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Here Comes Purim!

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 9, 2017 4:20 pm

Here Comes Purim!

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 9, 2017 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/09/17.

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This surly Jewish Thursday Paramus, lots happening in the Jewish world that cover right here today stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience have the president of fire school of ministry get into the wider fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown.

People say I think I think that is the voice of Orthodox new Ari lesser rapping singing about Israel apartheid week which right now Europe. North American Africa is taking place at different campuses and locations and want to find out about that apartheid is the place to go is a horrific thing. It is a demonization of Israel it is is false and ugly as can be and must be combated with truth what is the place to go for truth this is Michael Brown.

Welcome to light a fire, 866-34-TRUTH. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. If you have any kind of Jewish related question, be it Jewish tradition be Hebrew. Old Testament related messianic prophecy related, be it related to Israel today may call 866337884 is the number to call.

It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday will talk to more about Israel apartheid week what it's about and why it's so ugly and why it's so wrong. I will talk about prim firm is coming. Beginning Sunday night and very interestingly, there is an article in large conservative website actually talking about spiritual principles and perm coming off involving a dear friend of mine Lou Engle self talk about that in a moment here some interesting quotes. Remember in the book of Esther the name of God does not appear reference to Lord is not appear nothing and although this fasting is not a reference to prayer. It will recognize divine intervention in the book of Esther, which of course leads to the festival of Purim to date festival that begins Sunday night on the Jewish calendar and we know that thus far among all manuscripts discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls as a thus far because it appears there more discovery still to be made. There are no copies of fragments parts of the book of Esther. There you wonder was that part of their sacred scriptural canon. And yet it was received the sacred Scripture by the synagogue and the church and most of my mom is running the 12th-century said this, and this reflected earlier Jewish tradition, even if all the festival should be annulled in the messianic era program will never be annulled. Why because it points so clearly to the Jewish community being protected by God's hand and then Isaac Luria who was a Jewish mystical teacher of what roughly 500 years ago. He stressed the importance of foreign and he pointed this out that the Hebrew for day of atonement is Yom Kippur or Yom Kippur. Rheem the day of atonement or atonement's all right Yom Kippur and the key is part of that word atonement, Keyport, but there is another Hebrew word which is just the one consonant cut and it means like so he reinterprets it again this is just homiletical he to say Yom Kippur Rheem.

It is a day like prim festival to the day of atonement is the date like the professional mother. It's so important.

Perm became in Jewish tradition will talk about that and so a lot of other things I want to tell you about the story of how the real coach.

Jesus came to witness those assessments as well, but will become your Jewish leg calls 866-34-TRUTH wrong as well for cleansing and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends to want to fire on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday last week.

The broadcast was from Israel. Now were back home, got home early Monday morning 866-34-TRUTH 784 if you got Jewish related questions. This is a great time to ask them. We have a lecture on a website called this Israel and evil occupier. It was supposed to be a debate that I was going to do on this subject with the Palestinian leader or Muslim leader at the University in Florida a few years ago and it was going to be in conjunction with an Israel apartheid week or some type of call to boycott Israel and I gladly agreed to do it. Unfortunately, the folks at University were unable to find anyone student group. There Saturday with a new who knew how messianic Jewish group. There were for the groups that couldn't find anyone that would do a debate saucer. I will do a lecture with open my Q&A at the end but then there were concerns for universe. University officials University of South Florida was that there could be some type of violence or something so that it won't open my Q&A instead of folk set up with their questions on cars and I responded that I did get to hang out with a number the folks of Moses Palestinians afterwards and we had some very passionate but gracious interaction that hopefully was helpful for everyone, but I've got a lecture is Israel and evil occupier will set the record straight. Historically it will tell another side of the story that the Israel apartheid week folks don't want you to hear or see or know and they'll do their best to give you a very different narrative which I say is a flawed narrative.

Historically the viewpoint of justice and truth which are about all living in Israel and surrounding nations. We care about them as God's people meaning is God's people we care about everyone Jesus God for each one alike, but we do not accept these false narratives about Israel and we wholeheartedly reject the BDS movement boycott, divestment, sanctions, and thankfully about the Obama administration was much weaker on Israel than would've preferred the trust administration has gotten off to a stronger start again. I care about Palestinians and I care about justice for them and I say the way of the Israeli apartheid weakens of the boycotting groups is not the best interest of the Palestinians, 866-34-TRUTH. Feel free to differ with not just insult me on social media and call me a jerk or an idiot or Nazi or whatever Kelly talked to me. Let's have a civil conversation, 866337884 so you can watch this video. It's free on my website light a just click on the digital library search for the right occupier. You can watch the entire lecture there for free. I trust it will be an eye-opener for you going to get into that history a little bit more later in the broadcast first though I would go to the phones and will start in Mount Vernon, New York with Norman, welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Brown. It's good to be here.

Thank you; I mentioned about 1971 and out of my birthday after they have being born again. I don't recall ever calling about focusing and I stopped on monitored website outreach to and gives 25 different topics covered. Pretty available for download to cover such things that Daniel frantically. The Trinity was Mattia Norton of the Bible got from my tent announcing myself. Person occurred that touches on this and explained in detail his name is Dr. Jane got shrimp after about yet he sees a strange guy would look to him a lot of points. His views are quick friends in many way just yet exactly exactly get a tape that some time ago titled next get truthful and it covers the same topic. God section construction Isaiah 53 Finnegan atonement and he's going to have a better view than Toby Singer because this is much closer towards to you holding the gospel fundamentals, but that is out of the frames in terms of the things having to do with Jewish law and stuff like that but told me I debated in the early 90s twice he's refused to have any dealings with me since missing 25 years we demolished of the points that he made many years ago, anyone goes through a five volume series on answering Jewish objections to Jesus will find that end and tons of other stuff. Oh well beyond cost of the Tobia put out and then we have a 22 hour DVD series or audio series. Folks can order from us.

We go through what used to be his his tapes he or she had a buy it for many years marketed now. It think it's right. I work for download. So if if you just go to action are digital library Dr. Brown response to Rabbi Toby, Sigurd, that would give some of the history and how that that gets twisted unfortunately by Rabbi Singer but I said during yet so I was a general marketer character outreach circuiting gun) so you say one more thing on the cassette I'm speaking this for for all of our listeners know. Get things if anyone goes to our real Maasai website will will find that subject by subject sin, atonement, the Messiah, messianic prophecy subject by subject by subject. We have a short written answers and video answers on holdings and free from you and so folks can get more material than the five I'm series folks can get more material in of the 22 hour DVD series countering the counter missionaries, but I like tons of material free on the real Maasai website will and take a look at Tokyo's site. There are 25 different broadcast. Chart anyone can download them and look into my thoughts.

Because he has built broadcast recorded and if the client to debate with you. What possible it .5 point .5 point debate each point on conference or audio and publishing those specific broadcast addressing each of the 25 different lifted problem three things that he hasn't a chance to debate with you that the deceased is receiving size resumes.

Numerous invitation topic because it was ready get Norman now bistro related Norman what the heck I can't hang out love and trying to tell you is we done that we have the stuff available. He's not the only one out there. He's one of many countermeasure contribution around us many many many many many and he maybe one more prominent. There there others that are more scholarly than him in and of this a scholarly of but he's he's one of a number of counter missionary rabbis Commissioner organizations and things like that. Some some academician rabbis are good friends of bond we have deep differences we pray for each other so he's one of many and there there other sites with other material on the can.

It promotes severe and my goal is not to go through each one of those and say okay let's let's refute each one here, here, here, that we might do that with with Toby's that's possible so they might do, but what I want to censor as we've done that are ready. If you get my 22 hour DVD series is seven massive depth if you go to the real Messiah site you can download free video and written responses. So it may not be the same order is his but you'll numerous fine responses to all the arguments he raises.

We are ready have free on the real Maasai was a real that's the point I was trying to make a right. So we might use of that's tailor-made to review told you that we are ready to get something and in 22 hours in-depth teaching that demolishes those positions and then in shorter form for free on the real Maasai was at the ready.

There folks to start a very persuasive extreme persuasiveness professor, everything is part of him biting my tongue here I am the founder saying Yemen is for those who are ignorant of the of of the Scriptures which is Hebrew Jewish tradition, the Knights of the New Testament get very persuasive if he was if if the folks have unit drop of knowledge from enemies. He's easily easily refuted, and my heart goes out to him because he is zealous buddies is quite lost so yeah my door remains open as one of the history, what really happened. Again, go to Y right Click on digital library and just a typing Toby Singer Singer and you'll see the video are responses to our false claims that he may on an intranet to radio or TV show about our debate over 25 years ago and of hey listen if if he was so persuasive.

It had the truth. Why not debate me now many Jewish people he could reach more people and many Christians he could reach you many opportunities he's declined to debate me, universities, and other settings so you have it when you have the truth you run to the light and that you can come up with all kinds of bogus excuses what you want. For this reason these debated others want to bait me. Let's bring things to light and put them on the table. If we do. To be clear, Jesus, Yeshua is on the side. If you have a question real explore what's there questions will be answered on file light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. It is RAM not beginning this Sunday night will hear something interesting. Verify with paren just read the book of Esther in amazing and unique book in the Scriptures is a very interesting my friend Lou Engle is a man of fasting and prayer. He basically lives in a fasting and praying lifestyle, crying out to God for revival cry out to God for the sanctity of life and family and marriage cry out to God for unreached peoples cry out to God for Israel as well.

So I found this I found this very, very interesting. I was just look at headlines as I look on many many different websites over the course of of week is which is conservative strong conservative website. The rapidly growing think.

The 29th biggest website in America right now of any kind and it's it's conservative news and strongly pro-trumpets, conservative news is it is not spiritually based. So I see this article there about spiritual warfare, or principal. I thought what what in the world is is that about and I want to see it's it's an article and it's referencing my friend Lou Engle and it's talking about a call that he's put out for three days of prayer and Esther fast. This is called Wychwood which would mean by the way, which would mean if you did it the way was the book of Esther.

No food or drink of any kind for three days as those who goddesses is very intense and requires some some grace and help them but we don't jump into any kind of fasting or any type of extended spiritual discipline like that unless you know the true right shape to do it but Lou has looking at some things going on in the world today and had called on people leading up to the book of Esther for three days of prayer and fasting. Here's the headline Christian leader see spiritual battle over trump presidents. So again I found it interesting that it was on Breitbart is by Thomas Williams, PhD, leader of the Christian charismatic women is the clear that the unprecedented resistance to US Pres. Donald Trump signals the deeper spiritual battle is taking place over America's soul and Lou Engle found her several Christian ministries is highlighted to recent events that give cause for concern to Christians. The women's march on Washington with its close alliance with US abortion lobby recent calls Jews witchcraft to bind their words and utterly destroy the president of any says this that the women's march was quote the first shot across the bow, heralding a revolutionary rise against the president United States. The march was also present gets the foundational biblical truth upon which our nation was founded soon after the second shot was manifested publicly unprecedented global summons of witchcraft to Chris Pres., trumpets, cabinet all the salaam of the biblical worldview. Suddenly the whole controversy was elevated to a global spiritual dimension inaugurating a spiritual battle it cannot be won on the playing field of protests and political arguments why the church has the answer to this unprecedented manifestation of witchcraft spiritual strategy must be used to overcome this openface raising challenge of the powers and whether you voted for Donald Trump or not. Would you like his presidency or not you have to recognize this unusual opposition to get which is worldwide some regular curse him so the article on Breitbart quotes Paul's writings in Ephesians 6 we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Engle sees great cause for hope. Since many Americans do not identify with the anger, extremism, and above all visceral hate being directed toward the president and those who voted for him quote hundreds of thousands of of and watch the March Lucid heard the vitriol and could not identify with the radical ideologies being expressed that would not acknowledge God's word and ways in the public controversy this new woman to clear deep inside her heart.

This is not my revolution. In any case.

In any case, they also quote Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, who recently said it's just amazing to me how hostile the oppressed is to everything the president does not want to be partisan in my comments here, but it seems to be of really serious about her, responsibilities. We support the president wish them success, rather than trying to undermine and that's what good citizens should do so is calling for three days of fasting and prayer for the nation. Beginning yesterday, March 8 and then culminating with Saturday evening and get him so I suppressed her Sunday night Saturday night right the 11th so in any case. In any case, just thought that was interesting that it's it made its way to Breitbart and no matter how you slice the cake no matter what you believe. So question is a great spiritual battle for the soul of America.

You can look at Donald Trump as a force for good or evil, that some argument here. The point is recognize the intensity of the spiritual battle and recognize that the ultimate battleground is going to be Israel. As we look out for Mount Carmel a week ago Monday. In our first day in Israel together as a tour group. We looked out at Harmony Gita Armageddon and and this is where Scripture speaks of a final clash. There's a sense of reality is a sense of look at what happened in the past and what is happening in the present and that tells us about what will be happening in the future. Interestingly, the Trump administration has warned the UN Security Council that if it does not cease from simply will not simply but primarily being in Israel bashing group that the US will pull out the course of the US pulls out that he can't veto with the Security Council of the past is also saying you have no power. Your nothing or nobody your you could say whatever you want to say but you have no power to enforce nobody solicitude. That's what America would be saying in the process that the the. When you look at the degree of bias against Israel. The idea that Israel is an apartheid state, here, here, let's say we grab Greco number two are lesser Orthodox Jew from Cleveland rapping singing about the hypocrisy of the Israeli apartheid movie clip number two is slowly sequin every citizen's right total tech didn't care about my face as they get elected. That's an important point is it doesn't harass with what is afforded. Everyone has access to anything. The same feeds is anything to enable the same resort and hotel guest object part of the same thing as They think yes yes yes and on and on growth of artery lesser LES SCR look up the stuff on YouTube so so here's the point. Here's the point. And I'm going to break this down. I'm going to dispel this myth of Israel being apartheid state. We come back on the other side of the line of fire usually question you want to dispute something I said call me at slowly have live radio tower for the Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown clapping my feet, clapping my hands not stomping Clapping my hands tapping my feet which combined would be clapping my feet looking like the thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown here, 866-348-7884 by the way, by the way, when I encourage folks to call the show and not just send an ugly vile tweets and comments I I mean listen if it comes with being a public figure that's on the film and when it gets blasted day and night out. You'd be amazed you'd be stunned at the level of some of the stuff that the comes and especially from professing Christians and when they'll use all kinds of of the most profane and ugly language and and just foul it in there there professing Christians for because I differ with Pastor John MacArthur's of the other YouTube channel. This guy I can't repeat his words, but allegedly is a Christian calls via a shill for Google and tells me to enjoy my dip in the lake of fire. Yes I you gets real crazy folks out there. So say hey, call the shell and share your viewpoint called the Shema I work I work was interesting. You're tweeting me in the middle of the day your posting on Facebook and YouTube in the middle of the day it looked looks like you're not working at that moment. And why is it that the only ones that can call art are the ones that aren't so vile and nasty and it will. They don't work anyway.

Anyway, let's dispel some of the myth of Israel being apartheid state.

If you go back to the late 1800s. You had a larger Arab population living in what was called Palestine. It certainly had a Jewish presence, no question about that.

They had other peoples that had lived there for long periods of time as well, but no one had called a Palestinian state was part of larger Syria. It was known as Palestine apply that the Romans beginning 100 years after the time of Jesus, but no one, no one was trying to make it there state. There is not a Palestinian flag there was a Palestinian currency that that never happened.

Never happen and it was not largely inhabited either late 1800s, more Jews started moving into the land and they started developing the land more with that brought more job opportunities and things like that more Arabs came in as well. She still had a larger Arab population compared to a Jewish population but this was people living side-by-side there. There were some acts of violence against Jews, especially in the 1920s, 30s, places like have brought an end. The grand moved to Jerusalem hugs hugs him insanity. He he incited some of the violence ended up being a confidence of Adolf Hitler, confidant of Adolf Hitler and of course very much into the idea is that you should be wiped out.

All this is well-known is no secret what I'm saying here. But still you had basely Jews and Arabs living side-by-side some cases working the land together some cases Jews buying more of the land from the Arabs that I was working the land, as well as a been there more Arabs coming and were just coming in, but you still had heavy swampland and things like that was only the Jewish settlers that turned what was in Palestine and Israel today was only Jewish settlers that drained the swamps literally literally drained the swamps. Many dying of malaria in the process, but they were the ones that did the early pioneers at the turn of the 20th century, but again you have Jew and Palestinian or Jew and Arab side-by-side and and if you asked who was a Palestinian in the early days, 20s, 30s before the most individual early 40s there was a Palestinian orchestra sisters orchestra. You know what the newspaper now that you're supposed to know most positive custom post Jewish Jews and Palestinians for cleansing in Sudan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown you are a follower of Jesus.

You've heard arguments from Commissioner rabbis and they've made you wonder was what a been taught true or accurate friends.

We have answers to all the major objections in a been raised we have in written form. We have them in audio form we have them in video form. We have them a concise form we have them in lengthy form and I am on the record any qualified rabbi, missionary recency, qualified as you want to be fair to the other side wants unqualified representative position of the voice is not fair to them for free. For example, if I debated of let's say I did a debate on scientific evidence against the Bible or for the Bible and in you had a brilliant scientist against me as much as I know the Scripture that you demolish me scientifically because I semi-feel but you get a John Lennix debating our cyber whaling Craig debating our side and they will more than hold their own against any opposition that comes their way, and expose the error of the other side. She will be fair to the other side and and there are qualified rabbis is one fact that I'm scheduled to do a video debate online video debate will both presenter views the same day. In the present rebuttals the same day and where we are planning on doing that cobbling hopefully the next month or two there. There are others where we've had some written exchange but unable to do those of any length but we had plenty of debates with other rabbis March 23. So just a couple weeks from now I'm scheduled to debate Orthodox Jewish lawyer Osher Norman author of the counter missionary book in 26 reasons that you still believe in Jesus government will be a live stream of that and then will be posting that video on YouTube and making it available to others as well. So I'm I'm all for bringing everything out to the life. So be assured we have answers we don't have some cute see you know, close your eyes and hope.

At Nono we have solid answers based on solid scholarship based on sound contextual reading of Scripture based on other supporting documents so be encouraged. The truth is there truth is available it will refute the objections will refute the arguments that refute those claiming that Jesus is not the Messiah and friends you have other groups like Jews for Judaism. For example, and know they had woman rabbis doing outreach Jewish outreach to Jews for years and some of us want to debate them when to debate rabbi microscope at Iowa with a heartbeat when the heartbeat we met face-to-face with chatted, but the Jews for Judaism policies. No public debates. Some of that's odd because they're challenging your views and the views of others like you have videos and articles and websites and it is now they want to public debate. I say this is it's very and and the best were doing, which I feel very positive about his is one Commissioner Rabbi Israel Blumenthal that he and I gobbling will be posting on the same day so on. On YouTube channel teaches you to channel I'm using on the same day will both be posting a video on on the role of the Messiah. According to the Hebrew Bible and that on the same day whether it's two weeks or month later mostly punch toasty rebuttal same length of time and then maybe a month later post your both of rebuttal and it will little set in there. They are have at them.

I think that's great. I think that's wonderful.

I commend him for doing that but there are other Commissioner rabbis and their reason all these objections assailed believe is wrong. The motivation doing any number formats doing six hours back and forth and back and forth due to our stick a break from our checking notes can come back all kinds of Dubai Skype we can do face-to-face whenever I'm glad to do it because I know them on some truth and I know Shirley's. I'm sitting here that Jesus she was the Messiah of Israel and that he who came will come again the only one that can finish the work is the one who started the work so please be in prayer as we have some major Jewish outreach coming up.

Please be in prayer for us. In fact, in a moment I will tell you how we can partner together to see Jewish people come to faith okay so back to back to Jewish history 100 years ago this year, the Bellflower declaration was signed. Balfour declaration and in it this November 2, 1917 Foreign Secretary so UK's Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour wrote to Walter Rothschild, second Baron rostral leader of the British Jewish community and he said and and this was a prominent Zionist author and a friend of Chaim Weitzman. He said his Majesty's government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object goes on from there. Well, this was a major step in the right direction. It was before the global rise of anti-Semitism to the proportions it reached leading up to the Holocaust, but still why can't the Jewish people have a home document Scripture augments back-and-forth I'm just saying logical was everybody else got home but not the Jews, Jesus have been praying daily for centuries for the restoration of Jerusalem and every year say next year in Jerusalem and that's that's been the goal that's been the goal yet, Arabs living there for centuries. They never said this is our homeland that there was no such concept of being a Palestinian is as one man said years back that he was a Jordanian one day 1967 then Israel was Six-Day War.

He wakes up the next day I was Palestinian is identity change and was being used for polemical purposes. Civil why didn't Jews just take over the land long `there is a view that God had to initiate this, there is the view that God would destroy the exiles and bring them back and and in many parts of the world, Jews were impoverished and was elected to seven major movements go back and rebuild the society there. There was a sense of praying for God to help and God and the judgment of the exile, but the bottom line is this. There's plenty room for Jews and Arabs together in the land, and when the first plan for two states was put forth what 1930s, which was much more generous to the Arabs and the second one 1947 our leadership said no, there was a proposal for two state solution, Arab leadership, not Jewish leadership Arab leadership said no.

Now after the horrors of the Holocaust. The second world war. The attempt to destroy the Jews of Europe, the, the participation or the sympathies with the Nazis of of the Muslim world are parts of the Muslim world and the Middle East all the more suppressing that there is a Jewish homeland and there's a place that the Jewish people can have for themselves defends himself so you and comes up for the partition plan. This will give you more land to the Jewish people still far from ideal. Given more land and the Arab leadership against is no there leadership again says you do this will destroy you. And so when the modern state of Israel was was announced in 1948 roughly 800,000 Jews living in the surrounding muscle nations were expelled by taxi driver one day last week. I think it was last Sunday, said that his parents came from Rocco 1948 one 9040 because there expelled Jews living in surrounding Muslim countries, roughly 800,000 were expelled and where they go. The vast majority fled to the fledgling nation of Israel thousand absorb all the refugees and fight five surrounding hostile Muslim nations.

This this is reality.

This is what's going on and in the weather was war and and there have been there, been Jewish groups try to fight against the British and fight against the Arabs before the tour that was going on absolutely. At this point the main national line is stay till the Arabs living there. Stay roughly 600,000 Arabs living in the land, or roughly 800,000 effluent stay stay here this room for both of us.

We can live side-by-side still read the copies of of the Arabic tracks that were handed out to the Arabs living there since. Stay here and it's fine we can live side-by-side as neighbors the Muslim leadership said no destroy you and wipe you out or drive you into the sea and they urge the Arabs living there to leave this to the county can't distinguish between one person another leave the country and then once we win the victory once for drudges and see go back to your home's roughly 600,000 fled. Some fled from the war. Some were driven out by the Jewish army and and other simply fled because they were urge to about 200,000 state what happened to the 200,000 stay there now more than 1.5 million living with full rights in Israel Arab Israelis Palestinian Israelis if you like one of them serves a Supreme Court they are university professors there medical doctors. They make up 10% of the Israeli parliament they could make it more if they voted in a more united block. All right. And they have full rights. They live to fight in the in battle serve in the military, but their full rights as Israeli citizens full rights. Why, because then I try to murder Israelis because many of them appreciate the liberties they have under Israeli leadership is a way to get this notion of an apartheid state. That's the sad part of the story and this is the fault Palestinian Muslim leadership, not Israel gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and it's actually worth Festival based on the Bellamy Persian report which is lost is read in the book of Esther, always amazing to read the book of Esther never gets old reading the book of Esther supreme begins this weekend. Saturday night, 866-34-TRUTH okay so roughly 600,000 Arabs living in was in Palestine now with the announcement of the fledgling Jewish state. They flee for various reasons. They flee the country member 800,000 Jews roughly have had to flee from surrounding Muslim nations and the great majority of them make their way to Israel where they are quickly absorbed in this rapidly growing, changing, developing, fighting for its life state so you say okay so the 600,000 Arabs who'd been living in Palestine. Before then, I guess they were absorbed in the surrounding nations like Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq and Egypt, and in others right no no that they weren't. They want why because then you don't have any leverage against Israel and and and then you you don't have any way to make Israel look bad if you don't absorb them. If you force them to live in refugee camps, even in your own country that there there are Palestinian refugee camps in the Muslim Arab world in countries like Lebanon and countries like Syria, you say well didn't Egypt have a control of Gaza Strip veto initially yet I did what they do for the Arabs living there virtually nothing incorporate them into Egypt didn't say will establish a home. If you hear they then let them live in relative squalor so what happened is that the the surrounding nations, and this is by consent in lieu of the Arab League veterans decree in the 50s they created a refugee crisis that these were not going to be perpetual refugees so you now have on what's called the West Bank of the Jordan biblically be Judeo and Samaria that this territory which was overseen by Jordan before the six day war 1967, as this is all the result of the ongoing war for 1948. She had Arabs living there. Were they helped in their lifestyle, were they were they made into first-class citizens. But it retains no no now Israel takes that back originally is resplendent in centuries past her millennia past. Israel now occupies that as a result of the war perspective boundaries now has now has Jewish Jerusalem fully united Easter must Jerusalem fully united under Israeli control. All right.

And also now has Gaza Strip and it's better for the Palestinians and it has been. They begin to identify now is Palestinians as if there had been a historic nation there before but it's better for them than it has been but under great pressure from the United States.

Israel pulls out of Gaza Strip and who takes over Thomas. Is it in any way.

Good for the past and is no what about the corrupt leadership of the Palestinian Authority.

What what about Mahmoud Abbas's poster be present for one term. How many, many years has he been roaming how much money goes into these perpetual refugees actually gets to them that much. They get that. I think the largest amount per capita refugees anywhere in the world. If I'm correct, very little actually gets to them because of Thomas using it for their war efforts in their own corruption. Palestinian 30 leadership using for their own corruption of Houston people suffer because of it. And because violence is constant cited against Israel. Israel often engages in harsh measures against the Palestinians and yes sometimes mistreats them sometimes, but I can assure you if the weapons were put down. It's the old adage will say it again if the Palestinians put down their weapons would be no more war of the Israelis put down the weapons would be no more Israel. Israelis would gladly take down the separation barrier in the wall reduces the fence at the Palestinians, one allowing murderers and terrorists to come into their own territory. Israeli territory and kill children, women and men.

So the whole apartheid things in math. The separation is is due to Palestinian policies and refusal of leaders in past generations to have a two state solution when they could have in a continually inciting terror against Israel and and and making people kill Israelis into martyrs naming schools after them in streets after them and funding their families in the years after as well as I do that kind of thing and cited on Housing Authority TV and Hamas TV. This was never a problem with them but for the, the Arabs, the positive short-term murder them. They have the best quality of life in terms of freedom and liberty and self-determination of a minimum of any errors. Muslims in the Middle East since the spell this ridiculous Israel apartheid week nonsense. Let's get the truth out all right. I want to encourage you to help me get the truth out. Have you been blessed by the podcast. Over the years have you been blessed by downloading our shows online or listening online you been blessed for p.m. shows on while driving in the car we been a help to you will stand with us. My friend, because we are right in front of the biggest open-door we've ever had for Jewish outreach in our lives.

Not only do we have some great things coming up with debates and more video work to be doing online.

5.we also have an extraordinary opportunity to broadcast this the every home in Israel with a TV to be able to get the station were to be on and we are about to record probably within a month and start recording outreach shows specifically designed to reach Israelis in the air in Israel which I met secular Jews were talking about religious Jews tailor make the shows and be speaking to Israelis.

We got footage from Israel begin abusing interaction with Israelis have Hebrew captions and it's what I say it is the biggest open-door ever had set the forest for Jewish ministry and with your help we can do this more effectively. We want to get our real Messiah website fully translated into Hebrew with a Hebrew Internet campaign to draw people to it but we need your help to do it is not to raise funds for us personally.

This is to raise funds to reach the lost sheep of the house of Israel, which is very sacred in God's sight.

We also have our thinking through TV show, which is going to be airing on that is really station as well. It's it's an amazing opportunity have to outreach shows going into the every home of the TV in Israel, would you help us.

Would you stand with us friends. Here's how you do it when you become a torchbearer this month. One of our monthly support as we pour back into every month and so many different ways but would you put aside a dollar there more months of $30 or more per month sending you this month, exclusive and Limited will have a few these left hardcover edition of the real culture Jesus and audio CD with highlights from the line of fire Israel last week and a DVD episode. Thinking through: Jesus can't be the Messiah interested objection to our team today let us so back into you go to the line of

Click on donate hate my bottom line today, the God of the book of Esther maybe hit remained once thoroughly Jewish Thursday program is coming. Lots happening in the Jewish Robert got a cover right here today stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday. This is your thoroughly Jewish host exalting our thoroughly Jewish Messiah excited to be with you is we are just about to get into the season of program Festival permits the book of Esther describes for us if you have a Jewish -related question for me of any kind, be related to the Jewish people, Jewish history, Jewish tradition be related to the Hebrew language be related to the Messiah of Israel be related to modern Israel today may call 866-348-7884 where is God sometimes could seem like he's hidden sometimes it can, it can seem that he's not involved.

He's sitting back he's not stretching out his hand that speaking.

He's not acting. Sometimes it seems like that the prophet Isaiah said to your God, who hides himself, and this is an experience that many believers go through this aware is God. I prayed and there was no answer. I cried out and nothing happened that that leaving that used to be their presence that used to be there, isn't there anymore. I'm going by by faith in what God's word says, but it seems that the word tells me certain things to expect and they're not happening where is God, or where was God when my child died or where was God when I was unjustly accused.

Where was God during the Holocaust and profound deep painful questions that are often asked, and of course we don't have simple answers to these profound questions here on this earth. There are things that will only understand fully in the world to come.

But we do actually have plenty of other answers that are deep that are serious that are wavy, we have plenty of other answers and that's what we want to focus on and one of the things that gives us answers is the book of Esther and it gives us answers because it does not mention by name or by description, God doesn't mention prayer to God doesn't mention faith in God. It doesn't mention promises of God and the only oblique reference to God would be found in Esther the fourth chapter were Mordechai tells Esther that if you don't stand up helpful come from another place another place. But with that mean what again is no direct reference to God. There, but the Hebrew word places Macomb and it's interesting that one of the traditional Jewish names for God is how Macomb place and some would say that that goes back to Esther helpful come from another place. My point is that often when God seems to be hidden. He's actually at work behind the scenes and that when you see the whole picture unfold. You recognize all God was at work. You recognize his hand involved you, you recognize that in fact the Lord never forsook his people that there were tests and there were trials and often he wants to see how we respond. Chronicles tells a second Chronicles that the Lord left Hezekiah loan to test what was in his heart. I was gonna respond in the situation.

Yes, that we see happening in Scripture God is often at work in hidden and invisible place right back because one of the best in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown locomotive 230 Thursday Michael Brown greeted me with 28663487884. Get a little more assured about perm. I want to tell you the story of the real culture Jesus but if you don't know that story we talked about that as well. 866-34-TRUTH but will go to the phones with the offer home in Jerusalem. Welcome to want to fire the comet. Yeah, you're on their dielectric comment on their vertical clear little sure you know the fact of Esther that what you talk literally about the framework to the effect others want to mention about the early, but he also had your interview with the Orthodox to head on a new slump about how Macomb talk about God. I do not think I do not say explicitly what does that illustrate unpaid upload with dark suits and other sleeping rabbinic Judaism at the tradition that every time you turn how Mellor King that's referring to the Lord, which would mean for example in convicting literalism crude beginning of chapter 6 review what has become chronically jealous or talking about Ahasuerus but that refers to the Lord and every time. In general, and said that the king was angry with you people to do stuff talking about the Lord of the individual. Homiletical invitation yet yet and that the Jewish political interpretations are always fascinating. And of course you would you have learned how to read on different levels up from your your own background as I assume is a religious Jew. Yes, what is was book of Esther mean to you and in the story for me to you mean I got stuck. The thought of a finality going are going up direct on holiday, but the collectors show that God is always there, either one people, and it looks like you and there was of the situation straightened, where there was no hope that God was there not also you see that it's a wonder what the truth is for good have connections looking at work. I was sitting by the study. Every day Esther the queen below the first date that the character got the did they repent that I would first.

In showing that you know if the guy was not there bondage when it came to blackbody took them up and they turned to God's note to the conversion yeah and and is in a secure mindset living Jerusalem today was so much hostility from around the whole world and then from which the Muslim world space to the radical Muslim world as it affect your output is living Jerusalem today that the only way that is not coexisting and who America God even though it may not seem like that even though there are many sinners in Jerusalem. Let's look not religious but that straight up miracle from God so so what you think of the of the older view of Satan's rabbis like the Satmar ready your title down and some of the earlier great rabbis famous rabbis in Israel or in many jewelry at the time of the early Zionist movement that that that they really oppose that they felt was secular before that would establish an ungodly state they felt it would get in the way the work of Messiah felt that it would even spur worldwide anti-Semitism. Obviously you recognize God's restoration of Israel today had what you think of those views that's all true but it doesn't change the fact that Dr. walked to the people of Israel after the clear birth, they would all work almost what those rabbis all Morelos thing was that little miracle that can happen through the idea no miracle in the there was a big one. You happen. That was one of the top or at the very big thing that there was a miracle from God and the contracting says the diverse, combing our Dr. so as to my trustee's mortgage, untying art, the string should the show. The goalie flirt but not the center of the universe from Princeton that all the sensor go up. Not definitive that but the thunder of the ship was much more about the sinners us must work effectual center.I appreciate that the distinction there and how you feel about strong evangelical Christian support for Israel. You know how many Christians come to Israel of the year and and strong base that urges American stand with Israel feel about that.

It's amazing how evangelical Christians are such a strong love for Israel quickly for me. I deeply respect. I appreciate that and then not have easy someone like me, a Jewish believer and in Jesus jobs know who I am calling the show have easy someone like me are sure you know how you felt like you worked on the candor. I'm not insulted all be totally candid. I want my listeners to know is where you know what the word of the Charlotte class. I didn't affect the lot. Yeah, it's about going to the effective order to and that you and discredit you decided to embrace what my opinion totally against God and totally not true. Still true but in no note that no one can change the fact that your economy so I was I would never, I would never say that that you are now extra wheel in harmony that we grin that are from and and what you think about you shoe who was he who was this Jesus, I either slough of the round on my monitors whichever file icicle, same 11 chapter out of the eye and so GG you.

You don't see any possible way that he was and she often your safe side it was gonna suffer play a different role, not anything like that article, gotta have.

Have you met religious Jews that believe that in Israel believe that here fire that that that think that he's been at his characters wrote notes that not enough. I knew this something ugly little for a short time and came four months ago, Bill Leonard and Sheila was going on that much got it Kaddish and from have every spoken before. Yes, yes, and I have emailed you and I really want to meet you when you came and got it. But when I saw her home. I thought it was the same one, but obviously forgotten that little bit older voices little deeper.

So II just want to tell you why I was very reluctant to interact with you in the past. I did not want to be deceitful in a way because you were under parents authority as a younger man baby 1679 interacted so that's why I backed away, I would not want to do anything that dishonored your father or that would cause you to do anything in secret and as you're the nature you can interact more openly. Obviously we we have our deep differences see your parents were deeply different, but I I did not feel it was appropriate to interact more because you were younger and that that's why I backed away from it is not enough for legal first purpose, but from an ethical purpose and have a look at your father in the eyes and said I would do something like that so EMI schedules intense, but I was even less available, contractually reached out for this reason, so I take a euro 19 now hear about got so so what is it that gets you to listen to the broadcast. When you can. From here, your debate with the manual so I was to let me. Debate was sure that there are number there. It got interesting and other any points that I raise that you thought had only agree with this guy, but I think he made a good point in the debate meaning alchemy when you say stuff I understand many people say always so easy to refute the abilities that you don't actually hear what they actually say you will see that little thing actually tell you what you glancing II will good so so you you realize that there are two sizes to review different with my side that we do not understand the same people another item that I met the people say stuff I've always so dumb and so easy to answer and go for an objection offer yeah generally tell your doctor the last objection got another thing that none of that. But what I'm saying is that when they said so dumb that if they said to me, I'd have an answer for them and I did with challenge their their viewpoint.

Hey out what was the subjects you are you studying yeshiva these days, mainly as you focus on tractate right now.

Yeah, about the marriage document got it. Got it.

I guess preparing for your for your immediate future to write it fixing the system to learn.

Gotta take a listen to God willing, I'm going to be back in Jerusalem in June around mid June. If you're still around.

Let's let's try to plan ahead. This time, and I will do my best to make time just to see you face-to-face so we can greet each other all right. Thank you for listening. Thank you for calling reluctant to call anytime I the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown sure a few things with you about program and want to talk about the history of the real culture. Jesus 866-34-TRUTH if you have a Jewish -related call Jewish related question, by all means give us a call.

I know that there are religious Jews from Jews.T hurried the different levels of orthodoxy and observance that listen to the broadcasts on a regular basis. Some here and there. I deeply appreciate that. Trust me, you're always in my mind as I'm speaking that I'm asking myself. Would you feel that I'm faring what I'm saying to feel that I'm rightly representing your traditions, our traditions, but ones that you practice more were zealously over the years and I have at MMI.

Being honest here in the same thing when I'm talking about Israeli-Palestinian issues. I know I'm gonna have people different with me but I'm think about those on different sites okay factually show me where I'm wrong if you ever feel I misrepresent the traditional Jewish position were misrepresented traditional Jewish interpretation, by all means call show or if you can't call understands what he can't and so you just don't want you doing with your voice heard the broadcast which I fully respect and understand then then write to us fully accessible right line of Just contact us through their and if if you bring a point to our attention that needs correction or that needs charge God for bid that we would mess something up with to say something with sources quoted in accurate. Unintentionally, what, whatever, or you just have a difference.

Please share please share and thank you so much for listening. So select one of the arguments that's used in some powerful argument by traditional Jews that Jesus can't be the Messiah is well you look look what's happened since is coming to the world, not just the fact we haven't had peace because Moran okay maybe similar transition agents all but the liquid with the followers of Jesus done these, the Messiah, and they should be the greatest friends as Rosary, had this to be praying for the Jewish people the help of the Jewish people in terms of times of suffering instead of the Christian churches as hurt us and cursed us and killed us in an and is a straight line for the New Testament to the Holocaust. Many Jews believe that you have horrible episodes in church history through the centuries. Both Catholic and Protestant science you have these these horrible things happen and you cannot deny that there's been a avirulent thread viewing tied of anti-Semitism in much of church history. I however contend that it is utterly and absolutely aberrant, utterly and absolutely aberrant. A complete exception to the rule that a genuine love for God and a genuine love for Jesus will will in the end Indian promotion great love for the Jewish people, and you've seen it. It's it's not as widely known, seen, but it's been there in church history and to the extent that Christians get back to the Bible and away from man-made tradition.

They will be greater levels of Israel and its undeniable just the tour that that I just helped lead last week.

The depth of love risen among Christians.

Christians there from around the world, not just to visit the so-called holy Christian sites in the land but because of their great love for the Jewish people. I've prayed with Christians around the world in countries like India in countries like Korea in countries like confidence, like Africa. I mean, just different parts of the world.

We don't think there is a clear historic connection to the Jewish people.

And yet there has been great prayer for Israel. I've prayed with people and in Asian countries who weep for the Jewish people and not just to be quote save but for their protection in the land and and and for God to be with them is acquitted, this come from an end. I've met people in tribal areas in India and they said all we we celebrate the Jewish calendar.

We pray for Israel every day with income from that's only natural. Because these Gentile believers have been grafted into the larger the larger commonwealth of Israel, and shares Paul writes in Romans 11 share in the nourishing sap 866-34-TRUTH some interesting Jewish traditions. Okay Esther 922. They were to observe them as days of feasting and merrymaking so program and is an occasion for sending gifts to one another and presents to the poor. She have a special festive meals.even laid on prim afternoon Esther 919 the blue to that the traditional kiddush which is a a Hebrew prayer that said sanctifying the wine that's not set on prim some people recite one consisting of a since a series of biblical verses link solely by the use of the same people were in adjacent lines. This is an example of premature M sharing some of this from a book of by Eisenberg.

The JPS guide to Jewish traditions is highly reliable.

It's a great compilation, Ronald Eisenberg don't have any for sale here, but the readily available right. He notes that that this interesting custom is an example of current Torah a variety of times jokes and spruce on the top. Another class of tests that are characteristic of the festival and some she votes of some traditional Jewish schools student was selected as the prime rabbi give lectures that frivolously manipulated sacred tests and parodied his teachers for one day without the objects of respect for the topics of playful or stinging satires. One rationale for this practice is that a single day making good knowledge of nature in front of the tour which is so highly revered the rest of the year prevents Jews from becoming sanctimonious about their holy text ought to say it's ugly fascinating that when you are realizing a this is a celebration of deliverance we should of been destroyed. We should have been wiped out. We were delivered.

That's also a time of of almost hilarious celebration of one of my friends live messianic Jewish Carnation in Baltimore. We put on a poor employee every year, and I remember remember going 27 there actually cover missionary rabbis and in their groups outside protesting. This is misleading.

The school that was that was being. You should let messages that use the school for part festival at think they the they could have used their protest energies in a better way in a better place that I remember just been so eager to get over there and talk to them and interact with them, but I remember one year zero was at the play was called a Star Trek yeah play on Star Trek and Esther and everybody was in the Star Trek Alfredson and it was no per being played out in this messianic Jewish community.

So the Senate usually reset develop their own fun traditions as well. And yet there are a variety of special foods that are associated with for the most popular of the Ashkenazic triangular pastries filled with poppy seeds or first fruit known as common Tosh and Lewis Heyman's pockets and Sephardic fried ear shaped cookies called was Nate Hamman Heyman's ears. Some communities the chickpeas reminiscent of the vegetarian diets of Esther. Later Daniel to avoid any for infringement of the dietary laws of kashrut culture dies.

It was within the king's palace in a bizarre pot has some has led some to deter him as the opening line of the village goes. Esther states the office very straight from from hold you both Turkey and India to push the turkey disposing into her right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, what if if Israel nation of Israel in the Middle East was normal with there be peace between Palestinians with the be peace in the Muslim role conflict happens not can happen naturally as God is God's not going to happen that's a question that was asked by Cory Gil Schuster on his asked project Israel where he asks Israelis and others what their answers would be the questions that get submitted. This is Michael Brown that is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. If you have a Jewish related question of any kind. Here's the recall, 86634 that's 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Let's see for JavaScript clips three through five. This is Cory Gil Schuster, the asked project and he's asking the question, would there be peace if Israel disappeared and this time he's getting answers from Palestinians.

All right, Palestinians speaking, the number three most likely is right now mess with me charge and that there would be part of the pool is not interesting.

Isn't that fascinating. Did you get that that that if you take Israel on the mix that Thomas instead will take over and you that they seven Islamic state and that would be horrific.

Palestinians that would that would be like in Syria. We've got women who were under Isis and when ISIS is out.

They take off that that the you know the full face coverings that the burgers that you know that there where they take them off and start burning them yet, you would have a radical Islamic Hamas ruling Palestinians are all out war between cost and authority in Thomas. Isn't that interesting. And this is by the way of the translator translated with their their responses are to this question. I could never forget the question asked to Palestinians with there be peace if Israel disappeared even more because I cannot the city and not become united.

The yes there will be peace to become united right. Let's remember that the war in Syria was a Muslim of the more the war in Yemen was Muslim of Libya Muslim Muslim conflicts in Egypt Muslim Muslim Arab Arab that the horrific war between Iran and Iraq was that was Muslim Muslim right Cindy.

She will there both present primarily sheer, but was Muslim Muslim in each one planning the other one is his heretic, one Arab and one person rainy, so this is something that has been well-known.

This is something that has been a pattern you take Israel the mix and you not suddenly going to have perfect peace. The Muslim world and you cannot blame all the conflicts on Israel. You cannot well yellow terse because of his fellow guests fellow guests not true at all. Hey friends, we tell the truth whether people like it or not, were going to tell the truth.

Do we care about the well-being of the Palestinians. Yes, what's the Best Way, Palestinians to have prosperity and self-determination stop trying to wipe out Israel work together with Israel, say hey we can share land together we can be neighbors Jews can live in Palestinian state. Palestinians can live in a Jewish state. Let's work together for the common good. It could happen because this would prosper wonderfully blame bad custody, leadership, conflict, or else for it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. All I was expecting some Jewish music. I don't know what happened but it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday, 8663 freight 784 if you get a Jewish related questions that you thoroughly Jewish host Michael Brown delighted to be with you all will want to tell you an interesting story here a bit before I do that let's go back to this question about Israel and Israel's existence this in the book of Esther and and that the holiday program begins Saturday night. Today holiday begins Saturday night the 11th, but the though the reminder of Esther is Augustine preserve his people and that there always get to be attempts to wipe the Jewish people after the gobble, preserve us, not because of our goodness, but because of his goodness because of our widths of the because of his wisdom because of what we've done but because of who he is and what he does. This promise is sure the front and many passages in the Bible.

If you question that all glad to lay them out for later met many times before this one. I could do it again right now the book of Esther is a perennial reminder to us of God's promises to his people that he will keep even if it looks like he is hidden in plain sight. He will do it now another question.

Cory Gil Schuster on the asked project as posting is what will happen to the Israelis when you take back Palestine of 1948. Go back to your original Palestine that you had that before it what's what's going to happen to the Israelis courses I can happen, but the questions being asked with number five. What's the answer from the Palestinians straight out and kill him. That tragically is the view of good number thousand Jewish people should be wiped out, and I tell you again their problems. There problems or do to corrupt Palestinian leadership and look this is in many ways man on the street, the evil Israelis custody ministries. Evil Israelis should be wiped out. Even as a recognition of the corruption of their own leadership and in the factionalism of of their own leadership and in the war between thought toxins, Hamas and all the bloodshed and so on. The power grabbing, you know, they recognize that still think evil, Israel should be wiped out.

And then there will be this campaigns were propagandists disseminated and even little kids will get provoked to try to kill a Jew tragic, tragic and and it is the fault of the leadership 866-34-TRUTH okay what tell you story Jewish story for thoroughly Jewish Thursday and I'm holding in my hands. One of the few coffees we have left of the real culture. Jesus in hardcover one came out. We did initial printing in hardcover is an exclusive offer through her ministry and recently found out we have a few of the left not not thousands on anything. Hundreds if you score of them left so it really is a limited-edition course. The paperbacks e-book can readily get the Norte. The story behind this book, the real culture.

Jesus and how is it that there's an endorsement on this book by Rabbi Shirley Botero, who wrote the book kosher Jesus this is Mike and I have some just religious, historical and social values debate that we have gone beyond the only respectful public abscess to be friends with deep affection between us as we disagree passionately on this is. God bless you Mike. I look forward to many more debates had headed that endorsement get on the back cover of my book, the real kosher Jesus. How did my endorsement get on Shirley's book inside cover of Shmuel Eastbrook where I said why passionately disagree with his radical reconstruction of New Testament's rejection of Jesus the Messiah thrilled to see an Orthodox rabbi recognize Jesus as an Orthodox rabbi.

You could call this America's most famous Rabbi meets the most famous rabbi of all time. So what's the history will surely I've been doing debates since 2000's. In two and the first one that was done we were not for various reasons, we can't distribute this agreement right before the debate, it was just for the people. There was to be videotaped for our cause, but not to be distributed so can't do that informative but over subsequent debates have been videotaped and many of them are widely available. Some on YouTube of the store ministry beginning in major debates in 2004 that were videotaped for public dissemination and that was it. The famous one who really killed Jesus that happened right before the passion of the Christ movie came out this move so over the years we debated surely would raise these arguments following a British scholar hi Maccabee and Colby and see had a view that some of had it that Paul basically radically change things, that the Jesus of the New Testament that the real Jesus is calling Jesus that he pull things away from their original Jewish foundation and came up with this mythical Divine Savior, etc. and was responsible for rewriting of the New Testament and it's it's untenable to completely untenable thesis on on many different scholarly levels, but that was some shows you the Jesus was a great freedom fighter that hated the Roman city want to overthrow Rome that he let his disciples in a futile attempt overthrow thinking that is as they led the way that a mass uprising would follow.

So he sent a false Messiah is a failed Messiah, but he's a great teacher and a patriot. We should respect him as is one of her great Jewish teachers but just know that you have to sift through.

It's in the New Testament to get what he really said you have to throw out what Paul said about etc. art self over a period of time. Shmuel he put his views together in a book called kosher Jesus and he contacted me before the book came out and really wanted me to endorse the book really want me to.

I thought white but I differ, I may not categorically differ with you if you quote me your I was going to differ with me in the book she called me how I can endorse it but he really wanted me to. Any thoughts on how to be a bridge builder between Jews and Christians well I so II. I read it I thought about it, how can endorse it that came up with an endorsement that I mentioned and he was happy with it so it in any case, it looks like Glenn Beck door six at the thought of interesting that I would soothe and read it like it happened with books that are Dorsey don't miss the riddle but any anyway.

Anyway, Pat Boone endorsed it does even more lovable's interest in any case. In any case, it created a firestorm of controversy in the judicial firestorm of controversy in the Jewish world and the book is being published by Geffen publishers in Israel is to be the first of which was many books that was released in Israel first and was be given out to Knesset members prominent members in Israel, and it was it was the talk everywhere in Jewish press, and I was up late one night praying we were planning to have some debates.

Beginning in April. We would debate who is the kosher Jesus and into major New York City were planning on it and his book was coming out what February. The official release in January.

Maybe it Israel February America something like that. I'm a full night praying late at night.

It's 230 in the morning and I'm deeply gripped and probably my person and I feel deeply graphed. You need to weigh in now because there is such discussion about the subject of doubt about kosher Jesus in the Jewish world.

There were some ultra-Orthodox websites that were very upset with smoothly and this is this is wrong.

It's good to get people to look at what Jesus said I could lead people to apostasy and so on summer banning the book incredible controversy and I felt that was the time to way and I thought shall write a lengthy article review of the book of talk about our history of debates.

I woke up the next morning it was all over me.

I knew it no write a book write a full-length response. Get out now full-length response takes a while right full-length response.

How to get out now.

I get a major publisher to get a book out now I want to get out April, I spoke with a major publisher.

This should be can do it April of next year's ago April.

This is really crazy. We get there in April next year.

No April of this year's crazy is 10 weeks when we from the day I started writing the book I wrote in three weeks. While the publisher was editing the book and I tell you it was like a journey at every get currently to write because I felt I was opening true self and giving me insights yeah it it refutes the real, the kosher Jesus argument. The real kosher Jesus but it's more that stand-alone books, the more book I wrote to into the hands of a Jewish person should of Jesus the Messiah isn't get the hands of the Christian show them who our true Savior really is. While the publisher was editing the book.

I put in the 450 endnotes � started writing it to the date exclusive hardcover edition sitting at my desk with less than 10 weeks we will have people order it when we get our first debate in New York City.

So we got a limited number of these hardcover books with a still there. Yours is a gift and give you one of these, along with a DVD of it, think it through episode called Jesus can't be the Messiah right answer.

Some Jewish questions there and then an audio CD with highlights of our life from Israel broadcast last week we had phenomenal broadcast live from Israel. So those are all yours is our gift to you are Jewish, inquisitive, torchbearer this month to help us with at least a dollar a day per month and are Jewish out to do that go to the line of fire delegates. The line of join our team today file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get another minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and working to thoroughly Jewish Thursday, March 23 market on your calendar. Two weeks from tonight.

I'm scheduled to debate Orthodox Church lawyer Osher Norman author of a counter missionary book on what you still believe in Jesus should be a live stream from Georgia's review are around the world. You should be able to watch it live and it should be posted on YouTube a number of different places. Shortly after the debate is over the days that follow us pray for God's truth to triumph for many Jewish people to learn the Jesus issue is the Messiah for Jewish eyes to be open for Christians, for believers to be greatly strengthened. 866-34-TRUTH hey we want to pour all these resources and she when you become a torchbearer. But here's the most important thing you're helping us reach Jewish people with the good news of the Messiah.

Surely recognize the importance of the truly recognize the importance of salvation coming from Israel and back to Israel surely is a follower of Jesus, especially if you're not Jewish. Recognize the burdens that we have reached our Jewish people because without the gospel coming from the Jewish people to the world, there would be no salvation without the Jewish Messiah. There is no salvation so partner with us. Help us reap a great harvest were many lives will be wonderfully wonderful change to the eternal glory of God, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Dallas, Texas Treva, welcome to the line of fire background. How are you doing very well thank you I am a believer in greatly.

I learned from you like the path. I'm wondering what my brother and I and not you almost certainly it's is not offensive as a Christian lover of Israel you will participate and then finally remember the messianic congregation would be the way it would be self described that a messianic church is yellow. That's okay I just this big educational here and in fact congregations a better way to translate the Greek Clay Sia which is church in the New Testament will be better because translated this is Congregational messianic assembly, but the first to join in the messianic congregation and celebrate the feast of holy days.

That's wonderful, and in fact unless you're in a heavily Jewish area. The majority of the people in the congregation are themselves gentiles and leisure in a heavily Jewish populated area or urine, Israel, the majority of those in a messenger stargazer will actually be gentiles who love the Jewish people so that's that's number one of number two.

If you went to a local synagogue. Some destroy my traditional synagogue Jews that didn't believe in Jesus and you said hey I I'm a Christian, but I love the Jewish people and and I just looked to learn more about your background tradition in your mind. If I'm here participating with you not here to proselytize. Here's a Christian I'm not claiming to be a Jew. Many of them would welcome you and I would be glad to have your friendship. I would be glad to explain the traditions and the backgrounds and and things like that so it's it's so it's when gentiles try to look like Jews and and kind like this want to be Jewish. They were the going to dress up in Jewish garb and they don't live a Jewish lifestyle that had that I almost see how that helps anything and I'm sure you're not saying that or it's it's when a Christian wants to infiltrate his synagogue to secretly witness to Jewish people and goes there with ulterior motives that would be wrong. But to say I love the FISA love the holidays. I love II love the traditions and I'm confirming my faith in Jesus as is the Savior Messiah, but he was Jewish. After all, great, wonderful, either as part of the messianic congregation or even visiting a local synagogue. It doesn't believe in Jesus think you're very great thing thank you for what you will thank you so much for listening. Hey friends, my book 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices. 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices gets into lots of questions that Christians ask, be at. What's the Talmud ready Jewish men were ahead covering or of the Palestinians connected to the Canaanites, or did you speak Hebrew or Aramaic. Those Questions but also have a whole section the fourth section of the book deals with Christians on the law. What about the seventh day Sabbath. What about the Jewish calendar.

What about gentiles attending messianic congregation. What about obligation to keep the law as a whole. What about what about those questions so I deal with them in the book 60 questions Christians ask, but usually some practices and remember we also have archived online thousands of hours of radio programs and hundreds of videos and hundreds of articles along with debates with rabbis and others in their there for your viewing pleasure.

Your listening pleasure.

Your reading pleasure in their there through the generosity of our support team of folks like you who help our ministry with one-time gifts or with monthly support. That's how we do what we do so we we appreciate the fact that through Internet. We can make so much more available for free and then there other resources that we develop it without a written form in DVD form that can be purchased as well that will go even further. But they're all available for you on the website. The line of uterus about the Sabbath disco digital library and search for Sabbath you're curious about the Hebrew calendar, the feast of Israel.

Just go ahead and search got the info.

Therefore, you have never seen one of my debates with the Rabbi, by all means go to the website and watch and be in prayer again. March 23 is the next debate. Hey, I would. I would do these every week if I could debate rabbis and others all the time gladly joyfully that what it takes a lot to put a debate together in a folks listed in different states. After both get to a place to videotape it.

You gotta have folks doing that.

You gotta have a venue to do it. You gotta have a way that gives the people comments on the can be in the logistical challenges but my issues not logistical challenges my issues that with a lot of folks that one of debate is not.

Many times we tried to discuss more social issues on campuses you might read about some of these guys there and speak on campuses and and and their protest rallies and I getting get on the We can get the invitation because it ends up into controversial or week we can't get anyone willing to debate his associate. Let's do a debate rather me just a lecture. Let's do a debate so that the other side can present their viewpoints many years ago I was ministering in in Arizona. I was about to debate a famous Rabbi and there is an older Jewish couple and their daughter was a Jewish believer in their right on the edge of coming to faith in Jesus. They were talking, you want to know what to do us you know what go to the debate here his site. Here's mine. The make up your mind yet and they became believers. Thank God for. Hey, Paul wrote in second Corinthians 13 eight nothing against extra support. Playing SV40 teams while you got questions, we've got answers my bottom line today. Pray for the lost sheep house of his it's harvest times times

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