase and still is the ruins of an esteemed community in the Judean wilderness that they lived a very ascetic life and then they practiced a baptism of repentance.

And so my question you, do you think there's a possibility that John may have in fact been a member of the estate. Yet that's that's more widely held in other words, many of the concepts among the scenes were common to concepts that we find in in in the New Testament writings. The idea being the people of the new covenant and end times people a conflict between light and darkness and things like that. Of these were themes that were prevalent in their writings which were discovered famous Dead Sea Scrolls that the late 40s and the great majority of scholars hold to to them being a scenes that the authors of the, the Dead Sea Scrolls or the Qumran scrolls. And yes, this ascetic life of separation somewhat monastic, not marrying you had a scenes who did marry and have children who had others who were completely monastic and were celibate. So yes, some have said that he would've been part of the community and that he would have then embraced some of the teaching of that community and that that was a shared heritage knows this was something that that God had planted in their hearts so that that they had also seen this from the Scriptures. They were strong on what's called pest share which is biblical interpretation where they sought to use certain principles to open up the meaning of the Hebrew Bible and they did that and then they had other documents that were completely external like the Temple scroll.

Otherwise, it wasn't the pastor of Habakkuk, where there give me a commentary and Habakkuk with the pressure of another biblical book but rather their own writings like the, the of the war scroll war or the.

The community school there there discipline way of life that they follow, or the tempter school so they had their own theology, their teaching, they seem to have messianic expectations of two messiahs Messiah from the line of David in a Messiah from the line of Aron, and that some even speculate their leader, the teacher of righteousness. They equated with being a messianic figure and a lot of that is I was he speculative how it's red and some of the text are limited but could John have been part of Sherman he was a he was a first century Jew and that was one of the Jewish groups and there are certain things that Yeshua, Jesus has in common with the Pharisees that is where he opposes their views associate us because it was in-house as a Pharisee self. I don't put them within one group only. Certainly sharing certain sentiments. Why not job in a scene certainly learning plan and the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Christmas edition of the line of fire through the Jewish Thursday if you've got a Jewish related question, by all means give me a call. 866-34-TRUTH others one more clip from the president of the Belgian People's party speaking to our roots share about this is Israel news, a clip number 12 as he talks about that the populous wave in the United States and Europe how it's great for Israel could number 12 because they see example is read as a kind of example is a kind if I may quote they even exist where the half-light of the nation. You know what is right is doing up on his feet fighting what is Islam controlling his father you know and being strong on this value with this is a story and so on for many office as a kind of an example is relevant yeah III wanted to make sure you heard that from the earlier longer quote one, make sure you heard that that which the world is sinking. Israel is battling stuff were now just battling and they know how to do it and they've done it in an exemplary way.

What can we learn from them that sometimes these positive sentiments, short-lived but let it be, let it be positive, let there be an appreciation for Israel in the nations, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Burlington, North Carolina Angela, welcome to the line of fire. I can barely hear you.

Are you speaking at your phone. I can barely hear you a let's do our best to go ahead okay a little bit. Go ahead okay. I honor you like right they would celebrate it the way it's been celebrated for many centuries and basically it's it's not a time when there is as much synagogue attendance.

For example, young people a day of atonement you are spending let's say begins on a Wednesday night so you're having dinner and then that's it.

You not eating for over 25 hours your spending, if your traditional family that entire night. You know, several hours in the synagogue, praying, and confessing sin and then the next morning and next afternoon, right up until dinnertime pretty much you are spending in the synagogue so hours of praying and confessing and that's what the traditional Jewish family would do when it comes to Hanukkah the. The main thing that's done. Aside from certain prayers that would be added to the daily prayer time.

The traditional Jew would have.

The main thing is the celebrating of Hanukkah by lighting the candles right so you you you have what's called a Honda Kia which has nine stems and candleholders. The middle one and then four on each side. The middle one.

The Shaw much that the helper of that's lit first and then you start on the left side and you work your way across the light. The first one the first night and then to the second night three the third for and then to get to the end of the eight nights.

This commemorates the miraculous preservation of the oil in the temple candle stand when there was no oil and no ability to to consecrate the temple and and keep the. The candles burning for the week. Miraculously, the, the oil was preserved by God. And this is celebrated with the rededication of the Temple and prayers are pray and then of their to be this small exchange of gifts a games with what's called a dreidel.

That's it. Top that spins and that would have different different markers on it that would be part of a game that's played. It's a celebratory time of the year, but the for the central saying what is most known on Hanukkah is lighting the candles prayers are pray a recognizing what God did, and then of candles lit and I remember going to Hebrew school and their coming home and you learn to pray the prayers I never like to do it because you had to chance and I didn't like the way my voice sounded chance to think this little childhood memories, but that's the way it's done, so it would not be the father lighting the candles would be one of the children of the boys in particular, lighting the candles for the Honda Kia the Hanukkah lights and then these are displayed as a said the first hour in a prominent place. Ideally, so that you're doing it in the winter you're proclaiming this to the whole world and you are shining your light as Jewish people than I thank you for asking.

Much appreciated. 8663 freight 784 if you have a Jewish related question, let me see here which story that I want to get into today's ago Wall Street Journal omits important context on Jerusalem Embassy issue was returned on Monday, December 12 ran an article entitled Trump movie US Embassy in Israel to address the very big priority in the David Freeman was poised to become the new US ambassador Israel has stated that he intends to work in the US Embassy in Israel's eternal Of Jerusalem reporter Phylicia Swarts omitted several essential facts about Jerusalem Schwartz was that both Israel and the Palestinians have claims to the contested city of commerce is them. They may both have claims with Jewish case rest on international law as well as archaeological evidence of historical Jewish sovereignty over the city and while there may be a religious connection between Islam and Jerusalem. There is no historical or legal basis for a specifically Palestinian claim on Jerusalem as there has one thing ever been Palestinian sovereignty over the city.

Schwartz continues. The US is held at Jerusalem's file status should be the subject of broader international negotiations aimed at resolving the long simmering dispute. In fact, camera says this is committee for accuracy in reporting on the Middle East of the US position is that the status of the city should be decided by direct negotiations between the parties. Schwartz also wrote that the chief representative of the PLO in the US I and Rasheed are cut so that moving the embassy would make it more difficult to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian issue but failed to note that Palestinians have already sorted multiple attempts at resolving the dispute, including Israeli offers to divide Jerusalem and a telling final paragraph, Schwartz summarizes what she terms the contentious issues between the parties that are actually Palestinian concerns a demand. She writes the two sides remain at odds over the construction of Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank release of Palestinians held Israeli jails in the schism between thoughts of Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip from Israel's advantage.

The parties are at odds because Palestinian leaders refuse to desist from anti-Jewish hatemongering and calls for violence in their medium schools and political culture refuse to come to terms with the legitimacy of the Jewish state of Israel in the region as demonstrated by the repeated rejection of end of conflict, peace offers so camera it gives you a bit more perspective than you might've gotten in the Wall Street article by the way I camera posted on December 18 that NPR's morning edition has corrected a December 16 broadcast which on some stations misidentified Tel Aviv as Israel's capital.

Glad to know that they made that correction all right will be right back with your calls, questions, and with more thoughts on Hanukkah and Christmas. It's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown made him feel nice and keep you candles burning these and put them in the window and let the whole I don't know. That is the Hanukkah song by Kyra Goldman KY or a Kyra Goldman check her out on YouTube. Check out her music.

I believe you'll be blessed by it. She is a messianic Jewish singer and songwriter. What was the early Jewish Thursday. This is Michael Brown you're thoroughly Jewish host. All right, I cannot weigh in on this with any any any any authority whatsoever or even venture an opinion on all right but there is a fascinating article that I was sent by a Jewish man Jewish follower of Jesus, who himself lived as an ultra Orthodox Jew for decades before finding new life in Jesus the Messiah and his unashamed witness of the war and he he sent me an article written. I believe I offered either shine the great Jewish Christian scholar the 1800s.

His most famous work life and times of Jesus the Messiah and if if if I'm correct in the Ducharme wrote it either shine was arguing that there were the articles from 1873. In any event, that he was arguing that many of the customs of Christmas including a Christmas tree and things that later became part of of Christmas practice. Remember, many Protestants rejected this the founding of America Christmas celebrations were rejected there some to this day the client with their pagan origins of Christmas and Easter and things like that. And these discussions, debates, repaired every year for years on one if I just thought you know we don't need to have anymore because the debates come down to the same two arguments, one saying hey we have the festivals of the Lord, the holy days of Scripture and Christmas customs are pagan origins of the dates pagan origins and of the same look. This is sacred to us. We celebrate Jesus coming into the world is beautiful. We read Scripture is not a worldly carnal thing for us and even if he wasn't born on 25 December. Even if that was originally pagan holiday.

His birth was celebrated there to draw pagans who are coming to faith in Jesus away from their pagan holidays to worship the one true God.

So I can feel his need to repeat the debate this year, but a fascinating article that argues that many of these traditions.

Ultimately go back to aspects of celebration of Hanukkah that then made their way into the church because there would've first been Jews as followers of Jesus issue who made up the nucleus of what becomes called with the church. The Eckley seer that the messianic assembly and that that's how these custom seven pest answer yet another interesting argument.

Another interesting twist in the story. By the way, I have just about finished writing something that you post tonight and tomorrow on many websites.

The Christmas story we told the light of the ghoulish practices of planned parenthood all yeah you want to read that the Christmas story we told light of the ghoulish practices of planned parenthood.

So if you follow us on Facebook or twitter then assumes that articles posted you'll be notified about it and then it will be found in our digital library on the line of shortly. Efforts efforts posted you'll find it there on the digital library modifier so check it out and share it with others. We come back. I want to get to your calls, your Jewish related questions and share some more Jewish news of interest around the world.

We come back up when you start off the segment with the amazing Cliff Young girl 10 years old with autism Haley Rogers singing a powerful rendition of cones.

Hallelujah, you will hear this file in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and Northern Ireland 10 years old autistic has learning difficulties. This video is going absolutely viral and watch it on our Facebook page asked Dr. Brown a SKDR Brown. Let's go to the phones with your Jewish related questions on 30 Jewish Thursday start in New York City with Joe.

Welcome to the line of fire micro shenanigans, and incorporated a book titled fine and my question is this fact all over and for the coming of the fire.

They know that spending hundreds of millions of dollars have been preparing for, November 5 first person to find it on the way at a standstill because they saying no one was there.

The hour of the attack on the truth and they know and love their the hour in the first century, not even me faith that not even I know that they are the only the father in heaven, but he also said something in front million five I will not and this is the Alex's times and seasons, Times, the season, so that's a mobile won't take us on our night of exactly what I'd do after that we will know five minutes it there. At knowing nothing of the hour to know and keep about that. No, an independent no one knowing you hundred and 20 anti-for the flood at the settlers coming and ending in 70 of the following, God sent Frank entity and enter the ark and break up and about the fact that we need to be on the cusp of the coming of the client. He may be back in 2017 but were not even trying to interpret the product.

Even Daniel.

Another fact that he is in fact that close even though the Jews millions jump in and see if you things and I appreciate your passionate interest in this as far as Jews spending millions or billions of dollars in preparation. The main preparation is that very religious Jews pray daily for the coming of the Messiah and longed for his coming and some Jewish groups like the Lubavitcher. They are facetious ultra-Orthodox Jews who do a lot of outreach to the Jewish people so they spend certainly multiplied millions of dollars to do Jewish outreach and their view is of course that the more Jewish people that observed traditional Judaism, the more Jewish people that observed the Sabbath and follow the commandments and the more Jewish women are like candles in the home that that will hasten the coming of the Messiah.

There is even Jewish tradition that if all Israel with observed two consecutive sabbaths that the Messiah would them with the Messiah would come. So in in this case. The main thing. Traditional Jews are doing is praying long for the Messiah's coming and there is a small small group that does not represent the majority all that's involved with preparing the items of the temple.

The sacrificial altar and the priestly garments and training, teaching people, so that when the Messiah is revealed goes the temple will be able to participate.

That represents a very small group but here's I'm sympathetic to what you're saying but here's where my concerns when I came to faith in 1971. We were told Jesus coming any minute. All the prophecies lined up.

It was all figured out Jesus coming any minute and we developed an attitude that was an unhelpful attitude. It was an attitude of right here any minute. That's not conducive to long-term evangelism outreach planning change. So what I say is this, that every generation should do their best to bring back the Messiah house so by seeking to complete the great commission by seeking to provoke the Jewish people to spiritual jealousy by seeking to come together in unity by speaking seeking to live holy lives. Second Peter three says that we can hasten speed the Messiah's coming by us living holy and godly lives.

We know that the filling of the great commission is important to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, so I believe we should live our lives with the goal of seeing Jesus return our lifetimes that should be our goal. Our passion, our vision, and if it doesn't happen we pass the baton on to the next generation with a sense of urgency but also the multigenerational mentality. Let Leslie think they were out of here any minute hate. Thank you though for the call and the provocative subject and no we should not be taken unaware when the Messiah is about to come. He should I come for us as a thief in the night because with the children of the day, not the children of the night. Thanks for the call 86634 let's go to Kim in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown, number square, 14 God gave to motors and parent by giving Miriam what reason would have. It is daughter companies and be justified by God's debts and even the issue about us so much being justified but parents did have tremendous authority and to the point that under the law number under the law. If you cursed your mother, father, you could be put to death if you struck your mother for you to be put to death if you were encouragingly disobedient glutton drunkard rebellious and refused to listen to parents, you could be put to death under the side cover so that reverence that was held for parents for elders and in that setting, and in that culture was very, very, very high at night and day difference in what you see in America and if a daughter did something that was so shameful that was so despicable that was so ugly that that the father spat in her face that she would be considered unclean, because that Deuteronomy is she's number 12 says unclean for seven days that's that's how shameful it would be. That's how extreme it would be and perhaps in our culture of the father might physically beat the daughter in here that wasn't the case. Now there's there's nothing saying it's fine for fathers to submit to Don's face. I appreciate your social concern with that but in a society where parents revered as they are and again this is just an a for example, that God is using to say if I just motor with a severe skin disease.

If I just smote Miriam of severe skin disease, she can be unclean.

Even if I feel right now to be unclean have to stay outside the camp for a week and we look at from father spat in her face that she deserved that treatment then under the circumstances should be considered unclean again very different culture than the one in which we live. That's the simplest explanation I can give other. Thank you for the question.

I appreciated 866-34-TRUTH we go to Shane in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Welcome to light a fire are going to Dr. Brown.

My question would be our Christmas characters enter versions of Bibles. Vibrators are totally different than versions of the Bible that I and they suggested that I get I guess like a version that has been our target for close for Michaelmas right track, like the TS 2009 or something like that. What version would you suggest that I could parallel what they like parking change that actually comes from one of the everybody bases the translations on the Masoretic text that's the primary Texas.

The Hebrew text that the King James used the Hebrew text that that the NIV use the Hebrew text that the complete Jewish Bible would use but a messianic translation is just as certain sensitivities of the same Messiah instead of Christ give you Jesus name is Yeshua. So I would highly recommend you get the tree of life Bible, you can order throw website. We got it beautiful addition of

Just go to the store there or should be in a Christian bookstore online the tree of life version I participated in a translation it's a beautiful readable translation faith tax Jewish sensitivities tree of life version that's what I recommend her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is the amount, as a father speaking to a seven-year-old daughter giving her last kiss about radical Muslim man father and mother with a seven-year-old. He sends her off on her way. She walks into a police station. He presses a button remote detonator blows her up is her last kiss before sending her off. How utterly sick. How utterly demonic.

How utterly demented.

How utterly perverse. How absolutely in a front against everything having to do with the love of God in the goodness of God love for the human race that is part of the murderous spirit of radical Islam. Let every moderate Muslim renounce that and denounce that and work with America and other nations to come back, murderous, radical Islam this is Michael Brown, that it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday, 866-34-TRUTH back to the phones Johnny in Fort Worth, Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire your Dr. Brown doing well. Go ahead, quick question on a feeder chapter 4 where talk about any case, some possible profit after teachers of the perfecting of the strength, the work of the ministry yet to find a buyer. Quite there, that only a part of the property at work today and around an object are so many different user I would really like your take on this entertainment. I be happy to answer you and some gaps but it's there. The Jewish Thursday and we restrict our questions to be Jewish specific. So feel free to call on Friday. Can asset but actually I believe that the apostles and prophets today of the word apostle is just an emissary sent one. We do not have apostles like the 12 apostles writing Scripture without authority, but are there those that have a specific apostolic foundation building pioneering calling and others who operate with prophetic gifts of this I continue for today.

Sure, I see no reason scripturally what whites doesn't and I seen a reason experientially why it doesn't. Thank you for calling 86634 escorted Todd in Cedar Grove North Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown I have a question for you. If you have, have another one on this request. The course of the Barger that spoke about in first Chronicles and Luke chapter 1 of her two different answers is 30 of what time of the year to the course of the Barger ball and handball was that court. Yet there people look at this to try to identify the time of the birth of Jesus, and you have two different priestly courses or times a year when when priest would would serve it.

It's it's somewhat difficult to coordinates exactly okay or that the weeklong services they would perform.

It's kind of difficult to establish a precisely, but some have argued that this would've taken place at the beginning of the art using our calendar and that nine months later would put us into this September October time.

And that Jesus would have been born at the time of the feast of Tabernacles.

When Israel remembers the tabernacle in the wilderness and living with 10 intense in the wilderness and things like that and that this would be in keeping with what's written in John one and John 114 the Word was made flesh and tabernacle old among us so can we say with precision can be deftly argue that's the case, there is debate I've seen your argument may sounds persuasive, but I don't find it conclusive.

Hey Todd, we've got other cause I get to be. Thank you for your question. I'm sorry I can't do a definitive answer.

Some are dogmatic on I just don't think we can be all right.

Let's go to Burlington Lanny, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown on your welcome on my questionnaire. I have heard of tractor underrated. You help Jewish people from underneath never been to Israel to return to Israel and then further to underrated. Thank you. Help and live there on and just wondering how Chris about 10 Israel absorbed all of the book and a lot of men are very elderly.

They wouldn't be able to support themselves honestly and Ishmael are one would have to continue to help them and when I'm not Amina.

And if you believe in the rapture and not enough I don't believe that the like to take a stop in all of this type think that the count in the last incapable even the way it can happen and are the way that that day interpreting that all of the economy annihilated before Christ can come back and yes I is an account. Yes, it's a number number one it's a good positive thing to help Jewish people return to the land of Israel. That's good, that's positive and there's a ministry that we work with live though. My friend scuffled together for Israel to get together for

They help poor Jewish believers and and other struggling in Israel. But if you specially designated so I want to help people making all the offense, will help Jewish people returning to the land. There will certainly designate those funds and be glad to do it so that's that's number one positive to do number two, Israel is absolutely ready to absorb many many more. Incoming Jewish people, elderly, those that can't work in the future because of their age or disability.

Israel is ready. Israel has funding to do it.

This is part of the structure of Israel.

In fact, if you come in your younger. In particular, if you really old.

You might want to do this but at least the first six months you have paid full-time Hebrew classes every day after work or think about things just to get yourself established so Israel does its best. Other challenges you may be like a rocket scientist in Russia come over Israel and have a hard time finding a job, your custodian, I mean that that does happen, but absolutely there is there is room in their funds.

Don't worry about an end time scenario that all the Jews getting wiped out in Israel is that the best place for Jewish person to be his Israel. All right if if you want to have one place to be safe is if there is an end time calamity is on the whole world is shaking on the whole world. And yes there are passages that talk about attack coming against Israel. But the good news is, it says, but Israel will be delivered. So don't worry about that if you can help Jewish people back to a great and a great way to help with Israel is together for Israel.predicate to Jewish question today. Trifling tomorrow, my bottom line.

God himself rebuilding the lost sheep of the house

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