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The Keys to True Happiness; Answers to Your Questions; and an Interview with John Zmirak

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 27, 2017 4:40 pm

The Keys to True Happiness; Answers to Your Questions; and an Interview with John Zmirak

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Want to share with you why I wrote an open letter to Katie Perry a lot more to cover more on the travel ban and the courts and your calls today it's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hey friends, it is great to be with you today on the line of fire, my joy, my privilege to spend this time together with you your summer.

Call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I've got some interviews coming up this week and some special things I want to cover it. So to make sure that you have time to call in and ask questions. Even random questions on random subjects then I'm going to give out the number now if you want to call during the show, even if it's completely off topic but this is your opportunity to call me. Phone lines are open 866-348-7884, and over the course of showing to try to answer some questions have been emailed to us are posted on social media or coming in other ways as well, as well as take your call, so I will leave everything together into a seamless garment while you sit back and enjoy again, 866-348-7884 by the way, a couple of weeks ago I got a call about the movie the shack. I bought the shack book years ago started to read it put down. Never read more, but I knew the controversy surrounding since then we've known clearly that William Young, the author of the shack does hold to some heretical beliefs, including a a universal salvation belief basically that everyone ultimately gets in to God's eternal loving kingdom, but at that time in the book came out, the research question. Is it heretical not a skinny great message. Of course it became a make a bestseller that I can about the movie I didn't see the movie eat. I've had friends say to me it's heretical.

It's terrible. Stay away from that it's poison and other say was powerful.

I went through. It got really used it to speak to me as to how to be sublime and the other one say how could you be so blind anyway.

I was asked for my take on it, discussed it with someone who sought and I just said hey.

From what I can tell if an unbeliever goes to see it. It might be something that points them in the right direction points them to God's love and and the the errors. The doctrinal errors or are stated more subtly, and you're not expecting Hollywood to nail the picture anyway you know of nail doctrine and have it exactly right.

Anyway in use maybe a stepping stone that the Christians ministry to find. Just make sure that they are aware of some of the error in it so that little interaction I had on the radio got posted on our YouTube channel on the Esther to run YouTube channel and I think got posted yesterday. It's stirring up a bit of controversy and that I could be totally wrong on it. I could be a movie to stay away from. I hadn't seen it.

I was only going based on what people said that's based on what you're saying. This is the advice that I would give right and I think everybody pretty much agrees that the parts that would be heretical and deviant or more subplot from even from the critics would say that and that that which is more obvious as may be teachable of God but of course mixed with poison and anyway, I've got a dog in this fight. I could be totally wrong. I could've given beautiful wise advice it could just be hate you got your opinion.

I got my boat you have a minute go to Esther to just click the digital library for the latest videos of the street to YouTube. Yes, Dr. Brown channel on YouTube as Katie or Brown on YouTube and endless. It is just a short answer just a few minutes long and weigh in their especially if you saw the movie weigh in with your opinion. If you think I gave wise counsel or unwise counsel again. I was obvious not being dogmatic because I hadn't seen the movie or read the book of this contracting given what wisdom I thought I could give sometimes a say have no answer I can answer. Haven't looked that study that your I thought I had some constructive thoughts, but you can land right we come back. So why in the world did I write an open letter to Katie Perry what's in it and what's the message for each of us.

Stay tuned for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks so much for being part of the line of fire. Broadcast your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Let me say again, thank you to those of you who post reviews on the Esther to Brown Facebook page, which we did for the benefit of those that looking and trying to find out. Should the spent time on the page or not.

Thanks for doing it. I was not looking for personal encouragement or validation that comes from my walk with the Lord and from seeing over period of many years could fruit coming forth in the lives of God's people through his word that through my grace through his grace, but I was kinda blown away by what so many of you posted there and your gracious words. So thank you thank you for letting us know that we are making a difference. So why did I write this open letter to Katie Perry can read it on a website Esther to why did I write what I write any of these open letters will I write them first because I'm burden to do so.

It's all my heart to do so. It's on my mind to do so and I write an open letter because I don't have direct access to the purse not.

I did meet a couple years back. Some folks that were close to Katie Perry but I don't presume on having a relationship with them and I'm there to serve them and be a blessing to them not to use them as a conduit to her, but I did send the article to one of them and said, hey, maybe you can get this to her, but in my thinking. What I write an open letter.

I have a burden to do it and I have no direct access to that person. If I have access to them. Let's say for example, where friends and you say something that I feel was very, very wrong. From the pulpit of someone sends me a clip and say look at this you know this guy. Did you know you know Billy Pastor Billy listen what he said and they sent me a clip, and it's actually you. I thought one the world that's way off for my going to do write an open letter to you get on the radio and talk about it now and call you can email your say we talk and then discuss what happened and hopefully I can help you with with that error. But if I don't have access to the person and their life is public, then if I feel burden. I will write an open letter to them now.

Do I think it's going to get to them I was pray and hope that it will, and I know in some cases it has in its it's led to constructive dialogue.

Afterwards, in some cases it has in its slip to the door to shut my face because they want constructive dialogue. That's okay either way. I'm simply seeking to be obedient to the Lord. But not only do I want to reach the person I want to educate the reader a few weeks back when I felt led to write this open letter to Miley Cyrus. I also wrote it, knowing that some of her followers read it. I also knew wrote it, knowing that there would be Christian parents and these parents know that their kids are really into Miley Cyrus and they would say he wants you read this, so I wrote it for their benefit as well. In the case of the open letter to Katie Perry. I also wrote it for all of us to stop and reflect enough course I seek to set a model with what I write how I do it or how we interact on radios people so that it's a good constructive model so that you can follow that example and hopefully speak grace and truth and love in a forthright way all together, speaking the truth without compromise walking in love without compromise.

So there's also a reason for it, but there's a reminder in this open letter is for everybody that riches and fame. Don't bring you happiness, riches and fame. Don't bring you happiness and contentment comes primarily from within, more than it comes from without. Let me ask you a question. Where'd you think there are more divorces.

Where'd you sink there are more psychiatric appointments needed. Where'd you think there are more drugs being taken to get through the day in the Hollywood celebrity a leash making more money than most of us could even relate to or say a happily married lower middle-class Christian home.

I think the evidence the answer so that it doesn't mean that Lisa had problems doesn't mean that you're sending.

If you had to see a psychologist or psychiatrist doesn't mean that that your evil if your kids are struggling. No, no, no, not at all not at all not at all. But if you look at, say, the book of Proverbs you see that there were principles of life principles that we live by. And if you live by these over time you will see that God's ways are ways of life, you will see that God's ways bring much lasting fruit you will see that over period of time. One thing tends to long life.

The other thing tends to short life that make sense 86634 so someone sent me a link to an article that Katie Perry had done a live session with her therapist, and in it I saw this quote from her. I so badly want to be Catherine Hudson that I don't even want to look like Katie Perry more and sometimes in like that's a little bit of why cut my hair because I really want to be my authentic self. Now I know people are praying for. I know she was raised in the Lord raised in the faith, and I felt led to reach out with this open letter to if you haven't read it reader. I think you'll be edified.

She wrote a song called the grace of God sent it. She feels that's the only way she's made it this far and I'm I'm not. I haven't followed her career muscular with the song but but it was said, yeah it's it's got a strong message or you can tell she's she's crying out in the midst of it either way. God knows our heart, but I said it on the midst of your struggles you're sending an important message to all your fans riches and fame populate all the riches fame popular in the world can't buy you true happiness written content and I want to say that to all of you that are thinking if I could just get this race. If I could just get this job if I could just get this house if I could just have this. I just have this possession if if more people knew my name whenever the thing is, those outward things do play a role in our lives.

In other words, if you are constantly in serious debt that she had a medical crisis you've lost everything you're inconstant that you that that ways and I understand God's provision can be a lifeline and you might you might just be gone through certain situation where all your friends have rejected you and in your you're really on the outside it in your emotional pay. I understand I am saying overall that true peace and true joy does not come from outward possessions. It does not come from the affirmation of others, it ultimately comes from being in right relationship with God is a rotor to go to sleep at night without sleeping pills being at peace with God and yourself to get up in the morning full of excitement for the new data live with a sense of joyful purpose and no amount of money in the world can buy those things so I accorded some scriptures to Katie Perry. Proverbs 1516 better is a little with the fear of the Lord than great treasure and trouble with and better is a dry morsel with quiet than a house full of feasting with strife. These verses. Proverbs 1560 Proverbs 17 one. Make more sense when you have everything you can imagine, a thick, manic weeks be happier. We had very little miss me happy moments at 10 have a meal together. I'm in one of my friends all this is late 70s early 80s.

He ended up taking all kinds of overtime on his job because he could make an incredible amount of money. I thought this would be an awesome thing to do for his family so he took all this over time and work so much that he missed out of the tremendous amount of time that it really have his wife and kids so as to make it up. They would go out and do special things all the time and go to restaurants extra in do extracurricular things that cost extra money in his interview, he realized that he worked all those extra hours but then spent his extra money to make up for the time he did. Now, with his family at least a better quality time before he rehearsed okay so much for that mentality not I read that Johnny Depp famous actor Johnny Depp has a full-time staff of 4040 people that cost them $300,000 per month is moderate and that he spends $30,000 on why everyone thought it if that's true, that's my submittal make $30,000 a year.

Okay. Very few of us make $300,000 in a year, let alone in a month.

I certainly don't make anywhere near the probably euros. So yes, I'm here, you are right, but a bundle is an aversion to make lessons is making a point.

It's hard to relate to that kind of money spending that kind of money at any must-have people every day see your amazing Dragon is amazing, but I bet he be the first to tell you he's got more inner turmoil and inner peace, so read this letter. Pray that he gets Katie Perry Preble of all the double touch direct back file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much on the line of fire broadcast 866348784 yesterday. Later in the afternoon after my radio show.

I did one hour interview on another radio broadcast and was about the book that's and I wrote breaking the stronghold of food and also Nancy on the way home, talking to pharmacy, I can really sell that book, meaning I just have to talk about the life transformation. I just have to talk about how incredible it is to be in the body I'm in now healthy, thriving my right weight just it's it's amazing energy level immune system just the strength to travel and run the race are run and was working a major project for Jewish outreach working on this this project and got an email from gentleman involved with a sick can you be finished by tomorrow. I thought no way meant I'm planning to get this finished by the end of the week and that's can be a push us and I'll give it. I give it my best shot, which meant in the many hours put in last night and then he wrote back and said hate thank God your you're healthy and vibrant, eating healthily and you could be as true a minute. This gives me the energy to keep going and even more mental sharpness. So if you don't have our book yet this week when you get it from our website. You'll also get with it a DVD were I preach a message to great congregation in St. Louis preach a message about my own story and and and keys that I've learned along the way his first time actually preach the whole message on that on the theme of the book, so by all means go to S. Dr. Brown.Oregon and take advantage of that special offer even get it for a friend of yours or family member they could really use some help. 866-3487 84.

One last word about the Katie Perry open letter and this I want apply to each of us. It's just a slight switch site switch in and out. Yes, I preach the gospel to clearly and and urge her to surrender her life at the foot of the cross, and receive God's gracious gift of new life in Jesus. But for many of us as believers, we know that true peace true satisfaction is found in a relationship in the Lord, we know that, but when it comes to getting ahead with our calling with the things God has for us. We forget the same principle, namely, that God is the one who opens doors and closing stores that that God is the one who causes things to fall into place before us, it doesn't mean we don't work hard.

It doesn't mean we don't try hard doesn't mean we don't knock on the doors that we have available in front of us. But what it does mean is that first and foremost we seek God. What I mean. I mean this you are. You believe God called you to do a certain thing and it seems people not recognizing your calling and others get picked before you get picked and others with less ability get asked to do things you have more ability to doing it and it's frustrating so so what you do well. The natural thing to do is try harder and push harder and try to show that that your better qualified or look for new open doors, but have you sought God first, have you put him first in and said father I just want to please you and then seek to know him better and walk with him more closely. Tell me if you do gobble supernaturally promote you as he sees fit. Hill open a door that no one else can open and and maybe he'll take you from the back of the line to the front of a lot worse with your best efforts, maybe would have gotten two or three up from the back of the lot. He knows how to do that and he also may have to deal with pride or ambition, fleshly ambition, or other things in your life that get in the way and and then as you seek him and put your dependence on him and he molds and shapes your character.

Now what he does promote you, you will be more ready for the promotion.

So just have that on my heart. I hope that is useful advice for you.

8663 for 87884.

Let me grab some hubcap got a bunch of questions for one gentleman will try to answer a couple of them quickly. Arthur, thanks for all your your question okay number one St. Thomas Christians as they're called Kerala India.

We trace their spiritually expected. St. Thomas according to tradition was was martyred in India. I met a few of the states because it had no interaction of any gaps that may have met some in India, but no interaction. Many deaths to make a spiritual comment on that. As for the so-called Assyrian Christians, they're not okay date the could be descendents of the ancient Assyrian people, ancient Babylon and Assyria is basically Iraq today, but there's been a lot of displacement of peoples and people groups over the centuries, different ones of coming in dominated regions and things like that but let's just say that that they have continued physically and and or descended from the ancient seas.

Ms. zero Babylonian empires which which go back a couple thousand euros plus before the time of Jesus. Let's just say that they go back that far.

And they came to faith in the early centuries of the birth of the church so so they are Christians there within ancient history, they would refer to themselves as Assyrian and say they use the Assyrian language in their liturgy but it's really Syriac, not Assyrian that's just the way it's referred to. It's an ancient Aramaic language or Aramaic dialect and fairly close to the language that Jesus, Yeshua would have spoken so when they would refer to themselves as Assyrian, they would potentially be physical descendents of the ancient Assyrians that lived in what is now Iraq and they would speak Arabic as a first language, but they would also use Syriac, which is a form of Aramaic in their liturgy and that relates it's not exactly the same but it relates closely to the spoken language issue with the views Jesus refused in his home. As for the question about the caste system in India. It's terrible terrific it's it's not quite as pervasive as it was in the past and initially it was just different classes of workers and things like that socio-have the cast. It came out of different jobs and things like that. In terms of the some of the specific names where they come from, but ultimately it's part of Hinduism and it's one of the most destructive aspects of Hinduism, and it can be crippling because this is your fate in this life that's the mentality. This is your fate in this life and you are therefore trapped and locked into that.

So the best thing to do is to endure that suffering well with the hope of a better reincarnation and then the wealthy rich somehow have that right to be. So on the wealthy in, and the indigent poor that's their destiny.

My friend, a soup autumn drop in the caste system and that's what turns into communism, and atheism.

Thankfully Jesus saved him when he's in his early 20s. If you want to know how miserable and degrading and demeaning.

The caste system could be just listen to his testimony. Go to the lot of a lot of fires or typing a soup autumn white ESU P A.D.A.M. listen story with me will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown in the second hour today, joined by my friend Johnson Iraq from the will talk about the courts ruling on the travel ban of reversing most of the travel ban restrictions. The restrictions against the president's travel ban that lower courts had had put out there.

Interestingly interesting the dissenting votes the votes.

That said, or the views that differed with the majority opinion said the whole thing all opposition to the president span should be removed. So all of them agreed that the restrictions needed to be removed, in part or in full, but some settling in for you. I just this just caught my attention now but I'm sitting here looking at my screen on my computer is always due during the broadcast. Looking to see what calls are coming in I and and perhaps pulling up different articles that were going to talk about things like that but I'm looking at my YouTube channel for some recent comments on some videos and there is there it is YouTube doing distant. Get a copy of this some other safes if it comes up and you go to our YouTube channel is YouTube and there's the gay pride flick has been there all month and I'm just noticing it now. I think I want to notice it there. It is to celebrate a gay privacy even on my YouTube channel 7 on the chaplain on site what you know and it is conspicuous.

Yes, it is conspicuous that Pres. Trump did not call this gay pride month, 866342, all right before I go back to severe social media questions and some of the news items.

Let's go to the phones started Washington DC brother Joe how you doing Michael Brown. I have a question of mine and we were in our talking and he told me felt like a reprobate elbow that day that that is having a problem that we then feel bad about that birthday, but that he knows that what he doing then that that Violet not Alice wondering to Christian data or data that only a boss can't all know no there there are Christians that the seal the same way. There are Christians that are just not walking in close enough intimacy with the Lord and because of that they they're more concerned with how they feel or how something affects them them with the nature of sin against God. All of this is cured. Joe by getting closer to him and spending more time with him it's it's just the reality of human nature and end point of fact, when you when you spend more time in his presence more time in his word more time in prayer for Tom and worship. Then you begin to get his heart Sharif experience that to the things that are important to him become important to you that when you're walking at a greater distance.

You gotta be more selfish.

How does this affect my life. How does it know what's good and bad for me. When you're closer to him.

You'll now be struck with how does this affect the Lord has us affect my relationship with God.

How does he feel about this. So what your friend really needs to do is spend time pressing into the Lord, spend time reading the word not just go to chapters but ask God to speak into the word spend time in worship and as he does, he will become more acutely aware of God's heart.

He will become more acutely aware of the things that matter to the Lord and because he'll love the Lord more than it will burden him and hurt him if he feels he's hurt the Lord the person. It's a totally distant from their spouse, their plan around an adulterous relationship and try to think of the getting caught in a person that has reviewed love for their spouse will be absolutely heartsick to even entertain the possibility of adultery familiar friend, fresh encounter with more thank you sir question that he may be a false convert but that doesn't mean that he is just this number plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

We are in to the broadcast of the 866-34-TRUTH 87884 before I go to a caller in Hawaii.

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Right. Having said that, we go to Hawaii Derek, welcome to the line of fire dialogue Brown and by the way, the extra work, not the line fire app or not it works really great. I hunkered everybody together. I got a question that I noted earlier or back Scriptures held that in the end all goal will be the glory of God. My question then, if any, and all goal will pay what to preach the gospel now yes are the very best case scenario that we can look forward to is that at the end of the age there will be a turning of the Jewish people who are here on the earth right in other words, that the final generation of Jewish people, and God only knows how much shaking will be on the earth than war and calamity whatever the future holds. God knows but it looks like a time of suffering over the whole earth is God was mightily in the midst of this week get closer and closer to to the end. But what we believe is that there will be a turning of that final generation abnormal adjustment every single Jew but adjustment and national turning of that final generation. So, even if that is true even if that's correct interpretation of the verse Romans 1126, which I believe it is in other verses would support that as well. Derek. The fact is every Jew who lives and dies before then it needs to hear the gospel like everybody else, though it's this is not retroactive that every Jew who lived in history will miraculously be saved otherwise. And, of course, why preach or share the gospel if if you know that every single group somewhere is going to be saved, then why go preach the gospel if you knew, for example, that one day God is gonna save everyone in Isys that after they all died.

He was going to resurrect them and share the gospel with them and they'd all be saved, then why risk your life bring the gospel to them or if you knew that that every Catholic river, Hindu, or every Protestant to every whoever was going be saved and you share the gospel. So the fact is, Paul's heart was broken in Romans nine even though he knew that his people still have the covenantal promises, his heart was broken because they were cut off from the Messiah so the national promises remain in terms of God still deals with the people of Israel, as chosen people, but we are under judgment like everyone else outside of the Messiah. Salvation only comes to the blood of the Messiah were not good enough to get forgiveness for ourselves without God's mercy and on the day we stand before him. We can't claim Obama Jew are of special privilege know that that won't work. So we bring the gospel fact not just to the Jewish people, but to the Jewish people first is Paul's mandate is rich to the Romans. In Romans 116 to the Jew first and also to the Gentile. And then we continue to pray for Israel salvation pray for more more Jewish people to be saved and we we long for the day when that final turning will come but again that doesn't have any effect on all the Jewish people who have died.

Up until this point and all the Jewish people who live and die before that time, and then even then we don't know what that final number will be just still be a national turning by God's grace so with a sense of urgency and burden we share the gospel. Jewish people knowing that they need the Savior just as much as everybody else.

Dr. you are very welcome, and by the way of her that question from others. Derek's not the first to ask that. Which means that others also have that impression.

So just look at it like this. It's not automatic for anybody. It's not automatic for anybody to give you the most ridiculously trivial illustration but it's the one that came to mind. I am not good with videogames.

There was a time in the late 70s and early 80s when they were first coming out that I really got into them and I was pretty good at them because I got into them so intensely and wasted so many hours with them that when God really brought revival into my heart and into my soul. When he did that. I just put the games aside and played here and there very little for fun with family are over the years so I you know whatever that the sports games are and things like that that the males in my side of the family my sons along grandsons are much better at the games that I saw one time years ago vacation. I'm playing my son-in-law Jimmy Amber playing whatever the Madden game is at least 10 times better than me but I'd unwittingly gave some out. I'm somehow winning the game and all I have to do to seal the game with the time left is just make a pretty simple kick but because I'm so bad at the game even though I was winning. It was hit or miss and I missed and he comes back with his amazing short time come back in basement and as he said that's why they play the game resume may be the big favorite right and you still lose.

When the game comes okay.

I know this trip. It's ridiculously trivial illustration, but it will stay with you. That's why they play the game. In other words, it's not automatic is not guaranteed. Will this once can be saved. That was can be say therefore I don't need to do anything God is the Savior, God is the one who knows those who are his soul. We do look to him, lean on him and we do our part we do but we know how to do another Calvinist Calvinist believes that God has predestined those who are going to be saved before the foundation of the world and that is fixed and certain as can happen at Shirley's God is God. That's what they believe, but the consistent Calvinist believes that it is his or her job to bring the gospel to everyone. They have opportunity to because only God knows those who be saved so you cast the life-giving message out to everyone and pray for God to open their hearts and minds and leave the saving to him. So in practical effect.

I'm starting to reach out to every one of the Calvinists should still reach out to everyone I mean everyone we have opportunity or feel led to bring the gospel to knowing that God is the Savior that God ultimately knows that wants you to be safe.

So even if you had a theology that settles fixed is going to be safe, according to your own understanding. You know who those people are to be therefore God calls you to go preach to everyone.

Therefore, you do it. Obedience to him.

So, in particular with the Jewish people we know right now the vast majority Jewish people around the world are or are not believers, not believers in Jesus.

Yeshua the Messiah may be maybe 2% of the Jewish people were water believers. Maybe it's that hot summer. Poor little higher motion put lower but said is this still a tiny remnant, so by all means we should ask God for his heart that he would share his heart with us for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. 866-34-TRUTH 878840. Let me just look down here Harold Haber, the do have any idea what with the temple of this truck were snicker was killed look like Seneca being killed there some ambiguity in terms of what exactly happened where in terms of the sources. But if you just want to look at ancient temples of Assyria in terms of okay what what actually do we do we know and and there are certain things that have been unearthed in certain I haven't and that's that is really really easy to do search for okay what information do we have biscuit online type dance in this rock name of a Syrian deity right and see okay and yet so most traditions would say he was worshiping there when assassinated by his sons. We have exact location is a check here again is Dr. Michael Brown veterans for joining us today on the line of fire.

7884. I just want to clarify something when when I mentioned respond to questions about the assassination of King's inaccurate yes Scripture second Kings 19 chapter.

For example, tells us in verse 37 that he was assassinated. Snicker was assassinated while worshiping in the temple of his godly straw in in ancient Babylonia, Syrian sources there. There's a bit more ambiguity in terms of what exactly took place or where so and hence my initial answer yes Scripture does reference that explicitly, but you can you can get online these days and just so you you type in this rock right and I SROCH and then you can you find just a little bit about it and you could so let's see´┐Ż You type it in right and you look for images and art is apparently is this is this with the God look like you, you've got different images there it's it's so how do I separate truth from fiction.

Sometimes there are more.

There are websites that are more reliable than others but not sure. See how well the thing is documented. See what they refer you to today refer you to the works of other scholars today refer you to a standard reference works for me. Having spent years doing research in biblical languages and literature than earning my PhD in a secular university, you, you get a feel for good sources versus bad sources right just like anything else. Whatever your field is maybe in the medical field and say how about this website going on that's that's quack. What's your field but but you can pretty I sue could you check this out within a few seconds of that your field you can only say this is reliable. Mrs. reference up right before the show today.

A friend of mine asked me to check out somebody's Hebrew the person supposedly an expert to check out their Hebrew online so I listen to them reading some verses and on one hand they could read Hebrew that's that's nice but they're getting some of the vows wrong they're getting some of the accents wrong. So there their knowledge of Hebrew cannot be that significant that I could tell instantly met a lot of other good information, but that's easy enough to tell. So what you want to do is do your best to educate yourself in this way, and what you always want to look for is what's called primary sources versus secondary sources. What's the difference okay if you're studying the Bible. Your primary source is the Bible. Your secondary source is what people say about the Bible commentaries on the Bible articles on the Bible books on the Bible. Those are secondary sources that is someone else talking to you about the primary source so let's say you're studying Islam well you can read what people say about the Koran that secondary you can read the Quran itself that's primary your you're reading you know ancient Greek or Latin literature, your your your reading homework or something like that.

One of the classics, so the primary source would be home or if you could read it in its original language that would be the best right you read it in Greek but if can't reading in English translation in it so you can primary sources when everything to be directed to primary sources.

That's all better than secondary sources right. Secondary sources are valuable because there may be a top scholar involved with you also. But, but first and foremost could show it to me in the original that's that's what you want to start and end.

That way you can avoid being misled. Also avoid things that tell you that for the first time something is being revealed or discovered for the first time this insight in Scripture is being revealed. What. Since the Bible has been studied more carefully than any book in world history by more people putting more hours into it and more scholarship in the original languages in archaeology and text and everything else you can imagine the theology interpretation on a monarch that is highly unlikely that someone has just discovered something that nobody else is known know either. It's bogus. It's completely bogus.

That's why no one else is ever known, is made up in bogus or another possibility is it's been rejected. It's a fringe view and it's been rejected.

I met a few years ago people to look look.

Luke 1019 Jesus that I saw lightning fall from heaven, and that's that would be that the way check that out in if you look at it in an Aramaic. Originally it would've been bar rock that's lightning blue bomb and that's Barack Obama lightning falling from heaven. First, we can debate whether Barack comes from the Arabic root for blasts, in which case it has eight different final consonant or whether it comes from the name of Mohammed's horse Barack one you would transliterate with a Q1 with a K, but they be to different words, if it is the former fits from Blessed is nothing to do with the Hebrew word for lightning. That's the first thing the second thing is second thing the idea that it was Barack who bomb and or bomb, and that men haven't know at most, is a high place like a shrine on amount or something like that this it has nothing nothing to do with having nothing to do with the sky or but even even if it did you get a Jesus, a sickly sex of an Aramaic that years later is going to point to Pres. Barack Obama as his associate with the devil. It's this crazy that's idiotic that's stupid that's madness and that that he would've said it saying lightning at high place and that somehow comes into our translations is lightning fall from heaven, will come on but but I am and I saw people uptight about that videos out and there was a website I knew some of the people on it is a big website. They publish this I wrote to Mrs. please pull this pull this article. Trust me on pullets nonsense and they did. But that trust me, that kind of stuff will get a lot more views on intranet than my explaining why it's bogus that kind of stuff will get a lot more people.

So, while amazing but it is so contrary, not just biblical logic but the common sense and the words don't work and now boil boy so do your best not to just get caught up in the latest amazing nobody else knows this secret reason nobody knows this because it's not true. I and limitation else. Bible translators are not suppressing secret knowledge, keeping it from you see there's this conspiracy of all Bible translators around the world and they're keeping this information from you because they want to control you and keep your money that is 100% bogus lies, nonsense, forget about it. Polite, but to get people going to believe that what can you do pity them, pity them is about it and hope they don't influence too many others like friends get to visit my website.* we got a bunch of new videos and articles up in the digital library so check them out, including most recently my open letter to Katy Perry and some controversial videos are all posted there for you. Take advantage of this week special offer. Our book answerable together change your life. Breaking the stronghold of food together with an important message rush share my story live video want to share with you why I wrote an open letter to Katy Perry a lot more to cover more on the travel ban and the courts and your calls today it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown was a sweet for Marianne just spotted this review on Amazon.

A moment ago to our book, breaking the stronghold of food powerful book. May 29. This year I started eating right. While I was reading the book lost 11 pounds so far. So that's less than a month along with his wife are both heavy, change my life variances. I drank soda for 64 years and sweets all that time of 57. I have foster the hundred 91 pounds will be forever grateful. Come on Marianne, stay with it and you will never be the same. You will be as blessed as I have been as Nancy has been quite welcome, welcome to the line of fire. Some recall 866-34-TRUTH 784 866-34-TRUTH anything in the world you want to talk to me about.

I am opening the phone wide to your questions give you extra opportunity. We got some extra interviews going on this week I had a terrific interview with Tony Koster from Canada yesterday. If you missed it. Just go to the line of to listen to yesterday's show.

If you have your line of fire app you can just click and listen on their but because of extra interviews and things I want to open up the phones to give you extra time to call in with any question of any kind you have or if you have a difference with me you'd like to share her probe with me 866-34-TRUTH 7884. I said something that you might find very surprising in my open letter to Katy Perry.

I said to her that when I'll see some headline or article, no Leonardo DiCaprio's latest girlfriend in the house and picture the two of them below. Walking to some restaurant or whatever the thing is to read the whole thing will see the picture and some stunning model and she replace the last stunning model or theories got like 10 ladies out with him whenever probably around more beautiful women than most of us have ever seen an entire lifetime and I read that as a man I think. Poor guy. Poor guy is a poor guy while you say that he's he's got access to more beautiful women that than the vast rest written 99.999% of all the men on the planet and he could be in relationship with almost any one of them being with almost any one of them, every wanted to and and why feel sorry from the fields for Sartre if he only knew the joy that you have Sir in your great relationship with your wife for 15 years maybe you don't have the looks and the money of Leonardo DiCaprio big your wife said three kids and she lightly breaded bikini on the beach but you love each other and you are satisfied with each other and you've got the amazing family you're raising and the joy of long-term stable relationship. Your it's experiencing something worth far more than all of his riches and fame I mean is evil of riches and fame.

That's not my point, but that stuff is going to leave you with nothing and and in my book, saving a sick America, which is due out in September I made reference to the fact that many years ago I had seen a survey that was done where women large number of women for major women's magazine were survey and asked about their sex lives and their satisfaction and and the results were quite shocking. Those who were married in a solid long-term relationship were much more satisfied sexually and emotionally, than the women having all kinds of one night stands and flames sleeping around and doing their thing. A colleague of mine little endorsement for the book from family research Council shot me notes of my cure bunch of surveys that verify that recent government studies. Quite amazing. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown actually wanted library video right interact with feminine activist and Muslim apologist Linda sore, sore source of pics about the Bible. My open letter to Katy Perry radio conversation from a couple weeks back. How do we approach the shack. Yes, some people weren't happy with my answer. My interview with Brigitte Gabriel from this week fighting sharia law in America. My letter with advice for president trump all yeah I'm just a here I am helping president trump helping Katy Perry at this get that out article I wrote Vince and I talked about this lot. Our loss God's pain video on do we have a juice have a divine right to the promised land debate between Robert Spencer and James White of what constitutes authentic Islam and and on and on all all of tons more on the digital library is just right there for you. All these resources free to print them out for you to be late at night and I'm tired, sick, and now I gotta get this article out and I want to be a blessing to do it with joy with joy.

This be a blessing. She would ask Dr. Brown dog org and you'll find the salt in the digital library just clicked it to look at everything that's there share with others here on Facebook, twitter, get the word out so we can share together. One of the saying before I get to some of your questions.

In the second half hour of this hour on the speak with my friend and colleague, John Samir asked from the stream and I will talk about the Supreme Court ruling yesterday. The significance of it inter or the last few days with the travel ban most of the restrictions being rescinded and why that is so important. So what else is on John's mind, let's come your way. Always fascinating to talk to my friend John's Americas right together regularly on okay let me get to some twitter questions. Scroll down here and see okay answered that Gabriel, Gabriel hope are still there. Dr. Brown can you please give your opinion on Mormonism. Thank you.

Okay I am not an expert on the subject because I have not gotten into philosophical responses to theological issues as much.

William Ln., Craig holds to this which would be a so-called middle knowledge James White strongly opposes it. So if you want it get the opposing positions. I think you'll find articulate spokesman for and against. In Doctor William Ln., Craig and Dr. James White.

So if you type in their names. William Ln., Craig and James White and then type in Mormonism will you be able to hear or read what they both have to say about this.

The only comment I would make is this that I'm told by Calvinists that I cannot consistently hold to what I hold to and say that dog for those everything and yet there is freedom of choice and obviously you can't save yourself. You need God's salvation. To be safe, but within the parameters of choices that we make. There is freedom well. If God has not decreed everything in advance and set everything in motion to get a desired outcome. How could God for no everything. So the argument is that if you hold in for to foreknowledge you can hold to free will. If you hold to free will and you have to believe that the future is not yet fully determine which is what open theists hold to like like Dr. Greg Boyd strongly differ with that view of open theists. So how can it be both the interestingly in the Mishnah.

The earliest Jewish compilation of law which comes is put together a couple hundred years after the time of Jesus, but many of the traditions date back to his day and even earlier the formation or formulation in the Mishnah in this Jewish document is that it in. In Hebrew, it says this hot called so fully everything is foreknown that the how to shoot the to not but free will is given it sets those two things side-by-side and seeming contradiction. That's what I hold to and I hold to it based on Isaiah 5715 Isaiah 5715 says that God inhabits eternity in Hebrew, sugarcane, odd.

He inhabits eternity understand that to mean that time. Everything else was created. The time did not exist until God created time God exists outside of time above time.

Be on time while he works with in time so he can see the final outcome before it happens. In other words, it would be like this. Okay, it would be like this. Let's say you miss a football game. The football game is being played right and play to the end and now it's over but you you you lined it up to be recorded on your video system at home. You come home.

Later that day, and you watch the game for the first time and everything is fixed right. The results are ready fix, but you're watching it for the first time and do you influence the outcome know it's fixed. Can you change the outcome know, but is based on the choices that the football players made them what they did well and what they didn't do well right civil godlessness with the video he knows everything that's out, that's the point he can see the game after it was completed as if it just happened in front of his eyes.

He can look back at something that hasn't happened yet, because he inhabits eternity. That's I understand therefore he can give you freedom of choice you can make your choice, but he knows in advance what that choice will be.

And he knows the final outcome so we can tell in advance with the final outcome will be. He can announce it in advance, but he doesn't announce it all in advance lest he influence choices and things like that. All right, so she does not need what would be called middle knowledge in my view and understanding, and he does not need to fix everything in advance.

To me it's an inconsistency that people can't recognize this biblical principle of God existing above and beyond time. Therefore, he can see what you have a ready done tomorrow.

Even though you haven't done it yet and therefore the outcome is fixed in his sight, but it is fixed based on the choice you make to the extent of the let you make that choice.

So that's that's my take. Doesn't directly interact with Mormonism. It explains why I don't look to that as an explanation to reconcile these areas of foreknowledge and free will, 8663 for 87884 okay Evette Dr. Brown a twofold question what or who were the Giants in the town or a suit Genesis the sixth chapter. We've talked about that quite a few times on the air. So I would just encourage you to go to Esther to and type in the feeling and EPH IL. I am as best as I understand it, they are the offspring of the fallen angels that were able to take on human form and procreated with women and this was their offspring that produced Giants. Most were discussed destroyed at the flood, but this also apparently happened after the flood of read Genesis 6 correctly, which is why you see the descendents of manipulating these other giants on a Kemah refereeing in the Scriptures for what we can tell they were wiped out and ceased to exist. Many many centuries ago regarding Genesis 128. How should we understand that in terms of environmentalism. Let me first say that the Bible has a healthy view of the earth in the book of Revelation even speaks against those who destroy the earth, but does not worship the earth everything in the earth has been given to us for God's glory and for our good.

So, in Genesis 128 God blesses Saddam here. Speaking of man and woman together humankind and says to them, be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, and over every living creature that creeps on the earth, so we we are to rule over the earth. The earth has been given to us for our good and for God's glory. But we are to be good stewards of the earth, just like everything else that God has given us and in the and in keeping with biblical principles of justice and compassion and kindness that a righteous person is kind even to their their animal and that that an animal would also rest on the Sabbath, from from work while people were resting from work right here if you're not working radical socket to be working. We would understand that cruelty wanton cruelty against animals just to torture or kill for it. For our purposes would be wrong, but to the extent animals are given for us. What is the power feel literate as me. Some of the ways stewards leases have been given to us. So a healthy environmentalism is been with Scripture that modern environmentalist movement tends to worship mother Earth error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown transfer joining optional on a ferry some news items taking your calls on different subjects and responding to questions on social media. I got a question for you that leads in with the next question and answer on social media have you appreciated threatening to BW toes are.

Have you found them to be of great spiritual depth and an of of real penetrating insight by probably reading toes.

Her as I want to underline every every sentence like yeah yeah yup yup that's it speaks to me powerful convicting life-giving Juno. He was charismatic.

Did you know that he believed and speak in tongues and divine healing a W toaster.

Hey dear use the devotional browsable chambers. My utmost for his highest. I read a few years ago that was still the best-selling devotional out there. What 100 years after its publication of Solon and based on compilations his wife put together of his teachings over the receipt he died, as he is your man. Just in his 40s but she is been taking notes of all of his lectures and able to put these together incredible incredible spiritual penetration. Oswald Chambers and he was he was part of the early Pentecostal movement. The term of the 20th century that just the start you should know that so I've been asked this question by Brian on twitter I know you believe in healing but not like FF Bosworth in his book Christ the healer. What pointed Bosworth.

He taught healing Sumitomo just like I want to save all he also wanted to heal all the ones I mention toes a big because they have a close mentoring relationship a W toes are and FF Bosworth as right that's right actually I I agree with Bosworth in Christ the healer that healing was purchase trust in the atonement.

I believe that all of our redemption was purchased at the cross right including eternal life in the world, including a resurrection result purchased at the cross, some sallow feelings in the atonement will is salvation and redemption you think will have you separate those concepts the same way, the same way I understand when Jesus issue. It died on the cross that he paid for all of our sins and and for the results of those sins meaning physical death, spiritual death, sickness, disease, demonization, alienation, depression, fear all the consequences of arson. All the things that came into the world because of sin, you might be sick today is not because of your personal sin. But if you are not the fallen, sinful world there wouldn't be sickness at all. All right, so that's that's what I understand, that's what I lay out in academic detail in my book, Israel's divine healer.

Just a warning. It it is, I believe the most comprehensive study of God.

The healer in English or probably any language that's been done 465 pages.

Most of the textiles in the, the, the endnotes, so it's it's a technical scholarly read just as a warning to you, but if you're into that subject then then by all means it's it's the book to get and get into what the Hebrew means and what the Greek means and and especially focuses on on the Old Testament revelation of God. The healer, Israel's divine healer is the title that came at a 95 so you see that I lay it out there is as well, but we understand though that we will not experience physical resurrection, we will not experience that to the Lord returns get that too was purchased in the atonement is included in the atonement right, what, where else do we get that from so everything has been purchased for us, but that everything is fully realized in this world. However

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