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Dr. Brown Hosts Dr. Mark Stengler with Answers to Your Health and Medical Questions

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 9, 2021 12:42 pm

Dr. Brown Hosts Dr. Mark Stengler with Answers to Your Health and Medical Questions

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Do you have questions, health questions, medical questions, questions about COVID?

Dr. Stengler has answers for you today. It's time for The Line of Fire with your host, activist, author, international speaker and theologian, Dr. Michael Brown, your voice of moral, cultural and spiritual revolution. Michael Brown is the director of the Coalition of Conscience and president of Fire School of Ministry. Get into The Line of Fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

All right. I have really been looking forward to today's broadcast. We did this some weeks back and had such good results and such a blast doing it that Dr. Stengler's team said, hey, let's do it again, but let's do something special for all your Line of Fire listeners.

So before we get into the show, I just want to announce this. Dr. Stengler is a partner of our ministry and is looking for ways to be a blessing to you and to be a blessing to our outreach that we do as well. So the Web site is and you've been ordering the health supplements from there.

I take quite a few different ones every day and I'm blessed and super benefited by them. So But jot this down. The code that you use is health. This is effective today, Friday through Sunday night, Eastern Time, eleven fifty nine.

All right. So if you happen to listen afterwards on podcast, when you use the health code, you will get a double discount. Dr. Stengler's team said, let's do something special. Let's do something extra. So tell everybody if you're a church pastor, announce it on Sunday morning. Get the word out. OK, we want to spread the word with every order. You'll get a great discount. You'll get great health supplements and a donation will be made to our ministry. So again, it's and you want to use the health code instead of the normal Dr. Brown code through the weekend. Use the health code. Spread the word.

Tell your whole family. It is a great time to get healthier. All right. Any medical question you have, any health related question of any kind whatsoever. Just I'm going through this. We're wondering about this.

Family has a history of this. Dr. Stengler is here to answer your questions and he loves doing this over the phone. Hey, Mark, great to have you back with us. Hope you've been doing well. Yeah, doing well.

Great to be with you. I've got a question from a colleague who's actually a medical doctor. Wrote to me and asked if I could ask you this. He's been suffering from Parkinson's for 14 years. Are there approaches, any naturopathic approaches that you've seen that can help with Parkinson's? And he specifically wanted to know if any of the supplements in particular could be of help.

And it's just progressing. Naturally, he had one miracle where he asked God to heal his voice so he could sing. He can sing freely, but he can barely talk. It's one of these anomalies on top of anomalies.

But any any thoughts for him? Yeah, I've had patients with that over the years. There's some research. There's actually mixed research on coenzyme Q 10, which is an antioxidant.

They did do one study years back here in San Diego, one of the medical centers. And they found that very high doses of coenzyme Q 10. And in the studies they were using, I remember correctly, around 1600 milligrams of coenzyme Q 10.

Most formulas like ours at 200. And it did have some improvement symptoms. I have not seen with natural treatments where people, you know, stopped the progression of Parkinson's. I've just seen improvement for periods of time and in reducing symptoms from the tremors I've seen improve cognitive function. So the two main things we use are the coenzyme Q 10 as well as glutathione.

Glutathione is protective to the nerves, the nervous system, high dose fish oil. There are studies, obviously, in people who exercise preventing the loss of muscle mass you can get with Parkinson's disease. So really, we can help to some degree with some of the symptoms. We cannot cure the condition. I have not seen it reverse. Right.

Obviously, someone that's suffering with Parkinson's, any reduction in symptoms can be a godsend. Hey, appreciate that answer. Again, the number to call 866-348-7884. Let's go to Paul in Roseau, Michigan. Excuse me, Minnesota. Welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you for taking my call. I haven't had covid yet, but I assume I will get it at some point. When I do get the virus, I'd like to start taking ivermectin right away.

The problem is, how do I get a hold of some ivermectin in northern Minnesota? Uh huh. Yeah.

Go ahead. We we actually prescribe it quite a bit for patients to have on hand. There's also a protocol. You can take it preventatively. There is a group of doctors, frontline care doctors.

The website is I believe it is dot order dot com frontline care doctors. If you Google that, then they have a way you can be put in touch with doctors in your area who are willing to prescribe it. And then they know the pharmacies that carry it. So there are ways to do it.

Yeah. And what we found actually in North Carolina is we had to jump through a couple of hoops to actually get that prescription. And Mark, what is it about ivermectin that is effective? Well, it has over 61 trials on it in terms of having a benefit for covid. The most recent summary of studies in the American Journal of Therapeutics, they found they gave it a moderate rating.

So when they looked at all the research and, you know, when you look at studies on drugs and everything else, it's like anything else or different quality of studies and different outcomes. But in general, they gave it a moderate effectiveness rating. So it has shown in the studies to have an antiviral effect. Historically, it's used for parasitic infections, but they found it has an antiviral effect, too. The other thing I would highly recommend you could take now or have on hand, and that is the nutrient quercetin, Q U E R C E T I N. I know Michael has that on his website with the quercetin wellness, but that's also unique because there is research showing it makes it harder for the covid virus to attach to cell receptors. And more importantly, there are two studies published in 2021 in people who had covid. And in those studies, both studies, they found that it reduced the length of illness and the severity of symptoms. And these were, you know, medically supervised studies.

So to me, that's a no brainer to have as well taken preventively and or at the time, obviously always under a doctor's supervision. Got it. Yeah. And Paul, it seems If you click on that, you'll get to that site.

At least that's one way to get there for sure. So, friends, if you want to go ahead and order quercetin, you can do that on Just remember today through the weekend, through Sunday night, use the special discount code health and you get a double discount on everything.

So type in that code instead of the normal Dr. Brown code. And what about the immune wellness supplement? Is that something good to take to to boost one's immune system?

Yes, absolutely. Immune wellness is good for people trying just to prevent upper respiratory tract infections in general. There's very well studied herbal extracts and they're shown to enhance immune function.

So people are using it during what's been happening the past year and a half. People who are prone to like colds, flu, bronchitis and things like that. We recommend that, too, for a long term support of the immune system. And then, of course, Michael, the other thing is vitamin D. There's been several studies in terms of COVID and vitamin D. And let's just say this, there's research showing that people have the lowest levels of blood vitamin D levels are the ones most likely to die from COVID. Now, obviously, there's many factors involved, but vitamin D is a no brainer, too. People should be supplementing vitamin D for many reasons, including having a good functioning immune system.

Got it. And of course, everything starts with diet, yes? Yeah, that is the foundation to be like, you know, reading the Bible.

Great to, you know, listen to sermons and pastors in your show, but you got to be reading the Bible yourself. So the diet is foundational. Our cells of our body and our immune system, all the organ systems are highly dependent on the nutrition that we supply it. So good nutrition, better function, better immunity and everything else, poor nutrition and things break down. So just explain that if if we're dealing with a healthy person and not just they think they're healthy, but they really are healthy.

If you dug in deeper, they're healthy. They have a healthy lifestyle. How is it that they are less likely to get very sick or die from COVID, generally speaking, then say someone who's very much overweight or maybe someone who's diabetic? What's actually happening in the body? Yeah, it's a good question, because we look at the data that people have high blood pressure, overweight, diabetes. And one of the biggest ones that comes up very high is people with anxiety.

These are the people, these are the groups have the worst problems with COVID, severe infection, death and so forth. Well, because our immune system, you know, when it's functioning properly, it's obviously a great barrier to infection setting in the body. So when people overweight, they're in a state of inflammation, usually people have high blood pressure, they're in a state of inflammation.

You have diabetes, prediabetes, which is more than 50 percent of the American population, by the way, you have inflammation. So with the COVID, one of the things that's happening is your body is mounting an immune response, which is good. Part of that immune response is an inflammatory response where you're basically summoning the immune cells into the area and you're releasing inflammatory markers. But the problem with COVID is that it really triggers a high inflammatory response by the immune system, more than in most conditions. And so if you're already in a state of inflammation and then you're getting inflammatory response by your immune system with the COVID, now you're really getting hit hard with inflammation. And with inflammation, when it's at too high of a level for too long, it leads to breakdown, like, you know, destruction of tissues like the lungs, like breakdown of the immune system. So it's this inflammation that really is the issue. So the healthier people, they're not going into COVID with an inflammation problem. The unhealthy people have this inflammation, combine the inflammation from the COVID, and now you've got, you know, you've got problems.

In addition to the healthier people, obviously, they tend to have a more balanced and better immune response, fighting off infection. Got it, got it. And friends, well, tell you what, let's let's jump into another call.

I've got some faith Bible related questions that tie in with medical science. But let's go over to Connie in Ottawa, Tennessee. Welcome to the line of fire. Thanks for calling. Well, thank you, Dr. Brown.

I listen to you religiously and I'm just so excited to get online. Yes, I wanted to ask the doctor. I have chronic Lyme disease. I went to a natural path. He got me out of a wheelchair.

I was able to work and I'm still disabled. I got COVID and oh, my gosh, my energy levels are bottoming out. And you know, the weird thing is it hit me in the stomach. I'm going on my third week of like really bad stomach, like it's like a bad stomach virus. So I'm wondering, I'm taking the immune support and I'm taking the other one that you mentioned that began with a cue. And my stomach is so inflamed. So I'm not taking I'm taking my vitamin D and my multi. And I'm wondering, is there anything else I could do? I mean, I want to get back to work and I want to do ministry.

And I'm so frustrated because I'm stuck at home all the time. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Matter of fact, studies have shown with COVID, you get abnormal changes in the microbiome, the good bacteria of the gut. And so people can get chronic digestive issues as a result.

So, yeah, a couple of things that can work well. And we do see patients with that problem and they can be helped. Hang on.

Yeah, let me do this. I apologize for interrupting right in the midst of medical advice from Dr. Stangler. We've got a break.

Connie, we want to see you back out. Running your race and look, health, your health breaks down. You just can't do so much of what you want to do. Can't be there for your family. Can't be there for others. You can't fulfill dreams and goals. So we want to get you healthy physically, spiritually on every level.

That's why we're on the air. We'll be right back. Yeah, we want to see you healthy and thriving in every area of your life. And obviously, I'm not a medical doctor. I can share my own testimony of life transformation through healthy eating. Dr. Stangler's supplements, health supplements have been a great blessing to me.

Different colleagues have always used them with real benefits. So remember, this is something special. Dr. Stangler's team reached out and said, let's just do something doubly special for your listening audience. When you go to, today through Sunday night, all right? So what's today's date?

I don't even know today's date, but yeah. So make sure if you're listening, we get this right here. So through Sunday night, the seventh, use the code health when you order and you will get a double discount on everything. So go ahead and order big. All right. So Dr. Stangler want to get back to you as you give some advice to our friend Connie who wants to get fully healthy back on her feet.

Please go ahead. Well, yeah, I was just saying they have shown with COVID that you get abnormal changes in your gut bacteria, not infection, so some people develop long-term digestive issues, but we can overcome that with patients on your website, What I would use with patients would be the mega flora, which is a high potency probiotic or good bacteria, actually human studies on it. That works really good to reestablish the good flora. And then number two, there's a product called ELO, DGL glutamine. And that's basically a form that reduces the inflammation in the stomach and the intestines and so those two things normally will work quite well to help reestablish the normal gut healthier without nausea or other GI symptoms. Excellent.

Did you get that Connie? Yeah. I'm just wondering what about like things like yogurt, like, you know, the hold on one second. There's something that I've been taking this every day. Kefir. What about things like kefir?

Is that, you know, considered because I'm on disability, so it's hard. Oh, yes. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Kefir would have, you know, probiotics in it. Definitely.

I mean, sometimes it just takes longer because the concentration is so much slower. But what you could also do is be very cost effective. Just get yourself some ginger tea. Ginger tea or ginger capsules. Those are very inexpensive.

And that has shown in several states. What about ALO? I've read that ALO can help your stomach when, you know, my mother was saying take Pepto-Bismol. Well, that has aspirin in it. So what about ALO? I was reading about ALO. Would that help to coat my stomach? Or would you recommend that?

That's what I was talking about in that one formula. But you can get ALO juice from the health food store food grade, which means, you know, you can ingest it without health problems. You can get food grade ALO vera juice from the health food store. And you could definitely take that a couple of times a day to help reduce the, you know, inflammation upset that's going on.

Okay. What would you recommend for energy? I mean, I take a coenzyme Q10.

I take a good multi. Like I said, I got your immune support. Is there anything else I can do to and I eat like forget it. I mean, I eat like a rabbit. I mean, I really I've been since I got the Lyme disease. I was healthy beforehand.

I was, you know, kind of the health that they call a health nut, but I've even become even better. So is there anything else I can do? Or is it just going to be this long-term, you know, thing with my I had chronic fatigue from the Lyme and now it's worse.

Is there anything else I could do to increase my energy? Yeah, that does happen with the COVID. Pre-existing conditions do get slurred up from COVID.

That happens a lot post-COVID syndrome. But yes, what we typically find if the fatigue is, you know, dragging on, normally if you support the adrenal glands, your stress glands, which took a big hit from the infection, which play a big role in your energy production. Our formula, the one that Michael has, is adrenal wellness.

One capsule twice a day, but certainly, you know, there's formulas in the health food store you could get too. And so usually after a couple weeks on some adrenal support, people's energy level starts to pick back up. All right. Well, I'll definitely look into it.

Like I said, I'm kind of on a limited income. I'm supposed to go back to work, but I can't. But if this stuff will help me get back to work, then it's worth the investment. So it's called adrenal wellness? Yeah, it's called adrenal wellness, correct. And like I said, there's, you know, quite a discount going on right now. But, you know, I definitely would try a bottle and my patients, a very high percent that will start bringing the energy back. Excellent.

Yeah. And look, these are things as I understand it with my nonmedical knowledge, or I should say my medical illiteracy, is that when you're doing something that is working with the body and is a healthy supplement, you give it a little time to get results as opposed to zapping your body with some type of medicine that has side effects as well. But you're saying over the course of a month or two that you would see, you would expect to see positive results if this is relevant? Well, for the digestive symptoms, normally the things I was talking about, we normally see, you know, obvious improvement within five to seven days. Really bad fatigue.

Yes, I would give it two to four weeks. But remembering in conventional medicine, you know, which part of my training too, I mean, there is nothing to offer for fatigue. It's just, you know, tell the patient to wait.

Got it. Hey, thank you for the call, Connie. And again, friends, if you're planning on getting supplements, this is a great weekend to order.

Use the code health when you go to for a double discount. Hey, this leads to a question here. And friends, phone lines are open 866-348-7884.

And I'm going to be answering a bunch of Bible questions on Monday to make up for not doing them today. But Loretta from Wake Forest, Wake Forest, North Carolina, I think your question is very relevant here. So go ahead for Dr. Stangler. Hello, doctor.

Thank you for taking my question. I have several autoimmune disorders. And I am taking, well, anyway, I won't go there. I have a fistful of pills that I have to take. And I do suffer with that inflammation from the rheumatoid arthritis. But my question is, is that I'm also taking herbal, like natural herbs and like zinc, vitamin D3, elderberry, geez, what else do I take?

Airborne, all these things. So I'm curious if you can overdose yourself or on natural substances. It's always possible.

Yeah, I'm here. Yeah, it's always possible in 20. Yeah. In 26 years of practice, it's not common, but it's always possible. I have one wealthy patient who it's almost like a hobby. I didn't advise it, but he takes over 100 supplements every day. And we do his blood work. And there's no problem with livers, kidneys, there's no issues with them.

It's always possible. Like the supplements you recommend, for example, like elderberry, airborne. They're not supplements I use with patients on a long-term basis. They're used short-term for immune enhancement.

When you got an infection, maybe you were recently exposed. But if you have an autoimmune disease, I wouldn't recommend you take things like that long-term because with autoimmunity, you're trying to modulate or balance the immune system. And so just in general with autoimmune disease, which affects over 50 million Americans and growing, there are some commonalities in the research and what we see helps people.

Number one, research is very clear the last 10 years. A lot of the autoimmunity originates in the digestive system in the tract. We have trillions of bacteria in our gut.

They're designed for certain functions. They help with health. They actually even communicate with the brain to help with digestion. But 70% of our immune system originates from the gut, what they call a gut-associated lymphoid tissue. So if you have imbalances in the bacteria in your gut, if you're not breaking your food down properly, if you got things like constipation, things of this nature, it leads to immune system dysfunction. It's bad for autoimmunity. So you really want to focus with autoimmune diseases on your diet, getting healthier diet.

Michael's got a great book on that, as well as getting your gut microbiome balanced out with prebiotics, like foods with fiber in them, like artichoke, for example, onions, garlic, if you tolerate those, fiber from vegetables, whole grains, taking probiotic supplements or drinks to get that good level of bacteria up. So in the long run, that can help balance out your immune system. And then with women, we find quite a correlation between your hormone balance and autoimmunity.

So studies show that if, for example, your estrogen, progesterone levels are balanced, you have less autoimmunity. If you balance out your stress hormones, like your cortisol and your DHEA, you can help modulate the immune system. And then lastly, you can never really go wrong with things like turmeric extract. Michael's website has a really high potency turmeric wellness product. The collagen, type 2 collagen, certain types have actually been shown in rheumatoid arthritis to reduce joint pain and stiffness. Michael has the collagen boost, which has been studied for that. And yeah, those are just some of the ideas where you can help. So usually with patients like you, we work on the diet, we work on the digestion, we get some of those key supplements in and do that for about three months.

Usually you can see some obvious improvements, and then you can always work with your rheumatologist if you need to reduce any of your drug medication dosages. So where would I find a naturopath or a physician like yourself to get all, you know, to be treated that way? Yeah, I think the best way honestly is just Google in your area, just look at holistic medical doctor. You could also Google like integrative medical doctor. And basically every major region, you know, nowadays has them. I mean, there's well over 20,000 integrative doctors across America and growing a rapidly growing field.

So I don't think, you know, if you're any near any major town or city, you should be able to find one. Excellent. Hey, Loretta, may God's grace be with you. And look, one thing that I'm an eyewitness to was the radical change in my diet. Got rid of headaches, used to have several headaches a week, virtually not a headache in over seven years, constant lower back pain, lost the weight.

That disappeared. High blood pressure went to ideal blood pressure. And then other things, Dr. Stangler has dug in with my detailed blood tests to seeing thriving health in so many other areas. So things really do start there. Thank you for the call.

All right, Mark, when we come back, we got a short break. I want to ask the question as to why is it hard to get ivermectin? Why is it hard to get it from certain pharmacies?

What seems to be the resistance to it? We'll do that and we'll take your calls. Any health medical related question for yourself or someone else general related to health and medicine? 866-348-7884. Remember now through Sunday night, the seventh at midnight, use the code health when ordering at for a double discount. It's The Line of Fire with your host, Dr. Michael Brown. Get into The Line of Fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks, friends, for joining us on The Line of Fire. Michael Brown, delighted to be with you, joined by my special guest and colleague, Dr. Mark Stengler, who partners with our ministry as a sponsor to help us reach as many people as we can. Dr. Stengler is also an apologist.

He does a lot of Christian outreach, sharing the gospel regularly with those who don't know the Lord, sharing the gospel outside of mosques and things like that, and taking his knowledge of scripture, his knowledge of how God made the human body, his knowledge of traditional medicine, and combining that with integrative medicine so that we really get people healthy in a way more in line with what God intended. So what we're doing today, any health medical question you have, it can be personal, it can be a general issue you're facing, 866-348-7884 is the number to call. And remember, today, November 5th, through Sunday night, midnight, Eastern time, use the health code H-E-A-L-T-H at and get a double discount on all orders.

Tell your friends, spread the word, we're here to be a blessing. All right, let's go over back to Dr. Stengler. So you have been prescribing ivermectin for patients with COVID, among other recommended treatments, and yet a lot of pharmacies, it seems, are not filling the prescriptions, or there's some resistance.

What's going on with that? Yeah, it's true. About six weeks ago, the regular pharmacies stopped filling prescriptions for ivermectin.

CVS is the right age, all those. And like I said, historically, it's been used to treat like parasitic infections, but they can tell by the dose we're using it for COVID. So I think it's just political in nature. I mean, think about it. In history, American history, as far as I'm aware of, I mean, never was there a time where pharmacies would dictate what doctors could prescribe. I mean, only the doctor knows what's going on with the patient and has all the information to take into account.

It's quite amazing. I mean, think about it. I can write a prescription for Xanax. I could write a prescription for growth hormone, for testosterone, things which could much more likely cause a problem for a patient. But I can't write one for ivermectin to regular pharmacy, which means we have to use what are called compounding pharmacies. These are pharmacies that are more specialized where they compound. They usually make the drug up at the time of prescription. It's not just a brand name that's sitting there. So if you're in a rural area, it could be a problem. If you're in cities, I mean, all the cities have compounding pharmacies.

We probably have five or six of them here in San Diego, so we still have no problem. But really quite amazing. It has to be a political thing. Yeah. And friends, for those that don't know Dr. Stengler, he was recently voted by the Association of Professionals, the Doctor of the Decade. He's got a radio show, done TV shows over the years. So he's a highly respected professional. And you publish in peer reviewed journals, don't you?

Yes, I've been in several journals. That's true. Right. So it's just such an odd thing that now you have this political interference. So this is not some conspiracy theorist that I'm dealing with. This is someone that's just on the front lines of helping people with a thriving integrative medical clinic in California. All right. Let's go back to the phones.

We'll start with Cheryl in southern Missouri. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello. Thank you for taking my call.

I enjoy your program. My question is about GERD, acid reflux. I've had it for over a decade and take protonics every day. But it's causing me to have low bone density.

I'd really like to get off of it. What is your thought on the theory that acid reflux is really caused by too little acid in your stomach and not too much? Yeah, that's a good question.

That's a good question. I mean, I think going back a step, though, there's more of an issue. The issue is it was called the lower esophageal sphincter. So between your stomach and esophagus, the valve isn't closing properly.

And there can be different reasons for it. But the most well-studied, the two most well-studied reasons would be one, people are overweight, putting more pressure kind of in that region. And then number two would be diet. And I actually had a study, well, I had a review I had published in a medical journal where basically I reviewed published studies on diet in terms of helping GERD. And they found it was very significant in terms when people reduced the meat in their diet, the alcohol from the simple sugars, spicy foods. It was significant in the results they got.

Matter of fact, it was similar to using drugs like the PPI medication. So diet obviously is very, very important. It's a way you got to have a diet diary and try and pay attention to what you're compatible with and what you're not. Number two, eating in a relaxed atmosphere, chewing your food thoroughly. Do not eat in the evening. You know, should be done your last meal by 6, 6.30. Do not eat late in the evening.

That seems to affect a lot of people. One of the things that we use with patients beyond that is a product. You can see it at and that is reflux wellness. And this is a blend of verbs actually published in medical literature.

It comes from Italy, if you believe it. And there's published research showing it's very effective in helping with GERD. So what we do with patients is, you know, we change the diet like we're talking about. We put them on supplements like the reflux wellness, like the LODGL glutamine powder, which reduces the inflammation in the stomach.

And we do that for about a month. And then we just have the patient use less of the medication. You know, you could use maybe like, you know, you could take, if you're taking one tablet a day, you could take it every other day for a month and see how you do. Of course, do this on your doctor's supervision. And as long as the patient's doing well, we keep, you know, slowly going down that road. With PPI medications, there's a rebound phenomenon where you just stop it and it actually aggravates the problem to get a major release of stomach acid and it flares the problem up. But yes, to your point, yes. In general, GERD or acid reflux is not a problem with too much stomach acid.

It's a problem of this valve not closing properly. And so a lot of people, especially of the age, they actually do have low stomach acid and which impairs digestion. And lastly, to your point, the problem with the PPI medications long term and why they were never designed to be used long term is because they interfere with the absorption of minerals. Hence, that's why you're more prone to bone loss because when you suppress the stomach acid to such a high degree, the body uses it as part of the design to absorb calcium, to absorb magnesium, to absorb vitamin D, all things critical for the bone matrix, making bones. So that's the problem and why the minimum person needs to do is beyond those nutrients to get extra amounts to try and help protect their bone.

Okay, sounds good. I've already hardly eaten any meat and I don't drink alcohol. I probably am about 15 pounds overweight and could use to get some weight off, but I eat reasonably healthy and don't eat a lot of spicy food and things like that. Well, the diet definitely has to be the core. The diet has to be the core.

We do find people once they lose around 10 to 15 pounds, usually they get very noticeable improvement in their acid reflux. So I think, again, you should focus on the diet, you know, stay away from those triggers. I'll call some people caffeine and so forth. But I think, yeah, I'd focus on the diet, losing weight, keep a diet diary. And those supplements, like I said, they can help make things easier while you're making the transition. They calm things down. They may help that valve, that sphincter valve close better too.

And then lastly, don't underrate the possibility. Maybe you've got some structural problems. I mean, you have nerves that come all the way out from your brain to your stomach, like the vagus nerve. So if you've got problems with your neck, you've got problems with your middle back and the innervation, this is where things like chiropractic can be helpful, helping establishing normal nerve flow, you know, to the stomach, to the lower esophageal sphincter and things like that.

So if someone has problems with back and neck, they should look into that as well. All right. Thank you, Cheryl, for the call. God's grace to you as well. Mark, thanks for the expert advice there. Let's go over to Kelly in New York City. You're on with Dr. Stengler. Please go ahead.

Hi. Okay, so I was diagnosed with something called CMT, which is a diet, it's a muscle disease, I guess, degenerative muscle disease disorder. And I started eating grass-fed beef in June and I've been eating grass-fed beef pretty regularly and I've lost 25 pounds and I've developed muscle in my legs again, which is really exciting. So I have a friend and he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver because he takes a lot of medications. And so his doctors took him off most of his medications because, like, he pretty much has no hope at this point. But if he started to take a liver supplement, like, do you have a liver supplement that he could take that would maybe increase his liver production or whatever the liver is supposed to do? Yeah, there are two liver-supportive products we have, one's called Liver Wellness, one's called Liver Wellness, and then the other one is called Glutathione Plus. Now, you know, it depends on the degree of the cirrhosis. I mean, cirrhosis, your liver, God has designed it so it can regenerate liver cells to a point. If it's a really advanced degree of liver cirrhosis, you know, some of the hepatocytes or liver cells basically have so much scar tissue, so to speak, or cirrhosis that you can't regenerate them.

But, you know, the cells that are still functioning and healthy, obviously you want to support their function as best you can. So, yeah, if he's changing his diet, he's taking some of these liver-supportive products, you know, the least he could do is help maintain his health, maybe improve some degree. And I don't know his degree of cirrhosis, so, you know, he'd have to do it and be monitored and see what, how his liver enzymes and his function is after about three months. So, he would have to have his doctors knowing that he's doing this, and they could monitor it.

So, here's a question. So, like, if he ate heart meat, would that help his heart? Because the heart is the reason he's been taking all the medications. I mean, that's my understanding.

There might be, he's on a lot of pain meds because he's on a car accident. Well, it's kind of a, yeah, I mean, in some traditions, like Chinese medicine and stuff, they say that you're eating, like, the actual organ itself. And the problem is it's hard to get organs that aren't contaminated nowadays. I mean, people eat liver and all that.

I mean, most of it, unless it's organic, it's quite contaminated, so we don't really recommend it using that approach for most people. So, but yeah, I mean, any time you're on medications or you got serious health conditions, yeah, you definitely should be monitored by a doctor because you don't know for sure that what you're doing or what we're recommending is helping, not helping, or making things worse, not commonly, but it's always possible. So yeah, we should work with the doctor to be monitored. That's the beauty of, you know, modern medical science. I mean, the labs are so, you know, precise, we can tell if a person's responding in a beneficial way. Not only do I like that to do with patients to see if they're improving, but look, we want to make sure we're cost effective for the patient. What if we're using isn't helping, then why would they stay on the product?

On the other hand, if what we're using is helping, you can tell by the lab test and how the patient's feeling, then yeah, it would make sense to stay on it. All right. Thank you, Kelly, for the call. Hey, let me just say this really quickly to everybody. In all seriousness, it used to be Christmas and things like that, or it was birthday, that family would give me like giant bags of peanut M&Ms, you know, kids are, you know, in, sons-in-law, whatever, just for fun, and now they'll give me like apples and vegetables and stuff. Why not go to, use the code health, you get a double discount today through this weekend, and order a lot of healthy supplements for family members for the holidays. Yeah, you may not be eating the healthiest the days ahead.

Let's start fighting against it now. So before we get back to each of you, our callers, what I love about partnering with Dr. Stengler is we can work together to see you get healthier. So I'm on the air every single day to help you get healthy, strong, vibrant, equip you, stand with you, supplement you in any way that I can spiritually so you can stand strong for the Lord. And here we get to do it in the physical realm as well and be a blessing to you in so many ways. So before we get back to the calls, I know that you've been recommending quercetin as an excellent supplement to take for immune system and to help combat COVID and things like that, but it's not the easiest thing to get and proper doses are important.

So what's the process involved here? Yeah, the supplement quercetin, it's been around for a long time, but we've always known based on the studies, it's very poorly absorbed. And so in those two studies on COVID came out this past year, I'm like, what I always try and do with my patients whenever possible, obviously get what the studies use. Exactly.

You know, the exact thing. And so I was able to get actually many thousands of bottles of the quercetin phytosome, the exact type of product used in the studies on COVID, as well as studies have been done with allergies and asthma as well. And what the research shows is you get blood levels up to 20 times higher than regular quercetin. So imagine if you take one of, say, the quercetin wellness, you got to take almost 20 capsules of regular quercetin to get the same effect. So who's going to do that? Plus, usually, you know, studies on COVID, people were taken like four capsules a day.

You know, if they had the condition. So anyways, for allergies, asthma, and for muscle soreness after working out or based on these two COVID, we got the quercetin actually from Italy. And so we're using the exact same one used in the published studies, which, you know, is really cool. Excellent.

So again, friends, that's on the website that you can go ahead and order there and use the code health this weekend for a double discount. Back to the phones. We go to, all right, tell you what, there was a question that was posted about mental health, but we lost our caller there. Someone else asked about ADHD. Obviously, that's a massively broad subject with many different subheadings, but have you approached treatment of ADHD perhaps differently than traditional medicine has? Oh, absolutely. And I wrote a chapter, I have a book, one of my main books is called Prescription for Natural Cures.

We have a chapter on that. But absolutely, I've helped many people over the years, kids, adults, teenagers with ADD or ADHD. And for a large portion of them, not all, it is nutritionally based. Again, your brain doesn't work by magic. So most of these people are low in omega-3 fatty acids, which make up a great component of your brain composition to be able to retrieve memory, to be able to store memory, be able to communicate to a high degree is related to the composition of the fats in your brain, your brain being 60% fat. So studies have shown that high dose fish oil can be effective for ADHD.

As well, we find for some people, like food preservatives, MSG, certain colorings and dyes, eating food sensitivities, like wheat and gluten, dairy for some people, some people eggs, there's ways to test for this, that can make a big difference. And then there's other supplements that can be used, which help with memory and focus, which I can't get into now, which definitely are helpful. So in general, I've seen good results.

I really have seen good results with that type of approach. But in my part, there's always been a percentage of patients when, especially when the kids come in. And definitely the root cause is there's family problems, there's divorces, there's family problems, there's spiritual problems. And those things, those kids, can they be helped with the nutritional message? Yeah, they can be helped, but it's not the root cause.

So it won't give them the full effect that they need. And that's where they got to deal with the spiritual, mental, emotional component. And those cases are tough because you can see that really is the root cause. As you know, my doctoral dissertation was written on the Hebrew word for healing and its ancient Eastern background. And then I expanded on that greatly in the book Israel's Divine Healer. But that got me looking at proverbs. And there's a lot in proverbs that is in the psychosomatic category, but in the right sense of the word, the interface between body and mind and spirit and spiritual health and natural health. But what you're saying when you mention people with high anxiety or more prone to get seriously affected by COVID. So what does it say if, you know, if we think of bitterness or unforgiveness or stress, these different negative attitudes, they actually affect us physically? Yeah, that's been very well studied in medicine. I mean, there's no doubt about it.

And it is true. If you look it up, the recent research shows that anxiety is one of the biggest predictors of people ending up in the hospital or having a severe case of COVID. It's one of the highest predictors. And, you know, medically, we know what happens. We know that we have, you know, part of our brain called the hypothalamus.

And then it gets information from the outside world. And then it sends signals to our pituitary gland, which is also in our brain. And then from there, we get messages that go to our immune system and our stress glands and everything else. So anyways, when you're getting this negative information, or at least the way you perceive it, your brain is getting these signals to the rest of the body.

It leads to immune system dysfunction. Obviously, we can go beyond that into the spiritual world, too, which is even a layer deeper and more fundamental. But that's what's happening scientifically.

Yeah, and unfortunately, so much of this is not factored in with our medical treatments, which is why being integrative, looking at the whole person as God made it, is so critically important. That much, I understand. All right, let's see if we get to another call or to Jim in Greensboro, North Carolina. You're on with Dr. Stangler. Good afternoon.

Good afternoon. I am calling concerning the way I felt I could help my immune system during the cold season as well as to counter COVID-19. What I did, I put some alcohol in a jar and a paper towel. And also, I put garlic in a container, and I would be inhaling the alcohol scent or the vapor, whatever, seven times, as well as inhaling the garlic scent seven times. I'd do that twice a day until I got the COVID-19 shot. So I was wondering about this. Since COVID-19, I think, is a virus that comes through the air, what's your comment on what I did, perhaps, to help me boost my immune system by using those two methods?

Yeah, yeah. Well, kind of interesting you say that. I mean, garlic has shown numerous studies of antiviral effects. When you're mixing it with some alcohol, you're almost making what we call an extract.

And maybe you're concentrating it, although we don't typically recommend people inhale alcohol very much. But that being said, there's a lot of research going on right now with treatments to prevent and treat COVID using inhalation therapy. They're doing a lot of research, for example, on iodine right now, because iodine kills the virus and other agents.

So it's something that's being worked on in the drug industry feverishly right now with that. And you're right. The COVID virus mainly comes through the nasal cavity. Also, it can also come through the mouth and through the eyes.

But you're right on that aspect. Hey, Jim, thank you. Thank you for calling in. Dr. Stangler, thanks for your input.

Appreciate that. And all right, we've got time for another call. Let's go to Sue in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Welcome to the line of fire. Oh, yes. Hi, Dr. Brown. Say, this question, I guess, would be more for you.

I thought it was the call-in day, so I hope this is all right. But I just had a question for you. Just knowing what we know now as to how this pandemic has kind of rolled out, and looking back, I remember when this first happened, I guess my question is, would you have second thoughts on the idea that the churches should have closed as they did when they were asked to close?

And the reason I'm asking is, at the time, I remember following Rodney Howard Brown, who got arrested for closing his. And I believe at the same time, I listened to your perspective, and I was very curious about which one was right. And now all these months later, with the continual government overreach, I remember... Tell you what, I'm going to jump in, and then I'm going to get Dr. Stangler's input just so we can both weigh in in the very limited time.

We've got like a minute and a half. I would have done things exactly the same way as I did them at the beginning, because the goal was to try to cooperate as best as possible. But Rodney had every right to push back because of inequities in the law, because of all these other places that could be open and not churches. So he rightly challenged things based on inequities, which were then leveled out. But initially, I would still say, do our best to cooperate, and then as soon as it was clear overreach and inconsistencies, that's when we push back. Dr. Stangler, you've got a minute. Any thoughts on that?

Yeah, no, similar. I mean, at the beginning, we're just trying to figure out what's going on, what's best to do. But at some point, it became evident. It just became a political thing, and it was out of control. We've got some churches here in even San Diego to hold 2,500 people. And the California laws, you couldn't have more than 50 no matter how big your building was.

I mean, it's just totally unscientific, yeah. Yeah, so we're together on that. So, Sue, yeah, that's the answer. All right, listen, friends, last chance I get to remind you, but we will remind everyone else again on social media,

That's where you go, all right? Check out all the health supplements. But this weekend, ending midnight, so 1159 Eastern Time, midnight on Sunday, all right? That's the expiration date. Use the code HEALTH. The code HEALTH, when you do, you get a double discount. Take advantage of things, and with every order, you get great supplements, you get a great discount, and a donation on top of that is made to our ministry to help us reach more people. Let's get as healthy as we can. Let's run our race. Glorify the Lord. Dr. Stanger, thanks so much for joining us on the air today.
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